Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 29, 1908 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 29, 1908
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YOLUMEX. Xl _2. R Mo. GireuMica In Alien Cmtuty of Amy Kmwmpmpor PuMlmhrntl la thm Gauaiy. EIGHTJAGES. lOLA, KANSAS, SEPTEXBER iS, 190S.—TUESDAY EYEM>G. EIGHT PAGES. PJBICB TWO CSHn. BOOSTERS TdCENTER iOLA CLUB WILL ATTEND FAIR I.\ TOWN TO THE WEST. GO VIA MISSOURI PACIFIC CeMMITTEE WILL SEriHE SEATS FOR I'KOSPECTIVE VLSITOKS. VIsitprN From lula Will Li -nTi> 9:U5 on Tliursda]—Rfinru in Evpuliii;:. at At Doostpr. hall last PveniiiK the Invitation of Yatos Center Ut attend the slock xhow uu Thursday, Oeloher 1. was uiianlinuiiHly acreiHeU. The,secretary was lustruottHl to secure a band and make such arranKo- iii«ut8 as would be certain to Hti.nire e;^ch iMiHsenKer a aeat on the trl';i to ntes Center and retttrn. The train leaver the .MIs>touri Pa- clllc depot at »:tWi tn the tnoruluK and reftirn iu time to arrive In loin at 7:19 In the evening. Thursday. Octolier 1st. is the day and it Is urgenity requested that all who contemplate KoinK should feive notice to Secretary McHuRh at phone 9T or i6 President Becjc at phone 25, In this way It can be arranged to have sufficient cars and iirevent the crowding that has marked the Xe^sho Falls. Moran trips and even the_H!um- boldt drive. ! Already enough to fill two coaches has sent in their names. If you send in your name and something turns up lo prevent yoii from going, you ; are out nothing, as all the committee' desires is to havt? an approximate idea of licw inanv ;ihey will have to care for. ,, The ladies-:-will be provided with E «ats in the first clasfe coach and wiK be allowed to march at the head of the Booster procession. This trip is by reason of the train time going to be the most comfortable and enjoyable of any yet made by the Boosters, and they hereby invite every friend In lola to accompany them. The' weather man has promised a good time and perfect weather and as this will be the last summer trip by railroad, a good crowd is assured. THE WEATHER. ForcraNt for Kan^bs; Fair lonhrht uud Wednesiln}:: wju-mrr tonlirbl. ADAMS ON LOCAL Mxy svim: o> FIKLD • ,i WOKK TO JHA.MTK WOOn.MKN.f Hani|uH WUK Uhva ihj liunor «f Dr. KurLer Whu Is MHI Euonn iu lulai THEY MET IN HOTEL Kirn and SlM>rmnn DIsrusiicd the ruiii< Hion I'lnrc TliinKN In Chlrnuti Wliiii TlH'j .VtcIdMilalIyi .Mel. Chlcau". Sept. 29.—Aci-lilenially but a8 a fitting prefare lo the scheduled mppfliiK of W. J. Mrynn and .ludue Tuft at the banquet here on October 7. Ivern and Slie'rman met tuday In tiie lobby of the Atidltoriiitn Annex. Tlu-y smiled genially, discu.ssed comtimn places and jdenarted to catch their '.rains. "DANGEROUS BRYAN." The Keynote of Governor | Hughes's Speech at Indianapolis. Indianapolis. Ind., Sept. 29.— Governor Hughes, of New York, reached he^e at noon and was met by a large escort headed by Mayor Book waiter and officials of the state Republican committee. Governor Hughes was driven to Tomllnton hall. Senator Beverldge rode in the carriage with Governor Hughes, who in his speech before a crowd that com- pltely filled the hall, took Mr. Bryan for his subject and brought forth rounds of applause by his chastisement of the Democratic candidate. He pictured Bryan as a vislpnary and a man of words, not deeds. He said Bryaii is a candidate this year, because he has never had an opporjtunity to put his ideas Into effect. "If Bryan fcad been elected Ii| 1896 the disasters that would have ed wou'd have prevented him !N^'er being a candidate again." yrJie denounced Bryan's ant ideas and policies and condemndd the Democratic plan for the guaran ee of bank deposits, declaring that 1 dan^rous, and placed a premfiij dishonest banking. ' ^Dangerous Bryan and dangerous Bnraa policies," was the line 4f his areiiment Ipllow- from [-trust was |m on Trj' a Register want ad. The banquet given by the Chanute' camp of Modern \V<io«lnien last trven- ing coniiilinientary t<> Dr. J. ;\V. Barker of Chanute. who ^as recently ap- :Kttiited head physUciiJn for the i;rder in this state, was or.lj- of the larKe -st itreuded and most ojjijoyab 'e of any similar bani|uc:s ever!i'ive:i in :5iis sec tion of the state. Invitations to four camps in Nto<ho and four camjis i*: Alien county were sent out and. owing to the large number which accepted, the bunqtiei last evenlns was he^'d in ihc Star IN THE STATE MEET ALL£>M'(»r.