The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on September 30, 1996 · Page 6
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 6

Salina, Kansas
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Monday, September 30, 1996
Page 6
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A6 MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 30, 1996 NEWS THE SALINA JOURNAL BRIEFLY Drivers lock horns with airborne bovine GRIFFIN, Ga. — Would you dare tell your car insurance agent your windshield was smashed by a flying object — with four legs, a tail and horns? Joe and Brenda Smith of Brooks were rounding a curve in their pickup truck Saturday when they ran into a black Angus bull on the road. The impact launched the 1,200- pound bull more than 15 feet into the air, the Smiths said. The airborne bovine then landed on a car driven by David Conner of Griffin, smashing the windshield before rolling off. "About the time y'all hit it, I saw it up in the air with all four legs flying up," Conner told the Smiths. Afterward, the bull had a limp but appeared more annoyed than injured. Texas billionaires give $10 million to Duke DURHAM, N.C. — A Texas couple known for making sizable donations to elite universities has promised Duke University $10 million to help improve teaching on campus. The gift from Robert and Anne Bass of Fort Worth, Texas, is the largest donation Duke has ever received to bolster teaching. "The gift allows us to recognize teachers who have excelled in research and instruction," university President Nan Keohane said. "Those are the ones we want to use as models for others." The bulk of the donation is a matching grant, meaning Duke will have to raise money to spend it. The ultimate goal is to create 25 chaired professorships. Russia maintains lead in chess Olympiad YEREVAN, Armenia — Garry Kasparov defeated his Israeli opponent Sunday to help keep Russia in the lead of the World Chess Olympiad with only two more rounds to go. Russia took a 2.5-1.5 victory over Israel, whose team is made up of former Soviet grandmas- ters. Kasparov, the world's top- ranked player, beat Iliya Spirin for his fourth victory at the 14- round Olympiad. Ukraine defeated Uzbekistan 31 to take sole possession of second place after 12 rounds. Russia had 33.5 points to Ukraine's 30.5. The United States was in third with 30 points. In the women's competition, Georgia was in first place with a 2-1 win over Israel. Man gets life in prison for scalping girlfriend FREMONT, Calif. — A man who scalped his girlfriend with a kitchen knife was sentenced to life in prison. Frankie Vanloock, 33, allegedly had tried once before to scalp her but was foiled by a dull blade. "It is appropriate for what he did," prosecutor Kamala Harris said of the sentence. "The manner in which this crime was committed was incredibly sadistic." Surgeons have tried unsuccessfully three times to reattach a piece of Monica Meyer-Harnisch's scalp about the size of a hand. After drinking rum and taking methamphetamines, he accused her of thinking about an old boyfriend and attacked her after she asked if he was gay, prosecutors said. Vanloock was convicted Aug. 30 of aggravated mayhem, torture and misdemeanor assault in the September 1995 attack. From Wire Service Reports T RICHES Everyone, not just the rich, is getting richer List of wealthiest Americans has a record 121 billionaires, up 27 from a year ago By The Associated Press NEW YORK — From the average Joe to the most bloated fat cat, Americans have more money. But the richest are a lot richer and their ranks have swelled by nearly a third. The 1996 annual ranking of the 400 wealthiest Americans by Forbes magazine includes a record 121 billionaires, 27 more than last year. The ranking appears in the magazine's GATES Oct. 14 issue, released Sunday. Bill Gates and Warren Buffett again lead T OKLAHOMA CITY BOMBING the list with a combined fortune between them of $33.5 billion. That's nearly as much as President Clinton's proposed tax break to help middle-class parents pay for their children's college education. The Forbes ranking came as the Census Bureau just reported the earning power of everyone in the country increased last year for the first time in six years, reducing the number of poor as wages climbed faster than inflation. But while regular folks' salaries inched up, the coffers of the rich have