The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on October 22, 1964 · Page 6
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 6

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 22, 1964
Page 6
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TIP! UN DAILT TRIBUNE i Qursaoy, 1 «H>4 "STRICTLY BUSINESS hy "While you were out there were three phone calls, one telegram and two men robbed the bank!" The Almanac By United Press International Today is Thursday, Oct. 22, the 296th day of 1964 with 70 to follow.' ^_ The evening stars are Saturn and Jupiter. On this day in history: In 1836, General Sam Houston was sworn in as first president of the Republic of Texas. In 1883, the Metropolitan Opera House in New York City celebrated its grand opening with a performance of Faust. We have added to our menu Spaghetti and meat balls. Sausage or Hamburger with spaghetti. Cole slaw and garlic bread. §1 .25. Free delivery. Bowl- O-Drome, OS 5 -7110. C-17 In 1953, representatives of France and the Indochinese state of Laos signed a treaty giving Laos its independence. In 1962, President Remedy announced an arms blockade of Cuba after Soviet missiles were discovered there. A thought for the day: George Bernard Shaw, the British playwright, said: "There is only one religion, though there are a hundred versions of it." CONTRAST RENEWED NEW YORK (UPI) — The American Stock Exchange will continue • to handle the bookkeeping of over-the-counter stock transactions tkrough an arrangement wit the National OTC Clearing'Corp., it was announced Wednesday. • • The AMEX said it had renewed its contract with National OTC Clearing Corp. The joint arrangement started in August, 1963. CHANGE-OF-LIFE... does it fill you with terror...frighten you? Read how countless women have found v ^s\ the way to overcome change-of-life fears Hare yon reached that time of life when one minute you feel suffocating hot flushes and the nixt are clammy, cold, nervous, irritable? Are you sc. rjTttiJ •ffear? Don't just suffer these miserable symptoms of change- of-life! Find relief th«f way Tk» gantlm m+dicin* with lb* gtUlm i countless women haw, witk gentle Lydia E. Pinkham TaJv lets. In doctor's testa 3 out vt 4 women wh* *sek ttraM reports effective relief without 0)ne tive "shots." ' Don't brood. Don't worry yourself sick. Get Lydia X. Pinkham Tablets today. LYDIA E. PINKHAM BOWLING INDUSTRIAL LEAGUE ,, land Alkaloid 3 .1 Thatcher 1!I2" 1(!S 13S—iQS Graham 162 156 174—4a2 Kendall l'JS 177 144—520 Houston ......2:tn 201 lfl.1—62!l Grantham 177 150 160-7-487 \Y I. 1 3 ..1SS 141 1S2 IG1 .. 77 114 77—268 ..137 131 132—460 ..127 14S 133—40S . 104 1U0 150—444 Oakes So. 1 Jiiddle Jl?H>re Weidner — Lon^erbone Kvans ..... Stfel Tarts No. 5 Astolfi Creek Cochran Uasrley- . Urannum 134 ...125 .. .123 .. .157 . . .127 Perfect Circle No. 1 lWlrngtr ...'.165 Nation ...131 Wood 176 Ph.-anis 12S Captain 153 145 14S 12!) IMS .159 1,15 157 201 120 162 On The Lighter, Side Steel Tartu No. S . Cunningham .157 InBle 1S3 Cunk.-l 17!) r.aKh-y 157 Klebook l'JT 165 213 133 1ST 1!I2 Overdorf .Motors I loover Wilson . Hoovrr Thurston Ulind .. ...144 133 . .. 145 141 . . . 150 12S 12'J 151 132 150 Steel Tart* No. 4 . Tlav 154 Gibson 15(1 Hurst 16S Wood 127 .Merrill 160 120 117 16!) 161 ]'.)!) Farm llureau Co-Op Phifer 155 1114 Loft 156 132 Robinson 1U9 14!P Hewitt 136 15!) Ulind 150 150 Steel TurlMiNo. 1 Kleleher Witiiani Karanowski Sunsdahl .. Leach 224 . . . 1 S'l . . .15!) .. 1!H1 ...172 Sleel Tarts No. 3 . . I Hell ..16!) Ilarpe 14!) I > river 153 Watts ...165 Haley ... 145 1S1 1 !)5 201 1S6 202 153 124 15S 16!) 1!)1 .. l :t 111—3S0 166—4!.!) 11!)—371 116—16S 13S—424 W I. . . :t ' 1 176—176 17S—466 125—502 1SS—436 170 I S3 AV I. . . .4 0 1S7—50!) 14S—544 176—4 SS 16!l—513 156—545 W I. . . 0 4 114—3S6 13!)—401 117—112 144 111 150 15" IV I. . . 4 I) 16!)