Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 26, 1908 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 26, 1908
Page 6
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6_ ISATUKPAT EVEaXG. gEPTE3DIEB M. 1M8. THE CONTRACT LET lOIBEHMAVS POBTLA> D CEJIEXT PLAKT IS A SIRE THING. COMPANY HAS 3,000 ACRES TICTOE BEl'TXEB, A PITTSBIKG EXOOEEB MILL BUILD PLA>T. Work on the Plant to Brftin at Once —lolans Are FnonciaUr Lntcrrsl- ed in the Plant. The contract for the erection of the Lumbcrman|s Portland Cement company plant at Carljle. five miles north of this city, has been let to Victor Beutner, a prominent engineer of Pittsburg. Pr. Mr. Beutner announces that work on the plant will be started at once. The news of the sfartinR of ihis plant will be Riadly received here, ho- cause It will furnish cni|>loynionti for many lola workmen alnd for the further reason that ninny lola people are flnanrially interested In the plant. The. company's headipiarters are In Kansas City and tlio lottluii of the contract occurred tliojv. Thi- Kansas City .lournal s;«ys: The I..umberuians I'oiiIniKl Conicnt company with BencrnI nnici'S in the U. A. Loup luiildluK, Kansas City.. Mo.. has'closed a contract with >ir. Victor Heutner. n pmnilnent engineer and instructor of Piitsburp. Pa., for the erection of its cement plant on the lands of the company at Carlyio. Ks.. five miles north of lola. on the main line of the Santa Ke railway, which Interests the property of the ciunpany directly at the site of tlio plant. Work on the plant is to heein, at once. This company, takins lis name from the commercial interests of its orsan- izers, who. are anions the most i)roni- Inent wholesale •- Innibennen of the Middle West, was orpanized last fall, and,has since been actively onsased In acquiring valuable Kas and oil loas- es immediately adjoining its properties, now controlling tinder fee simplo title and ninety-nine-.vcar fully paid np lease S.ono acres in a body in the center of the Kansas gas and oil licit. The company has installed and is operating a larce retail lumber yard, a commissary carryinR a full line of merchandise, has its own townsite. erect.lnp as rapidly as ncortcd homes of B substantial chanict<T for the om- ployees. The Santa Fe railway company has conndetejl its switch into the brick plant, qpe of the features of the compan.v's plans, the grudinp for which has been flulslied. The company numliers nmonjr its stock:holderB a InrKC list of represeu- taflve retail lunibe operative BHSOCIH! ern' and deiilera' 1 men, creatluK a co on of inniiufnctiir- iteresiti. Mr. Victor ne.uti ^er, who hus H <cured thiH cnniriiet, IUIH had wide exper : lencn In IhU line, mid HK ii Kiniciur- inl jiteel ouKlneiT iiinionK the liirKcnl m«nufnctnrln): InterrHlK In tlie llntd, ;nm6nt( them ilie |;i,<i(m,n(in nter<| plant of the Colotiliit Kieel comimny. tiio pipe niillH of I lie Spiini;. ChntfnnI A Co.. the pliinlM of llie llrafly's tlend J-'Ire Brlclt ninl t'enient rornpnny. the roJlInF tnllls of the WheellnR Steel & Iron,^company. Jle Ims handled in responBlble capacity tlie construction of $40.0no .PO(» of innntifacturlnp plants and l8 Just complellnR the plant of the AUoona Portland Cemcnf. company, of Altoona, Kas.. and in the huildlnR of that plant has establislied a record for rapid construction work in this line. Mr. Beutner states that, under reasonable weather conditions, and with prompt delivery of material and machinery, he can place the Lumberman company on the market with cement within seven months from the date of the contract. The directory of ihc I.umberman's Portland X^ement company presents this names of \V. T. Ferguson, president of the W. T. Ferjnison Lumber Company. ofSt. i>ouis: .lohn M. Byrne, president of the John M. Byinc Lumber company: M. B. N'elson of the Long-Bell Lumber compan>: .T. E. •Waddill. of the Adair I,iiml er company; J. W. ' Ferpusori. president