Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 28, 1908 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 28, 1908
Page 6
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: LI. ooooooooooooooooof O ADDITIONAL SHORT STORIES. C o • ' • - • • OQOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Celebration 9 Success. Several parties who wore up from Humboldt today say the^ anniversary celebration held there the latter part of last week was a success in «vcr particular. A big crowd atlcaded tht celebratiipn each day. Case DIsmliiHcd. The peace proceeding brought in di trict court against Sam Colchenslv.v has been dismissed. >'otIce Boosters. There will be a meeting of all the signers of the 'l)usinoss men mileage bureau on Monday evening eight o'clocl« at noobter hall. Kinal arrangements will bc| made for coin pleting the system. AU memliers arc urgently reuuestcd to attend. "Real Estate Transfer. p. G. Lieurance and wife of lola to C. S. O'Brien]of Mildred, lot S. bloce 89, Mildred, irons'ideral ion $ir.O. File Two Leases. Two leases were filed in the Reg l«t^r of Deetis office today. J. 1-^ Randolph leased to tyrant Colhy south one-half, of north cast ont fourth, section i;!-6i;>, containinc 80 acres. .Mrs. llniiiiali NtMson lease to Grant Colby, south oiiflialf. north west one fourth, tS :.M;L'ii. eonlaiiiinj; SO acres. —Remember tin- lil;", stink of Wal Paper in all grades lU (tuirelfs dni; store. VlFit in OkUhoma. Frank Holdcn and Ralph Nlmerle left ycst» rday aftcrniwn for Oklahoma City where they will visit with fiiend? for a short time. Settled and Dismissed. The case of the Long Hell c' vs. the Petrolia Town Lot company, suft on an account, h.i."; been srttieii and the action dismissed. Have Diphtlieria. Two children in the family of Marion Lines. 523 §outh S»?cond street, are down with dii)htheria. —We have a snap for a good res taurant man or woman in the.K.Ts belt well established business for sale at bargain.—\VTiitaker & Donnell. Dan McGowan Here. Deputy Game Wlarden D McGowan was in the city Saturday on offlcial business. He says that the game war dens in this county are not enforcing the laws as they .should. Get Roberts' Band. The M. W. .\. lias employed ,Iohn Roberts' hand to furnish' uiusic at llu celebrntlon on October L'lid. Oh. Come Out of It. An lola man was asked xesterdity how be cxi >laliitil the liict that lolu was the cculer for so many Hciisa tions. lie HUAwered lhi \l I0I11 did not have NH lUHuy Neiisatlonii as the out hid** whrld mUht (tiippuse lie i|t declared IhnI tln' loin impiMN hiul the habit i>f makliiK iiiiieli of evxry little Ihing. "Tin* l..nvr >Mlc<' PMII'TK,'^ he HNtd, "do not go In for Keiisiitloiiallsin They alwnyn protect the fair n;iin<' of their city.- I think tlio i .nwnMiee pa per? are flphl 'and If tin* U )la papers would do the same tlilnt| the town would not have such an undeslrabb* reputation." There are not so many • sensations here as In Tola, but there is some justice in the charge the man makes ,against his home papers. The Lawrence papers are the least sensa­ tional in the state and they are about the moist prosperous in :lhe state, too. —Lawrence Gazette. —See the new line of Picard Hand Pointed China at nurrell's flrtic Store. Real Estate Transfers- Saturday. Carl Peterson to Marry (;reathouse of West Plains. Mo., south ouf-half of lot 11. block SI. ConsiritTation, Jl ,400. Ida A. Blxler to Harry Grcathouj ^e. not 10. block 14. Brooklyn Park. lola. Consideration ?Ron. Elmer E. Ixigan to A. W. Heek. lot 4. |)lock 12. Brookljn Park. lola. $2.'