Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 28, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 28, 1908
Page 5
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4C tBEB. 88, ItttL HahHIs d# Pari of Each Man '9 Exisienoe —Sign i>aintlng. phone 1428. Fred Rowclen, ItisMtur.Horthci'iiftyp.rslntos.v.for the fu- 1^%^ '° tare; he cDJoys to provide for himself and family. THE HABIT OF SAVING Mpi^EY, if begun , in ^OttthjTwill never wear off. On the other hand, it grows stronger. You can begin to save now---it is never too late. But the sooner you start, the better. ' AT NO TIME were there as ma|iy- conveniences offered to persons who wish to save small i We pay 3 per cent on Time and accounts. pavings Accounts. ... State Saving^ Bank Mm, Kmnmmm[ Open from 7 to 8.p. m. Saturdays and Pay Nights Use No. 7 Flour Good as anj—better; than most. Don't ForKPt Our MEAT MARKET W« handle only the best of Fresh Meats. Stnoked and Salt Mratt^. . We'Want ^ ' PRODUCE farmers, and will pay the market price In cash or tra«lp. Conic In arid^see us. We are sole'agent:; for .1. .M. IU HHO COI>FBES and TEAS ; It yqo win give this line a trial you will,UEe no .other. Bros. er iwsl Bros. 1 Otftmm fni«r* MtlttT U main eontM- witlM w* boy tha bMt WtaMT* toutadl^wUl JnaiUr, wa carry •11 gndM kB< prtoM. • • « •rati n& Mqw, ItlB. Irai. (•'ilKllan SignN V\K K. S. C.Il'fillan. of lola, Kas.. was hprc this wflok and signed up the contracts for [iavinK around Ihclsnuarc. He told Citj- Knginecr CMa.k 'that he wdiiM .Stan Jljo work within the thirty day limit ivvoyidnl in the contract.— .Vcvadp l'">fi'. I THK Gdiden West Land Co Offers you better oppportunl- tlea to Mil or exchanpn your (arm or business through its cooperative agencies. Office OTCF lona .Store ' ' lola, Kansas. V. 0. THOM 'PaparHmmgor Estimates cheerfully giveu on all work Fhonr €10. Rrs. 409 S. Buckeye. Sh^rt Stories ion Danger to Elm Shade Trees. When an elm tree dlea. showing first withered loaves, and finally a dead top. cut It down and hum it. -Thin is a prccati/ion against a gcneml destruction of the town shade trees. The flalhe.ideil lioror. an Insc^ct that penetrates beneath the ' bark .and r absorbs thi> sjii> of the tree is the cnnse of the tree dania:e. Burn the tn'os to pro- vent the spread of the post. This Is fh'» conclusion and the advice of I'ro- f«'.ssnr Hunter of the Slate ITnlvcrslty. the n-coB «l7e «l atuhority in Kansas on trees and their ailments. He l)eIlo%os that the dancer from the Ijorer could (,,. ohe-ked b»ifore the destruction he- r.iire ceneral. In ilescrihing the work of the Iwvrors. he says that they stay in a tree two years, when a beetle emerges and atfacfss other trees. If is saiil that thousands of grubs may hie foimd under the bark of an affected tree. lolatHappenings —Dr. J. n. Pepper. Dentist Phone 168. II. I.. PuncAHst Here. II. I.. Pjiijioa^l. of the .Newconih cigar facior>j, went to lola Saturday for a two diy.s" vi.sil with— Hurlinpton lUepuhlican. —Sir per cent money; no commlasJon: no delay.—Smith ft Travla. Chanute Attorney Here. - •/Vtloruey W. K. Zeigler. of Toffey- vide. w;^s in Cl-.aniite this afternoon. He had lieen (o lola on legal business. —Chanuie Tribune. To Visit Parents. .Mrs. Koy Hrtswold and children arrived fnmt lola this afternoon to visit the former's parents. Mr. and Mrs. J. .. .Stewart.—Chanute Tribune. cent —B. M. Cn'nnlngbam, 6 per monej. • ji ' Ijai-li In >n»dn. fiul Swaiii.soii nnurnrd today from lola. He s!