Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 25, 1908 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 25, 1908
Page 8
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NEWS OFLATI ALBEBT HEADLAHTD FELL IS A WELL LAST WED3CESDAT P. M. SUSTAINS SERIOUS INJURIES THE WEEL, WHICH IS TEX FEET DEEP, COXTADilD SO WATER. B«9istration Books Opened Yesterday —Six Registered—Street rommls- sloner I* ITeasnrrne frosslngs. Jeff HolHnsworth's Uncle Dead. ' Jeff HblUnsworth received word vpsterday that his uncle died yesterday at his home in Morsansville. Ks. Mr. and Mrs. Hollinsworth Ifft at once for that place to attend flie funeral. <i T ^ John Rice has accepted a in a rgrocery st'or« Parker, left yesterday for that city. Mrs. H. P. Doty Is Tisltlng ran. Kas., this week. 1 Lewis Brocktnan left yeste ColfeyvUle. Kas., after a lew d it with relatives. Miss Grace Hanna is visiting in Sheldon, Mo., her former noHne. Mrs. LidA Limes has returped to her dutie^ in the post office several weeks" vacation. John Hart yesterday purchased a new buggj- of A. H. HIneS; .Mrs. J. :}. Preston is the Kijiest 'ot friends in i-Independence. Kas. John \V. .Myers, of J-^t. Scoti, was here <Td .iy visliinR bis pjireniti. .Mr. and Mrs. Isaae Myers. .Mr. and Mrs. K. R. Uiuch l4tt y«^s- terday foi Huinlioldi. Kas.. whe||e iliey will attend the fair. jTrlends ifter WARN THE FLEET Fell in Well. l,ast Wednesday Albert Headland j fell In a wellon his farm thjee.m.iles M.-tmlf SavH C'liohJi -a south of this city and sustained severe Nerrelnrj •«•»<•"" « Injuries. The well forUmatfly co«- Ueported Iw IMuHjiiilnes-Mjiis tained no water and he't drown- force of the fall ed. However, the to the bottom of the well, n dUtaiioe of about ten feet, caused him to have a hemorrhage of the lungs. For a time he was cotwldered In a critical condition but .Is thought to much better today. • He was neveruly hi"'"' ed about the body. Watch Visitors. A n.E.vx w A nil ; means good thiio in you for Lveiirs in come. The delicate piirin doCnp Indescribable work wll H «>on destroy their high finish and perfect fit when running In accumulating dirt and rnncid oil. Our work Is guai'anteed. Waters & Danforlli Drugs and Jewelry. Will Attend Roae Bxid Opening. Several"LaHarpe people have manifested their Intentions of attending the Bose Bud Opening in Sonth Dakota. Among those who are going from here are Dr. S. F. Halm, J. H. Vibber and Jim Mills. Books Open Yesterday. The registration books were opened at the city hall yesterday morning. Six registered. Considering that It was the first day the books were open this Is considered a good many, which would indicate that the LaHarpe people are,showing much interest In the fall election. Measuring for Crossing. Street Commissioner George Harris was busy yesterday measuring a number of crossings In different parts of the city which will be relaid. It Is necessarv to measure them before stringing the brick. Work laying the crossings will be started at once. OSTEOPAIHY— im, vi .H. ALiutnaiT. IlcvUtnied Obleopalhlc riiyi.l<laii. SiHle Dank IllUg. " ,1'liitno 11:.. Only Obtoupiith In I^ llunuv I'erituiinU. J. 0. l'Vrrli» reiiirnod .vesicrdiiy fioin Ijirned. Kiis.. where he has IUHMI VtaltlnK hl» brother for ilu- si -vcr- a) diiyK. Mr8. a. T. Green ennie In Inst, even Ing from Neodeglui, Kas., where has been vlRlting ler .'ilster fi>r tin past several daj 's. F. L. Caper, of .loplln, .Mu., wa.s ln-rc yesterday on real e uati" business. G. W. .Myers, of Walsenburg. Colo.. I.s here visiting hisi tiarfnts. Hugh Hopper, of Uroiison. was in l .s Wu.shlngton, Sept. 2r..