Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 29, 1908 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 29, 1908
Page 3
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illB lOLA VXtLJ B ^CagnOL TPBS1»AY ETEyiXft SEFTgMBEK ) New Cloaks, new M|llin^ry,jie^ Dress Goods Th 15 Season we are Rjeapiiis: our Greatest iSuccei^: _i) HAVE never succeeded so well before in prodnc- iug the kind of merchandise that li,as built up the • • quality, prestige—and genuine satisfactoriness—of this store. All'lthe specially priced! aHsortmeuts are in every detail df style, far above tie average of the price marked. || The ravings are t ^xceplioual. To give you a general idea of this falPs creations in Ladies*, Misses^ and ChUdren's CIOBks ~-far ahead of anything we've ever hhown, Artistic Millinery ^l gotten up in every price, handsome Dress Goods, in every new weave and color. We ajk from yoa an early visit to see this splendid line- Whether a purchase or not, you will be equally wellcome. 113 EAST MADISON POLITICAL GdSSIP BASE BALL GOSSIP HAS '^IIK EVIIU:X« K. Mr. H. K. Wlpht. a painter of this city has in hl.s ^ll ).-^so^•sll)u «om<» tvl- i1»-iU'e which K<ies til show what Kreat frioiiiis iif the, laliorlii>{ man the lca<ll:i!', Dcuuicrats arc. .\lr. Wii^litV. j eviacllcc t -Diiccni^ (iiic Mr, t'. -N Has- 1 kcU will) rOCCMIlv I ("ii.tfllt'll hi; |n»sl-' tion as treasurer tit ihc Dciuncratic' National foiiiiiiiUcc while iisiiler tire.' Giants Defeated Phillies in Great I Battle Yesterday by the Score of 7 to 6. Nekv York Oh Hit Mr. \yij:ht was in Miislio.i-'ee at the pj iia,iel|ihia : Standir^g of the Teams. •NATIONAI ^ l.EAOrK. W. 1.. cavo . ... »2 Pet. GAVE MONEY AWAY A. W. Wyman. of Humboldt. Arrested in Kansas City. For Having '•A Little Sport." Today's Kansas City Times says: Soiuethlns Miie a luob wa."; fortui-il at tl:.' corner of Twelfth an.! Wali.iit streets about 0 o"clucl< last nislit. !.y r .4 ui: [Icjnnati itoii .. . i Biooklyii ...71 ...02 ...4S S4. 9S 97 time of llie labor troubles iher.-—has !cii his union card to show it—and he a!- ; HO; so has fiio simile copies of an address or rather a set of resolutious j^igned by Mr. Haskell who was at that lime! i ' cue of the ieadin}: ni.-nibtrs of tlie' AMERI(\\N LEAGUE. Hasiiness .Men's .Mliani'i-. an <>ri;.ini^a-1 l_ tion formed to break up i'ae unions. li>.troit '. ..S-4 The leso'utions make in.eres.hi .E: 54 reading? lor laboring men an<l as 'hey I f.|, w-re undouljtfdly dictated or iiillu- j • V. -a r;eat extent by Mr. Haskell Boston fo the laborinK men to ..pi,iia,,ei|,hia Ji.'S 81 7'1 .i'i:{:5J-'' who was sivin;4 away tiuarti-is. .t'.^fi The original .«ame was a toss-up foj ..V {f> newsboys only, but the stakes w.-rt-iso .4M )jlii?li 'I'at men rp .i 'aced in •.-rriui- 425j'nase. William F. Fleuunin*;. a pnirol- .:::{:! tnan. arrested the n:an and took him to the Xo. -1 police station for safe keeping. Hf i.^ a jeweler from Humboldt, Kas., and his name is A. W. Wyraan. "Hasn't, a fellow a rissht to enjoy a little sport in this town." he iiKiuired .r ,7s'at the station. .•.r.9 Pet. .579 ( . . v.n conclusions. The res- i..a:n ... lead as follows: Uhtieas: Jt is ajtparent lliat there is in our city with the labor union |;e <,|ile a movenieni which if it U uni chicked at once, it will inveigli oar lights as citizens and tax |iayers to Conduct our business, and Whereas: The price of labor i.