Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 26, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 26, 1908
Page 5
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THE TOLA BJAHJ EECFISTBB, 8ATCBDAT EmftSG^ SEITIEMBlik gJ^IHWS. nn ReBsoris Why You ShouM GBiry a Bunk AoGOitni It helps your credit It guards you against extravagance. It will create business habits that will increase your savings. It makes a clear record of your business. It furnishes the best receipt for all money paid out. It will prevent you from paying the same bills twice. It protects you against loss by robbery and personal injury by robbers. It is the best burglar Insurance you can carry. It enables you to pass over periods of sickness without embarrassment. It is not only a luxury, but a necessity ^to a successful business man. 1 State Savings Bank Mm, Kmammm Open from 7 to 8 p. m. Saturdays and Pay Nights —Uerchant's Lnnch at Our Way. From Out of Town. Several out of town autos wpre here last evening to witness the coming I D of the Star cup chasers. Visits Friends Here. Mrs. F. R. Wykoff came In from Wilsie last ovonlng and after a short visit witJi frirnils hf»rf went to lola. —Ottawa U«'piibUc. lola Team at Elsmore. Thf lola hall team will I H> her* next Sunday and cross bats with oar boy.* on the local diamond, for the cham- pion.Hhip of .\llen county. lola- has been playin?^ fast ball all season, hav- InB won a largo p «T cent of their Raines. KIsniore has lost bnt two Kaipes this season, therefore claitn to be the unilifsputed champions of: the county; however, the lola team hns come forwanl .iinl will fry to carry off the honors to the capital town next Suntljiy. The ^anw promises to be a good, one and wil' b'- worth your while to sec. • Com" nut and help the hnmu boys carry off the honors.—lyadef. — It—Our.Way Soda Water. Fryer Bros. WHOLESOME GROCERIES Out; Slock of Orwcrics and Meats are sold on the merits of their high standard as to quality. They are imre. wholesome and always can be relied iupon. . Try a sack of No. 7 Flour, per sack MJO i Japan, Imperial or Gunpowder Tea, per pound • 45c The belt In town for the money. Fryer Bros. . FkVBes S08-301. Evans Bros. Offl^m ammmllmm Whar* qaality !• natn'eoniii- •rattop w* buy th« batt Wbm danwndi will JuatUy, wt earrjr til tridti «nd prioM. ••Ilk SM* Unw, Itlm IBU. THE Golden lyest Land Co Offers you Iiefter oppporfuni- ties to sell or exchange your farm or business through its cooperative agencies:. Offit^ Over Iowa }«>tort< lloJa, Kansas. J, H. THOm I* mml Ptmmr Hmmgor Estimates [cheerfully given on all wort Phon«' '-10. Be*, m S. Bnckejre. COiOMST RATES CiUlornla, irlsona. Etc Rally nntil October SI, IMS. ItOOO from lola, Has. Liberal stopover prlvljeges. I'or- Boaally conducted excursions, "flckets aoepted In tourist sleepers on payment of Pullman rate, and^tn chair car. No better way of becoming acquainted with tbp Great Southwest, Vbero SIDB U /trms yield a cotupeltence, ttian by traveling over the Santa Fe. Let me send you some literature •bout California, A.rlzdna, etc. W. E. RlALSTOX, A^ent. ' Jola, Kansas. Short Stories