.0. (pari J. Peterson to Harry C .rent- bouse, lot 1, b 'fck Blwards addi tlon to lola. Consideration $snii. P.-Durnlnp to .1. R. Stewart. an uni^lvided one fourth of the following: northwest one-fourth. .1.-. 2.5 Consideration. $2,000. Machinery of Consreas 1 Alr^kdy Starited for PoaUl Sayinga Banic Law. ur- A Safe and Sane Flan for the Tenience of the People and Encouragement of "We favor the estaWisbmeut postal savings bank system for the vcnienee of the people and the en<' agcment of'thrift." This is the declaration of the Rrji)ub- llcan national platform, and postal fsav- ings banks will without doubt iHifr authorized by law and cstabli.>»lied lis a part of our flnanclul sy.>-tciu - by- thi« action of Congress at Its couiin ^j session, -which will be convened in. U«-ember. Indeed, much has already jicen ao'ompllshcd toward .s the cnactniest of this law. At. the last sc.s .sion of Congress 11 bill was cjyefully prep re<l whii-h met with the approval of the Postmaster (Jencr .Tl. and was re|)tjrteil upon favorably by the Sruale Coujhiit tee on Post Olli-es nuil l'o--t K<[jiid: This bill is now on fhe-Sen:tte .alehdar and can t)e ai -ted upon as M-.MI SS I! sros<! is convcni -d. • The .scope <if the ptop ".>i *d buv i-j; sf forth in the commltie.- ifjioH. wbiifh in part as follows: ' i <'<»niiiil<trflt Itritorl, Th(l pnrpo.M> of till) l>l!l 1^ to I lit the disposal of propl" of > mcaiv* ilie tiiar-biiiciv of the Po^t. l>«-;>.>tliu.'i>t Jo .-ml .iiul fiuvutixse t|ieui to (.-.ivc their i -!vriiin.;<. Tin- ^•,io|e. x-I ii >.)viu.:s t >anU -i or «;»pi'-Co'i- «-t i:r\v in ilils nMnitsy ai-.d it !;i i ri;lv v.iid ti» Ix' 'pilto r.i'- i!|;tr l.> -.>.-•>;->!' .>f K.moiv ;'.'id 1b>' l".rins!» .> •<s Tl\>» propri' t,v of •-;t.-it>;is osMi >!(vin!:.* l-'iiks l><..ime the of dis-ussier, Ml Kiurl.iiul lis o .1-= !»^o; ry olijo lion to sii-U of rise i><istolJi. •• f .ii -i!itli-> v.r.;-d In .r-lry was v,p'>rou>)y pio.soil in '••lis I'ontin'icd discussicn of the .^nl in Knsland. lor over fifty years private •i;jv|nK institutions waged I)itier <ipiM'sitio i " the prcwins sentiment in favor of p. .iviiigs banks. Iiiit notwilhst;i'ni }iiii:: suoh o|i|insition in an art of Par llan;'>nt was pas.sed i-tititl<-d "An to additional faiilllies for positing small .savings witlithe set uility of tile government for the due re||ay ment thereof.-' That the alarm of j)ri v;ite insiitiitions was ill founded amply proven iiy the reoordeil tact l||ial the private savings banks invre:: 1.1 11 th IH ilr o it3 iu!> ise Ihis the t th sed iat elr capital by more than ten mllliiins of dollars in the first fifteen ye;iis ^ iwiiis the eMablisliment of ii:gs institution*. Tliat Ilie pns|;tl savings instituiii proved successful is sati>fiictotily te.sttd bv the fact that no liackwlird step has ever been taken in I-'n:;Iaiiii Ihis 'sulilei-t and by the furllier la that iu i.ipi<| .Mici-i '.ssioii the lead ' Kni;1and was taki-n by other eoimtii'-s. The primary luirpose of these ii^lt tutiiiiis IS III encourage thrilt an aviiig ills |iosii )oii aiiiong the |>»'o|>lJ? o mall mean.