Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 28, 1908 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 28, 1908
Page 7
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Scarf and Stool GIVEN FREE With each Piano Purchase at.the hkHs Piano Hoose lb N. Waehiugton GERMS IN THE MILK Internatipniil rinifrivdi-r ApiMiiiils a ('oniniission lo Inn*sUlriil«' Qin-slioii of Triinsnilssuin of Tiitirrniio<*is. Philadelphia. I'a.. Sept. I 's —A omu- mlsstoti of Fcvcn, ho;iiIfcl hy I>r. Kolil. Koch of Ocriitaiij-. na.s ,-i|>|M>iiitrfl at Kridav's spssioii of ilii- iiiiciD.iiioiial conferencp on tub<>mil(i.-iis i«> imiiiiip into the d;inK«'i- ol" iiili<<:<ii;ii i^: infi'i- tlon from niilk. am! hi>\\ m in.vnrii • Dr. .1. K. Hynian^ i ;r r.cluimn il.- dared that until inonf lo iln- nuiiiar) has been |MtMlii<i-() thi- ri>n(Iu.-ii'iis i>f EnfTlish and lit-nuan • l 'llunis^i^.ll-. which InvoKtlsaiiMl ili<> ;ul>.if .i. • lonM- us to admit iliat liiinian iul.<n ulcsis can have lt>: iM-i/.in in l >'>\|nc ttilx-r- culosls." A Teature of the ;:o;:;ion xv.i;- ilio a<l diTSs af Mir -;5 Maln-l Itoarclman of Washington. O. l', wlu> i>:iruciiMi<-ii tu the discussion on the rulijcci. • Tlie Red Cross Society in \]\v ("rii.^adr Against Tiibeijrulosis. • Slio tol<l of the work beinc done in \Vashin ::'on to stamp ont th<) <1i>-paso ami divlart-l In favor of raniji:; for ri>ii;.iiinpiivi\;. An)ioiinrrni<-ii(. Dr. Sutcliffe' viphps (o infnrm his- farmer p^trotps and tlir jmlilir Hial In? has resumed the conoral iMaflirp of medicine;, conihiniiii: il with surcer .xi OfHce hours lo to 1 1 a. rii.. 1 lo :'. and 7 to 8' p. ni. WAS >«>T IHIJK.VKSS, Bodj of I'onnc: Man :if Cliiieniore ^\us \ • • Anothn. The Chanute Tribnne &ays; Charles ljlarkne.:s and Kd Harknr;.- returned tliis mornins^> from Clare- Tiiore, OklaJ, where they v.-citt to hriiic back the body of .lolin. Harkness. Ch?irlie 's son. John ramo with tliein. very much alive. The.v found him there, sick and brought him home with thetn. The Messr.^;. Harkncr:^ went to Clare more, as was told yencrday. to in- vestlgat ^C'the death of a yoiini: man. a description of whom fitted .lohn so well that his fatlier was certain .lohn was dead. Mlich to his relief, he found that t^iere had been a niistaUe and he brduKht hl3 boy home w'iili liim. An loin boy j -onveyed th" iiir'>iiiia- Ition loCbns. HarUuess that he tlioui-lit younR had met hl.^ diatli ,11 Oiireniorp. WHKKK (OH IjIPKS A 1(1: MA UK. Bent Mntninl; f«>f .Thetn h SnUl lo romr'from >li.s>nuri. Smokers the country over h.ivr- formed such a Ukini: for roli pipp.- that, the tiianufaeHiro and sa"<> of thi^ article has become quite an liidnsiry. The best cob pipe is found in the raw material in Missouri. I'ranktin «-<iuniy • producing tlic "bulk of the cobs. A •variety of corn, known HK liie follicr. is the best cob corn. In f:u!. there an- two varieties of fhi.s corn, one pi'odur ing a white and the other a rod cob " The white is preferred, as it make.= the fpretUest pipe, and iirodiK -e.