Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 29, 1908 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 29, 1908
Page 4
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'f i m loiA BAP.T MNawn, TPBSPAT wmaG^ TleHNLil^D^tMlSTEl CBA& p. SyOTT. •nUred at IoIik.iKiui«ka, Poetofflc*, u Becond-Claui Matter. A-drartlalng Ratea Mads Knowa on Application. e SDBSCRIFTIOir BATES. /j Carrier 1B Iota, Gai City, Lutjn Tllie or LaUarpe, )ne Week 10 oenti dne Month..... i4 centa On* Year,...;: 16 .00 By MaiL OB» year inside eonnty $2.00 Unt year oatslde eonnty HOC rtiree Mon(ba, In advance 11 .00 One Month, Ip advance 44 WFICIAL PAPKR, CITI OF BA8 8KT. ° Teleptaonet Buslneii Oltlce - - - Bdttorlal Room • • • 18 ooooooooooooooooo o O AIimTION'AI. SIIOKT STOItlK.S. O O ooooooooooooooooc The First Lunche'on. The V. M. C. A. nihl." class will moot in tlu> assucintion buHUIn^ tomorrow evening at 6:2(1 o'clock. The lirsl lunch to bo served by the class this season will be given before the Bible class is called to order, l^st season the Innchus ' were a' feature of the class meets and it has been decided to continue the practice for this winter. Thpy AH Swpsr. "1 am looking for a man who can imt Jip a stove without swearing," .said Col. J. B. Atchison this morning. "ITp to date I have tackled about half the men on the townsite and all without regard to i)arty affiliation, race or creed, have admitted freely that they were not the parlies 1 was looking for," contiitued the Colonel. Mr. Atch • son is one of the committee on whosg, shoulders falls the task of fitting up the Hepubllcan headquarters on Madison, and the room was almost as cold and drear this murning as n Dom ocralic headijuarters. Col. -Atclii.^on says that for i«'rs<>nal reasons, which the public dceiiii't care to hear, will not attempt to put ui* llii> stovl hlms'elf. Wanted Atchliion to Go. Col, ,1. U. AK'blmui ivcelvi'd iihoiif uK 'ssaKi- ihirt luoriilnK front .lohn Walls, national |irt'Hiil<-nt of the A, H. T. A.. uskluK him to itccumimny him to CDlumbus. ().. to attend the national meeting of the "Anib's' which is In session 'there this wei-k Mr. Atchison had expected to go but could not on account of business. IF IT STANDS TEST Representatives of Kansas Oil Re finery Company Will Buy Oil on Means Place. The representatives of, the Kansas Oil Refinery comp.iny and Mr. Stan nard of Emporia. Ks.. who were fiere yesterday conferring with John T. Wood and the Bowlus estate for the purchase of oil from tteir well on the Mort Means farm three and one-half miles southeast of l^aTlariie, took sam pies with them yesterday and if they stand the| chemical test will submit bids. Mri Stannard uses the oil for' the makiuig of "dip" for live stock v-ir poses. TO SUE W.R.HEARST Haskell Will Procw-d for Criminal MIM'I on >\>dnosdaj—To Make lllm ProTfi I'p. Kansas City. Mo., Sept. 29.—A special to the Times from Outhrle, Okla., .•^ays: (Jovjenior Haskell aiin(»un<<*d «)n his arrlv;^l here from Chicago that he wouldiliring suit against William 11. Ileurxt next Wi'diiesday. i "l''or criminal libel, governor?" "Wdl, 1 do not know what you would call It." "To make lilm prove what he said?" ".\o. sir. to njake lilm prove that what he said was iiot true." niKDSALL TUOK THE WHEKI. I Mght Watchman, >'ot a Thief, Got LuthropH Wheel. Dr. P. Lathrop has devoted tht most of his time during the i)a8t two days in arf' effort to discover what mlBcreant took his wheel from the Pul ler building on the east side. He was informed this morning that Patrolman Birdsall had discovered the wheel standing in^front of the building at an unusu ^ly late hour and had "taken It in" for saf^ keeping. 4,000 ARE! THERE NATIU\AL IBRIGATIOX; COXORESS AT ALBUQrEjBQrE. At Close of Day 1« .attendance— . gates. Will Be In Dele- Albuqitorquo. N. .M.. Sept, 29.—The sixteenth annual seuHlln of the Na ttonal lrrlgnt(on Congri^Bs was cullod to order this morning | by I'resideul Krank (loiid .v^ of IH>iiv>r. with every one of four thousand stuts filled. Near ly llfteeii hundred deieilates are prua I'lit and the number will reach otgh teen ihoiiKand today. K. r. II, E.U1>0I{IA !.\01{,MAI..S 0. CoHeli KeunedyN Eleveii Not hi iiesti of Condition ,Vet. 2!).