^ be- iuu rr,n;;iai)tly advanced to a prohibitive standard by these labor unions, •which threatens the gr!;v.!!! j<f our city, and WJle !ea.'^: The laborers through their unions, and backed by a central trades union are becoming intolerable, and \ Whereas: This status ol affairs lias lecently lieeii silinulaled' by a recent labor and socialist convention in. our city, 'Iherefcre He li Resolved. That we. the citizens of .\Iiiskof ?ee repre .-e .itlriK the best in;erests of the city do hereby l.iSid <air ?>!ves to ^elher and pledjje ourselves s .-veral!.y that we and ea ^h of' ai cili.^Piis of Miisko .uei- will Jo all in our power to discriminate any and all labor union men who may hold a union or trades union assembly card, not for the purpose of injuring these men personally bur 10 check this cGUiemiitable and fanaticism of trade- uuioniKm. ^ lie it Further Resolved. That we take steps at once to induce good, sober and Industrious mechanics to come to ciu- city, uiibm or non-jinion. who will'pledge themselves not to join the union:; or irade-j a.ssembly of' ihis ciiy, and that we pledge to such men a prefeicuce at all times: also tlial we invite such meti to join our alliance Signed, C. .\. H.ASKELL. I Wjashington New York . ... r,.-, Oi . 47 79 90 .•;sG .4.-18 .4 ::c .:;29 •1 l.»r, «.»(! »..ijr vaia'akte CM<-»r«t« and ""^ lir.iii l-il.i-l , <<.Mi<lirn(o will t vli<-ui. 1..-IU •..r-...iue lllu- Ivr liiilijeni..n li'l- ,..„-.„., nu. in-w eouipipuly «nr-o. '••"•••": u 1 1, tn •<..|>uu<f. OiK-e IriKl. jr.<u WIU , ...... .•'0 ..«lihju.J.._JI.^. ...ull,.^j^^^^_^_^_ . Best For ' ^g-^y The Bowels ^ • CANOVCATHMITIC ."..i.t i. UMU Til. KfUMin. Wl Kt .i.miMia ceo. Eltiliug R«ni»dy Co..Cl|le«toorH .Y. SM AMiUAUAli, TEH lUUiON lOXEl Resu|ts Yesterday. N ATIO.VA I. 1 .EAGUE. Xew York 7. Phiiadelphia fi. Boston ;f- Brooklyn 2. Chicafio-Cincinnati. postponed. AMERJICAX LEAGUE. St. Louis lii-a. New York 1-::. Cleveland-Philadelphia: rain. Dfltroii 1. ^Vashin!?ton 1. Cliic-ifio •>. Bo.^lon 2. t<n Innlni;r darkness. Where, they Play Today. N.ATIO.N'AL LEAGUE.j Chicago at Cincinnati. i St. Louis ati Pitt:<burg. PhiladelphiaL at New York. Brooklyn at Boston. AMERICAN LE.AGUE. .\'>>w York at St. Louis. WasMugton at Detroit. Philadelphia at Cleveland. Boston al Ctiicapo. ( lioroIute| IMe U HHilthfuL Food experiii agree tiat chocolate is one of the nrost healthful and nutritious articles lif fCMuI known and <-hoo olate pies are jtiecoming very iiopiilar. Who can Imat-'Uie.anything more tempt ing or deIiciou:f' than a nice large piece ;>f Choci.late pie. flard to make in the old way but Hisy if yon ii.-;e "OrR- PIK". Chociilat^ flavor and follow direct ions on the; packa>.'e. Contaliri al iugrfdit-nts rea ly for in.stant UL ?rr,cers. lo cents. Order today. At PRIVATE FISH PONDS. 11 Farmers of Rooks County Are Improving Farms. Plainvllle, Kk.. Sept. 28.— The farm- eis of this county are paying more attention to iirivate lisb ponds this year than evelr b'^fore, and as a result Rooks cotintv wl'l be well suppll- eil with carji and bass in another year jr two. Thert| ar<- now several vey fine ijonds neaii Plaliivllle. Isaac Uuik- holder who foiir years avo stocked his po!!d from a government supply, is now catching j 'carp wei;:hing fifteen pounds and ba:|8 that weigh thrl'e and four iwunds. The i>ond is also full of croppie and tiiit fish. Other, farmers who have fine fish on their farms are F. C. Seefi^ld and A. C. Fischer. .1 Tu JoInljOpera Corapaay. Mr. and Mrs.'jltoy Dietrich are spend iQK a few days 1 In Kansas City before going to Chica|o where ttey will join an opera comiAiiy. I'K()(;KA.11 IS .