Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 29, 1908 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 29, 1908
Page 2
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THE lOLi DIILT REGISTKB. TFESDAT i ^TEXlXG, SEPTEJIBER 89, IWL L. L. NOBIUBUF* PrMMMt F. A. Vd^^RUB, Tkie-PrnMent. D. r. SORTIttCP; «•« jf Icc-Presi UtTERESTPip TODBDEPOSErS X. L. BBUHBAUfiH. Caxbler. 9£LTCf FRONK, Unft Casftkr. IffMitiry fir tfei Oiitol SUtn established 1869. State ffiiiiu llleiCiiitr IMut Itik li IBM Ci. Assets $130,000 eiited musicians of Io)a~ and vkioitx will b(i asked to assist ami it is proii- ablo tliat a I number of pipe organ solus witl l>e |ilay<*r] to open and close tin- convention lui'iftings. •:- -:• To Give Eiijah. .Air. A. I<oatri;:>U wlio direc!- InV, ilif Christian clioir will assemble a nnnibor of Flii .wrs on 0 <:ioIii-r .". anil '•uii.Iuct lb'- fir.ut r >lu -ai .!:il of .M"n- Jlfs.voliris "ICiijali." Tiiv <-iiorii:; will lol 1)1' t^uni; It 'fiu." till' piiMi:- iiiiiil late. In tlie wiiittT a.--, tin- diff -r' nt parts will bf tliorongbly i)r<'iiar«il, "KlPjab" Is one of ibf IHM twto ^vn nmsical r.rodncliim.s- nsi-d for t-iitiT- tainn.'i-iits and ibc lullowiiii brief noifs ni'iy bi- of inlerrsi. Ts !• i-ouii'os.r wa.^ l .oni i:i IMi'.' ar.d ilii -d in 1M7. He was born in Binning- •b:ui'. K nuluuil. :i:n: Wiir- bnri >-il In It-r- lin. Tin- eoulllosin^ of lii- pans of Kiijah riMpiiiiil :.iiirli-<-n y ar.-. Tlie iiiy. j.iojfiKiinii -A .-is ,:;iviii l>.;fi )re U "•iici i.foplf ••ilid was l,.-;;iin at ll:::it ill lb-' )iii >:'nins. rei|iiiiins sevt'ral lunirr to prodiie<- it. Tin- original f-ast I'ig. ' :•<>•.rar.n. was Slum by liasso. .\Inn' STiiWKil 01: .STUIJ-:X —i'.ird do.x scvea iiiuMbs oh!, wliiie. blow;; . jio:- :ed. blown tail. .1.". C.I!- llOM!). \V.\.\"l'!:i)—I'uriii.-ii.-d rooms fori ligb: hiiu. ikei-iiia}-:. AdUnss lk>x \Z'>.- V.A.N'riOli— Cirl lor i;t"'ial lioa.-.e- . Wo:'c ill llie coiitUry. Aibiii-ss .\ I..!, 'i'ov. li. ::. I'lione ;<:•_• -111. I, \V.\X'i"i'l> -tijin ;>roin-!!y so t\T j (•!i:i:iv,'' i-,': I\;ihs;i.-; ami .^lis^•llnri laud.j, (loliii :i We.'--; Laud Co. ()t;i<<- «.v<'r lowa |» SK.'ie. I(j!a. Kas=. I* Btisiaess Diirectofy. * I'faysk-iaii and Sartct-uii. * Office over llu-reiis Urui; Store • Otricc I'iione '..'.t. " Uesidence -li t:. Jackson • J 'bone GG9. • • UEID Sc llEID, ^b^^i^ians and Surg«-on». • X-U.iy and Kleetricai Appliances. " Kyc, Kar, N'ose and Tbroat. • Ollicc rhone o.".7; Res. '.'M. * WA.NTKI >—llonsi-ket-per for .<iijall fiiii'^ly: iiii.biie a; i-ii wmiian iin -fi -rs id. Aildr.s: II. W".. :bi.