The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on January 8, 1986 · Page 21
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 21

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 8, 1986
Page 21
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The Salina Journal Wednesday, January 8,1986 Page 16 Drawer aids in filling garbage bag Dear Heloise: If you need a "third hand" when putting this or that into a large plastic garbage bag, use a kitchen drawer. Open the drawer, slip one side of the bag over the drawer, then close the drawer. The bag will be held securely and your hands are free to do the rest. — Marge Cochran Great idea! Works unbelievably well — not only in the kitchen but other areas too! Hugs for sharing a good tip! — Heloise Dear Heloise: I bought a beautiful new cookbook and in order to protect it while using a recipe, I place a large piece of plastic wrap over the open pages. The recipe can easily be read through the plastic, then the plastic is Heloise's hints KING FEATURES wiped off if necessary and stored in the book for future use. — Grateful Reader Dear Heloise: For want of a better place to store my sharp kitchen knives, I discovered I could slip them into the space between the end of the cabinet and the stove. There is room for many knives. The handles stick up above the surface for a quick grab. Be sure to turn the blades toward the wall and be sure the knives are out of reach of small children. — Evelyn Poe Dear Heloise: I love to use my silver pieces but always hated the polishing. Then, the owner of a silver plating shop told me that in order to keep silver from tarnishing it should first be wrapped in tissue paper, then placed in a heavy plastic bag. Press the air out of the bag, then fasten it tightly. Never, never put plastic next to silver if it is to be stored in a very warm area as the plastic might eventually stick to the silver and it would be virtually impossible to remove.—Barbara This is what grandmother used to do and it does help. — Heloise Dear Heloise: When making yeast breads, you can get the correct temperature of the water in which you dissolve the yeast by putting the liquid in the microwave oven and using the probe. Saves running water and also trial and error! — M.L.M. Dear Heloise: In caring for my bedridden mother, I have learned to use a baby dish — one that can be filled with hot water — for her meals. This way, even if it takes her a while to finish, each bite is kept warm. We'^e both happy with this idea. —Mrs. J.C. Sellers (Write to Heloise in care of Hints from Heloise, King Features Syndicate, 235 E. 45th Street, New York, N.Y. 10017.) ELMHURST CHRISTIAN SCHOOL has openings in grades 1 thru 8 for second semester. TRY A CHRISTIAN SCHOOL! For complete information call: ELMHURST CHRISTIAN SCHOOL 913-825-4918 S a lin , 1111 Elmhurst Retrieval of bone marrow leads to cause of anemia Dear Dr. Donohue: I have iron deficiency anemia. My blood count stays low. I've had all the tests to find out where I'm losing blood. Now the doctor suggests I go for a bone marrow test. What is a bone marrow test? My diet has been quite restricted from red meat and eggs, for I had to bring my cholesterol down. I did that, from 325 to 195.1 am 62, female, and don't wish to take the bone marrow test. What do you think? Please answer about the iron deficiency. — Mrs. A.W. I think you should have the marrow test. You've had all the tests to detect any source of internal bleeding, which is often the cause of some anemias. You can't lay your low red blood cell count to your meat- lessness. Vegetarians don't develop iron deficiency from their diets. The problem must lie elsewhere, and the likely place to turn is the bone marrow. Perhaps your anemia is not of the iron deficiency sort. If iron supplements were tried and they didn't bring improvement, then iron