Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 26, 1908 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 26, 1908
Page 7
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• * JIM D0B8ET PltADED GtJILTT TO A88ACLT IK lOLA POLICE COURT. rftlEDLEVililiAbE COiPUINT HE ASKED'tUAt CASE ABADi'ST riUEDLETi BE DISMISSED. Ueone, the LitU^ i^n or Ur. md Xrx. Me«ai, W M !i «rtoB«I.T Hart Wkllr rbfteg M 8clfe«| TestvNaf. JiM Daney PI M M (Jnilty. Jim Doraey. forriieily of this cUy. but DOW a blacksmith lA lola. pleaded guilty to the charge of assaalt In 'police, court at. lola this morning apd was' fined ' iS and costs. He was charged with assault by C. W. Friedley of this city who alleged that whea he called at his blacksmith shop in lola' for money* due him. Dorsey struck bim'jn thet side with a hammer. Upon being iatralgired7bV the charge of assault Dorsey pleaded not guilty and arranged to appear for trial this morning. • H»wover; this morning when time for the trial he entered a plea of gulhy;aud paid the fine. Upon being arrested Dorsey swore 'to a complaint charging Mr. Friedley with disturbing his peace. This morning when he appeared for trial be asked that tJie charge b^ withdrawn. The abov Conner's jiary Heard EvMeM* !• tJw AlMl,' Hju-leM Case Tester. We the jury find that the daughter, of Oliver liarless came to her death at about fc iir p. m. on the fifteenth of September, \ A. D. 1908. at Concreto. I&s.. by be Ing rbn^brer by a car of tae lola Glectilc Railway company, said car being In the control of Chester Kirby." | Signed: W. H. KLEIN. E. C. M'CLAIN. W. R. BORROWS. D. W. SHUFFORD. J. E. HUNTER. GUY ROBERTS. r is the verdict brought iu by the ^ur.vj called to inquire into the death of little Alma Harless. the r> year aid daughter of air. and Mrs. Oliver Harless of Concreto on the af-^ ternooni of IScptember Id. The Jury on 'he afternocn of Wednesday. Septera- ter lottai vllwed the ^y and the place-where iVbe child was run over after which tt adjournejt until the following Tueiday. At that time. I>e- cause D. W. Shufford. one of the coi - cfier's juror \. was on the Jury which beard the v\ idence in the perjury ca»c Bgalnsr San uel F. Whitlow, the case had to be :ontinued until yesterday afternoon. The train iien on the Missouri Pacific teetlfied; at the inquest yesterday that the'cbiJd walked onto the track when 'he cai) was about three lengths away. not lOLA DAILt MMMTKl, TOgMkinS liaCTAa ATira.TJYS' g*. M. W. A. CELEBRATION PLANS ARE NOW dOMPLETE. Dr. Barker, Mr. Forroat and Mra. En•I » right the Oratora.—An Automobile Raco. A CLEA> WATCH means good time to you for years to come. The delicate parts do^ig indescribable work wll soon destroy their high finish jand perfect fit when running in accumulating dirt and rancid oil. Our work is guaranteed. - W«4ers k Danforth ' Dru^ and Jewelry. WIU Address Bryan Clab. LaVergnc prton. of Humboldt, win address the Bryan club here tonight. There will be other speakers present. La Harpe People Saw Cap Chasers. Many La Harpe people went to lola !:»st evening to see the Kansas City Star cup chasers enter lola in their .nutomobilcs. Including the La Harpe people there were about 1.000 to 1.300 (oople on the streets watching the big automobiles enter lola. XcCill Hart. tJeorge McGlll while playing yesterday r.-tn the point of a stick in his mouth inflicting serious injuries. A coaipVete account of the injury will be louiid in another part of the paper. MethodHt EpiscopaL Sunday school at 9:45 a. m. Preach ins at 1;! a. m. Epworih' League at 7 i» m. Preaching at T:t3 p. m.