\TY HIGH SCHOOL TO BE REPRESE.\TED !>• ATHLETICS IT WAS DECIDED YESTERDAY BOARD OF ATHLETIC A.SSOCIA- TIOX MADE AHHA>«EM£XT.S. EXPECTED A FIGHT OKLAHOMA DEMOCRATS .SORRY HASKELL HAS RESIGNED. VACATE GOVERNOR'S CHAIR GOVERNOR HUGHES' ITINERARY. Senator Dixon Announces Completed Programme of Speaking Dates. OXE COrXTY S.IID TO BE CiRCI LATIXG PETITIOX TO GO TO HIM. Cculrai MtHt lu Allen Coanty Held iu lola—Counl.r Was Kcprescnied Last \car. lo B4> Not Ai till' m«'«tini of the »x«cutlvc boitrd of the Alk-n Couaiy Athletic .A.s.s(^ciaiion last Satuniay afternoon it was deflniteiy d«';-id«'d to send a track team fr«>tn tills county to the Intfi'-Scholastlc miyt which will be hi'l.I at Ijiwrence, Kas.. under the auspic<-s of the Statf I'nlversity .•s/inie tiii 'e the latter i>art of next .\|>- ril or tin- first of .May. in order to >:.>4 the best material to represent this count y arrangements were made fiir two prj'liminary niet-i.'s. The first of thesM meets will be held among the Pusilicn Kesarding Petition of Prairie Oil and (ias Comitauy Is Cau.sinif Criticism. r.uti.rie. Ok.. S«-pt. 29.—WTien Gov emor Ha.skell returns home hf will find the statf talking only of his res ligation as treasurer of tlie national committee and public sentiment running against him. Ills statement that ho H 'signed to prevent embarrassment to the Democratic party does not ap peal strongly to Oklahomans who are inclined to be pugnacious and have looked upon Governor Haskell as flgbt.-r. Tiiey fwl that, if he were in noct-nt of t;.e charges against him. he would have shown the genuine Okia pupils of each high school. At thatthoma spirit by retaining hijpo.sition of the lack of skating rink because room IK the U'oodmeuihall. Dr. Barker ha.s a- ho .st of friends in ui^ home •.own' who are not members of the order and invitations were extended to :heni as well as to the menibeis of the Cam|). Only one speaker on the pro- ;rani failed to respond to the call of ;he toastmaster, Bert Oakman. fomi- ^ry of Pelioila but now of Yellville. Ark. Mr. Dukman nfcently received lie appointment of deputy head c(msni lor one "f the now districts under tb<i iurisdiciion of the ordtj -r iu that stale. Deputy K. K. .Murphy, of Leaven- '.vorth, was uiKible to- latteiid aiid Dr. Haikir .icied as toa .xliuaster in (ils ilead. '.ludge KInley made the address )f welcome after whin I a number of •xcellefit talks were | irtde by proiu- nent members of ilnf order, atnong .vhlcii wa.-; a !i a»ldre><(( on "(leiieral Field XXiiv'.i." ^by DciUliji C. \V. Ad :iliis if this <-|tv. iMslrMuicnlal music was furnished by the Chaliii;l«' cornel baud. ()iie of the best numbtjrs on the pro- icrain was<a i-horus oil thirieeii mali voices. The banquet was .si lies of ilie Chanute. •ved by the la- Kirs' IJaplisI (hiircli of FROM PUBLIC LANDS 11 MILLIONS New Mexico Led All States and Territories in Number I Acres Sold. Washington. Sept. 2".>J—Accoriliiig to figures compiled In th^> general land office receipts from sjales of public lands in the fiscal |year agsregal­ ed $11,192.4^::. Thertji were 201.95:: entries covering lS.93S,.s:;fi acres. In; acreage Xcw MeSico ;|eil the states and territories with,().:)2' acres. South Dakota was secbhd. with 2.0St;.- 71 acres: Colorai o third, with 2.01.">..Nebraska fo irth.j with 1.7.S1.432 acres: .Montana fifth jiwith 1.494,0.02 acres :N'orth Dakota s ^th with il.3S:;,. 957 acres, and Oregoiseventh' with 1,012.447 acres. time the beht from each high school in ever>- event will be sent to a central meet In Tola. -At this time the best in each event will represent the county at the Inter-Srholastic meet. .Mtjiough it has not been definitely ar ranged it is likely that two cups will be given at the central meet, one to the individual making the best record and the other to the high school taking the most points. The money made at 4he central meet will go toward paying the expenses of the team at the meet at I^wrence. The executive hoard wil].hold another meeting next Saturday to make further arran?