The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 16, 1946 · Page 21
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 21

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, December 16, 1946
Page 21
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SAX.E—My equity in". JS« Oldsmottile aoor Bedan." See at 1*13' f£y«". street f D ' aUerao ° D ! and" Sunday at 1805 "SsSsSLseaavs assr- * T-KW ,2-J-O!- BlimoutB .edan A-l condition, t;olor blue, Call at 181* "Eye" streetMn person. . ' . 'hot roil with Ihjrd hquw. on, rieht, north ot Bix Drive on Sparha J>rive:- No. 14. 1340 CHEVROLET truck Tractor. 6-^ traMnnssion. Eaton -raar : end, sl'eer . cab S.2, tires. Good condition: 15-foot -with, ».00 tires. IS.uoO-pound Tim- «««»« Cobb "r!?^* 1 ?*? factory-built sickup. ne« FOR SAM—CRah, 1941 Pontiac club coupe new paint. Rood condition, clean, nullo heater, spotlight, seat covers. 1605 How— _aftgr 5:30 p. m. ' VOR SALE—1837 Kord,' five, good tlreT good condition. 1304 Monaclie Drive. 118 * ell-,carcd for 1,541 Packard llodel 110 coupernew 13« motor, new 6-piy tires, nejv paint and custom «eat covers. .Office. 601 HaberfeJde b.i-'iaing durinc day; eveninits, 1304 Ricbiand. Mr. Murray. : ns 1933 INTERNATIONAL' pickup, 2711 Chester. Phone' 3-42U. us 1846 BUICK super sedanette, 2711 Chester.- Phone 3-4213. new. i is _ X940 MERCURy convertible club coupel Carson lop. new paint. 1332 Twentieth *tie*t. Ross Hardware. Ask for Hay Spauldinc. _ l"i) 1040 CHRySLER RoysM-door sedan. This is a clean car. 3130 Blver Boulevard, 118 FOR SALTS—One smooth _i unniner 1928 Dodge sedan. If you nced^Bheap. dependable .transportation, see this at - .he Roxe- dnle Garage in ,Bo»edale.' - 118 WILL TRADE ({lean 1341 Chevrolet coupe for 1940, Chevrolet convertible. Call S-9592. 1J8 FOR SALE or trade for cheaper car. 1940 Plymouth, tudor. 705 Curtis Dfive. Phone 2-sm. • m FOft SALE—19.15 4-door Chevrolet standard fcedan. 292fr L street. 118 1842 BUICK club convertible. 1S'46 Chevrolet «cdan. 194fi'Ford convertible coupe. Sell or take trade, j, „ 5731 Ch-estpr Phong 3-4211 118 INTERNATIONAL 3 i-ton pickup, 1941 motor, five eood tires. "\Vill take small car in trade. Call 1911 Edison Highway. IIS 1934 OLDSMOBILE 6. four-Uoor sedan, pood work car. S39Q cash (75T.">OS). 19ns Talisman Drive, Hose Gardens. Phone 3-1597. • 118 DODGE 1940 pickup in first class condition.' Apply 1716 Sixteenth street. 118 FOR SALE or.take car as part payment. 1944 26-foot single alia semi trailer, with 6-mch brake block.. One mile south of Greenfield Corners. Phone 2-9H3S. 118 FOR SALK or trade. 1940 Ftird. 5-pafisen- ger convertible. Mercury motor, leather upholstery, good paint-and tires, dual IOK- Ilghbs, spotlight, radio, automatic top. A-l condition throughout. Phone 2-3:119. 901 Heisht-streel: 113 FOR SALB-^-iaaa Bulck 4-door sedan, good condition, eod rubber. 3279 Cheater Lane. 118 Sacrifice 1941 2%-TON G. M. C., motor,just over- hauled, excellent condition throughout. For sale on the job. Seasonable. See SOti E street. : IIS 10-WaiEEL 1937 G. M. C. truck, with 10-ton A-frame, Brown-Lipe transmission. Good fhape. }2000; wln-.-h. I'hone 17-P-12. 120 1931 MODEL, A Ford coupe, good rubber, good condition. 925 Mount Vernori" avenue. _ 150 FOR SALE — 1951 model A, convertible coupe, A-l condition ; rndlo, good tires, »3tifl. (8K4908). Phone 3-5164-or call 2324 Center. __ • _ ; _ _118 FOR SALE 'or trade, 1937 Ford 1'i-ton truck, 12-foot bed. 10-ply tires; motor In Bond condition, ?79a.\ Can be seen at 2503 •Edison Highway. _ 118 1935 FORD V-8 cluU coupe, new motor, new leather upholstering. 1 nt!w paint, radio, good lire. 1 *. 4946 w .new Hudson. sedan, i20« Twenty-Iourtn.- _ " \ " • _ 122 J930 FORD model A si-dn.!), 16-inch wheels, Rood tires. Rood condition, J275. 1104 H. j Phone 2-1S33. _ ] _ 1 BEAUTIFUL 1937 Cord Beverly four-door, | radio; heater, four speeds foiward, new] paint. Rood tires, Immaetilutoly clean, JSoO. 116 Polk street, Tatt. | __ _ _ __122 | i ntw BUICK ?" peri ra 3io.,heater. Ite lights, *2000. 3J7 F street, apartment" i', Wasco! \\t.. T*. p. Cornelius. (QkUu 62-3231. 126 FOR s ALTS—1 >4 -ton i International. light truck, with b«er bed, good Ures, good con- _dttion. 3.15 ai^treet. Phone S-«23. 120 1941 CMC PICKUP, excellent condition, new paint job, Can be seen at Santa Fe Garage ^jn Shaf ier. or phone SM3 Shatter, 120 Wl INTERNATIONAL 2-ton iruclt, heavy- duty -rear end and drive shaft, 3-srwed Btownllte, goo.1 tires. . A-l condition throughout. 2086? Wesis Road, 10 miles TvesMon JBosfdale highway. 12S 'f , for 1934 1! 5? to Ford tnif 193S Pontiac sedan zedan In- good condition. . Ajiyone interested In making d«al, call at Io21 Jefferson atrest at trailer house. —t. : m - F w-H ™^ B f- sriek "<° Chevrolet tudor; - iMll trade lor equipped welding truck or late model truck. Would consider trade-In * .. , " " «"•« vuii>-»uct t.(aUC~IU ' J." * e W'"ff?hop. -S25 South Mount Ternon. .Cabin 3 FOR- SALE—1945 Ai!toca>" diewl. 150- hor j*P°wer. 3 2-foot: IS-lon semi Weber condition. Phone 617. Shatter. 124 ' eood tires, good 00 Golden State avenue. .118 FOB SALE—1937 Oidomoblle *. 4-door sedan, or trade for pickup. Can be nesn after * p m. or all day Sunday at 926 Lake BU-eet r cottnge HOT. ___" 118 WANTED—Late mod'.; new or used -station waeon. 'Must bs in very good condition. 401 Nineteenth street. Phone WILL BUr tha.t car. ar.y make or nKSBel. Hiehast cash pnce^ paid. McFarland Motor*, East Nineteenth and Edison Hish- gay. Phooi) 2-3611. 11-15-tl LOOK—Do you have & car. wrecked or - running, far sate? We buy. soil cr trade. See u* first for- ton prices, Loule%'i Phone 2-81S9. * 355 , „ ,' ...--- 2S.800 jfeet"»!scellaneon» lumber, ?ii)tabl« for cheap bui'.dinga, JGO'per. 1000/feet".!' "* Automatic'Water Hgaters., $48,50."*' • - Se* Ti* foh'l'lurobinB', — f ^uildihe Hardware : ~ r l^ -~ Ecdwood" Shakes,, Cement,, Etc."-":. Meats Lumber Company, .- ', Z135 Edison Hiehway, Bakerapeld ,-' ' " • Phone-^94aL.t .^ .-'> '-lig GARAGES'" and "utiiity Chouses. "Finance under FHA Title-J, tiafaEe,-l«?2o;"r«ady fpr stucco; »S!0: withi,«|mij«.-t347:5UUIity house. -18120, wUb doora,; windows and sidiDK. SSH. 'Also bave ons and- two- bedroom bouse*. ^' ' l I- \ \ ^ i " Pre-Km Hoa»e» -' -. ~ 'V lallii Eisbuenih Street Call 7-7508 "" '' " • SIX heavy market doors, 3-15S1.- , !j» - each.".Phone FOR '"SALE—-Tlaster." -Call'Bill 5-60*1 eveninss. •' . " .- •<• f FOB SALE—Several thousand feet ofc lum her, :x4s, SxSa. This lumber has been »to. ked six monthit; }90 per thousand Two blocku ofl Brundaee on Cottonwood Uoad. - ---"120 Legal Notice* NOTICE of SALE OF RKAI PKOFEEXX AT fRU"AIK, SALE No. 8518 In the Superior Court of the"SStat« oi California in and for the County "J of Kern. In tha" ilatter of the JSstate.od W.-E, DKURV, Deceased. 5; Notice Is hereby given that tHe undersigned BA-N"K' OF AMERICA XA;T1OXAL TKUST AND SAVINGS ' ASSOCiATIOX, executor of the last will and r testameni of the above named deceased, will veil ai crivau sale to the hishest bidder-,upon ,^_____^_^ *- ne terms and • conditions ^'hereinafter WANT'TO BOS late mode! used tar Will I mentioned and subject, lo eontn-rfiation pay casij. 