-; the nearest DUG size rob. affordini; more pipes to the cob. Tho-'ip cobs si -ll at 26 cents a hundrcjd cobs to the manufacturers of pipes, pnd farmer.-? arr able to make from $12 to $\T> per acre "from cobs alone, i Bluff land prrduce.<; : the best cobs. Tlie cob pii>e. sold ev- erywiiere for cents iiaKse.i througl- twenty different Biases from tlie rough cob'tb the pipe and stem. At least that .'many dtffeilent kinds of machines arr ; used in thej evolution. The reed stem.' in the pipes come from swamp. PENNY POSflieE Maile' PoMlbIt by Recent Robust. Cionatructive ,Repitblican Polt<^. Oonrintion Between"" America unj zjigland in Effect Oct. 1—lU Blessings to Foreign Born Citizens. The ORDKU NO. ItW-. jPostHl Administration of Great Brltalfa havipg tonuirrcd therein: U I Ing o the pf malic delivery at any jilaic IIK KiUKdl' shall t tlon nlji l.ett dispnt hereby ordered. That, jonnnfuc the l8t day of October, l'.M»-S >taKe rate, applkabb to letter> In fulted ^^late!^, addrrs>;ed fiu the I'nitvd -rvtun oimgRMM our -mintinrw win* be entitled to two Tbtea,'BsVgali»i^*' one rote each cast by every other na> tlon in the world. i ' Pnirllcal Brnrflls <o tha PMPle» No doubt the r>«-moerats riiuy Inquire as to what all this has to do with the welfare of Auieri<au <>itilzens. For their eDiiqhteumeiii and infori^iatiou It may be stated that. aeconlinK tu the I'nited States census of 11M;K>. the for- elcn born population in the fnited States at that time was in,t«MM^">. The population, iKirn of foreiKn parentnps (one or both pardits haviuf; leen lK >rn 1 In foreicn. »o»intrip«) ' was •_'ti.i:>,S.".iS!». or a total fon'ljtn population of »C»n .n24 The reiH»rt of the luimlcra- tlon fonmiNsloner t'y yi-.irs >inie then bhow? that •J.»>»iS .<>."ifi h.ive sime muio to Aaierion. thus eklus o"t the total forelKu iMpulation at the present time to 4ti..TJT .0.S0. This does not take any note of increase sin<-e IIVIO in .\meri can born children, one or both of wbti.-*" parent* are of foreicn blood. Kstiuiat- Inp ihat only nn >>-half of ibi;; number— 21 ,»iti:i ,810- write one letter to fomlun countri'"- ••vry two wonk-s. or 'Ji' w.eeks ea<-h year, wo have 1 .'O.U.S^.OtO letters written annually, whr. h. at the present rate of .'1 cents postage ea-h. amiuints Here they are. waiting for you- The nob­ biest suits of the season. Fancy worsteds in the new styles and mixtures; made in the top notch of fashion. ]S "ow is the best time to buy, when the assortments and sizes complete. Pi|ices ranging from |>ni of «:reat Urilain a^il Ireland two (2) cents an ou|ne or fra'c- !»n ounce. rs unpaid or short paid >iball be] lied to destination. Iitit double • |., „„ (.xpondlture of i:»fi.aunu- the defi.-l.nt postage, ral.nlated at sal.l jilly. fnder the pr««i.Mit• i^'SfHl law V. L Miivi:i{. rate. ^Iinll |»c i ..lleitll«li' of ihe ad dressers upon the dplivnry of the unpaid ojr short paid letters. • r <• i PoMuiaster Rehind this simple statpuirat m a vast a/iionnt of KepiiMban •on>;|:u live lejctj-latlon whi<h resuUed In tie sienilii by the quentljl ny po.