>vv llie Kansji.^ Clly rowd rare autnu\jj«liiles pas.s through lola vejiirrdav. !rlie town wu:« ileciiraled in their h«ii|<ir and they jnere given a royal welm^ne farl sny.x a few of Ihe cars Iroifed in good >hape Jiuf th' majority of been 111 t>nd them :.howtMl the.x had (loing—.Nevada I 'ost. Mnndl.'s lipw has the agency for Lowney's chocolates. IlishJji IIenne>>j Jiiisy. Iviglit U ^vl Hishiip .1. J. Ileiuiessy of Ihe Wirh la dioce;:e nf th" Tatholic church, wall at Hatision yesterday, where he or.ifeneil ihe !dc.-;silig uprui a new churijli there. The lii^hop has bel 'ii DL-i-iipied all wrcU in this work in* the Wicliiia territory, and will he biisy for tlte iie.\i week. Today he makes a vlsii.ition to the Dominician convent in Rend. Sunday he returns to .Mt Cainiel. Tuesday and Wednes<iay new churches will be bless cd in Syraei Iday another se and l.akin and Thiirs- ivi.-iitation will be made in D'.idge City.l-Wichita Kagle. • COU»KIST KATES California, Arliona, Etc. Daily nntll October 81,1908.130.00 from Inla, Kas. •Uberal stopover privileges. Per- •onallr conducted excursions. Tickets .• iceptod in tourist slqcj)cr8 on pay- niant of Pnllman rate, and' in chair - car. No bettor way of becoming ac- V- ' ^ualnted with the Great Southwest. «; V where lunalMarms yield a competence. J . f^an^bytra.relltig over the Santa Fe. g V«t vqt send you some literature r. uout Callfornfa, Arizona, etc. llfsy ... JW. E. RALSTON. J^, . . Agent. ' ' " r ;• lola. Kansas. —Soda Waiter, the Our Way kind. ji Auio Pari) 1« lola. T. R. Kd%yards dn»ve his machine to lola yesterday atler.-io-tn f«i the arrival of the Kaii.-'aK City endurance ni'iioris-^s. In his jiariy were .Mrs i:dward.s .M^s. I». K MetMeiland and Miss f•ovrine|(l'tiIliaui. Tweaty-oju- ma< hine.s ll;iish|^d at loJa.—Chaimte Sun. ' OjIfo -XQUi' SubBcripdons for lrA6iZOr £8 A.\D PEBIODICALS |. TO I . £. Henderson «rho deals vitb the .publishers and tumtstaes them at the' lowest price ponlble.' -.''X9ioae 98. 414 N. Buckeye CtmitieUn, Engineers, Sorreyon. l^'Fnlly eaaiPP«d tor all Jdnds of ^«#twS|i^jmd Hum drataag* —Drs. I^throp, Osteopnibs, Phone 488. To Ijirlll in Wyomlnir. Krauk Kokvland and Franli Clark leave lemorc'iw at noim for Superior. Wyo.. wheri) tliev have contracted with an fliijaha man to driti a nitm- her of tleep water wells for Ihe I'nion Pncitle railrijiad. The wcll.« are for the purpose of !|upplyiiip the road with A sufficient water Kuppl.v. .A regular Standard drjlling rig is used In the y.ork. i»R It Is necessary to go down 4'liout 1.2<in (net to strike the artesian re .servoirs.—Chanute Sun. Martin Berkey at ISal'lna; Martin IJcckcy. of Inla. has been in the city a few dajs. tie was h^re attending the funeral ofjjohn Spurgcon which was held Thursday. Mr. Bcckey has a brother liviitg we«t of Salina. He was once a resident of iSaSina and Just Religion* in {Schoofa. ^ in a sermon In St. Paul's Eplscopral :-1 church In Kansas City. Kas..; yesterday the R«;v. L. G. Jlorony^ rector, said the welfare of the nation xlemand- ed that religion be taught In the public schools.