—Setiiretary .Meiralf sen) the following ai8pi |ich<t(i the uuvul station today at Cavit «lell\er »vl iti Adniiriil S[ierry wlij- liiiiile Ship llei'i reiirhes that |il ••('lioleru reported In the Phlll If you fliid approaching eplde^j danger of ttettlpg it aboard til^' Kirlet visit iiiK the shore on bnslness or prohibit It aliogeth^r. and penult no v|sit<irs aboard while In Ma nlla tjr Cavlio until return fromlVoka- hatiia." These lns(niciU)ns are of a i lionary measure and the admiral wl !l be given disoreiion as to allowin ; snrb communication as is absolute y sential. " * to be n the l*ce: pines."! lie or p. re- •nirla) tecau- es- BANQUET IN SEWER Chicago Women Help In Celebjration of Opening of Sewage Co t- duit. • ! Chicago, Sept. 25.—^A banqueii laid in a sewer in Franklin park, CI ic.igo, suburb on the west bank of th • Desplaines river, yesterday, was t! e unique means of the enlerprisin|R women of that town to celebrate I lie openinc of the new cnncreln S {|'waRe conduit. Th<' completion of it i^uds a legal fight of si.\teen years. Tlie women could only be li iiuced to ehter WIK'H .Mrs. Dora F. Cainbe.s, chosen by lot, dared to dYScend througlr a luanbole. WiVn .she "viewed the sceni- below she sent up a cry of eneouragemeiit to her Misters above, for in either dlreeilon U>r sev • •rn' hundred feet was a lonjf; of coffee cups, grape juice glass ed to the brim, sandwiches and .dlbles. with eantlbs alight aloi luniM'lway. ^ 'Stuart Clapp to Nevada, Mii. /Siiiiin <"lai>p. [(da's «'X )W>rt kid '•r. wiMi lino s nil- Either the til lo .N'ovada. .Moi. today, lie will giv"' an t'XlilbTllon at Hiif then' loiiluht. YoiiiiK Clapp lin||l eonii> (pilic an exjH 'rl ami will giy 'libitions of Ills aliilily at riiiK's ^tlii- eiiiiiilry tbis fall and wlnti'r. ^ Effect of Alcohol. Tilt' t'ffvcv of alcohol on the will ho dnmonstrated at thi> Biblo class of the Y. .M. C. A. Sat afternoon. skat. ii-b .T.< riiiU li.- ON' i Sat.Se|).26 PLATE IIVI brain jboys" irdav • v"--' •'-•"•"^ -"''-"-^ I Autumn Display of Hnisl We e3 ;tend to you a cordial invitation ^o visit our Millinery Department on second floor, Friday and Saturday Sept. 85 and 26 and inspect our dashing as well as common-sense styles oflFALL MILLINERIT- Smart Hats at the always popular New York Store Prices. Attention is called to our exceptional showing of MEW FALL MODELS SWTS, GOWNS, WAISTS ami SHIRTS A demonstration of this store's pre-eminent leadership, both from a style and value-giving standpoint. The accepted Buthcriiy on correct garments for women. Sole Ageatm for the Home Jour' nal pAiiorno WILI, BE THE 30 IN ADDITION TO I'SUAI. CHKCKS WITH I SPICES, EXTRACTS, COCOA, CHOCOLATE, TEA, COFFEE SUGARS Befiner 'ii Prices SPEAK THREE TjMES .Indue Tiift 'N SpVech ill 'ropeka Hat lie llhliletl til ArriMiiniiMhite Trendi. 'riiln'ku, Kas. >.'"'iil. 'J.'>. II 111"- i':iti<ili .4 for IIK ' Tiifi IIU'I'I iii;j In Ttiin -'K;! a \vi'i<k fiiilii .Snliirila.'. an- liillillrd ill)' |M 'i'si(l<'lill.-il i-:illdliliil<' pi will Illlike Ills s |iiM 'i|| III tliiiM' p-ctiiiii.>< (II- make ilut-<« slKirt >i|n'i:<-lii-s. I mills are ln'iii>; .