—Ira .V Benham, pastor. Presbytc'Ian. Church. Srnday scho<jl at 10 a. m. Proat-h- ing at 11 a. m. Christian Endeavor at 7 p. ni. Preaching at >i p. m—J. H. r.fight. pastor. S Ikristian Cborib. Sunday school at 9: to Preaching •^••rvice at 11 a. m. Junior Endeavor nf Z p. m. Y. P.'S. C. E. at CSo. Fceacbing service at 7:«0. subject for i>oth morning and evening service^. •The True Vine."—Bro. R. D. Copeland. USlTEOPATflT- i DK. W Jf. ALBRMiHiT. Registered Osteopathic Physician. SUt9 Bank Bldg. Phdne It5. Only Osteopnth In I* Uarpe- ^Pcfsonala. tl l'ott»r. of Wichita. lw*> hvre xo.fterdaT «<n r*al wUt^ bu»inr>> Mr. an.i .^:t^. Lewm .Vi:rb(<II. of To- touto. K«y. arf hf^.i th* gufM* uf ri*lnll«eb They will r«n^ain here over Sunday. James O. Patteraon. of Oswego, was 11 the city ycstertta>- v>n bustness Will ftunpton left y.-sterday for >cvada. Slo.. for a few days visit with iHends. I Crandalt Met. of Lnn:-onvllle. Is re- p'nrted quite serfous'y {]'. Mrs. J. A. Hodges, of Chanute. Kas.. who hai been hj- tne guest of Rev. 8»fd Mrs. J. H. Fi ;i;nt left yesterday for her home. - Mr. and Mrs. Harry Forney returned ydsterday from Modesto. Calif., where tlity have made (heir home for the past several years. tIpMlnl Serrlees. The Woman's Missionary society of the U. B. cbnrcb will have charge of the eveninit's services at that diurch tomorrow night .[ No .Martha W Sentence Today. I Uiams. who was convicted of mansli'ughter In the fourth degree for the jdeath of Biid Scipio. was not sentenced today as her attorney. Col. J. B. Atchison, could not be in court today.,! She will be sentenced Monday. Notice Boosten*. There will the. signers mileage bure; eight o'clock arrangements] be a meeting of all of pf the business mens u on Monday evening at jat Booster hall. Final will be made for com- urgenily reqi! HOW TAFI pletlnp the sylsteni. .Ml members are estcd to attend. WAS SOUGHT BT At the meeting of| the committee of the M. W. A.:last night. It was definitely decided to hold jthe anniul picnic on October 2nd. at Riverside park. Another date had been practically decided on some time ago but a change had to be made. The present date will nt be changed. Some excellent oratory is to be furnished the people who attend the celebration. The principal address will be delivered by Dr.; Barker of Chanute. head pb>-siciani for the order in this state. Hon. Frank Forrest of this city is also to make a talk. Mrs. E. A. Bnright of Kansas City will speak for the R. N. .\. There will also 1>« plenty of amusement for thp crowd. Among the features will be a tuj^-of-war. a needle threading contest, ai guessing contest on the length of a piece of lumber and other contests. .\ steam launch will be placed on the river for those who wish to go boatriding. -Vn interesting event will be an automobile race. .A. number of local -.motor men have jalready signified their intention of entering. The delegates from over the county will hold a meeting during the day to make plans for holding a log rolling celebration on a largie basis next year. It is pxpocted that every order iu countw will be ropresontcd at celebration. ' YOUR STOMACH'S SAKETAKE 5t Ever for Constipationl.