Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 26, 1908 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 26, 1908
Page 2
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Bosiness Difcctotr* Afternoon Wedding, v The Ottawa Republic contains tlio following description of the marriage of, Mis* Adaline Akers ami Mr. H. L. fiaifer. Th& grooni is a liroth^r ot her. Ked Bailey, who was formerly At THnlty church here, and is also a cousin of Mrs. AmoR Morgan who foriilet-lj- lived in Tola: A pretty home wedding tool; place ftt three o'clock yesterday afternoon it the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Akers, when their danghtor. Miss AiiAllne. was united in marrlaso tii >fr. Harry K Bailey, of Kansas City 1 *he couple entered thf livin.i; ronni which was elaborate':.- ileoorated, t«» the strains of Mendelssohn's welding march, played by Miss Pearl King, and took their places under an arch of golden-rod. asjiarapus and ferns The cereinony was performed by Rev Qeorge Hlnes, of the North Ottawa flAptlst dhurch. the rinp service being used. The bride wore her travelinf! shit of Alice lilue cloth. Mr. and Mrs Bailey left ai four o'clock for Kansas City, where |hey will be at home at 519 Tenth street. The bride Is a most estimable younp lady, and de- rcrvedly popular in her larpe circle of friends. Mr. Bailey is a stase carpenter employed In large Kansas City theatres. Both .Mr. and .Mrs. Bailey have the best wishes of Otlitwa friends. The cuest list was limited to relatives and elos.» friends and in eluded Mr. atid Mrs. Bailey. Mr, And Mrs. Prank Bailey.iMiss Florence and Cal Bailey and Miss l,ou Akers all of Kftnj»««- riiy; \\i .a,„i Mrs. \V S. Clark, Miss PcAri KI.IK. Miss Irene Kooley, Miss Alta Mallory. Miss Bessie 1C>'ana: Messrs. \\Vinheimer. Ar thur Fisher. Guy Ruble and Oliver BUckstone. Souvenir boxes of wedding cake were given by the !)ridi' to the guests. A For Visiting Girl. Mr. and Mrs. J. Ri Hunter of Gas City pleasantly enfewaine-l a numbor of young people last evening to greet their guest,/Miss Margaret Helms of Kansas City. Mo. The guests assisted with an impromptu program of music an dthe hostess served refreshments to these friends: Misses Margaret Helms, Myrtle Eastwood.; Ida Woith. Plhel Moomey, Lola Carl. I Lizzie Dri.s- coll. Ella Weith. Maude Hunter. Mina Hunter, Messrs. Gordon Welch, Everett Ep'ing. Charlif Troop. Errebo. Edwin Hunter. fiET_TH Roller Skaling IT'S A GOOD HABIT kink open Eyery Night l :xctpt Sunday wearing «laik skirts blouses with i.i;iuiring all frills] and Jewelry wrfch at H dauoe. but ta<k the "boys" wore J;ist gir's in the- use of and they sjH'tit ev land severe white aiiprti[j>rlate lu-ckwear, aiul. furbelow femininity etfeets about vanity— as skillful as the ;ilu< powtli-r raus try bit as much Mr .and Mrs. Gray Ktere. Mr. and Mrs. - Wilder Gray, who have lately been in Springfield. Mo., have returne4to tola for tl:e winter. That .Dance Last Night. I Masonic hall was used for an e.s- peclally enjoyable danc-.> last .'vening when a number of girls and voting matrons were the gu.sts. .