Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 28, 1908 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 28, 1908
Page 3
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IF U HARPED ffllBE DID MUCH DAMAGE IIEKE bere on a real e8tai| deal la IriBkila •erioua condition-an the home at A. F. Catherwood in tils city. While fin •jLffEOBftE 31'eiLL WHO WAS IIUKT j FRIDAT IS 3lCrH BETTER. ^-1 Yatcs Center. Kas.. citcn something ti However, his com Sir!n>A¥ MOR.MXJ. jwas Iiroupht here' „. . , •dition today is said lUttNED^ BU$INESS HOUSES and that he win i danger. jthoHBhtto be 8erl||os until after he ilowever, his con- lo be mucl^ better j ^oon be out of lie Is said to have t made him III. Ition was not Add Bilennaa Returned Saturday from SprlagfleM, Mo„ Where Hr Made ' ' • a Good Record. . Fire Dldj Much Da mace. A firc"wh|fh broke out hero Suatlay iborning did much daniapo. .\ com• tlete accouDit will be tonnd in anoihor |art of this Issue of Th»> RpKister. Will .Vcet roQlaht. Rerause cf the IhcIpmeJit weather the mpellniT of the |Bryan club which was to have been held Saturday nlRhl [has Non postponed until tonight. La V(r;:nc Orton. of Hiimholdt. will make an address. (ISTEtU'ATIIY— |i 1)K. W .11. AjiBniGlIT. IiiRist<TPd O.-itcopiithic Phy.sician. State Hank Rldn. Phone Ho. Only Ostiopath >in Ilarpe. Brennan 1% Home. Add Brennan camo in Satuiilay from iSjj^ngfleld. Jfo., where he lias lut-n nltchlng for the Siirlngfleld Wt-st^rn Association base ball team. .\dd has imade.a record tlil.^ >t 'ar iliai any jpitcher Bhoutd be |ir «iid •>r lli- will lllkely go to a higher league nrxi yew. A CLEAN WATCH means good time to you for years tn come. The delici»t«> parts ind<'- Bcrtbabte work wil somi destroy (lnlr high finish and porftci ill wlun run- piing In accumulating dirt and rancid loll. Our work is Biiaraniccil. Waters A :I»anf»rtli Drugs and; Jewelry. Is Much Belter. George McGill. the son of Dr. and Mrs. J. F. McGlll who was seriously hart last Friday afternoon while playing on the school ground is ri -ported itoday as.being much botur. Is Ilanperonsly III. L. T- Yates, of Scdit City, ivho came IVrsoiiiils. .Mrs. William .lone.- left yt fnr Kansa-: City whitre !=lie w sierday II poln orki'n;; several EXBOLLS^E.AT OF CITY SCHOOLJS IS GROWING EACH DAY. EIGHT EffTER THIS MORNING HIGH SCHOOL .STCDE.XTS ABE REPAIRING THEIR TEN.MS Tlie .Scarlet Fever Quarantine on the Home of Mr. and TAva. Henry Will Be Raised in .\est Few Days. X her hushand. IJe Ijlis been in Kansas rity for [the past u<e!(.-;. Thev will nrtke Iheir Ifonie l:i Kansas City in the iSiiure. lohn Manna went in Ft. Soft this inoriKni: Me .>ipent; Sunday li re vls- iilni; his parents. \ Mrs. i:. F. .Milnei ijefi jester lav for Sprliiclli'.il. Ills, where she will l>e thf juiest of vi 'Iatiy-ik. .Miss Klsie I )<i !ii;l.»!i, of Chaniite. was Eight Enter This .Morning. Bight more pupils; entered the .-chools again this morning. Since tiie opening of school one or more has enrolled almost every day. The enrollment is now much larger than last year. ' Rc|>airinc Tennis CunrU. The high schm>l tennis courts are (beiKK repaired and the stutlents will soon begin practicing. There are a unmhei of gixvl tennis players in the local schools. Games will likely be played with the different le.