^ndiges| PREPARED Oha ,Y BY 1. l4. WAGNEK COMPANH. PORT MADISON. K Cuaraatccd Uoilor Food and Dniga Act - lion: and Dyspcpsfa ABOUT NEW HATS lEQALS* the the COX t A.SE TO THE Jl KY. Evidence iu Daniagp Snit Closed This .Homing. Lo«kln« A«ar Proparty. H. Swan of WeUIngton, was In! the city yeaterdajr rwdtfns after a rental property which he owns tiere Beeister Want Ads brine teaoltk. The Manner lln Which tho Bopubll- can Candiaato Was Called to a larger Sphere of Action. One artern()Ou early In 190O. wh-o Judge Wllllanjj H. Taft was dictating a decision of Ibe United States Court in tbe Federa Building in Cincinn.nH. a telegram wis placed in his 'iiands. He tore off th| envelope and was surprised to find I a telegram from President William MoKinley. rtading: "I afaall talc? jit as a great favor if you will call on mejsome time next week." Judge Taft [rnessed at tbe meaning of the summobs and guessed wrong. He went to Wajiibington and was shown into a ro<jm at|^he White HoUse. where he met the f^resideht and Secretary j Long of the Xalvy. f-ater. Elibu Root, the Secretarr «» War. cime in. Then, to use Taljt's own words: "Mr. McKinIfy said that be wanted to •end me to tbe Philippines to help iu tbe work of establishing civil govemmeot a.< tbe armT moT^ on. I thoDslit of ms place OQ the t>|DCb and hesitated, besides. I l>eli«ve< and said we could get along without ttie Philippines. " 'Biit we have them and must take care of them.* t!iie President replied. " 'You sre at |tbe taming of tbe wajra in jour life.' Mr. Root then obMrire<l. The bench is we easy road. You can stay there and I >e comfortable. Go tbe contrary, the Pl^ lippines will demand personal ucrifices kod ri«kc and mudi bard work, but you wtU have an .opportuoitv of doinc your ri<>untry • very crest »er- T*-«.' I went hjinie. and argu«d the matter for two we«-l v~ Tje tclrcrauij to Cincinnati o|x'in<«l the d«wr of Aujierican history t" \VI> liam H. Taft made hlin tbe Urtiul> The ca.-r of W. P. Cox & Son. nf Elsmore vs. the Katv road wiil probably i:U to the jury ab«jiit four o'clock The e\ idence was finished this muruing after which the pleas of the attorneys began. Tht-s is the ^uit in which Mr. Cox claims that hf i4 entiled to alKjtit $800 damages because of the alloscd failure of the ruad ti> deliver cars to him. in which to ship grain, within the time specified by law after notice for cars has been served. A SiRiOUS licaa c«ndtdat« United Stat.^. for I'reoiUeai of lU* Obllc«lj»«« of Civil War. Money Imlebirdnees is not tbe only obligation ^ocurred ami assumed In the great citil war. There was a still grral «r de|>t. an everlasting <>bti gallon that couljd never be paid In fui;. But In 'Jje yea« that hate followed, the R«pal>tlcan 'i>arty baa .inangurated pension laws under and one-half billion n paid to dlaabled he survivors of those Ireo for their country bis pension system, a )Hcy of the Republiciin wdent in;history and and developed which over thi dollara have veterans or to who «ave their alul their fiag- product of the party, has no pi eo equii in ji amoiig the natb James 8. Staei and geoenMlty of tbe earth.—Hon. Colonel Brj-au uation that has ibe fanner" iu of the soil to O iamcuU the "dlacrlinl- {be«u goiqg on against itcctiql'^ao few tillers igrcas and tbe Senate. What troubles blui cbli|!l^. however. I K tbe discriminati< i wblcl the' wboie American uatioti eserdses against a certain farmer <fl LliicplD. Neb.. In de- t-Iluiiig to elect bjih to the White Houae.-—Xew Wrk Tribone. Itacister ffmsH^ Ad« J>nni~rMn)ts. Small So4 of Dr. Magill of LaHarpe Meets With Painful Accident. UTiile playttis at school yesterday George, ttje small S QI » of Dr. and Mrs. J. F. McGJiil. of LaHarpe sustained a very seriops if not fatal injur};by having a sharp "meat skewer"' run through the roof of his mouth and out through the side of his face just in front of tho left far. While playing on thi' school ground yesterday afternoon he had this -meat skcw-er" which i .