2-73B9. No dealers. Phont 1-" U-23-tf Automotive Service, Parts t!49.oO ejcebanee. Factors rebuilt' Plymouth motor. $148,50 exchange, plus state and federal tai. H. C. X-andstrum. 2210 _Chester. .' - . 12-B-if FOR SAM;—1937 Ford 60-horsepower en- Eine and radiator. See Alllsier Lewis at auto mechanics class, -shop building, Bnherstield High School, any time be- jtween 9 a. m. nnd 12 noon. 120 Automotive Servlco Company ,.«™.^^ Automotive Electrician* MOTOR tuneup. eipert maeneto. generator. starter, carburetor, distributor and speedometer repairing. When you need that motor overhauled, see us. Prompt service- 2111 Chester Avenu* Phone 7-7871 • S-JS-tt Motors "P 4 TAVE 3ust weived a limited nnmber or tarn And Mercury rebuilt motors. Kitchen-Boyd Motor Company Lincoln and "Mercury l)ealer ' -"30 Chester Avenue 32-G-tt C. C. Bouglas and'used parts, Chevrolet, Foul 8 and V-8 Uansmism'on, radiators, alarters. ireneratois and other parts at reasonable prices. Closing oui complete stock of pie- war seat covers at one-half price. 2S1 Twenty-first street. Phone B-C341- 1:2 Motor Center "Batteries Newly Deslerned Hydraulic Bumper Jacks Nice Stock of Seat Covers Twenty-second »nd Chester Phone S-9441 - . «-17-tf Aato PalntlnB Let Uffl Make Tour Car Like New $55 and Up Immediate Service Auto Repairs Motor Overhauled Kevv Motors Wheel Alignment Brake Ren-ice Baker-AdamR Motor Company 2701 Chester Avenue. Phone 9-9745 4-9-lf CHARLES VIGSTROM Garage, specializing m body and fender repairing and palntlns. Free estimate. t 100 North Chester Avenua* Phono 2-0292 HS FOR SALE—6031 Brown-Lipe transmission, $;.">!). South on Oak to White Lane, west half mile, last house. Phone 2-4085. 124 Holiday Greetings: Thirty-fourth Street Body & Paint Works A SMALL, unique paint shop, modernly equipped to serve you best. "Where low prices and quality workmanship prevail. "Synthetic Enamel"—the new" prewar palut, Give your car a iong-laetinE, hard, lustrous, finish. Free Estimates Phone 8-S336 128 Motorcycles -and -Bicycles SCOOTER in cood condition. J75 or -210 Bernlta avenue. Phone 4-4123. SS5. US FOR SALE—194(1 Indian "74" motorcycle. Inquire at 2207 Monterey street after B P m. 118 GIRL'S prewar bicycle, J25. 2408 La Siesta Drive. Phone 0-95£9. 120 TWO boy's bicycles, one Iver Johnson and Srhwlnh. Phone 3-2977. 118 FOU SALE — 1946 Plymouth de luxe convertible coupe, cream, black top, 6000 miles. Phone 2-44S3. _ ' ___ lit) 1S3S BUICK Tour-door s^dan, very good condition, very reasonable.- 2330 Truxtun ave- iiua. apartment 2. _ | __ 1!)42 FOUR-DOOR Fieealine special dc luxe Chfcvrolet sedan, radio, healer, spotlight, foglishts, new tires.. $1750. 1941 Ford two-door sedan, new tires, radio and heater, perfect condition, $1150, Phone 7-7573 or 2-5210. . ' __ i ___ 'l940 CHEVROLET motor, perfect shape. complete, -vvlil exchange tor older model and difference. -Will mouni. 112» Drury jLane. 1929 CHEVROLET truck. 1931 Hudson ie- dun, 1934. Chevrolet roadster. 1931 Bulck sedan. Reasonable prices. See us belort* you buy. 2-125 (Rdison Highway. I - 2 FOR SALE— 1331 De Soto coach, good mo- lor. (100. Call aU 404 Decatur. Oildalc. 120 >OIt SALE— 19S7\ Chrysler eight coupe, in pood condition, with plenty of-rubber. See at 1-122 Orange Drive.«-ld. 122 1937 DODOK two-door in good running condition. .Make* a jrood car for \vi£o ^ir work. HiRhPsl offer above $475 takes car. Call 4-4425 nnd ask for Garrison. 120 i GIRL'S nrewar 26-inch bicycle; boy's pre- I war 28-Inch bicycle. Phons 3-203:1. ISO FOR SALE—Boy's 20-inch bicycle. 421 Kl Tejon. Phone 3-lCSa. 118 FOH S4-LK—Indian motoirycle, just overhauled. See &t 632 California avenue, Shatter, after 6 p. m. 120 GIJRL'R bicycle tor sale. 2727 Lake. Phone 2-4300. US FOR SAL%—Child's 20-inch sidewalk bicycle. Phone 2-1474 between 10 and 2. ERSKl'XE cur for sale, 2-door sedan. Call 131 Chester avenue. 120 PACKARD 6. 1S40 convertible, 5-pa*sen- ger foupe, Excellent condition. Inquire at Masscna hotel, 1627 "Eye" street. O. F.. Purcell. 120 FOR SALE—1331 Victoria Ford sedan, V-S •wheels, very good mechanical condition. 24S9 Nineteenth street. Can be seen any vmp. j 121 . SIX OR EIGHT-YARD body and heavy ' duty hoist, remove sides lor flaUack: will install on yoar truck or sell an is mounted on 1940 1'i-ion 4x4-Dodec. deonte Mai_shall. 917 O?."K street. 122 i937 FORD COUPQ. very clean, in A-l shape. .Must seo to appreciate. $S7o. JPhoiiP 8-8IS3. 1^0 FOR SAI.K—19.1S 4-door .Plymoillh sedan, good niotor, paint and uphulstoiy: fine «oo<i tires. Phone 2-4635. 2334 Kant California avenue. 120 1941 StTER de luxe 4-door Ford sedan, very clean, radio, manifold heater. Jeath- eictte upholstery. This car ia excellent. Room 32. Bakersfield hotel. WANTED—Boy's .20 or 24-inch bicycle , eood condition. Phone- 2-9170, 3 TWO Schwlnn bicycles, $33 each. One man's and one woman's. Excellent condition. Call 2-37S3. 12(1 FOR SALE—Man's Columbia heavy duty ^bicyr-Jp. excellent condition. 540. Phone :i-4S12. 211 Tl.irdir.g avcnu". FOR SALK—1939 Horley-Davidson. Now ttres. tubes,' new battery, coil, plugs and now paint .fob. Recent overhaul. EXCPO- tionalls- clostn. "VVmtershleld and le» puard« inoludc-K X etpran si^il to oniitmue I'tlucaiion. 323 ^Innroe avenue, Arvin. Phone Arv.n 63-R after 5 p, m. 122 FOR SALK—Boy's 26-nich bicycle, balloon tires. Santa: Fe trailer No. '42; on \vest Slxtpenih stieei. 122 TWO boys' U6-inch bicycle, one prewar, also nc\v paint. ?25, S30. Phone 3-04S5. -1906.-Qiiin.oy. FOR SALE—One 26-mch bicycle, new back , wheel, tire and tube, in good condition. Some extras. $20, 'i mile west ot Rose- dnle. house No. 33319. 1J0 SCHW1NN Paramount racing bicycle, large flange bubs. English ruclnK Urea and saddle, bike nv good condition; also twin bedroom «et. modrrn design and bleached ^ood. Phone 7-71RT). 120 GIRL'S High-FIjer prewar bicycle, new tires, wheels and paint. Like new. Phone 2-1CB4. 122 1934 DODGK coupe. paint, good tires, ' Phom> e-1833. 1937 motor, new excellent conuitfon. 1936 CHEVROLET master sedan, ovei- hauled motor, new tires, cood paint. As is ' 710 Pecatur. 1_>0 FOR SALB—1935 Dodge pickup. Call after 4 p. ai., 925 Pearl street. Phone 3-3539. 1 ; i_2fl FOH.--SALE—1331 .Hudson . sediin, $10-1. Phono 2-5096. I'.i miles south of Brun- d;u?e on Oak. F. D. Miller. lis FOJl SALK—1938 Nash 2-door, A-l dition, 1775: IS-foot trailer house, like new. J1175. 1023 J1 Ey"e", street. Phon" S-SSTJ. •*-.•" • ' - iro FOR SALE or Trade—1942 Bulck suri'f sedanctte. Must see to appreciate. Phone S-5816, > 120 1S41 TORD coupe, radio. Will take older car in trade. Call "7-750S or see at 2205 ,1933. CHEVROLET 6 sedan, S3B5. Ej:lra good motor, no oil used between changes. _Five tires. Fhnne 8-91SO. U'O FOR SALE—1939 'Lincoln Zephyr sedan, or Avil! trade for-house trailer. 