\fter a sim>nier of visits ami inconsequential social events «»vt 'ryl> was wishing ff>r a gootl time and a bunch of girls i^ho always lead tlie ranlis Iti froli'> Were obliging in anancin;: (h«' d«»- tiilK. i The pirls who U-ad liio dance were tiu'e befon> the uiirn^rs. The grand marcli nine o'clock and sobstMiuenlly there was a progrntn unti the first notes of Ihi played only a few \ but when tlii> last m^i.sure was finish was played al luldnlght. When barn dance wen ore on t:M» floor were dancing |(i a couple during one of the girls f I take yon to Mrs. Smith's barn ed a score or jnori*; When you edced up t ••dome Sw'pet Home was saying: ••Say.=' that comer tliere by will you be afraid to go the rest of the way alone?•• Evj rybody was really afraid to go bomej in llle liark but after tlie refreshmenis had been served at the Out: Wayjj tie juosts loft ill groups of three rtnd four so that there was no necessij'y for a'arm and the evening was happily closed. These quests were present: iMr -s. Chas. Fry. Mrs. S. R. Burrell. Mij?. Millar 1 Teats. Mis. A. P. Harris. Mi|;. F. Wood. Mrs. B. Crick. .Mrs. Benjservey, Mrs. F. Servey. Mrs. H. .Mc>feil. Mrs. E. D. Shield.^. Mrs. F. Ridlile. Mrs. W. S. Goodwin. ,Mr.s. H. H. Funk, Mrs. D. W. Reid. Mrs. .1. L. .lone . Mrs. R. Sleep r. >rrs. F. V. Kerr. Mrs. O. R. Bush field, Mrs. C. C. Bui^l-h. .Mrs. .1. T. ''rice. .Misses Xeitie Brigham. Mayme Ander.son. Daisy Hob: rt. Florence Ho- la-t. .Mberta Munsoi'. Mary Colbert-•111. Clara Crangle. Enuna Newton. Myrt'e Wills, Alice jiibields. Reniah McCance.- May Landi . Bartels. Mit- •liell, .loseiiiiiiie Riddlf. Blanche Sess- ''iiis. tirosli. KatlierfTi • .tones. (?ora Klein. I.ottb' nefenlaugh. Blanche ''oiisler. Lena rnll>erl "li/.abeth r.ault. Neva Fry, Bess Hyde. Ro.sal 'p.. WMeelen .luMa .M nriiloii. .Melvlii t^rfl Clnln. Delia I-ving. GRADUATE TESTED EYES FRRH O M^es Fitted $t and np Satisfaction Gnaranteed. tfa. Pac> .Sknta Fe and 3f. K. & iffklet IflspMtors. T. W. C. T. U.. ^(ieetino. The session of the '^t'. C. T. U. yes- "erllay 'afternoon wa-< ic-iiple^ larc< ]r ] with preparations for con v<?ition.s. These dt legates • were "hosen to represent the union at •p stale convenlifHi ji Plttshiiri on October 1 2. ?. and 4: > rs. E. B. Keys. Mrs. E. F. Arnoll. Mrs Phil Helgele. Mrs. .\. K. Vamer: altiVnates. Sirs. J. M' Mason, Mrs. .M. M. Willl->'T)r .'>n. 'Jr::;. V. n. Hildebrandt. Mrs. J. F. Mc- iCep. .- Contr.<»ry to a cnstonn usual'y observed the convention will be- in seca- ui. Ethel East. Funk, Barbara II Charles, Flor- Mure. Georgia on. E.ina Mc ion on Sunday and speakers will fill the pulpits of churches of the hostess City. .Mrs. K. P. Hutchinson, state pr ,esid (.-nt of the Kansas Inion and also tlie exeeuiivt-r. of .Mi;,.s.iurl ami UKtahiima are m sp «Mid the days of the ron vent ion in Piit.sbiirg. .Mr.r. r <eys .Ml:; .1 C Kelm. Mrs. M. M. Williaii ..-iiii aii.l Mrs. A. E Var- nei were .,-leoted 10 superintend the plan:; foi the visit ui Mi.;. Winirinser to t hi.-, city. .Mrs. Abner Wood iiinl .Mrs. .1. C. .M .-Kee. \v o iiave reci 'iitly returned from huig \isits in the west were present ill a<!ditioii to a large niiui her of other iiiemliei -K. •:• • •:• Y SociaL There was a pleasant social for the Y society last evi>iiiiig at th<- rest rooms. Refre .shiiieiits were .>;erved to th>- .-ttteiKliiig friends and members * + * Civinri Readings. .Miss /oe .\tclii^on b .Hs gone to Kansas City where she Joined Mrs S. Wallace. II speaker for the W. C. T. I for a tiuir of Kan .^as. .Miss .Vtchi.son will give readings previous to .Mrs. Wallace's lectures. ^. .J. * To Attend Wedding. Miss .