Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 26, 1908 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 26, 1908
Page 4
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t _ • ^ iiRiiMMafiEiisiEi •ntIrM at lola. Kanui, Postofflc*. M 8«eond-ClM« Hatter. 4dr«rtltlag Sates Mad«' Knows oo AppUcatioii. ' SUBSCRIPTION BATES. Carrier in Ion, Gas Cit|, LanjM* TlUe or Lallarpe. ')ne Week 10 cents 4a» Month .4i cents pne Tear J 16.00 By Hail. « Mt- jear inside connty .,..tM9 n« year ontslde coanty :piM Three Upnths, in adranos; fl.OO One Month. In advance '.. ....44 WnCtAL fAl'lSU, Ul'i 'k Ur HASSET. I • I • II • =u , • •• -' • — Telephones BttslncBS OiSce ------ 18 Editorial. Room - • - - - •222 TOT lOIA l)AlLY>RECtt8TBl, SATCBDAT ETESiyg, SEPTEMBEB Stj tm. CAN'T CELEBRATE Epidemic of Cholera In I'lilllppincs Ulli Prcient Entertainment for Fleet. X Manila. Sept. 20'.—The effect of Secretary Metcalfs order that in view of the presence of cholera in Muuila uo shore leave is to bp grunted or visitors from shore allowed on the battle ships when the Atlantic fleet arrives, has been largely discounted by the realitatton yesterday that it would be impossible to clcaDsc the city before the arrival of the fleet, about October 1. Residents fully realize the necessity of the situation, but they are disappointed at the outmnje. ! ThouE.inds of dollars have been spent in preparation ftir the recep- i tlon and entertainment «>f tlie officers and men. The decorations have been practically completed. .V score of arches have been erected and thouS: ands of electric lights have been strung for the illumination' of the city, now cheerless in its ' festival trappings. A pt^ograni. elaborate and novel, which repioscnts lour nionihs' wftrk by active coinniitieenien. had been arranged. The majority of the sentiment, now favors a postiKinement of the program until the return of the tl^t from Jaiwii. That probably will be the decision of the conference which Governor (lenerai Smith has called to nttet later today. WHAT IS HEM-R0I1». PLAN fORW DAY WlhL BE POLinCAIi ETEKI tS THE HISTOBY OF THE STATE. ISSUES 10.000 INVITATIONS SPEl'I.VL TKAISS TO CABKI PEO PLE TO TOPEKA. Fight on Briston ly Democrats is >ot Pregrcssing—Bepubilcan PoU »arly t'ompielcd. A; Tablet; Taken Internailj, That t'nres Piles. Piles (hemorrhoids) are getting mor? common every day. because we live unnaturally, overeating, over working, taking little exercise, gradu ally causing a deadening of veins and tissues in tl|e lower bowel. DIood stagnation is:the cause of jiiles. and condition t|iat cant be iierinancnii cured with ointments. Dr. Iveonhitrdt's Meni-Iloid is the only internal tablet remedy that cures piles by freeing the circulation. Sold under guarantee at Chas. B. Spencer & Co.'s. Price $1. I>r. Leuiihardt Co. Station B. Buffalo.^". Y. NEUSON TEAM WON. Beat Root's Bunoh" at Basket Ball 52 to 47. Tiic ha&Uet ball game at the Y. M C. A. last evening between the two teams chosen by Root and Xolson re- Bultcid In A victory for Nelson's team The final score was to -IT. The Ramo lucked the usual snap and vlro and [a number of substitute players were used at diffiTont stapes of the came, - ^ Visit J. W. Brown. Mrs. E. \V. Orav. of \ltooua, is vis iting at the home of .>. W. Brown, tlu superintendent of the city school. Mr. Gray is expected hen- tomorrow,— Moran Herald. _axir?rc3enna acts gently^et prompt;- ly on the bowels, cleanses the ^steme|fectuQlly '^assi^s one in overcoming Katltufil consUpation permoiiently. To get its oene ^iciol e^jects buy the! genuine. icturcd^tde Topeka, Sept. 26.—If 1^ being planned by Chairman Dolley oC the Republican State Committee tii make '"Taft Day" next Saturday, Oct'pber 3rd. the biggest political event In the history of th estate. Prom the 'time the Republican candidate for President hits Kansas on the w^est until he reaches Topeka, he will "travel through acres of people. Big demonstrations are be ing arranged at every stopping place in Kansas. At Garden City, the first stop, people are expected from all the counties of that section. Dodge City expects tb have a turnout of 10.000, Kinsley iwlll furnish the people from three or four counties to the north and squth. Stafford intends to outdo all the other western towns. It will have a. harvest home picnic in full swing that day and people for a hundred ml^es or more will be there not only to take In the picnic but to see the next President, Hntchlnson is figuring on bringing the peoiile to town by special trains, Nowton is planning to draw crowds from MC] Pherson and Sedgwick counties. Em porla will turn