The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 29, 1944 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 29, 1944
Page 3
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TUESDAY, AUGUST 29, Outlines Plans For, Physical Ed Arkansas'Program •\| Will Be Increased; ' Leaders Named LITTLE ROOK, Aufh 28'<U.P.) — Jeff Farrls, recently appointed supervisor ol physical education for llic Arkansas Education Deparl- nicnl, lias announced plnns lor In- fteaslng (lie stale-wide physical education program. ''•'_' Farm says Ihe slate, will-be divided into 12 districts, grouped inlo Jour regions, wllli eo-c))aijjneii appointed to supervise each. Tlio new program will include n wider variety ol physical activities, live class meetings each week, adequate testing program, graded subject matter and functional health programs lor toih children and isdnlts. • According lo the new 'program, the co-chairmen ' will organize a professional association of physical education teachers to advance the .•ilundard of leaching through the state. Co-chairmen and the counties composing the district include- ' District One: (Bciiloii, Carroll Washington, Madison, Crawford and Sebastian counties) Miss FO- iba Thomas and .Virgil Bteon Ijoth ot Payctlcvllle.' District Two: ' (Boone; Marion, Baxter, Fulton, Newton and Sea'r- cy r.'nuities), Mr.?. Elina Nicholson of HGiTlson and C. H. Smyth of Marshall. District Three: (Izard, Stone, Van Btircn, clebiiriie, White, Wocktfud, Jackson. Independence and Sharp counties), Mis. Frank Leavett of Kensctt and W -l\. Mason ol Scnrcy. .-".'••'. District Four: (Randolph, Law-, rciicc, Clay, Greene, Craighead, .Cjljjl'setl and Mississippi counties), (Vfs. Hulus Haynes nnd Halph Ha'lKlip, both of Parixgould. 1 District Five: (Cross. St. Franiis, CriUcnden, ,Lee, Phillips, Monroe and Prairie counties), Miss Rayda Wallace ol Wynne, and Lewis Ilaw- ley of Forrest City. District Twelve: Scott. Polk and Montgomery counties), Mrs. a. H. McMillan of Mena, and U M. Sawyer of Waldron. Bl'YTHKVILLR (AUK.) POUK1KU NK\VS It ( ' Famed Resorts in Allies' Pofh Call Wiltiesses • ;,;•' . . ' - r In Yates Trial Three Are, Accused Of Slaying Youth , Af Tullahoma, Tenn. & Anglo-Canadian forces heading up the Channel rmsi m-r,i,ii,i , i« i r , • ~ r ~ ' Is m Ihe world, Trouville first, later Deauville became li 0*' the prewar set. - - "^, Heroic Struggle To Build Air Force Told In Gdvreau Book (UP) —Five state's witnesses subpdc- iiEcd last wcek'to : testify'-ln thc'tria] of Si-year-old Toy Yates, Tullahb- ma grist. mill" owner, and his two sons for .the May n slaying of Robert Slicrrill, Tullahoma schoolboy, ivere on hand today as the trial got •<jjBeer»'ay with selection of jurors. ~Among the state's witnesses will be Ruth Yates, n-ycar-olct daughter and sister of tlie accused and companion of young Sherrill on the night of the shooting; Bobby Jer- nig'an, acquaintance of the dead youth who accompanied he and Ruth to a movie prior to the slaying; anil three police investigators. Rob-' ert York, Tullahoma police clerk; Sergeant Carl Hill, state highway patrolman; and Sergeant Martin Stephens, chief of the Nashville police homicide squad. An unidentified witness who. al- elgcdly passed the scene of the crime shortly before .the shooting was expected to be called !o the stand by the prosecution'when the trial officially opens. ' ' Storm Releases Honey GREELEY, Colo. (UP)— Sweet- toothed Grecley children had a field dn v following a recent tornado which struck Ihe city. Two trees were demolished and one of them contained a beehive. Little time was 1 ? s i-. b - v tlic 5'oimgsters in gathering .honey. lead,.Courier.pews,,W.ant, Ms ers," Einile Gavreau combines liis inexhaustible knowledge of aviation history and his natural reportorial ability in his Idlest book. "The Wild Blue Yonder" (Dutton: $3). Here is the almost incredible sld- "y of America's uiipreparediicss before Pearl Harbor—Ihe " prejudices against flying, Germany's infringement on America's patent system the blood-letting control of the nr- namcnts industry by a murderous few. The significance of these ilooniy and documented facts makes i startling contrast to the "sequel of America's rise to the greatest iir power in the world today—the ale of "the sons of the profit," Mitchell—Arnold. S|;aatz