703 Mon- lerey gtreet., Phone g-6i>4S. 31*0 NBW RINGS, pinK. etc., Just installed: gotid rubber. . A real buy direct from owner, $335. -1932 Chevrolet coach. <*ar. be seen at -Tack's Service, Tweniy-Cirst and "Byp" street*. 12-19-1 f FOR SALE—1842 Dodge ?i-ton pickup. Phone 2-6374. .1355 Cheater. 122 FOR SALE—Seasonable, '1940 Chevrolet de luxe sedan, perfect motor.-, new tires, many extras. See a.t 2301 "ISast California avenue-at any lime.- . 12? FOR SALE—1934 Plymouth coat-h. excellent runninr-eocdltlon. Inquire 1906 Trui- tun avenue, .fApartrnent^ 2. 123 FOR SALE-r-1936 Pljinouth coupe in good condition. See" after- 5^80' p. m. 2721 Kentucky street. - .'- • - 122 FOR SALB-OT Trade*-1842 Cadillac 4-door sedan.-A-l condition, new-tires, 6-ply. '4421 Wobdrow avenue. "Phone 2-7445. • -'.-'-' ' 12-16-tf 1938 PLTMOCTH coupe, srood condltioii. $C9S. ' 1940 Kori -coupe, lew iiiff. perlect mo- tormiody^ nwds repair. *6S5. • .Stewart Brother* 8-4*0 Edison'Hishway FOR SAL'E—Oirl'B bicycle, two new 24- mcti tires, call after 5 p. m. or Saturday. 115 "VVpHt Belle ax*enue, Hivervlew. FOR SALE—Motorola car radio for Dodse or Plymouth. 540. Phone 3-4741. GIRL'S prewar sidewalk -bicyfle in good condition. TO be seen at 150 N street or phone .2-8722. 320 FOR SALE—Girl's bicycle in Bond con, dition and 3-im-h i-enirifuga! pump and pipe. Oil! after 4 p. m. 500 Beile ave- ' For Sale—Lumber. l.nmbpr No Priority Reti«!red Flootinffs, Dry Sidins?. Dry Odur Inner-Wall. Dry 1" Boaids—All "Widths 2" Dimension, Roucrh and Surfaced ^" and 4" Redwood %*4'ri' Kuetior insulstiiiK Boatd Aluminum Rooting: and Siding ttriok Roll Sidinc Doors. "Windows and Frames All Tjpes ninldlnB Materials Hardware. PlumbrnB. Klectncal Come and See Our Stocfi 55 *^, InKraham Lumber Company \\ Box -77 Phone 753 )i Shatter. California ' || by suid Superior Court, on December .118, 1948. at the hour oC 10:00 o'clock A. 1 of said flay, or thereafter.within.' ths .time allowed by law, at the attics ot Borton, Pemni, Conron it Bortgn. -304 Trofe»- slonab Buildins. Bakerstleia," California, alt right, title. Interest, and estate ol said dec«d«nt at the time o£ hi* death ana all rieht, title.and interest "that 1 estate ha»-acquired, by L operation^Q£ or otherwise, other thaji or -in addition to that of decedent'at the time at hie death in and to. the real scribed as follows: . Parcel 1 Lots 1, t and 3 in Block, J ot Alia" Sierra Tract Xo. 1. as per reap r« forded in Book 4, Page S o£ M;uia -in " the Office ot the County Hecorder of ' Kern County, California. _ -' I'arcel 11 i~ > Commencing at the .East quarter . corner of Section 26, Township"' 2S Suuth, Range 31 Hast. -M. D. B. 'ft Jl... ' Kern County, California, ruunins thence along tne South line at the KEli "' of said section 26, westerly ' 107S feet to i jiolnl; thenct running South-' 4 decrees 31 minutes West 141 feet to a point; thence running: South .13" .degrees 20 minutes East 338 feet to a point; thpnce runnlpff South 76 de- - £iees 40 minutes \Vest 40.50 feet tn a point ^and thenca running'South 9 f de- srees 50 minutes Kast 114.60 feet"to a point, which Is designated as ths point of beginning for purpose of tie-scribing by metes and bounds the parcel of land herein and hereby granted/ . thence from said point of bet-inning running Xoith 35 degrees' 10 minutes Kast 6SO feet; thence running South 5* degrees 60 minutes East 660 feet; thence running South 35" degree* 10 minutes "West 660 feet; thence running South SO degrees 10 minutes West 466,69 feet: and thence "running KorLh." 9 desrieea SO"minutes West 466.6S feet, to the point of beginning aforesaid, containing t 12.5 acres mor«-or less. • together with one undivided unit in- • teiest in water and. water distributing , v'em. and any extension r or exten- alona thereof, rstabliahed 'or to ^be established by said grantors, for IUP- Plying wiiter for domestic use. hut not for irrigating purposes to owners of lets ot BreckenrldKn .No. • 1, the , proposed Brecketirtdge Subdivision No. " 2. and surh other lots adjacent to so id Subdivisions supplied "from name source. v Parcel III Commencing at the East quarter corner of Section 26. Township 28 South," Kant-e 31 East, If. D. B. i it.. Kern County, California, and running along the South line of the NKU of said Section 38. Westerly 107S feet to a point; thence running South 4 degrees 31 minutes West 141 feet to a j*int": thence running South 13 degrees" 20^ minutes Kast 338 feet to a point;* thence runnins South 76 degrees 40 minutes West_<0.50 feet to a jioint; • and thence running-South 9 deMieea'' 50 minutes Eait 114.60 , feet -to a, point; thence running Xorth- 35 degrees 10 minutes East 660 feet to a point: 'thence runn'.nz South 54 'de-' grees SO minutes East 660 feet; and thence running South 35 desrrefs Tb^ reinutfB West 660 feet to a point which ,, is designated as point.of beginning for tha purpose of describing by metca and hounds the parcel of land ;hereiu and, hereby granted, thence from said point of beginning "running South 7" da-- * Eree»'20 minutes East 240 feet; thetloa runninp South SO dectees 10 minutes , West 3K3 feeu'thpnce running Korth" 7 degrees 20 minutes West 240 feet;,' nnd thence running North 80 .degrees, 10 minutes East 363 feet to the point of beginning aforesaid, containing 2 , acre? mars or less, together with on« undivided unit interest in water and~ Tvater distributing system/ and '«ny f extension or extensions thereof. e«'tat>- lished or to be established by .paid grantors, for supplying water " for domestic use. but not for Irrigating purposes, to owners of lots in tha ; Subdivision o( Breckenridge No. 3, the proposed Subdivision of BrerkeilrMne iso. 2 and snrh other lot* adjacent to said Snbdlvision supplied from ««me source. *. , "Parcel IV An undivided one-third H/31 interest in nnd to the Southeast Quarter of "tn» B .-» Northwest Quarter ftf the Xortbwcst Quarter (SE'4 of XW'i ot~NW- ! i) ot Softion 55.- Tpwn-ihip 11, -Range 19,' Kern County, California. I Bid? or offeo are invited for said property and must be in wrirnig and' will he received at the office of "Borton, Pc-trinl. Conron & Borton, attorneys for said exer-ulnr, or may hi; filpfl with the Clerk of said Superior Court or delivered tr th» sold cxeomor nersonallv at nnv time after firit piiblication of this notict and lie- fore making said sale. Terms and conditions of ials: r»»h m. lawful money of the United Stales of: America, ten ner cent of o the purchase, price to ha tin id on the date of sals' nnl-,> ance on confirmation of the *al* by tha Court. Deed at the expense of the purchaser. Property to be nold enMect -to tales for the year 1945-194". easements, restrictions, reservations, rights" ol way o* record. Dated: "December 12: 194?. BANK OF \MKRICA XVTTnXAT- TRT7ST AXH SAVINGS ASSOCIATION'. TitecH- tnr r>t i-hc last -will and te«tam<mt -of TT. E. Drt'ry, Deceased By: B. C. H7XDKRT.1TI5R; Assistant Trust Officer. DPC. 13-U7. incl. " - - - '" Xo. 45572 _ ,' - Actiop brought in the Superior Court of. tile County of Kftn, and OmiDiaint filed, in the orrire of the Clerk of the Superior Couit of said Ooualy. <,'."" Tn the Superior Court, County of K«rn. State of California. f , STT.AS M. WTT.SOX. nomeUm?