-iiniiigpil 1>\ IIK-JII c-iiiiiiiiitii cs fruiii all pari.s ni tli slate and eoiiniy coniniit:ii-i-ni<-ii p (>i -is indicuif iliui ri -oin IH.IIIMI li.'iiHi iK 'opit' will eiinn- :i> 'l "<)|ii -k;i i]i:ti day III see Tafl. Tlie sia'i- c-<'n;r;il <-<i:ii- iiiiliee is arranging In biiiiu' half a dozeii marching clubs lo ToiK-ka. cii; h oiKf with a band, and llii-rc will l>.. a big parade jii.'ii before I he nieeiinv. If aiiyllling like iliis rmwd iiirns out that day if will he iicns v lo arrantre fur additional nu..that nigbi. The Topeka auditorium holds about 4 ..'.00 persons. About I'.Onii inore coiild stand iii tlie ais'es and around the walls. If the indications imli;! ii> an exfleplionally big crowd fnlni out- .side To|)eka. sleiis will lie taken in have Tafl make at least three s |ieech- es thai ni^'ht. each i>ne of ahoiii half an hour. When one speech is finished the crowd will be disiuissetl and another rrowd let into the liiiildiii.u. iMiosis Ai.i.fcN rorMV, l.iinutiiu hnestmeni ( onipuii.t \d»erlising rireiilar. LEARN AUCTIONEERING WU IS GOING HOME Chinese Minister at Washington to be Replaced by Succeitor in November. Peking, .Sept. 25.—Wii Ting-Fang, the present Chinese iniiiister to Washington, is to be replaced In .N'oveni- her. • His • successor is Chung Men ew. who was coni^ul general,of the Chinese empire at .Manila in liiot. and who goes to Washington with Tang Shao Yi, special representative of the emperor. Tang Shao Yi left Peking today for Manila. , Chung Men Yew is a member of the present opium commission, change will; take place after Tang Shao Y'l has been received in WasB- fngton and;" will succeed Wn Ting- Fang. Vnliiiiie line of ilii' .Siniili'-:i>.iei KiiiiMi^ Iliiiiii->eeki -i' an adveiii .siiig (-in-u;;!l- l .,.-IU 'd by llie Allen <'<(>ltitv Iim -.-.iiia -iil riiiniiany of l.iinuinii.-.K:.!! s:iv. iciM -licd here tmliiy. Tliriiimli l.b;.-. eii.-iilai ilie liini ex |M <-ts lo advt-ilise lln- :iih .iiil ;i "i 's iif 111. .smiilit-a^li-rn ji !aiile. Uo'A. horse tmd mule eniiniy. Ill i-, a <-i>lll|lk' 111" IJIHMI Itiiliit '.-t. ;;inMr, W>"e,' ,:.„.|s i.n .l nannal ...ivai.iag .-s. ,.,.e..i.- '^"'^ ["-oin |I0 to $.-.0 per day. "Wo . . , teach .vou Aurtloneerluir in four weeks' ,., Hum >a.iie .-..iiiiori^ .-an l»- •""ii.l ^.^^^ ^,^1^ ^^^^ ^^^^ of ihe best paying ocnpatlons in the land and that without capital. We only reiiuire one-ha!f of tuition down, tli« other after you have become a stic- cessfiil Auctioneer. 190S illustrated catalogue: now ready. Next term August ?,}• jaiiywbere ei-e on earili. Similar l.tucU ".111 iluiM- 111 AlliM (-(iiiiiix. if lin.iti-.l in I If lie 11 n.< ..f AM.-: (Mil lit (-mini \ : ' . This is iir .e of ili'- liaiiii'-r Miuniies ill K .-i :i>.-|.-. Kllilv :ill [ler l-elll of ilie (•(iiiiilv i .i ycud fariiiinu land. It I.-; •jciilly idUiiii;. ri( li ami iiriMlu>-l :ve; line f<ir (-(iili. ttiiear and liiiiie jirassef. i It is we!! ini|iniVe<| .nid jii.-' .'i!»c ilie' lieiter iiait.-< of Illinois ami Iowa. Ii , has KOIMI raUroad .-ei-v'ce ami i .-i.- h.-.-;t ' eleeirie .xtree! ear liin- in K ;'!i .-;a.<. li rlie liiiiiie of naliiral The j-'reai-; e .sl snielier and eenit-ici inv. n.- on : earth, wiili iiii-iiiy of lirii k yanl.i and (illier faoiories. li lias ili |l:e li.-:!i-i oarl.-i of lov.a. v.oiild . M-II foi $Mi :<• $l.".ii |ii-r acii'. and In lllin- oN woiilil lirina $I.">ii lo ^I'.'iii [ler acre Yoi: (-an liuy theiii in ViK-n eniiiity i1iioiii:!i liie .Mli'ii foiini-, liive.iniieai (-••iiipaiiv troiii to |i..| .