\eva Funk goes to ,\ewioM «>n DR. MILDBED CDSTJ8 . i • .^lijsleian and SnrgcAa. . ' • Office over Bn-reira Drug Store • Office Phone 554. • Residence 214 B. Jacluon • Phone 569. change for Kansas and Ml.ssoiirl land. " • **'**''***•* * * * * * GoldenWcjst l.;ind Co Ortlce avtr Iowa • ."iT* • • • • o • • • • • « Here. Rev. and Mrs. Shuliz, who will have the pastorate of ih«> Reformed church, have arrived here and will; U. W.. tlii.s office, soon be at home to friends and members of their congregation. DRS. RSID A REID, Physicians and SnrKtMBS. -Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Stevenson went to riianute today for a visit with Mr. and Mrs. George Tromliold. * • • To Humboldt. .Mrs. A. H. ilecox. .Mrs. P; C. Eakln. Mrs. Clarence Hutchinson and Mrs. Chas. Cummlngs spent yesterday In Humboldt at the fair. ^. * To Port Scott. Ted Cille ."2sen will spend Sunday In Fort Scott with hia sister, Mrs. P. A. Curry. + • • Return. Home. .Mrs. A. Lloyd and granddaughter, who lave been visiting Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Smiley returned hom' today. Mrs. Lloyd Is Mrs. Smiley's 3,1101. WANTED—Housekeeper for email fan'ily: middle a.jjwl wuinan preferred.]' X-Ray'and Electrical J^tpllancM. • Eye. Ear. Nose and ThroaL • Office Phone 257; Rea. AND A WOMAN'S WORK At> tJie Churdws First Metiiodlst Episcopal ciiurrli. The .ser\-icps of this chiircl^ for to- niorniw are as u.«ual touching linie. The pastor. J. .M. .Mason, will occu- p.v tlie pulpit in the morning and even iiig.; The morning sermon being a coiitiniiatiun of 'a series on Reciiilsites for a revival. This one lH>ing on Kaith. The evening subject is. "The Crase for entertainineut." The Kpworih l>>ague subject is "Tiie Lonl of the Sabbath" and is led by Mr.^. Grant H. .Miller. The Junior League has opened for the fttll and new meml>ers are being euruiled. MLss .Mi-Coy is the leader and she h <i |ies to make tb^ Junior League the best it has been. :Shc has adopt«>d the regular of studies for the Juniors and thl» Is giMMt. Let the iHireiitii help ill burdlng up this part of the ohiiroh servlee. .Monday. Tuesday and We.liiesdav are the days of our l»i.«trlri iVuifer- ence at Yaiea Center and everybody has an Invitation. Following Is the programs f<ir ine evenings: .Monday evening—Baker »iiiartette and an educational address by Dr. .Murlin. Tuesday evening—Address by Dr. David G. Downey, secretary of the Sunday school board of our church. Wednesday evening—.Address l>y Bishop Oldham of India. These will all be Interesiini: and in spiring and we hope many wi.l take advantage of them and come WANTED—A quick buyer for a bar- " • gain, a drairable S room house, good ******:************** location. East front, city water. Price • ——— $1250 in payments, s'. llt-U.-r. 204;" South Sycamore street. WANTED—Man and wife .,r uvi. ^ girls to cook ami wash di.she.--. !j.itei I • and cafe, steady work, good wage:: Call at South Side Hotel and Cafe. Ifuniboidt. Kas. WJII. Dailey, Proii. WANTED—A »«rst class .salesman to sell our teas, coffees and specialtle.'i direct to the consumer in and around lola. A good paying business to right parties. Write or call on the r.rand Union Tea Co, Tin Kansas Avenue, Topeka, Kas. W.ANTED-TTO trade er,iiity in new four room house for team. .Address G, care Register. WANTED^TA i)uy a light :-urrey - lola I.and Co. PERSONS WANTING boy or girl to work for board while attending school apply at lola Business College. Phone 49.'