Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 26, 1908 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 26, 1908
Page 3
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lOLl PAIIT MCTSTEH. MTCKDAT EyEmC. SEPTtMBEB 20, ItMl t Oonrlnclng Exposition of Fallacy of Srjmn't Panacea for Solving Frotilenii of Kodara juiiinoton ]ouiB Unta October 31 Those nitcs apply fnMH lol.i in practicing' all points in California. Wat^hini^lon and On-^^cn. via variety of nuitc?.- Similar rates to many < Through Tourist Sleepers from Kansas jpity Daily. They arc thoror.^^hly comfortaMc ap,«l ii,iv|^ every con- vcnii-ncc of the Palace Slecju-r at half the cost. I y the unatcst itlur points. Reclining Chair Cars (seats free) on all tin ^ \\ . ,1 , •• \ •• -t v r :u- r. r ticket? ar.ii ^.l Jiut drvp mc a line to<lar. H. S. Jones, Southwestern Passenger Agent, 823 Main St, Kansas City. Mo. >!>uuh trains. ' ; j«d «t )tttifc'teic4V*r wacH 'hnwek and rrl I bare ]«are«d tbat it equally "^IndiDS I Mil flr llnrMIn ' ^' >«»ag1ii« tmh » crude Ulllll i Ul UllUimU ,prohibltlun tq be eiinctpil Into law. awl lo ho regartlMl ns v:ill<l. would Iw tlie effect? .Mr. Uryan, win? bis usual ^. « « 1 ! readinw. KugKests that tli*- ct'iuvrii ^pncticbl. Democratic Propo .1. ,„ j,,^;^, „ for Trust Control. nJt iif«>«lPd to protlnfo fh*- anioiiut al- Inw«>d liy Inxr. Il<- it|>e:ik!< :is tboii-^b ••vvrr lu.tiiuraoturins ••onc ^m had as ' many riilly i>«]tii {»p<>d units of prodH'-- tlou wuuld <x>nvs (M.ii .l to any civfii Dent-ntap' <>f tnid«- »hl<b It tiiijibt b» reqiiln-d to off- I'tants are not so ••iisfly di !»m<»nili »TH«l. ''KHlnctlon In output ni »'an* ivthirtion in w.irk. rpdiictfon in tlif iiiinil )»T of nipn emiil'oypil auil •nirtailnn'iit of tJn- elfl 'Mt-noy "f ii goluT —;;—1 4-oiio'rn. l^'t snpixw .-i <<>iii-prn TounpitoiFni whioli controls Mi [ HT .pnt "f a g!v»n ; liriHluot- that is to s.iy. uiakfs au<I ' selln jiS.iif<iMM» in vaUio out of a total trn<l<> In rli*' j>r <Miii <-t aiimtintin;: rt> <ini>.)>(!«». u It to >H* <iini |M -ili>il to ri -diKT its out |Mit ti« $"_'.»K«».l»i»»> I »'.-aMS<» only Si.uuMK^i iiivalui- ar»' inado liy oflmrs? , Til*"!!, if it •tiuld si'il a part of its plant on .Mr. Itryan's ttM ^iry. wbat shoiiid it 1 st'IiV Sliiiniil it M 'll "tr ••iioiicli to r*-- ' dii.-*" its <-.iparity to $.-.. I«HI.IKIII . antl iillow tlir lifllis of its plant to ri-niain l.ll»' until oilit -rs I 1< M<- I O|HM I a '-apai-ity for liandlinj; tli.- "tii -r ^.".oiKi .fiOft? Should It as-unn- tltat tli<> total trad»' Businasa. . 1 G OT. II MORE PUPILS OUT of :!>•• anil it i> • \!M'< 111' a ij .iv \Vi- ir:;ii .•h:H !i ;.n li;..-k . It -.1 Tliirlj SliKlriif- Krum lt;:rtiilil >I|IIMI| in Topcka, .loin TI HIM' I IO Uon'i , Stud} WUU N<i.ri><'>. • Si [<• I'll. -Til'- -•; iki ill • I ill 1 •I CK I •• .I'.'i ::: :i ';i ii;- :i' ' ! :!>• <:;;;•;, ' i V .-r.-:-...| .ri .n.:' il:,- ,1- ^r r.k'- v.- i '.i'ii;iili<vi!..i: .'•I'-uaik ;.ii <i :|:- ^:.»! .-: .-h-!.. •• •: .;-i;i-is av'i -.v. > .-> llCMM> \vl;' :•.-.<'nth':) III Mi'ii- till' ili.ii- iu'- i.ii .l 111 i:.' 'Ii. ' K:i-. . .•iiiiiiM;; Ti'i'il-: i -|i;-i';iiiitiv:', \,>'-i 111.Ill Iliirt) IT.; : ^^•hl•lTi ji>ii;.'