<) liy (ilacing at liieir di-* in every p.irt i'f the louiitry le .idy facllilieH for Ilie ilepositint; Miiiall Miiu .s, with absidute i(>siiiaii< eptiynii -iit on ileniaiid wiili a low limit.Mp iia«ie|iit«< f f ifatn r liilerriit on niiuiiiiit. rn «lnl >n«litu« llniik* Ne<>ilF «l4 In ifrlain p.itls ut our coutitiy s.iv InuN Inslllutloiis III-)' Milllcjeiitly II.IIII'KM oiiH III nccomuiodale the pi-opli>, imt such iii-eiM are ipil |i> limlioil. lit-im: cmi lined to New Kii ;:land iiiiil Now Vvrk It Is iilleced that b.V ri-.-isnii ot' tin? nuiil ber and location of saviiius banks there Is line savings nccoiint to every two of tlie population of New Kiiglaiid. wh|(P.' 11!^ in all the i -onnfry outside New ||-:u land anil .New Vork the average is only one savings aci-oimt to ever.v |1." of tlic population. Taking siicli (igi^ Jo 111- approxiuiaiely correc't and reifog- Izlng the fact that the poople of all i Mrs. FonHtnn In Comitry. Hirs. Maudej Fiinston. coliuly siiper- Itit^ndent. IK in the country this week visiting: the schools, she will return to her ofMce next Saturday. -—io'n High School Pennant Popi Cards 5c oa^h at HiirreHs drug store. Col. Atchison Spoke. Col. J. B. Atchison prinplpal address at an delivered the A. H. T. A. picnic helct at Parker Saturday. sections of tills country are prcjtty much the Kune in habits. iiicHiiatiiins, and pur|)ose.s. it must be 'ibvious lo the most casual obscrvi r that tin- iieinile f the S>outli. the .Micl .lle West, ami j ^li.j West do not save tlieir i -ariiinss as ido thn?..> of New- Kiip'huxl from ili.- uiero want of se'-ure p!a".cs> in whiclj il.>p(iHifi may be miiile. To thojc who feel inclined to l"-Iieve that the o.staH |shuiei)t i^f postal s-jiv iiigs depositories WiM inioive an j -le ment of pateniali .siu it sc nis .niite .-^uf- ficient to sussest that the inachluer.ij' of the Postollice ["lojiartiiicut is now in iex- isteuec and will continue to cvist without diminution of cvpen.**- wheihor su( h depositories are creat<)d or not and that the cstahlislinient; of tliH -s depositories for the heiiefii . of th people will not Involve one farthing of loss to the Post-OJlice Department, but III probably, ou the tontniry. pnj-.e more than self-.sustaiiiing. Vriy siiiJiit computation will cJcarl .y de|nonstrite th^t the postal savinss dtpoiiti rs I'an not burden the Post-Oliio<» Iieimitm|ut with any addltiocal detii-ieury. FaToni i'obllrlljr Lnvr. If I am clotted President. I fhHl! «r|[e upon Congress., with every hi of iuuccess. that a law be passed requ! •Ing a filing in a Fe<iorHl oflke of stutemeut of \he conlrihutionsj receiv by committees and caudldatesi in e !i tiuns for nicniliers of I 'ongre .ss and such other elections as ure const it/ tlonally within the control of Congress. —From Hon. Wm. H. Taft's speech jie« ceptlng PreEidcntial comlnatioB. Tuesday and Wednesday Values ot the most pronounced character, many will stand without a peer, offerings which should, by reason of their strength and monoy-saving- throng the 'Store on Tuesday and Wednesday. Two Big Bargain Days Bleached Cotton Toweling, others ask O'l* you 5c,'our price ., ZZy