IbSBSSSBBS o r a lola Happetfo^l —Dr. J. It. Pepper. DcntiaL Pkvne 163. Coca Cola All Right. Coca Cola fiends In lola brea»l)eij a siph of relief yesterday when they read| the di!ji)atch in the Repister telling of the analysis made by Dr. J. S. Abbot at Austin in which he found no tnices of morpliine. cocaine or like substance, in the drink. —S. X. CoDnlngbam, d per cent Bsoey. On School Business. Prof. L. G. French made a business trip to lola. Tuesday, in the Inierest of our schools.—Blsmore Leader. Mundis now has the agency for Lowney's chocolates. Myler Wants Stone Mason. Mr. E. ^V. Jlyler was over from Ulla Tuesday iryinp to hire a stone mason to do sojiie work for him out!at the .Inhn Bacon farm. It Is almost hseless at the priJseut time lO try to pet stone msKons of carpenters In Elsmoff'. All of our peoplti have all they can' do and —.Always time fo eat at Our V^'.iy. McClanahan Hurt. .\.sa .McCIanahan w.ns niixe.i in fi ni;i away on«^ nishf lart week. Ouf siil>> of thf shaft <Iov.-n. I;iit no I'perXoi'S dama'.'e was .Asa I '.TUie nut with a f <'W l-riiisfs,—.Veo.sho F'ajls Post. are en^nSed sintply have for weeks abend.' to take your turn. You Oar- pent «'rM niul stone masons have been Imported here from Kansas City. La Hnrpe and Cins City, and yet there ii: a deniami for more woritmen.—Els­ more Leader. —Insist on hirrlnv "U. 8." floar. About Qur Ants. Red ants have appeared in lola and are nverrunnhig the town In spots. .Are the red ants dre.'?sed In gorge, ous uniforms and do they sinp? If so people in the state will know what the tTonWe is with, the lola people.—Wichita Eagle. .Vntft Oarasre and Repair Shop for :t1l kinds nf repairlnir. Automobile livpry. riioae S93. Just Loane<< Him. Congressman Ed. Madison of the Rpventh d:stri'-t has been loaned to .southeasten Kansas this weel:.—Sa- lina Journal. —Be a n <pp.-ter—Home' Industry— Neosho River Cat at Our W^ay. bonoho BacV. Frank Bonbho. who has been playing ball and running a restaurant In Idaho, this si mmer. I .s expected home the latter part of next week to spend the winter ati home. Frank certainly made jrood in jthe west«»rn countrj- and will likely return to Idaho again next summer.—'Elsmore Leader. Tlie A. H A. H. tinn which isi October and —Sicn painting, .hone Fred Rowtfen, T. A. Toniflht. |T. A. will meet tonight to elect deledutes to the stale conven- for the ensul^nB „ to he held iti Salina in Ihlso to elect the ofBccrs lljjiK year. Give year 'Subscriptions for MAGAZIKES AXD PEBIOOICALS TO /. E. Uendersoa who dealt iritb the publishers and fumlsbe's tbem at the lowest price possible. tbade 9t. *U Bnckeyv —Six per cent tnonty: no commission: DO delaj:|-.