--^ due to Mull foreign < orrosp "nilt 'nt> ni.iy s-'ud let lers to the I'niteil .States "••ojleit." but wh<ii ih "v reaili their d'-sllnntlon the rei .ipj.'iii must pay il-'Ubb- postag*- Klc- uri^nc thf cl <iuhl<- postn 'si' en fh" "-aine.' I>:i -.i-i, till* for -'lsn po|iul.if ion of ihc foiled States pay -i diirinz 'M' h yar. for postace uiub-r tli« pf sir .t ^y ^t <'m. • nt a<<j>Miplisbinenl, set forth ' ^'•'••'^7.4.'ii». I'o*tnia-^ler •.'eti '^ It is <'lo- ' I'nOer tlip and i-Iipaji-r p '-^l:il pi '>|i |i>-tii- of a woild -wid" P'-M- 1 eliar -.'s adv<M -,i (-d l.y lli.- Ki -p'ild:- an i ;:e. for wliii h tbp < ridit will be , P-'rI.v. si li| (h,. j,. la»- l>""»ii'- I Kopi.lili-Mn adiiilMi >fratlr>n. I'nlvpr«nl Po'lnl Cnnarrva, I univ>'r>,il. ilif for'-isii popul.iti" 11 in j th" rnltpii Staff s. to tie Ir din-t < <»r I resp'ind-nis. would "iily pay S .:.'jr.».."iTt» Tlip Ij ^l.Mh Inlvrr.sal Tostnl ("oncrrss annually for dlrct povi .m.. .-ni'l S''.T|v. f..,. •fher win convened in th- - tty of Horn-. 't;Uy. j ;js. for s-i-.t 1.. tl-m 'i $9.75 Boys' Snifs at $3.00 ji Boys' Sni;s ai Boy.s' Siiit.s ih.-ii vviil conioatc with $3.50 Siiit.s sold cl>cwhfic. The styles ate dotiMc bfcastc<l Hoit, and t".vi paij^ of Kiiictccr- .b^ckcr i'atit:;. AU si/ei. (> lo 15. Wor.sted Suits, size t> !» is niJfle in the newest cut and t ;til- ored same as oitr P'auiotis mtn s .suits Kvery coat has hand fadded shoulder, broad fared btittotis Will colupaif ) ivtiia- l>ly vyith suits sellinij cl-cwhcit: at $6 50 to $7 00. ' Ileic only $5.00 John 0. Stefaon Mow Fall Hatm $3.50 Yi. L. Dougloa Mow Fall Shoot $3.50 April V.w.Mv S rnlfd assenddy • ussinc! and. If ( for tliif way"!. .<! tern.itt(i mails ai>il •••ntlniied until Mav "'">.'ri^ii ••^•irliii-i •. n;!p.t." \ty tivo • •entries, iiv l-.-loia 'In* .Words, iliis K-P<II>M'an In save lb" l:i;Ii!y --^f i -tu'-d «d--i '^l - Hi- zrns i .f rvir •oiintry, !ind :b '"-rn here of f;.i.»ign pal• lit.!:;-' •'!»«.'-"«1 aniMi.iIly. in th»* i."«'»-.iiy • .>ti--i-i id on-e w;ili tli-ir IOVKI ..ii- I" rbiip,-« tin- I>-' Ibis i.* W'>rlb d-> .d Hot , t u.iiil; Sum* titnrlnic lnco««l«trnrlr«. Stat»-.<. weri» reprr«-'nt'd. Ibe was for thi- purpo... of. (lis- the j.ostal syi.tems of nil Uii >n5 [•osviM,-. .i;rfelns upon iV.t'.i-'.!re« tniprov.'ni-iil In all i-ri'-li<.i! f the resulatlons covernii.s m nal )nl''rrour>" tbi'-esb tb>» , The brst lon^f^s of tbi« Kind iii't Injlleitie Switierlaiid. in IS7I The rnit.Ml .St .\t.« i'osloflice I)-(>irt j At prt .-uit iin Ann-ri. ae • >• .d a iniMit tj.i-. rtpf>'>i!led in this Woild l«'tl'>r \\,\W< liy Miid Irom l'->sinl i'lrLMc -s liy two d <1ei :ate>- Th>* J Mt 'M-«> to A '.i ~Ka t. r - -'ii'-. l-til Si :i -ifi t. • .1. nt of pulsion of K< roi-n MaiW. is ill pri-vlous jio ^l.t' concr-s»>-«. and tht lien. L<^v .iid K' ••• w.uer ef the •Inialia ;H(-e. who li.ol also served in Ihe ;jrc(ti|!it.; i.<.sfal longress. At reprr-? propos to all th'.