> ofliie. i » llerr .looiidi Stau- I Caraliori .Mian, lari.' T>> ila-.ves. alto • ball. I'Mi The Smile of a Woman. Tlie siuile of a woman--it biluus back the sun When shadows drift down • and the daylight is done: The piuile of a woman—It lifts and it leads The heart that is heavy, the spirit tliat bleeds; The smile of a womau in worlds that I are light With gkrments of winter, wind-driven aiid i^hite. Dawn.s down the dark valleys and over the ill's 'Till spring l:nie,l:r a»^alii on the lips of the hiUs. And snnimer's soft morning comer. back to the land. With a rose in its hair and a bloom in its l.aiid! The smilejof a woman—it bringR to the eatth The music; of morn on the n-d lips of mirth. The hope and th<} joy and the dreaming: of jrest i When Love holds a little one's face on her breast. —Baltimore Snn. + • •> • To Yates Center. Deaconess .McCoy and Jfrs. J. yi. MaBon have gone to Yates Center to attend a conference of one of the atix- iliarles of the .Methodisi elmreh. Thursday Night, Oct. 1 GEORGE DUG6AN GEORGE SIX Ki.v raced throuj^h ihe Okla- liotna (iieuit last year aiid ever) body here kntjws that Kiij;- K.-in ii fast. The link will he opi-n on Sat- urday.s liere:ifter for richuoi clii'dri-n .'iiid bej^inner.'? and any who desir^.' to come. , r (iniiir.s Aluditorium "Tlif Wliilij I*ala<e." I Tii'ton. Klh.l Ka... U'illlaiii- soii. .Mrs. -X. n. WjUi.iii .f .o:: f .'V .in llai- bi^•^n. Kratik i'.irib. I .iiii.iii lia'.il s. l .i 'iij l!:i;ik.-- auti Kay I'.aiil.s. Unity Cl4ib. T:II ' initial Sl••^riiiiii of ib'' I i.ily : lull oi-i-iii I 'll yi st.-rd.iy :ili<riioon at !ii>- n sit:- aei- of .Mis. .S. .V. Coffnian. Tii>- .!."iM ;e;al sitbji'ct of the p-cirram was "Art.' and then- w«-ie sev.-ra! Intel in;; fi -ai'iics. Mr.i. Coffnian r> a I a selec-ion (roni l.rt>nKr<ll(nv and .Mrs. L. V. Starkly revivwt-l a ina-.a- zine .-iriicb' on art uallerit .>< of Franei'. .5. 4. To Fort Scott. .Mr--. K. .-X. N'oribnip is sp'-r.diiiK a .'ibor: tiiiii- with relalivi in Port Scoll. WA.S'TED—.A quick I:uyer for a bar- \ • sain, a desirable S room bouse. .g ,;o .l ; • ., ,, , ,, ,. 'lor;itloii. Kast front, etty wat.-.-. Prii-,-, • M.:, M:.r,l.. IK Ha-.ves. al.o^j,,-,, ,,ayn.ent.s. S. Helkr. J-M anil Clia.s. l.oekhaM. i.-no: Tiiei.-j|, sycamore .street. ! were IL'.', pieces in'the prchtstra. and - |; 27t voire. In ibe e :.,r«s. thU naa.-. ••'^^^"^^O -HoaxM^.i..:-. !u.,aire . ber 71. w.-r.. sopranos. «0 alios and T::p"'' ^-'ll"""!"^":. '•^h D.i -.sos. Th.- cost WHS .VA.,TKli -.Maa and wif.- ..; i«o .Mr. naotrieii! b:; ; di;.ft-d ent. r- „ = ,;,. .,, ,.,,,,5^ yj„i ^v :i h di; he.t. boiel ii: bila I>1£. .McUILLEX, Special attention Riven to the treatment of ai! Chroaic I>iseas- es and Di.-eases of Children. Teleibo :;,.s: litlie*' 21'. Rt-s. 232^ Ulliee iiv,-r'llnrrell 's |)rn:;-Sto're U'e.-;t .Madi.-on. Coinq to Convention. , .Mrs. 1-:. I!. Keys and .Mi.--. Philipj Hi'is'e are soini; to Pittsburg on Thnr.<;<iay to attend the \V. C. T, I'. c»mveiiiion which will be in, progress, and To Ottawa. Bert Starks lias n'tiirned to Ottawa' aft^r a week end visit he-.' with his ^5, paffuts. .Mr. and Mrs.. W. K. Stark, i-v.:,. .^ IKSIS •^ •> !<;• rbii/ for a f - ' : To Chicane. 'xewtoi: -^l:; re Christmas Wilson five o'r^ork. Sixty-fne wi-.e i-.i attendance. In the evening t!>e beginning of work in ihe I>yki> »uilders' club was celfbrated by a party for the tioys who liavi' nieniln-rsbips i:i lliai oreaii- i/.aiiun. Mr. and Mrs. 1'. N. .loijes !