Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 28, 1908 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 28, 1908
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-V r*« Rm^mter Ham fhrnlLmrgmmi CircutmHrna la MUma^auaty af Aay Nawattapar PtOinakatlJa itj Gaaaty. TOLCMEX. KLlIBERm EIGHT PACES. y lOLA, KANSAS, SEPTEMBEB 28, I9»S.-M0>DAY ETEM>«. EICiHT PAGES. PRICE TWO CBHTS. SOLD TtlE RERNERY BECEITEB SOLD IirMBOLDT KE FDiEBir JIT SALE HERE TODAY. BID IN BY THE NORTHRUPS HELD MORTGAGE 0> THE PLANT FOR ABOIT iWjm. X No OthPr Bidden^Planl Has Rr«n Operated by Rrccnpr G»rd This ' Sumnirr. Pursuant to an order from district court G. R. Card, receiver, sold the 'Wlebster Reflnins company property «t receivers sale this afternoon at the couth door of the court house, u U Nortbrup, president of the Northrup bank, which brought the suit a«;ainst the refinery for foreclo.snre of the $10,000 mortraffc, and the appoint ment of a receiver, bid the property In-at $9,500. Last May the hank hrouchf .-iiilt against the rcHnery to foreclose tli mortsage. on which mortpago and the Interest on note. $2non. had been paid and asked for the appointment of reiver.' O. R. Gard wa.^! appointed reeerver and aOotit two months and a half ago took charce of the plant and operated it until the |)resfnt timt. Under Mr. Card's nianasetnent the plant more than broke even. C. D. Webster who gave the mort gage is>now at the head of a refiner> In Oklahoma. There were no bids subniitto-l except, that of the Xorthnip bank. L. L. Northrup stated this afternoon that be.jicppldi not say whether or not th haali'would sell the property at once T «il |^,#^.^e to operate it. BRiSTOW IN WILDS Kansas Rrpnbliean Saw First Train for a Meek al Pirrrcule todaj. Eanta Fe. Sept. L 'S— One of the K-pjt est we ^ks tour^ ever made by a iu:id; date for office in Kansas ha^ been cniii pleted by J. L. Bri.=tow. Rep'iblican candidate for United Slates senator When Mr. Bristow reached i 'ierceviiie over the sand hills from the south he caught sight of the Santa Pes California jLimlted. the first train he had seen iii a week. The week been spent in five' counties in ihp ynmh- western part of the state wher" the only mode of travel is r)\ w.i^on or automobile. \ V Daring the week just ended .Mi Bristow made eleven speeches in eight different counties. In the nieanitnie he trave'ed two hundred mile.-. p;iii -in carriage and pari in automnbile.s The Are counties not touched by railroads and In the county xetits of which ttrin- tow spoke arc Stevens. .Morton. Stanton. Grant and Haskill. T!ie other counties In which speeches wrrn made are KJowa, Seward and Kinney. STOOD ON TRUCK W. J. Brran Speak Ins: in South i kota—18 Critlrislng Taft. Da- THE WEATHER. Forecast for KanMs: Generally fair tonight and Tuesday; continued cool, frost tonight. COX WON HIS sui; GOT $499.06 DAMAGES AGAINST THE KATY. It l<i Said Only One JuVor Stood Out I fo' the Road DurInn the De­ liberations. W. D. Cox f: Son. the Elsraore crain d»:il''rs. won their suit against he Kaiy rnad. th>> jury brincinK in I verdict yestenlav for $»93."ir. for the ^rain company. The case wen/ to,the jury Saturday aftornn.-^n abdiit four oVlnrk. th" jury r'tmaiiiinc out untfl yesterday about noon. Mr. Cox su'.'d or approximatfly '$!m«t. ft • js said hat oil the fir.>t ballot the jury stood eleven for pivins the plaintiff the full Hmouiit s'l'ed for w'ile the remainin:r uror w;!.s for the defendant. After d«»librratinc until a.bonf noon yoiter- !ay thf above verd|rt was reach<»d. The case has been draspin? along n the courts for some time. The firni. i' s'^f-ms. was to make a hie shii)ni>^iit of corn In a Kansas City eomp.-iny. the crain to be delivered :if certain periods. They applied to h<^ Katy for cars to move th" prain Thfv claim'd that the car.; wre not flivrpl to thfni witi in the litn*- h'-y should have been under th" law ani tbat thi >y werej' damacpd consid- rahly by th" aUffri'il df'lay. They claim that in shipping the grain hey wcrf dTscriniinated against by he road in rates. They then brourht Hit f) recover. TWICE IN 50 YEARS FRO.ST LA.ST .MGHT A> fMSFAL THI>G FOR SEPTE.VBER. AT FREEZING POINT TODAY A BIG ( HA>GE IN THE TEMPERA. TIRE IS RC( OKDED. rhe (old tVave Wax (•mrrai—Ri>lnK Trmprratnre Prrdirird Todaj. Jack Frost is here He arrived last nichj .sometime after local \\'<^ther Obs'-rvr Schoppe had [Misted the' bulletins annouDcinp that the unwelcome visitor was on his wa\.