n[) dozen bleached Pillow Cases, others itin sell them for l;'>c, our j»ricc * |Uu All the best brands of Calicoes, Worth Cn (>4c and 7c, our price .1 J|j n.irk and light Outiuge, others ask Ike our price Ju I Bleached soft tiuish Musliu, others sell for 7io, our price Robe l*riuts for comforts, others sell them C|| for 7i«', our price '.UU ISc ?ilcrcprized Ginghams, 3<) inches wid*^ 111 A in plain antj fancy checks, our price lull Fall Jackets, just the kiud you need for early fall wear. $r>,".»>> values, semi and tight- QQ tilting, choice WUl uO All wool Panama Dr«s8 Skirts, iu navy, blue' brovvu and black, others ask f.S UU. QQ Our price • VuivO New Xct Waists iu white and ecru, QO HQ regular |4..o0 value, for wZl vU i New Net Waists iu white and ecru, QQ QQ regular |5.00 value, for VUluU .sr. inch wool Suitings, worth 50c, our price 39G 52 iiK-h all w. ol TafTeta, regular $1.00 QQ- value, our price • • DuG 3»'. inch black TalFcta Silk, worth $1.00 AQp per yard, our price . .Quu I Fancy Siiiliug.-» iu the new stripe effects QQA all a.>lor.-^, •!.» indie's wi«lc, our price .QUU .'\pr«»u C.iiighaius, ass«orted checks, and . C worth Tic our piicc J|| Turkey Red Table Linen, GO inches wide, price 25c I2hc Cheviot Shirtings, big assortment IQn of patterns, choice i lUu Automobile and Rain Ccats in wool and silk rubberized, just in from Now York. Prices— $12.50. $18.00. $20.00 Big salH of S.itecn Waists for early fall wear, in black and fauc^-, si 'ecial at 98c and $1,25 Big Suit Sale, Tuesday and Wednesday See our Special Numbers at I, $12,50, $15.00, $18.00. $20.00, $25.00 Soim Mgantm farthB HomeJour^ Paiiornm The Siprm ihmi Never Mk Dinmppeinim You Tin: .M.W .\IMUT TUW'X. Tlt.:y .s;iy ih;it wh.-.i h.- i.- -i-wn .\ vouiij; roIkviLT lor ."i hank r.nllci j H'WU ainr iiii i.'.-lock tli.i: In- 11 a lii'.-irdinr.; IHMISC and asked fcr (Uic! Ilif c;ir IKUH.- al!li<iiit:li li<- tiiiT' I'.'- f ilic liii.-inlir.-;. "lie is not in MOW I i "ur l.itrrk i frnm i!ir .';«!ii:i!<- I'in 11(1 li.-'idl} cv.'r i- lii-i-f as hi- lak--i j'"h'T uivlii tli<-.. I:.f.| .-i ut r\ \vt v.^li lii-nr.-aV (•h .>wli,.i.-." .said llic !ad.v\i.r j 111"! Ii 'il Hi. iiiillc: !•. P:I IK - hnii^^.-. |t;tiil> >\iir-. lii - .w.iiii;; ..iiirr; ili;- "UtiiTi hi- riinii'.'; will yu ask hluijhis imi I.'V lii>ii>- ^finl the n:i.-!.- liv-- lo rali at Tlic itank." .-iaiil th''«•'"i'.v duu ii ;ti ilii- .-.'iitli |.-irt nf ili .•i;>. When li<- ;;ip.-.i ili.wii ii> iiii';.!ili lie lakes hi.s ;;i!'l a:<>ii^ and liii n tii>- Witlk Imnic \V<-I1 tli«- oili. r iiit-!>! tw- .^I 'UUK iii'-u fiMcl .IiiOiMi.v .in<l |.1; M-'-(I it a,^ai!l— llu- iii:;i!i;"r wlt'-i.- lli<- li"; • v.a-. Id III- ti(-:! uli.-n Tin- diivi- ,•. .i.- iivoi . Till- yoiuit; -I'DI!. II'HV.«.I : Ui s'l 111 . ; liriii-_in". tin- lior.-. KI nr.;: "|i -n<--l .i! Ill I 111- ili'or • .Tud tin- i -l. ••- irn" livul •-li•|^l•• on ill" dnniiii.>. Uln n co;i<'f ti'i'. Sii.v. .MiuuK fi -llo-.v." ri -l <U (-'l liip ia'l.>. "lias ihls man ic»ll.\ KO ' any ui'Micy 'M Mjur liank m' Is in- jnsi stailiir: nir'.' Ili- i>\vrs iiic aJmnt SLTV'TI fm 111 fn n :it.' I fiinldiri ansv\cr that nuc-tnni." j liii liii- C(ilii'(-tiir. - as that ivnuld In-iiilatiiii: im«- nf tin- :-^tricti-.^l ru'cs nf • li.inkinu liiisiuL-.s.