—The foot |)iere Saturday between the Kansas State a score of 11 Uiwrence. Kaft. Sept. Imll si asim was opened afternoon with a gam« Jayhuwkera and the Normals. K. I?, won by to 0. making a touchdown in each half through the kindness olj the Kmporia boys in fumbling quarterback kicks. .V heavy rain in the second half made playing almost inuiossib'le. K. V. play ed a fine deefnsive but jioor offensive gapie. The team also handled punts in a discouraging manner, although continued practice will nio doubt rem- ody the trouble.' The State Normal team never had a look Ui for a score Fullback Hargis did some fine puting, '{Ickiiig the ball very high wnich en- ibled his men to get iinder und re•over the ball which was invariably fumbled by Kansas. This greatly he'.p ed in keeping K. IT. from running up a larger score.' Coach Kennedy has ;^'n abundance )f good material this season. It is simply a question of whether he can drill several inexperienced men into making a strong .eleven ijto favorably represent Kansas in itsj big games with Nebraska, Iowa and .Missouri. Next Saturday Coach Qiiigley comes down with his St. Marv!* team while the State Normal goes 10 Topeka to battle with Washburn. Manager Lana don deserves a vote of thanks for the line condltltm of McCooK fleld. The gridiron Is entirely covered with goixl coal of grass and tli«> l)leaeher» on ^he north side of the gjroiinda have been extended the ontirt^ length of the He'd, with a new band stand In the eetiter of the seats. The sating .-apaclty Is now •1,000. FOR A LOST BROTHER. An Estate Awaits Arthur B. Ferguson. Chief of Police William: C..atos this morning received a letter'from Mrs. lennic }j. Neff of R. P. ID. 1. Anacortes. Wash., inquiring j about her l.rtoehr, Arthur B. Ferguson. In the etier she said she was tllie only sis ter and that there was an estate from her mother which cannot be settled until she finds her brother, either dead or alive. Seven or ifight years ago. according to Mrs. SvK's letter. Arther and his brother IX!onard Ferguson lived here. She believed that at the time they were in 'trouble for violating the prohibitory laws^f this state, but since has not heard from them. The letter in part follows: 'I wrote the postmaster 5 years ago. He wrote a very impertinent 'etter in which he said Arthur was there and was likely to stay. What he moant I know not, because he did not answer any more of ray letters." Chief of Police Gates asks that if anyone here knows of such a person as .Arthur B. Ferguson, they let him know so that he mi^ht inform the .ulster. WHEELOCK IS DEAD. Veteran Actor Succumbs to Heart DIS' ease at tSIxty-flve. Highlands of Navcslnk, N. J.. Sept. .Toseph Whi'elock, tho v(<teran actor, died of heart disease today as e was about lo take a trnin for New York. Mr. Wheelock was ; about 65 ears of age. He was one of the found r« of the Actors' Home of America and 8or\*ed as its first presUtent. His son, .loseph Jr„ Is at present In the west. He has been notified of his father's sudden d^^pth. I i I I I ;i I I I T I I I I I 11-1111 J \ I I 1 1 I I I 1 1 i I I II I III I ~1 I I I' I I I II I I I I 1 I 1 I I I I I I '1 I 1 1 ! I 'I I I I I I I I r"i I I I You Are Reading This Ad. Just so will the thotisands of other dally readers of TiiK RV .ci.sTKR rejiid your advertisements—cither Want or Display—if placed within its columns. THK RHCISTKR goes into more homes in .Mien County tkan any other paper in the county. H-nce, II you want to Rent. Sell, Knv, ICxohnnge, or want Help, a small capital >invcst«rd in \\\v. Register's Columns will bring hnsty returns. Phone i8. i I i " I ' I I I 1 I I I I I '^l I I 1 i I I 1 I I J 1" I I I TO OPEN! A PLANT News sf the Couhty Company Is Formed to Fly Schroederi Airship—.Marbiue .>ear Cora- pW-tion. THAW MAY GO FREE Hi New York. Sept. 29.—L. G. \V. jSchi-oeder. former s-cretary of the Aeronautic society, and president of the Basallo ink and Color company, of ijiSl West Fortyse.-ond street, announced yesterday that he would be at the head of the Aerial NnvIf:atIon company of America. incoriKtrallon impers for which he said would be filed In New .lerse'y this wi eV. The company win be capllullzed at |lliO?