—4 13 150—417 1!)4—531 137—4 25 11)0—54!) W I. . . 0 4 12!)—47S 192 ISO 1S3—501 151 146 150—450 AV I. ... :t 1 149—554 159—543 173—533 149—52.". 1S9—563 W "l. . ...1 3 1X0—502 \S2—455 IBS—4 79 177—511 170—506 O-lltCH NO. Muhaney • Marsh Shuck Priver .... Perdue '... .. .19!) ...149 201 168 178 154 173 216 .151 124 Terfeet Circle No. 2 Cornelius 171 Russell 143 Talley 14 1 Rice .......132 Kd wards .... 177 S4 15* •12!) 114 223 W I 197172- 139232- IX Illy () 132169- 164126- 190- I. 0 -564 -499 -4 94 -621 -4 OS .1. 4 -3S7 -470 -4 37 -372 -590 BUY U. S. SAVINGS BONDS By DICK WEST United Press International WASHINGTON (UPI) —Some time ago, one of the comic strips had a episode about a woman doctor who figured out a way to keep people living indefinitely! • What she did was take the heart out of a young person and transplant it in the body of an old person. She usually carried a spare hearf around in a box. It would keep on beating even after it had been removed from the original owner. At the time, this struck me as being a trifle far fetched. But e veri science fiction has been known to come true, and I have recently witnessd a phenomenon that was almost as bizarre as" the comic strip. "Appendix" Survives Bear in' mind for. a moment that the Congressional Record is divided into two parts. One part is called the "body." It records the proceedings and debates of the House and Senate. The other part iy called the "appendix." It contains just about anything that our lawgivers can't legitimately have, printed in the body Is that understood? Very well. Now we come to the weird part. At an early hour on the afternoon of Oct. 3, the 88th Congress adjourned sine die. In other words, it ceased to function as a legislative body. And yet, creeply though it sounds, the appendix has continued to operate. Believe me, Mable, for genuine eerieness a heart without a body doesn't compare with a disembodied appendix It was on Oct. 7, four days after Congress expired, that the appendix first appeared without the body. As usual it was filled with verbal gems of the type that has earned it the unofficial title of "the national wastebasket." Items Of Interest There was an article on Tolland County, Conn., taken from a New England food and marketing publication. There was the text of a speech by the president o£ the Distilled Spirits Institute.- And many other goodies. The appendix appeared again on Oct. 12, Oct. 15, and Oct. 20, each time creating the illu sion that Congress was still alive. I was about convinced that the appendix had developed into an independent organism capable of functioning indefinitely in a detached, state. Such is not the c b s e, however. The Joint Committee on Printing has served notice that no more contributions to the appendix will be' accepted after Oct. 23. I regret that very much. Although there was something ghostly about it, it was rather nice having an unattached - appendix floating about the capitol. Made the place seem less lonesome. SERIES RUINS CAR HOUSTON (UPI)—Nick Angelo says the World Series ruined his .car — and he wants the city of Houston to pay for a new one. ( Angelo complained to the city Wednesday that a traffic policeman was listening to the World Series on a transistor radio two weeks ago and waved him around a corner — where he crashed info a big chunk of concrete. Angelo said the policeman was paying more attention to the game than his duties and so he was responsible for the accident. He wants $250 to replace his car. CROSSWORD CAPERS SEES RED KANSAS CITY, Mo. (UPI)— Earl E. Cameron has decided today he won't blow his horn even if the driver ahead of him sits through three red lights. Cameron, on his way home, honked once at a car in front of him sitting at a red light. •The car started and„ Cameron drove home. When he got there, the other driver, who followed him, jumped out