<;." I 'lii" iail.. Slid .-In- iini |i -r >i'ii lilia! ' h(- ^:l^v ii In- liink .-ii-p atid w a :if .il ln-;:i;cil liis (lardon. Mils s sidi-. 'ri -llii'---. In r in a li.-..-i"Well Mill jiiM I.HJ liiiii 1(1 i-a!4 at .tin ! "'li^l" 1 !•>:•' then- was a man in iln hiink. will you'.'" said llu- rollc-.tor as'l>;>i'>. vralilu il tin- IHUM s i-ii;- and was Icavins. laway IIK-V went m IIK- iiiii-li-';- lion.-.- a "I cniildn't iin.ssilily tin ilial. youiH-' luart'-r (U a lilnrk aw.iy. \Vaki\():-. Ii!i" an as that would he vlnlalluK one up tlif-- liriinj;ht him I 'l lUe li.iru sli-u- ihc sti' rules of a mKirdiiiB j Ic.^s, iiatlcs.-; and .-hirtlcvs .s'licknu" oiise.- answered the lady ;is .shi'|his around the mrner iln- unci.- closed th? door with a: .smile. i | .shout. ! "Iley ca|itjiin. whni are you ' • • jdiiliii: in there?" Cetrinp no re»|«m.-!e Cue of Ida's .vounp sport.s is afraid | he repeated the query. AcdU\ Ke:!ins lo Ko home iu the dark and the worst of it is ihftt several of biti chums know no answer the* decided ihat the man wail druuk and that both uf theui AUTO MADE 50 MILES. James Bruen Beat sinta Fe Trafn to lola. oiichi to 111- alili- 111 liaiiil..- a ilriiiik ui.'in. So ill \h-\ il|>ii:-il ui'li a li>i-.:ey ulii|i and snnil ili" 'iliiinin.'. Tli'-n 'lir\ ui.idi- ih'-M ri'i".i-v..n I" watch i.-.--i!is. Till- i."'.- l-in.'-. in ili.- mauKpr .•iiil'l ^tallll i; rio |..;,-.;'-v and tlu-v , ;;,n;l,.d an.r.,:x.- .1,.- -.vh-.i.- „,i„^ 1 •<""••'"«""""'• •''"•"'che.s. James Btu- -u.M Of < .- .M- ,..u .1 t.II Will, "f the best rec- •III- .--lory i:. alioiii Imr v.<' are not KH- TravelinE at the rate of SO miles an r'U : M as !:"ii ;4h. i I will around .soon ord.s of the Cily motorists yesterday and covered the distance to tola in forty minutes, says the Chan- j lite .Sun. The Chanute driver started ihairman M.n k . . r. rtainlv a short "'a*-'""" at the con.or of the First rht .d man.- iln- mi.xer ai the »'••«'"< a"'' reached the Penn- .i. lonmaiir ihi:. n...rni:,.: -h k- ^Mvi""a '"''Lin precisely for- a .n..-..:-.r !.. Ila..k.-il l-.r ri.a.-i'>' >"i"""''^- "xcecdins the speed . of th.. naii.-nal ,•om-|"^'"••' T»>c speed- miM,-.. h- ...mi.l.telv overl.M.k.-d Tom <""••"•'• RfarlnK reslstered fifty /,.:,.r. II i: mv inidor-MiMlint: of thei'"i'-s several times durluR the trip.' lha' Ihrk.'l wa . for.- ,-| •'•'"' ''"•'^f ^"-"^ "••c deep In many ot ,.-n l...-ans.- In- has don- ihiiifAs and «»"^ p!ar.-.s, .-ind materially .retartled hat titijeciioii <iiiiii| ci-riiiiuly iiir. ap- i'm-res.-!. • ^ lo Tom. .\nd ih.-!! il .i -re i.s llar-i '""'^s ••"<"• I-'' 'he hi-st record I nompson. ai.-..; Ma-k mn.^t uoljOf "'O' "f the hip machines entered ire iiiurlt lor Ih- vol.-of Knn as." 'h- Kan.sns fily Star 's endnrance rac". from Kansas City to ^Oklahoma Heuahl llor.v Here. V. y. Sai;cr. of lie-.v. y. if)k!a.. came Tlie cars w-ere in Jola yesterday and up .SaiMiilay for a vi.Mt wi:ii ih.- l:im- Bruen went up to see several of those of G. \V. .-\dani.-. While in the eiiy entered. Mr. Snger juirchascd a dfivius hor.sp. j He started on the return trip this luorning driying his new imrchase. I —Burrell's drug store Is tlitf place to go for Wall Paper.j City and return made daring the run. -

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