Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 26, 1908 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 26, 1908
Page 8
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THE lOJLi DAHy BUUIXB, SAXOBDAT KTIKIN6, SEPTEMBER a«, 1W6. BABY BY OEORQE McNANUS 5: NOW TOOOVtUMS^ LE.Ti PAPA MA »K NICE! MAMA'S HE'S BEEN CRY>H« 7 BECAUSE \ MAlLE-I >*Ttt!E r' —— \o Flats for Kriil. ' ' Youug—I am to be iiinrriril (n about: a monih. anil I'm looking for a Iioiiic: What is the ivsin of ihcse flats? Janitor—H'in. Oid tUo i;irl yon intend to marry ovor b;iv.' ;i inotlii-r? •'A mother? Cert:ii!\l: "A jrrandiiiotli(>rV "Of cMilirr^f." "irni; l .Pt mt' Mvv Pill tlKil r-iauil iiiiithfr h;ive a duui;littM'."' •'Wliy. yes.•And dill llie d .MI.'lljTtT linvr .1 !l.i;i:;h ter?" "(ireat siinkej;' tif mur.'-f " "Very sorry, sir; bin I eau't rei\t one of these tine Hats to i>en|iif liko that. I'm afra'id hav-i-.c <<!iil.liv!i nias in the fawi'v."—N.>\v York \Vt. k;.\ The constant droj^plng water wiiars away the hardest stone, I The constant gnaw of Towsor nirKfl- rates the toughest bone. j The constant wooing lover cartics away the blushing maid. '1 I And tliu Constant Advertiser l .<5 ithe ] iti.ia who CRTS tho-trade. i! Fdiiirht and itied. •'•i'nele (^'orpe. did yen dn any liphtins in the Siiniiish war'."' "Yes my boy. 1 was fichiiui; iiei>rly all the tin'.p. Thu.'-e mosqiiiioc.; down in Florida, where we <aniiicri. wre the tiereest thiii::? yon ever hf.ird of" "But weren't yon in any I'attle;. UDCle?" "O. y^s; we ii-id a few lit'!" skirn;- i :-hes over in C'J'ja. of coiiri-e: but t thought you- wanted w iSi) ici! yv<i about real war aud blo '-'dElied.'—rin- cas'^ Tritjuni. \ AVtei ninth. • X\V lanie to a.~ik your ri >rr.iven(]i -i5. I.itlitr: ' sai)t the bride who had rc- ^(••-•,tl> .•loped. ! I ••WcU. al' r;.-:i)i. • reii'iii'l the i>ar<|nt. ! •lint. fath. r, • eanie from the Krui^m, l"we had the antoniobik" charged J! to lyun:"—Yi'i'kers StateMiia:i. . 1| * i • i Modevi I 'reruutiniu Why do yon li;sist on so mneh I'j'd tape in yoilr department?" || "Ueeanvp." answered the ofTieiijl, •we'r.' only hnman and lialde to malce jliiitJ-iko.-; .- IIK I we want to put 'em iktr as Ions .IS possible."—\Vashiugtfj>n o'.ar. BASEBALL GOSSIP York Dr«|is Two and rittsljur^ »ni '--ThP I'nbs Win. .slandiuK of llic Tranin. .NATIO.VAL LKAtSri:. w. L. ret. New York .<».s h\l ("hicai:o .... . ... .M .res Pittsbtirp ..... .. . .!•! Tti* IMiiladelphin .. 7t', IM ..-.4.-5 Cincinniiii ... 7t) 74 .4Si: Boston ... ... a i;i .s;t .424 Brooklyn . ..t .s JIJ St. Louis ... . ....•17 !••; AMERICAN I.EAGCK. iim>A Iteasna. Mrs. Gotjhtjm—! never canr:hl you kissiaK thf iiolieeiiian on ilii.; be.-it. Hrid.^et ? Uridget—JNo. nia'aii;. and yijn never will." '"Never. Hr)u:.:ct?" '"No. ma'm. for he's tne hii.'Oiand!' — YonkerH Statfsman. Register Want Ads. Bring Results. Ke!:is(er Want. Ads. Bring Bcsults. ( TJie Bn^e of Uh Clauu. I • -Mr. Add'cpait claims to be a geod ^deal of a ladies' man. j "Ou what.,! wonder, does he ba, j hit: crnini? I tippiiiK a "i believe he has a tipping iiiiairitaoee witli several affable wa re.^si-s:."—Chiraso -Rerord-Herald. A t.'cntle Hhil. Sytniiallieiic Uelatlve—How are y laliout that wine I sent your Plausible Invalid—Since yon sent I have that "all Rone" feeliiiK.—I'.^l- timore American! 1 W. I... Pet. 'Cleveland s:: ni ".:.7'2 1 Detroit ... 8t r.i ..-.70 1 Chicago .^^I K St. Louis 7;t IV,; Boston or* 7il Philadelphia-... . 7."> .40» AVa.shin }jlon C'\ 7" .44J New York 47 »n Remarkable Story • The story of Jill's. iMatilda Warwick, of Kokomo, Ind., as told below, proves the ourativ'e properties of that well-known female remedy, .Wine of .Cardui Mrs. [Warwick says: It Wffl Help You "I suffered from pains in my liead, shoulders, limbs, side, stomach low down, dizziness, Ichills, nervousness, fainting spells and other female troubles. I was almost dead. Three doctors did not help me. At last, I took Cardui, and with the fii-st bottle obtained relief. Now I am cured. But for Cardui,! I should have jbeen dead." Try Cardui AT ALL BEUa STOBES Itesnlts Yesterday. .NATIONAL LEAC.PE. f'hicago .'