\0« KKADV. .Man} Synodical .Meelliiirs Will Hrinir Prcstiylertuns Here. The prograii for the meetings of the synod of Kansas and the synodical Sabbath school institute which aie to be held here from October 7th to 12th is now ready. On the jirogram are some of the strongest men in tlie Presbyterian church. Tlie meetings will briiii; sever:.! hundred Presliyi.i ian.- from over the state here. NEWS OF LA HARPE JIBILEE SI >C; KR.S TO BE FIRST LECtlRE nil R.SE M'MBER. IN METHODIST CHURCH 0CT.8 fOMMENDATOKY NOTME-S FHO.H FKESS A>n PIBLH-. and will spend a few^ day.< at the home of their daughter. Mrs. T. IE. Stout.— Cherryvale Republican. .Stoitp<>d Mi Here. .Mr. and .Mrs. .lohn Albrtinhi of Oakland. Ltd.. whor wtre visitl|p their nephew. Jas. JL Barrett add wife, went to I.a Harpe this niornfnir. They will visit in Pittsburg before Icavin:; for their home ne.xt week.—Girard note ia Pittsburg Headligb.f. A intuit .^TO .HAril Citjr ( lerk Fred Wood Sajs That the Voters Are Ketristerinfr .Slunij — Fire .Starts Again. JuMlee .SInirers (M. Mil. The .Jubilee Singers will he the attraction ou the local lecture course They will i;ive their entertainment in the Methodist Episcopal church October Sih. This company of sini:ers Is reputed the best of their kind trav- elnig with i lyceuin bureau company. Everywhere the ygave performances The Wichita (Kas.) Eagle says: One of the most enjoyable enteriaiumeuts of the year. The entire program was of the hivh ord) i of mjusic. the old nie!<idies being sung in ja ver.v^ tasty manner and the pieces!of th«- more classical type were rendered with all tlw> grace and expression which could well be applied. > A CLEAX W ATfcli means good tliiie to you;: for years to ^.•ouie. The delicate par^ doing indescribable work wii soon [destroy their high fluish and perfect lit when run- aiiig iu Hccumulating dlit and rancid il. Our work Is guaruiiteed. Waters at Uanliortb Drugs and Jewelry. A IIAKII STKlta'LE. Vany uii tola Citlxen Fiiid.<i the Strus^ irle Hard. V.ith a !),. k <i .ii-i ;i ::t;v :i<hi!ig. iWith disire.~si!ig urinary di.-oidirs Daily existeno- is but a stnit;v.'.»- .No need ^> keep it up. Doans Kidney Pills will cun- >..ii lola people endorse this <iaini: S. K. Vaii;ilin; retir>Ml Iiv'n:-' It Gol Simili sMie:. idia . Ka.- . sny.^. I lit St learned of Duan.^ Kidiiey Pills some tell ye ;irs as.'o. I h:iil tieen (n;ubled for ^om.• tim>» with kid:.!•> c'omidaiiil and at oiu-f diabetes Sfl in and my condition becanii- serlou.-- T!ie kidney secretions were of an unnatiir- al apjiearance scanty at times and profuse at others. Th»-ie were severe attack^ of pain in my back and shari catches ttou.'d take me so that I cr.u.M hardly get about. I suffered fiiin backache so iliai I n.uld hardly 1. r was also nervous and an\ uiiexp.- i.-d noise almost distrioltd tile. Diz/ilie ro troubled me ih.u at time.- my wi'. had to lead ine for fe .ir I would fall I tried a iiiimber of reniedi*-' bu; <>:il. obtained >Iii4hi n lit- f if any ai all. iin til I learned of Iviaii's Kidii .'V PHI The benelit I d<-rivei| from tli-ii u-e was so great that after lakiii;- ;'lir»-<- boxes I was Mke a different pi-r-on friley absolutely cured me nf diab »:e- lh»- nervousness and dizziness left, the pain in my back wias relieved, and ni> wbob- .