Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 26, 1908 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 26, 1908
Page 1
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Ttm R9j^tmimr Hm^ ihmlLmrgumt Gtreuimtioa la Aifm Ooumty of Amy Mmwrngtm/ter Puhtlmhma ia itm Goum^. EIGH1 ROUSiNG RECEPTION STAR CUP CHASERS FOI'XD TIIOI'S AXDS HKRE T« SEE THEM. BOOSTERS AT THEIR BEST TOGETHER W LOOK AFTER jITH AITO (tl.CB VISITOR'S WA)TS. The Tourist Parly Aiipreoiatitl liospi- talltf—Jesterdajr Was the Ilaid- fst Days Run. Yesterday evening, at eighteen minutes past; five o'clock* The Pathfinder touring car wilch at this time was leading th:e procession of the Star Cup ChMers, chugged alonj? West street and turned Into Washington aviMiin' ti; ward the checliing point an:id the cheers of thousands of persons who had j?athered to view the finish of the hardest day's rnn since the beginning of the trip. The St ovens-Duryea. car >io. ^2. which carried the officials of the party ai rived lour minutes aftc! .the Pathfinder.. The oiiicr car.s canif In in pairs ali(|ul nfieen minutes apan for. the next iiour and a half. Mr.s. Kinland arrived wii)ilii>r Overland car at nine minings nasi .md w;i? accorded the louilesi «'hi'i rs ui ;in.\ car In the "rare. Iioin ihe cars and jhelr obcnpanis .xliowed the effeets ol on unusually hard days run. .\fier viewing the arrivitl of the Cup t 'ha;icrs one is easily convinced that thu Y. M. C. A. shower haihs and swIniiTilniJ pool were the best eniertalnnieni that could be .secureil i'<u- the tourists. The duFt was lieavii-r during tin- last half of ye.sterda.v '.-i ran than ai :iiiv j .'r .e since theirlji ua."; begun. • Avj'coepiion coniniliiee from the Hcosier and .Vntnmiihi o iMiil.s of IIK (Utr,WAK.-.hi wailing at till" IVnnsyi- Tiinia iaoiel, which was. ihe cbeckinj; point for the chasers. Details from the commiliee were a.sslpiied in each of the I several car.< as iliey camo ii and thie visitors were .siven the li «^s: the city affm -iis in ihi- -vay of accom­ odations for iKJth iheniselvf.s and tiieii machines. Nothing in the way i,f e:i tertalnnjent was arranged for tin party had notified the ciuh.-i ihai wha' ihey wanted was a gom: res: 1 -[.in starting tin the most exciting diiyV run of the entire irip. A. W. Peet. one of the olfieials in the piiot car, staie<l Ia .=t evenin.s thai the reception accorded therii at ibii point was one of ihe mo< cordial the.> had met with along the route, aiu' that the efforts of Uie Hooster cliil. and thecitizens to make the party feel at home were greatly appreciated. .Mr. Peet .says that the farmers along tht route as well as their vity cousins ai;e doing everything they can to make the trip a pleasant oiio. In a iiiiniber of places they have tacked uj) sign.^ jioiiii lug out the route lo lie tr -kfu by the tourists and have made an especia) keep the roads clear.^ With the fall of the .Ma.xwell. th.- Rambler and ihe fhalmerK-Dciroll, or. ly one car nlualii; ii> start on the las: • day's run wlih a perfect score. Thli ca,r Is Fletcher Cowherd's Corbln. No 13. The oiher three, cars* which "i to this time have had perfect SCOWH were docked today for minor ciiisck which w'tre unavoidable. It was a mud hole by the side ol Jhe Flint hills that ruined ihe chance: ' of Carl Simon's .Maxwdl cargetiini a perfect score. The car ran over tht Flint hi!ls nicely and coasted down : bill into an Innocent Inoking bid o: liiud at one side of the road. It provet" to be of much greater depth than Simons estimated and it look iicarl:. two hours lo^ig out. The car was ar hour tate into Eureka. • The Rambler car fell from jrract •when the official Insiwcior got at ii ' last night. The car made the hai< schedule all right, but ai the expenst ~ of a broken fender ludi and a lost bul , «aPi Each of these lesulied in lots or points. Tlje JUf'.e Chalmers-Detroit, hiijier to c -edited with a perfect score, iliac" Ita troubles all in a hunch today. A . t|re blew up and while the occujiantE of t le car were out looking at It an- bther tire burst. Repairs were made . then the tube of the compressed bottle could not be found. The had to' be flUed with, air by a and - •, pump and the operation took an and twelve minutes. •"-!»