—Smith ft Travis. Excused Jurors. t yesterday all of the Jurors ^im- moned tor this term except those now ."ittinB In the W. D. Cox & Son-Katy rase were excused to return November 2^rd. when the rest of the Jury case will be ijried. ! —Frank 9. & BoBgh GoBfnietozBj Sngioeers, Sorreyora. Vttliy eQolpped for all kinds of ictteyius; eatbnatins. patent daaw- ilttrJiI"* "^t^, maps. aMnrcBn^- «B ]!Uiiai :ifdi JEum dnOuaa: Beattle. V. S. Phone J39. Cleaned the Street. The citv obt out the hose yesterday land waited South Washington sti-eeit from Mad isqn south one block so that when the Star cttp chasers came In the >i "saw a clean street. Little Buns In Germany. Th»'re are million!: of the llffle Kreen bUKs about, and they have become a pest. TI K'V H I IOW up i-very year, but ihey an- unusimllv pleiilifiil Ibis fall. In Ccrniany the little crem bUK has become such a pest lhaV the Covernnient is tryim: to destroy th<'in. One of the m«tbo >lR is to turn a search llitht ou' a IiPl tb-it will aitrnri ilm bviBS for milv >s arouml. .\ suclion Ina- ehine is operated near the r'^flf-ction. If Is nothintr iinusnal for t>.vo and three tons of bfiss to .be snjpthered and crushed in one nicht by a suction machine.—Atchison C.lobe. Tf y.iu want the latest and hlresl post cnvili» «w the marU?t. j-^l thcra at Mundis i\r\\z clore. Ha"kins at the Falls. Will lianUius and .f lola vi:!- ited v.ith ..Vr. and >! «;<-or;:e H. Lynn. Monda-. —.NV'isho F .Tllr, Tost. —Our. Oysters. Way. Honored Mr. Lynn. C,. II. Iivnn attended the Farmers uieetinc at loin •la-'^t Saturday and had the honor of l>elnp made chairman of the ni'-'^tiuc.—Seosho Falls Post. —Krc!-h Oy.-iord- Our Way. Paul Klein Hunting. I'liiir Klein and .Mr, nrlclinm e.vne up f:<>m lola Mnmlav I 'Vi -nln}- and s|ieut th"' lilirlil with tlie Div.-rs. Tlfv wr-nt out after ehldien Tufhriny with Dwlcht and Uiwrence Diver. They succeeded in lia»;cln« "J'> clilrkens.— .Veosho Fall; I'ost -Dr. P. E. Wansh, PentUt. Phone S2. Big-Fire Averted. Thursday ajout one oc.'of-k. \> ni.. Walter Bntiss. sabsman in pretts bargain store, suielled smoke and noticed it comluK tliroiish the floor in the back of or.o of \\v rooms of the store, aiirl on investiJatio'n found that workmen who had been niaking .sc !u»- repair's in the ba.sem<'nt had set the lower joist on fire from torclies u.="d while at work. The fir'- had not made much headway niu\ was ext!!i;;iii.-hf"l with a bucket or tw-j or water. It wa? a call, and if it had haiipene.i at night might have 'jr^n a hig fire. —Humboldt Uuiot!. Xew post cards. Mundis drus store. McEiroy on River Question. There is a discus.sion •roing on as to whether the Neosho rive- wa.<:- ev<r at a lower siape than it har.-hffn r'^- cently. ; It c»»rtaiiily }ris b'-en lowr —Paper Hanging. Fre Phone 1428. . 'red Rowden. About City Wells. The city cjf lola during the past month has c<;fmpleted four wells. One In 2-24-12. Allen county, was dry. aw was one in 4-25-12. One in 33-24-1« was; a milIM and a half gaaserj'and another wasjk two and one-half mid- lo« «aMer; The company Is now atm- •:M 4w-tvo welU in sectlon^ 3S-24-12.—In-| I d^readence Bqiorter. You Wor/t Need the Denti&t to fill cavities, crown broken teeth, or worse atiU, make ycu a false set, if yen wiU only take a little care of your tepth. Nothing adds to a man's appearance more than'whitc. even teeth, and they're absolutely necessary to a woman's beauty. Among the many tooth pastes, powders and washes we sell we •peciaUy recommend liexalt Jtntlseptlc Tooth Powder. It malces the teeth pearly, sweetens the breath, cleanses the mouth and destroys i ^crnis. Sold with the Rexall snanBteC' ltinbaK .2Sc PATtTERNS Are so simply constructed that a child • could nee th«m. Each pattern has a simplified guide wilh "JO illustrations. A special help to beginners. All Bnttcrick Patterns ajc lOc and 15c None Higher 13 <> M E> s> a:' X c s Yard wldo l'iili|>Tfb-'d Miii.lin V .Mra ii'iiiliiy. .