««ments for high school athletics in the county. Last year this county was not in the state meet. It was also decided to continue the Allen county baseball league as last year. The indications are that baseball will be much faster ne.\t spring than ever before. SHERMAN BEGINS WILL STEWART BE RETIRED? The Colonel Reaches Washington From His Ungarrijioned Fort. Washington. Sept. 2^.^Colonel William F. Stewart of the coast artillery, commanding the trngatirisoned |)Ost at Fort Grant, Arizi. who! Is to appear before a retiring; boar^i to determine h's physical fltnebs fo* a further service on the active lift, reported to the War departii^nt today. No date has yet bficn set for a jmeeting-of the board. Charles Stewart, a lawyer, of San Francisco, and a firother of Col- the colonel's interests. KciHihlicun CundidaiV for Vice I 'vfsU denlry OpeusCampaign In r Mesl. Cblcagji, Sept. 2:1.- James S. Sherman. Uepuiili'.-an vice presidential iiom :it e. \i.<terday at lunclnoii . :ii the ilaiiiil'.on <'liili. iiifiirnuilly <ipi-ni><l the rampalgii thai he will conduct tbrouKli the middle west during the coming foitnighi. .Mr. Sherman, who is a •wailiiale of Mamlltoii college. w:i.> the guest of honor at the lunclii'oii leii- ri-d to. him by the club members. Tlieie was no formal spicclimakiiig. lOarlier in the day the cnndiilale vi.-<- ilcii lite Hepubllcun national and con- ;.'re.--sioiiar beadijuarlers ai;d talk^-d over the sliuation iiL' Illinois, and ad- oiiiiii.'^ slates. .Air. ShfM'iuaT -xpress- d him:-elf as w'ell plia.-eil \vi!li the )ro.-,pects. '. Last ni^lit .Mr. Sherman was i;ie principal speaker at the ijamiltoli club rally. Congre.'jsman I/Migsworth also delivered an addrcs.-;. W. .\. JOIIX.STOX I.S WtHtSE. FJillowinir an Operallon, the. Kansas Chief Justice SufiVred a Relapse. Topeka. Sept. 29.—\V. .A. .lohnston. chief justice of the supreme court of Kansas, who was operated on two weeks ago in Stormonl hospital, has suffered a relapse it is said. The hospital aitendaints. however, say that while Judg .lohnstons condition Is not as encouraging as it was a few days ago, it :s not critical. THEODORE JR., FIRST A CLERK. Later Will Enter Wool Room of the Hartford Carpet Company. Hartford. Conn., Sept. 29.— Theodore Roosevelt, jr., who will enter the employ )f the Hartford Carpet Co. in Thompsonville. on October 1. will do clerical work in the oflfice for a time and 1 iter will enter the wool room iind Advance from one depart­ ment to another ilntil he has learned onel Stewart. Is here' looking after:the art of manufacturing carpets. Register Want Ada. He will live foit the present at the home of A. t). I^gglns, preaideiiit of the concern. jBrfng RoMilta. and fichting his enemies to the last ditch. Unless s|)eedily exonerated Governor Haskell will be hard press ed by fcis opiionents should he con tinuv in the state campaign in Oklahoma. The Guthrie State Capital (Republi can.i y'lissests editorially that Governor Haskell should resign as govern or. saying that if the charges against hini were such as to embarrass the Democratic national committee to the extent of making his resignation'd' sirable the embarrassment is just as great to the people of Oklahoma to retain him as governor. The Capital *i;i whether or not Mr. Bryan, .ifter letting Haskell resign, will stiil permit him to direct his campaign for flij' electoral vote of Oklahoma. News was reeelveil from Alfalfa county that a petition was being circulated there, sisned by D<'mocrats. as well as Republicans, asking Governor ilasHell to n-sign th4> governorship. (Jovernor Haskell's alleged friendliness 10 tbf Prairie Oil and Gas com Iiany. wMcli he declared publicly is thi' Standard Oil comjiany. has been a campaign Issue here for two weeks. The Prairie Oil and Gas comiiany purchases and transiiorts through its pipe lines crudt> oil for the Standard fro mthe Oklahoma field. To a limited degrew the coitiiiany Is a produfing company, oiierating a number of oil leases. Thi' production iir the Oklahoma oil fields became Kreat«>r than the facilities of the Standard for Iran.'