out en masse and will have big crowds from the hrancli lines. But the real big eyent will be the night meeting at Topeka, Siieclal trains will be run on all roads bringing people In by the htindreds. Each of the big towns of the eastern part of the State expect to send a train load of people. Chairman Dolley has sent out over 10.000 invitations to Republicans throughout the State to come in and celebrate. The Taft ;roeoflng at Topeka will^ be preceded by a torch light procession and fireworks. Judge Taft may lead the pro- 'cesssion, himself, if he arrives in lime. In order to pet the most ont of |ludge Taffs trip through the State Chairman DoUcy is arranging-for all lay Republican rallies in the towns tlong the Santa Fe where Taft makes tail end speeches. All of the big «uns of the State will be assembled ilojig the old Santa Fe trail that day •?nd will take up the thread where Taft leaves off and make things i»um. The Republicans along the whole route are very enthusiastic over the matter and will do everything possible to make "Taft Day" a great success. The Democratic campaign managers are not getting very far with their flKlit on ,1. L. Bristow, Republican candidate for Senator, among t .hje rural carriers. They have been triing to lead the rural carrier.^ to belleac that Bristow. as fourth jissistant iidstmast- er general, sought to cut dow|i'their salaries and to lengthen their jroutes, A glance at the records for a moment •iispels the storj-. The government reports show that Mr, Bristow not only recommended an increase in salaries, but also shorter routes for rural carriers. He recommended that their salaries be lifted to $750 a year. Congress didn't go quite so far but did Increase them to $720 a year, Bristow also urged that the routes be shortened to 24 miles, Cf.ngress cut them down to 25, So If can be seen that Bristow wanted more than Con?re.>!s ganted for them. The first Republican wll of the State is almost completed. Tlie remits so far returned to state head- luarters are extremely satisfactory. They show no deflection from Taft whate 've 'r. On the other hand they indicate that Taft is going to get a 'arge per cent of the vote of tne Democratic business men of the state. Special Instructions were giveii the pre« ?inct workers to find Republicans who would vote for Bryan, if there were my. Chairman Dolley wanted to find tut who they were and w]hat their '.roubles were. But the precinct work ?rs have been locate any ^ucb Repubiicaas.. It develops by the •you that the farmers are particularly strong for Taft. They are receirloi; ^d prices for their products and are enjoying the greatest prosperity 'n their history. They do not care 'or any change, especially a change -hat is liable to reduce the price of *helr cattle and hogs and wheat and com. ' Democratic. I/leering. Attorney C. H. Apt is to deliver po St a DewaenOe nlly at Nao; - • I I I I I I I [' I I I I i I I I 1 I II I I t I . 1 i I I I I I I III.- I I 1 I _! L_! L i— \ — ^1— r~ ! I ! "11 ' I ' I I I I I I i i 1 I r I" I I _i I I "f 1 _£ n i i II I i_i I r I I I i__L I I I •rn 'I You Are Readlnff This 4d. Just so will the thousands of other daily readers of THE REGISTSK read your advertisements—either Want or Display—if placed within its columns. THE REGISTER goes into more homes in Allen County than any other paper in the county. Henc^, il you want to Rent. Sell, Buy, Exchange, or want Help, a small capital invested in the Register's Want Columns will bring hasty returns. Phone jS. I i _l I I i I i t I I II I I' I i : i 1 I I I I i I i I I I I I I I I I I ' I I I I I I I i I ' ' ' V MAKE 15 SPEECHES OOVEVIOOK liKiHES WIXA. BE HI S.Y WJIILE \y KANSAS. Six S|>cciiil Trains to lie Itnu to To> peka to iinvt Taft—Vernon in Kansas. i to the Republican state central com- bittee. Mr. Vernon has Iwcn speaking in the eastern and L.ake states. He will s|)end several weeks in the Middle west and return to the east for the close of the campaign. "The negro voters arc for Taft," be said last night, "Everywhere I have been I found them to be strongly l(e- publican. It is all a mistake to believe they have deserted the party." Topeka, Sept. 2«.—.1. .\, Do!ley. chairman of the Reiiiiblicau state central committee, received a telegram from the national committee sa> ing that Governor Hughes of Xew York would be in Kansas almut: October S, This date is not definitely determined but the governor will come some t me that week. It is planned 10 have a special train for the gov- trnor. He will make fifteen specchca through the southern part of the state and cud the day with a speech in Wichita that night. >Two weeks following ' Governor Hughes' date will be big ones for the Kansas Republicans. Governor ,Cum- niings and Senator Deliver of Iowa and Senator Beveridge "f Indiana wi'l be in Kansas and each will make h'om four to eight .speeche:; in IKan- ^•as. Six Special Tm|nri. Topeka. Kas.. Sept. 2(i.