«. Packard and Stevens-Duryea PAGES. lOL.^, KANSAS. SEPTEMBER 2«, l9W^S .VTrRDAY ETEM>«. EIGHT PAGES. PRICE TWO CSHTS. THE WE.ITHER. TORMTENDf^ Forecast for Kansas: Threatening and colder toniPiht, with rain in ttie southeast portiMi; Sunday, fair, with frost in the moaning. ooooooo o O ADDITIOXAll 0 ooooooo booooooooo o SHORT .STORIE.S. O O booooooooo To t\ Stuart Clapp. skater left todji where t.e will exiiert skating —I'.nrrcirs ilr til !.'<i fur Wall Glore C'ar.'-.on (Jlon- al I IK- Santa K« in-.' fur 'I'oi"'!;:! <-xan<inaiitin foi ant bralifiiian He bosj .Tn worlji Pacific here a To Mod Or. S. S. Hilj Presbyterian c|i ninrniu!! froin Y wenj lo modern Rev. W. C.. Shei oil to III. lhf!». evada. Mo. thp lola boy expert y for .Nevada. Mo.. iive an exhibition of the rink there, ig siori- is the place fap 'M-. oti in Topeka. foruierly swiichman yards..Iffi \U\f inoni- A-li^r>' hi' will taUif an a lutsiiiou as as.<ist- ih.> .Missouri Pacific, iiig? for IIK' Mi.^-xonri •eek ago. . rate Meeting. cher. iiastor of the urch. ^ returned this ntes Center when- he e a Hieotlng at whioh 1. of OIath.\ was call- pa.stri'ran- of \ho ehiireli I feel that the country is indeed to' be congratulated upon the nomiuation of Mr. Taft. I have known him intimately for many years and I have a peculiar feeling for him, because throughout that time he worked for the same object, with the same purposes and ideals. I do not believe there could be found In all the country a man «o well fitted to be; President. He is not only absolutely learless. absolutely disinterested and upright, but he has the widest acquaintance with the nation's needs, without and within, and the brtfadest sympathies with all our citizens. He'as emphatically a President of the plain people'as Lincoln, yet not Lincoln himself would be freer from the least taint of demagogy, the least tendency to arouse or appeal to class hatred of any kind. He has a peculiar and intimate knowledge of and sympathy with the needs of all our people—of the farmer, of the Wage earner, of the b-jsiness man, of the property owner. No matter what a man's occupation or social 'position, no matter what his creed, his color, or the section of the coufitry from which, be comes, if he is an honest, hard working man who tries to do his duty ^ toward his neighbor and toward the country, he can rest assured that he will have in Mr. Taft the most upright of representatives and the most fearless of champions. ! Mr. Taft stands against privileges and he stands pre-eminently for the broad prihciples ,of American citizenship which lie at the foundation of our national well being. , Jin? Dorse;. a blarksniiih. pleaded guilty to the charge of assault :a p<:lice court this morning. ll<' was ar- n'stfd s«.v*-ral Aays as<i i.n coiii|>laiui of C. W. Frifdiey. a lui Marpe mr-r- ehani. who ehargwl that TJt.rsoy .^irnt-k hini wilh a hammer v.hen )ie askeil for i;oni«» money he clainii':! was du«- hliu. l'p«in lieinp arrai .giitHi T>«jrsey pleadnil not guilty. However, when the case came up for trial hp pleailed gullf> and luiid ihe $•'• tint* :i'nd costs a^ses^eil again.>( hint. Horsey also asked that the case he instituted against Mr. Friedley for dis tnrbing his jieace be di.sroissed. FOR A JOINT DEBATE sHKKm\> Ks (II\I.I.I:N(;K Tt» ttlNKRIlSSMVV SltlTT. SIGNAL AT FAUL I Aft IHKNT OX RERI.IN RAIl.ROA KIl.l .Fn FtHRTKIiN. —Rfinr-mlx-r iln» bis stock of Wall Pajicr iu all jjr.ld.-s at nnrnHs drug store. Ii Parsons Attorney Here. .MioriK -y W. \V. Brown of Parsons, •s lii-rf toiiay assisting in looking af- er III'- in(<-p s/s of ib.- Kaiv rood if ' 's;aiii>i W. D. fjox & .^oii of Elsmore. 1 suit iKiw being tried. Star T; e Star rini 'ast night. Pr; •his sHction is md Willi »'r st 'as ^ii Rink Open. I opened at Fort Scott ajptically every rink'in jnow open for the fall —We have a Tell established. jsnap for a .goo <l res- •aurant man or koman in the gas be:t. business for sale at a largain.