•;v-t«-ni i.intiil up I hav.- ii.-.d's Kidney Pills 011 a number of .M'casions slnc-e :iti.I tliev never failed 10 j!ive prompt ami sutisfaito:y reli.-l Mrs Vaughn has also used them tor backache and kidney trouble and :he value.; them as highlv as I do. We procured them at ("has I! Sp.-uce; A- Co.'s drug stole." For sale by all de.ilers. Price '.uc Frster-Milbiirn V» i Biiffflo. Nt w York so'e agents for thi^ I'uited States. Remember the |nanie—Doau's—and take no other.. Far best aad qtilckest resalts use !tke BccUtcr Waaf Exiriid ThanlLs. We df.^ire to «-xpress pilblicly to the lire company of l«i Harkie and eacli iieinber thereof our sinjfero ;hank.> for tlie prompt, capable land efficient manner in which they so fought the re which destroyed our store Sunday morning. -We feel thiSt everything was done lhat could be dbjne under tne ."ircumstances and the oii'ly wonder i;hat tliey were able to Istop the li;-e so soon as they did. U'e Ibiiik the citizens !pf La lla:i.e an take especial pride jin iheir lire company for we feel confident no town las a better one. .-Xgailj. expre-^sing our .sincere thanks not;, only to the members of the fire company. b:it al! others who aided in our misfortune, we beg to remaiiii yours with .sincere thanks and gratitude. H. M. CLINK. MRS. HJ .M. CLINK. WALTER CLINK. Democrats Held Meeting. The liienihfrs of the ji Democratic club bed another meeting last evening. UiVergne Orion, of Humboldt was the principal speak<frof the evening. KeirlNterini; Slowly. City Clerk Fred Wood announced yesterday afternoon tha^ the voters here were registering slowlv. .Much interest In being shown and It Is likely by ihe time the bo<tks elo .'se October 2i;th. every voterMn lowniwill be eligible to cast his ballot .November 4th. Started Aeaiti. In rein..viiig the wateri soaked Hour yesterday H. .M. Clin»>. iiwner ..f ihe yrocery store that wan; burned out Sunday morning. dis<overed a smal" blaze. As stioii as Ihe Hour was taken tway the blaze soon started and if the Ire department had noti been called the surrounding buildlngH would again have been in tianies. OSTEOPATHY— H .H. AI.HKMJHT. R.-gistered Osteopathic! Physician. Slate; Bank Bldg. ;Phoue 14.'.. Only Osteopath In iJa llarpe. .Veano Uooi Health, fheerfolness. Am- hit Ion. rersltlenrj and Success. Mi-o-na wi.l cure your dyspepsia or any other stomach trouble by building up the llabby walls, and the stomach so strong that if wiil digest t.iod without pepsin or other artiticial I 'id. In other words. .\Ii-o-na cures dy.^.- pepsia bv removing the cause. Chas. B. Speiuer is the agent for Mi-o-na in tola and he says to every reader of this whose stomach is Weak, who has iiidi-^estion or dyspepsia, lhat Mi-o-na is guaranteed 10 cure or money b :Kk. Tlie price is only r.n cents a large bf.x. and one box Is all y«iu need to piove that you are on the right road to health and happiness. • i -an 'f say'enoiigh for Mi-o-na tablets: they have done inoie for me iu one week than all the doclnrs have fui the iwi. Vi-ars I have been iimb-r their carr. and I will do al! I can to n-con-.mend it t<i luy friends. Von ean alst i!s.> i:iy n:tme in your ad. if ymi like for .\ii-o-na is bett-r than gold to ir .e. I liin :ike a new man. ami am al.ii- ti woek i.rce more for the brs; time ii. over a year."