«-<•!• !i!;i'.-i'i!t and :ii;;« r a b-.i.aiiess ] n eitiiJi;! a .sixl .il bbiir was i -iij<>.^<''I. >iis ss and Miss To Newton. Mr.*. .\'!i<' .lavWsoa \vl..-> f Mri :ind Mr55. ; Fred • •W il.'ivs. have ,cone tO !!;-v will visit, for Tlti:rsdi lionie (o bet ly and Friilay. On tli-ir return ii"-v will be .-icco: ininnii Ills at prexitu!:. ;i.-ii' and bl.s siii-e'.':-s assiir.-:; niii ir b<veis a ple.i.;il:l <-v«niii!-:. •:• •:• •:• Returned From Citanute. .MIS. .M . I.. Dneki-r of 1,> avi^-nworil'. who has lifi-n in Cliannt*- tor a . few •lays has i< tiirin-il heic to vi.sii ln-r noth"-r. .\I-s. .M. DfCki r. Sh" w:is ac- coii>"»ani>'d by .Mr.s. Wal'er H.'cker w-: o exp.-cis to ."^^pend some time h. n- with r.Iativts ami frieiid::. LAHARPE WILL REBUILD. New Buildings and Stock to Replace Thai Destroyed by Fire. The buildings wliieh \v<-re burned at Lallarpe Sunday niii.-t will b.- replaced by n<w- ones. H. -M. (line, the i:roceryninn. whost a .-Ml •.-ifi-. .«i>-:iily wt;rk. :.'ood v\;i!'.-.-:. C.ili a: S.iillh riidf Hotel .Till C;ir-. !l'ii!i!io!iIt. Kas. Wni. I'.ai'ey. \VA .\ri-:i»— A LfiX .sale.<ni:in to sell (itir leas, eoffi-es and specialties dirrcL ;o the con.siiiner in and around I«Ia. .A ?;ood paying busiiie.--'^ to ri:-'bi paitie>-. Writi' or ca;! on the Cra.'id I'nioii Tea Co.. 7oj Kaa-as .Wi-niie. Toiieka, Ivas. I'h.oae CS7. U-a. 701. DR. (). L. r<ix, i-^ve. Kar, .\<ise and TbroaL Speetacies i'rooerly Kitted. Office A. O. U. W. Bldg. W.\.\Ti:0—To buy :i liiilit lola Uiad Co. iiirrey.— IKIt.SO.VS WA.NTI.Xt; boy or :;irl to work, fi.r iioard while attei.d'ai:; bchoii^ a|>;ii\ at lola Mnsiiiess Coile^^-. Phone VJ:,. ' - 0fflc3 Tel. 1083. Night Tel. 406 IIK. R. O. CHRISTIAN • 1 Phrsiclan and Sargeon • Kooma 7 and 8. Evans Bldg. • • • • .Mrs. Wfintrinper who will n'ln.-iiii hi're ire on -Monday Tii -sday a SMI Mr .s I 'll Mr. S'.nt'lt/>'r while b .'fori' liroinu in Colorado for a Lucy Wilson have gone to Chicago, j,,.^.^^^, ,„on,hs- sta;. where they- w-ill enroll at t^he iiniveP' ... 1 Presbyterian Social. I •>•:•• • (! T :ie parUns of tf ^i- I»r« sbyt.-rian Mrs. Munger Home. 'ichurch will b- op -n .-il on Fridav even .Mrs. L. C. .M^mger has '"O"-"-'. for a social to 4'.-r:ain m.-mlK-rs from a few days" stay with r»'lativ< r. in W^'llsvllle. , + * i Thursday Euchre Club. There will be a business ni <"tinK of the Thursday afternoon Kucbre club on the approaching Thursday at the tome of .Mrs. C. H. .'^liie'ds on 'East Madison avi-niie. Arraiigeni'-nts will be made for tbi- social nvcnls ot the win'^er. I of tlie Sunday R.'iidfil. tlwif- ;;ar'-ats and friend.-. Theri' iivill be iiiuironip- itii music ami other appropiiair-ainiis<^ nienis. .Mrs. K. S. llilsch<-r and her class of sirls wi'l i.:«ve cb.->rc.> of the r<fr <'Slinii 'nt:; and Mt"". .\. V. l.i-mri!-'. tiTS and tjul Vivi- flub j^irls wiJ dicorat'' for the evi-niir;. • - •:• •:• •> Spend Sunday Here. .Miss Lii'-ib' Rnv'lislt. who is atttni!- ing III'' Emporia Xoviiial schoo' is e.