-inis from the other high schj>ols In the eonnty. This Season we are iReaLpiniri our Greatest Success E HAVE never succeeded so well before in producing the kind of merchandise that has built up the qaality, prestige—and genuine satisfactoriness—of thiB store. All the specially priced apsortments are in every detail of style, far above the average of the price marked. The eavings are exceptional. To give you a general idea of this fall's creations in Ladies*, Misses* and ChiUren*! Cloaks—far ahead of anything we've ever showUi Artistic MiUilieryt gotten up in every price,; handsome Dress Goods, in every new weave and color. We ajk from you an early visit to see this spletidid line. Whether a purchnse or not, you will he equally welcome. ' here the guest of f She fornierI.\ lived'.l .Mrs. f'arl .Morrlslo iends yeiteniay ete of .Moran. wa^ here ye.-iierdaj the guest of i-ehitivii .Mj". and ^irs I.ewiij .Mitrhell.; of .Nevada. Mo. were vi i^in;; frieiiijis here vr-terday. .\t». Hi.l K LAWS FOR PARSONS. The W. (. T. 1. Failed in Their At- Icnipt to t'lo'-e I'p Par.ont. Ka-. Sept; -Tell tho>« women iliey can't rim my otllce. 1 know niv business : IIMI will run this as I please, without aiiy dictation from^ anybod.i." This was 'he tne-s or .Mii -es ye.-terday niCJUl'er- of the \V. (', :-:e:;t it foniinitiee ti against the order i-si trrney to iuake no kalians Tonn. ige .^eni by May- afternoon lo the T. r. when they him to protest eu lo the .'Ity at- jijnore arrests on he conipi.dnf of the W. C. T, f. of vlo- Ij'ti.-rns nf the Sunday of ihe nia .vor follow i| » L oyd Spencer. I.vric iljeater. Me wfhs fined and law. The order d the conviction itianager of the costs. Me appea.ed district, court, when now pcn(fing against the case to thr I another case i.- Iiini on appeal. to CALIFORNIA • •' 1 Arizona and New Mexico Every day jiirinu Srptember and ; October you can buy one way Colonist ti'lkcts to CaliloiniA anJ ia- tertnediaic points at abont half the usual l-ite-. IVoiM.r-ionallv low rates to thr North We.-t and Mexico THROUGH TOURIST SLEI&PER to San Fratci -.Lo via San An'onio t «nd El.PrfSo learcb St. Louis (ftx j Tuesdays ol e»cn week on tlie i "Katy Fljei- Sea Katy Agehb, or Write Me for Particulars W. S.ST. GEORGE General Passenger Agient» M K. (Sb T. RY. WaInwright \Blds.. St. Louis. Mo. ' j^^^^j^l^ .1"; j^^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^^^ ^fV'^^^^^^ ^^^^^^ . A CUREf RHEUM 113 EAST MADISON I'rrarlinl InlerrMling Sermon. Itev \V. .V. I.eeper. pastor of the I'nlted I'reshyterlan church, preached two very intcresling sernious ye.-.ier- day morning and evcninc. .A large rrowd wa:» present :rt both services. The male i|iiarlet|p rendered music especially prepaied for these .-erviccs. rartjr at Hunter^. Mr. Kd Hunter ratertainel last Kii- day night in honor of .Mi.<s .Margare; Helm who is a guest at his hoi^e on north .McRea street. .Miss Helm left Saturday for Kansas City. Will Kaise Qnaruntine. The rinarantine over the home o( .Mr. and .Mrs. Henry will he raiseil in a few davs.f. Their litte five year ohi dat^?hler .who has heen suffering from .•seailet fever has recovered. The house will he fumigated. .\s far as known there Is not another case of the nril- ady in the city. Choral flwh to .Meet. The Choral club will meet in rrsi:- lar sessiiin this eveiiinj:. New music has been received and will l»e rehearsed at this meeting. Nail In His Fool. While working last Friday afterntion K;rrl Eastwood ran a nail in his eft f<;ot and today he is consiilered in a serlouo condition. Tlie foot l>ern infected and a ph.vsician was callcl. t'oiiinii to S|M-ak. •Police ,1lidge .1. .M. Collins of lola will address the local Hry.ui .