« rnivers!! >vji!ativ<»s of Lnlvrrtal Panny Po.lase. rniversal Postal . <""i :Ert«s the fnltk^d >M'->S (i a i-.tiivcrs.-il two-; »nt P'->^f.-»C'' ^•'a'bjns. The M-^n .1." !!• r.:'.i»<>r H''at.'>nj, .M P, who i-s th*? fiit!:<'r of tb" two-rer^l idea In Knsland. spoakini of Amerl- • It- r .>f half 1 iiLr.ind ..I. .« ;-t • :,.;l- ^. II- li.lilUl n;u>l p .iy « for ;i the W( icbt s"i,t :'.liHi ;. ; . .An tn;li»l!:r.iii 1 i\- .'• ler • to.-i':iu' »li>- .Vt- iMi- and - •••III- .1! .-n .i .i »-ii,; :'n<I .»--'-:ll; I'.;-'I; - <> ••.!.- ;•-.'•<•• .1.: to N"-.v /• ; .M! thl-^ N :o tif i.-m- •'tpr.I --in O ;.>!>•' tL- til-: r-^\t i^ir.ks to n.n ••vilrilii-n-d ll-p-:t:i:.r. . trati'--n Wor.^ Is llradv fur Il^iliirlloo. It will prohal'ly be lv:t a -'-.if tiiiio durlnK lh<- iriaV. • We Know exarlJy \iba' we ar«- ta'k- iiiK alMiUl. .ind Willi t' i . oH«-r lt.nk of oi-r slal"nn-n<s no oin- :.lii>iiM r.rolt. doiihl our wi.irJI or li>- Hat-- to put mir I r.-ini-dy I" an aitiial t>-:;l A\'<" «alll «\i|,.illlo ill [••I.I \^ ilo |: Mill' iinv froiii \'x\\ -..i-.-tlp or hair Iron hi-', daiidtiill. f.illiii:; hair or I'.iMli' to try our R«-xall '.''• ' Hair Toiit<- W;want th'^m to' its'- it repularly—r^ay until •lliri'e liottb-r. hav«> b'-on iis.-<| and if il doo?; not »>railieal»' damlriiir <l<-ans- .-Old r>'fr'>sb tin- .'-••'al|>. ti-jlil "n the liai- in root:: an'l vrrow ii<-w ; TAFT COMES FROM GOOD STOCK. Family R.tuked Amr-ng the Plain People for Many Years. The Tuns who at present ar.- f the Tafls hail ;intislr.illy Ironi IN ^ bride.'. .Ma.s.s They say lli:it Tjifts nr.- ; Ihii-k in f.\britl.:;e that even a woni j »n rai»"t throw a sloii.- wil.i\iut hittliis; .•nr. SoniH yfur-t In I.^^TI. to l>f e.xaet - Ilii-n- was a Taff n-tiirloii in I'.x- brld^e. to wbh-h ib .•• ••ii -l.iiils •if th-' iiriKinal {(•dn-rt Tall •aiin- IbxUiii;: from all parts of tin- t -ountry. t >in- of lb»> OMispb -inMis fi-atur'-s of the lifVair CONTEST WAS A TIE Y. M. 1 . v. Jlimbrishi" ICare a Hot One itilnon 4 l:as. iirnniiiftou and • «ril .1 |i>rn A Wtil. I .encer. 111" llftV. • I U ••!• il ni'lil'"!^!- 1. : il til'- a.:;' . ,i:i.: held ti. f.,„ic • f._,r boys ' I 'l a'l'l !.'> years r i.irr of last il'.s •a-ti 'in at the Rnin'- ••rriV'>n jnfter th" • onvi -iili'-h lM'tw.<'n tlii> .onii lion. Iii' .sjandinz out for a r.nimrsal j try ami Kiisl.ind - 'iii.i »n-. f luitil two-eer.'t p'-'lal ratf. said: •Th'» jRritish nu-inbors stood <-oldlv _ by. 'Ibiy did not recocnize that this ; party, wi!! I. was a qtjeat historic occasion, a worthy paiallelior that solemn sicene on .liily 1. ITifl. when the Peelaratinn of hide, pende'nqe was adopted; for If the th'- •Iv-.ini ••( a^'sal WMter postace. . liaiii |iion <'d liy th<' l !i -p « an aliz.-il .\'i »-tr .il .1. N' « Zealand and E ^ypt bavf alriM 'lv •.iPvd for the 1* e«Mit rat» The Knip- r T i ^f '.•••rniany ba.s said !f l-ji^iiii-l 1- tablisb.s a •-'-••-nt |><-tai;«' with tile I 'nitPil Stiit's. lit; will li.iv.- lo-r- iiij>>. Il .ily. ip;in. I '.clal 'iui.' Hol- -Xtheri^ins are wiUinc lo adopt a penny , po.