^^he term undine is used because of the num- !iprle.<s straw hats whiei would prob- itil. have never found their way to the ;ish heap but for the timely arrival of the cool visitor. Housewives all over the city a-e to be seen this mom- in? takint: up. thejr flower cardens ind transplanting tltem into their win 'er nuarJer.-. on the sui'.ny si<le of th" conservatory. . Stoves covered wit^. rust and cobwebs from a summer's outinc in the store housen are being overhatil'il and repoli.shed. l -Jite veg- the truck patches which uncovercfi last nicht have BANKERS ARE BUSY ME .MBERS OF AMERIIAX ASSOri .V. TIO.\ ARE l> DE.NVER. THE ANNUAL CONVENTION EXCEPTIONALLY AI.TI WEEK EXPECTED. ExfTPti^e Scs>l«>n!« of Several Com- ntiltees Arc B<Miked for Todajr and Tomorrow. etabies i we'e bft lin=y bla Tl'irinc changed Brom a rich green color to a M.W.A. TO CHANUTE Sioux Flails, S. I)., Sept. 2S.—W. .1. Br7an opened the fourth week of the present-tour by a renewal of the criticism of Judge Ttift and the Repubii- ~can platform. A:big crowd w.aiied at the station for ajbelatea train bring- i^ the Nebraska li. On his arrival Mr. Dtran mounted a truck near the -station and m^de a brief address. CELEBBATE, K. V. VICTORY. jgto<teBts at Lawrence Parade After First FootltaU Game. .Lawrence. Kas.. Sept. 2S.—Headed jbgSoie K. r. band, 200 students par- ttdpatedju their annual shirt-tail pa- ..rade in-a drenching rain through the iMience streets Saturday night. The stOHtents celebrate their first football Tletory every year with this sort of a parade. I > Admittad Threa Membera. Ai^rlbe meeting of t4e Bar assbda- fiftiti' test SMtirday afterkoon, Frank IitN[^«at.' ' Jamea S. faylor and J. W. OroWB were admitted: on petition as j )wpb «n£ Nothlog: elae of iavortanee ^inp ^coBstdered. IJi:; nrli -Hllon tit There Ttnlaj lo A lend ( elc |«ra *">ii and Run 'iitct. A 'le !ecit |..i, of M; \V A, an-' R. .\ . leir I his afierM.jiiii for (""hanute here they wii! ,iiien<l ili^- bamiuet iven b> liie Ch:itii:ie nrdiTS this evon- n-A. Oilief tretiib' I. "f the order will o on the pitu; iliis ••v.-ninc. The drill earn will so in fi:ll dress uniform and ill participate in tli" evenincs enrei- alniiieni. H. \V. .\d;ims. district dep- ty from this city is on the prnprani or .-t'l .••dtlre .-s on tee ''',rowih of the )rder." K. K. .Mnjiphy of I.eaven- or'h. ;i n'emtter of the board of di- ector;-. h ;is consented to act a.^ toa-^t- mas'er at ili" i'aiw |;ief F'roniinea' •nemlei .-i of the order from a'l sec- '.ior.^i of the 2'ate will be pre-ent this evening Invitations hb\e been issued to four (•aini'.-i In Alien cointy which includos ';anips in .\lie n«r,!iiity' which inciiidea the n. .V. A.. tl<e the Wooflnien 'an "amp expects to lumber of visirinj; enins than at any t »ory of 'he order. adies' auxiliary to I>s. The Chanute ijntertain a larger n'oniliers thi.s e*|n:e during the Mo- KIDS ARE GETTI>G BETTER. Jareniie Court Is fillet Tbe^e Days .Sajs 4adge Smith. k. [the thirty hours previous to ! o'rlock yesterday mominc there was about one inch of rainfall. At four o'clock yesterday afternoon the thermometer registered ."1 degrees Fahrenheit and the mercury continued to drop until fi o'clock this moi^nin? a' which time the freezing i>oint or 32 ,lecree.>» was . reacheil. The frost which formed last nieht was one of the heaviest w'-.icii has ever been reported this eaiiy in the sea.son. The weather reports f'lr today indi-ate a ri:-inc lemtjerature, .-\- \V. Howland. one of the .oldest residents of .Mien county, commenting nn th". weather, said this njorning. •"Only twice before durin? my residence of fifty years in this coiiiity. hat; frost visited us in .September. I recall it distinctly because it is such a ran' thins. Usually frost comes between October Ifith and l.'th. I do not renumber t'e exact years in- which the other frosts occiirre.l in September, but 1 think it was af least twenty-five years aco. • Many of the old -esidenis n-ade .similar fomtn"nis today when talkinc of th" frost of last nicht. ( Top"f.a. Ka.