The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on October 22, 1964 · Page 5
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 5

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 22, 1964
Page 5
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Thursday, Oct. 22 r I TH^JIPTOH DAILYtHrBUNE Page 5 Woman's World By HORTENSE MYERS United Press International INDIANAPOLIS (TJPI) — Elementary teachers who teach only at the one grade level to which they are assigned contribute to the pool I of Johnnies and Susies who can't .read; an expert says. ; Dr. Mary Austin, professor of education at Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio, will make the point in her talks with elementary teachers during the 111th ' annual Indiana State Teachers Association Conven- vention, Oct. 22-23. Dr. Austin warned in a telephone interview that the area of how children learn to read is a complex one but she said one of the. difficulties is the teacher who. assumes that because she is a third-grade teacher -she should teach only at the third-grade level. Dr. Austin, a former elementary teacher in her home state of New York, supervised two major reading studies at the elementary level done under Harvard University-Carnegie Foundation sponsorship. She noted that a third grade teacher normally can expect to have children with reading achievement levels ranging from pre-primer to seventh grade and even wider ranges of difference for higher elementary grades. Other sources of difficulty in learning to read include classes so large the teacher cannot give time to individual pupils or physical or emotional problems of the pupil which prevent him from learning. Grouping within a class and supplemental material are ways in which a single teacher may help span the .wide range of reading ability she finds within her single grade level, Dr. Austin said. She suggested that parents who oppose the grouping approach be reminded of the greater danger to a child placed in "a frustrating situation in which he continually is beyond his reading achievement level." Some 45,000 teachers will go to school in many areas in addition to Teading during the two-day convention which is held in seven Indiana cities—Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, South Bend, Hammond, Muncie, Ev- ansvilie and New. Albay. While several top general speakers are on the / program, including India's ambassador to the* United States, Braj Kumar Nehru, and U.S. Commissioner of Education Francis Keppel, the heavy work of the convention is in the many training sessions provided in the daily educational areas in which the teachers teach. Fashionettes Raincoat designer Lawrence of London, keeper of fashion- dojns most famous velveteen zoo, has added another rain coat to his tiger and leopard print menagerie. This time it's civet-printed velveteen, brush- stroked to resemble real fur. He showed it in a shaped-front coat with back swagger, and a double-breasted judo coat, styled with kimono sleeves and a mandarin collar. ..- Come spring, watch for the invasion of a new baby doll shoe silhouette from Euope. The National Shoe Retailers Association said the shape being shown.-most often is a far cry from the very short baby doll last. These are elongated; heels tend to be curvy and shaped. The resulting shoe, much more feminine and elegant. Ron Postal, director of the National Council of Men's Fashions, on a busman's holiday in Europe for a look at continental styles, reports: "The average man in Paris is only one jump ahead of,the smock and coarse shirt of his peasant forebears and by comparison most American males are in the well-dressed class." Autumn's - dance and date dresses twirl, twist, slink and sheathe. Moonlit cottons such as lush printed or plain velve­ teens and velvets — sometimes quilted for-textured interest — sumptuous corduroys and puffy cotton quilts are favored fabrics "with the college and career set. All contribute their richness to evening's "young princess" look. Portugal,, making a bid for a greater share of the U. S. mar- kef, had