<:|.i :W to all |i:irts of the world, it fol i "lauv do Hilows: tlijit lliov ar- wlllin? to .-slablj^h ^'""'b Afm-.i. it to th^. Pnllsh Kmpire and form with I»-'"!"a< Sw.i-,, >. lis a -Ilijftn.tivP Postal Cnlon-" ni"..-tlian an inv If.ii,.-:, t-. The lli.n. Whilelaw Held. Am»r1ra's , '"^y Repnbli'iin minister to the Court of .St. j A "J • ent postal rate would hind all .lamp?. iS'ralspd the work of th? Aimrl the S-mth Aui-ri-,in repnbli-s tl.e • an delegation and salkited the fri-'nd'.v I'mtt-d Statin stilt more . ii.--ly r..i.ili lo-operaitfon of t/ie Rriti.Kh covprt ai-iit er into a • till, r-.-ipr;.. .iJ. at a Foirlh of .liily bunquet spo-?.-li in siv... < ivili/.-iti -n. wbi<h would iiii-an a London in ino«. Mr R*id said: ' T-- i.iP'd d-i.^b.^paiont of l.otb Atiipri "The iJAnieriean people hoped for 'an . ontin-iits :i!id a new apiili. iiii..i, of lb- .Monni- divtriii" With ih.->.- roiintrlp* a;:r"ed. on the ohjf t ili'sii.-d. th'' C'liliii'Mit of KiirojM- alonp would lli»n be wholly oiits'di' lliis roinpip liensivp p-Ktal iiiiloii. and - llo-n the would not Ion): was a bistorii-al aiMre.s.s hy .Mplioiiso hair.: w- will ntnrn .n.-rv .•• nt p:ii.| f.^^^^^,^ „f „„. prV.«..„t R-piiblbai. II.; for to r-ni'dy for tli- in-n- a-k .-aiididato. lie traxil tb<' history .if inn. ThiT'- I;-- un forierilily <\,->il' i|. v.irioiis brjiiirbe.s ••f lb'- family.; and .•iiid I wo asK no ohlii;alion fnoii I lie wlirii b'- •-.-iiii» iisor, wliaK -vir. 1 ,,.| . . I • - 1. , ••<»••- ••..••••It- I.-•«-!• iii>» ••lilli;ll-L.'i! IllIU'll ! \\ <• arr •• iabli:.;li<-d ri;;lil h'^ro in lola. and mal.'- this offor with a full , • - .1 1 ,.1 r .t have siiai'tii in Ibe battles of tie- ••••un nn.brsrtandin:; that our bnsin. !.s : 11.- natb.nal ind .-iK -nil. ii.-i- was .-.-.s <-iiti-oI.v d.-| iipoii 111.' ;..rt J,. |„. „«.n. .iiid also when Hie t:iii..ii of wo .-lecfinl our eii?:lolii'-r;;,' ^-.-is .-it .stake. I»ut brilliant po! to the on- to wlii<:b ii<; ami bis i -liil.lreli lie!.iii«e<l be siiiit: "tliir family have not eiiiharked iiiu<'h v .t I k re iii!>-i| in ;i .'.•• li'-i-.vieii t'has. Ml ii::h'"ii ami (' .Mure.. In order to 'I 'M iilf- v.lio i. win'<-r r.f 'the con- u.t thc.-i- two boy-, will he permitted to -.(t -ik cne wi-i-V loaLV r. Each boy Will 1 • fiivep th" ru!lit to einploy as- si tani.-. Till- . (ci'i- I. hetwf en tnese :-.vii !MI- .. will c-li. •• ii'-\t Saturday PV- <-;ii:iu' Til'- l)ii> iiiinii'-riliip in the r-.. 01 i :iti>i:i ;ii pv:'iii iim;it!>'r.> aVjout uiH.n national iM .liti.:s. t-\.-.-pt thati lh--y j ^ . ^ „ra.ti.alH .v.-rv imp of these lio;... Ii:ive t:ikt-i "-ill a i-:i!'l ill ilo- f>oy •. I'.iM'- iiiii- liiii!.lr'-d of iloiii ;ir' niembers;hip elass. Over no-mbers of eloser ripd • rhpaper eonimuaiiMtlm-.* with all other options as the bp<t n)P:in« of promtitlns better acqu^lntniire and ing frieiidship T!i-'v werp jo find that the Rrltisii ap -ijiip 'pnstase (Mr. Hp ;itont at ini« ".ntiiipiit il pi-wiis forusina Ills elT'^rts .111 ivint i «lMnd i.l '-f tn-iii i». be l!)P easf ta«s of |»r->iiil ! It b .TS remHlnril perpeturt sra'tifipd of ppuny, moment oiicht Id for thp Inlt.