^ . i^ei 'V "JS. Weather reports to the rallroals here indicate no .^"tio'is damat:'- yet 1.-, the co'd wave. Frosts w^re reporter! in ilitferent parts of Western, Kansas last nisht but as tlie rlroiith had cot in its work first the frost found noti ins to dam- a;e. .Me.>jsa8es from Eastern Kansas poini.i toi-.lKht preclict frosis eeneral- \, which will injure lute corn some nd hurt th" l .iie appl.- and vegetalde croi>. Tulsa. Okla . S-pt 2«.—filastern Ok- lahoira is exp'-riinentinc almost win- r wfather afti-r one of the hardest rains that ha-: ^ i::ife<1 this section of the state in many months. Rain fell in tornnts for forty-eiaiit " oiirs. Ol lahotna City. Ok'a.. Sept. With <Jdec -oe weather here thiT mornins. which moderatert to .">" and throiich'>:i; tbn >!ay. this was the cold.^st -eather so far in .September. A sllch' rain cim- la«:t night and a cold wave followerl ^Xo frost ^as been reporleit ftn-n any ' section of the Stat". i ^enver. Colo.. Seju. 2>>-—.More than three thousand (tankers representing all classes of financial institutions and every state in the I'nion will assemble here this week at the Thirty-fourth annual convention of the American Itankers' .Vssociation. Hundreds of delegates are already on the scene and it is evident trom. their conversation in the hotel corridors that ihe liveliest session since the memorable one of ISItf. i.>. ex|>ected. This year the giiarauty of t»ank de |KJsit.< probably w^ili l>.- the principal ti'pic of discussion. .Xnother subject of vital interest that will be discussed at lengtn is that of currency. The association was not .satisfied with the Aldrich curieacy l>ill. The Currency comniis sion of the .\merican ItanKers assoc'a- tion. which drafted a measure of its own only to .-^ee it rejected by the leiilf rs of congress will make its for- inal iei>ort at next Thur--day"s se .sbion and delegates then wil' l>e j;iven au |x>|iportunity to express; their views on the tiilijeet The reiicrt.-- of the iecislative coni- mittees and the committees oa express coraiwmies and bills of lading which wiil l)e made at the opening session on Wednesday will present other toj ies i>f general interest. Th" association has been trying for several years to prevent the express comp.anies seis- inu money order.-; while the alleged taiiur of the railroads to safeguard bills of ladiU;: also has been the stib- ject of much ctintention both in the courts and before congress and the Interstate Cminiercp Commission. It is practically certain that the convention wili empower these committees continue their respective contests. .\ nitmber of speakers of national ;>rrniinence wil,l participate net onl> in the .-sessions of the convention proper which wiil. be held on Wednesday iw\ Thursday hut al .so of the savings bank and triist co!\i()any sections on .Monday and Tuesday. .Altlioiii; htlie Fe.ision of the as.=o' ia 'ton proper, which meets here in the thirti foiirtli annutil convention v.i I not ronim"nce tiniil Wednesday niornins the cpc 'ional nieetinc' ;>eean .•i>d.i>. Tlii.-. i:n riling the Siivincs Hank section with Lucius Peter, of ChicaKo president, met in the Brown Palace hotel. This afternon President August nium. oli/•Mratio. will call to order in the Hrfni ':i Pwlace the clearin;.; house sef -iifjn. GOOD ENOUGH HERE. W. A. Burris Travels Through Iowa. Missouri and Nebraska. Then Re<urns to Allen County. W. A. Burris. a fanner living three and one-half miles north of I.dHarpe. who returned yesterday from a trip through Missouri. Kansas. Iowa and Nebraska, looking for a location, says that he is now willing to stay in Al- I len county.