* knmvn S. jr. wrLSOX. Plaiirtiff. vs. TU'-TH I.. COOKRttM. RHEt.BT M. HATES, H-VBRY B. HAYES. Individually pnrt an Admiitfslrator of the Kslats of TSgTHBR TXORAJf. deceased, OKHTRUDB BALDWIN. GI.AFiYS T.KATTTF.RM'AX, ALLIE PAKF.R, Ml.NTCrE HAMILTON', HARRY A. BKVtS. CLT.TIK T>E.\VT,KR CROCKER. ETHKL PEAVLKR nATVWTNfc TATT.OR W, WILLS. EDWARD WTTsTiS, THKL>IA RICK. .IfLlA BEVTS JfEAT,. ONE TO TFN DOK. hoth-inclusive. Defendants. " 5 THE PEOPLE OF THF.' STATE) OF . M.IKORNTA SEND GREETINGS"' TO:> Ruth L. Cockrum. Phflby M. Haye». Harry B. Hayw—individually .and as -Administrator of, the 'Kptate of Esther' JnKraro. deceased. Gertrude. Baldwin. Gladys Jj?nih- erman, Al'ie Baker. TMinnip Hamilton, Harry A. BevK Clvtie Pearler Crocker. Ethel Penvier Darwin, Taylor W. "Wills, Edward "Wills. Thplma" Rice, .Tulia Brvls Kenl. One to Ten Doe, both inclusive, Oe? I re^oants. FOR SALE—45 bundle.- of No. 3 cedar shingi^B. S2.03 a bundle. Titone 2-6961. BOOO Feet ot Lumber!! No. 1 Dry 1x10, 1x12, 1x14, 1x18 You Haven't Seen This Kind ot Lumber for Years. Also Utriily Houses Built to Order Llo>d A. Warn . 1019 North rh&stpj in Oildale Phone S-419^ 118 FOR SALE—W? have sheetrork, hard \vaU plaster, flooring and windows. 1927 Ea«t California avcnup or cal! 2-1SSS. 31S Just Rpceived A CAR of 3x4. 3x6, 3x8 and 3x12 rough, good grades. Can be used for rig floors, etc,, or can be sawed into 1 or 2-inch for building. There is "no priority on this Inmher and priced at 579.50 a 1000. it Is well below OPA ceiling. Houts & Box Cut-Rate j Lumber Yard 2200 Edison Highway 12-2-t£ WG HAVE plenty of 1 i^nd 2-inch rough lumber, redwood shakes and cement, also 2000 feet of KOod 1'i-lnch used tubing in 30-foot lengths. Hot vateiwhrgters. 347.50. Bargain on lumber'in quantity. Wears Lumber Company, 2135 Edison Highway. Phop.p 2-9451. 118 FOR PALE—Lumber, 2x2, 2x3. 2\4, 2x6. 2xS, 2x10. This is all high grade S-4-S kiln dried. SOHIP 5x12. £xlp, rough. Combs Brothers Yard, South 89 Highway, 118 Tou are directed to appear in an ac-, tinn brought against you %y tbp above named plaintiff in Ihf^ Superior Court of thp StatP of California inland for the County of Kern."to quiet title- to"tbt"tol- lowinsr described real estate in said County : and State* ' " Smith on^-half (S"m of fhp,Snushw»<"t' • duarj^r ifWVJ) of thp Xorlhnfst nuar- tPr (NWU) of ppction Twpnty-ficHt. ' (Sec. *SX Township Thirty Sooth"- <T.' 30 S-l. Ranee Twenlv-ixin* East, (R. " 29 E X M. D. "B. * Af.: . ~ .- . und*>r th? prftvislons of Pertion 73S and" j=pctionw" pprtinent thereto <>f" the Code ftf Civil ProOdtirp of the Sta,ti^ of California; nnd to answer *atfl~ Complaint therein^ within tetr days after the--swrvicp ftn'"ynu w of, this Summons, if - pftrv^d within—th*.County of Kprn. or ' wltliin thirty- days.. if served elsewhere, and yon »re 'no'tified tbst "unless" you appear and answft- as aliov* required, the plaintiff will take .Judgment for any money or dnmasfn de-_ manded in tht Complaint, as'arising--upon 1 contract, or will spriv to.- thf • Courf 'for any other reli*f demanded in the "Complaint- ., » • f ,~, ~ Given under ray hand and seal "of"'the. Superior Court of the Canniy ot Uefn. State of California, this "tn day of, Pe~ cpmbPr. 1946. " , - •> (SEAL) R. J: VECJX, 1 ' Countv Clerk nnd Clerk o£ th* "Superior ^ Court of th» Rtato of tTaMfornTa.Jn" and for lh« Countv of Kern.' - '~/ By V. K, GIBSON, D«ptlty. l Dec. 9, 15, 13, 30, JIB. 6. , :,'_'-' American, _ tt . i American- t;ar 'and 'American Locomotive" -, ---..American Bad,' «nd"Std> San. ' -American Boiling TUilf '.:: Smelting -and ~\ 13 r*% :- ,«4- ,;A.merican r TeI.~& Tel..^i_.,.,..;._-J__ulit;?i "Armour'aiid Compani-J.j_;_.£ZrZ^ if'A' ' 9T / ,*iH ~V«i»- , Bor<len .'.,'.^.r-J-..~ 7 Bore -.Warner'. <• Calumet- & Hecla' Canada - Dry „_.; »_, ..C.apad(an-*acifie _.^._* CatarDillir Tractor"'""!""" ... Olaneee Corporation ..•_"_.'... : ,Chesapeake ,-i,: 4.3'i- =^3"S. ""--si ..... ISli ' .i-, US'* ' ':-_! at' ~^-.'6«>i .1 20 l j., ,^_ S4< SB'j 40 Sg 30": ? .Columbia Gas and Kle=;tric s-, ll'i Commercial Credit .^- ,„ 4" ] ^ Commercial Solrents .',•;_._.....'._..-.... COVi Commonwealth Kdisnn ___^_.i_. 33 H« Commonwealth Southern -, .... .3?i Consolidated Edfson ._,„-; 4>T'« Consolidated Yultep ^ .?:._,.__ 15 B i Container Corporation : ;_ 48U - Continental Oil Del ; L.._ Grown 'Cork _.^^. ,! „.". ,,, .^. Crown Zellerbach '. ."...: :.. Curtiss AVright .-. DouBlaa Aircraft u™"_, m _,,...__! „ , v . •DM Pont ile Xemour. , ISC'i Kastern Xirlines ..^ . „ 20U - Eastman Kodak • - ,.&._ t ..244 JElecjtriiS Auto Lite..,.A,_.__,..^r 6S • '• JIlectTii? Boat ._, ,_ „ 13 .Electric. Power t Light , ,'. 1I»I ,Gen«ral' Eier-trif ,...; se^i General Foods '.. , .7_.. 44,}i" -< Goodrich . 1..-; ,-~.,..l.L™ 63" -Goodyear ,,.......,..„- . *^."". S4'» Great Northern Bailroad p£d..--..v. ~ - Oreyhound' Corporation _. Homestake Minim; ..: :._:. llotid. Hershey „., ..:...:„..:... Int«rnation»l. Barvpitei- , T IntcrnatJonal Xiekel ^Can— International Paper ' ^ International Tel. d T«l_ Johns Mam-ilia ' ,.„-_., Kennecott . ,^. .-. „ ___ „.. ____ Cash Befiieter _____ ™ National. Dairy rrodqc XatiosiHi Pislillera ,--. "Kational' Lewd ^,.. New York Central— ___ . 'North. Aiu?rir-an - Avla,uoo .Pacific _ Ohia Oil ______ „„'. Pactftc Oai tKiectric . - Pai-kard Jldtqn . ..... Pan Anierlcair Airways -Pat'-amounl "Pictures ' Railroad' ____ t __ „_. _ S7 Fhelps PhUlp ilorri» '_ ..... r PhHhps Pefero "Public Saiviee Pulftnan ............ „„ •Radio Corn.' of AmeHi- Haflio-K*ith.Orpheuin ------ ... __ rr Rayonler. Iu<*. --------- ^™ ___ ,\ Keimbllc, Steel ........ --- : Reynolds Tobacco 31. ..... nkhftslrf OH _ .......... ' Schenley DIM illery Sear*, Rofhuck ..... .^. ...... . __ ' Shell VninB ______________________ Socony Vacuum ................ Southern California 'Edipon Southerrt -Pacific _____ ........ _.'. Southern -RaHwaya ----------- ., _. Sperry Corpoiation: ........ — „_ Standard Brands _____ ........ _ Standard C!o» & Blue. J4 nfd.' Standard o;i of Carlifornia, Stnndard Otl,,of Tmliaua-'. __ , Standard O!T of New Jersey Ttjcaa Company Tide Water Associated Transamerica . , Transcon. t We*l«rn Air „_.... Tition, Carbido Tnion Oil , „ 21 H Vnion Pacific .. . ,........„_.., ..^l^l'i United Airlines .... ., 22 H I'nited Airciaft „ «™.^,« lS : i I'nited Corporation _ 4 Vnliefl (ias Imp :.„ 24« United Sl»t»s Rubber. . S3 "United Slate* Steal , 72*i "Warner Brothers . ^ _.. , 1~V "Western irnion „ -,.-.., 1914, : Westinghouas „« 2F'» Tounifstown Sheet & Tube . . 67 *i Los Angeles Livestock * LOS AXGELES. Bee. 16. Q?