The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 24, 1946 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 24, 1946
Page 3
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WRDNKSDAY, JULY 24, 19-16 BLYTHEVILLB ;(ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THBBB Railroads Seek Freight Rate Hike Testimony Offered Before ICC Hearing Held in Chicago. CHICAGO. July 24. (UP)—President R. L. Williams of Die Chicago and Northwestern Railway said today that the roads operating costs are i20,<XH:,(WO higher than thcj W:K a year ago, f Williams testified before the In- ttrstatc Commerce Commission at a heating on application ol the nation's railroads lor increased freight rales. As a result of Increased operatiiij costs, he said, the Northwcsteri will gain only $5.110.000 per yea in added revenue from recent Is authorized increases in frelgh rates. Williams said lhat since 101 the road's lotal cosls. incliidln Increase wages and prices for fuel and materials, have risen $40.01fi.- 000 per year, of this amount,, he said, $20,000,000 of the increase | has come in Hie last year. "Except for the temporary increases (u 1942, subsequently suspended, tlic 10 per cent increase in passenger fares, and the temporary Increase just put into effect, them have been no increases in railroad rates since 19:17," Williams said. "In the same period, however, there liave been three general increases in wages." P. J. Ncff, president of the Missouri Pacific Lilies, told Ihe ICU that southwestern railroads, faced with unusual development, must be In good physical condition, adequately equipped and supplied with sufficient working capital to provide 'for expanded transpoitittloii capacity. , "Missouri Pacific presently is not in position lo do this," Ncff said, "if it imisi, draw on its slim working capital lo restore the properly to an adequate standard of maintenance, buy the additional cars and locomotives which arc needed to move the products of its territory, and carry out a normal im- PCJflenient program." Arkansas Coal Mining Costs Being Studied LITTLE HOCK. July 24. (UP) — Tlie cost oj producing run-of-the- mine semi-bituminous coal hi Arkansas Is more than double the cost in other coal producing areas, Gov. Ben Laucy will be told within the next few days. : This conclusion will be in a report now in preparation by Harold Poxall .state geologist .for presents, tlon to tbe chief executive. Foxhall is making the report following a tour of the Arkansas mines this week with specialists from the United States Department of Commerce. Foxhall found that mines in Arkansas were producing 2.G tons of Coal per day per man at -a labor ^bst of $4 per toti. The Henrietta Held in Oklahoma, producing tlic same quality coal, turns outfit) Ions PCr-^vy per man at a labor cost of The Oklahoma field can market Us coal at SG.50 per T .on and make a satisfactory profit while Arkansas cannot compfte, Fox hail declared. The geologists said that the answer is mechanization. His rei>ort to Laney will likely contain a plan to assist the operators in determining the kind and quantity 01 machinery needed. Commence In Price Protest Pseudo Atomic Bomb Experts Anxious for Underwater Test , OFF BIKINI ATOLL, July IM. (OP)— What damaRp will the uu- de-rwnlcr atom burst do to tlic target ships In Hiklnl Lagoon? No one is quite sure. On July 1, u. S. Navy ships ere ex|>ose<t to Ihe worst nerlul of Ihelr rnreers, WltJilu a few hours, they will ^ exposed to the most terrific enlli charge th«t any naval emit •tt experienced. The of the tests Is to nd out exactly what nil aton >mb will da to 11 combat fleet Unofficial tfamoue estimates va ed widely for the approachln 'esl "linker," Just (is they die or Test 'Able" when experts an wetido-expcrls predicted every ilng from "hcnvy' damage" t light damage." Pew of them hit It light. Th clunl damiigc from the aerial ex ilodcd boinl) dro|)])cd by the H-2 iupcrfuilrcK.s "Dave's Oraun" o July 1 was five fillips sunk scores Iwlsled and torn. The I'slcntlsts did provo th an atom bomb exploited over tl ocean would not cause somouilgh •ophe, such UK a great IU outburst or a death-dealing do jomb would do, and how It wouk feet the, water. No two persons owcvor, guessed the same 01 hat effect the atomic bomb wouli live on the ships of Ihe fleet Some considered It slntiiflcan mt only lightly prolecled Ship •ere- sunk. The u. 3. S. Ncvndn, which