•.porting the oil. and private ]iroduc- ers soon found themselves In financial straits. ha\Ing borrowel inotiey to drlM wells and getting no income to pay their loans. The constitution of Oklahoma says that "the benefit of the right of em- iiiineiit domain" shall be enjoyed only by imbllc service corporations that have domestic characters, and elsewhere that an oil pipe line is a common carrier. The Prairie company operates as a private carrier in Oklahoma and is a foreign corporation. To domesticate would force the admission that the company is a common car.-ier and make it wholly amendable to all the rules and regulations of the state corporation commission, which-are drastic. The Prairie company had steadfastly refrained from becoming a domestic corporation. .As a private carrier and purchasing company It Is In position, by buying at its plea.sure. to control the price of crude oil, a ^d eventttally the price of refined oil ami Its by-products. When Governor Haskell agreed to the Prairie company's proposal. t|ie latter began building Its new lines. Chas. West, the stale attorney general, bitterly opposed to the Standard and its methods, promptly brought suit to restrain the building of the lines, declarine that the company was enjoying the benefit of the right of eminent domain in the use of the public highways; which it could not do aa a forlegn corporation. Governor Haskell at once moved for a dismissal of the suit, pleading that the attorney general had no power to bring a suit In the nanii>^ of tfie sUte unless told to do 80 by the govenior. | Chicago. Sept. 28.—Senator Dixon of Republican national headquarters here'late tonight announced the completed itinerary of Governor Hughes of New York as follows: October 5—liaCrosse, Wis., morning: St. i Paul, night. October C—^W'atertown. S. D. morning: Omaha, night. October 7—Lincpln, Neb., morning; Grand Island, night. October S—St. Joseph, Jfo., morn ing: WicHlta. Kas.. night, with stop at Topeka dnring the day. October 9—Pittsburg. Kas.. mom ing; Kansas City, night. October 10—Alton. 111., morning: Chicago, night. MRS. BALL IS HELD CHARGED WITH ATTEMPTDfO TO POISOX STEP-SOX'S FAMILY. BOND FIXED AT $1000.00 BEGIN SECOND DAY TCBKHCCLOSIS FKiHTEKS .-^TILL ncsY IX W.ISHIX(;TOX. Serri-tarj Corleljou Welcomed Yls- lt«>rs for Prrsidenl Kmiseielt al KirsI Session. FOREST BALL ARRAIGXED BY THE DEFEXDAXrS ATTORNEY. Big Crowd Attended the Hearing at Blue .Muund—Sentiment Favors Mrs. BalL Wasbinrron. Set>t. 29.—The second day's se.-sion cf the International Con- ress of Tuberculosis opened this morning. The entire morning was de- /ofcd to the work of section one. Dr. Wm. H. Welch, of itoltimorc. is presiding. The new National .Museum in this city WES the scene of the official opening cf the congress. .Assembled tc give impetus to the worldwide war op he while plague, was one i>f the most notable gatherings of tuberctiiosis ighifrs ever as ;TembIf -d. Air.oii? the conspicuous figures in be great auui-orium were; Dr. Kober: j *-°n'--«n ^-••^ found in tlie road about Koch, the German scientist: Secretary Mrs. Isaac Ball, of Elsmore, who was arn'st«'d In Hlfte .Mound several days ago on the charge of attempting to poison her ste|>-sun. Forrest Ball, and his family, on the 14th of August, was yesterday bound over to thw ,ynn county district court by iJuatlce W. L. Barnes. The preliminary hearing was hid in Blue Mound yesterday afternoon. In the preliminary yesterday, the, defendant offered no testimony. Only six witnesses were called by the state. The witnesses were Forrest M. Ball. 3o!in O'Hnra, Mrs. Laura O'Hara. .Mrs. Newti'Sn, Chas. Hntton. and Geo. Ross. According to the testimony offered by the stal^ ^Irs. Ball, the defendant, on the aftempon of August 14th, was seen in Oakwood. a short distance from the home of her step-son, Forrest Ball, and where the alleged poisoning was atjtempted. George Ross testified that she stopped at his home on the afternoon of .August 14th, and asked for a drink of water. Shortly before dark on the same day she was seen at the southwest comer of Forrest Ball's farm. According to testimony tracks of a of the ficially Treasurer Cortelyou, who of- opened the congress in the lame tif President Ro«jsevelt, and the Chinese minister. Wit Ting-fang. Preliminary to the opening, an- ncHUcement was made of the appoint Htnt of Drs Robert Koch. K. L. Trudeau of Saraiiac l.ake. I.