—Kansas City Times. —FHzirenild Hion^n and Transfer Co. llonsrhald and - plan« mnTiniC (arrest and best sforr room in thf city. Phone SaC ' i At Ft. Scott Uovi. a. W. Slurdivan and >l. S. Weal, who orsani/ed the f^inkers Reserve society here n^rently are now organ- I/in a lodge at Ft. Scott. N. .1. Hut- eher ami W. F. Hixler are Ihe disl-iet organizers here now. Thiriy-three nuMiihers were taken In lit ihe last —piper Hanging. Phone 142S. Fred IBowden, Burned a Mortgage. Rev. 1.. Morony. formerly pastor of the Episcopal church hero, took* part in a program at tho First Presbyterian churcH In Kansas City yesterday at which at »17.«M.»O mortgage was burned. I The finest and freshost line of candies in - town Is at Mnndls's. _ . f Ritter at Paola. .Vltorney Chris Hitter left \&»\ evening for I'aola. whole ho attends the lotiening of court. —It—Our Way Sod.i W«lcr. Bryan Club Mei^ts. F. J. Oyler Is to address- the Bryan club at their meeting toni^ght in the repular headquarters, .luitfte Collins adrlresses the Bryan clidi at Oa.s City tomorrow night. —Merchant's Lunch at Onr Way. Kidlets Didn't Play. Oil account of tho Decembei- weather the Kidlet team did not gtf to RIs- more yesterday to play ball as they had planned. L-> New post cards. Miindts dirug store. Beat High School Ac«in. The Business college lieal. the high .school bail team at Riverside p.irk Saturday afternoon by a ser.rr of R to 2. Shank pitched for- the hi--h school while W.f)oniiell hurled tlir-m over for the. college. This is fh<; second game the college ha.s. taken from the high school. ^ f / —Dr. P. E. Wan^h. Dentist. TiKine 32. - Mrs. Schuster Didn't Report It. The Register has been asked to tho, /ollowing: I to make a statement alioui the Shiillz case. If Is saifl that Mrs. Schuster reported the case. T*iat is absolutely untrue.—C. Schuster. ^ For Trinity Church. /The lloriim Concrete company has meeting, making a total of about 12r>. U 'liished puttinR In I wo sidewalk en —Frank S. BMttlc. V. S. Phone 139 trances ul Trinity ehiirch. The roni- j»any also |MII in an ap|iio;»ch for the Baptist church last week. —Oysters any style at Our-Way. .\lioi^| Bit; Kaily Here. There willil>e all sorts of Republican doings aji lola on October l.">; Secretary of .Agriculture Wilson will he the chief EiiejIlbindFr. ably assisted by W. R. StublU and E. W. Hoch. and there will boj -music until you simply can't rest.—Knijioria Gazette. If you wabt the latest and niceitt post cards o'n the market, get them at Mundls drug store. . Hold Revival Here. Rer. E. F Houghton went tO: Tola yesterday alKernoon to hold services there tomor|DW.—Chanute Tribnne. Mr. and Sljra. E. O. Bojrton have re- j turned to lola after a Tislt with Mrs. TOP COATS And CRAVANETTS Ve show a complete line of new Fall Overcoats and ("raven, etts. In all 4he nrn styles and colors. The new ".Xnto" (oat, (be new. patch pecfcet mat nifh Inlaid collar, the urn "tlnli" coaf and the "na!'>mntc.*' ,\ full line of new styles. Craten- ettes in ail st}le>. >fln is when . yon want that new coat. Qie BoficIau'Shielda Clothing Ca^ —laaist on haTinx "IT. 8.** Ooar. Announce Election. Sheriff C. O. Bollinger is getting ready to post the official proclaniii- tion of the general electioij to be held in November. \ —Fresh Oysters—Onr Way. Returned to Emporia. Mr. and Mrs. Warren Fif.nov return ed to Emporia today after unending Sunday with Jlr. Finney'.s brother. Glenn. —An(o Hsrage and R^pBIr Shop for aD kind* of repairing. Antomohiie livery. Phone 89S. Former Resident Here. Ira Casebeer. formerly a resident of this city, but now of Kansa.<: City, was in town Saturday. Ho is in the real estate business there. —Always jlme to eat at Our Wa.v. , Boys to Harvard! F.'