of the Sabine Lumber company: W. E. Woods, president of the W. F. Woods Lumber company: S. H. Chali MI, president of the S. H. Chattin Lumber company, all well known wholesale lumbermen; Georse A. BowlUs, president of the- Allen County Stable Bank at tola, Kansas, and F. F. RoiseHe. of Kansas City, who is attorney Reneral for the company. ROUSING RECi>TIO (Continued from puBte 1.) cars lost more points yestei(iday count of their engines sto| cars ran high and dry on " so that the flywheels were the earth and had to be dug spade before the motors w Elliott H. .lones ran out in his Maxwell car at a nn iOn ac- iping. Itotb hog backs." jchoked by )ut with a ltd run. ^f ga.soline ik convcn- t lent point, but the engine \Mns "dead several minutes. The caj stoj»ped right in front of k farm house, and Mr. .tones caught the man who lived there in the act of descending from -a. wagon with a five gallon cxjn of gasoline in his hand.. Here; what will you talJc for that, luick?" shouted Mr. .loncs. Two dollars." rej)Iled lite fanner. Sold" cried the lourisl. and he ail- dcd under his breath. "Tpi dollars price for seems 'to be the i^tand:! overythiiuK around here." The Jones car losi nmre Mine pulling «Hiti the —I'lipe-Marlford; ear .\o. 7, which <;()Utained the "Siow prag clult" from the .>*aiiie sink hole \yhich later engulfed Carl Sinioa'.-^ .Maxwell ear. SiIIl more time was consiintcd waiting for a freiglit train to clear'the track at tliis plaee. .Mr. .tones liras in inc liesi of humor, l-.owever. j w hen he checived in here. 7 i The r<i.'id.< .»e.sierda.> werl> the liesl. generally speakin.^. >el foi jid llie cup cba^^er.-^. Only tine l«ad sireteh was ttuiiid. the Flint hill tistrici be- Iween Kldoradu and )^>s;ilin ; Many ot the cars were iinalile to niakj- the noun com rot <in time lieeaiise »if ^be.-e Hint hlils. Then the jiiliil car ijoi otT the road again and had lo turn l|;u'k. mean ivliile a ilozvn <'ar.s ran up cltjisi> iM'hind ii and they lost eonsiderali aeeouni of the misdireelit pilot, car. The Steven .-i -Kiiryea .N"«. j| the INer le .-is .\"o. ::, the .Sludeliaker No. '.< and the Corbin No. i:; cha.-icd th > pilot car about thirty mile.*; or nion*; arrivin;; right iiehind it al Eureka. iiue on If tile PONT OPPOSE FRATS Chancellor Strong Says Fraternities Do Not Interfere With racy of Students Dcmoc- o not be- Lawrf-nre. Sept. 2fi. —"I lieve that fraternities intelrfere witli the democracy of the Unlyersily of Kansas," s:iid Chancellor Frank Strong today, in his seveii|h address to the student boi ^v. "Some of our frateniities are not ihat they should be. but we will havi to make. Ihein improve their standa ds." con tinned the eliaiieellor. "Son • say yo'ii cant tiave fraternities in a inlversitx and at the same time have i 'inocracy. If that IK true, then I say own with fraternities. Hut I ilon't elleve It. Deniocr.'icy has nolhlnir t< do' with clothes; It has to do ullli lie Ii <'urt3 of our breaHlH." ChaneeUor Stroiii; said ITe uiiivcr MJty stands llrsi of ii|l for HI jiolarslilp lie H/ild lilfti) of cverv lllllllfill peopli In the Clllleil SiMleH are ree Ivlllg col leue elllli -allon. "The inoHl Inipnrtaiit purl if iitilvir »lly life." ronllti I .Mr. )ronK, "li' the Koelnl and ttioral Iralnliit It Isn't HO much what we Itnow, \n wliethei we are Kood men. This lir'li i:s to my mind the life of our lale [e »an<;e|lor. People (lodn'I say s<i tniieh filiiiiK Ills Intellectnnl capaelty. aUhou |b IV was great: they di'lnt say so in ii-li about Dr. Snows' reputation as a natural scientist, although it was uri -at, ^itl they rlid say lie was a good nan. .And he was. i tell you he toi fhed niy life: for he was one of the lii-st nieu':t ever knew."' fUS.MI.S.S TIIK CVSI!. lell ><.t CharBcs .ttfuiHst iiin. Has Pnnen in .Muskocee Co^ift. MusKogfje. Okla.. Sept. :n.