\ pecting 10 spend Sa d.iy hep- at tli" lioiieiJ Mr. and .Mrs. A. C. jiirday and Hiin of hi-r p3r<- nis. Kii'-li .sb. Organize New Society. "•The South Sido auxiliary of the' Home dei >ariment of the First M<-lho-' dist Episcopal Sunday school will meet .at Mrs. Dogg.tls, no2. South 5^^,^, ^ VbLrsday. streeL at 2:M Friday afternoon for A:I -v.-n. of tb-we-.k at-Linl- IMild the purpose of organizing a Home de- ^.^.^ ^^..„ j,,.. j^,,,.;.,, „„ .p;,,,,^ partment class. The d.-aconess. MisSj,,.,, .v. i.iup to .•imrtaiii tin- OM.M - p« McCoy will be present and assist In j.,,^ „^,. v^,„„,,,^. ^,..,„.„, ,, „.,„ ^. the organization. • * ^ For Little Builde.-s. Froni four until slv o'clock yeslcr day afternoon .Mrs. K. .\ .tones. .Ml:'. A. 1 Beam, .Mrs. Kinne. Miss ICsilnil Jones and .Miss Wlmui;? .loms . iitt r talued klie members of ibeir classes in till' Builders" Sunday school. T : e chapel was used and 'he. hostesses the tliir.l -iii '-ii:iiniii<(nt of ih-- kind to Celebrati' the operjiilu id the fal woik tbele and a lai'!t!<- :illi-i:d;inc'' 1« expected. j <•-'.• "To CInnut*. Mr and Mis <; W' \d.ini-. ai.> In , Cliaiuite 10 .•liieii.i iliiii.M W. .\ b .'.a cpiei and nei'ptloii l)rovtdt>d KaincH and 01 her enter nifnta prHvtoua to lefreuhnienijt iilJi at GRADUATE OPTICIAN IIYKS TUSTKD VRKR ' Oiaitsca Fltttfd $1 and up . Hutlirttrtluii nnariintMMl M*. Pac, Santa Pe and M. K. t Watct Inspectors. T. Mr«. Dewcv i ^^owe. .Mrs W F l».we\ j| li:is p "irne.l rnmi a \l It in .MbliiiMii and (ililo •:• •> Dxtta AtMha ^Club. . Miss LiUliui Hfiiks! in.-itilv euJc-r- laitled (he IVdia .Mp'tn club of the napilst chute' last ejvniiig at her home near tlax Cliv. ^Vheu the party left Ihe ear they wereiimel by a hnv rack and conveyi<d to the lionn? of th<'' hostess where a delii:||itrul eveuinr was spent. Miss Baji)f;^\ had 'hese yoiin^ women as giiejli^: t^retchen ;^elRler. Ida Becky. Ada Becky. Eva Osborne, Phlscilla Leffler. Ada fx>rf- ler, Emma Pleraon, Lelf Warner; Bea- and evi -ii:iii ?s of next w.-eU. Thn> v..-;s fomaMtl-'e n-eeting of t".: • union last liveniri; at fhi- hoa .e of .Mrs. .M. -M Williamson. •!To Chicaao. Mr. Charles Siiieltzer l ;a; r-Jinied tf> Chica!;o will -e be wili <ii::Mni:- hi.^ f'le Uwfh .\leiii-.ll i -ciINm .IS '-njiACil a |ib;!.sant vacation bere wiib. his parents. .>Ir and .Mr: P. H. I>. Sra<l :,:i r ar.d nnm eic .us f; lends of tlu> family. • •:• Elected Officers. The Bete 15e!«> SOC it t V (>f tile llij;! .~.ChOcd he"d a bviJ 'f eXeClIlivi' ses.^ion y. sTc -r.lay aft« r tiiree <i". link. Tin si oflicc'rs were elecred to dii<ct fb< work of the year: Fresi -ien:— .John l .aury. J.'. Vice Pr ":;i>ien ;-Mable .Anderr.on. Secretary P .-arl HiKy. Treas'.iier—Truman Thompson. Committee Meeting. Tb- cdii'ii i :t> •• v.b;i-:i i; ,:)n.:7liiu !;<•• illl^!l• foi ;li.- S'S::ii;iis id tin- coi'- vi-nlton 'if feibi.-ited cbii.-- will mei; on Thiirsdnv with .Mrs. O. T. La flraaue. cbiiiriiian of ilie ccimiiiiil> Tbi* biiiJ^ie is one of the most important feati ;re .s of the nKetiiu'c that cin<'i iiitiie iv.uiii.