The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on October 22, 1964 · Page 8
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 8

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 22, 1964
Page 8
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PAGE 8 THE TfPTON DAILY TRKUNE Thursday, Oct. 22, 1964... Hospital Notes ADMISSIONS: (Patricia Tebbe," Tipton; /Shelly 2: Watson, Kemptbn;" Connie Coffin,;. Windfall; : Mark McCormack, Tipton; Cheryl Weaver, Tipton; Cindy Fernung, Kirklin; Kathy Roadruck, Tipton; Steven Cage, Kokprno; Frank Parks, Goldsmith; Verle Samuels, Anderson; Willard 1 Forkner, Tipton; Ruth Tunis, Kempton; William Witham, Sharpsville. DISMISSALS: Charles Lewis, Windfall; David Dellinger, Arcadia ;. Sharon Stroup, Kempton; Mary Kruse, Tipton; Ronnie Moiser, Tipton; Willard Frey, Elwood; Sally Durham, Arcadia; Alta Hodson, Kokomo; Donna Anderson, Goldsmith; Evelyn McGill, Cicero; Betty Garst, Sheridan; James and Jodi James, Kokomo; Naomi Hillan, Tipton; William Witham, Sharpsville. Sports Parade (Continued from cage 4) ers choose. .Washington State over Idaho —Clarence Williams/ leads the Cougars. -" Washington over Oregon — The Huskies defense ends Oregon's unbeaten string. Also: . Arizona State over Utah, San Jose State over of Pacific and Utah State over Colorado State U. Woman's View By GAY PAULEY UPI Women's Editor NEW YORK (UPI) y A stage accident halted the dancing career of Viennese - born Margherita Wallmann, but led to another of brilliance — as the inajor woman director of opera lin the international league. £F"I think;it. : was destiny, or I REAL ESTATE Paul A. Schimmel to Robert E. Cline: Pt SEtt; Section 6, Township 21, Range 3. Thomas D. Wilson, 'Inc. to Thomas B. Hensley: Pt NE SWW;. Section 23, Township 21, Range 4, 0.574 acres. Square Dance __HOE DOWN SATURDAY NIGHT OCTOBER 24th, 1964 Nurse's Body (Continued from page 1) (Friday night. Abbott admitted taking Miss Cook to Cincinnati, but denied going to a "hotel with her. Another woman checked into the hotel at the same time and registered as Mary Sue Carter of Pensacola, Fla. It was Miss Carter who bought two train tickets to Cleveland and shipped the trunk as personal baggage, police said. Hold Navy 'Reservist In Philadelphia, Pa., officials at the U.S. Naval Base said they were holding Alice Ewing of Fort Thomas, Ky'., a Navy reservist on two weeks training at the base. They said Cincinnati police had requested they pic'-c up the j girl, but'said they wre unfam- i iliar with details of the case. jShe was placed under protec- i tive custody. ' A taxi ; driver who had driven | the woman identified as Miss I Carter to -the train station here Isaid she wore a blue military- j type uniform and carried a suitcase bearing the label "Go I Navy-Pensacola." I Miss Cook's body was offi- ! daily identified by her brother 'Thomas Cook, 24, a seminary I student. MARRIAGE APPICATION Robert R. Davis to Ruth iBullard. would have not come to my real vocation," said Miss Wallmann. "In later years, you find things have worked for the best." So she. summed up her reaction how to a fall she took many years ago — she brushes aside questions on bow many — through a faulty stage trap door when she was dancing in Vienna. A broken hip ended her dreams of ballet and modern dance. , "I'd always wanted to ,do opera theater anyway," she said. Monday night, Miss Wallmann made her directing debut with staging "Lucia Di Lammer- moore," with Joan Sutherland and Robert Merrill. She had directed Lucia with Miss Sutherland before at La Scala Oopera Co., in Milan. The assignment at the Met was just another jewel added to t)«e crowning achievements in the leading opera houses of the world. "I do not go with touring companies," said Miss Wallmann candidly. "I have not time for the provinces. Only the bigger theaters." She has directed operas, many of them new productions, at the Paris Opera House, in Co vent Garden in London, the Vienna State Opera, the Theater of Opera in Rome, the Berlin Deutsche Opera, the Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires, the Staatsoper in Vienna, the Chicago Opera Company, and at La Scala, which is home base for her and where she has op- pened the season seven times. There are few women directing opera, she said, because j"one needs great preparation, strong health. Not many women want to sacrifice to do this. 11 started preparation for Lucia 'at the-Met a year ago. And, a ' director must "know several languages." The Lighter Sid $13.95 Value ONLY Dependable ware Polyethylene . acm^es* Pail • Tight-Seal Lid • Deodorizing Built-in Features • 18 Qt. Capacity • Protects Floors SPEC. * $3.49 VALUE Anchor slippery rugs with a liquid rubber coating which, brushed on undersurface of carpet, forms a tough, non-skid film that eliminates the need for tacks, strips, binders or un­ derlays. 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You can—in" MGM's "Big Parade of Comedy" . . . the picture that brings you 50 of the all-time greatest stars . . . at their finest and funniest. the CBEA TEST STARS at their \ FINEST and FUNNIEST 1^/^ Sun.