made her first entry into the fashion market wtih fine, handcrafted leather sandals.; The sandals will be, on sale at the end of the year, in time for resort and cruise wear. The importance of all, the figure extremities in fall fashion — head, fleck,'legs, feet, hands, wrists — gives new importance to, rings and bracelets. Jhe favored look: heirloom. The heirloom' look' shows i n jewelry at all "price levels. Household Hints Eye appeal is not very far removed from taste appeal, according to U. S. Department of Agriculture Extension Service nutritionists. They say both are needed to stimulate special enthusiasm for mealtime. •Prompt cooling in water makes removing the shell eas­ ier when eggs. peeling hard-cooked Don't allow children to eat lollipops, popsicles or ice cream on a stick while riding. A bump or a swerve may turn the treat into a threat to the child's eyes, mouth and throat. A 100-watt 'bulb gives out more than twice as much.light as two 50-watt bulbs. For maxi- the label carefully to see if you is not torn, crushed or juice- mum light use one bulb •', of ( must wear gloves or protective stained. Frozen food that is ex- clpthing. posed or poorly packaged dries When buying frozen . f o o d , ° u t and - develops - off-flavors higher wattage, rather than two small ones that add up to that wattage. Before using a pesticide, read make sure*" packaging material; quickly. (Jtexall BIG DAYS URS. OCT. 15 REXAll RUBBING ALCOHOL P'eg.79c2f0r8© Cooling, soothing body rub. Finest quality; contains glycerin to help prevent skin dryness. CARNEY'S DRUG STORE BK1NG YOUR PRESCR.PTIONS TO OUR REXAlL PHARMACIST Highest quality pharmaceuticals, dispensed exactly as yo" doctor orders, R e ly on Resallfor everyday.l ow prfi REXALL AEROSOL SHAVE CREAM I II oz. Rag. 98c . Choice of Lavender or Redi-Shave In regular or mentholated. Large 11-oz. aerosols. [ JSarawny") 1 S BOXED ^2hrTl Quality writing paper with matching envelopes. Smart, new styles. 3, 1000 SACCHARIN Rexall Vi-Groin Tablets Reg. 1.19 2for\ 39c V_-Gr. 100 's — 49c V2 -Gr. 100 's — 59c 1 -Gr. 100 's 1.39 %-Gr. lOOO'S- 1.59 1 -Gr. 1000 's— _.2for .40 _.._for .50 . .2 for .60 _ 2 for 1.40 __2 for 1.60 REXAlL FUNGI-REX For Allele's Foot Ointment, salve, Joiion or liquid. Reg. 98c ecr. 1.69 Fungi-Rex Aerosol, 4 0Z. 2 for 1.70 REXALL MILK OF Mm MAGNESIA I - -ii3i__ ftntariri-laxative. Antacid-laxative. Plain or mint. 12 or. Reg. 69c 2for7Q< 59c TABLETS, 85'S 29c TABLETS, 36's 98c ANALGESIC BALM Rexall I%-oz.„2 for .99 29c ASPIREX COUGH DROPS Rexall_2for .30 83c B10KETS LOZENGES t TROCHES Rexall 2 for .84 98c BODY MASSAGE LOTION '-"'„, on Rexall 8 oz /TOT .3.29 CHERROSOTE COUGH SYRUP „ , . ,„ o oz. 2tor l.oU 9Bc CHLOROPHYL MOUTH WASH pi n t.2 for .99 39c COLD SORE LOTION % oz. _..___2 for .40 1.19 COUGH SYRUP Triple Action 2 for 1.20 55c EPSOM SALT Medicinal. Rexall, lb. 2 for .56 55C FOOT POWDER Rexall. 4 oz. J 2 for .56 69c ANTIHISTAMINE „ _„ Tablets, Rexall. 15's _ ZtOT ./U 35c CHILDREN'S ASPIRIN ' ', , e &-Grain, 100 's __!T0r .JO 1.19 HYGIENIC POWDER Rexall. 6 oz. 2 for 1.20 1.98 BEEF, WINE AND IRON ' ^ j gg «."_«& for Amber color, wake-up taste! Pint. klenzo form* Ruby-red; spicy flavor. Pint. «gL BLUE ORAL tM for ^S2& cool, refreshing REXAI •Vr.-J:? i«* v- I. DEODORANTS RO-BALL Nowaste...iustrollsoit. COOL BLUE CREAM )'x2forTO t Roll-on Reg. 98c 2 for .99 REDI-SPRAY ^ Reg;, 2f,r99 A man's deodorant. 24-hour protection. Aerosol. 98c • ?Je PERFUMED TALC Lorfe. Pound Can. 1.25 COLOGNE SELEE A choice of 4 fragrances. 2 fl. oz. _. 