|)iio. its object will be the ilevelopment for commercial purposes of the Schroed I'r "arrowplane." the latest thing in airships! so named because it Is shaped like an arrow. Mr. Schro«'der's macliine Is almost finished, and will be tested at the Morris park race track, which has been leased by the Aeronautic society, will carry all the mechanism and the operator forward. The fact that a boat Is enabled to carry a large area of sail by having a grtat deal of ballast en couraged Mr. Schroeder. he said, to be Hove that an arrowplane. built «i>on similar principles, would, by carrying all of Its weight in the cent*' considerably below the sustafning surfaces exercise a similar - leverage against the disturbing elements of the air as the weight of the keel does against the wind pressure asalnst the sail. The machine is to be 40 feet long. 14 feet wide and built to carry two persons. The motor is 40 horse power, four cylinder, air cooled, of Afr. Schroeder's special design, and weighs 14.'> pound.s. "It is heavy." he said, "but we;ight is unimportant in my arrow- plane; which, complete, will weigh SOO pounds."' The framework will be of steel tubing, covered with cloth. PLEASANT VALLEY HILL. Developments in Case Make the Release of tlie Accused tAan Probable. New York. Sept. 2;i.—With William Travers Jerome practically Jockeyed out of the Harry K. Thaw uy- Born, to Mr. and .Mrs. Faust. Sept. 25 a baby girl. Grandma Osborn has been on the sick list for the past heavy cold. John Beahm preachMd at the Valley' of June 2.'>, I'.tiM;, when he killed Stan- Sunday night.. ford WHilte on the roof of Madison Ifomer Rush and family spent Sun- Sipian- Garden, day at the J. .M. Preston reaidenco. Following th) week with a night is believed to b<> neare^r fre«- ' idom tl'an a« any time uiuce ttie'night Nel|le Beahm bought fealllers .Mills at White di cision of Justice Plains t<Ml:iy to give for a pair of pillows of ..Nettie it )u-1 Thaw a hearing as to his .sanity and born this week. jhts refusal to make Niw Yorl: the FRED JACK.SOX TO CO.ME. Expected Here In Connerlion With the • Ouster .Suit. Attorney General Fred S. Jackson was scheduled to arrive in lola today In connection I with the commissioners ouster proceejlings, but up to press time this afternoon had not arrived. In case he gels jtere before nightfall an effort will be liiade to get him to speak In the Y. M. C. A. a»tdltorlum this evening. ' Begialer Want ^ds bring residU, Ladies! Again we ask^ do y'ou oaint with GM-Mamol If not, you should try it. Chi- Namel is the best floor atid ftiml ttue paint on the market, about it Ask us Mr. and Mrx. ('. E. Itnssell Ketiim. Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Unssell came In today from Colorado where they spent their honeytnfmn. They were married September I "th. 9 number of friends met them at the train and showered theiri with rice. They will live at the Heller residence. Mosos in Police Court. F. E. Green and W. S. Moses were arraigned in polled court this morning on the charge of flghtlhg. They pleaded guilty and ^ere each lined |5. It seems that Green thought Moses was' attentive to Mrs. Green and a diapnte arose. Mosles bearded at the Green home. Retister Want Ada bring reaulta. Gi'orge Kills Jr., ami family sjM-nt Saturday nUlit and Sunday at his fath.-r-ln-law's. B. F. Clark's. Will Heiman sold hogs In tola this •week. Mrs. E. BaJrd bought gn-en toina- toes of .Mrs. Henry Benson the first Of the week. Mrs. Elwood Biirtch Is enjoying quite a lengthy visit with relatives in Indiana. Floyd Dixon who has been worljlng at Frank Ellis's all summer is now going to school. Albert Sheahorn Is working for tSiiy Tiirney this week. Mr. Turney Is preparing to leave this part of the country. He will have a sale In about a Week. * place of the hearlnv. Jerome prartl- cally admltteii that Thaw wouM S(H >n be free. "It looks to me," he said, "as if tlie prediction made when White shot that Thaw's millions would .save him. is about to become a fact. Without money w<' cannot pro<luce the evidence to show that thi.s man is a dan gerous lunatic." TOBACCO CROP IS LARGE. WEST OF THE RIVER. who have their wheat sowed feel uneasy lest it perish in the drouth Opal Clark is out of scliooi with a seveer cold. Gracie Beclc with a sore eye and Roy Peck missed Monday to help with the worl; and meet his folkts Mr. Fair will move back to t<^wn in the near future. The fiTst report was that they had a good gas well in the southeast corner of Cap^ln Servey's farm, but it Is a dry hole. Oil was struck in the southwest corner and the well was luggi?d. .Mr. TI|iton tipped over a load of h?y he was hauling last week. .Mrs.XIreen's bronchial trouble Is r.