«iuis Sandouzr >f Paris and C. Theoilore Williams of I..ondon,as ho'norary presidents. Secretary Cortelyou s of we! come was greeted with applause. Then began ihe responses by the repre-ent- ;',vfi of the foreign governments, who old of the elTorts in their own cuun- rles to'combat tuberculosis. Dr. Koch eceived a tremendous oval but. PRAISED ROOSEVELT'S ANSWER. Many Congratulatory Telegrams Received by the President Yesterday. Washington. Sei't. 2<.—President Roosevelt rt'c<'ived tiiaiiy congratulatory telegrams today irom Kepublican leaders throughout the country on his reply to .Mr. Bryan. "When will the President have an other?" wis a.sketl of Secretary I.oeb. Not toiiay. that's sure." replied the secretary. '"The President is having real rest; today, but is ready for any \ one who comes after him." For the first time since his returnj to Washington the President went horseback riding this afternoon. He was caught in' a rainstorm, but kept Ight on through the storm. Senator Burrows and Wade Ellis, attorney general of Ohio, called on the President and consulted him regarding the campaign speeches they are to make In West Virginia ^nd throughout the West. seve.nty-five feet from Forrest Ball's house. The tracks indicated someone had walked in and tjien returned. However, no attempt wag made by the state to prove that the! tracks were those of the defendant. ; Tl:e state proved that the water contained arsenic. The members of Forrest Ball's family used the water from 'his barrel for drinking and cooking •lurposes. It was a noticeable fact that the attorneys for the state:did not attempt, to prove a motiva which would prompt tlie defendant to poison her Htep -Kon and his family. It was also noted that no attempt was made to | show that she had purchased poison.^ John W. l '.M )r. of Mound City, the \4 deefndant's attorney, stated that the tirosccuthig wUnes.s would have a motive to take his ste|>-inother's life whlb' on ilie contrary there was no motive for her to wish Forrest Ball, •er step-son, dead. The reason, he said, was when his father, Isaac Ball, lied August 1st., he left the entire estate to his wife, the defendant, as 'ong as she lived, after which it was to go to him. He also said that he !iad' threat'-ned to- take the life of his step-mother. The state is being represented by Tohn Morse, county attorney of Lynn county. Justice Barnes placed .Mrs. Ball's bond at $1.0()0 which she gave at onc«'. Much interest is being shown In ibis case. Tbis is perhaps due to the prominence of both Forrest Ball and the defendant, Mrs. Ball, both in this 'ind Lynn county. The court room at Blue Mound was filled wl^en'. the case was being tried yesterday. The sentiment in Blue Mound, according to best Information, favors the defendant. BCSY WEEK FOR MR. SCOTT. He HB.<I -Many Speaking Engagements Xext Week. Congressman Chas. F. Scott's speaking engagements for the week beginning October .'Jth are as follows: Monday. October Zih —Devon, Ma- pteton and Fulton. Tuesday, October 6th-:-Redfield. Uniontown and Bronson. Wednesday, October 7th—Kincaid and Blue Mound. Thursday. October sTh—Farllnville and Mound City. Friday. October 9th— Prescott and Pleasanton. Satiirday. October 10th—Hlll^le and Shawnee. Sbcurifl Bollibger is out of town today • r Official buainesa. TO CONSIDER PLANS. Republicans to Arrange Tonight for Rally October 13th^. .A meeting of t&e officers of the Republican county central committee is called for tonight to consider plans for the big rally here October 13th. which is to l>e addressed by Hon. Jas. Wilson secretary of the department of Agriculture. Congressman PoBard and many btate candidates. Other matters of th<? campaign will be discussed. Five Recapturad. Xotlce has been recetved^at the sieriffs office from Warden Haskell c r thej state penitentiary, that iRve ot tie e^aped prisoners for whom re- ifards of $50 each were offered some tfme ago, have been recaptored.

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