—Whitaier & Donnell. Rev. Gordon to Muskogee. Itev. .T. W. (iiordon, pastor of the Second Baptist 'church, will leave to- la.v for .Musko2 ;ee. wh<»re he is to deliver an nddrefjls befon* a inf-eting of ht- colored Baptists. Attorney.Amos Here. Aitorney Cotf. 'An>os of HuinfioMI "s ii|i today on l<-gal — loa High |St-h<.ol iv-nnaui Pnsi 'nrds Tic oaoh ai Hnrri-H's drug sKir*-. Elletfa Fine Lecture. Th<> lecture «f R. H. K'lett. on life n the south, iiight lifforp last was highly approrU.ted by a good crowd. Special music was rendered. Visits Mrs. C. H. "aine down to spend a feW Baker on Easj yvale Repiib Stoppeii .Matter Hanging I'lrt- Iiitil AVnrd Is Itereited Frcm .Mr. Sroll M he U tint III' Town. I.. 1.. .VorUii iiji. ehalriiian. of ibe Ite-j |.ii!(!ieaii (•fini;rf.=>;oiial euiiiniitiee. has r. (e.Vf-d a ii-n.r Ironi .A. M. Ha;- leii iif U i-.'-tiihalia. <hairman «if lln- l.)>-iii(!--rali<- i-tinfirt-.-ssldaal <-iininiitit <• ill wliicb Jie i .-i .-iies a t-halb-iigi- in behalf if Haniey .Sli'-ridaii. the lieiim- (•rai!<- eaiididaie for rongre.-.-! from :h!s district. Hi iiieer Con.gressniaii Chas. F. Scon in a series of debates lo be held in every coiiiily in Ilie di.-;!rki beiuien now and the. eleciinn at such •inie.s and places as can be uviaiiged. The leiit^r was rrpt >ivid lali-' niornln-.; and .Mr. .Voribrup' ai press hour;; had nr.r yet bren able lo reacii Mr. Scott who is siieaking in I-'rank- lin c';iinty today. .Mr Scott has already accepted invitations to speak nearly fvery day during the campaign and it is not known whether or not he ean .>-o adju.'-i his engagements ar- to i.ermi: him to aereii! the•iiiviiaiioii from .Mr. Sheridan. ^ tar t ronded With Passengers Wan Thronn From EUMflled Track to Stieel llelotr. .Shulls Here. Itev. Win. Shiilis. of near Tiffin. 'f )lllo. the new paslfW elect Of the Re- lorniVd church in this city, is in the city and Is. expecting his family iilso today. He will occup.v the parsonage ^t Itif. .laek.-on avenue^le will jireach his re.giilar inirodnetory sermon on the first Sunday in October but ilicre will al.-io be preaehin.g tomorrow at eleven o'clock. Tamer Gray in Town. Tamer Cray, the hall p'ayer. returned to lola yesterday and Willi spend the w] been with t Berlin. Sej.t. in;.—Two trains on the t'.eiiiii eit-vaied inilroad were iu ool- li.-iion iiidav. l-'ourieen persons are ili-ail. aiid niaii.v injured. The acci- Heiii was c -:iu ^,-d l>.v a inisjilaied signal. 0V .I- ear >r<.".v(led Willi passeiiKers. wa.; thrown lo the sirei-r loriy feet below and shatieied. inter here. Tamer has le Sprin.gfield .Midget's, going theie k-!;en Hayden transferred the lola leapi at that place. Gray was one of the hesi hitters on the Springfield ti'ain. He was accompanied here yesterday t>y .Mrs. firay. HtntSK THIEVES AT .WORK. ncpredntinns in Oklahoma Equal to Frontier Rays. BRYA.N WRITING LETTER.. Prepaiing Reply to Roosevelt Concerning Haskell. at Cherryvale. [ Rhultz of Cedar Vale.' frdni lola tMs afternoon, days with Mrs. N. JV. Foiirh street.—Cher- lifan. Harvard .l.niiiiioii. III.. Sept. 2Ct.— Tbi- a<t';al |ire|iaraiiiin of at r<'pl.v lo the leii<r of I'resl'Jeut lioosi'v<'li regarding. i; e j-harge.s <:overn- or Haskell ve T begun by .Mr. Bryan today on ilie Juutiiiy from Chicago to Madiicon. .As yet Mr. Bryan was unable to stale uljon it would lie completed. He po -Jitivel. refused tn ilis- ciiss thi- Haskell case. "The resignation was not addressed to nie." he said. "'The ipiestioa of its ae:?ep{anco and of till- s\ieressor li <'s with Mr. -MacU." Re^isur Want Ad.; bring results. Off at Ottawa. Miss Lucy Knowles of Carhondale, 7ajne here lass night from lola. and •vil! be the SuiJ lay guest of Miss Meta Winters of IjO^an street—Ottawa Re- iiiblic. WAS NO SORPRISE Hlsciii Say* He ForsHW That Haslell Would (}nit tie ('»niuilttr«>. Passeii Through lola. Sdperintendej It B.irnes and a party •)( division oO^ 'ials left this' morning In the fornier'i| private car to inspect 'iridges lietwe^h Channte and Ottawa. "The officials had just returned from a| r'-e day trikji over the southern orauches of fjhe division.