.A. Boys stopped off in rotvij the latter part of. the week to see his many friends. Ho left Tuesday morning for tho east. Ho. will attojid the law department of Harvard this year. --Baldwin I.edger. .Mr. Boys was employed at the Kansas Portland a year ago last summer. — B« -1 Booster—Home ludostry-i- Vcoih'i River Cat at Our Way.. Hestwood to New Mexico. j O. B. Host wood. '().'. is rofiortod \n he quite sick at.his father's homo i|n Wichita. .\s soon as he is .iblo tjo travel he will go to New .Mexico in the hopes that the climate will ho of be^flf to him.—Baldwin Ledger. —Our. Oysters. Way. Look Out Boys. A man who goes to see a girl twiee a week ami takes her to places, is legally eugaced to her. according to a recent decision, whether he says anything to her about marriage or nor, and she could recover in a suit for broach of promise. We hope the girls will take advantage of this decision, and force the young men to marry them. Young men have a habit of iloafing about a girl's house for, years and then driftin;; off without saying a word about marriage. While a young fellow is loafing ardiind a gtrl's home, he is probably keeping some one away who would talk business, and the girl Is Injured in other ways. No one likes to marry a girl who has been the subject of another man's attentlona. She is too apt to be all Idaaed up.—Atchison Globe. The Vicnsiliic. srrviresilde. Mili.HtHciory, perfect fifling. popular pri-H^I J.ind; long, shori or no slrcV*-N; knee or ankle length, in one or two piere garnient^i. If }Oii don't care ti, chance light weight nn- deiwe-jr (o (he winter wcizht. try the fall noizht .Miinsing I'nion .Sui'J.«. priced at $I.<NI; .iii>( u little hraiTcr than tho siimnicr weight hot Ihrhter than the winter underwear. SnIiM'nrtion fn cVery thread. Laomlering r:inn«t rcnunti the lit »: .Muusing luilcrntar. ' ..lit \.nir,-r- weav wiiiil . lei lie- chllil- ,Mun 'iim .-'t e f'lr it I'liiJd; eii'.. iiiiii'ii at ;.•><•. 'ii-- and «I "" The •vjieiii-ive liiiid at -T'C. I 'onv ^-tn.'-lii .'iiv- I '-r Imys ain! i:\rU^ i;i light, nicdiiiiii n; i:'iv.v wciKht. >.|ll -.V .l'l! .•.••:ir I <-.-i.^!iii^ strickiiu (iir t'i'v.-i. call I'll- .N'o " I'oiiv Si'i'Ji ini;. I'ri'e I'.'.r. T-.j-.y Ho . at I.". -.'» and :;.".c pair. THK TOLCH JH.\T TELLS WK DO Smooth Spotle.vs SP<>NG- WVw ON OUB NKW wMck •II Uads olFabrlra ritrirtt Wtrk tnt iinii^. Tfc- rrice ONLY 5 CENTS A YARb ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ • 0.\ S.lNT.t FE VKLOtIPEf»E. Two ( imnute Hoy.s (hose This .Method to 1.0 to llninholdt. Tiic lliaDii*'' r-.'syt;; La?' evf'ti- i;iB riii'-'it :'..L".'> <iJ->n-k the iiialit in.; ier- at W.-h'ti'-- mil! pliriried the p 'llic- .-station that f.vo men had jii.-^' (Urire.l one of the ve ,''!eij.i -il«-.c of tli<- r.ilUv;ty roni|»any cri the track.- an.l li-aiUd north. Sift-:,!! .>:ifiii: Cir:;^ v.isi i:..-! titled and. H '-<-..;ii | .:>'l l.y .Viiiji;;. Chief Hedrjek. ie..:-li <-a the :();i: Jii a.s ilie «iisiii'- of .Siiperin'enderit. Harne.V special wiK. Iieijr; ii ;if -.>M )>leiS Wirhoiit d'-.-iy !".Tiiii.-.M"n ua- .s.i->.re.| from Ihe niif-r.-iiur.-. t!-4'iil t'> "'T- iite the lliil'Ve.'. wjrii i|i<' li.'-'HiiiiiiV ,iiid Ihe ir;i!k A.I; iN;ii'-d fo! liw • ii- Sitie. The oflii'T.-. ilid !i>.? knuw ii-iln 'hey >vrrn in pursm; .i. imr (luiii '>:i the (ill-. '.Vh?-n if wa:; replaced on ih'e track and approached the spot v. h 're the offiters liad prepared an- .Tiiihiioh ill" Irft'cr r-'ille'l for an im- ;ii.e>Iiate .mirrcnder. at the same time' '•'••.