-lub in Ke;jnlck"s hall Tuesday night. 0:h<-r sneakers wrti be present at ihe ni-.-: inp. FOR Rheuniatltni in csuted l<y nn excetta of uric actil in t iij hlotMl, which ix eiirriodtl ^tQUffh Ui« circulation to all |ioition «o( the »yitteiii KverymuHcle, ntrv«, l>oiic and joint nl»«>niliit llic i«ctl <I, |ialn priMbicin t poinon, CiiuMinu IchfN, iiiiflHiiimHtlon, litinMciiH HIKI olltrr well known nyiiipt iniN of thedlNeaiic, PflrtiiHiiPhl trilef frtmi llie imiiii* AIIII ill>«comfotl of Khrtiilitttiiiiii cttniiol Iw opiculc*! Iioiii llit< ICC i»if lliiimcntjt, plrtctciM. aii 'L other ''ilerHnl Ircalinrnl whioll Ooya not tviuU th<- lilood. wlicir thcCtUiMr in locatn J\ Such incA»iirpr J |Iv« temporary relief. Init in oi.ler to cure kheiiin «tiMn (jlie nric acid ami! aflamiitunry IKIIKIMI ninsl lie ctpollcd from the. III<VMI ! S. S. «. cutral ^beiiniitfani Iwcnunc it IN H oeifcct bWMxl purifier, ttiiltudown Into thai' dr<:ulaUdn. Dniltnli/cN tlie uHc acid and drive* it from blood. S. tftpiti tli,« Irritating. inllMniiiiatory matter which is cnu9ii|i)j{ the pain, iwelt-l, tag and ^lier discomfort,.enriclie-i the weak; sour bloo <l | nd permanently i <un<a Rheumatism. In all form<i of Rheninatiara. whether icute or chronic, i 8. 8. ^.'ivlll lie found a snU', vegc'talile reine<ly, ixissen .Mii 'ji the pr«)|)ertie!«: needt^Jto ^'tre, and at the name tiaw a medicine that In iiils np the entire' ayateiiii by its fine tonic elTects. Boole otfRkeumati.siu and mk* medical adviire free t<i ill who write. THE SWiFT SPECIFIC CO -l j ^IXAVTA, GA. Bet a Tair of \en Shoes. .•\ pair of shoes was bet 'ast S:i(ur' diy on the outnjnie of the .-lectn-!! The reporter ef the lnd»-\ i:i uivtn:; m'accoutlt of the bet sta'eil th .ir tlie sho»s wllj be turned iv »r to rh" ni;«n who plarfd his money on ItMau. I" will hf noted thar 'hi.-- lejioiter ha. not put lip any money on Hryan I'enionais. Mrs J.J.M. McKinlov. of niirlin=t„n Kas.. (9 hj^re visiting. Mrs James Beattle returned Sunday from Kldf^rado Springs, where she h -is '>e/ n visiting for Ihp p.t.'if .«rveral days MrK. .lackson who was ipiiie ill S'aturday. Is reiiorfed niueh hett >'r today. .Mrs. nave Xachtsrhoti retnrn»'d Saturday: evening from .Altoona. Ka.^. where she has been visiiiu!; for thi. l>ast seveiral days. .Mrs D ; n. Tro «)|i left ye >t.ri |.iv f..r Independence. Kas. wh>Te <he will visit her daughter. .Mr'. .'dcAd.ons II ('. jComaii. of Miiinosi'I.t. N< \ .Mexico, was here yesterday vlAliin>; .loe t::istw<K>d Me foinivily lived here • .^lis^ .Maude Hunter I.- the gue>t of friend.-* In Alloona. Ka> MAY LIVE ON GERMAN ESTATES. D» Sap'n Wculd Pe»ume the Title of O'iHa anc* B« Received at Court. I 'HIU, Hepl 2\\ The ClI \h' INiili, Nitalti revlWH the »itoi\ lli.ii llii- I'rllice nlld l'|lncei.ii Iti-lle .le HllKHli Hie HOitiK III (lerillllll\ lo 'Ivi- Tin' IM>Wii|mpe| niiVK Hie pilliiiix hmi niireed lo cl)>nr the >4iiKnli iuieei>lii«| eniNt).*. Of delil iili'l teliu||i| t ||i> all central cholemi, and that atninge iMcniH have ;iee-. .nail hv wMcn Prince Uelie tt||| reKiiine (he rank "f Duke d<1 SagHi.. i.u .r I.e re eUeil «• Ihe Cerman court. The ancestral eMtafeji of ih- S.igan.< are in Sagan. Prussia. .Silesia. fort.