—Channte j Sun. —^Xone so nainied china , • AI A daughter gieod as the Picard hiyd liii Burrell's drug store. Baby Girl. I was bom last even Ins (coBtlnuM on page .6.) to Mr. and Mri. Slnley of East Spruce. tCaii-^as f it -. S^y.i L 'rt—Tbo !na= I... Hls.:;en arrived here ihi.- morning from Wichiia. He was a of th I'ity iliil) ai liiticheoii. He will speai tonight and leave <ui .Monday next f( a tour to Salt Ijke Ciiy. When Haskell 's ' resignation a.s treasurer of tr Democratic national; comnilitee. wal Dientioned Hisgen Said: "1 am nof surprised. I predicted in Ol(lahoina s|>eeches he would step down and out. Neither Brj-an oof! any parly cpnld carry such a weight. I believe now that Mr- Oryan knew lung ago of the charges made^puhllii by Hearst." .Miisko.nee. Okla.. Sejii. Uti.— t!iii-ve .i liave rarried on depredations in all parts of Oklahcuna recently to a:i e:;tent no; erpialli-d since the frontier days, according to a statement of K. 1). Bain ^ev. sheriff of .Mu.skogee eon my. MEETING THIS AFTERNOON. Arrangements for Inter-Scholastic Meet to be Made. T; e meeting of ihe board of ihe .MI'-n C<uiii!v .Xthletic .\ssociatinn which wa.; to bavi- inei in ihe high school buiMiiig this lunrniiiL' at 10 o'clock was postponed until ?, o'clock this afternoon because ibe r-presenlBtives from HniiiboMt eoiild not reach this ciiv nniil tip' 2;2 L' no-ih bound Santa Fi'. T; Is afienioon the board Is n:eetlng in Attorney Brown's ofUce over the Iowa Store. There are a number .of ini|>ortant biisiiie.--s matters to be considered at this meeting of the board including t!ie arransenients for the preliminary me-i at whidi contestants to repre- sen ttbis county in the Inter-Schol- ifstie n;eet at Lawrence will be chosen. BE FROST TONIGHT This Is the Weather Report.—Flowers and Gardens May Suffer. Ola citizens will do well to care- TiirV tn-^k blankets over their flowers and tender garden stuffs tonight' for W. J. A. Schoppe, of the weather sta tlon. announces a frost. This will mean that people who were going aliout coatless yesterday will be wearing their light overcoats tomorrow ^morning: Should there be a frost in the mom Ing the record for .several rears past win be broken. Last .vear the first killing frost was on October 8th, two .rears a?o October 10. and three years ago, October 14. HIIRSEY DROPPED THE FASR Also Paid a Pine fur AsHaalt I'pon I'. W. Friedley. OOOOOOOOOO CO O O O O O O O C ADDITIONAL SHORT .STORIES; C O O OOOOOOOOOO o o o o o o o Oyler at Chanute. Colonel Ryan, of Girard, and Attorney Oyler. of lola. were in town to.lay on their way west, to hold a series of Hemocriitie political meetinp-s.—,Cha- niiie :!un. John Campbell Here. .lohn Campbell of Pittsburg was in the city this afternoon on his way to loJa. He is a brother of Congressman P I' Campbell—Chantne Tribune: ' HASKELL STEPS OUT OKI.AH0-VA GOTERXOR RESIGNS FRt»» DEMOCRATIC COMMITTEE, BOOLIN IS IN HIS PLACE AS.SISTAXT TREA.SIRER WItL CONDlf T tiFFlCE FOR PRESENT. Resisrnatloa Ihe Hesnit of Charges .Hade by W. R. Hearst and Presl- - dent Ruo«eTelt. Chicago. Sept. itj.—C. .V. Haskell, to all intents and purposes is no longer- treasurer of the Democratic campaign fund, having resigned last nighi.^ Today he \» on his way back to Guthrie after a forty-five minute conversation with -Mr. Bryan. .M his in the Democratic headquarters .sits J. B. Doolin, assistant treasurer, who will conduct the routjne business till Has- '.