•.-I iiir, !lK- I'-'} 'j!i 'he rar w-|th their ;;iin:-;. No re i ;;t:iti:e v. r >{f .rred audwhen ,t 'ie pair •.".•••re ,'.;'.;i.-:!if uithin the light iiif ri l .i'iteiii ti-i-y were discovered to li<- i-.vo v.;y iii(;el:-'.-i'.kin.5 and tremb- Iliii!-- fii-ifiii'e l:i'l-. Iririead 'of captur-J ini- ".-lirkniv i(io;t" the i|iiarry was ;'l>.((!l.> v<:ti'<i .^(•lioo».'».s tJne of theini ,li :i ;''ly ririi\<i»fl his voice and the 'liis .i, li» -aid -.irrr. 'Oh l^ord. ll.'it rh" l.aire; <.r ih .i' looked big '.^noiit:(i t.» !;f> d.>v, ii in/' ( '\",->- i )'i.\.. .v (•• i.iotmiif back to •.,v'. ..•id .11 i :iij;iie .i - Ju3tice '(•i-.iiiM- mi; iii'irtiiM:; linrged with .;:r.<iid :-ii-.ei-. A .4t ..>-i ;il provision, t .r liic .^•iilMt.- ii; i: a felony to taiie 111. .nd had the di:-iPOHid -he lads! could ff-u ••on; r.) tli<> iien .tentiairy for yr?r.< ''T 'heir e&capade. 'he /miii.'n.ii.-- I olil'eii-.- Ill 'In.-- .-or-1 tion of la'e. hi-:ic\rd ii:;il fn- ttv.i MI-M 1 .•ileal!!!'.; llie '-M' •••.'•i'- .Mil'er Ii 'i;-*i;!i'c . *ho reiiiuitir '.vl .-naie iiiu..- n.-r'- and li-'d> .1 ^eT ;,-,v.-iv v.i(h"i". de-. • • , , • , i. r- , , , .•lhi'i'i--n til'- '••:i;etT-. of 'he Santa Fe .-•fli'iaN ill'* .rnfenecd to sixtv itJ 'TIv unliiu o'll :" h'lld Mil 'he 1>!«'.-. , . , • . , • ,d.i\.-> til •'••iiiity lai: and sentence. . ;-ii.-i.enrt'd pea.iir.i; -.;oc><; uenavior. in.-. In. <-i;her r-ve:i' .\seiit r,rr':;^; w;..-1 _^ , ... ; ^ , -The bov .s ;-ai"l il:-v v.e;e going to .!e:'-riiiia'.-<l to .-ii-^et a eaimire. and , ., , , - , ~ ,1. HiiiiilMi fit f.) .iiirad -Ii" carnival. The wiih .\r.ji:i; f hi-f licln'-k and ton- , -,..',. , r , ^ i V.ii-U .spec!.-'! fo'ioivod the plug into dile'or .Siiti'-n on boar-i the l!'_-liti ei:-| . • . , . . • ,. , fl-unii!c. iirrivir-.; ;'li pi i.^oners and line, in .-iiar-''- "t htiKinei r Itowie.^j pulle'l out of the .station aixi.jt fi^rf-on !ve.orij'.ide alioiit 1'> l';fk. miniiie.-i after the dei>art;;ic of' pair on the ve!oci;iede The engine on •IV.i.-ili'.-; caution .'iiy. as the •.n 'leei ihei .Snhnrhan Home for Sale. . ... _ I This i.s a )in.'> -"i arr«>s situated at •' i '^^'"•flie junction of iv.o of the most pNiblic •-«»".• •--. -- — - .'lid; not rrtads in .^Ileh eoniify; only 6 blocks know but ihal the track mmht have from the li::sincs.^ cen'er of Moran :ieCn'ob.>-triicied to derail the pa.f>.en- ^n*' • »>l.o(ks from the public ,., ,., , . sch'Kd' building There is a new 7- ger. .No.hin'4 of ,he kind was found. cottage dw however, and ju.>: as tlie a-^-d light of ijontry and the engine revealed Ktia the tail end ' " " of the velfK-ipcde was se^ to dtsap-| pear down the roads eml«nki,ient. l!"^,,^'""' last spring: the dwelling, Is ' < built! of the iie^t of material and is Oivibg the. cngiuetr instructions to -i-pn 1 finished. There is fine shade by ran I past Eiia and let them off j and large trees and land-lays smooth, ts then continue on to HumI>oIdt land I well jfe.nced and is a good quality of wait the passage of the plug the 4ffic- ' -^'^'^'^^^ ' " SUITH. 'the' ellini; with closet. three (lorehes. a good small barn, smoke house and chicken house. .The buildings are all new, be era dropped off the engine cab in darmess and lay In wait for the bien .1. O. SMITH, Morah. Kans. R&gister Want Ads brins reat^ta.

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