-d inc the J!""''''''"''"' ''''''' Mlfllitlf- illiat It was a.s ih-ip to . i -iy .1 I.ttpr ifroni I.ond'»ii to N.-;v Y-->:(; is rriiiii I." Itbui to Cab iitin : or fr.->iii \'>-iv Vork to .||aiiHn* lUul liiilt.- ns i>- (> 1 V ' K inrrit n i» llpptihllmnk I enil tli<i «•«»- Slatoii t.» take till- inilijttve in a iii..v.> to |i -ji|i tli.- iif.xt fiiory of ii.'lti™ thP I III.lis of a n<.i .d -.VIIIP V .i 'nt post.-Ij.- nr of our rlti-zi-ns \\ ,\< re ,.1 , aiiii--I as i:i.>ti'fiil for this l,"i,i li. mt a ; iiiil 'i i» "f siljivt* dill, ivloi. the it. pi.|.l|. pally broke tlip sb i-M- « |..';n.l il>f;n to pprpoiual pii).-bal fT-tM-i-s , BALD HCAOS NOT WANTED. So It his e.mi" to tiiai (I,.. I „|» <-d St.U.'-)j iird"r Its Repiihl .-IT; n.lij.m Stintl.injj bits tllinlly siii • .-p.!..,! .-1 , „. terliis liSo a roiiventlon with i;r.'it Rrltain ijhOrpby after the l-l of Oi -lo- her tbls:jr«'ar, a two-rent ]>nst :«cp r.->tJ will obl.lin betwepp thl« <oi :iifry a';d Kncbird.l|lr'-!anil. .ind Wab's \Vp alreafjr havp sueh an arramrpnipnt with Caii|id.t. .Mcxbo. Ot:b.i. Panama and our <k'!onirtl posses^k.n.'!. Thl^ Srpat 3ceomp!Islime:it Is universally reeoj;. nized as tjie proppf beginnln? which Is to resuUilji a noivprsal Iwo-cer.t postdj..- rate aroupd the world. Importani Tliino Acconpll<h«d. Two other im|)ortant tbinzs that the Repobiicj^ adm!i.lstrat!on accomplish- '"^'^ •ed at fha Rnai"? Universal Po«t;ti Con- i I""" f"'"f ''•'•bl b'-ad. • grcss fhroiicb Its repre*er.tallv«<i. m'jst f"'"'"''" p-cain a KOOII |i<a<l of not lie !ol .4t sisht of. Onp wa.s tha adop- healthy hair if tli.-y will f.dlow our tjon of .k universal return coupon advieo and our off-r. \\v »{amp. inljeschange for wbieb. upon lt» i,avo a renodv that we posifiv-Iv car ni-esentatlpn at a postoflice la another . '. " 1 - • . •• .,p~«., """'"'^•^ ani.o to srow hair on any heal, un- eoutitry, tbe person presenting It shall , . . ^ . . rkel^e a:|ostage stamp of thp value or ' " """" ""^ ^"'^ 5| cents, iood In any country of the World, t^jus enabUa? ppop;e here to prepay p r^ply !ett : The ot that in 8 ,1 oe held lii^ la to be £1 Baldness Too Generally Considered a S'o" of Advanced Age. A bald h<'.id.-il per:-;on doe.-; not ba»e an •••|U;il e-.-int.- with one ble.-s<-<l with a li.-alihy load of hair. be'-aii..<- bald in-ss is too .<'iieral!y a<Ti-|iti.d a-; an , iii'liea'ion 'of af. Many larir'- eo' ' lioraf ionr, bavi- ••staMished an ai:^ 'iin it. and refiis.- lo ijtlie mp|( ov r of a!:e as new .-miiloy. • s. I the ' i-are«'r.s liavf not bet-n i-harai-teristii- of jlhi- innri; iniii ria: :' thi- Tafts in the past. It js not safe t-> •:ay what may be in store for tbeni. riiere i.s a till.- in the affairs of men ;.nd also of families." This is t:ikPii fne aei onnt of '.he reunion piiliMslejd at the time. .Vl- [Taft would p>-rhaps b;ive beei) ioiiiewbat d.izziid if he eoiilil Inive fore- V/bere Kan-a.i Politicianr. will Spend.'b'l-v <pii-kly and hrilliantiy tlii' IMext Fev/ Dayr.. ' family would pnx-eeii to ••••mliark iiiioii j ToprVa. S .