>. DR. XcMlLLEir, Special j attention given to the treatment of all Chronic Diaeaa* ea and Diseases of Children. Teiepbonea: Office 32, Res. 232. Office over Burrell'a Drug Stor* West Madison. • Phone e87. . Rea. 70L • DR. 0. L. COX, • • Eye, Ear. Nose and Throat. • • Spectacles Properly Fitted. • Offli e A. O. U. W. Bldg. • Offlca Tel. 10S3. Night TaL 40« • * " •• • DR. R. 0. CHRISTIAN • * Physician and Snrgean • * Rooms 7 and 8. £vans Bldg. • WANTED TO BUY— Four »r nve acres, iii:proved or unimp.oved. close to good town.' .Address W. E. iL, 702 South Washington. lola. Kas.^ SAI.ESMEN & AGE .NTS—J $$$fiOOO p-^r week and over can be made sellii.g New Camiiaign Novelties from now until election. Sells to Stores. County Piir.^, Picnics and Private families. Complete line ol samples, charges pre- Iiai.1 fur r>Oc. Older today. CHU:AGO NO/ELTY CO., 60 Wabash Ave.. Chicago. K. H. MARTET, • Sargery and Dl^easea ot • j Women. • Office and Residence Plione 67C * Office 7 North Jelferaoa. • FOR RENT. SALE OR T11AI»E^ Eighty acres improved, u miles wpst of tola. Will trade for rental property. Addres.s or call at Cataract hote], lola. VOW TRADE—A delivery burse for good milk caw. .Main 1010. FOR SALE OR TRADK-Fnur nHiiu house, for horsps or cattle utid fanning Implements. K. S. Baker. II!) .North Third. , JEWBLRS. B. F. Pancoaat. old rallabla Jewalar. no East Street Lodge KNIQIITS OF PTTHIA8^« tiodge No. 43 meets evarjr MoBdv night at K. ot P. Hall. Vialtlnt bfo* tbera invited. W. S. Thompaon. B. a Chris Ritter. K. of R. and a FOR SAIJC—Phonograph and records for sale cheap; 318 North Cottonwood. FOR SALE—Cood at S06 North Flrsi. horse. Inquire FOR REia- miaomUammoum FOR MXOMAMOe Nature and a woman's work com bined have produced the grniridest remedy for womau's ills that the world has ever known. In the good old-fa$hioned days ol our grandmothers they relied oppn the roots and herbs of the field to cure and mitigate suffering. The Indians on our Western Plains to-day can produce roots and herbs for every -ailment, and cma diseases that baffle the most skilled physicians who have spent years in the .study oi drugs. From the roots and herbs of the field Lydia E. Pinkham more than thirty years ago gave to tho women of the world a iiemedy for their peculiar ills, more potent and eflica- cious than'any eotubination of drugs. Lydia E. Pinkliam'a' Vegetable ComiKJund is how recognized as the atauaard remedy for woman's ilia. Mrs. Bertha Muff, of 615 X.G SL, Louisiana, Mo., writes: "Complete restoration to health .niMas mt much to me that for the sake of other suSering women I am willing to make my troubles public. "For twelve years 1 had been snffer- ing with the worst forms of female ills. During tliat time I had eleven different -physidans without help. No-tongue can tell what I suffered, and at times I could hardly wallc. About two years ago I wrote Mrs. nnkbam for aavii I followed it, and can truly say i Lydia E. Pinkham 's Vegetable C poand and Mrs. Pinkham's advice Itored health and strength. It i^ worth mountains of gold to suffering ijromen." . AVTia't Lydia E. Pmkham'S Vegetable Compound did for Mrs. Mull, it will do for other suffering womea Baptist Chnrru. Sunday school at !L-4r> a. ro. .Morning service al 11. iVrnion. "The Comfort God Gives." n. Y. P. V. at 7 p. m. E\-enlng .service at 8. Sermon. •Di- vlne l^ove as a Motiye." W. il. GARFIELD. Paster. WELL I.MPROVED SIXTY near good town In Vernon Co.. AIo.. for exchange for lola proper:y. (Jrace K. Arnold, old court house. TO LOAN— $5,000 private money on farm land at 6 per cent.