-Mon.-Tues. The most talked-about movie of 19641 RH31ARD eURTGIi mm SUE LYON lulsf laititeirGiiiWyir^a, f ardSenVfefadudmspresaftiai Ok Vr By DICK WEST United Press International WASHINGTON (UPI) — One of the imponderable elements in the current presidential campaign is the so-called "mid- lash." . The "midlash" is . a term coined by SeiirHubert H., Humphrey, the Democratic vice presidential candidate, and is not to be confused with either the "backlash" or the "front- lash." . In a recent .speech, Humphrey noted that Sen. Barry M. Goldwater, the 'Republican presendential candidate, had been making jocular references to hos (Humphrey's) middle name, which happens to be Horatio. Humphrey warned that if this continued, it could produce a "midlash"' that would work to Goldwater's disadvantage. • "The hidden middle-name vote ,— all those youngsters blessed by loving parents with a middle name they choose'to convert to an initial—may rise against him," Humphrey said. No Large Poll Unfortunately, I do not have the facilities to , determine whether such a "midlash" has actually materialized. The only way to ascertain that would be to' take a pre-election poll of the hidden middle-name vote. I have, however, made an effort to determine the size of the hidden middle-name vote. I did this by making a survey of a sample group to see what percentage keeps the middle name hidden. The group I chose for the survey is composed of members of Congress. My source was the latest edition of the Congressional Directory. It shows that of the 435 U.S. representatives and 100 U.S. senators, exactly 236, or approximately 45 per cent, have hidden middle names. That is, they give only their first names and middle initials in their official biographies. Some List Both Another 165 lawgivers, or approximately 30 per cent, list both first and middle names. Among the middle names bared to the public gaze are Ignatius, Thaddeus, Aloysius, Asa, Raper and Leeper. There were 100 members of Congress, or roughly 18 per cent, who listed a first name with no initial or middle name. This means that they either never had a middle name, or they have dropped it and the initial as well. There were 18 congressmen who gave a first initial and a middle name. Technically, they would not be part of any "mid­ lash" since they have hidden first" names. However, they might be sympathizers. Also in the fringe category are eight lawmakers who listed two initials.and no first or middle names, and three who gave first names followed by two initials, thereby hiding two middle names. There was one who gave a middle name with two first initials, and there were two who gave a first name and two middle names. Not only that, there were 10 congressmen who listed' nicknames. I have no idea how they fit into the "midlash," but anyone who miglit has-changed his surname presumably is.' a part of the "lastlash." A flame-safe mattress 'ticking reduces the hazards of smoking in bed. Said to prevent a mattress from catching fire when exposed to a burning cigarette, or even to direct flame, the, ticking incorporates a layer "of incombustible asbestos material with layers of quilted fabric and cotton battng treated with fire-retardant resins. PRINCESS GARDNER® FRENCH PURSE 1U plus tax Charming pastel flower* embroidered on Matt Lustra Cowhide. Colors, light blue, pure white. Matching pieces from $3.50 odes ieweiet CENTENNIAL SCRAPBOOK The War for the Union 1861-65 in Pictures NTs* J 4*»»» The Duke v of Wellington was IMO. tOD q U0 ted, "The battle of Waterloo was won on the playing field of Eton." In a different context, it could be said, "The battle of Atlanta was won on card tables at West Point" When President Jefferson Davis -became mistrustful of Gen. Joe Johnston's Fabian tactics in dealing with W. T. Sherman's far greater strength in the .latter's thrust for Atlanta, and replaced him with John B. Jffiod,. Sherman called a'conference of men who had been at West Point with Hood in 1851-52-53. Two of Sherman '3 corps commanders, J. B. McPherson and J._ M. Schofield, had been in the class of '53 with Hood. But a colonel recalled what Sherman most wanted to know about Hood's character. The colonel remembered seeing cadet Hood "bet 52 ,500 in. a poker game with nary a pair in his hand." This; it is recorded in. Henry Chafetz's history of gambling in the TJ. S. f "Play the Devil" (pub. by Clarkson N. Potter), gave Sherman persuasive evidence Hood "bet 'em like he had 'em" v and would not deploy his men. for defensive war or rush up reinforcements before attacking. Sherman prepared for venturesome Rebel assaults, and pressed his advantage by counterattacking after his army had repelled Hood's thrusts. And went on to Atlanta." Hood lost his play to defend Atlanta. Sept. 2, 1864, Sherman's' army took possession. —CLARK KINNAIRD [j] After Union forces moved into encampment