—W. A. Eunis. Hreon St . S-.. .iruse. .N. V. .\IAkE MISHKOU.M BEHS. lonie (hnuees in the I'ersonuel «i' tin .»n Cuiiipany. The tola .Muihrooln and Prodiictioi company is iilanting tht- tiist (>l iiiuchrooins. The beds are located ii. and about the stalls at the raii- track The members ot the company wil' watch the gr«>wtli of the lirsi plaiitin.: with much interest. At a meeting held ye-;»-rday inorn ing a few changes wei.- made in Hit personnel of ilie coiiiiiany. Dr. .' Sutclifff drops out a< one of the board of diroi'tors. hi.- i>'air hein;; taken b> Dr. P. L. l-ithrop. Dr. 11. V. Dre=bach resigns as secretiry and K. W .Myler takes the ofTice to.;;ether with that of attorney for the <-ouipap.y. Beta Kita ElecL The Beta Itei.n society of the higl school me: yesterday afteraoou :ini' elected ollicers lor the term. They :i:. as follows: President. .lohn Laur'. jr.: vice president. Mable .Andvrso:i: see n-tary. Pearl Riley: treasurer. Truman Thompson. The first program will be rendered <>nc week from next Thursday. A SURGICAL I'ersonals. I J. R. Willelt. of Brons<in. was in the I'ity yesterday on biisinei^s. -Mrs. Conor, one of the Lschool teachers, jesterday afternoon lost her nose glasses at the corner jof Liuebuck brothers' real estate otn<v. .I<ihn Canady return«<l yesterday . whei'i- he lia.-. been for the past s.-veral trom Altooiia. Kas on a, business visit Jays. J. W. I.^wrence has returned to Aofk in .Malcolm 'sIstore after a ysrtr'ifi Vacation. , .Mi.*s .Marjorie iiright returned yes- rerday from a visit Willi relatives In Chanute. Kob«;rt Carter ,of Bronson. was. here yesterday visiting Irlends and re a- tives. He formerly liveil here. W. ^. Bowman came In yesterday afternoon on the Missouri Pacific from a visit at Moran. .Mr. and .Mrs. Patton iTroiit of La Harpe. came up from BairtleaviUe yea- terdar, vbere they have b«en viaiuns If there Ls any one thinjj tliat a woman dreads more than aiiotherit is a surgical ojxiratioii. We will state without fear of a contradiction that there are him- dreds, yes, thousands, of operations performed upon women in our hos pitals which are entirely nnneces- san' and many have lieen avoided LYDIAEaPINKHAM'S VE6ETABLE COMPOUND For proof of this statement read the following letters. ilrs. Uarluira, of Kingman,, writes to iirs. I'uikham: " F^ir eight years I suffered from the most severe form of female troubles and was told that an operation was tiiy onl; hope of recovery. I wrote Mrs. Fiukham for advice, and took Lydia K. PinkbaiO's VrgetaHtc Compound, and it has saved my life and made me a Well woman." Mra. Arthur li. House, of Church Road, Moijrestown. N". J., writes: j *• I- feel it is iny dntv to let people Iniofr wliat Lydia'E. Pinkham's Vei;e- table Coiupouad has done for me. | I ButTered from female troubles, and last March my phyi>ician decided that an operation was necessary. My husband objocted, and urj»e<I mp to try Lydia E. Piokham's Vegetable Coiupoimd, and to-day I am well aud strong." FACTS FOR SICK WOMEN. ! For thirty years I.ydia E. I*ink- i ham's Vegetable Compoimd, made I from roots and herl >3 ,has l)eeu the ' standani remedy for female ilLs, I and has iMisiiively cured thousands of i women who have lieen troubled ^vith displaeementii,inliaiumation, ulceration, fibroid tumors, irregularities, periodic paimi, and backache. Mrs. Plnkbam InVitca all sick wonitiB to write her for advice. She has guided thoa«aads to lM«Uh. AJkiiiM^Iiyn^tHiMM. riAJESTIC THE AT k E TOMOIIT '*Atl »Btic Burlesqiigrs" t.MKH) .ursir 1 sixnixc Comedy and Dancing Two Shows each N ight 7:45—9:15 Prices 10c and iOe NEWS OF GAS CITY FIKE BEI'AKTMtM WILL .MEET I.