-PI 2^-The .on-rer-r-ion-! l-iilS s." He hiiii.-.-e!f sMit.-d I i the turn of tbi- till- whii-h he pi-e-li'-t- i n-'iphl- r. It .-eem-ii to li- the favor- if- V. itb bjita pi'op'p from the .start and wi- woiibl not dai'" mak' I'bov- off'T iiiibs: WI- wi -r.- i>ositivi-ly eonam that we eoiil.i subiMantiate it in ••very H. RurreP. the R(x;iH otor.-. U'-: • .Square. THE SPEAKING DATES. LIKED THE RAMBLER. Local AtrtoiGfs Were Much Impress- rtl With'the Machine. Man-; p '-opl' -.vho tool; an interest ill 111.- rtrent auto run through here •.v,iteh<-M wjitli < :.peei ,il intf-re:-.t Tho al randidat-, on-I 'h.>:.^ s-eMn^ :^tafo^,j^ „ r.-aehi,,:: j,.-. i d offlr"-. on the l?.'|.' ti-km Willi,,, the.-;,rier -f the .syi, xvbo that year no» lKi\e an.» ?ppi'i iiisc date.s the was enteriii!; Vali-. luo d.iy.s of tbir. •v-"K a.^ all of (hem -Xs Alplions ^i Tuft de.serilied his im. Mi.rt to 1— in Toi>eka to attend the ! ""''•'='le aiueslors on« .•ie,-.=; nh.-re bW T.lft lio^-tilii; Til' n''pub|ie;iii . tate eoinmilii- aonouneid Ibe >;i>eal;iii-.: d.ii.-.-. f«.r ilii. we.-k as low-;: ly dead, ihei • follble.-; r'os.-t. and ihp scalp has bei-onie Kla/'- I and shiny. We want peopb- to iry this reiredy at our risk, with the distinct uiiderstamlinR that unless it does ev- WoMd Postal Congresses to acUv what we c'.aliu it will, and Rives the future, tte L-alted ^States satisfaction it. every respect, we shall anted ao additional rote, to , . , j j T • " make no charge for the remedy used .stage at regujar rates upon rs.. er sIgnlScant cocce .««1on was T. i: I'.inioii Sept. 2'.>. Kansas <"lty Kan \V;ili-( I :-:ii.iili. • I'll-, .'•^••pl M;iiioii , .-o: ().-i I \ • Ipoli, I lf;l • (!•-I|.•^ lip. » W K .'-•Jiibl. pi :-1 U'al ,.e ,.,.v; .'^••|>l, lo (",i.-]infii-!l ;ift''rii'"«ii ft.ik iii.~l't- ()>• I. .^Ii .-irnn Spriii-- .1. I, Mrislow -S.-i.t t'v. M.el-r: .^ejit. Seilll Cllv: .Sept. 2!». Me Cra'dieii- .Si-iit 2:'.l.aCro.<e: .^.-pl "fi. U;irtoti roiinn. • Tia:- Ciirii;-—.^'^p' --. Perry: .S .W>t. 1"!'v ::i|i- ;iii'l I'l.-asantoii; Seid. "••I. (Jiratd: f >-i. 1. Prrdonia an I .N'.-o•|. sba. K 11 .Ma<li=on -.'5' P!. Meadp "••intv: S'-i >i. 2.'. Sept. ::n. Hurotoii. fha.5 F .^•..iit -.Sept. 2^. r ,r<-at I'.'-nd: S>'pl 2:». (.'oiier.rdia: S^pt. :'.f». PlainvilP-; o <i 1. I'.o!in<-r Sprincs: 'i.-t. 2. IIi^iiK-woo.I afl'-rnnon. Wil |iam;diiirc T;-'' P m • Oet :;, Well.s- ville. 2 p n> . Pomona 7 :.'.0 p. m Ifol.t sion-—S>pt. 2:1. Mayet'a: .-"•pi. .t'l. Moyi .1. K. \Vak<fi'-lii. who made an siiei-essful raei- for the nomination of son not I '-rtaln ebani. ti-risii. >• p.-t.-r laft (ITl.'il was "a lar-,";. I l.-oi; ; In:: iljan of iiia;;i;;inlm'iiis ili.^po.^ll ii>ii " ' lie had four sons. .Varon.. lie- >-.-iii|iilate"s ain i-:tor, was itso .su mauiiaiiliiioiis that .le lo-<t iiii^iiey l.y iiido!slii;: .i irleii'l's noli.s; lit 2t>. '» >i''!be was a inaM "'if ;;re,i| liiti-lUi;'iuv s'.