Doo- iltle, Cbennault, Brereton, Enkcr, Kenny and others. It is a story of what these men, and air-minded carters like them, did to produce an air force of 2,400,000 from a nucleus of 116 combat planes—all we had before Pearl Harbor to defend- Ihe' Pacific stretch from Hawaii to Singa'iinre, If Gavreau is occasionally repetitious, lins can only he laid to his background'of opposition as a po- necr of-aviation. The story he has to tell. Is the story of progress, the story of the men who fly our B-29's who bomb Ploesli, who hit at the heart of Germany—it makes -<ood rending, the tale of how America is whining the war. ISIMEf, TOOAV A -philosophical evaluation ol tlie Jew's place in the world today coupled with a clarion exhortation lor the .lew not to deny his Jeiv- ishness, but to live U, is" the dominant theme of Wai (to Frank's interpretive volume, "The Jew in Ou r Day" (Duell, Sloan & Pearce- S2.SO). Mr. Frank speaks not only to the Jews but to tlie gentiles as well, for both have been equally foggy as to where the 'modern Jew fit's serts . ..>• death, Mr. Frank as"not through persecution , ---, ..~* vtiiuv^ii |JCI fltLlUlUll but through inniiilioii, unless at least a minority of the nation returns to the teachings of Ihe prophetic Covenant so Hint Israel and .its still unfilled mission tor iiiaiikind may live." : Reinhold Nicbuhr ol Union Tlic- pjlgical Seinlnnry,. one of America's leading Christian philosophers, contributes a provocative introduction Frankl,', admitting thai while the work doesn't hold out the solution to the Mystery ol Israel, which Mr, Frank characterizes as the'mystery of life. Ihe author docs claim' that his writings ask the correct questions to the solution. .Mr. Frank will do the entire world a deep and lasting favor if he ever arrives at the correct answers. • • * AH, YOUTH! "The Barricades," l )y Ph,,,,, loynbce (Doiibledny Dpr.iti: $2.50), is the story of a man who was born' too lute to follow in the path of his own ideals. Michael Rawlins, English schoolmaster, is fired from h|s school. Rather 'than feeling dismay or shame, Rawlins is overcome by relief, a _sensc of freedom that h:s nine years of teaching had quelled. He determines on an adventurous life—no obligations no conventions. A man of ideals, however, he is incapable of mere drift'"«. :A former student of his, David Markharn, emotionally immature follqws him tp London, believing Ii s .dismissal is due lo politically liberal ideas. Rawlins is irresistibly :lrawn lo the young man. His plans lor life as an adventurer are disrupted by the concern he feels for Markham, by Ihe intuilivc response evoked in him by the ardor of the toy's beliefs. For a time Hawlins struggles to «cp Marlrliam Irom going to Spain to fight with the Loyalists,-but. in • ^•^•^^^^^•^H Buy Your Winter Supply of WOOD and KINDLING V/hile It is,Available: PLANTATION OWNERS' SPECIAL PRICE ON 100 RANK LOTS! BARKSDAtE MFG. CO. .•Blytlieville, Ark. ,,„.. , Phone 2911 All Spring and Summer Merchandise reduced for immediate sale.;.. Read Thursday's Courier News for complete details! FEINBERG' the end, he cannot stand In-the way 'of Markha Ideals which he his own. lie rcn not doing the Iljihlljn}, 'ihiia, out of summer cf planned wnsle, llaiv- is nwe to <ln\\v :m Imiierhb- mean'ns lo a life he can no er bjl ( | in scorn. ierc Is Implicit trn B i>dy In Ihe u-m O f two ccnerallons, one rnle llirouijli ugc. (he [iilii'r lullle Inrouuh Ininiaturlly. WAII. VKItSK "Take Them. Binnnjer," n new m of |, ol . ms !ly li (Henry l(,,)i : -.illios ct war wlihout . defensively avKunl, perhaps, nun Ihose two symbnls of Nay.l wsUnlily should never be ullowert to be roiuolti'i), yet on (he olhei' liiiul, Ilioje 'cities have been eulo«- izt'd so lejicnledly thin Hie strpnulh "I Ihflr symbolism tends 10 lailcj MIS.S nculsch makes her imlnl wlth- oui benefit of WuiiStbusicra nnd MM- 109 s, too, . i Bui she alsu writes of Ihlnv.B •i»>c lo home, and at u, c snnii! iinivfiwil. "Couitlry Siiiiilny': " Cl <: n ! • ''•' ••'' !u bhoe Rationing NQ Problerri To Pecan. Grower .cV. (UP)-W. J.'Milllcun. 