\ KEIULAR .SESSION. MANY REPORTS TO BE MADE DK. KE>Mt'K'.S FATHEK IS SER- KHM .l ILL IS H)VI\<JTO>, I>D. The Home of .Mr. and Mr>. ilenrj IVas Released Kroin Scarlet Kevcr Quarautiue—l'ersoualr<. Dr. Reuuick's Father Is HI. Dr. C. W. Rennick. formerly of this >ity, Vll HarticsviMe. Okla.. yesterday tor CoviiiKton. lud., to attend his fath er. .M. K. Rennick. who is reported as oeint; dangerously ill. Dr. Rennick has many friends here who synipa- ihize with hint. Has Moied Fool Hall. .M. .McCarlht> is today moving his |iool hall into the IRennick building just across the street from where he ;ias been conducting it for the past .••everal nionth.~. The Itt-nnick building is being titled up purposely for the pool hall. When everyrhiiiK is ar- raniied (Jas City will have one of the best pool hails in the county. Raiseil the Qnurantine. A.« predicted in the Ri:.:;i.-(er ye.ster- day the <|iiarantine on Mie He::ry home was railed last evening. The five .vear old daughter of Mr. and ^Ir^-. Henry has been siifferinji Trom scarlet fever. The home was funii.eated. Meets Wednesday Mjtht. The member.- of the local fire depart intnt will meet in . regular session Wedne.<day niKht. There are a "number of important business matters to be considered and a full attendance ts desired. Voted In a >ew .Meinher. At the meeting of the Choral club last evening a new memlier. .Mis? Liilie West was voted in. .After the regular business session the time was devoted to rehearsing the!new music. Personals. Frank Fraze is reported as being quite seriously ilK Mrs. John Gates came in yesterday from her home .=outh of town for a short visit with friends. C. 1). Rikiu went to Kapi?as City yesterday on a short business visit. Mrs. F. S. Myers who has been ill for the iiast several weeks is reported as Ileitis much better today. Her condition has been (|uite serious. Mrs. Cross, of Kansas City, has been here the guest of Mrs. K. K. Taylor. Mr. and Mrs. James H. .Mitchell, of Wichita, were here visiting friends. H. R. William.--, of Kansas City, was here yesterday calling on the local merchants. . ' CHILD SPENDS $11,500 A YEAR. That's Not Extravagant Says Father of 12 Year Old Carolyn Dorsett. N.w York. <?ept. 2*».—That it has cost him Slir.ilfl a year to feed, clothe, 'loiise and e'l"'^ate 12 year old Carolyn M. Iiors'tt. i.s asserted by her father and euardian. K. Clarence Dorsett. a lawye.- of this city, according to an accounting filei] by him today in the surrogate's, office in Newark, N. J. The child's income is about ItO.OOO a year. Dorsett Is the only granddaughter of the late Mrs. Theodore Macket. whose estate was left In trust for the litt'e sirl. She lives with her father at 5" West Seventeenth street. Tier share of the rent of the house Is charged np as |l.aOi^ a year. Then there are domestics, horses, carriages, governesses, hotel bills, traveling expenses and dresses, alt of whicli the girl pays for according to her proportion. Her father stated in Newark that for a young woman of her mode of life be does not think 8h« Is extrlva-

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