-i a long sharp .stick, in his hand, when the school bell rang. He started to run to get into line preparatory to marchinr in. Jtist as he started to go around the corner of the building h" ran into a crowid of pupils who vfX". running tho other way. . In the collision in some way the stick was run into his mouth.! inflicting a serious injurj'. j .MthoMKh thf injury is con.*idered serious his father stated this afternoon that he thought the boy would recover. However, today-, he is not able to open his mouth or swallow. He ha.s as yet been unable to take any nourishment. . \ .«iee«Bd Best. Vnuup Isaacs—"Fadder. ee» marriage a failure?" | Th»» E.der l^aac.s— iVell. m> Ixiv. e^f you marrv a real. real, rich gir:, niar- riasc *«*s a'.raoat a* gbod as a failure " —'Suctjess Magazine " Mr^ Tectcra jDlvorced. .Mrs Jennl* Testers secured a di vorc«» from J. Tceterfe today. DninR- enness was alleged as one of several grounds for the action. (First Published Sept. 16. 1908) PCBLICATIOM NOTICE. State of Kansas. Allen County, ss In tbe District Court !for said County .Vellie Oaine.v. Plaintiff, vs. Charles M. Galney. Defendantl Said defendant. Charles .M. Galney. will take notice that he has been sued in the above named Court for divorce and In her petition. | plaintiff alleges New Colors and Shapes to be Seen.— Directoire Hat the Lat­ est. ar>' XITIUE OF EEUEiVKB'S SALK. Notice Is. hereby given ihnt the >iri dersipnrd.' Receiver of the projicrf and effects of The Welrster Kefinii; 't'onipany. a corporation with ir.i prin icipal place of business at llumhold: j Allen County. Kansas. ^:II. on the Z'^r\\ \ ;day of September. lO'.'S. at '1 o'clor •p. m.. at the South front dnor of th (Court House at lola. Alipn fo'infj. I Kansas, offer for sale and scl to fn Thf hats to (><• wiiru this f.UI -. . .... ...... Ibighcst bidder for cash in hand, th tnon- stylLsh an I attract .vo th:... «p> !|foll„win.^' described propr-rty. of the luodJ-Is shown for s.-v.ral ;sii<--, The Refining plant of the said Th| cessive sea.-ions. Tho uiilliii'^rv stores Webster Refining Conipai:y. w". i'li Hi had their opcninss vcsfrday ;,n.| in j ^.'"f Vu."'"''''.u^''"*'^''.?.'' "'".' T-^' , , ^ • , ^ HJO), Thirtv-ihree and Ihmv each place were handsome dress hatsjf,,,,^ „f ^^.^j.^ |,„n,,,„!,if A,i,ii,i, and latest models among whir-h were j to the City of lluniho!df. Alien Coutify trimmings effectively displayel de-'lKansas, beini; all one tract of land tioi..^ I .11 j together with all buildings. structTire l.?hted a!I choppers. i or other improvements, tai.ks. ranlf There is a style and indiviidahty,^.^^s. tank wagon, pipes, pipe lir.e about the new headgear which i)ar-'machinery, tools, office furniture, sci; ticularlv pleasing. The. tilt of the'I'^^s other than raw or niunnta.t.iref , . , , . , , .material on hand for nianufact'ire o bnm or the .slant of a plume scemr,!^^,^^ apparatus or pro:, to make or mar tho effect and the erty being or forminir a part of t!, fashioning of the hat foundations ad-!s.-iid refinin? -!ant and us?d. in con mitsof.some extremetv sar-!"^«J"" therewith: to=etlier wirh , T . , , , , ;certain |H [>e line coanectinc .-ai'I Ivr nitnres. Plumes whi :-h have f„r s, v- ^^^jj^,, .,nd p.i.s i-asv eral years been worn quite lone are : tn.tti? vicinity of Humbold:. Kan n,^ visil)ty shorter now and seem at their Said sale to be held piir.