deficiency is not likely. The bone marrow is where blood cells are manufactured. The marrow test will tell much. A bit of marrow is retrieved (via needle) for microscopic examination. I know that sounds horrible, but be assured it is safe and should not be very painful. I wrote once before and said that. I heard from irate readers who had the test and assured me it was not a pleasurable highlight of their lives. Let me just say it doesn't hurt enough for you to worry to the point of refusing it. And at this point, it is the most logical step for you and your doctor to take. Dear Dr. Donohue: I had blemishes of acne that started when I was a teenager. Accutane worked for me like a miracle (recent treatment). I now have a clear complexion and have had for a year. My son, who is 16, has a bad case of acne now, but the doctor will not give him Ac- cutane. Instead he is being treated with lotions and creams. His face is still oily, and I have not seen any improvement in the acne. In fact, it looks worse than ever. I feel I am wasting my money when there is Accutane to clear it up. If it helped me, why wouldn't it help my son? — L.A. Accutane (isotretinoin) is a drug that inhibits oil gland activity, and it Doctor Donohue NEWS AMERICA is a very good drug, one that has helped many with acne. But it is not for every case of acne, only for the most resistant and severe forms. The reason for caution in prescribing it is it's not without side effects, including liver damage and increased blood triglyceride levels. Your doctor must feel your son's acne is not the kind to warrant dragging out this powerful weapon to fight the war. I don't know the extent or severity of your son's problem, but if this explanation doesn't satisfy, you can always get a second opinion. Let me make a few general points about acne care. Skin dryness isn't always a goal in treatment. Many times skin that is dry is susceptible to irritation and the person ends up having a reddened complexion along with the acne. Sometimes, patients become obsessed with washing and scrubbing the skin. For this reason doctors may want the patient to avoid water and soap in favor of facial cleansers, like Cetaphil. The person may be instructed to apply a skin softener, like Eucerin, before showering, then remove it with the Cetaphil. Incidentally, the ERYC oral medicine your son is presently taking (another part of your letter) is an antibiotic and is frequently used in acne treatment. For J.F.: A benign essential tremor is the kind that becomes noticeable when a person is under stress or is trying to do close work. Your doctor used the term familial not to imply heredity, but only to explain that it sometimes occurs in families. That doesn't mean every member of that family will have it or even that it must occur in each generation. For M.K. — The colon pouches of diverticulosis occur at weak points in the colon lining. Those are points where tiny blood vessels are to nourish the lining. And that's where bleeding comes from, if it is to occur at all. Club calendar Thursday Northwest Kansas Single Club Inc., 9 p.m. to midnight dance to "Wildwood," D-K Fanchon Club, Hays. Buffet breakfast available after dance. Bring ballots for new officers. Salina Rental Property Providers, 7:30 p.m. meeting, Vagabond Motel meeting room. Guest speakers: Judge Gene Penland and Assistant Police Chief Glen Kochanowski. American Association of University Women, 4 p.m. executive board meeting, Karen Gunn, 130 Overhill Road. Interparochial Over-40 Singles Club, 6 p.m. dinner, Elmore cafeteria. Salina Organ Club, 7 p.m. performance and meeting, call 823-8753 for location. Leslie Kreps Post 62 of the American Legion, 8 p.m. fun night, Post home. Eagles Auxiliary, 6:30 p.m. charter member and past presidents anniversary dinner, 8 p.m. auxiliary meeting, Eagles home. University United