>— Cattle aaJaole>3500; she sloek^Iairly active; ateers slow; cown stronir to 25c 'hiBher;' other classes fully steady but -aakinc higher on most aleers;, few load" medium to eood steers S204F23.50; medium to sood heifm'S S17@20.SO: common to'medium- JlS.sna IS.50; medium to cood cows tn@17; cutter to common S10&13.50;-canners down to ta-t medium to good'hulls-$14 616; medium tO'Sdod stock cows J11.25. Calves, salable 1600; alow; early sales steady but bulk unsold: wedium,to-choice slaughter calyes J 17.50® 20; medium lo Bood stock calves J16.25W20.' " Hogs "aa.lab!e EOO; steady to J25c-niirher; top -25.25 on load 230 Ib, Xebraskas; bulk medium'to choice 170^)265 Ib. truck-ins J24®24.50; few J23; medium to,good sows Sheep - "ealable 25- no sales; good to choice lambs citsoled to around J!2. . Poultry, Butt«r aAd Egg* IxSS ANOELES,- Dec. "16. OIR)—EBB*: Wholesale prlceX, consumer grade: Laree srade A 57ifS3c, 1 medium- grade A 50® S6c, small grade A 40((K3c, Ja'rgc trade B 4319460. Candled eggs tn retailers: large grade AA.'caies 70®72c, cartons"!72@74c: medium itrade AA. .casefl* 60S>64e. cartons 62O'66c; larce Krade A. cases 56(j?67c. cartons 69g)609c; medium Krade A, cases S4S'eOc. cartons 66@62c; small grade AT cases 4S@50c. cartons 5Q@55c: large grade B. casefl 45fil50c. carton* '47®>52c. .-Tlelail 'wices to consumers (cartons)r ijarsa srade AA 77®S3c, medium 68©74c- large Brade A 65®77e, medium B5®71cJ small 49®56e: laige grade B BtS SSc. Los Angeles Stocks I.OS AKGKLES. - Dec. 16. C9?)—Stock prices were erratic in opening trading today with 9 issues up. 10'down and 10 un- chiinged on sales ot 11,030 sharea. Bandin Petioleum. 3H; Blue Diamond. Boisa Chica Oil A, 6%: Consolidated Steel com., 19 *i; -Exeter Oil A. 1.60: Me- nasro Manurauurins. 31J; Xordon Corporation, .13; Kaiser-Frazer. S'J: Republic Petroleum, S: Richfield Oil. 14'i: Siena! Petroleum at California, .95: Southern Pacific, 86%; Standard Oil of California. 57!». llinlns stocks: Black Mammoth, .07. .. Dow-Jon«s Averages ' NEW TfORTC, Dec. IS. (URt—Cloair* Dow-Jones averages: Industrial. 17.45. lip 0.12: rail. 61.88. off 0.11 futility. 37.20. off 0.10; 65 stocks.- 64.40. off 0,03 Sales totaled. 1.010.000 shares compared with 1,0000,000 shares last Friday. Curb volume'was 370.000 .shares asa.lnsf 330,000 shares last Friday. Bond turnover of $3,874,000"compared with 15,334.000. Government Bonds NEW YORK. .Dec. ' 16. OP>-Clo.iing prices ot government- bonds on the Xew TTork stock. Ksohange: JTreasury: 3He, ri-67, December 102,32, . •, , Cotton Futures Cotton" futures were up about $1.25 a bale over Saturday's closing prices at 11 a.-ni. today, the California Cotton Co-operative Association __ reported. Quotes at 11 a. m. -were: March, 32,73; May, 32.20; July, 31.06; potober, 27.88. and December, 27.50, PakJttifiellJ CaHfontfett Monday, DMtmter16,4946 21 :; Ttifhter enforcement of state litjuor laws -was seea here today with the announcement that liquor control officers -Will be' transferred every 30) dayto^a :new count?'. | .." James H.";Quinii. second district 1 member of the state board of equal-1 Thri^Gathers at Baptist Church to Hear Offering of "The Messiah" By BETH HEXLEV Second peacetime presentation of | choruses were Handel's comforting oratorio, "The j whole. i Soloists integrated into K ridor and all other nooks and cran-,' laws. _ He-said .officers.will be shifted 10 ; nies of the . edi f ice that are fiued for a new; county. In the district every 30 • dayg^and- that a practice of having officers work In" pairs in the day tini-e •will be discontinued. One night each mouth all' officers will be concen- Curtlss, on the nl^ht .shift fnr a on bkf-f he on pais, ne said today he hart received no instructions" as yet, but believed that tha intent of the new regulation was to, keep shifting, officers about so i that their Identity would not become too^ generally hnown, Inquest Ordered in Taft Suicide i was fuller and richer than ever br- jfot-e; it was a balanced and'trained 1 ensemble, studded with many of the ' community's finest voices, Mrs. I Ontes was showered with compli- Mrs. C(arence R. Mosisman, altos; and David Mills, sound, - « t bass. Throngs were turned away. The j Soloists Tuesday, who did not au- Christmas offering will 'be repeated' pear Sunday include Mrs. Harlan Tuesday at 8 p. m. at the church! Mann, soprano,. Mrs. Irma Showal- , yjith a change of soloists, according | tor, alto, "Donald O. Anderson, tenor ' j to Leroy G. Gates, conductor. Mrs. i and Konald Clark, bass. „ j Ronald Clark again will be at the j Containing 130 voices, the r-horus organ to lend her inspired playing i to The ^Messiah's background. | Constructed to reach a crecendo > of comCort and triumph with the' soprano solo "I Know Thnt My Re-.' jdaemer Liwth," suns satistyingly jments on the beauty of its work.,, Sunday night by Mrs. Philip R. • Following- Tuesday night's pre- Howell. the oratorio Climaxed with i sentation, the " ensemble will sing the rolling Hallelujah Chorus?. 1 cai'ols, broadcast from thn church More than eve-r, the fourteenth an-1 chimef. Radio station KKRX Is nual production 'emphasised the so- i making a record of "The Messiah" lace and peace of Handel's message.! to be broadcast on Christmas or And more than ever, the soloists and i Xew Years eves. More Than 50 Persons Arrested by City Police Over'Busy Week End NEW YORK GRAPE AUCTION " Sold at auction in Xew Tork* today: 33,879 Kniperors, $4.83'; 519T Aljnerias, §4.75; 3417-Ribiers, ?3.70. COTTON FUTURES NEW TORK, Dec. 18. OP>—Cotton to- ' tureg were etroriar m- active dealings today supported by broad trade and outside buyine. Prices got up to Bains of almost J4 a bale at the best levels. Futures closed 85 cents fo »2 a,bale htsher than the previous close. March, 32.S2@32.85; ila.y, 32.:se<32.!9; July, 31.OSig.Jl.10: October. 2?.95@:7.8S: December. 27.65 nominal: Marco, 2T.30, Middling fipot 33.88 nominal. " Los Angeles Citrus I.OS ANGELES, Dec. IS. (IPj —Oranges were slightly weaker and lemons about steady today In local aalei of less than cat Ion. Oranges: Per box, nivels. San Jnanuin Taliey 126s J6®5.25; 150» I5.;5S>5.BO- 176s f4.T5«5; 2dO» J4.50'34.75: 220s $4.25; 262. J3.T564; JSSs $3^8.50; 344s (3; loose, medium to large 43S3.25, small J2SI.60. Lemons: Per box, local. Ioo«e J5.50S 6.25, fair $4.50. fancy packed 340s and i larger 49; 432i H.50&7.75-. Lbs Angeles Hay LOS AXSEt-BS. Dec. 16. <JP>— Alfalfa: U. S- Xn. 1 JS9S41; n. S. Xo. 2 l.aty *37®S8: XT. S. No. 2 Brean J3S6>37; "L". S. Xo J '$32igi33 Gram hav: Ko. 1 barley S37S39; Ko. 1 oats $364£4$. Carlot arrivals: 11 wheat. 6 barley, to corn, & oats, 2S milo, 2 ksffir, 23 Xlonr. i bnn, 4 cereal, 33 hay. TAPT, Dec. 16.—A coroner's inquest will be held 1:30 p. m. Tuesday to investigate the death nf Jesse Ray'Dupee, 43, who was found dead; Sunday morning in the garage at his home in Fellows. He had died, tipparently f roin- a j More than .50 persons were ar-1 Kentucky street, and Jordon WHS ap- seir-mflieted gunshot wound in the j rested by city police over the week ; prehended early today bv- Officer right tempi*. Beside him, it was end, 5 for drunken driving, 3 for: Xewrnan on Kast Kigh'tcenth street, reported, was a 22 caliber target pis-! shoplifting ana another for stealing j A 24-year-old woman, Myrtle M. to1 ; ' . j from'a parked car. The bvilk of ar- i Toung, of .TohnsondHle, was'charged A local physician said Mr. Dupee j rests were for drunkenness and div • with shoplifting at tha Montsomcry probably died about 10 p. m. Satur- j turblng the peace. •*. Ward store Saturday. Officer Klmer day. -Bis, body was removed to Those arrested for drunken clriv-! Anderson said the woman had "four Erickson and Brown Funeral Home ins: are Abner G. Ortiz, 23, of 401 stolen articles of child's wear on her ho ,.» ,..!,«.