-;uant to ti- 'order of the l>i-;ric: Court e .f County. Kansas, made in an acti..! best when built in croups and most effective when cninbineil with an aigrette. For dress hats the newest fhinp is an ostrich tip made of many fibers notted together so that the end •ai'I fall in a c-iscade effect over the hair. The high crowns have a narrow brim and invariably the w-fde hat is built with a low crown. In colors the new shade of grey rironilses to be miirh worn It is a mixture of crey and brown which is called Taur>e and a hat made up in velvet would he an elegant finish for. therein pending wherein •l ^e .\or;h IMP N'ational Ilank. a corp'irstnT.. i I «intiff and The Webster iteiinin cjipany, a corporation, is detend-intj l>«'ing civil action No. sf.;i. r.n .Inn 2t ;rh 13u.>: which order is on file i the said cause and to which rcfercnr Is made for further information con cerninc the terms of .-^aid sale. Dated this .Ird da» of .J.iiy. if><)S. G. R. <;.\i:ii. Receiver, Approved: OSCAIl KOiST. .ludcc. T -i-ii-i5-2r.-i-s-i3-::u--':'-r.-i2 fKirst Published Sept. 1:;. l:"-- t ! NOTICE OF APPLICATION FO$ a suit of that color. There will be; WIDOW'S ALLOTMENT, a great deal of navy bJue and pre^n j State of Kansa.s. county of A '.en. ss worn and shades of brown and russet I In the Probate Coun of Allen Cotinty are good, also black and white com.!K --^S-^^- «^ '^^^ Scarf and Stool GlVliV FREE With ench Piano Purchase at the Rob rts Piano Hoose .12 X. Wachin^ton ^ Delia M. Qhlfest. petitioner. v=j Minie Ohifest. executrix of the estat of Carl O^.lfest. deceased: .lohn 4 binations. The Directoi.-e hat is the center -»f the admiration of femininitv now It is a cross between a Poke Bonnet and 2'"^^^'-'J'"*' '"^^"T v' ^. , . ^ ^ -v . , , iEmma Hooper, formerly Emma On Charrotte Corday. with ties to be knot-jfpg.. p-anj; Davis: .Mabie Davis: Car ted under the chin, and is a rival :n|Bornholt: Henry Bomliolt: KatJ:arii; size of hie Merrv \Vi?!ow.>! worn •'H"a''^-^'- formoriy Karharin'- Bornholi last sprinz. Richard.=ons are .-how-i Katharine Reeder. formerly Kat-narii.. ' ^ . . ^ 'Ohifcsr: Abt).ie Ku^ie. formerly Abb'.' ing a handsome creation in shades ofjOhlfesr; Charle.s Ohlfe.n: -fohn O'-: riissef wi'h I)raid work an i fest; .Anna <;ibson. foru;* \r^.T.-\ of bucI-Us and plumes among t.*:e manyOh'fest: .Mary .McDonal i. :o: ::i'r!:- tasteful hats in their store. .Manv, Marv Ohifest; Marrarer M I.TS . for meriv Margaret Ohiens: Carl Oh! •n.'^ shoppers w-e thepe yesterday and, „ans Ohiens: Anna KarvairV: E !-a 'his hat was admired by ail .Mis.s bea Karvaiek: and the chilfiren o Cnxken who wa.s with the store Wapkae Peiper. whose names ar-» -ir! season hn,-. returned and the manv ^="0*"- 'h'-ir unknown heirs, d- vi .^-rs administrators, executors ar-i trny patrons are shrtwinc murh apprecia-^,^^5- and Minnie Dhlfesr h- rs tion of the stock The window.<~ are law of Carl Otlffst. d^cea.-'^-1. r> f-nd handsomely trimmed an I the newest ants. materials are displaved .Miss rviseft'a store was visited hv many women yesterdav who talked about the hats while hearing nius'c playe,! '»•- Miss Effle Stapp There. wen» vases of nasturtiums ro-ses on the show r.ises and r!bt>otis were "iraped ihsi'le Miss Dogeft and hei- assistant;: have t>re |i4r>>i| some bea-trj. fuI hats and m-nnv friends weri* com- plli(ient4r« in their expressions ron cerninc the first showing Mrs Pery also j informally'pr.--*.-n*- ed her fa"! stock Aesfenlay ani Mrs Turner received her patroti.< who view e«l maiiV nobby and exclusive styles. The New York Store has an extensive line of tailored in stock and a corps of milliners are receiving a 'arve number of patrons each day. as cause for divorce. :gro88 neglect of duty, extreme cruelty, habitual drank- enness anjd abandonment for more than one tyear, and mast'anawer the petition fi ed therein jby said plaintiff on or heft re the 2Sthl day of October. A. D. 1901. or said betiUon wilt be taken as true, and jnd^ent for plaintiff in said action (or divorce will be rendered accordingly.! EWING. QARD * OARD. Attomieya (or Plaintiff. Atteat: C. E. ADAMS.! 