13, claims lio particular credit, for buy Inn hln Ilrsl pair of dress slwva In 15 years. ' ' After he txmuhl the preceding pair In Uviilde, Tex., In iS2l), Minium wi\s illsabled by fall from a tree and didn't ,wenr shucs nuicK fur two ye:irs. Then a ruin bulled him and he was laid up three yenis more with n broken hlji, This live years out maintained bis life-time. iivemge' of » new imh- every 10. years, lie's harder on "everyday" shoes— buys n pair every three years, ,• ! ' Mllllcun,., popuUivly known as Alcalde oITlend." always has been easy on fool\vei\r. Me was one of live boys in n Iiinju .ploncev family. "We went barefoot Until we were ' old Whiter," Is an example," ii m | thert me many himv in (lie volume which display (ho same subtle nnd I boots, iimliliey "-•Will! touch: lu Ihls'dny," "IVm-cd with iron.. The mutlerliiK tlnme, Cold, us Iron The whKiou-pan'p. Siwv-tt-litspn-s through The truck ol the dour, A cold foot lapping 'Ihe riiHlm floor." A .sky withdrawn. Hnvlna no |iiiri in the dead curth Or Ihe cold heiirl." to tiii-n our lip up id the: jjlrls," lie. related. "My "first I foolw'c'iir wns ii pitlr of brass-loed were my last bouls "I have purchased In my lite mi (iveriige (if u jinlr of ohots every Ihree yenrs for everyday wenr nnd Sunday shoes.on an average ol n pair for every 10 'yours. No Kc\'L i lry "I never Indulge In'revelry ;:uch to Ir- revorably divide his sv , mlw w noin the younger man's, he would "Poems From the Desert" ( Har'ei's: S1.75), Is ;i Sir Montiicinery, .. ~" "vutyjn IMOnP'IJtllei'V Eciicralion ,, : I1 5 „, ,„.„ Z( j ()f J ™f< ^ • bo wnllld uh:,.l, ..,„!.., , . ' • I'" 1 - 11 "* winners In i\ jsoolry contest conducted by the Eighth Army's l-Mu- eiillon Officer—closing, time I'cb, '2fl. IS-l^. lit the very. time (lie desert fid'as were iiwliiglng their kimck- out blow on. Uoinmel, The '21th poem flew literally out of iioiyhm 1 . U sva» on n scrap of jia|>ur whlrh Mutlercd Inlo, n sill trench diu-lnij (he battle of El Aiilicllu. A rcAmtk- nble collcetloh of leinlcr, yetslnewy lioeiiiK' by some .of the .is khlndlKs 01 dinccs lo v'wi out »n slices," h« explained. - in wlix- lei I keep them out of Hie lire oii cold duys and nlwnys keep them ollod nnd polished I nhajs bought the best gindo nnd Keep the shoes Nell (jtenscd with tillow to piotcct them fiom water V nuei \\cai socks. Jii summer, swent rims down Into Hie shoes 'and ICCJllilOS ollener . Mllllcnn Is 11 pi can EIOV,CI In the fall when he climbs' the trees to lirm'esl the mils, he wears moccasins— "like the Indians wore to keep me from slljiplnt; MUlleiin, slili active despite lib years, btms|s Ihiil he'lina-m-ycr beqn on old-due pension, n'nd nlways Intends U) be .liKtepeiidaut, He Is not economical in shoe' wear only. "1 could tarry iin the bacon I evor liouijlil In my hand," ho suld, "mid ' nil Hie soup my wife over bouehl In my hnt.. I never bought but 16 bushels, of borii In my life nnd wo illwnys h'avi)' v 'rwouiili 1 to spare, And, IhnnkK to the Alinluhly, wi 1 have been nble lo buy war bowls every lime they come around," The uoby fish will drown If kept wider witter for liny itreilt leli«th of time. It can move about nn hore, ,.& — • tin* PiahoT Don'l sacrifice your piano, no milter linn old ur lioiy new We H 111 p i) highest cash price for it, no nultor nhcther ll Is pn Wp- 'rlffti;- fcr'ec or fiiiiall.'a Sjilitneti or Graiul. _ ~- ''-' •' v . ,'i, -• '- • • '• ' .Y. '''. V/-'!*' t'-'tf^ Just ' write us giving -distance nnd direction 1 from posi r> of flee; iiiid describe i>l.ihp;-iihil/We. v »;ill send n rc|ircscnUllve lo see you. TEMPLE bF Music • • • • • •• '' , Guaranteed : , : Moothprobfing ' Protects CLOTHING— RUGS—FURNITURE.^ DRAPES—BLANKETS—etc. Ask for the schedk ule of reasonable prices. , : ' ' •: .. Cleaner—Tqilor---rClofhi«!!r;^ We salute GMs"G.Ls" We are waiting to welcome them back We an planning jobs for them ERAL CADILLAC CHEVROLET • PONTIAC . Of,DSJIOBILE . BUICK Acroproducts . Allison . Cleveland Diesel . Dcleo Appliance * Delco Products . Delco-Remy . ,«,-„- i».- Bcko Radio • Dclrolt Transmhston •' Diesel Equlpn^aw Stccrlc* G AC Spark Plug Electro-Motive • Guide Ump . llyalt . New Departure . nrovin-Upc-CliapIn IMckard El«clr!c . Proving OrounJ . R««rth L n b<,«torl« . R«l,««r PM,| UC ,, . Sa,| naw M.llcabto Iron" .'.ft Caieral Motors Pails . General Molon Instltulo , Cc.icral Molorj ot'cao'' Moralno Products United Motov^ Service ' New Departure Proving O U. M. Overseas Operations

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