|'»'eiiil piiir prr viiid TiC ltlea'h"d .Mili.llli. "i :iiid lUie >aid vvld<'. prire pi-r i-ard ..,"»<• Apron (liick (JinKliatii.- id liriiwn mill blue, prio'r (ler yard .lO js-t rnblcarliid SI ICI' II HL-. - tiji •(ii.ilil>. p 'T J.iid ... 'Hit- I rnti|r:irli<'d .><ht>''iii; . iv- llti ipMi:i>. price I i -r Jiinl '.M. and r.s-ifc-b Table Linen, liie.ielird and iinl))> a/tn'il. IMM- >.Trd 'i.lC i'lid Urti- Uaiti rnil)r«-na;- "iMnrli ti.)'. spflcial valuer ai ^.It"' «•"•'' »•.•-•:.•.•• f ..r !i. ill i.'t .I 'l .l I. If. • • u lljf. _\ I ! i| r,.I|(\ !• I'l nd K :i :'i :i!;0 ll:<-hr,-, j!| V. u iih roiurfj s. .1 iijTi'- (•liiU'd i'.i; • ' I>re .s.i<'S <iA '•'•<• liirh- litiiii floth Int.- L-inund j .-ii ii'il .and I'lfi; [ler loc­ al Huiiibiildi. In ISl '.'j there was but little riiiiniii:; ual'-r for a short distance hidow the mill dam. and that ran through n channel not six feet widf. It w.ns i -asy to t.nko a swinp- ins step and pass OV«T »h<' only vi.'ii. id" channel belov.- the dam at that lime, although th -Te was plenty of water ahov»- tlie dam and also some ili.^tanee below the dam thf water was spre.-id out to a eolisiderablc width. We fi !i),;:s!i(/| reports at that time a'lojit ih'f first jioppins out of the vai:d into tlie wi -eds in tli<' i -arly inorn- ll'K wh 'Ti' they WOllliI suck, the i |ew from the leaves aiid thus a't a morn- iuR drink. And <if «our.s<' it was true, lit other words It was n "souii house" for the nsh.--Humboldt Union. —FltrecraW Sloracc and Transfer ro. ItniiMfhold and piano moVlnir!. iiirervt snd brst sturr rnnm In (he rity.; —Drs. Lattarop, Osteopath:*, Phone Ifti Knlrr HeLong 's Store. Mr .\.- H. I>vl.onp %vent to Kaii.-i! (.'ity. K;i~ , .•^atiir.i.ty. Tlie Duftor rf cntly traded fvr :i :.!">ek of drwi: there and in- rTciv-cT v.ord tinr thi .••lore h':'--> iir''k"!i info and mh bid bill _li>> f'iiind that only a ff-W mini-r arti<-;r.s iiad en taken tli<- li-;- iif yfhieh dovs iKit ai .tuitii' to tiivi<:i.—' M'lrJMi Mcraid. IMionr 336. Suli'irtian Home f .ir Sale. This K :: tin- .'. ;if t. - the iunriioji of Ittii ol I.-, roads ill .>°li-ii eoiiii:.\ . oiiU 1: i>'>.c| from tin- liiUtlic-: ci 'iile' I *i.i! I and otilv 1 li|oil;:i fi'Tii si -hi»>V l.Mildin.; Tln -.r 1, room rona;:e ilwelllnj; panny nad i!ii<<- t^iorrin-.., .small l >:i! Hi :iiiii )Vi- Ijoiisi- a ;iii • • lioii;,e 'I'll'' ••iiildlii" • .'ii'' .lil • < . i !ig bill'' la.-• .i |ii 111-; III'' '!v. llUtil of ll;- il' of nr|t <Ml ;ii ;il •! >>•• ;i finished. Th«-i'- fi-i'- >-.l4ji;>- I THE lOLA IC£ AND COLD STORAGE CO. Matii;ractarcrs, Wholesajo and Retail Dealers CRYSTAL ICE And Distilled Water Hriv Cold Storage Beady far Aaalnesiu Phrae 111. FRANK RU>DL£. Mgr. change Their Njtmea. Th<' fiianute :;o-I><vils. th- fa.,' ri>!. ore.I football team, has rlianccrl (heir tumn- and will b<> !