>. Urooklyn 1. Cinciniiali. "-."j. New York. Pitsburg 1-t'. Boston. '2-1. Philadelphia IL St. I»nis I. A-MERICAX LEAGUE. Boston li, St. Louis 1. Detroit 7-L Philadelidiia . ' Wa.shington 6. Clevelanu 1. I-i. IHE K. C. MARKETS Summary of Price* Which Have Prevailed in ansas City During ' the Past Week.x HA.S .SIXTV-THKKE LITH;A>TS. CuM' in loiirt Has Larvr >iiniber of Plalntlifs. .S !».t;i>ti: same Steer prices w«ek have A rase has been filed in the Nensh<» county district court which will attract niiu.^iual interest from the r.«ci that it ha.s si.My-thrce litisants, ihirty- tlefend- , I'ants. It is an A. 11. T. .\. suit, a sub- last year, "4.4i>n. 1 ,. , ^ , , V ,, jordinate li;dj:e against the od body, fluctuated dally.' Kaiusas City. Stock \anls. Sept. 'iK , , . . . . !si.\ plaintiffs aitd twenty—Catt e. th s-wcek. Tfi.ioo; last week. ' , . Bcnerally with a downward tendency.} and close the week 10 to 20 cents below the close of last week. Top steers brought $7.20 this week, bulk {and ail of the plaintilf.s and all of Tim Ider in Grant township. The case was ! filed by Attorney C. S. Drnisoii. and Where Thej- Play Today. AMERICAX LEAGUE. ,New York at Chicago. Boston at St. Louis. Philadelphia at Detroit. Washington at Cleveland. ; NATIONAL LEAGUE. Chicago at Brooklyn (two games). St. Louis at Philadelphia (2 games) CIncinati at New York (2 games). Pittsburg at Boston. > SUE MAJESTIC OWNERS. B. C. Potter and Prank Kelley Would Foreclose Mechanics' l,ieh. I In his petition he asks that the plain- of fed steer? $6.00 to $G.60. Kansas j,.^^ ^ iudgmeni of ium for pastured steers. $::.7.=-, to $r,.lo. Colo- j,^^^,^^,^. „ ,^ ^^^^^^ ^^.^^ rados $:!.no to $l.40. Cows are ten „„,„^.f„„, ^-nuheld. and dama.«es ,0 to 1.-. higher this week, grass cows ^..^^ $2.6.=; to $3.3.=^. top cows $4.on. Qjioicii^^jj, heifers $6.00. bulls $2.40 to $3..=i0. Nine^' ^^^.^.^^ ^^^.^^ ^..^^^^ thousand quar^tines were included j.^.j^i^,, 3,,^^^. ^^^^ this week, steers a shade lower, cowslg^^j^ infernal ditficuUies ra the lodge strong, steers at $3.1.=; to $4.00; cows,,^^ defendants to the suit surrendered $2.65 to $i:.'i5: canner.-; $2.00 to ^^^^j^^ .^^^^ wixbom tar Veals are steady, top $6.50. in the naj consent cf the plaimtfls. and that five division. Stockers and feeders are 10 to 2."« lower, account of reduced demand because of dry pastures. Rain this w:eek will help the market on the eountry grades. Stockers sell at $2.S0 to $4.00. feeders $.rr .0 to $4.30. a few choice fleshy feeders up to $4 ..S.j. Hogs, this week. 67.300: last week, 62.3(»0; same week last lyear. 33.200. Dry weather and high prices are keep rollusion with the defendant'?. ing lip the big run of hogs. Receipt.s \ . for Seplfember will be ."lO per cent Trne to Life. "Thanks." .said the tragedian; 'many thanks for your opinion. I "always study frotn Nature—from Nature, sir. In luy acting you see reflected Nature herself." "Th.v this cigar." said an admirer of Nature reverently. "Now. where did yon study that expression of intense surprise that you a.ssu'uie in the second act"" "Kroni Nature, sir—from Nature. To secure that expression. I asked,an intimate friend to lend me five'pbonds. He refused. This caused me no,-Surprise. .1 tried several more. Mnally I asked one who was willing to oblige me. and a.5 he handed me the note T studied in a glass the expression of niy own face. I saw there surprise, but it was not what I wahlpd ^L ^it-was alloyed with siispicioii that tfie note might be a bad one. I. was'111-de­ spair." : •Well." sai'I the other-breathlessly. "Then an idea struck me. I resolved tipon ? desperate cotrrse. I returned the five younds to lny.