—Six special (rains will be run to Topeka a week from today for the big Taft meeting. That many trains have been arranged I'or and it is |>ossible that others will lie ordered or the distance to be travel ed by these trains will be extended. The Atchison. Topeka & Santa Fe will have three trains, one from Eskridgo. one from Ottawa and another from Kansas City. The irnion I'acific will have two, one from Kansas City and <mc from Manhattan, 'i he Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific will run a special from f-Virhury. .Veii. The rcg<i- lir train will have extra ifiaches to help carry the crowti.s that are expected. The slaje central committee has purchased $:«>»> worth of Jlreworks to used in the parade. An order was sent to Independence for I .iKHi torches to be used by the, marching clubs. Vernon in KaasaM. Kansas City, Sejit. 2t;.—W. T. Vernon. :cgister of the treasury, was In Katiiras'City, Kas„ last night on his way to Topeka where he will report THEY NEVER hXlh. That I N ^Vhat They .Say Ahont Tbrm in lola, and It U Thmforr, Reliable. Another proof, more evidence. lola testimony to swell the long list of local people who endorse the .old Quaker remed.v. Doan's Kidney Pills. Read this convincing endorsement of that remarkable preparation: Mr,s. Ida Smith, of r .07 .Vorfh St lola. Kas.. says: "I can vouch for Doan's Kidfiey PiUs being a genuine remedy for kidney complaint. My Daughter. 1". years of age. has suffered a great deal from that complaint which came on her during her .in; fancy. As time went on her condition grew worse. There were sharp pains over her eyes and across the abdomen in the region of her kidneys. At times the parts around her eyes werei so •swollen and the pain was so intense that she has! come into the house fiom school screaming and crying. Dui|ing the night she had terrible dreams ind was very restless. A physician treat«»d her and although there was some Improvement. It only lasted for a short time. We tried different retnedies. but in no case were the result? satisfactory, i finally saw- Doan's Kidney Pills highly recommended by 'people in lola and I went to Chas, B, Spencer & Co.'s drug Store and got a box. The benefit received was altogether satisfactory. My daughter has not had the least sign of pain over the eyes since taking this remedy and there has been a general improvement in Iter condition in every way, I most heartily endorse Doan's Kidney l »lll8," For sale by all dealers. Price r.O cents. Foster-Mllburn Co., Biiffalo Xew York, sole igenfs for the Untied States, Rememfujr the name—Doan's—and take ho other. lOLA .1IA> TESTIFIED. ney. S. C. Brown, admitted the listing of the property, but contended that he had signed a lease with the owner of the building for one year, and that she refused, to release him from his obligation or transfer- fhe lease. He also alleged that he had never been paid any money <m the deal, and that therefore the contract to sell had not been fully consummated. \V. E. Kelso was the principal witness. At the conclusion of the evidence, .lustice Groome took the matter under advisement. The plaintiff was presented by O. J. Briley. HE KNOWS ABOUT^ HASKELL. Prohibition Vice Presidential Candidate Exects Taft to Be Elected. FOR ESSAY CONTEST STATE SUPERINTENDENT AN- N.OUNCES ONE FOR KANSAS SCHOOLS. One for Graded Schools and One for High Schools.—Subject is i" Old Oregon Trail. Va^e Important Testimony in Snit lor Commission. BAD BLOOD ^Bffon I tfgn Of IBC Cawanta. t biul»tmdcam. t>t«ti»u, piuiiilevuu iny tun, and my fOHl wa< not dlmtM aa it iboold haxa hmt, Ko<r I am entirely trtll. and tliapimplMbaTaalldiiaitpcandfnainr far*, I ran Imtfannr «ar that I>M«UM( an juA UadnrtiMds I liara taken ontr I wo InzM of thvra.*' Claraae* K. UriAo. SiMtidaB. lad. The Chaiiute Sijn says: In the ease of the Brinigar Realty company vs. Johfi Herbert, for it commission of yji.h*) alleecd to l>e due the plaintiff for ncgotiaiing the sale of a restaurant, which was tried In Justice Gro<;me's court yesierday. the court found for the plaintiff. In a written opinion this morning he allowed the sum asked for in the plaintiff's petition. An appeal will be taken to the district court. The case was stublMjrniy contested occupying nearly the entire day. The attorneys first demanded a Jury trial hut after a panel of Jurors had been struck they concluded to allow^ the court to pass upon the contention. According to the allegations of the plaln- tlir. Herbert, through his agent. C. J Butterbaugh, contracted for the sale of the property at 93^0. less the regular five per cent commission. Brinigar found W. E. I ^elso. of lola. willing to buy the restaurant and negotiated its sale at $425. At this point tierbert refused to transfer a bill of sale, and the^lalBtiS sued for<tlie aho*« eon.