-nown"this year as tl"- .lap W:lirior-;. Th*- name i;; <lian?- vi! because fie loaro this year is mad'- tip of lighter tiian we:- in thej Go-fK-vil I'iani. lai?- ti ""i. •,v.-!l f. ue -d ^f.:!. .\ddl'- ami !;;nd !•,-• -ni'-n.-li. i- af.d i.-- a i ^ovrl liuaU"-' O J .1 f) S.MITII. Mcra'.i. Kans —Oysters any style at Our-Way. Fcilprjil lonrf >oieti(ber !»lh. I .lads*' John C T'oilork v.iM convene fedv-ial r<iui» at '"t Srf.-t r1:f f«;h of Nm-fniher. or !b.-- Monday ffiiiotvihg e:'.cUon day. TIic"- 1.4 qui'' a heavy liininal d'jckef —Sr:'ia Water, the Our Way kind; Ti*lt Bcv. ( . H. .lonc .i. Rev A C K LaudsbiMv. pas'or •:•{ the Klsnjore circuit cf the Inited Hrefhr-n fJnireh. i- in I'le dry today :lie v.:\i-:it of Pi .v ('. II .|o:;r-; —[afff- I" :'<!f.':'..e'Uf. . t »d SeUler Kelnrii'.. Mr.-. .Mary It. I{iir':n.:-'an:e. of C.'i- a^dlan. Texas. v .-;is h'^re for a > w (iays this v.... >; vi.-itir.u v.ii.h 3Ir.-. W, T. .^lcE !roy. i^'„i' caii!< •>> linvi'^nUl: ill the eariy day;: im;! has nor visir!."! the tov.-n for 1'.'. y .Mr .s. Her i;r,-hand died over a y^ar a -o. T!;e i:m- Viier sh<» has b._'vi.-i'iu^ I,( r :.o;i, Frank .Adams ar.d f.ijiiily -it Kr i^cott. •ind friend .-J in i \a =;.-.T .s Ciiy. !f<r .=on jias be^-n wirh fi;e i'rioeo r.^ilway for many years, havm'-r en'ertd th-? .-f r- vif'e cf 'he 'ompaiiy wh^fU '^••'i 17 :?arj o':0. He •.- no^^' frcnqrai freivh? claim a?':nt '_•! t!:*- Fri -'-o sy -;ti;! ijr. rturliiJ-an-.^ ]<•!' for ii- i T.'-xji ho'.ti^ Tii',n>day —Hii'; t'liio-V. i:>;( iiv.M.K iMi sKLh: ',!.: •.•)ur piopiTiy with I hire :i l;ir,;e ||-,t to if.iuh fi' .Vo i -vpi ii-so .iin- 1. s a «b ;i'. is found firr you. • I hiv.. a<'i'... in, .Veo- .il'f, ii.iitii'. K .i . 10 ei'ihangc for ^o-.'l I'! I [•ropfriy. J. T. .>III.E.«<. Ktinm !<!. <»ld Court Honse. U. .\. HeiidfrM-:.' r.i f 1:err»vale. » Th- .V;;rio;ia' .\I;T;II;'V .\s"fiaiion h>,'.! i -|i *"i;il r."-'''.n" in th'' llpdni":! !a .-:t . ii:"h'. iv.r-:-'-^'{ fo .ir I 1.| T: I I'I- The <"oii:i. 11 .1 h'. Tiiiiti of K,:i!-(s City. K.... t:'i:!ii-j haru'' of ![;'• .>-(r..'c-s a.-.-i..'''d li> .^V Uotl'b'i.oii I)', loia. ijip""' V.'• A')"". . v< :i'•-live aiil ihijiy .ipi ::r i*;on.- if rrciv .d iaTf 'I hi r.r ;.^!.iia- :-.'U' :-• ji'^jijii'ii'.; '<> h'^W ni\ oin:: n ,r >>t- iiii; iii aiidilorlii;!i 'hf I.irt of Or- o'lii-r itf. ;-.ii.-|i;iri!i of l.v'. ;i'.ndiii«.:>. will addr<.-:~ Uie ai '.''5rl '>;ti 1 .old tr.etr avit.'d f:;i-:ds at Miat tini<-. .1. K. Triiii. eoiii:!;.-,.-!'!'-!. WTI< r;ir- • t!i:.- • ruiin: --''h'-ri •: Hr- p'tMic.'i'i .lirs. l ;eade Ktlnnic, Mr: I .1 y.'i'h r<:t 'ir .-.rd !;=;-• '^vrn- itiK from I'l'a. wlitrt- s!i<- h -j .i been \-\-.. itiiis; r"!a'ii" . Sh'' «a.- accor.;faiii"i i>y lifr i.Tfi'Iior. .1 K iMv;.-. v], • i-?' Ml!,- iiiMiii '.r-: fo- Km -.i. '"i;.- L^•.^- \U- ;.«»» I> Her'. Mie l.<v>. of l,:i\v;.ife. .1 iiav sale.-liiaa. 111 elry HiUi;. Levy v.-.; K. o: lii'- K. r. .';tiid":i's .ll- ,<•( -l|<!n- »'jt M -11. Thf :. • .. .•• d '^PC* • .hoT. I'l- u;- betirr *v>.y day. f ear; ••'ni'jri are at work .cow 4iatTin5 on the siding livlii;; 'he: P.