\ eight miles northwest of Llgnitz. Is His ^ShaU the People BoleP" Sit^ply "a Local IssueP" Congri>s'<mau Uenry Sherman Boutell of Chi<-a2o, commenting on Mr. Bryan's si)«>eoh in Iowa, says: Mr. Hryau's question. "Shall the peo- ;»le rule!" iuplfes that somewhere In this cotintry the people do not rule. Tti." only states where the peiple do not rule are the States that are fs- ItH ted ,to give ovenvheliuing maWltii 'S fur the Demoiratie ticket. Perhaps >ir. Bryan thinks that his question is |>i:iily "a local liwue." If he Is sln- CiTe, I challenge hlni to make a »t>eech ir. Vi«k<liurg. Mists., on "Government by the People." Let him repeat one of his famous antl-iin[ieriall.< speeehes. simply changing three words, substituting ".Mississippi" for "I'hillpplnes" and "black brothers", for "brown brothers." I..»t him suggest thlat we have ns chairman of his meeilns John Sharp Wil- liaai». lender of the Democrats in Con- p.'- ss. ami as vii -e -ehairnn'u the other n;euil>ers of the Congressional dtltgr- tlon fr«im Slisslssippl. -Vnd after he has made his ispeech in Vlckshurg. If he shall have escaped th'j rule uf '.he i >ei >ple In that <-om- airnity. I dare Mr. Bryan to lejMMt hrs oration un popular governnieut In fb -trJe .-Jton. S. C, with Senatrr Tiilman ns chairman of his .meeting. ? r. Bry.-n "s sentiments have a purely geo- g'.i:.hlc:il slni'erlty. His epi;:rau.s and t.i:irtlin~ (Xinundrums are esiieclally des :;cncd to meet iM-al demands. - Of thl^ u.>tur« are all his views on tariff rud fu.xation. ' . .*-tr Bryan 's proposition that every lime a trust is fi >rm>tl a tariff st -he<l- uie (.hou'it l«» nfi ^'aletl. and everj- :in>e .•i tri>t is dI."<siMved a new tluty ;«hou'd tie added. Is too funny even fur comic <-|>er.1. If on March 4 next Mr. Bryan shonld be.iMHV' I'resiifent. with a IVnuxrattc tvncress In b«>t!i bou^^es. ami ..hoiiUI actually plai-e upon the statiite books the nn.inclal and economic vagaries de- llvored, by him in his s|)ee.<b of ijsr Frld.-Ty, It would plunge the nation Into br.narupfry and bring on Industrial cbaoJ. If he should begin by repealing the duty on sugar to punish tlie sugar trust, be would npset the national flnsne ^s by Insio); JflO.OOO.OOO year In revenue*, and wouW stir np a rero- :utlon In Ixiulslana. Utah. Colorado end Michigan. Then, if lie should repeal the duty on cotton goods, because some hustling manufacturers of New Englaptl or the Carolimis were dumping i^oods In China in rivalry with Eagland and Germany, he would divert other millions from the trea.Miry and invite stMI further industrial ruin. But. •>f eoiirse. Mr. Brynn would do n.iue of these thlng!>. any more than he will Invade the solid South and sua:- til -n the cohorts of I>emocracy 'o ,be defence of the Constitution with the li,ittle cry "Shall the I*eople Ilule?' Mr. Bryan siinply does not mean what be Kiiys. Wiiat he utters .with Chad- bamlinn unction In the North he repudiates with PeckSBittian duplicity In the South. Iladima Men llnavat. The bu^llieM. well '>l our iiuiiinunlty as n whole are honest i.nd ilnlr nieth- IMI « lire souiiil The I'ri-nulent hns never xld . ollierwlne Indeeil, it l« elih'll.\ In Ihe liiieM»t I 'f tin- great ttodjr of huiienl hi|«l|ie>« men tliill he hg« mude hi" nitht for tnwritl liiinhies* nietlPMl- lloii Win II Tnft. to Mer* clianl'i 'iiid .MMiiiifin hirers' . VS<UH-I:IMI U, Bosuui. Masa. (iralltiial* tit MeKlnlvr. The highest clalin of William Me- KInley fir the Brntltiide of hia coun>' trymeti is that. In spite of the abiise and omtumely that was hea|<ed upon his heiid for this policy, be placed our roiintry in the forefront of natlona HI a clvllUer and upllfter of unfortunate {.eoples. -lIon..Wu. U. Taft. at Cleve- knd. Ohio. _ .