The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on January 11, 1963 · Page 6
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 6

Ottawa, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 11, 1963
Page 6
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( THE OTTAWA HERALD Friday, January 11, 1963 flints F torn Heloise Leave Tizz 5 i In The Can By HELOISE CRUSE * $>ear Readers: fe This is a word of caution! Do tot try to open and refill "fizz" cans! The contents in these cans arc under pressure. Do not puncture them or put them in your Incinerator. They are so very dangerous. , . and cannot be refilled. Mr. "Joe Blow" says so! |Thal's our little friend Jvrites the directions.) f When making your own solu- jtions of various jConcoclions. . . Jiut them in the Jittle spray bottles with t h f fy gadget on top Jhat is made o' Clastic. . . the iidnd which you •have to push up who Helois* !and clown to get the spray to come *out. These are quite safe. I nev- ;er throw these little plastic gadgets away. They are interchange- table on many bottles. * Also, when putting these vari- :"ous "homemade remedies" in •bottles, take your fingernail polish ".and write on the outside of the ^bottle what each one contains. ;This woy you won't get contents tmixed up! Heloise fDear Hcloisc: * You tell us such wonderful ^things every day but the best Tones you have written are: • Using alcohol to remove ball rpoint ink before the garment is ^laundered, and telling us the •clever idea of pinning our back -garters to our hose first to keep the seams straight. .. which .works like a charm. • Also, for those mothers who have a tight budget such as mine (and who hate to darn heels in socks) if they run a few stitches back and forth as soon as the heel of the sock starts getting thin, it will increase the life of the socks. It is much easier and far less time consuming than to wait until the hole appears. Zelma Dear Heloise: My neighbor says that I should not add salt to my green salad until just before serving it. She claims this wilts the lettuce. Is it so? Neighbor Dear Neighbor: I would not knock it! The salt companies say the same thing! Heloise Dear Heloise: Put your old stiff paint brushes (the ones you've given up on) in an old can and cover the bristles with ordinary vinegar. Boil this for fifteen minutes. If your brush is in especially bad shape. . . you may have to change the vinegar and boil an additional fifteen minutes. Your brush will come out as soft and pliable as new and all ready for that waiting paint job. Carolyn Siching Installation By Rebekah Lodge KEITH JUNIOR is the 6- month-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Keith Barnhart, Lawrence. Grandparents arc Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Barnhart, RFD 1, Pomona. Great-grandparents are Mi. and Mis. P. W. "Buck" Jones, Baldwin; and Mrs. Stella Barnhart, RFD 4. f § Entertains -* = Music Club «s Jill Brown entertained the Music Club Wednesday eve )ear Heloise: I rub my bathroom mirror with clean towel each time I put fresh towel out. No water or nything, just the dry towel is ised. You'll be surprised at how •lean the mirror will stay. M.K. tear Heloise: Hat veils usually look like "yes- erday's roses" no matter where keep my hats. I have found that if I merely wet my hands and gently smooth out my veil — voila — it aves ironing it! Mrs. C. |ning at the home of her parents, jjMr. and Mrs. Newton Brown. ^Members played piano solos. Jill awarded the prize for practice hours by the club sponsor, SMrs. R. L. Stevens. 5 Announcement was made con- Scerning the National Guild piano ^auditions to be in May. * Mrs. Brown and Jill served re- Jfreshments to the 15 members jjand 12 guests present. *, Nancy Fleming will entertain £the club Feb. 6. 