-oi-.--. \ U::r\: littje ciijH>;a •.•'.>T> oiian r;rri.?ni''n' is being mad-- on the '-asr side of the re-'f ol the bnlidinu whle.h «i I b-lp ihe look; of liif building and f-reaTc tite luonoio- ny ftf the ion^; Liretth of roof. Tht '.niiidini; 'A\- U.i.'d lar^**!^? in sue ol any on tli»- .~y.-jrei!i in 'he slate —Moran H»>rald. titti,} L'stravagon;. The Kfity haa restored the day o»- erator at this point wliich was taken I off laujt wlnter .i Mr. H. Carleton la tpilag the.piacej The'Katrla indntg li^fii giwitextniraga ^ces'these days. LadiesI Again we ask', do you paint wilh Chi'Namei . li not, you should try it. Chi- Namel is the bs~t fi-Tor and fai ;ni- care j'Jtat on the market. Ask'tis about it. -i Iw •TORES' G. If. Lairtb in Town. j Attorney C. H Lan.h. of Yates Cea- <-r. foraieriy .».'•.'»; senator trbm [iVoodion" ro!i!iTy, \v,i.< in lola last '!!:,-tit. V iri. ;s r- liiiiill»u nt .Vfvjd-j. n. P ''.Ktii 'ian cr.ii wife of |i.' re >,fr ,i ..rilay. .Mr r ,ijfi,;;,n w C'lltiy a «;ir ''-d 'h- .^•iilLir! •,,-\the piiMu ;iiu ;ii". TL' --••o!'.: -'j.- Started wiihin tli- m.. !-.-.e:rv i!,.i> and N 'rv^la labor will ti •••I 1.1 <]• Ortnn in ,Iola. .-\'or!:<y 1.. V 0''oTi. o' H^'.mboIiiC. .1:. It! "-1 hn:-:p" : Mrs. Gordon is Better. Mr;. .1. W. C.onfori. .vife of the pas- n- t ». s. |!,!;i:i.:, rhuri^h, who i ;t:; li<-< n f|'iii' i!l ''-i' two weote ' Is ;o ;L"'n hai irrpro-.- t to-!ay. To and From Chanute. Mr.. Knir.a niakolv l-fi this after- ii.:.r, for a f-.v da', s' visit in Hum- [".ijr and Ida. ' - • Mrs. M. Sclble • tin; ;if" rn'^i '-.i for :i two days' y !•: !!MI:'IO!.|' ;,H' I Iota.—Chanute I iMd Hesideiii Dead.. W. .T Sbepard. of Kinc::'d. eij.- of the early settler.s of Antierrou rou:i?-.,;(>';'av:a H'r ubiir (lied Thursday t-.-.?nln^ at Ms n'^me in j Kincaid He wa.- k::ooii 'o xi ;,iTiy c'j the oldT .-<»tt!er> in rhiF "o'lT.ry. ; DrlVf! Au*.o HomiB, i tvL. L )0 !ir<v ,![3 a machinist of Kan^- /••if V rjo -urii* d home this morning: cam*- this far •»':th Ur. Coppl^ of Io!a, who wa.- dn. 'i i an auto home.^— Tbf! Ballotra Bn.Tjrd. The ba';oon pfople bad ban Inekjiains in .slwa.nAN'5 APPEAL. •V^ al! ll ism. whether jrjiflf.S, iThursday night, by havinn; one of tbeir i J^^^^^^^^^^^ balloons burned up. rt was abo it j.. u th^^ mor bad Inck.. The two ascensions nourics: sufferers of rheuma- muicwlar or ol tb« iatlca. Iiimbagos, backache, the . kidneys Or neuralgia write fci her for a home I which has.reiteatedly cureid — - . ,.,..1.. Be tortures. |She feels it her half inflated witen the wi::ti flopped ,i uty to i.cml it to all isuCferers FREE. the balloon over tt;o far and 1? wasj^ou citrel yourself atihlroe as thous- de-trovad The neonle have two bal- '^^^ testify—no change Of Cllm- deatroyod. Tbe.people na*e two bai nfeoassary. This : simple loons and the balance of ,tne engage- iiscoverv banishes uric acd* from the mwt 'viU ^ filled, unless there is ilood.: loosens the stiffened^ .joints, irarifltfs the bloOd. ai)|4 bri^tens'tbe ' lye*. ^Ting elasticity r-" r&<de:^btem. If tb^

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