>i !h( l.iiii'iilii si-ium: ?l;;:is w.'i,. in-: tu r!).' i.tTvi • I'ti ainl in III.' . •):-•'•: '11 rj,.. . Lii'iim -chfi' -..i...f. Hi i 't|-U! ' 1 rii' I! v.. ••'- hi-. - will, .(Ml • Kaltnir JjOroan^it-rii^lard Pir. i;vt'r> iii"'l I <:;:tiiit -t 'lis' A lui;;e chalk lirick Imiiiljiii: • Th*-.^;:ikc is • T!:o <>nt' w Im : r, '•'\>i." .\:>.>;!(>: a-ai!;!!K i-aii: - A:: W!;.. ;..v, : - ' :'iii>!!;;i; w-.w ^'r^:\ I'Mir.:- v h' .•hiiiircn ; Piiilrs: M'I'O' • : .i'. I 'l: •':i'^ ' .I 'l • k :!;vu! ; -• ;. ' c.,-, ,- ti:, •, ' • U : ! ! ! • !.i . ••.i'I;'i ;:•'!> : •• ;i:i^w • 111"-;-.' 1\ • ri'.: :i li":iv\. •••.'O tr.'M .1 ; !ii tc't ' :i-ii! i!i'.iii ::i i.!i Till K'fM .1'. !.:;;< ;• .i.~ \v :. '. i .'"'i! 1 til t i 1 .11' ;•••'! .•'•• ^ni .'i -iii I '.-d r;-, |i.- iiow |i«)~.-i!.:^> I iifHxi pic :is •-:roi''-r -j »''i;". •!i- It" V,!T-:ct;-> ai li ' A>'<-. 1 ;•• c- :.'r :;;';rr.,!if:.'s I..••Till :i. i • C'ln 'LIT- ICLA BOY IDEfjjTIFlEO BODY. Sc • of Charle-- H.jrkness May Have Been Killcil Pt I r..l,i . .M A- 111 ••::i 1 i:a: r. lia> kt -p' •')• .-('iuml a:ui :i- I iV. .Lie: 1 •. >• .1 vi : If •'. ,U lo.luy •^11 in:.'- -.rv. ,i,--i:. I'..- ik It!. :i!;:!'-ii -Tik-i ::a-!.'-. .'li in ui- :i-:.:iilHiyl;T .-cili'i. IJi.i.'j- a fi;-- iriia: S;:p>-r:irt'iuic :;r U'li!--!;,!'! • tTday mi 'r'iii '.u: [ iu-v.- "f :ii- I"!';-!';):.!- .[)•.'• : • • . ;t^!U.- ::.iV'; Til. : iVl;;!;- '' - 1'" •aTlf..-- •I 11 • in • lit l.iri jlic iiiaiso*. tif <^'-•( ni'il' i:!;!-'.- ii'iituh "iiiir •.v!" ^IIl'!• 'hi- »•:•• > •Jic iliLr .'stii 11. !• »n '^r»i 'ni* ro Iiav»' arc sc- in- • Ofit- 'nraiiiiTi-: i>r two 'irc ani'. iii-=' pre, 1 'ii -- i;cka'-:c Or i--- iV.- ;t.ri<!,i -l pic. Clar-emo-e. Ok. t 'i .it .a' :i iru 1 i • .f iiii; i;,' j 'I'o-- •'.ail r- • I'l'U-.. -I ;n o;- ' • ;s ci* ^ v-^ > ffa->r.. >.-• Ul-f :•->• .'•" •.• ; soi: •laii-!--- f'.r ?.-i-ia!. Hughes' ape^b.) When we consider remedies that ara proposeti for the trusta. we And our- I aetvea Journeying I D a land of dreaiu<i. Arain the niaglrlan of ISM warr* h(s waud. .\t a sfVoke dimculflea dl«f>- |»ear and the conipiT probleros of rao<l- j em business are forgotten In tlie fa»- cJoatiuo of the slipple panacea. Atul. j as the free coinage of silver In the ratio of Iti to 1 was to destroy .the curae of gold, so the new found specttlc of equal pprfe<-tlon l« to rcinore the curse of industrial oppreaulon. Th.- de- j ^^.„, |,„.r,...,«. aiHl Is not always to re- Insion of y.m Is comparable only to that of twelve years aco. | The first atigestlon is that the law should pre\-ent a duplicjitioii of dl- reciors among roinpetins cori >oratioii8. However advisable it may be to hava Independent, illrei 'torattii of «tiinpetiniC mrp'^nitloufi. it would seem still more Important t 'O hav*- iiide |H 'iident stiM-lt- holdcrs. for a majority of the sio.k- holders of a cor|«ratlon choose the dl- r>"<tor>. If n I«w wer»> i>a»»»^i pr»«vntliy: the diiplii-atton of ditv.tors It n<iul<l easily er.ideit lu tbe .u^oH'tion of men who would represent the same int^•re^fs. Tlie must ordinary ••x|wr- Unce tJiowi that It Is not nt -^^senrr to •eri-e on a boar.l of ilirctonf in orrt-r to o»>nfrol Its pro'-eeillngs. Whstever the adrantage ,if sjoh a law as Is pr >• iy..'