-i>t W.tiii ' ii'd liileurlty " .\iid lln-ii. :;.ihi:; >^mi- Oi-l •• Miiiii. •!'"I'b'-r li:i. K. tli-r.- v. 1.. I'l-pliili, WIlliMiii Taft. Vile. t.H.k Riarn-y «:.< lie In the sixt.-eiith ••iiliiry "I.;,' blur •ley i|lllle as miii'b :is by inllll.-iry piow.'ss" i;..< il . st .i- k W:is «":ipt:ilii WiJII.-ini from wliieli to iii.ike :i tw-ii tieth eentiiry Si -e|-.-tary of \V:ir WIl' tiam. \ Urnnd Itt-cord, Th*- n'':>iil 'ii' ill! I'arry is only rieb in men. but rieli in pra-tli.-il :iii«l Iwinli. iai prill.ipl-s it is n-fi t^-. -n its r-'.r-l. ill pr'iuilses perforiii«-.I nn-l p!.-di;rs fiK'i.'lxI. ami S'., we f,,r ji .-irty and party primipN-.i ti:^r .11. J will a»'"pii ''S'-»' in th- eboiee o.' tl;.- jority. ral!yin2 :ir"'itid the stiniilird lie.'irer who will (-:;rry us a:;aiii to victory.—lion. James S..Sherman. and till hoi. h if !i>,idi w,\i verv gra!- ilvip::. Till" Ptar in nipnlioning Tte li'aii-M' r rcol, orea; Ion to say that al- ^iioiii:h it did noi win the rupTt fin- l.';b»d without a nuehaiilcal defect: III"- inipl.- a-I I'b Ml ot a r;iii b-ilt lo;;ill'.; oft i-iiii Mil--- It 'o lo e. rlx pidnta. T!n- l;iii*> l!:iii>t>l. r romlsler which Mr. ISrynn inish't. make a hit in the J;ocky Mountain States by pro|iosiii;; a rpfleral sii:ir.anty of minlas stixk de­ posits—Oiu-iha Dec. 1 Cartooned lola. m .S.itirr.biy ni.i;hi's Kansa.s fity Star contained several catchy cartoons 1-rl; of th.- court on the Republican showing the receptton the long dis- ticket at the primaries, is rup from tance auto party received when they Humboldt today on business. reached lola. A lit lliroii b li.-r.- I :i:: lb" pllatlnc- ti.ii of le-iii;; a ear wlijililln one liiolitli lipil •• all aillo'lio! I!'- .:ib 1 "ee. onl . Ill lli'-i :-;oi|lh Wi :.l. •| le i-ai Y •>< iiil roiii'-'il latly this \'.ii .I 'l.I l>>-'oii- til-' "id of four 1 • Jii.iii-n -.v.>itii .V ill opera- li.iii >.M tlie ro.-i r, of K.-.- ;i . .Mir-.r.ourl :».ii.I f>l,'ahoiii :i 'iAin:;'lo th- ,;\\—-—: \ of fl" partlc- ii !ar iiHid.f <biriii;- ih 'i e.irly part of 111'- .•.•,t.-;oii. .'ill rero -ij; wi-re broken 'Inri'i:; tin- iiionrb of i\iicu.-;t, accord- .iifC to the aiinonncei!i-nt jirit male l.y Tlioiii.-iri H .leff>-ry S,- Pompanv. In- .d<ad of falliiii; off. whi'-h ir. usual -luring tbi.; tp-pio(| in oM'er year-;, the -a!--; of Raiooipr car.^ in AiiEU-;t were ibree times a-i larire a:: the sale:; of ^'|".||.••.t: i:i <i7. .MlhoiKth tho year of Ki'iT. na:s- th-- I:ir;;e.<:t in the hir.fory of til'- Rainblor business ,-it tho end of the riHiTil y<ar of ir>i >7 ;'nd l !>9s the volume' nf l .nsiner. •• '".•<•: ---hown to 'be •zx'-nu— tlrin tb .Tf of the prc^pdin? yar. It ip .^irinifirant t!ia» the majority ••f Ihe IJamMfr lar^ i ave I >'=pn sold wi-st t»f lie- Missin.sijipi and hundreds of thesi- ha%-e Rone Into the states of Kansas. Ncbra.ska. Ml.ssouri ani Okl.v homa. Resister Want Ads bring results^

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