1.50 FACE CREAM, CARA NOME Cold, or Dry Skin Cleansing. oz. 39C HAIL POLISH REMOVER Rexall. Non-smear, oily. 4 fl. oz. 1.25 COLOR SHAMPOO, CARA NOME 12 natural-looking hair shades 98c HAIR RINSES „„ , ,, Rexall. Choice of 2.8 fl. oz. each *• ,ul - a3 69c HAIR TONICS, Rexall Cream, . o r r in Conditioner or Vita, 4 fl. oz ' «» 1.00 CARDIGAN COLORS LIPSTICKS Choice of 6 fashion shades _ 1.19 BATH OIL Lorie Bouquet or Sequoia Pine. 6 fl. oz 1.50 THEATRICAL COLD CREAM Rexall. Big pound tin __2for .99 ___2for1_26 J. 2 for 1.51 ..12 for .40 2 for 1.26 2 for .99 J for 1.01 .2 for 1,20 Tonic, Rexall, Pint. 49c PEROXIDE of HYDROGEN Rexall, Pint ._2 for .50 75c MINERAL OIL petrofol, Pint 2 for .76 59c SODA MINT TABLETS Rexall, 140's 2 for .60 1.59 SURGI-BEXs 1 ^" Cleans'e"! fl. oz." 2 for 1.60 1.39 EUDICAINE SUPPOSITORIES 12 .2 for 1.40 45c TOOTHACHE DROPS or GUM 2 for .46 £ 89c TRI-SALVE ANTIBIOTIC nn Ointment, Vi oz Z for .SU _„ Rexall Aerosol, r nn 98c AIR REFRESHER n B z. 2 for .99 BSc RUBBING ALCOHOL GEL ."f'oz. 2 for .70 73c WITCH HAZEL Rexall Pint ______2 for .74 35c ZINC OXIDE OINTMENT i',?. 2 for .36' 29c BORIC ACID SOLUTION N. F. Rexall 4 fl. oz. 59c ALCO-REX RUBBING ALCOHOL pint. 98c BUFFERED ASPIRIN Rexall; 100 's 1.19 MONACET APC Tablets, 100 's 53C SUPPOSITORIES Glycerln.Adultorlnfant .12 -s. 1.69 THERMOMETERS Fever. 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Rexall. 6.39 ALPHACAPS, 50,000 Units.100's 5.95 MIHERALIZED B-COMP-EX, 100 's. 1.39 BREWER'S YEAST Tablets, 250'$ — 1.59 COD LIVER OIL, Retail. Pint 4.79 GER-RITE, with bio, »•«. »0 's _——_ 7.3? THERAMINS-M, vit and minerals, 100's; 2.19 V-10 TONIC, multi-vitamin,pint. 2.59 B-C0MPLEX Vitamins, 100 capsules._. 7.95 VITAMIN 8-12, 50-mcg. 100'» — 1.19 VITAMIN C ,100-rog. 100 tablets BUBBLE BATH *5c* 2 for 66* Floral Bouquet Box with 20 packets. 4 fragrances. REXALL DUSTING POWDER ) *,%2lor2 0r Adrienne, 554 oz. Reg. t.75 Lavender, 5 oz. 2 for J,76 CARA NOME HAND LOTION AMERICAN B-AUIY ROSE Fragranca Your Choka Res. IJO each 2for151 Cologne. Sachet Mis , Powder Sachet or Perfumed Soap. 2.50 Mist Cologne _2for_.51 2.00 Dusting Powder 2for99* ^"jy. lanolin-rich, non. sticky. Keeps skin soft, 0 ». oz. 1.00 Cara Noma Hand Cream 4 oz. Jar _> for t.ot BRITE SET HAIR SPRAY Big 1 i-ox. Aerosol Sets hair right, keeps it bright and lustrous. .EMERALD BRITE Rexall's rich- lather shampoo. 811. oz. BRITE 1 CONDITIONING I Helps condition 4 your hair. 8 fl. FAST DANDRUFF TREATMENT Cleanses hair, removes loose dandruff scales. S fl. or. oz. S1LQUE CREAM SHAMPOO Leaves hair silky-sofi. oz. Jar. REG. 98c EACH YOUR CHOICE % for 99< TRAVEL MIRROR ^2forW , 4 W' plain and magnifying. Vinyl case. V 15.95 REX RAY TOASTER 8.95 Specially Priced for This Event! (Not ori our 1c Sale Plan) RADIO With earphone, battery and.a. carrying case.- LAZY SUSAN h 299 14" ceramic dish on turntable base. DICALCIUM PHOSPHATE Tablets With Calcium Gluconate •and Vlosterbl (Vitamin D). PEPPELE POOCH 2" Llteslze. lifelike. Flush, with poodle cut. 3.19 VITAM/N C: CHEW ABIES, 100 mg. 250'i A for 2J2B .2 for 6.401 A for 5.96 ..2 for 1.40 ..2 for 1.60 _2 for 4.80 _2 for 7.40 _2 for 250 „2 for 2.60 _2 for 7.96 ..:2for1_.0 ...2for3i0 4-Transisfor TAPE RECORDER 89c POUND PAPER or Envelopes 1.00 BOXED NOTtS .:.„.;._.... j, 50c THANK YOU NOTES JZI E9o'GIANT MASKING P£N„._ 39c BALL POINT PEN Disposal I 39c TYPEWRITER TABLET 25c AIRMAIL TABLET.... 2-00 CHRISTMAS CARDS Boxed 1.00 6IFT WRAP ROLLS ee\ of 3 " 59c PACKAGED BOWS Box of 5 CELLOPHANE TAPE Dispenser, ^oo 1 * 2 Boxes 1.01 2 Boxes .51. --•2 for .70 —2 for .40 —2 for .40 -2 for 26 13 95 39c --•--•2 for 2.01 -2 Boxes 1.01 2 Boxes .60 •-—2 for .40 With earphone, batteries and microphone. FILLER PAPER 3 ors-hole. 3 Packs 1.16 PLASTIC PLAYING CARDS single dick, 1.86, Double .___„ 3.29 RAZOR BLADES Stainless Steel. Dispenser 10 't „-_. _•- .79 3.98 F0LDINS SYRINGE snugfoK . FLASHLIGHT BATTERY AA.C, or D SHAGGY'CUDDLE BEAR 3 ft. tall. Plush _! -GOOSENECK MIRROR 5" plain ud magnifying. mmmmmmmmmmm ._.-._ 2.59 .4 for .58 3.99 99 Six-Transistor JUMBO SITTING POODLE 399 Fancy'plush pet CHRISTMAS TREE LIGHT SETS WIGHT INDOOR SET_:...„__. 15-LIGHT INDOOR SET 15-LIGHT OUTDdOR SET 20". BABY DOLL 399 Dresesd. Rooted Jialr, sleeping eyes. IntoBlio STATIONERY 115 sheets, 55 envelopes. Box MIXING BOWLS polyethylene. Colors . HAIR DRYER Dominion portable .Set of 3 .57 9.98 WASTE BIN «r HAMPER with Swing-top •_ KITCHEN KNIVES 7-pc. lit. Stainless steel ' COLOR M0V>E FILM Rex 8 mm; Still Film, 35 mm. from SPRAY DE-ICER ls -oz. aerosol .1.99 .1.99 .1.77

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