«e>l. If hardly rises to the dlcnlly of a ••r »'me .ly." or Tln<llcatP» its title to a plai>e in an linivsing Krheuit- of reform outiiD<^I I D a tuittonat platform I ninin at $ll».<nMi.tKKi. and hcii.-.- retain a hirpT jii'r'ioti of its plant in idl' lies*'.' t'r suppose a •oiHcrn i-ontroN Km JMT .cnf of the trade in some article. plants shall It ri'taiu: It lan |ir'"lui-«' iioiliiii;; niitil others pn»- thw: but If ni.iy prodii-i> an ani;iunl c .jiial to tln' pri"luction iif oiljcrs .'aud it Iioi-~i the trade will sn-w. WInt a vi ^i.iti of loisiii«>ss uni'>-rtaiiity and confusion, of iillc and iiniiaireil plHuts. of the ruin of workiniznici'i wlio<i.* ifv-s h.iv dusteriil around particular Indus iric.s and will. de |»Miil ujton ihejr .-.m tiu 'icil cdicieiicy. is pri-s4int>s| iiy this faii.ifiil n'Siie .Iy for th.> de>tru '*tion of trnst<: Apiirt from tliis. if the tlissnliitiuii vnTe ••flTciti'd ill the iiianiicr dcsirxtl ami |iortloiis of plants .-on:.! 1 H> snld and were sold as sii::::c«(».,I. j„ »i,,„„ woiilil the sale made? \V..iilil jt u- n«-.v>.>siril> to f"*"* or to tlii>sc ainM- tious lo't>c i -ompetitors ami aiixioiisi to take advnntaue of Its pMelit? This projMis;!; in Its utter disrc-^ird of the fai ts of l.tisiiK'». ill it> siilisti ti:ti"ii of tlie phantasi-s of th- inui-in- aiion lor tli- rciliiics i.f lift-. Mamj.s tin- iviiio-ratic plalforiii with the fain! stamp of ly: Th 'i coniiiici.i- ami In >tintry. the Iiii,.r,.sts of But the more ini[Virtant proposal Is "that any nianufiicturln); or trndiii;: ••••rporatlon engaged in interstate <-i.iii ' merce shnil l>e re<iiilre<l to fake otif a iVileral license t>efore it s|in!I |w> |wr-i raitte<l to control an much ns ;.er ••otit of the pro«1uct In whhh It deals." | A Iic»'nse is jtrtcnlsslon. and the object I ,- ,i i- of the n-medy is not to regulate larxe ' "' " , , , businesses, but to .b-strov trusts. Hen- earners and of its inteplc, | the stipjiomMl efft .-tHncy nf the plnn is to ' col ma.^«s. who niiist r-Iy upon t!i, be found in the proli'lbltlim of the con- stal- iit.y "f Im-^iness. cannot .-, to trol by any luich corporation "of mor- ;;ivi- :!• to sii.-ii lauaries than.Tnpercentofthetotiilnmount .fi' i,, ti,,. s' with which tlii^ any Pr'>duct consuu,.-.! lo the mitrd ; U.-., d-. l.-ircl. and th- |„^ states." Thla is another delnsijon of. i •. . ^^jj^^ ' j »ist«-iice nlinli i: is ailvniitcil. w- ' It"' might be Interesting to Imnire ' - ^ '-r- =' what is the meaning of -^nT pr.vluct "l-i-"""-; '•"•••....» "iff. constmie,! in th- Tnlted States." Hoes i the proMci-.< of the .lay. It refer to a class of coinnuMlItios? | And. if so. h.>w shall the c!as.>^es !»• d.'- ' DONT BUY THESE SHCES. fine.iy »»r d.>es it ref»>r to ca-h sepa-; rate nrti.le ..f nimmer.-*'-; Ai:.|. if .so. . Peddlers May Come this Way With what a.i-.iunt does this projxisa; take o( tlie skiii and initiativ.- ..f m.inufa Hirers who have built up a m.ire or! ... , , . , . ' , o: r*o.i<-e \\ ilIi .Tin ..a:..- to !tws ex'-aiMve tra.Ie in pariicnlar ar-! t1.:«=. often pr.itectetl by trade marks, i •"'•^ ncciv.