Methodist Women, Martha, 1:30 p.m. meeting, LeAnna Brooks, 1832 Simmons; Hannah, 1:30 p.m. meeting, Marjorie Scott, 512 Woodlawn; Miriam, 1:30 p.m. meeting, Lois Stevenson, 1019 Mellinger. Family Hope Center, 7:30 p.m. committee meeting, First Presbyterian Church. Steps and Tradition Group of Al- coholics Anonymous, 8 p.m. meeting, 205 E. South. New Beginnings Group of AA, 12:05 p.m. meeting, 205 E. South. Praying Hands Al-Anon, 9:30 a.m. 12-step meeting, Bel Air Southern Baptist Church, 1100 W. Cloud (basement). Thursday Nighters Al-Anon, 8 p.m. meeting, Christ Cathedral, 138 S. Eighth. For more information, call 827-4433. Salina Masonic Lodge No. 60, 7 p.m. conferring of degrees, Masonic Temple. All Masonic luncheon, noon, Masonic Temple. TOPS Kan., 125: 6:30 p.m. weigh- in, Bel Air Southern Baptist Church, 1100 W. Cloud; 695: 7 p.m. meeting, 255 N. 10th. For more information, call 827-8681. Will Power Diet Club, 6:15 p.m. meeting, the First Christian Church, 201 S. Eighth, New members welcome. For more information, call 827-2830. Overeaters Anonymous, 7:30 p.m. meeting, white house behind Trade Winds Motel, 1700 N. Ninth. IOOF Lodge 28, 8 p.m. meeting, IOOF Hall, 401 E. Walnut. Parents and Children Together, 7:30-9 p.m. meeting, Memorial Hall. Babysitting provided during meeting. Salina Sunflower Chorus Chapter of SPEBSQSA, Inc., 7:45 p.m. meeting, Salvation Army Community Center, 1137 tf. Santa Fe. EverythingWLl BE SOLD to the BARE WALLS » • • ' Our loss is your gain. Every single item must go. Hurry for best selections. We are closing our doors forever. Where little people mean I he \vorld to us" COME IN AND REGISTER FOR OVER $ 1OOO°° IN PRIZES TO BE AWARDED FEB. 1st No Purchase Necessary Young World £T ^^ Mon.-Sat. 9:30-5:30, Thurs. 'til 8 SUNSKT PLAZA Phone 827-2132 4. 7HE 901 W. Crawford 827-3601 6O5 E. Crawford Golden Goat f paying 15' a pound for aluminum. 24 hours/day on west parking lot. 827-3608 LOW MEAT PRICES GROCERY ITEMS USDA Choice Boneless <^%oo TOP SIRLOIN STEAK Lb 9 Z USDA Choice $ A 5 9 T-BONE STEAK Lb. Z Boyle's Famous £ + 50 CORNED BEEF Lb * 1 Swift S 4 1 9 SIZZLEAN or BEEF STRIPS 12 oz Pkg. * 1 OHSE All Meat JC A C WIENERS 12 oz. Pkg. O5f Tyson SA29 CHICKEN STIX or CHUNKS 12 oz Pkg. * Z Winchester Smoked Fully Cooked HAM Butt Portion Lb. 89° Shank Portion Lb. 79* Center Slices. Lb. *1 29 IN OUR DELI Chicken of the Sea Chunk LIGHT TUNA Water/Oil 6V, Oz. Shurfine PINK SALMON 15* oz. Saver's Choice SHORTENING Gooch's LASAGNE ..42 Oz. 8Oz. ; Sunshine KRISPY CRACKERS Reg/NoSaltTops 160z Clorox LIQUID BLEACH (5« Off Label) Regular 128Oz. SOFTENER 64 oz. Prodyne CHEESE SLICERS :99 Ea. SANDWICH SPREAD Big Eye SWISS CHEESE Fresh FRUITS & VEGETABLES Golden Ripe BANANAS Grigsby Hot House LEAFLETTUCE Indian River Ruby Red GRAPEFRUIT Lbs. Bunch OO 00 .4Lb., 1 Oz. . 46 Oz. ..aa.oz. .18 Oz. DAIRY & FROZEN FOOD Kitchen Treat POT PIES Robert's Vi Gallon Round ICECREAM Robert's V4 Gallon ORANGE JUICE Shedd's SPREAD 1 Lb. Tub.... Arm & Hammer DETERGENT TOMATO JUICE OIL Shurfine GRAPE JELLY Shurfine PEANUT BUTTER Creamy/Crunchy 18 Oz. Shurfine EARLY JUNE PEAS 17 oz Shurfine CHILI-ETS BEANS 15 oz Shurfine Cut/French Style GREEN BEANS ieoz 69* 99* oo X-TRA SERVICE DEPARTMENT •Buy U.S. Stamps & Drop Letters •Ship UPS Packages • Dallas Cleaners — Drop Off Service •Brian's Boots — Shine Or Repair Drop Off These services available 7 days a week at west store 7 a.m.-11 p.m. SHUGART PHOTOGRAPHER 901 West Crawford Jan. 16.17&18 — Thurs.-Sat. Prices Good Thru January 14th Limited Items — Tobacco or Alcoholic Products Do Not Qualify For Purchase Requirements. Shurfine Cream Style/Whole Kernel A f$ 4 00 GOLDEN CORN ieo z II 1 Del Monte C f $ 4 00 TOMATO SAUCE soz can Of I Purina $^F99 PEPSI, PEPSI FREE, MT. DEW Reg. or Diet 2 Liter 12-12 Oz. Cans $409 $O19

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