•roH's sitcce .s .sor is appointed. .Mr. Ha.skell's resignation "was announced by himself three hours' after hi.s arrival in Chicago from Guthrie. Okla. and after he had conferred wilh otiieiais <f the Democratic national !li':td(|iiarier;: herK III giving out his decision Mri Haskell, in 'res |M )nse to a i |uestion, de- clariil h(' ilid not de.sire to be respon- , •iible for any embarrassment which might result to the Democratic party b.v' his retaining the oilier of treasurer. That his resignation is the direct result of the charges made against htin by W. R. Hearst and President Roosevelt, is also admiied. At the same time he did not by his resignation intend lo adinii that any of the charges were I rue. It was considered, however, that the I ruth or falsity of the charges could nof remove their damaging impression on the public mind. National commit- teemf n declared thai further retention of .Mr. Ha?kell by Br.van would be suicidal ahd it.was decided that the governor iViUsi walk the plank. - Ad Brennan Returns. .\d Brennan. the I.aHarpe boy who has developed into one of the best pitcliers in the Western .V.s.soiiation. was in town this morning. He will siiend the winter at I^Harpe. He bias been wilh Springfield. Volley BalL The business men's volley ball teams will play on the A'. .M. C. .A. coijrt this evening. Geo. Howard Better. George Howard- returned this morning from Colorado Springs where he has been for the past month for the benefit of his health. .Mr. Howard is greatly impres.sed with the Springs as a health re.sort. He says he feels like a yoimg man again. TAKE.S t»WX LIFE MIRon Crriistnn Despondent, Recnose He Lacked Funds lo Secure |)e> feiisc on .Murder Charge. Manhattan. Kas.. Sept. 2ti.— Miltmi Creviston who ten daysago shot and killed .lohn. Coons. .Ir.. a s:i:- deai. and v.-nnnded his companion, hanged himself in bis cell in a jjail here-last night, lie was to have been arraigned on a charge of murder at a preliminary hearing today but iwas unable to secure funds lo hire a lawyer, becani" despondent and ' look his own life. Crevlston shot Coons while trying to friishten away night prowlers from the premises of his home. Ttl COMPLETE THE PLAX.S. Rur Assnriatinn Will Hohi .Vi<i-lln|f Today. A meeting of the Allen -Conaiy Bar Association will be held this afternlio^ at which plans for the annual bantjuet to be held on the evening of October 5th will be discussed. .At this meeting all of the minor details wilt l>e completed. The liancpiet program has already lieen announced. , W.AXTED— Hustling solicitor for Kansas and Oklahoma, at once: .$25 .lio weekly. Apply Sunday .Mr. Berir. Portland Hote!. Recister Want Ads bring results. A GOOD TIME? SURE! BOOSTERS LET HUMBOLDT KNOW THEY WERE THERE. Many Compliments for the Band.— Sheridan .Couldn't Hold Crowd. The lola Boosters Ijad a nice time at Humlioldt yesterday and certainly let the people of that handsome city know that lola is on the map and llve^ lier th.-in ever. The Boosters and all other lola people probably three hun- dn-d in all were met on tl:e outskirts of the city and e.scorted through the city by the Humboldt band, a excellent musical organization. .After the parade the Boosters scattered over the city and chatted with the citizens of llumboldt and vicinity. In the afternoori they were entertained by a concert hy the Humboldt Band and a speech by Hon.'B. J. Sheridan, w: o has ideas that he might possibly be elected to congress. The political speech proving uninteresting, the crowd got themselves together and left at .*{ o'clock. The band which escorted the Boosters yesterday was niade up of. the old band men of the city-and they certainly played like veterans. Many oon-pliments were given them and many compliments came from' Htim- boldt people. Most of the men wbo played yesterday have l>een out of the business for a number of years, and are willing to get back Into It If given proper encouragement. Of course now that the rink Is open where ten of them, are employed a iMtnd for commercial work is out of the question, but if the people desire it- a most excellent organization could i-bo formed next year. Many members! of the W. O. W. band would doubtless; be willing to go into a great big organization and there is some mighty gtiod traterlal in that band. It is up to the neople of Tola as. to whether they wonid like to .see a big concert band I organized here. —See the new line of Picard Pointed China at Burrell's Drug Hand Store.

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