-.l a letter from K. Cr-ps. altlioiiKh In m .i .st a.tlve iM .mp.titb'n -1^ cial .btective for the Santa Fe with other «rtl.-!es |^•sit:n•^I f.«r the railwax company, askini: that he kee;> fame general purinete and seeking the a lookout for robbers who en'er- •ame market? I D a d.>sire to «Y >rre.-t j ;, ,-j,r >tan.iini; on t.he tracks near tha evils of btislm-=s ,re we To pfn.-: „,.- Mi.-so.ri. Katisa.s T an emhsrso upon h-.n^st en.|>r wh'.se a-tiviti-w present none of th-.' ab'ts'-s rcpilrinir reni-'ijies? .\inl. If. n.Jt. «lia: statin.TV .i.tii.iti.iiis sh»:i |.e ^'»"il';'o> '^-""'^ ff""' foum! to i«> a.l.^piate nn.I jii7 .t if we'ear In th- I.tfer .Mr Creuc sa>-:.iy .•••wii our prohibition In ti'ritis of,, that Ii-- cxpeits rh-' o-s wonbi voliiriie ..r ratio of business ami n-t In; :M".i from hoiis" to.ho'ise through Stolen Property. Mi-'Soiri. Kansa.s Texas ; in- n.-ar Channt-. S.-ptemU-r ' Tell .as.-.- of iJoberr. .lohnson & Uand •ni.. •! :' •I . i- 1 ;• li.i-.v; I » I' '1 r. 1 ! f. : •. : }'• la TI - iitr- ^ n;.(.i.' ">: • I'liiti;!*" i- iifier ^'.'O 'i inai'''- t» •loii; rn- --;i tua :• Ar :i.! ;iMf| ,-if-.1 111- ••• :"nn !ll..r'..S on • - ..n -his . J •• ; .'.!r Ha-kr.i r s th>- countr} !>> men-is that all [jteddl-r:- an.l reom iispecti Iio arrfstefl. terms of right ami wroiicV If n-e Mr. Br.van's prop.isal. t*.. what }»>- riotl of pr.p<Iiii-ti..a Is the prohibiti.Mi to apply': Is the exct-ss f.>r a day ..r for a in..iith to be consi.|ere<l? Or is j > ff ti , tbe average pr.idiietb.n for « .venr to be: The Badge 01 SLoneSty takenV .Vnd. what s.vstem shall In- de ! I* on every wrapoer of Dtictor Pierce 's viscl by whi.-h suitable informafl..a j Golden Medici! HiWovery because may l~« fiirnisheil in the nature of .lan-; h-"- "f the inpred^onts composing fir. it is Cheapness vs. Quality In the matter of food you .can't affpjrd to ''isacrifice Quality for Cheapness. Economy I is right and good but inferior food prjixiucta are dear at any price. Bryan's Crade ReasonlnK. is cconomJcai'—not Chetfp. Tpy it. The best at any price or your money bade i:er si;:iials a ions the routes of ti^<irt j P^iiitfid there in plain ^ngU-ih. Forty s <i that the mantifacttirer mav knowl y*»"f'*'xp«rienc0hasprovcnJt*superior wheD he Is aU.Mi to eice..,! "the pre- i JP"''?*;' Invigoriil- sccibci ratio:- He mar j|.,riv ^fort''^ttjreorstomachdisorrfe^ ,• , „ J'- { and zll Itver tlln. It bu:Ms np the mn- qn,re,l to govern his own o..-.dncf. but. down sy,tem as no Other tonic can In how sba.. he !«• appris .-.l of tbe '-on-1 which alcohol is u ed. The active medic- duct yf others wlil>.'h Is to dejiend '"s' principles of nativu roots stich as his guilt or Intiweniv? 'joMen Seal and •< tiecn's root. Stone and Th? patent laws c.nfer a t ^e .^i'''"'''''»«, ^<^^' Hlooinot and Black mono,.ly m the „ci..s,ve right to „r U'X^t-'ol iSly -p^tt ^TrS ofacture ajid se.l. Are the..