9-16-Z3-30 Clwrti Of Said Conrt. Held Autoists Up. The autoists who arrlverj i.ere last aight report a nice little .graft »-iiich was worked on them about a hun- ired miles west of lola yesterilay. A .-ancher stopped all of them and told them that the road itas not passable ami that they simply couldn't ?et through . He. however, offered to let them go through his ran?h if they would pay him two dollars apiece. He wanted the two dollars he said as pay for scaring his cattle. The city bred autoists bit easily and were very much surprised when none of them saw a single bead of cattle. L,a8t night they held an indignation meeting and wtl: send a lawyer out to see the gentleman about the matter. Notice of Application for Wtdow'tj Allotment. YoM a.i.l --.M -h of you are ;.. t tie.!: That I did ou tb. r'tn d f. ••• ! : I:»"»V <«p;>lv to !h" Probe- Cti:'- Allen CiiuntN Kan ^HS, to ,-•' .>f' - alio? to me in f.»- sin.pb- >•:•.• h 1: value of all the real In ^v^.•^-^ my late hiisbat\d (>.h!;.sr i ?c cas.-d. It.nd a or eiti:r->*>'-> In t-rci^t nt th«' l;trie of !;.s d':t''' -m ' not nei-i s.sarv I ' " debts and that said Pn> Cuiir" 'i'" on the 12th d.v of .''-^ptetuber, n-is onler and at'l"''"' con!n.issioi'.-r< to make such adornient If I. H-n derson. .f. .\ Ri >blnson. J r Wiw -di" .\nd the sai'! four' ,it 'h'^ sam«- tin.e. further oriler.d that si h i>ll"t tnejit lv> made by 5ai'. CoiT\mi>sl<>r. ers on j the .^.nth day of jii^!>'e:jih.^r and that s>:r-h coniroissionr rs make .t report fh«^r»of ro the si<!d Court pi or before rhe, ,fay «»f October. on<. and that notic- of rhi? proceedings be given to you and each of you and all parties interej-rfj therein by publishing' a notice tht--''of in The lola Daily Register, a daily new.spaper of eeneral cirsnlarion - ir, .Mien County. Kansa^^ for three ron- secutive weeks before the S^th dav of Sepremiier; 15f>« DELLA .M OFfLKK^T Petitinti-r. .\ttpst: J. B S^niiTh. Probate .In.!.:C. L, Evans and Ewine. f;ard * Card .Attorneys for the p* tit-ion-r. 0-!2-I3-2»». It'..... Oilflilan Oneral Cantractor. Flagstone and Cement Sidewalks and Curbing a Specialty. (NBc« lis East iaekaoa Are. Fferat ML •-~r:^..z..' -^^ii...*' .-s.i-irti- I6th National IRRIGATION CONGRESS lnt^r*tate industrial Exposition and .Vc-.r Mexico Territorial Fair ALL AT i Albuquerque. N. M. .SIP. it! in Of r. 10 Cf r:> P::/; -rr proijiejous .-^ ••:-h-t where ail .v.ty ;rrtr;i '•*.!'''> tr. Caii- (iiT 'lt V. ;-.r L- k;.nr - Til" ' .-^ f;"-.« rrimeat is now ni: •(.•:<..- of d'.iiUr:- to .1 rn :ar.' Mt w .if -r S 'ipply : •: -; • .~vTiii-Hr.'l land.:• r: '.f a-re^ :• • f- •'.-A f- f'>r h"ine3i A • '"i-'n rrpss- \ 1. ^ .••t.^r-"- •• K>>r*ign ••[;-.1-- I ;.,v. r:.:i.- ::• e,:Tiriai5. ;• r - . • \; -r- - ,<•.-! '"aitjins '•; .r. t'' -*' w ;'", :t' r)'! - \ • . \ ; • •>: S-"ith- -.\ • 1 i: wi t • • • •: • .aid ! I •• • I - ;." • v .«nd Ti Sr'^ -Ti - .! •• S--',!' t?) o- • ; . .• • • .!n,- fi> r ; :• 1- ! .Ml ;«; ,.!;r-r«Mon • . • \ •> : I- ..i-- !ivX«»8 i . I • •ifti via < . N M :.• I \-.v .:t.;.o, leu, \ttraiii«r -id'-trin-* l» I .S Re- rlaai.itton Prnji-ri* and frrand tanjon «t Arltona. Santa Fc! W: K. RAI»STO>, .-iL'cnt. ljula, Kan«. . .\.-ik '.or Irr:=atUin' 'ciuokiet. Gem City Bnsiness Gpllega .QODJCY.HX. ' .OoeO-

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