4 | Kiivaniqueens \ Hear Guest Guest speaker for Kiwaniqueens feiast night was Robert A. Ander H'son, wlio discussed the schoo |f bond issue and several phases ol lithe social welfare program. « During the business session con f ducted by Mrs. John Humerick Sjhouse, plans were made to hold * a bake sale in conjunction witl SKiwanis pancake day, Jan. 21. JJ Mrs. Melvin Booth was hostes: jrf assisted by Mrs. Harold Bundy ^Mrs. Howard Mann and Mrs. My £ ron Steere. jj The next meeting \vill be La Sdies Night, Feb. 14, with the Ki « wanis Club. I The Baby Has 9*§ Been Named *» * The son born Dec. 24 to Mi ~ and Mrs. George Fredrick Hu £ Jr., RFD 2, ijeavenworth, a 1 Gushing Memorial Hospital, Lea ^ vejiworth, has been named Kevi T Fredrick. Grandparents are Mr C and Mrs. Clyde Funk, Eudora: £• and Mr. and Mrs. George F. Hull .;:. Sr., RFD 2, Ottawa. Great-grand£ mothers are Mrs. Scottie Binga- r man, 224 Willow; Mrs. Jessie Le•5 men, Fontana; and Mrs. Laura * Funk, Osawatomie. The Hulls :* have another son, Timothy Dale, ~ 14 months old. Far And Near Has Potluck Far and Near Club was entertained all day Thursday at the Gene Domnanish home east of Princeton with a potluck dinner at noon. Mrs. Darrell Macy conducted the afternoon business session which opened with singing. Roll call, conducted by Mrs. Harold Bones was a surprise shower for Jay Lee, baby son of Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Atchison. Mrs. Elmer Louderback received ne door prize. Committees appointed were song leader, Mrs. J. C. Hannaman; pianist, Mrs. Bones; flower committee, Mrs. Arthur Atchison and Mrs. Domnanish. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Carey were guests. )ear Heloise: When I make cocoa for the hildren in the morning I use my our-cup coffee pot. The children can pour it in the cups themselves and there are not nearly so many spills to clean up. Gladys Reed Hazel Rebekah Lodge No. 175 held installation Wednesday evening in IOOF hall with Mrs. Ivan McFadden presiding in the absence of the noble grand, Mrs. William Boucek. Installing officers were district deputy president, Mrs. 0. L. Breckenridge who was given honor the degree; deputy mar shall, Mrs. Glenn Lancaster; deputy warden, Mrs. Ruth Allen, Garnett; deputy secretary, Mrs. Warren Sellens, Pomona; deputy treasurer, Mrs. Helen Ice, Baldwin; deputy musician, Mrs. Ora Mae Cook, Pomona; deputy outer guardian, Mrs. Edith Whitted, Baldwin; deputy inner guardian, Mrs. Mary Callahan; deputy chaplain, Mrs. Adam Wicke. Officers installed were noble grand, Mrs. Ivan McFadden; secretary, Mrs. Harry Loyd; treasurer, Mrs. Alta O'Flaherty; warden, Mrs. Eva Clabaugh; conductor, Mrs. Lyle Enyart; chaplain, Mrs. David Mathias; musician, Mrs. W. V. Becker; color bearer, Mrs. Glenn McFadden; right support to noble grand, Mrs. 0. L. Breckenridge; left support, Mrs. Glenn Ainsworth; right support to vice grand, Mrs. Glenn Lancaster; left support, Mrs. Gail Nitcher; inner guardian, Mrs. George Starbuck; outer guardian, Mrs. H. H. Feuerborn; left altar support, Mrs. Agnes Stoffer. Following the ceremony the installing staff gave a drill. Gifts were presented to the staff by Mrs. Eva Clabaugh. An invitation was read from Julius Raffe- lock to attend the IOOF installation Thursday night. Mrs. Gail Nitcher gave an auditing report during the business session. Mrs. 0. R. Marconctte was elected drill captain. One transfer was accepted. A letter was read from the Assembly president, Faye Fouts for a school of instruction for Dist. No. 8, to be March 7, in Ottawa. Mrs. Paul Smith, Quenemo, district vice president, was introduced and presented a gift by Mrs. Clabaugh. The refreshment committee included Mrs. Marion Smith, Mrs. C. L. Scribner, Mrs. Glenn McFadden and Mr. and Mrs. W. V. Becker. Mrs. Smith poured. The table was centered with a floral arrangement and candles. Nineteen guests were present with 30 members. Shower For Bride-To-Be Mary Ann Hornecker was honor guest at a bridal shower Wednesday evening at Mrs. Richard Pearson's home. Mrs. David Bird assisted. Miss Hornecker will be mar- ride Jan. 25, to Sylvester Hess. The gift table was decorated with pink and white bells. Winning prizes in games were Mrs. J. W. England HI, and Mrs. Leroy Wasmund. Refreshments were served at the close. Seekers Class Has Meeting Seekers Class members gave New Year's poems for roll call at the meeting in Trinity Methodist Church. Mrs. 