^ ailiakm. Ottawa. Kas.. Sept. 25.—A. S. Watkins, national Prohibition nominee for the vice presidency, is a prophet of fhe Taft election and a supporter of the Roosevelt idea that there is enough,in the Ohio record of Governor Haskell of Oklahoma to caution Mr. Bryan about tieing up with him "I lived in Ottawa, O.. at the time Mr. Haskell lived there." said Mr. Watkins today. "I Know something of him. i don't know just what there Is back of these Hearst charges, but it wouldn't take a great mass of 'jvi dencc to make me believe these things of Mr. Haskell." Mr. Watklns made two addresses in Ottawa today. In bis talk to the stu dents of Ottawa university this morning he referred to the Haskell charges and declared that the president had exaggerated the significance of Haskell's alliance with the Standard Oil when the povemmcut was Itself allied with the liquor traffic. Mr, Watkins said in an interview that he expected the Republicans to carry Xew York state and the nation. TRADE GOOD IN K. C. Merchandise is Selling in MiddlewesL —Jobbers and Manufacturers Busy^ County Superintendent Maude Funston has received word from State Superintendent: E. T. Fairchild announcing a contest among pupils of the graded and high schools of every county in the state for the best written essay on "The Old Oregon Trail." Two contests arc offered, one of which is open to graded schools and the other to high schools. , The subject is the same for each ftontest and the prize $12,30 Is also the same for each contest.. The e»-., says are to contain not less' than 400 words or more fhai^ 800 words. The county superintendent is to notify all of the schools of the contest and to lend what assistance possible to interest pupils in the plan. The essayr, must be handed into the connty superintendent not later than Decembei^ ^ 31st. A committee selected! by the county superintendent is to look over the- contributions and select the best in each contest and send them into the state superintendent, the e-'Say to be mailed to the last named officer not later than January 20th. A committee will then look over the two winning essays of each county and select the best in each contest wfilch will receive the prizes. The prizes are offered by Ezra Meeker now of Seattle. Wash., who crossed the plains with an ox and cow team, going from the Missouri river to Puget Sound: He has written a number of tKwks relating to his trip over the "Old Oregon TralL" .\ew York. Sept. 26.—Dispatches to Dun's Review indicate further moderate progress in distribution of merchandise, except in some sections where unseasonably warm weather retards fall retail trade. Some improvement is noted in the dry goods business, both wholesale apd jobbing, at Philadelphia, but the textile manufacturing Is not active, and the iron and steel industry continues quiet. Resumption of lobbing activity continues : at Baltimore, altiiough total sales are stilt below normal. Atlanta reports that seasonable weather kas stimulated retail trade. There is still complaint of small orders at Lioulsrille. although improvement appears. Weather conditions are unfavorable for retail trade at Kew Orleans, but jobbers and manufacturers report further improvement Mailing orders in leading lines increase at St. Louis, and jobbers and rnnaufacturars are veo* busy. Cot lections are good. ' Kansas City reports retail trade wen naiattfaed deaplto the warm Gave Matron Rocking Chair. At the meeting of the order of the Knights and Ladies of Security which was held last evening it was voted to give Mrs. Recp. matron of the lola Orphans' Home, a rocking chair. The motion to give the chair was carried without a dissenting vote. WAKEFIELD'S WAKEFIELD'S WAKEFIELJK^S Blackbeffy ^ balsam Whila it is a quick and posithre tare tor DiMThoM. Dy»«rtory and Cholar* Infurtom. it is nnlike.otberrainwBnld thatitis ham ^ess and does not coCKt^tel in 6S years thousands of lires kt men. wonwB aqd bab 'ies bava basiv saved by' haviPX Watuftoir* Bti <hK <ti| MiMn tba bouaa lindy jbr aoddlM PUl tin I bottle [SC ««*•

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