of the car and said: "Want to make something out of me sitting on two red lights." "No," said.Cameron. But the man hit him on the head with a flashlight anyway. QUITE A JOLT LOS ANGELES (UPI)—Clif ford H. Laney, 18, suffered quite^a jolt Wednesday when he discovered burglars in his apartment. Police said the youth told them the burglars attacked him with a tire iron. He backed up and fell through a set of French doors and tumbled three stories to the ground. Laney's only injury after he bounced off an abutment and landed in some shrubbery was a one-inch cut on his back. CLASSICAL PARROT GREAT 'MISSENDEN, England (UPI)—Parrot owner Mrs. Ursula Wadey Wednesday offered a reward of $14 to anyone who could recognize her lost bird. Mrs, Wadey said that Jezebel whistled extracts from Beethoven's "Pastoral Symphony" and Mozart's "The Marriage of Figaro ACROSS 1. Man-made fiber 7. It's hard to wear a tie without it 10. Holds sewing silk 11. Japanese kimono sash 12. Diagonal cut across a . woven fabric 13. Spear 15. Unit of strength of an • electrical current 16. Goes with dagger 20. Opposite of. down 21. Depend on 22. Bugle Song (military) 24. Goes in a boat that sits on the table a 25. Buys Beaunit garments 26. Quiet! 27. Lovely Patterned Robes (abbr.) ' 29. Goes with vigor 30. Pound 32. The ones who wear the fanciest clothes 33. Hooded winter coat 36. America's uncle 37. Ill will 38. Gives size and price of / garment 40. Old horse 42. Chemstrand, for instance 44. Kind of coin Frenchwomen " bought clothes with 45. What you recognize a famous company by 47. Republic of Ireland 50. Lined Dress (abbr.) 51. Lacelike fabric with a . uniform mesh 53. Abbreviation for organdy 55. Adorns 58. Size eleven, as Caesar's wife would have written it 59. Without clothing 60. Concerning 61. A famous Taylor * ; •"• • DOWN 2. Pleat in a skirt 3. Harvest 4.Tlnral suffix'-5. Lines (abbr.)" ' *• •' • 6. Opposite, of yes ••• • . 7. Worms make it 8. Resting place 9. Front end of a shoe 12. Little decorations women like 14. Capital letters 16. Wants 17. Famous Western salesman of dungarees 18. Contest where American athletes wear clothes made by Burlington Mills .• 19. Meant yes in merry England 22. Her gown is the -—of the town . 23. Kind of dog story 24. Make a funny face 28. Where well-groomed stewardesses are • 31. World War II name 34. Pacific islands 35. Alter a garment 39. To attach 41 Conduct 43. Page (ahbr.) 46: Woman's/hort haircut 48. Railroad 49. "Ever," poetically 52. Need a shirt to wear one 54. Egyptian sun god 56. Southeast' 57. What women say about stretch fabrics ' ANSWERS afli 2| IITH3ru |f~3|H|v| d KJUU BE EE! I E3 HBEEEEB E1E EE E3E3 EEflEl E! QDEEBE - EJEO : EDEQEO nHFI HQ •••as DDE •EE1E1B EiEinnp •E nun nsci E no HEDEIH n EK3B nnfn EIKI • BDdEEi Finn EEEH jsnnn • EEQ BEIEia uuuu rjaHBEiaEa MEN, TAKE HEED j SOUTHAMPTON, England I (UPI)—Mrs. E. E. Willcock, the mayor of Southampton said jmen were such quarrelsome creatures, "I am firmly con- .vinced that until we have worn[en completely ruling the world, we shall never achieve world peace." PLANS AUTOMATED PLANT NEW YORK (UPI) — Cities ! Service Co. said Wednesday its Colombian subsidiary plans to : build an automated gas processing plant for the Payoa Field iin the Magdalena Valley of Colombia. I Initial capacity wil} be 40 million cubic feet of gas daily to tbe raised ultimately to 50. million. The .plant, due to be .in operation by 1965, will be 'virtually unattended. On The Farm Front By GAYLORD P. GODWIN United Press International WASHINGTON (UPI)—Farmers were taxed a record $1,468,300,000 in state and local levies on their farm real estate . in 1963, according to an Agriculture Department survey. The department's Economic Research . Service said taxes levied in 1963 were up 5 per cent from the $1,398,200,000 assessed farmers in 1962. The increase was the 