'Emile Barnes presided and gave devotions. Mrs. Walter Rodgers gave the opening prayer. Mrs. Leo Kirkwood gave a fi nancial report and members repeated the class motto. Reports included 24 cards sent, 39 calls made and one plant delivered. A memorial was given for Florence Underwood, a class member and a teacher in the Sunday School. The closing number was the 23rd Psalm, repeated in unison. The Herald pays $5 every week for the best news tip turned in by a reader. SHIRLEY ANN h the 1-year- old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Flory, Evanston, 01. Grandparents arc Mr. and Mrs. Ammon Crist, RFD 1, Pomona; and Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Flory, RFD 2, Overbrook. Zigzaggers Club Meets Mrs. Ralph Sand, RFD 1, hostess for Zigzaggers Club Wednes day evening, gave a demonstration of textile painting techniques. Members displayed articles they had made, including children's and baby garments, coats, pillows, stuffed dolls, knitted doll clothes and other articles. Mrs. Darrell Mullen conducted a business session. A guest, Mrs. Clarence Webster, assisted the hostess in serving refrehments. Socialettes REM Club members gave New Year's resolutions for roll call at the recent meeting with Mrs. Ben *rinty. There were contests and guessing games. Cards were sent o three members who are ill. Naomi group of First Christian CWF had a study of "Hong Kong," at the meeting last evening with Mrs. Al Williams. Mrs. Sam Shumate was study chairman. The group will start "Disciples on the Rim of Asia." Mrs. Robert Whirley was in charge of the worship topic, "The Beginning of the New Year." Mrs. Eugene Suffron was assistant hostess. Exemplar Chapter, Beta Sigma Phi, discussed the January proj ect for Osawatomie State Hospi- al at the recent meeting with Mrs. Jim Rodgers. Mrs. Byron ?aden conducted business. There was a city council report and discussion of plans for a February 3-chapter dinner dance. Mrs. Milton Jameson served refreshments. We Deliver To Your Door 6 days a week SELECT DAIRY CH 2-1607 New Officers For ECU Club HCH Club elected new officers at the meeting yesterday with Mrs. Chester Keim. They are Mrs. Frank Wuckowitsch, president; Mrs. Keim, secretary-treasurer; and Mrs. Ernest Sink, reporter. Mrs. Robert Duffield, a visitor, became a member. Mrs. Sink conducted the business. The hostess received a hostess shower and conducted members through her new home. Refreshments were served at the close. DRAKE'S BAKERY For Rolls-Donuts-Pies and all other bakery products HARD OF HEARING I Don't Half Hear, Hear Right! More people USE the I Acousticon Hearing Aids! More people hear Better with the I Acousticon! More people are saying today . . . "My Next Hearing Aid Wiil Be Acousticon" because it is Clearer, sounds more Natural, the Service is Better, and they COST NO MORE than regular hearing aids and many off-brand aids cost even more. SEE IT — TRY IT - COMPARE IT at SPECIAL HEARING AID CLINIC. - PLEASE ATTEND AT OTTAWA, KANS. — NO. AMERICAN HOTEL MONDAY, JANUARY 14th, MR. SY BLUM, Consultant — 9:00 AM. to 12:30 P.M. Also home appointments — FREE Home try out — Just phone the place of this county hearing aid clinic. Batteries and supplies for all makes — COME EARLY. ACOUSTICON ALLEN CO. 107 E. llth St., Kansas City, Missouri (The company that REPAIRS all make aids) CH 2-4700 Bennett's Flavor - o/ - the - Month RCA VICTOR IS YOU CAN HAVE A COLOR TV • (BfWlMB 1¥ I ' WM .. ._.._ _ FOR AS LOW AS . . . . $ Available at all BENNETT Retail Dealers CRITES IS Color TV Headquarters 495 .00* Color Shows All Week — Mornings — Afternoon — Evenings at the BENNETT RETAIL ICE CREAM STORE COFFEE « HOT CHOCOLATE PEPSI -- ROOT BEER MALTS -- SHAKES -- SUNDAES HAMBURGERS — CHEESEBURGERS CHILI — CONEYS — FRENCH FRIES PORK TENDERLOIN — HOT DOGS Retail Ice Cream Store CH 2-4974 212 N. 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