-^Takinc ever? thing into ^>+Con*'l'lPration .Allen county will have better crops than any county I was in. I am in Jola this morning looking for a farm c^ose to town where I can ru^ a dairy and raise hogs.". Mr. Burris says mat in Nebraska new com was selling for S .i cents per acre, and old com for $l.oo. This is due. he says, to the fact that the farmers failed to cet all of their corn in because of the early rains. WANTS THE MONEY C;OT. BASKELL WtULD RECO^R *I95J»6il8. PRINTING GRAFT? TAFT FEELING FINE REPIBLICA.V >O.VI\EF KKC-OV- ERtn FRO.M THRO.IT TKOIBLE. Farro. S. D.. Tontcht- There Will Be a Barherne tiler HU Addn-». to Tf> ESTABLISH LI.\ES. Cnnntr >>nrTr)or PaMrini; and Ander son C'onntj Otiirlal ««rk Tomorrow. SIGNS THE PAPER Kan.«a% Inhersitj- Has Acrred to Play Foot Ball Gamr on Thank<igii{ntr at K. (\ The kids about lula. are getting better in and J. II. Smith, judge of the fnvenile courts-said bad but two case: today that he had in the past two months and they. wWe such that only an admonition was necessary to cause WL reform in the hoi 's. In the case of Several paroles he was called on to njiake a few suggefitipns to the parents to the conduct liof Iheir children abd his suggestion! Beflater Want Ads brins remits. were heeded. Lawrence. Kas-. Sept. 2S-—The foot ball contract for the lease of AssociaV tjon park in Kanaas City frorn Oorg^ Tebeau. president of the Blues anfc owner of the park, was signed at A meeting of the athletic Itoard of Kansas universtiy. The contract was sent last night to Missouri university for signature of the board of that university and If Missouri signs the contract the 'annual gridiron fight between Kansas bnd Missouri universities will be fougl t in Kansas City for the next five rws. County! Survp.yor II. L. Pal.string and R W. Caley. county surveyor of .Anderson rrtunty. will tomorrow esfab- li.-h a line in 2'i-2:;-2u Thei-e i.s a dispute over the line lietween the coun- t'ip .-i and iioth survevor.s will therefore make th<| survey. Three ijorners are to be esijabll.'-hed on the county line. .Mr Palstrlni; came up from Hum- lioidi fhiti nio.-iiinK f«> get ready to make the| trip. HIS LAST SERMON Rev. Mtsisamoi-e of the U. B. Churc'i Closes Conference Year Next Sunday. ev. O^ G. .Missamore. paiitor of the U. B. chiirch. announced at his meet- ine.s yesterday, that be would preach his last sermon of the present conference year next Sunday. )(^onference yt:i held here this year, Iteginning on (October 15th, and continuing over Sunday. On Siinday following.. Oct Irt. some of the ministers aitend- inc the synod of the Preatryterian church hire will ill] the i;. B. pulpit. Rev. M 1 more may not be returned to lol^ as he has l>een here two years. Sauk Ceifter. .Minn . Sept. —With his voice <inre more recan' and all .-UK ;;cstii >n cf hoar.-^eness Rone. W. H. Taft made the first of a dozen or more ipecches he is to deliver ttwlay. this mornint; a: .>^f. Cloini. .Minn., in which ;-tate a grea 'T p.irt- of the d.iy i .-i to be spen'. Nrirth l>iikota will be reached before nipht. .\t Karco tonight there is to l;e a bic rally and a baibectie feast to consist of tw<i bear-, ten ;5teers and twenty lambs. CHARGES .M'GITRE A>D DOM» FLY.>> WITH OVERCHARCiE. Haskell Says He n 'ants Roosevelt! to Come to Oklahoma and Takie the Stamp. SE( I Ki: A. .M. HARYEY. Will Speak at the La Ortoher 9tb. K\-Lieutenanf Ciovernor A. M. II:ir- vey. of Topeka. has been secureil to speak Republican day October T'th at the Ui Harpe fair. Mr Harvey i.s a convincing speaker and every voter will do we'l to hear him. L. L. Xorth- rup. chairman of the Kep'iblicati county central commi'tee. has received definite word that Mr. Harvey will fill the engagement. BAILEY WON'T QUIT Wife Says That Texa? Senator is Not Going to Resign.—Dispatch Said Yes. Neiv York. Sept. 2>.—.A ilispatch from fSalxestim. Tex., to several news papers last nicht stated tha* .loaepli W. Bailey intenr!^ to resicn as I'niled States Senator, and le would no longer make his home In Texas. .Mrs. Bailey when told of the dispatch said: "It is absolutely untrue. I am sure Senator Bailey is not coins to resign." (Jiithrie. Okla. Sept. 2S.