= „„.!,.„„ ,.„ „*„*,„„ Kast Eighteenth street: AVilliam C. ! person when apprehended. w«"h« V n 7 ' u° £ V 4 MCC0 ^ S , 1 '^ T »>ree teen-oged boys were aiso ap- SR S«f°' Y^T" 1 ^' 1 ,,'^- B ° X Pwhendert In the same store with 416. Station A, Bakersfield: EU An' here, where services are pending. Surviving are his widow. Mrs. Beulah Dupee; three sons. Franklin, of New Tork City and Paul and ___ Jack of Fellows; seven daughters, j frust Blanc, 3S, of 431 Pacific street. Mrs. Mary Jane Lanier and Barbara, Jessie Fay", Jean,"^Mary Frances, Katherine Susan and Bobby Carol I)upee, all of E'ellows; two brothers, Pete of-Taft and Henry of Kansas; a sister, Veva Nelson of Stratsford, and four grandchildren. Reorganized Newman flub Holding Party Re-organized on the Bakersfield ( Junior College clmpus last week.! drlv '"S a truck '» the . lco and Harold E. Jordon, 30, o£ U28 Pearl street. Ortia was arrested early Sunday morning by Officers Ralph Piirceil and Martin Baird in 'the 600 block on Sumner street, after he crashed into an electrolier. Officers Fred Cronkhite and Cal Million arrested Lundy and Kirscherman early Sunday morninsr, the former in the 1900 block on Chps- ter avenue, and the latter in the 200 block on East Eighteenth street. Blanc was arrested Saturday evening: by Officers Kdgar Newman, "\Va!lse v Dieter and Jack Towle while same various items of stolen hardware in their possession. They were turned over to Juvenile Officer'Mnry Hoi- man, who later released them to their parents Four pen and pencil sets were recovered from a transient, Joe P. Ctiambrone, 3S, by Officers Adolph Thompson and Paul Darden, Sunday afternoon after the proprietor of «, grug store at 701 Sumner street reported the loss. Fonda, vummagintr around in a parked car in the 1700 block on M street, Jerry Y. Uj'guidez, 32, of 1229 Jefferson street, was taken into custody and charged with stealing from the car, owned by Bill Lee. Officer Rufus Barksdale made the arrest. L«gal Notices No. 9SS3 Order and Notice, of Order appointing Time and Place for Proving Will and Hearing- Application for Letters ot Administration with -will annexed. - In the Superior Court of th« Stale of California In and lor the County of Kern. In the' Matter of 1be.Ksta.t8 of SOPHIA M..LEVINSON, Deceased. MARGARET H.-LEVlNSON-havine filed a »«tir,ion for Probate of Will and pray- ms for Letters ot , Adminjstralion w.ih Wilt annexed 'of Oie estate of Sophia M. Levinson. deceased. THEREFORE. In accordance with Section 327. ol the Probate Code, IT IS HEREBY ORDERED, that December 20th. 1346, at, 10 o'clock A, If. of that day. and the Court Room of Department'Xo. 2 of th« Superior Court, at the Courthouse. :n the City ot -Bakersfield, Counts- of Kern, se. and the isrne Is .hereby appointed as the time and 1 place for pioving: the Will of. said deceased and for.hearinirthe "application,, of the petitioner for the issuance o said petitioner ~of Letters of Administration -with Will annexed thereon, -when and where aw ptreon interested may ap- sear and -'ontefit -the same. And it is ,urther ordered that notice therpol he pub- ished In The Bakersfjeld Cahrorshin for the time required by iaiv. DORSKT, CAMPBELL i BULTJ1AN, Attorney* for Petitioner. Hopkini- Bids. Dated December Uth, 1948. • - "" B. XCVBON. County Clerk and ex-Oflicio Clerk of Superior Court. , v Dec. 13-i4, Inc!. $24775 Accident Suit Filedjn Court Seeking- ^24',77?.39 in personal damages, three persons, including, a 14- year-old girl, today filed suit in the Superior Court, naming Albert Hollo Coulson, truck driver," as defendant. It is set forth in. the complaint, filed by West arid Vizzard, that the accident occurred September 4 at the Highway 33-Highway 466 intersection, causing Injuries to the trio and damaging the automobile In which they' were "riding. The plaintiffs are Hobart and Xel- lie Wilson and 14-year-old Stella May Fletcher. Xed Koffoyd is also named as a defendant in tlie suit. -- the J. C. Xewman Club will hoid its i second meeting of the year tonight. | The gathering will be in tha form i of a Christmas party, in addition to presenting several matters of busr- ness necessary for active organiza- Cousroittee members in charge of arrangements are Miss Eve Centoni, Miss Angela .Viilard, and Lionel Ramos, with John Dealy appointed to lead discussion for the meeting. A nominating committee consisting^ of Miss Jo O'Hare, Miss Marion Eademacher, and Hubert Tlerro will present its slate of candidates for offices. Members of the group, which is advised by Miss Edna Keaujfh, English istructor at the college, are Misses Bonnie Baker, Sva Centonl, .Florence Easton, Margaret Eider, Eloise Henry, Jo O'Hare, Marion Hademachar, Esther' Smith, Jean Stuart, Florita? Petite, Rosemary Council fo Discuss Liability Insurance Opening of bids for general liability insurance for tha city and routine business will engage the attention of the City Council tonight, city hall attaches said today. The controversial issue of the city taking over the water service of the California TVater Service Company is net expected to be discussed at the session since the petition asking the stats railroad commission to appraise the property has not been completed. CABIN DESTRO1-ED Fire, believed to have been started 1 river." Aid Sought for 40, Needy Parries Here Generous folk of BHkersfield ara needed to fiil about 40 requests mads oh behalf of needy families cf Bak- ei-afleld whose names are on file at the office of the "Welfare Council of Greater Bakersfield in the Hay building,- it—as announced today. Mrs: Mary Chambers, executive secretary of the council, said, "These families ara in great need. One of them, has four children, including a baby ill with pneumonia. The 6-year- old boy i,f the fa-.nily is without sufficient clothing to attend school. The family is living in a tent near the Richaud, Eamona Rose, and Angela i from a defective oil stove, destroyed A'illard. ' ja cabin occupied by Rudy Glass*on Junior college men who are mem- j the ri. A. Camp property, 4 miles bers are John Andre, Norbert Has-! northeast of Cawelo Sunday mom- John Dealy,' ing, the county wire department re- .Ramos, Pete I ported. The county station at Me- and | Farland responsed -to the alarm. Legal Notices 'oF~lSTBXTlO^TO THE SALE OF ALCOHOLIC BEVER- AGES—Decemher 11, 194S. To "Whom It Way Concern: JCotice in hereby given that 1 fifteen days after th» date posud, the undersigned propones to aell alcoholic beverages at these premises, described as follows: Lee'.s Cafe, southeast corner Highway 99 and Olive Drive, Bakersfield. Kera County. Pursuant to such intention, the undersiened is applying to "the Slate Board of Equalization for issuance on original application of an alcoholic beverage license (or licenses) for these premises as follows: On Sale Beer. Anyone desiring to protest the issuance ot *uch licenses) may file a verified protest with the State Board of "Equalization at Sacramento,- California, statins ffrounds for denial as provided by law. The premises are not now licensed for the sale of alcoholic bev«raees. M AGGIE-E. LEE. Dec, 1^,_ » JfOTICE. TO OO> T TBACT0RS ' en l 1 "^ ? e ' ate ^ M6i wln be ieceivfd by the Board of Count y o£ Kern - State ofCalifornla, for the furnishing ot all 5?y8?