ballooned, helped by the stock market's extended rally and the American fervor for computers, phones and the Internet. For the first time, the average net worth of the Forbes 400 exceeds $1 billion. Longtime multimillionaires in businesses like finance, retail, oil and real estate remain on the list, joined this year by many fresh faces. Kenneth Tuchman, a 36-year-old entrepreneur now worth $1 billion through his telephone marketing company TeleTech Holdings, and Joseph Liemandt, a 28-year- old self-made software developer worth $500 million, are two of the 43 new entrants. Daniel Ziff, 24, part of a trio of billion-dollar brothers from Ziff Brothers Investment, founded with money from publisher-father William Ziff Jr., is the youngest on the list. As for the regulars, Microsoft Corp. Chairman Gates remained No. 1 and venerable investor Buffett No. 2, for the third consecutive year. Gates, 40, of Bellvue, Wash., tipped the scales at $18.5 billion, up from $14.8 billion last year, according to Forbes. Buffett, 66, of Omaha, Neb., saw his net worth jump to $15 billion from $11.8 in 1994, as the stock market boom boosted longtime stakes in blue chips such as Coca-Cola Co., Gillette Co. and Wells Fargo & Co. held by his Berkshire Hathaway investment company. Rounding out the top five are Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen and Metromedia Co. chairman John Kluge, who switched positions from the previous list, and Oracle Corp. chief Lawrence Ellison, who vaulted up from No. 16. Allen, 43, of Mercer Island, Wash., also owns the Portland Trail Blazers and has investments in more than two dozen new technology ventures. His net worth climbed to $7.5 billion from $6.1 billion. Kluge, 82, of Charlottesville, Va., is focusing on developing wireless cable, radio, telephone and paging services in several countries. Kluge is now worth $7.2 billion, up from $6.7 billion. Ellison, 52, has been promoting a low-cost computer that provides Internet access, hoping it will spur even broader sales of Oracle's popular software. At $4.2 billion in last year's list, Ellison is now worth $6 billion. 2 suspects seek separate trials McVeigh and Nichols argue one jury couldn't judge them fairly By The Associated Press DENVER — Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols, who forged a friendship on a shared distrust of the government, return to court this week blaming each other for the Oklahoma City bombing. McVeigh's attorneys argue Nichols was the primary figure behind the bombing that killed 168 people and McVeigh ingenuously trusted him. Nichols' attorneys say McVeigh's "violent extremism" appalled Nichols. They hope to convince a judge they should be tried separately, arguing jurors will be unable to distinguish between the evidence admitted against each man and fairly judge them individually. T NATURE Too many geese mean good eating Geese have cooked their own goose by becoming too populous By ELLEN PERLMAN Governing Magazine Minnesota communities have found one solution for the geese that have become a pest in so many parks and recreation areas: a nice hot skillet. The flocks of Canada geese are attracted by the same amenities that bring people to the parks: a lake or pond surrounded by well- tended lawns. Unlike people, however, the geese snap at people and leave behind a mess of droppings. Since last year, a number of Minnesota communities have been contracting to have the geese rounded up. The state sends them off to a turkey processing plant in western Minnesota, and the poultry products are distributed to food banks serving the poor. Communities in Michigan and New York are getting into the cooked- goose business as well. Animal rights groups are appalled. But options are limited. For more than a decade, Minnesota sent adult geese to states that wanted them for hunting. But it's become increasingly difficult to find states willing to take the geese. Most now have enough to keep the hunters happy. "The cases against Mr. McVeigh and Mr. Nichols differ dramatically." Michael Tigar Nichols' attorney "The cases against Mr. McVeigh and Mr. Nichols differ dramatically in every relevant respect: the quantity and quality of the evidence against each, the degree of culpability for the crime demonstrated, and the character of each defendant for sentencing purposes," said Nichols' attorney, Michael Tigar. Prosecutors will push for a joint trial at the hearing that begins Wednesday, arguing most evidence will be used against both defendants and that jurors will be able to sort it out. They also believe a joint trial will be mbre economical and less traumatic for bombing survivors and victims' families. U.S. District Judge Richard Matsch could proceed with a joint trial and instruct the jury to weigh the evidence individually, order separate trials, or seat two juries — one to hear evidence against each defendant. 