21st since 1942. The 1963' levy was almost double that of 1950, .and almost four times that of 1935. ERS said the rate of increase in state and local taxes on farm real estate exceeded the rise in market value of the real estate YOUR REPUBLICAN JOHN R. FEIGHNER For Representative in Congress . Fifth Congressional District . TROY N. HUTTO For Judge of the Circuit Court 36th Judicial Circuit PHILIP V. NICHOLS For County Coroner BETTY K. CLARK For County Recorder HAROLD L. SCOTT, JR. For Joint State Representative Tipton-Howard Counties For whom will you vote on November third? Let's do a little analyzing. How many times have you heard or said, "Why can't we have qualified candidates and office holders?" There is a very good reason. If you do not support the most capable people when they do seek office, then qualified people hesitate to be candidates. The Tipton County Republican Committee offers you the best qualified ticket you've had the chance to support in recent years. ELECT TO COUNTY OFFICES: JACK FEIGHNER As 5th District Congressman HAROLD SCOTT As Joint Representative TROY HUTTO As Tipton Circuit judge RE-ELECT TO OFFICE: BETTY CLARK As Tipton County Recorder PHIL NICHOLS • At County Coroner Robert Stoops and Neal Johnson As County Commissioners ROBERT STOOPS For County Commissioner ..- Second District Support this fair minded group who will look after everyones interests, not jusf a favored few. NEAL JOHNSON For County Commissioner Third District Elect Qualified People Vote Republican November 3 from . 1962 to 1563. Therefore, the effective rate of tax on farm real estate increased from $1.02 on the $100 in 1962 to $1.03 in 1963. ERS said the average tax per acre in the United States in 1963 was $1.43. This compares with $1.36 in 1962. The survey showed that taxes levied on farm real estate increased in all states in 1963. The increases were less than 5 per cent in 26 states, 5 per cent to 9.9 per cent in 22 states, and 10 per cent or more in Montana and North Carolina. ERS said the sizable increases in Montana and North Carolina appear to have fieen largely due to reassessments. ERS said tax rates on farm real estate are the highest in the northeast region, the lake states regon, the corn belt, and ibe northern Plains. The Foreign Agricultural Service has calculated the value of U.S. meat exports, of livestock, meat, and meat products inl963 at $364 million. This compared with $319 million in 1962 and $366 million in 1961. Wall Street Chatter NEW YORK (UPI) — The Alexander Hamilton Institute says the current optimism may well result in near term selective advances,. particularly if the . automobile companies increase their dividends. However, the institute says, much of the past 44 months' business recovery has been dis- • counted in the market and the conservative investor should eliminate any quetionable equities from his portfolio. Spear &. Staff Inc. says it sees no widespread pessimism and believes that the bull market has a long way to go before being laid to rest. OBITUARIES By United Press International HASTINGS, N.Y. (UPI>-Percy Livingston Douglas,.61, president of the Otis Elevator Co., died Wednesday after a heart attack suffered while playing golf. CHICAGO (UPI) — Funeral services will be held Friday for songwriter Donald Marcotte, 58, composer of "Tico-Tico" and "Beautiful Brown Eyes.". He died Tuesday. WASHINGTON (UPI)—Frank S. Tavenner Jr., 69, general counsel of the House Un-American Activities Committee since 1949, died here Wednesday of a heart attack. . ' HOLLYWOOD (UPD-HFuner- al arrangements were pending today, for award-winning news-V caster' Hugh McCoy, a news pa-.,, perman and radio newsman fnr- f 25 years. McCoy, -45, wa»v- burned fatally Wednesday in * fire at his home when a-idfa- rette United a coach onttbUji^

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