^2 Se 5ylces for the construction of-THETSERN i, RE 9 OR , I>S R °: OM ADDITION located af 1S3Q Flower ?rH lf °r? la ^ ! S acc <"" da n<:e with plans and specifications a» r r»inn ' if/ alf ^Parson?, Architects, 106 Morgan Building, Bak^?, » G California. Blfls will be received at the" office of the >t' derslgned. Court House, Bakerefleld, CaHfornia, until the hour of H A. M. onlthe 30th day of Becember, 194o, and will be ppened at or about 11 A. M. on tt.e same dav. o>« ; ^??£ lflca y? n ^ an ^ -contract documents for the same may be seen at .rf^Tt «f f t * T d « rsi8 J le1 ? ana . n « l f y be obtained a* the Architect office upon a deposit of twenty-five dol!ars-($25.00) for each set. Deposit will be returned by the " ^ sp - edfloatlons in e ood o ro * r a^tha ttrne designated ' sell, Hubert Fierro, John Phelan, Lionel Smith, Lawrence Eeischman, Raymond Reischman. Welfare Council's Directorsj^Meet Meeting of the Board of Directors of the Welfare Council of Greater Bakersfield will-be held Wednesday in- the tower room of the Bakersfield Inn. Discussions will be held on youth work, Christmas welfare, and -the directors of welfare and character-building agencies that is being: compiled by the .council. The session will be in the' form of a luncheon. The child welfare committee of the council will convene Wednesday at 7:30 p, m. at the child guidance clinic, 103 East California avenue. The subject will-be foster home placement, the" discussion to be led by Roscoe Lyda, "of the Kern count.y welfare department. other families ara those in need of both food and clothings Persons or organizations willing to bring Christmas cheer to these needy ones are asked to communicate* with Jirs. Chambers at the Hay building or telephone 2-1-186. OBITUARY NOTICES Girl Helps Capture PaiNn Kidnaping HO"LBROOK, Ariz., Dec. IS. iff) — Twelve-year-old Pauline Haley 'of .Las Vegas helped capture two men suspected of kidnaping her and her parents from the Xevada city Xo.. ... • • . ,; -.,— ' — ——~,.-.,. j, **.* ui_m H, Lll»3 4JWC11 u Ul ULI UCL V isul'tt tfl. tne County.of Kern lias ascertained the prevailing rata of per hour wages for vember 2i. on™ .-raft r,r typejjt^wcrkmaiujjr mechanic needed to execute the contract, . After the HaJeys* release the next „ .. day, unharmed/the girl told Sheriff and Overtime I Cecil : McCormick that she overheard Time and one-half I one of the abductors say he used to Tlm« and i-ne-balf j be a railroad worker. ' -Notice fs given bidderajlmt under the provisions of the Labor Code of California. , Division!:, Part 7. Chapter J. Article 2, the Board ot Supervisors of , will be awarded, the'-successful bid to be as follows: Classification ' "Bricklayer a.. ,_ Building Labor' . ,. Carpet and Linoleum Carpenters : ; Cement Finishers .;__ Electric Workers „. Glaziers „ , ..„-„ Iron Workers—Hodmen „ , —Structural .— ,...-. —Ornamental .. :i LStHer—Metal . _ Millwrights -..., . L Plasterers Plasterers' Tender • Painters (Brusb) ..:. Plumbers -and Pipefitters ." Roofer—Composition Roofer—Slate and Tile Sheet-JTetal Workers Wcrktag '•Day S' S X S 2.00 s - g s s 7 S 7 S "s SS S Time and one-half Doable Time Time anil one-half Double Time Time and one-half Douhie Timer Double Time Double Time Double Time Time and one-half Double Time Double Tims Double .Time Time and one-half Time and one-half Time and one-hilt Time and one-half . Foremen in tha- various" cfaf"ts7~at' the rate ot two dollars (J2.00) per day tore than^tha journeyman's' scale. - . " -' " No labor shall be paid a wage that is less-than one dollar fifteen cents CIJ.1S) > lirtifi- .. r per hour. Overtime shall be-paid'for the hours worked In axcess of the working day, and for tirpe worited on,Sundays and the seven (7) holidays-which are: to-wlt: >>ew~ Year's,Bay. Decoration Day, July Fourth, JLabor Car, Armistica Day,Thanksgiving-..,Day ana, Christmas., ' Union rules for subsistence, transportation and travel time as they relate to the various trades shall'be included'in the bid. TO SEEK DIVORCE OOD, Dec.-l«. CUR)—Actress Eugenie Leontovich will file suit-for divorce from Director Greg- The Contractor Khali keep himself informed" any changes in the above o r J r Hatpff when she returns from wage,rates, tra-tel and subsistence rates, and shall include any increases in his j England' next spring. Twentieth Federal, state and county officers and a railroad company Investigator | late Saturday arrested John X. Car- j son, 20, Denver, Colo., and Xorvall i Bicklord, 42, Sareoxie, Mo., working: j as- railroad hands at Adamana, 25 , miles northeast of here. MISSIONARIES SAIL, " SAX FRAXCISCO, Dec. 16. (UP)— A group-of 670 Protestant mission- ari|g—largest ever to aail irom the i'nited- States on a. single vessel— wa«r, headed • for the .orient today aboard. the American President Lines' Marine Lynx. MORGAN", HAZEL—Funeral sei vices for Hazel "Moiffan.' 36, of Post Office Box 9iiS. Aivin. who dlfd Friday m a loral hospital, will he held at 2 p. m. Wedn duy m Flit-kln^cr-DiEier Chanel with the Reverend B. R. flieen officiaiinn. Mr. Morean. a native of Arkansas, bad resided here: two:"yeara, -He is survived by a btother,' Homer D.~ Mornan of Arvin. OTEKO, MAHy—Funeral nervlcex for JIis, Mary Otero, 41, who died Satuidn.v tn her home at 112 Ka>t Seventh stre r -t. are ppnd.ns: at Hopgon iIdrtaa7->-, Mis. t't «rf,. who was born In. BaKersfield. i? Huivived by three dauvhurs, Mrs. Maty DominQUe'a :and Lticili* and-Betty Otero, all of Bakerafield: four brothers, Raj-- mond Arcbuieta o£ Washington. Chi is and Jtc-si Xrchuleta. both of Bakersfield. and Joe Arcbuleta of • Yallejoj. tbr«a »<isi- t»is. Ifrs. Veronica Hicfcock and Del- pbine^Archul 9ta. both of Babersfield, and Mrs.