—tola Ijnd Co. [tary. KMUHTS OF mCOilBHie- Knighta of Maecab««a ot tb« WorM meets in K. i*. liutl. second and foartt Saturday nights ot aaeh noath. J. W. Poatwait. commander: R. B. Por* ter. rect)rd keeper. i . *W. «rWV -Camp No, 10! BtaU .te K. of P. Hall every Prlday night. W. T. Steele. C. C. A. II. Davis. Olwk Visitors cordially Invited. r M. \V.* A^-The^M. W. A. LodCt meet* every'Friday nigbt In M. W. A. H&li. Visiting brothers invited. P. 0. Coffleld. V. C. .W. A. Cowan. Clark. ROT.\L li 'ElGHBORS ^-Ioia Caa» No. 36a. Royal Neighbors. meeU:a«o> ond and fourth Tuesdays of sack month. Mrs. F. A. Wagner, otjUM. Mrs. Mary Button, 413 Weat StrMt Recorder. FRAT£B.\AL BROTHEBHOOBu^. Fraternal Brotherhood No. 380 meeta s <:cflnd and fourth Thursday of etuk month la A. O. U. W. HalL Tiitttas n^embers cordially Invited. W. H. A*' derson, precldent; Golda Eini. LOST ami FOUKD LOST—Horse's bridle^ west Kir .st (tanrch «f ChrisL .Srienli «.t. Sunday school at I0 a. in. CTinrch service at II a. ni. Siib- jtct. "Reality." Testimonial meetings Wednesday at .s p. m. • I Services held In Chriisian Science hall at no ICa.Kt .lacK^on. The hill is used as a reading nxmi front '.' to 4 p. m. each week day. The public Is cordially invited to the Vprvire^ jind to visit the reading room. .MRS. EMMA i:. ADAM.S. Kirsi ileader. side of town. Return to Htzgeraid's Storage and Transfer Co. 00000000000000000 o o O H. V. WEAR. O O Wichita. Kansas. O O WESTERN' LANDS Sc RANCHES O O For Sale or Trade. O O f 3.00 ab Acre, Up. O O O 00000000000000000 PLANS FOR ROSEBUD VISITORS. SL TimulhyN Epi .Hcoiial Chi;rrii. j Expect to Provide eStter Facilities There will be service and ser.:.on tn | T*"" ^"^ O**"-- Land Opening. niot^row tuornitig a. Iloclock Sub- 1 Dallas. S. D. sT ;;r26.-Insp|.ctor J. , ,T. Boylan of the postofflce depart- iiip ject of .sermon. "High ThinkliiL- There will bp si>eei3l music • offertory. Sunday school ar a. ni. Holy .'omraunion at T:"" p >i .All are cordially invited. REV. J. 1). KRHM. 1 1. I». OUR TELEPHONE »r .nctnntlv rinKlnc these days. September, you know. Is the time to have the summer dust cleaned out: cf car-, pets. We ase busy, but your order will receive prompt and carefal attention. Phone as today. lOLA RUG FACTORY turn* . , ment is here preparing postal facill- ,tles for the great rush of j which he anticipates during the opening of the government lands in Tripp : county, registration for whic!: will -take place October 5 to 17. The drawing will be held October 19. Judge J. I W. Witten of th.- land doartment In Washington Is making the flnal ar' ningeirents for the cinwings. • Better facilities are expected to be provided than has been known at any previous government land opening. CofiDrehenslve plans are being made by the peop'e of JDalias and Gregory for taking care of the visitors. p„- an4 oqtokest refnlts use tlie Beglster Waiit Coiuuu. COLONIST RATES TO CALIFORNIA OLD MEXICO THB NORTHWEST AND BRITISH COLUMBIA VIA 0."il SALE Sept: 1st to Oct. 3 1 St Ask for Full InronutWB.'S C. P Hate,

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