- \.{'1 l.e ci>!< siinied by a ii'iisicab- and iiiiiubeis o! the other prce.;ranis will l)e nspei- i>d Witt: iiiiisic". On Thursday . ibe c-n tip' list of s< !ec -li ()!:s •.\ill l.e coiiipj-* ed and r-'iven to .Mrs. Widfe. dent of this district. : The nn.s: ;a! WAXTED TO BUY—Four ^r Dve j acres. ia;proved or ,unlinp .Tived.. !to good town. Address W. E. K.. I'yi .\s soon as possible j South Washington, lola, Kas. SALESMEN & AGENTS—S % % f 50.00 mpauied bv^"-^ J>"nied. will .chip in p.!r week and over can be made Eeliing - , 1 new gooiis. The Blaker Ijuraber Co. .^^ew Caaipaign Xove'.ties from now- Mock" of .-umber which was damag-1,^'«^''''.«"-. Selis to Stores Ccmn- , , „ , . i , I'y Fairs. Picnics and Private Families, ed by ihe fin. will be n-pLaced. Icompleie line ol .sample.=. cnaries pre- pa,d for r.Oe. Order todav. CHICAGO .NO.'ELTY CO.. 60 Wabash Ave.. Orne of the jf the h.'ippy honiea of to-day is a fund of information as to l.fie bi'^t methoiLi of |in>iii.>liiit; liettltli :in>l baiip-ne^-i ami ri;;Ut liviiii; and tiiowli-di'i' of the werld's tM^nt pHKlitl-t-C. rr\Mlilc|<i of aitiial lAc'elleure alltl n'.von.iM^' (l.iiiiH iriiilifully pie.tcnieil aii.l wliirii h:«ve all.iinecl to woiKI wide uivept.-itiri' tlinnii;)) tie- np -ii.iv.d >•( the Will Infolineil or the Weild: r.iit of tmli- viduaU oi^ly. but of lb' inauy who have tlie li.lp |i .\i lilcCilly of ,«< leel.tiij and iditaia- ill)* III - li<v>l the Wotld alford*. (W of til" i>n>di)rl> of ila*.", of known conniniuMl |iitt-, an l.iliical remedy-, aiipi-.-xcl l.y I 'liyMc; iti-i an.l co n- meiulcvl l>y the Well liiNul.i.d if the World:i.ia valii :di1e :i;. 1 «li ibt >::e I'.ra .ly laxative in the well-knov.n .*^;;r-.:;'v e.I r>^» and F.lix;r;of ."v-niu. Tu jn-i iu l.eii<>lici'il elTccLi aliVays liuy t!ie ;;enLai<;, ii.anu- factured by lb« falifori.'a I i|, ."<yrtip C.J., 3uly, and (or ealc by oU Undiog Unig^l^ Hankers Still at Ihnvir. r?pnver, Co"o. Sept. 2fl.—The second day of the .Viilerican Bankets" annual convention wsa devoted to a meeting of lb" trus! i-omi>any in a section of the Itrowii I»alace hole I. Chljago. His-ds Yrv|«Tda} Itleronon. R. A. E«|i;ar (0 l>. M. M:!v:i! 'or -i blocklj iniWoiid?- addition lo «'ar!yle. and iel bb-ck Ei.':;!:'.- addtiinn. Consider.iii^n S::2.">. Mrs. M. E. Sayb.r and .M. F. Saylor to I.. C.iCitnimin .5. Vernon county. .Mo. lots ;> and 1". Idock L Consid"rafion $!2 "0. iJohn Manley is h'cre. .loliii plaiiley. director of • .jura tioiial ;\;fork of tile Stale Yoi; Men's Christian .Associa!ion. is in the city today on oiricial biisinesB. Where M You Get That M^rry Widow Hat? FOR KENT. SALE Olt TUADR— Eighr.v arre.~ iiiiprovcd. .". isies west of lola. Will irade, ior reica', ;>;<>! rL^. .\drl;ess or c.ui at Cat.-i!-;'.cr hero!. Iota. FOIt S.\LE—Ph .inoi :r:iidi .md rec- nrd.s lor sale cheap; ol.S Xorlh Cottonwood. • • F. H. MARTIN, Surgery and Diseases ot • Women. • Olllce and Residence Phone 576 • onice 7 Xorth JefTersoa. • JEWELRS. B. F. Pancoast, old reliable Jeweler, 110 East StreeL Lodge Dtfectory KMOIIT.S OF PYTHIAS.