— tuniing as the cold weather approach es. Drillers are preparing to begin on .Mrs. Piirdom's land nrx!. John Smith and wife are rejoicing over the arrival of that new boy. iJit-lan PiHlegraft visited his grand pa Dawson Monday night. There will be no meetlng-ai the I'rosi byterian church at PIqua Sunday but a traveling evangelist will preach there! October 11 at 11 a. m. Owing to. the children being sick.i .Mr. and .Mrs. C. It. Peck were called homejfrom Ohio before they had their isit out. Mr. McFaun hauled a 'oad of sand and gravel fifir Mr. Terrill the first of the week. The frost is hurrying people to get their kaffir corn cut." Home From Kansas City. Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Evans WiU return tomorrow fiora a brief visit in Kansas Cl.y. Register Want Ads bring resulta. Farmvill. Va.. Kei.l. 20.—The tol)ae CO crop in this s«'Ctio!i is ccmsidered the iK 'avlest a«d best -grown for years past. Primings are still hein .g offered on this market, and the saving and .sellin?' of them have brought very satisfactory remuneration to the growers. Farmers are busy curing the weed, nearly all of the crop having been cut and safely boused. The scarcity of worms this year, which adds so much to the grower's work In keeping them off the tobacco plants, has been a subject of comment, and is^ not accounted for by 'bosc who make th^ crop. This will he Farmville's first season as a market for the sale of bright leaf tobacco, and as a stimulus the board of trade has offered a premium of )I00 for the best sample sold here on October 27. In addition to this premium, others are offered by warehouse men for the best bright wrapper, best mahogany wrapper, and best cherry red wrapper. 16th National IRRIGATION CONORESS InterNtate Induslrhii Expu.sition and Xe»» .Mexico Territorial Fair ALL AT Albuquerque. N. M. .SEP. 29 to «)(T. 10 Conn- and .see the pros |ierous Santa I -'e SuntliwiM wluMH.all the way fnim Colorado to ('all- fornl.'t water is kitig.^ The V. S. Goveriiiii^iit Is now spending millions of dollar;! to get a permanent water supply for the semi-ari(t lands. It means millions of acres made tillable and fit for homes. A national event, worth crossing a <-ontinent t.o see. Foreign diplomats,' Covefiinieiit ollleiais, Irrigatioti experts and CaptaiM:j of industjry will attend. A gpp-.i^t expi«ition of Southwest farins, ranches, mines and industries. Indians, too, and cowboys— V. S. Cavalry. Tickets on s,ale Sept. 25 to Oct. ',; final return limit Oct. 31. 1!>0S. If desired an application to agent Albu<tHfrt|iie. tickets will be honored for return via Clovis. .\. .M. and Amirillo. Tex. Attriiclive .side-trips to U. S. rlamation Projects and (Jrand Canyon of Arizona; . W, E. RALSTOX, Agent. lola, Kans. Ask for Irrigation Booklet. A. M. HARVEV IX HOIRHO.V. The Ft. Scott Republican s;iy.«: J R. Stapleton has received word from the (Speakers bureau of the Republican state comnilltec that. arrangements had: been made for sending Major A. M. itarvey to ITniontown for the fair on Saturda.v. October 10. Mr. Harvey is <me of the real spellbinders of the state and Is very much in demand In every cami>aign. He was lieutenant governor when .Tohn W. Leedy was governor. Since thafi howler, lie has gotten. back Into the Republican party and la-doing great work on the stump. Mr. Harvey is practicing law in Topeka. Chairmair Stapleton also . received word yesterday from Congressman Scott, stating that he would be in the county for two days,! October 5th and Cth. Mr. Scott stated when he wa: last here that he would be in the jcounty for a couple of days, but he jcould not then state Just when he jnrould be here. A busy Itinerary will I nwved oat lor him. THE lOLA ICE AND COLDSTORACECO. Maaofoctiirers, Wboiwato aad llctdl Dealers CRYSTAL ICE And Distilled Wat«r Kew C*M 8tora|« Be«<7 for KubiMa. Phoio Hi. FRANK RIDDLE, ^fgr. EXCHANGE OR SELI.. List your property with me. I have a large list Igt match from. So expeuse nn- le .ss a deal is found for you. I have 2tft acres in Neosho county. Kas, to exchange for good lola property. J. T. .VILES. Ri>vra 10, Old Court Honse. neneral Contractor, •'lagslone and Cement Sidewalks and Curbing a Specialty. ttXtm m East ^aeka«B At*. '

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