—liiidKe n. E. Camplnjll of the Cnited Sijiies district <!Ourt today liaiided do\)ii a del -it nua- Haskeil : eni;:- ciHion in the ease uf Haileys wa. Ohio.: against Cnvernoi and the iiidianola ("<ititiaetiii imny of -Muskogee. The suit yas tiled about one nionili n;:o and tl wjis asked by Uailey.^ who c hundred and forty share.-; tii" the company lo appoint a ii take <'harge of its affalr.s ground that they were liein;; j(| ecMiri ( «-n one toek in The Lost* Three Days of Our Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Values ot tlie most pronounced character, many will stand without a ipeer, offerings which should, by reason of their strisngth and money-saving, throng the store on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Three Big Bargam Days Bleached Cotton Toweling, others ask you •'>c, our price • fiO dozen bleached Pillow Caecs, others ifin sell them for ir»c, our price |Uu All the best brand > of Calicoes, worth Cn (i^c and 7c, onr price Jlf Dark and light Outings, othefs ask 7ic our price Ju Bleached soft Murdin. lUhcrs sell (Jn for Tic, our price vlM Robe Prints for comforts, others sell them Cn for 7.U-, our price ISc Mercerized Gi.ighams, 3o inches wide iCn in plain and fancy checks, our price.; Ivii Fall Jackets, just.the kind you netjd for early fall wear. JO .'.ts values, .semi and light- QQ fitliug, clioicc WUIUU All wool Pianama Dr«sc» Skirts, in navy, blue' brown and black, others ask |."».U0. ftQ QQ Our price Oui VU ciii inch wool Suitings, worth 50c, price our ri2 ineh nil Wool Taffeta, regular $1. value, our price iuch black Talfcta Silk, worth *1. per yard, our price DO Fancy Suitings in the new stripe effi all folor.^, inches wide, our price.. OO bets Apnm Ciiughatns, aswirted checks, atid worth T-ic, onr price Turkey Red Table Linen, HO inches wide, price , 12ic Cheviot Shirtings, big assortmeit of patterns, choice .'Vutomobile and Rain Coats in woo and sil^ rubberized, just in from New York. Prices— . $I2.50< SI8.00, S20. 5c New Xet Waists in white and ecru, J2 regular $l.<t() vahic, for • . .\ New Net Waists in while and ecru, QQ regular iJS.OO value, for VuiuU Big salH of Sateen Waists for early fall wear, in black and fancy, s[»ecial at 98c and $1,25 Big Suit Sale, Monday, Tuesday and Wednes(|ay See our Special Numbers at i! $10.00, $12.50, $15.00, $10.00. $20.00, $25.00 SoiB Agenim for i^m Homo Jour' nai Patternm Tho iiiat Moforjm DImmppointo You IS JEWISH yV.W YE.VK. lof .llie .lews a.';^enli•i•i•d in ;li<:: i i.iiier- At-conlintr to JcnNh Iteekuniu!; This W III He Year iCiW. fiver I" on I'le lisnian- aged Ity Ha.skell wlm !.«; iSresjder.t of the company.. The emirt held ihaf rlie iillegalioiis were unfounded ijiiid t!;e - Auupunrement. I Dr. Sutcllffe !\j'lshes to inform h|s farmer pafrons afid the public that he has resumed the! general practice of niedlcioe, ix}mbii^ng It with surger.v. OIBce liours 10 to 11 a. ni.. 1 to 8 and 7 to 8 p. m. c:ise was ordered liaintlffs co.^i;. rii.sntlss^ed Si al the A Job for Some One. |; If some gentleman who dejjjre.s to leave town qiiirkly will drop |Jt brick on the head of the Punch ami show which interrupts work Register office of afternoons per will be sent to hiiii frei year. Punch and Judy shows ifaay he entertaining hut they are mlghij^- hard to work around. Judy Y The [he pa- f for a Register Want Ads brlngr results. Tmlay i .-i K'l.sli-Hasliaiiali. (lit- .I.-\vi^li .V'-iv Year. I>i<"ill>. when- ijie <iay i.< ceji-biated. it will lie a vi;i y .|iiii-r one. Iieginuing a' .sundown Kiidav evening and eiiniiiiiiiim iin'il siuuUuvii Saiuidtiy. .\ceordiiig tn tlie Jewi.-li reckoning tin- yeai' which wiil U.-nin tonight will be :,M'.i. the .lewish, lalen dar dating li'ack :!T<;i \far .-i liet <i |ii- the bH;;innins; of the fhri.-iian era. vvhiih is einiiloyed in all eivlllztd emin;jji- tfiday. The .lewi.^h New Yorhi !> a" valuable daU'. coming at th" liiiif <>l' tbo first new moon after the aiiiiiinii.