- Neoaha f.x)d?re .Vo. 43 meets everv Monday night at K. of P. Hall. Vis'iting brothers invited. W. S. Thcjrapson. E. C. Chris Hitter. K of R. ancl S. FOR Ran- misoBUaKBOus von KEXT- Six roiaii b. u.-e i.r w;;in !Ut bar;i. Cn>>e i -.i. i';-,; :;. i";)i: UEXr -\ v ;i «>d live i.ii .dc; i;. w i:!; U^wi. No X<ir:i; ;-:eor. hiiiuire TuT Xi>r:!i .•^: wirb TO l.f).\.\-- J.'.i'iMl privite Kniney on f;:i!.! :.imi a: <; |.< r cfat. - to J I.:i:;d Co. KMGHTS OF . MlCCABEES.— Kniphts of M.*'crah«»G.s bf the World meets in K. i'. Hii!. second andtfourtb Saturday nights ot each month. J. U'. Post wait, commander; R. B. Por- •er, record^keepej^ \ W. O. W.—Camp .Vo. 101 meets in iK. of P. Hall every Friday nighL W. !T . Steele, C. C. A. IL Davis, Olerlt '."isitor.s cordially invited. " Jl. W. .t.-Ty-e M. W. .A. Lodg» meets every Friday nishl In M. W. A. Ha.H. Visiting brothers invited. F. a Cotneid. V C. W. A. Cowan. Clerk. R(»Y.\L NEIfillBORS.—lola Camp .\'o. 36i>, Royal Neighbors, meets second and fourth Tuesdays of each month. Mrs. F. A. Wagner, oraeI«, .Mrs. .Mary Hutton. 412 West Street. Recorder. L0S7 and FOUND ("crM; - !':i:!- ;::ie li::.^ oMice. Iii- LdST • r..irk comb. .Van iiiy.-ls s. t :i ;;reiii goid. Reward. ICeliiin to ^17 Li.-t \!;:iiiron. I"»)l \l> Str.iy shoal Ov.iier can have ;ai-.:r \.\ i.:'yiiiK for keeji and Ih:.adv. ! i ;.; It''i:: SoiHb .'"ate Si. oocoooooooooooooo o o O n. C. UlIAR, o O nichitii. kaDsa <i. C O VVhSTKILN LA.MLS Jfe KWCHKS O O For .Sale or Trade. O O $::.tHi m, Aire. Lp.' O O O 00000000000000000 FRATKR.\AL BROTUERHOUD.— Fraternal Brotherhood No. 380 meets second and fourth Thursday of each month in ^. O. U. W. Hall. vUlttng members cordially invited. W. H. Anderson, precident; Golda Elam. aecro- tary. .' : , Tln» Merry "Widow lint attract* er- rrylHHly"H alientbui. Kverylxiily looka Rt It. .NobiHly can help necln.t IL Why^ l'.efni:-o It otvnpteH «o miieU «pac«. Deeatife K Is n flue millinery ditpluy. Brt-atise It ha.s Rraivfiil fiMrt. In facL it has LINES OF DISPLAY SPA( E In the nat lies a Ilint-to r.'it: The advertiser who would attract ieverybody'ii attention must use many LINES OF DISPLAY SPACE. OUR TEUPHONE U Ci .ustaiitly rlnviUK lbe:e da\< Sep- tembrr, \ou know. Is the time to b:ivi the- suiiisai I' I '.u't rbMiu *i! 'Ut cd ear We are bu<v. Imt \«»ir mdei wi'l ie.i'!-.e proiiipt and i -arelul aii.vj'i .'ii I'hone UH today. iOLA RUG FACTORY Ptiaa* Ml. To Cancel Leases. Wm. Iteali.ker brou-ht suit against tli-orge H. Frerichs to cancel a luort- :;age and tpiiet a litb' on land in r.a-. ('.range. The plaintiff claims that the mortgage has been, paid but its n.-^ lease has never bt^en recorded and- acts as a cloud on the title to the property. LOW COLONIST RATES TO CALIFORNIA OLDMEXtCO THE :' " NORTHWEST AND BRITISH COLUMUA VIA, ON SALE Sept. Ist to Oct. 31st Ask fur Fan infflirnAiloa. C. P. Hale .Agt.

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