- . I<abor World Sees Dangeir In Bryan Plan of Tariff for Xtevenne Only. (From the Unbor World.) Worklngmen and priKlueers genernll* should not delude themselves wUh thr- belief that. If Mr. Bryan shall be ele.t !HI President, his pl.-ins for revision i>f the tariff will present no memu-e to the country. Mr. Bryan Is the professe-l enemy of the tariff systeiiL lie woulil lmi >i >se dutIc.<^ If at all. for rfventie pnriioses only. On articles i'»nit>etlns Tvitb whfct he elioos<~? to call trust-made , goods he nnuld have nfi duty -at all. .\ny npftarent detieit la imjiort dutl?-- arising from revise<I schedules he est! mates would be more than made up by ln«ren.<«tl ImiMtrts. Of course, his hope Is to strike at the great protection States, which happen to be Republican In politics, like Penn.-iylvaiila. New York, Ohio. Illinois. Indiana, West Vir ginia, etc. It does not seem to matter to him that every dollar's worth of foreign go<Hls In the enmiietltlve class eom- Ing into the Tnltefl States on a revenue '•»r free triide basis nece!«sarily by ao much reduees the demand for home gitods. thus di.«plHcing Just that much .American lalior. Wliat he wants to do Is to n>bnke and avenge himself upon t.>rote<-ted mnnufaetnrers who do not Jgree wofh him in iwlltlcs and who will have none of him at the polls, says an exchange. But while Mr. Bryan la gunning for pn)tected Industries and KepublUmn Statea. once his proposed tariff law sboukt be in force It would fall alike ufMin all sections of the country, the only differences l>etwecn one State and another tH>Ing In the degree of hardship Imposed. We hear of worklnirmen saying that this time they Intend to viMe for Mr Bryan, because for the past ten months we have bad hard times. But what good will that do? How Is a tariff for revenue. Ignoring the protection Idea alt:»getl»er. going to open the shojis and mills? 'How will the election of Sena torsi by: direct vote start the wheels of industry? Or the publication of cam- paisan contributions? Or tt»e further harassment of the railroads? Or the reorganization of the Iloui^. so that the Speaker may be powerless? Why oped this country now to th- marker-: of when we have not sufficient demand to consume what we our- selv.fs mnniifflctnre? Under Repnbli can rule we have Just had ten years of unpitraiieled prosperity. Under-Dem- oeratlc administrations we have never Iiad pros|*rlty for any period, long or short. TO i WATCH MEAT Dr. Crumbinc Says Counties Should Have Slaunhter House and Inspectors. Washjington. Sept. CS.—Dr. S. J. Crnmbiiie. secretary of the Kansas state board of hehlth. and chief food inspector of fi:c state of Kansas, w-ho is attending a meeting nf the state anil provincial boa-d of health of North .\merica. read a paper before the conference torlay on the subject. "The necessity for a country slamht- er and state meat inspection, with some sugg\<itions as to suitable laws or repiilations governing the same." Dr. f'riiinhine presented fieures to shoiv that approximately one-half of t'e meat consumeri in the t^nited States "has never l>»"-n inspected by any federal or state meal inspectors. M'' showed that the pa.ssa:e of the feileral meat in.