«. ja»v., ro I reJine,! glycerine. Send to Dr. R. V. Pierce < be repealiHl because a >rirate nion-t at Buffalo. X. Y.. tor free booklet which 'opoly Is IndefetislWe and intolerable*" "I'l^teis extracts from weli-recognized med­ ical authoritigs such as Drs. Bartholow. King. Scndder, Coe. Elllnr *ood and a host of oihe;^. showing that these roots An example of Mr. Bryan's ren«o». ^ daft^nded upon for tntir curative InK Is found In bia sfatement that '"'o" '4. ^«ak swies of the stomach. •-when a ..-..rporaflon controls 50 pei ^'wlHt 'XJ Jj-'i,!?.'*'**^"?." -«f «f the toi.i nr«i.^ „ »»^*''" 6 WHoits Of lifer compjalntj 1 ... / " wh*™there forty mjllbins of peojd* with that pr .Ml- Ulosi ^esh and gradual running down net" "Pbere are. of course. »i >e,.in »t |i^; ofJi^^rength and jyfteiB. wbloti hare a limited mark«t and ara «Md by a relatively sniall noab«r of tjM paopi* of tbe Unliad 8ratni. Mora tban M per oent. and inde#)] eren m mocb as 100 p«r cent of the tradu such artli*l*a may b.« in the routral of a ptrtlcuUr corporation. This may In fact, be rtJatlvtiy n small eorp„r,.* tloD. It mty larw bav« asptrod to tlM nttMTory r^aown of a "imt." But bi proOTOOttaf tu partictUar lla* rr\tt, fldeUir M <l nasdnf satlsfartorliy « * Th* *Ciolden Medical DIsfovenf'inakea f lr||. ptiftt klooO and so Invigorates ana 3A0UES MFG. CO. Guaranteed Pure and Wholesome. llmu«« wont; or by tMsoh of Mcr«t proctMsea or advantage t »f expert«•«. H may control the trsd3 tu « gtr- M srtlde of oommercr.^ Or. stippoao a rCMoam controls tbo whole trade It •one tnefol byprodoct which it lUi i totu^ It dlTaeUseous to make. I* tb« «naa t« be prohibited? Mil. ^hrwiKh ijfm. uic.yhgln Thiiti all skin affections. blotch«*.:plmplf« and epiptlnnt* a'< well a* scrofnlous »wel- llniTi and ohi open running sofes or ulcer* are enroll antt heal.yl. In treatlnc eld runni[i« i^ores. or ulcers, li U Avell to Ini- sure ^ht^lr healing to apply to them Dr. r(eri-.''s[AIIHenlln«Salve. If jMuirdnif- rNt lUuili hautien to havo this Salvo In Mock. .««ml fitiy.foiir rents iii po«tAite I siamjts to Dr. R. V. Pierce. Invaliilf' Hotel I aiMl Surgical Institute. BiilTalo. N. Y.. and a lantt! bnt of the *AII-Ileallng Salvo* alll reaf'-h you by retuni post. You ttiin I afford to a«t-ept a secret no«- trnm a* a sube«titiit« (or this tion>alcohuli<*. medicine or K.NOWN * couroarrioN*, not even though tb« uriceiil dealer may tkerebr maka a little blgMT profit. Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pelfcts rettulate and invigi>raii> .stomach, liver and tmweU 8L-gar-«'nat«d. tiny grauulact, easy tu. take •sautdy. Becoming n mother 5houId be a source of y^y, but the suffering incident to the ordeai makes 9 its,: anticipation one of dread. Molher 's Frienil is the only remedy uhicli relieves women of much of the pain of maternity; this hoiir.'dreadeil as woman's severest, is not only m.ide less painful, but danger is avoided by its use. Those who use this remedy are no longer despondent or gloomy; nervousness, nausea and other distress* ing conditions are overcome, and the system is prepared for the coming event'. '' It is worth its weight in golil." say many who have used it. ti ro JMT J»oltle. Bnok of Tuln^ »n •IIrxp<xUii;iDnlllrr<niailrd \m. TkBraJfitMRenittarCa.. Adoto.Ga. • TH08. H. B0WLU8, President. J. F. SCOTT, Caahler. ALLEN COUNTY STATE BANK Capital $30,000.00 DIRECTORS