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We Now Accept The NAPACARD | Hi H i •kW£in(*rc>uiMM:<3«i*i 2259-A Centennial Road / Salina / (913) 823-9732 sponsored by Salina Family Physicians & WellPlan 617 East Elm Street, Salina • 825-8221 Call Community Line at 825-6000 and enter one of these four-di^it categories to hear important health information. WELLPLAN UPDATE 9355 "Your Diet and Diabetes" About Diabetes 6251 About Type 1 6252 About Type 2 6253 Role of Exercise 6255 line When you need to know. U.S. Postal Service STATEMENT OF OWNERSHIP, MANAGEMENT AND CIRCULATION (Required by 39 U.S.C. 3685) 1. TITLE OF PUBLICATION The Salina Journal IB. PUBLICATION NO. 0745127X 2. DATE OF FILING September 30,1996 3. FREQUENCY OF ISSUE Daily 3A. NO. OF ISSUES PUBLISHED ANNUALLY 365 3B. ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION PRICES $156.00 4. COMPLETE MAILING ADDRESS OF KNOWN OFFICE OF PUBLICATION (Street, City, County, State and ZIP Code) 333 South Fourth St., P.O. Box 740, Salina, Saline County, Kansas 67402-0740 5. COMPLETE MAILING ADDRESS OF THE HEADQUARTERS OF GENERAL BUSINESS OFFICES OF THE PUBLISHER, P.O. Box 740, Salina, Saline County, Kansas 67402-0740 6. FULL NAMES AND COMLETE ADDRESS OF PUBLISHER, EDITOR AND MANAGING EDITOR PUBLISHER (Name and Complete Mailing Address) Harris Rayl, P.O. Box 740, Salina, Saline County, Kansas 67402-0740 EDITOR (Name and Complete Mailing Address) Harris Rayl, P.O. Box 740, Salina, Saline County, Kansas 67402-0740 MANAGING EDITOR (Name and Complete Mailing Address) Scott Seirer, P.O. Box 740, Salina, Saline County, Kansas, 67402-0740 7. OWNER (If owned by a corporation, its name and address must be stated and also immediately thereunder the names and addresses of stockholders owning or holding 1 percent or more of total amount of stock. If not owned by a corporation, the names and addresses of the individual owners my be given. If owned by partnership or, other unincorporated firm, its name and address, as well as thai of each individual must be given. If the publication is published by a nonprofit organization, its name and address must be stated.) (Item must be completed) Salina Journal Inc., 333 South Fourth St., Salina, Kansas 67401 Harris Enterprises and Harris Enterprises Inc. and Affiliates Employees' Profit Sharing Trust,_, Hutchinson, Kansas. (Trustees: Mike Alfers, Hutchinson. Kansas; Jim Hitch, Ottawa, Kansas; Jim Bloom, Garden City, Kansas; Bill Mertcns, Burlington, Iowa.) 8. KNOWN BONDHOLDERS, MORTGAGES, AND OTHER SECURITY HOLDERS OWNING OR HOLDING 1 PERCENT OR MORE OF TOTAL AMOUNT OF BONDS, MORTAGAGES OR OTHER SECURITIES (If there are none, so state) None 9. FOR COMPLETION BY NONPROFIT ORGANIZATIONS AUTHORIZED TO MAIL AT SPECIAL RATES (Section 423.12 DMM only) The purpose, function, and nonprofit status of this > organization and the exempt status for Federal income tax . Q HAS NOT CHANGED Q HAS CHANGED (If changed, publisher must DURING PRECEDING DURING PRECEDING submit explanation of change 12 MONTHS 12 MONTHS with this statement.) 10. EXTENT AND NATURE OF CIRCULATION AVERAGE NO. COPIES EACH ISSUE DURING PRECEDING 12 MONTHS A. TOTAL NO. COPIES (NET PRESS RUN) 32,006 B. PAID CIRCULATION 1. Sales through dealers and carriers, street vendors and counter sales 27,699 2. Mail subscription 3,133 C. TOTAL PAID CIRCULATION (Sum of 1 OBI and 10B2) 30,832 D. Free Distribution By Mail, Carrier Or Other Means Samples, complimentary, and other free copies 616 E. TOTAL DISTRIBUTION (Sum of C and D) 31,448 F. COPIES NOT DISTRIBUTED 1. Office use, left-over, unaccounted, spoiled after Printing 558 2. Return for news agents 0 G. TOTAL (Sum of E, Fl and 2 - should equal net press run shown in A 32,006 ACTUAL NO. COPIES OF SINGLE ISSUE PUBLISHED NEAREST TO FILING DATE 32,440 28,319 2,818 31,137 643 31,780 660 0 32,440 11. 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