-Susan Field of Arvin, and en? Kta^dcliild. RKYE8, Jt T AJS"-^-Funeral services'for Juan Reyes, 4?, Tvhachapi, who -was fatally injuied Saturday in a traffic accident near Kefint*. ar« pending at Bouehly- <'alhoun-O'MJ;ara Chanel. A native nf ilexii'Oj Mr. Reyes bad resided In this county for 24 years. He Vfas emp!o>fd by iho Monolilh Portland Cement Com- panv-. ' Surviving: are h'S widow. .Mrs. t'arrneu Rpyej<; seven children, Frank, John ,fu\a, Joe, Silvia, Caroline and Ruth Reyes, all of the family home; his mother, Mrs. Frances Heyes of Tehath- api, and two sisters. HEAD, JR., CHARLES {XAYTOy—Fn- neial service* for Charl«.Clayton Head, 3i.. S-month-old son of Mr. and Mis. Charles C. Head, 272J Trust avenue, •will be hpld Tuesday at 2 p. T : m. at Payne t Son Chapel, with interment in Kbafl'r Ceme'ery. The Hever»r.d Hollist?r B. M:i!er wiil officiate. Beside* bio par- **nf*-. he i»- survived by four sisi^ra. Betty, Gloria, Christine »nd Ernestine, and crandpareats, Mr. anil Mm. J. B. Hfad of Central "Valiey. IX>SH1ER, RICHAKD FRANKUN—Grave- side services fur Richard Franklin Dashier, Infant smi of Hr. and iir«. F.lzie Doshier of Arvin. who diwi Saturday )n 9. local hospital, were to have been held at 2 p. m. today in Greenlawn Park. Services Wfre in charce of Hnp- son Mortuary. Surviving, beaide.1 his uartnt*. are bis' yrandpaT«nts, Mr. and MM. Clea Barkadaie and Mr. and MM. D. F. Do»hier. all of Arvin- FREJit'B, E48T/—Funeral serricfs for Karl French, 3S, who died Saturday in his home at 800 Truxttm avenue, are pending at flr**n!awn Chajwl. H« was a. native of Oklahoma. SALUKE, REBECCA 3AXE—Funeral services for JlrX. Rebecca J«n« Bailee. «S, of Bustonwillow. who died Saturday in a local hospital, will b» conducted in Van Bureio. Arlc. Local arrangements ai« in. charge of Dou»hty-<5l*lhoun- O'3Ieara, Chajiel. " Jlr*. Sallee waa bnrn in Miasooriv and ^had resided in this county less than a year. Hlie ia «ur- viv«d by two sons. Dan Sftllee of Buttonwillow and H. *"V Sallee. Jr.. of Arkansas; two daughters. Mrs. B. F. John- sop, of Buttonwiilow nnd Mra. 'Edward MrGmren. of Arkansas; thr»« hroihpis. John Sallee of Pixley. TJr-wey Saiies ot Fresno.and 'Joe Sallee of Oklahom*, and - 2ft g;randchildren. LOKTUY. CHARIJRO — Funeral oerviccs for L'hai-les Philip Lorton, tti- fant. whn dipd" Saturday in the horn* of his-parents^ Mr. nnd Mrs. Bradley Lor- ton.'.nt. X14 Q street, wili be held at 10 a. m, W^dnesdav in Flickinser-DiariT Chap*! with the Iteverend John Murdoch officiininK. Burin! will bs in Union C'etneien. Siuviiing. beyidfa bin parents.: are a brother. Kenneih. of the family; ,hi.s eKindparfnta. Charles P. Monroe of Kinsman. Ariz.. »nd Mrs. Bertha I.orton of Wichita. Jvati., and an aunt, Hariens Lorinn of Bellevue. Ill, MAS1JERSOX, BKJENDA W>t'lSK—Grnve- eide services for .Brenda Louise MaBter- •on, infant dauEhter nf V'enneida L. Masterfion of Route G, Box AFLSC. Bak- ersfifld. Avho died Sunday in a loci.1 hoppifai, will be held at 10:SO a. m. . Tuesday in Gr**nlawn Memorial Pari with the Reverend E. H.- TownJpy in fharK». Servu-eH weie ari-anied bj Cireenlawn Chapoi.. Rnrvivin*. b««rd'!S her mother, aru her crandparetrt?, Mr. and lira. Noble Magterson of Baiters* field. BURTS. R. ,1. nnd HAT.E. 0. N".—Joint' Funeral »ervitB« for: Retort Julius Hurts. 2-"i, and Clyde Korvel Hale. 27, both of 729•• Union avenue, who were fata.lly Injured Thursday .In a traffic accident near Delano, will be held at 2 p. m. Tuesday in FlicliinBtr-Dijier Ch»p«l _ with the Reverend Charles \V". Oixs offi- ciatinfr. Interment, will be in• Greenlawn Memorial Park. Both yomic men were ^»ociated with Cennal Yalta Drtllinc Company of BakeraCieM. Mr. Hale was a veteran of World War II. SJnTH."--IVIIXIAM JAMES—Funeral services for William James Smith. 6G. of 3730 K street, who. died Saturday iq a local hospital, :'wlll be held at " p. m. Wednesday- in Gr^eniawn Chapel with the Reverend O. 0, Schaffar officiatina. "Eurial- will b« in Greenlawn Memorial • Park. Mr. Smith, a nitive o£ Cslico Rock, Ark., .bad resided h?re 10 years. He.was a truck, driver. Surviving ar« . bin widow, ,>frs.-Stella B. Smith: ttirr.n dauchtert, Mr«. Bessie Timmerraan of I.ynwood. Mr*. Flora Lawstm of A'egas. >."ev., and Mrs. Beulah, Ws.tfion of DiOlnrKio; two brothers, John Smith of Oklahoma and David Smith of Bakersfield;, five sixters. Mrs. Em Valle of Texas. Mrs. Sarah Kytle of Arkansas, and Mrs. Ida.' McCarthy. Mrs. Fwl Henryetta. and 'IIr«. Mary ilcifanus, all . of Oklahoma, and fiv& erandchildren. ZACHEISCZ, GEORGE—Funeral pcrvicss for George Zachuiicl, 79.,who <Ji*<1 S»t« urday in his home. at. 705 Tenth itreat, -will he h**ld R-t 2 p, m. "Wednesday in Payne &. Son Chape; with the Revtri-nd Glann J. ilcCun* ofiifiatins. Burial will be in Greenlawn Memorial Park. Pali- benrers will b» G. R. Taylor,- D. T. Johnson. Peter- I.owen, Fred Zimmerman, Korbert Zinvmerman and Alvin f'hsrnpion. Mr. Zacheiscz, a nativ« of Illinois, had resided here for 25 y«ar», He.was a retired sroceryman. Surviving are his : widow, Mrs.. Acn*fl Zaclieisra; a xon, flillman of Bakcrsfifld: two ersnddausbtem, Barbara and Virginia Zachfliscr, both eit St. I,oui«, Wn.; ft. n*phew, and two ffr p at-ffrandc.hiI3rfn. Wd. , .. . t It shall l)e.inandatory upon the Contractor to whom the contract is awarded, and upon any suh-eontractor mndef .him,- to pay not less than the said specified rates to all laborets/.workmen.'and mechanics employed by them in the execution of -th« contract and shall forfeit as -a, penalty to said Ccunty, ten dollars -Cor each laborer, 'workman or ^mechanic emploved, for eacli calendar dav, or portion thereof,; such- laborer, "workman "or mechanic is paid less than the above stipulated .rates^for any-worfci,done under this contract, by him or by any nib-con. tractor underpin*." "_•>;. ~ " -~i-fi certified cheek or bidder's bond in'the amount of T«u p«r cent (10%)" of the amount of the, bid I ( a-toTi» furnished- with the.bldi: payable to the' Board of Supervisors of tbeCcrBnty of Kern as evidence of.gobd faith, and that the bidder, {•successful,' win enter into _a contract satisfactory to said Board, and'ln addition thereto will furnish surety bond therefor in the amouit of fifty percent of the bid covering labor and material, and one hundred per cent (100%) ot.the. bid, covering, faithful performance, according to law. -The-Board reserves' the right' to reject any and a!l bidn or alternate bids deemed not advantageous to_ the 'Board, and to waive any irregularity Jn «ny bid received. c ~~ " < - ^^ Dated at Bakersfield, California, this Sin day of Tecember, 1946. ""••-,••- ' - "" " H- J. VEON. ; - - County Clerk. and ex-OfficJo Clerk of the Bcsu-d o£ Supervisors, Dec, 12-23, Ind. > ' Century-Fox ^studio officials revealed '• today. Ratoff will not contest the \ action,, it was said. EXPORTS COXTIXrE HIGH Agricultural export* of the United ; States will continue high In 1947, but! below 1948, -seys M. A. Undsay of' r the agricultural extension serylcs of-1 fice' here. ' Some food,- principally 17,000,000 tons of' grains, were exported' in~ the liscal "-year 1945-1946, he-said. POTATO HISTORY Kern cnunty. In 1920, produced 80,000 sacks of potatoes from 308 Ffleklngar-Digier CHAPEL Distinctive Funeral Service at Moderate Cost Phone 7-7881 Chester Avenue at Thirteenth J. C. FHeklnger, Frank Olgisr DAY and NIGHT AMBULANCE SERVICE UNION CEMETERY <A JCon-Proilt Corporation) ~ Complete Burial as Low as $50 (Perpetual Care Grave Included) Cemetery Space as Low as $20 Phone 7-7185

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