A. W. Beck. L. C. Beatty. A. J. Fulton. W. J. 6vao«. J. O. Rodsers, W. L. Bartlea, Ttioa. H. Bowlua. WEisiUE oun own oRArrs on AIL tunoPEAit POIMTS SAFETY DEPOSIT BOXES FOB RENT FROM $2 TO $5 PER YEAR. INTEREST PAID ON TIME DEPOSITS. Arizona and New Mexico Every day iuring September and Octoh- r you can buy one-way Colonist tickets to California and in- lerntcdiate points at about half the itsual fare*.' Proportionally low lates to th : North West and Mexico . THROUGH TOURIST SLEEPER I-) San Franci.sco via San An'onio ;<nd HI P ,.si> leaves St. Louis on Tu'..stlay.s of caeh week on the "Katy FIjet" See Katy Agents, or Write Me for ParticuUrs W. S. ST. GEORGE General Passenger Agent* M. K. (ttT.RY. Wcinwrisht BMg., St. Louis, Mo. NEWS OF GAS CITY MMAi, nia;>iK> KFTi KM;II YKS- TKKIIW UtOM BKl .orr. K\S. AHENDED THE TOURNAMENT been a.tietidin^ the Stiite Firemen's Toiiinameni. They " .-i-por£ .an excep- riinialiy iii'ere.-tin:; tournament. They si.i th-.^ fa.-.: li.-i.e wa.-; made in many ot If..- .-ont.<;;u> f":ty was u<y rcp- '•'.ieirnl :n i-.n;- i-f ili-- . v^nt.s.- TIIKV RKIMIRT I AST TIMI- M VBE IS ilA.M «F TIIK t ;vfc>r>. .3- (it» Urilline ConipHuv Mill stHrl six IHiirnnt Urillinr Kiits in .Nrar Kolvri-- ri-rsonal^ ar«i >«|e-.. Mother Hied in t hannte. Wf'iil \i .t.- ic.eived hTe liy (.;«orge .NbiKir* ai:i..iii:i i::ir rhe .sudilcn de4fh ((f ii?.- nioirhe: a!i her home in Chat :Titc| K.i> Th*.' caiue of the dea!h is no', ktiowti I .c-it. >;in lh|- Star Top fhasers. rr '..I-!'.!:; pei.pie went to lo!a rcJ:i\ af'Ttji on and witnessed the ir'tr-' of -•br. Kansa^! tjity Star Cup ill l..,T in. alitomobi es. A I-.'. .1 ^1.- out to «i'nf?is the en- Uill Be Tried lutsday. Thf cajo of aie arai» v.-; .fi.i.ri i-.r-- '.er o: this tiiy. cliar ^etl witii as.-aii.: with intent :•> ki:: w.i; be t.-ied ... Justice E. G lloushV ci.:i: .in I'.i-, Tuesda.i.. The ca.-t- «aj called !a-l rhiirsday and • •jntiiiucd G-oi-.- I'.U'A ers. a fcirce' ••ar condiicrni. i.- th.- fiic- plainitig witne-a. Uill Drill .Many UelN. The t.;aff ('i'.i. I 'liniiii; .'iiiip.iii- rej.airin.^ their driHiuz oirti;.- ••> ii have been in their barns in th'.^ cit.i. for the xveiiiil w.-.-ks i«r^p.u.i- tory It, besln diijlini: aitai:! It > said thai the.i. havf reccivctl rii. . . "> racf for drilln.^ ?l\ ttc;.> in tli.- .b.- fiTcnt p.irii I.I :!i.' .n ; i r »T»onaIs. I 'Jii? f.'.ili.ij') who ha.-: been ill for • t'ne pa.-^r -irver.!; day.s ib reiK )rted a& '!..-irii: h 11" was abJe to be • iiv n •••All ;.—,--criiay for the first lime M:.- .Maruarer Ui^.m recurned tt) her iii'iii- in Huriinaron. 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Hill Is wnrkluK on lh« pch ill.-.- force while .Mr Phillips Is under tiiiarnntlne. Firt^nell iteturu. fhief of ;be local lire depar'nient Ed Hun'cr and William •'aushn and Ber .M>«M.s. tircmcn. ti-:iirncd >i-si,-i«l.i\! from Belolt. Kas.« where they have Will Cay Curb Monday. The contractor will begin Monday inonilrig laylni; tbP carb along East Lincoln, which street has been ordered paved. The South Sycamore street, pavin.s will bo rmislu-.l t.^ Moitday noon.

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