in a public square in Atlanta, Sept. '64. Distributed by Kins Features Syndicate PROXY WEDDING—In Santiago. Chile. Judge \tigTiel Imas ^conducts a wedding ceremony uniting 17-year -old Marcella Rodriguez Tielz (rjghtl. with'Jorge Alvear. in Jersey City, N. J. The bride's father. Raul, stands "lesitJe her/ representing the bridegroom. The other two are her mother and brother -.'ii ' fRadxophota) and ZD WAR ON ILLINOIS TAX CHEATS WAS DECLARED BT GOVERNOR OTTO KERNER: "INSISTTHAT EVERYONE PAY HIS FAIR SHARE, HE ORPERED WHEN HE TOOK OFFICE. IN THREE YEARS, ILLINOIS MOVED FROM A MILLION DEFICIT TO NEARLY $100 MILLION IN CASH S URPWS - WITHOUT RAISING; TAXES/ [ILLINOIS LEADS THE SO STATES IN TOTAL VOLUME OF GOODS EXPORTED/ {ILLINOIS HOLDSTHLBECORD FOR NEW COMPANIES BORN IN A YEAR? IN A SING-LE STATE. LAST YEAR, 1410 NEW MANUFACTURING- OR PROCESSING FIRrAS WERE FORMED/ fl (Provide home fire protection with a new alarm system kit for do-it-yourself installation. An open detector circuit in each of several zones in the home is closed by any abnormally rapid rise of temperature or any obnormally high temperature. Closing of the circuit [sounds an alarm horn and 'lights a signal lamp on acen- jtral control panel, indicating location of the fire. A prowler button allows manual triggering of the alarm. Accessories' include an •auxiliary horn,- weather-proof • •bell and a converter for automatic switch-over - 1 o battery-power. , CornpIete^Auromatic SOFT WATER RENTALS • - - # Water Softener Salt $1.50 Per 100 lbs. McPHERSONS 126 . Main OS 5 -448 STRAW VOTE PERU, Ind. (UPI)—Republicans led in first returns from a straw poll conducted by the Peru Daily Tribune, the newspaper, said Wednesday. Sen.'Barry Goldwater had 49 per cent to President Johnson's 47 per cent with 4 per cent undecided: State Sen. D. Russell Bontrager had 50 per cent to 47 for Sen. Vance Hartke and 3 undecided. ° Lt. Gov. Richard Ristine had 54. per cent to 43 for Roger Branigin and 3 per cent undecided. Tenderloin Fry Tuesday at Farm Bureau Meeting 'Mrs." Joe Off Tipton' County t Farm Bureau will haYe. their annual meeting at Farm 'Bureau ball;pn.Tues- day evening at 6:30 p^ m. It Will be a tenderloin fry dinner, the meat, rolls and beverages will be furnished. Persons attending are to bring table service for their family, also favorite carry-in dishes to. finish out the menu. , On the program will be the Kingsman Quartet from Kokomo. Neals Gentry, of Hamilton County will present information and pictures_ he reeeived on a study tour last spring of the European common market. It will be' of interest to learn how this effects us in Indiana. There will be an election of officers. If dues are paid on or before October 27, you will be eligible to have your name in the drawing of a vauable prize. There will be treats for the children. Be sure to register for township drawings. You must be present for the event. James R. Smith, USN Is Serving Aboard Destroyer James R. Smith, electronics technician third class, USN, son of Mr. and Mrs. James \V. Smith, of Windfall, is currently serving aboard the destroyer USS Ozbourn, now patrolling the South China Sea as a unit of 1 the Seventh Fleet.. Ozbourne was among many Seventh Fleet units put on alert following the recent North Vietnamese PT boat attacks in the Gulf of Tonkin in early August. Ozbourne provides support for the anti-submarine aircraft carrier USS Kearsarge, when deployed as part of the antisubmarine group from Long Beach, Calif. & Court Action In the matter of the estate of Cynthia F. Ferguson; Citizens National Bank, executor: Petition to sell real estate approved. 'Petition to sell personal property at public auction approved. Estate of Charles L. Summers; Hugh M. Carter, administrator; Supplemental report of administrator filed and approved. Estate of Susan M. Altherr; Laurence 'Altherr, executor: Inventory an d, appraisement filed. SOCIETY TO MEET The Wesleyaff Methodist Missionary society will meet on Thursday at 7:30 p. m., at the home of Mrs. Lester Hart, 501 Maple street. POLL FOR BARRY INDIANAPOLIS (UPI) — The Indiana Citizens for Good Government reported today a statewide poll of more than 2,300 business, industry, professional and civic leaders showed 87.3 per cent for Sen.- Barry M. Goldwater. Results of the poll were announced by Gardner J. Thomas, publisher of the Marion Chronicle-Tribune, president of the organization. A total of 5,400 persons 'were polled and 2,319 responded. The vote for president was Goldwater 2,008 and President Johnson 293. In the Senate race. Republican D. Russell Bontrager received 2,055 or 89 per cent to 257 for Sen. Vance Hartke. j Lt. Gov. Richard Ristine • received 1,992 or 86.9 per cent to 299 for Roger D. Branigin, Dem- I ocrat. SANSABELT* A JAYMAR SLACK INSIDE VIEW OF SANSABELT This is the most popular Quality Slack in America today! 9 out of 10 men. who try Sansabelt Slacks buy San- sabeltrSlacks. The reason? 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