—That^ Governor Charles .V. Haske !l intends to make thingij Interesting for thei men who have Ifccn attacking him. Ifrom President Itcosevelt down to W*. ;R. Hearst, is evidenced by statcmeiits made by him upon his return here om Chtcag i .vesterUay. •"The Repilblican:> are trying to- get President Rex>sevelt to come to Oklahoma." he said. "I will pay the pres)- leni's expenses here If he will come. He will receive the courteous freatj- Tient due his official |>osition. but poj- lifically—well. I wont .say Just what will do. There would be nothing left for yoii to write tomorrow." • lovernor Haskell addressed a large uiimher of Guthrie citizens on the teps of the Royal hotel at 6:30. Last night he issued an official statement emb'wlying his address and other remarks which would test the quality of isbesto^. j The governor refu.^eil to state bis! futtire plans, other than as indicated in "his address, except to prodttce a telecram from Chairman W. R. Frn- ey of the Democratic state committee of Ohio, urging him to fill a week of speaking dates in that state. He also ! received a telegram tiKlay from Jr W. Harpe Fair I * 'nember of the Ohio state "committee, urging him to speak In Ohio, and promising him a rousing ife- ception. Mr. Haskell stated that Ue would go to Ohio in a few days. In ans wcr fo the invitations. It is under.-towl that suit will soon be instiuted at Oklahoma .City against Sheets, of Ohio, who came to Oklahoma a year ago and attacited his record in that state. To Uet State .Honey, ficvernor Haskell, on behalf of the state, filed suit here today in the district court against the State Capital Printinc company Congressman B. S. McGuire. Denis T. Flynn, a former le'ecate in eoncress. for the recovery af Jirt.'..u»)2 IS. an alleced overcharge Ui .state printing from- 1891 to 1907. The petition in the suit alleges that he .-tate capital did not receive all 'his money and charges Flynn and Mc'JuIre with bein.q l>eneaciarie3 SETTLE S.1IITH lASE. Was A>klng Damagei from Ameriran Smelter f'ompsnj. Hennett & CuIIison. attorneys of this city, late Saturfiay afternorm settled the case <•{ Fred Smith acainst the .American Zinc. lx>ad & Smelter company, which was pending in .Monf- somery county. .Mr. Smith, throucn bis attorneys. wa.s asking damages ,for personal injuries which h" sustained hlle working in the defendant'.-, .-^me' ter in Deering. Kas.. He was injured in the back. FILL .MI.>.\E.SOTA OFFICE. Stewart of .Yi.ovtnri to Be As<iistanl In .Minnoota P. O. Department. AVasbingtoo. Sept. 28.—Joseph Stewart u( the Missouri superintending division of Railway Adjustiuen; in the PostoflSct; department, was today appointed second assistant postmaster leneral, siicceeding James S. McClery of Minnesota.: who resigned to become candidate for congress. Xotlee ta Bootttrrs. The signers and all who wish to join the Business Men's Mileage Bureau will meet tonight in ftooster hall at 8 o'clock. Final arrancements will be made at this meeting and. the t >ook wiU be ordered printed so all who intend to Join should be present tonight FOR HEADQUARTERS Krpnhliran Ji-ntral Comraittre Secures Jones Room on West Madbion .street. The Republican county central com nittep has secured the room on west Madi.son street formerly used by the fonej tailoring company for the party headquarters. It is now undergoing a thorough cleaning, preparatory to opening up for business. Clenn Finney, the court stenographer, will do the stenographic work until a regular stenographer can t>e secured. W. H: .Anderson will be in charge of the headfjuaner.-. .\ good supply of liter- attire will soon tje on hand ready tor distribution. FOR WORLD'S CHAMPIONSHIP. De O"^ and Allen Meet Tonight Convention Hall. in De Oro. for twenty years the king of pool plajers will tonight in don- vention hall at Kansas City o^eet Young Allen, the boy wonder, in a contest for the world's championsliip. Young .Allen durin? the past year has defeated all the "short stops" of the counto' and a large mapority of the professionals. A number of iooil enthusiasts will BO to Kaaaaa City this evening to witness the game. Among those vbo will go from here are J.'H. AVatson. of the east side pool bd} and R- W. Armstrong. Far best ami qaUcst malts aaf Iks Bcfistcr Waat C*|«Bas. 1

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