^frie^d the nest day and on his astounded countenance I saw the expression I was in search of."—Royal Magazine. j;roater than September last year, and the greatest on record af- this market for September. Prices have been lower this week, but are c^ising stronger yesterday and today, top today same as on last Friday. $7.10: hulk $6.60 to $7.00. .slightly lower than on last Friday as packers Insist on wider range of prices as long as inferior quality bogs predominate. Pigs bring $4.00 to $5.25. Sheep, this week 41.800: last week 4Si,';oO; same week last year. 6l.t00. Prices have softened all week, and close 15 to 25 lower on lambs, 10 to 15 lower on sheep and yeavllngs. Feeding slock is 10 lower. UUh stuff Is in the majority, and arrh-als contain B. C. Potter and Frank Kelley to J40 per cent of sheep and lambs aval! day brought suit In district court able for the country. Pat lambs bring against P. J. Conley (owner) and J. E. $4.7.=; to $5.10: sheep and yearlings Faltys and George Gillian, lessees of U .-j.iio to $4.00, feeding lambs $4.00 to the Majestic theatre, to foreclose a J4.7';, feeding sheep and yearlings mechanics' Hen. The amou'ht involv- $3,25 io $3.80. breeding eWes around ed is |1S^. The plaintiffs claim that|$4 >o. , ... I pgpjjgfs' parehases: Cattle Hogs Steep AD. B. & P. Co.. 990 1,15 365 Armour 7153 16«0l 4822 Cudahy 7518 Fowler 1863 Morris 5662 Roddy 920 & ^. 57n they are pnpaid for material and labor for citanging the buflding Into a theatre. Announce Stock Sale. J Blllk tmnonncing the stock show and 'iule at Tates Center on October iMt '$ad tad venijrecelved tere today. iSbime .fln ^l cattle -to listed "for exblbl -i T782 10139 3094 2698 32S3 MSCi ;ince that time the defendants have associated themselves together and have charge of the lodge r>roperty. which they withhold from tlie plaintiffs. The i»efition fiirther alleges that the charter is now in hands of the stale president. N. .1. Randall, and that iKith the state president and the national president. .lohn ^V. Wall, are in Register Want Ads. Bring Results. A Poor Actor. • You dout act like a blind man." "Doing my best, sir; but when such chaps as .vou come along, it's-bard to pretend not to see them."—Philadelphia Le'dger. AToiding Temptation. Tommy—.Ma. I met the minister on niy way to Sunday \ school, and he asked nte if I ever iwent Ashing on Sunday. ' Mater—And what did you say. darling? Tommy—I said, "Get thee behind me Satan." and ran right away from him.—Judge. Just a Wor4 IB rrztu-d to the Kegister's Joh DrpartJueat. Wo hSTe • completely rqaippH Job Depailaeat. and are prepared tan oat tie hrst grade of irorfc on sh«rt notice. We print eier^lng ^rom Ibe cheap«»t IkalN good io tke bes^t tliat b nude. >otbinf l» M essential te the modem business nun's eqalp« ment as neat, attraetlTe. np*ta.tbe.minnte stationery—and that is the kind we can tarn rat for htm. It serrcji as a walking ad« icrtbement te bis bnsines»—it let's neople lumw that he Is in existence avd what rxcnse he has for It. And we are always wiUjM to help er snggest In the preparhia; of snch work as wHI Itt a Men te year basjacss . • i Unr ll«t .«r the printing ncressities that we lam ent inchides 0 (M StatfMKty, Society Statlencry. Anenaeenflits. Window Cardk BaefwH* Cards, Sale BDIs, Pesters etc. aad we make a specblty eir ^ak Bedts. Oai^Beek-bindrry fs prepared tefhaa. die any klad ef work yoa may have In that Ifaie.' And KestXBEB— Oar Prices are very reaseable as censis- teat with flrtfUclnss workmanship aad amferiaL ^TderheM year'waata te 5*. Itt, and a cearteeaa Mlidler win ckll fdr.'fMUC aiiers. ..

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