-ii .solstice of the sun. According In .5<iinr: well informed members of the riie .'.i ihe Jewish New Year was forni<rlv a pagan festival celebrating the Idr'h nf auiiiiDn, when tho earth cea.»e.>< irom production tor the year and begins to store up energy for the followint; spring. Its origin IK In some waye sini ilar to the iChristlun Hnniversary of Ciiri6tui»s. Fblch is an adaptation of an ancient ^ealihen festival. When the Jewish nation was In existence, the New Year was an occasion of great rejoicing. During the da.v all l.'Jaeles anil the pries;s i.ffeic.; i I rilier.-i. The yming men ibi'ici-d . er\ ua.s' i-xpeeti-il to In- Side-' She .)'•".".Wli natliin ihi- .%'••«• Vf.ii I '-l-lii.iij [. >a<-- ll 'I evil:! I'|'> !1 M-.ii •iii.-' iiiinh 'if i'> ili.-iill.-:ix•• eli;irii SH: iThe juTsiMtit iiii! « i!i<tr till- i .Ki- U.I.- ' .•iiiliji'iii'd III f<'r >iMi.> ill le.iin I'Xi -ii jpiir: iif till' world i;iii?'il th'- <ii;uiir'il' I 'll th" r.-ieliialinii l<i ^uilll ,;:!• er it bei-amc nmf <il a v HMIUMI I Ih.iTI a jiixfiil ii( <ii.-|iiii Oili'-r .l>«i.-ii N.i.-r-. <l.n.- v. hii-h >ie- !eMr in it'.i- ii>:ir *ii*Mr»,' .<i>' :l:c l>;iv nf .Vi''III 'III (ici'iii.i •'. .iii'l lie- l-\i- e;|>l (.f Ih, Talni ii;i<ir.-. "li «l ' MIMT 1> I -O n isi;. o . o .\|rr- A T Kiillaril r>ni!ii«i| .'NIriMtl.iv Iiiiie. Wichita wln-rf ^ In- ti;i.- hii-i \ I: iiitiu Ifi^ 'laii;:lii>T J. |). Iloringswdrtb hn-- ti">"i bil |i ing ChH.^. H'iliin.--fin »it|i lii.- unrk tiie past week. The sUk folks at Kmuf.-*'. WllnunU A are all ini|iroviiig. Warren Hockott.- weie cilllirg at .Mr. Grieves Sunday evenlnr; Ing. Invitations are out for a partj- at \\\<.- Kihcl Wiitu'irhs Thiir.sday t >%-en- .I'.iii C<r."r> di-l;ver «"5 Imts in Gas li .i- tiist 'if the week Xit. Uavi' Kii<iiii:i ;;"r i.-; iTi -.-tinu a hii" new li (i ';.-e on h!:< f.'irni. Se.- the f.iini'!.- i;r'iw. ,\ T. Hiillai'l .-lilpiiri! a I 'l .ul of cat>\i' t 'l Kaii .-a.- City Tiie.>:d;iv ni«hf. A lar;;" crowd attended chiir<-h at the ValUy Su^llla.^ afierno 'in. Mis.s Iva Smart i.s atfetidinc the lola hl;:h .sehoni a:;aiii this yi-ar. .Mr. Harry Grieves leturned to t'hl- eago .Monday to attend tin- iii "'lical e.ill'-;ie. This is U»s last year al thai place. Itiifii,-. .M.iiiln and .loliii KrancIs ihra .-li'ft wheat tlii.- week Mr Paynes tiiacliine i> 'IniiiK the v .urk .\|r Kn-d Kl>liy is tii ;rsini; a illslo- 'a "'d kneo -joiiii. lie has b-eu bother- i| will) it f':r jfiiiie lime It IS cifroiK vt ry iiiy in his local m M 'isi of rhi- fariii "is are waiting '•r. iMirt liefr .ir<- MIWIIIK wheat? well, and litniiing for the lola Sanitariutn and mineral gery. will again !aketip the general liraclice of rne<licine. Thre^ brick bii dec cfiiirse of c^mstnictjon for tn.- sanitarium. One lo be used In coiuJection with the naia torlnm. The swininiing. pool will he eighty reet S'liiare ]oiit with brick, with mineral wate other building fort stories high, will "ing for employe^ hon«ie. Both the about ronii>!ete. building which i.s six teci and four under way and nt is intended to ha rerid.v for oeciipan HKOITH I KK VHY HY JWr .VHY FIKST. Uork uii l»r. SutrlHITc's Suoltarliiiii Ix rrogres>ln|t Mrely. Dr SuiTllffe who ha^ during the l>ast six nionthH l>e«n suiiervLsing the construction ot the building to be used IUID IS (Jpiieral his practice tu sur- Idin 'gs are now mi- ixty by twenty f.-et and paved •thiniisti- t will he supplied I by a windmill Any by thirty feet two le iisea a.s a dwf --i- ahd a carriage jibove buildings are The third or main o'be fifty by foViy- |ttories high Is well ring completion. It ic ih" sanitari'iiii |e.v by January 1st Irer Western .HI*- .xonrliiuii >o iliern K»nsms To«tiy. Kansas City. Sep general over the wj . 26.—A light rain. {Eastern half of Mis- sourl and the nort least^rn corner of Kansas fell this i fternooii breaking the drouth of iwenijvslx days. '

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