wa he aiming point of the bomb radioactivity. I'he scientists did move that urvlved. Ijitcr wfls found th wring how a relatively trivial lepth charge could J«r * tr»ni- t or Jolt a destroyer or t>ubm»- rlne, thought the Baker bomb would curve a formidable area ol n water In the midst of the gulnen-plK fleet. An undertaker, who went to trie cemetery to Inspect a freihljr'duc »rave, found the body of O.r»«- dUjger Paul Wallace, M, dumped In the bottom of the pit. He had died of a heart attack with Ms shovel in his hands, Gravediggtr Dies UNION, 8. C.. July 24. (UP) — National forests of the United States provide a living for nearly 1,000,000 persons. nlssUo stniyed from Us path an\ when; from 1.500 to 2,000 feel. To this day no one knows for sure If a "direct lilt" would sink bnllli-shlp, ' Sent lo the bottom were llic hln-shellcd Iransporl.s Ullllamand Carlisle, tho sturdy but smiill I>- stroyoi- Lmuscm, Iho Destroyer Anderson and Ihe Japanese Cruiser Sakawa. Today, a few hours before the crushtiKt underwater blow, Ihe ox- pert.s can't agree. Hut (his was noticeable: no one forecast "In- slKtiifk-unt damage," Sclcnllsls, who could eiilculatc the atomic forces, o.xpc'clril feurful results I" Ihe llKlitly-uuisscd vessels. Veterans of tin- war, vcmetii- GOSPEL MEETING at the CHURCH OF CHRIST I20(i W. Main St. HlytheviHe, Ark. ALL THIS WEEK Daily Radio Service — 12:15-12:30 Night Service — 8 p.m. Sunday Service 10:55 a.m.; X 8 p.m. 1). 1). WOODY C. K. SMITH KvmicrllKt, 1'lne Bluff, Ark. Son* Director, Poc»honta.s, Ark. You Are Cordially Invited Marine Corps Recruiting Chief 'Commissioned' LITTLE ROCK, July 24. (UP) There was another officially Installed Arkansas Traveler today, Marine corps Col. J. R, Lanigan. Lanigaii, here on a routine inspection tour had his scroll for- charge of the Southern Recruiting Division of the Marines, wi, headquarters in Dallas. mally presented in a ceremony the stale house here, at which Sec retnry of state C. O. Hall pros' cd. Also present, was Capt. clauue L. wlilllock. officer in charge o.' the Marine Recruiting station here. Brig. Gen. Heber L. McAlistcr, ami members of the office staff of the Marines. Col. Lanigan, a veteran of the Iwo .lima campaign and holder 01 the Navy Cross, is the officer In Tobacco Auctioneers Sound Off on Markets In Georgia and Florida VALDOSTA, OB., July 24. (UP) — Millions of pounds of coldcn Icnl were ready for the auctioneer, in 17 Georgia and Iwo^ Florida sales cenlers as the 1946 nine-cured tobacco season rang up the curtain today. With Office of Price Administration cnntro's lifted, experts predicted an all-time high In open- cnsl a record cash Intake for 11 season which closes In laic Augu although advance Indications hat the crop will be shorter Xliai ast year. The hurvesl has been 'cpoitcd df generally belter quality hail that of the 1945 season. Lust year's 125,000.000 pounds netted Georgia and Florida tobacco producers about $50,000,000. "Then men who know tobacco best." buyers, warehousemen am growers, were on hand in record number today with all major Tobacco compntiy.s well represented at each of the sales centers. ing day revenues. Veterans of Ihe Men of learning knew tlust the 'art!' was round many centuries Ije- industry fore- fore Columbus wns born. Is This the Foundation for an Honest Election? Too Late to Classify for Sale. Poll Tax Nn. 4171 4172 4m 4174 4175 4176 4H7 4178 4179 4180 4181 4182 4183 4184 4185 4186 4187 4188 4189 4100 4191 4192 4193 4104 4135 4196 4197 4198 4199 4200 4201 Name Banks (ci Basselt, Bassctt Bates (c) Beck (o Beck (c) Bell <c) Bell (c) Bell <c> Brlgman Briuinan Brown <c) Buckner (c) Bynum Bynum Bynum Campbell Coaller Coallnr Coalter CoaHcr Ccalstor Coaltor Collins (c'* Curry (c> Coalster Downing Downing Downing (o 4202 4203 4204 4205 4206 4207 4208 420!) 