^pectio". law.^ has f>'iid >'i| to ilrive the ilis'>ase<l cattle, sheep .'ind swine more and more to the country slaughter house. wher«> if may be worked lip into meat and put on the market without being Inspected. I">r. Crumbini- presented ticnres to show that t'^ere were T.i^.'tn .nOO cattle slaushtered undej^ fetleral Inspection. 1 slaughti-red on farms, and l.'.'T-.".".:! slaught«fr»'.| by butchers in !h«' country slaiiKhtcr houses. Me' es- that a larce per cent of the •beef prepareii in i»a''king houses under f''<l«ral inspection i-; shipjied abroad. Iea\ing the amount of inspected meat fr-r honi'- use comparatively small Th»- same renrr:il ration applies to s: <'ep. swine and caH-es. I.c-turc on Spiritualism, the progres -ive philosophy, by Wi .l .1. Erwood. on September jri and no at 7 :4:. p m. ir I't. .\. R. hall. .Message work after '-.irh 'erture. .All are invited. HIS FIRST SERMON Itci. U. H. .SI-'nltH Filled ReferHfd (.hnrrh Pnipit Yesterday Morning Here. Can't DiaafTect the Farmera. The failure of Bryan's des|>enite attempts to curry favor with the farmers Is lllu»trat«I by the manner In which be was re«elve«l at Crookston, Minn According to Congres-sman llalvor Ster enson tho event went off as follows: "Bryan's spee.h at Crookston was a great dlsapiJOlntiiienf. He actually lout ground there fur I>einiM-racy. Thousands of jieople were there lo hi-ar hlin, and waltwl Mil ten o'clock In the evening before IB » ap|>enreil. The address was a narrow iipi-eal |» farmers, »' ^ . - . harangne, trying t" prejudice th,.„| mm mm. t%m>m m viav mt asBlnat Kepubliottiuni. It didn't tntie MAY NFI I iHr fill Rl all. t>nly "mv ««» there ihe ullgbt- ; • UfcUl. I Ilk VIIB e»t symploin of applm se. lie N|H>ko tu , a silent. dlw»iM'"l»>'''d BudUnee." — . K"V. WilMani II. Shulfs. the new pai :«r of the Reformed church, yesterday I>re.-i.-hed his lirsi seriiu>ii under the new charKc. M<:wev«T. it wa.^ not his inductory sermon as his. work doe? not bcKiiX here until October 1st.. The subject of the sermon Rev. Shult-t preached yi stenl.ij was "Transflgura lion of Christ and the ItlessedneiS of Seivice in the Sanriiiar .N " The new pa-^tor who succeeds Rev. I., il. Ilar- nish Is moving hi-re from TIffon, Ohhi. lie will live at iiii; KiLsl .litck."on I 'empalan nf Kilaeellaa. In Ihe itfeal Imtlle of |* QIH the Ha. piihllciiu piirty njiaUi NI>NKI for the iiialiileniUH e of the iiiipgrlty of the na- lion. The nshl wus agnlnat • NMS pro. duifd by a great IiidUHirlal depresaton. and against the most stiiihlsdcal argii- luenls. The llipubllcaD party maintained a cninpiilgn of education among the wage-enrners and the farmera, which nlllmnteiy ted tn the complete defeat of Ibis seetind llnanelal heresy which has ihrentene<i the Integrity of our business stnicture.— lion. Wm. U. Taft, at Kaiuns City, Ma .1. I. WnnA and Itnwlna KaUilr an Ileal lo Sell (Ml ON Mfwi Uttd. Il hn T WiHid and the llowliis estate ii:r I<H 1 II \ tlKitrliiu »llh pnriles repre-. :rMi:iiii oil leflneilei. for the BUle of tlif ill oiiipiii of Iheir. well on the .Vott .Melius fnini three .tOd one hilf n>i;<'( soiithe».<» cf Li lUrpe Th» welt produced from soo to :.40O'bar- lejs of oil pi-r twentv-four hours. It the oil te.^ts as Is represented If Is {\).-iy that the deal will be closeil. Register Want Ads. Bring Results.

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