4210 4211 4212 4213 42H 4215 421S 4217 4218 4219 4220 4221 4222 4223 4224 4225 4226 4227 4228 4229 4230 4231 4232 4234 4235 Green Green Hale Hale Hardcsty Hardcsly Hardcsly Hardesty Htmiesty Hartlo.sty Hardin (c) Han el I Harrell Hardesty Harris Hodge Hodge Hooper Hudson Hudson Hudson Hudson Inman Ininan Inman James James (c) Johnson (c) Jones (c) Jones Kirkendall Lnstey 4236 •1237 423B 4'.!30 4240 4241 4242 4243 4244 4245 4240 4247 4248 4249 4250 4251 4252 4253 42f>4 4255 4250 4257 4258 4250 4260 4261 4202 4253 4264 4265 4266 42G7 4268 I.aslcy Lucas (c) McAdoo McAllrK) Madden Martin (c) Marvcll Murvell Moore Moorr: Nelson Oduiii Nelson Odnm Overtoil O'Kccfc Pa like/ Pankey Pnrtlow (c) Pennington Regennld Sanders (c) Spencer Spencer Stewart Stewart Stewart Stutters Stutters Vance Vance Vinson 4200 4270 4211 4272 4273 4274 4275 4276 4277 4278 4270 42BO 4281 4283 4283 4284 4285 4286 4287 4288 4289 4290 4291 4292 •1293 4201 4295 '1206 4297 4298 4299 Vinson Wntson Watson Wheeler Wheeler Sharp Sharp Boyclt Boyelt Gray Gray Hardesty Hardesty ParTiaiu Parham Stevenso'i Stevenson Ininan Jame.s Kirkendall Madden (c) Davis ic) O'Kccte O'Kcsle O'Keelo Rowcll Ilowell Dobhs Dobbs . raili". heater. ^)ptll»:!i1. fo^ ]i?tit> Apt. 1'J. Airbli.u nr Plinin- ^l».">->. ' Forrt in >:nu For Rent 4-room l^o^l^*- with lint wati'r. -Ml fiu- nltliinp< Inr lions.' for linlu. inclu.lmjt wiislljli): tiiArliinc nnil nrvv Krigi'9:birr. C'all t>j.-> d.iys ur '^G3Ci nifhlt. ''r. Personal ^h<-s ride to Calif. C;it 877 Ask for Mitrion. 21-iik-Ut' Found . . . Mnin Dovlc llrmlcrson. I'lioni-" 297ti. •Help Wanted .SKI-I, CIIKISTMAS rAHOS - ;>ni'on $1 r:ilc GorcPnus "C»ni»<" liflil" -'l-i-ard 41 Clui-.nnas Aj'irl monl sflls nn i.ic!it. Hip line "llici lasl scllcrt K-trliislvc hil: X:HHP ]iii|>rlntrit "Florjil No:^." (ii-i Mtn plci; OROO.VX CO.. :iO KMI* Kept. 310. rliiMfo ». 21-i'k' 2 Service* '^.tinp am! piper h.mpinc. .1. IV Frcp- 'i.1n. phone 'il^'l. -l-l'k-% ' HuMKo -. (Dainty COOKING FAT Jts Wonderful! AN OPEN LETTER TO THE CITIZENS OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS DEAR CITIZEN: I submit these facts not only to the citizens of Mississippi County, but to all those people who believe in right. If (he above list is a sample of what men and women of this County fought and died for then they shall have died in vain. Was it just a coincidence these names for which Poll Tax receipts were issued appear in perfect numerical order and almost in perfect alphabetical order? This list of names with (he numbers, appear also in the "Certified List of Qualified Voters" for Mississippi County showing them from the "Armorcl District." Those issued in the Wilson District, as a whole and although too lengthy to publish here will bear a remarkable similarity as to alphabetical and numerical order. Supervision of County records come under the jurisdiction of your County Judge and by the exercise of due diligence these disgraceful facts can be averted. It never should have happened and only those drunk with power will condone such acts. I therefore call these facts to the attention of your County Judge to explain to the citizens of this County why this has been allowed to exist. The good citizens of this county have had enough of such ilk and through their Tax Payers Associations, which they have been forced to form for protection, they are finding out the wherefore nnd why for the inequitable distribution of their tax money. Looking over this list of names as they appear gives STRONG evidence and will create suspicion in any reasonable person's mind. I realize that the great majority of those whose names appear had nothing what so ever to do with the bringing about of this sordid situation which blights our public records. Millions of us spent the best years we had in World War I and II, to suppress those who had no respect for a free man's right. And we intend to see that those who gave their lives for that American Principle of RIGHT did not die in vain. An honest American election by free and God-fearing citizens is all that stands between the people and those wh6 would deny them the right lo vote as they see fit, freedom of religion, freedom of speech and freedom of the press. Are the citizens of this county going to tolerate this? Yours truly, i "'-.'-. GENE E. BRADLEY Candidate for County Judge This advertisement paid for by Qciie E Bradley. a clean sweepi REDUCED* Men's SUN HELMETS 50c About 25 of these popular pressed Ilbcr helmets that are ventilated for coolness. Adjuslublc head blU'b. Men's and Women's , SUN GLASSES 50c This lot Includes both the cllp- 011 style With mclal rims for those vjio already wear ehusei, and complete, plastic frame styles. You should have an cxtri pair of these at this tremendous saving. Men's and Ifo>ys WHITE PANTS 1.00 While they last! You'll have lo hurry to get a pah of these! The boys arc sanforized whiti! poplin and the men's arc sanforl/.cd while duck. 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