-leri- CHOLERA DYING OUT A Uerri-ase Ta the .Vumlier <i! ('a-«<-ji.ln Ituvoiii—A Lartfc ifealh List. .SI . Petersburg. Sept. 2.".. —The t-Iioi- era .siaiislirs made i.iibilr- today siiow an eiirrnirauing de<rease in m.-.v ra:-es. T!i'- de.-illis. luiwever. were niore liillii- eroiis iliaii yesterday. IturiiiK i!ii I wenty-foiir hours enfled at noon lo- :iow-iday there were adniilleil into the mu- MISSOURI AUCTION SCHOOH Trenton, Tl: ^ W. R Carpenter, Pres., llox D. 11. LEOALS' !n« towns; l(i;a. wiili almiii IT .'i^i'i: ni.-ijial. lios|iiials rn«e .4 and iliere lias City, ::.ii|Mi; Ui Ifarpe. I. ; fliini ; oeriirred \~i deaths, against t.!6 new boldi.'ii: .\loran. I.IMMI ; I'eirolia. i eases and I.'-s deaths reporied ye.-ier- Klsniore. Ceneva. Carlyle. and other! day. towns. Ii has llie •^•rvt\ .Seo.-lio river with several good si reruns Iribiilary therein. It has sehools. cliarelie.^. good homes. tnunX farii'-: everywhere. I 'ossilily ti< tier rent ot ibe fainie-i ni' .Mien ooiiniy have the luxury of n.ii- nral gas in their homes. I> 1;^ a t;i<?.n Among ilie eases today are fifteen sliidetits troni the Pavovsk mililary acadeniv. The niaster-at-arin.s of the .^risiorraiie School iif Pase.-^ died of thf iii-.ilady loilay. The seholars of tbi.-« insliiuiion are drawn, exclu.sively ii-oi:i tile liiubesi eciir; families. S.S.S. CURES OLD SORES No old ^re can heal until the wh ch produces it has been removed. External application.s of salves, washes,, lot ons, etc., may reduce the inflammation and assist ia keeping the place clran. but cannot cure the trouble because they do not reach its source. Old" ^orea exist because thcj blood is infected vrith impurities and poisons wliichiare consuntly lieing discharged into the place. Tlie ncA -es, tissues and fibres of the flesh are kept in a state of irritation aird by being daily fed, with the gcnn^l-aden matter through the circulation, making it impo$.^ible for the sore to heal. .S. S. S. cures chronic sores by its purifying actioii on the blood. It goes down into the circulatibn, antl removes the poisott-producing germs, impurities and morbid mattjers which are responsible for the failure of the place to heal. S. S. S. maketi the bbwd pure, fresh and healthy; then as nevT, rich blood is , carried to the spot the healing proce^a begins, all discharge ceases, the I inflammation leaves, new tissue begins to fprm, the place tills in with firm, healthy flesh, and soon the sore is permanently cured. S. S. S. is purely vegetable, the safest and best blood purifier for yoanj; oar old. Book on Sores and Ulcers and any medical advice free-to all who write. THB SWIFT SP£PIPIC CO.. ATtAMTA, OA. .Senate Conearrent liesointlon lfo.-il.:. \ proposition to amend the consti-; tnfion relative to the disqualification n )f jndge.s to hold eertaln oflSces. lie it resolved by the Legislature of tiie Stale of Kansas, two-thirds of ihe ineniliers elected to each bouse there;if concurring therein: Section 1. Teh ^following proposi-' lion to amend the constitution of <the' state of Kansas is hereby submitted to the qualiSed electors of the state for their approval or rejection: That section 13, article Z, be amended so as to read as follows: Sec. 13. The justices of:the supreme court and tb« judges of all courts of record of this state shall, at stated tiines. receive for their services such compensation as may be provided by law. which shall not be increase during their respective terms of ofllce. Su^h justice^ or judged shall receive no fees or perquisites nor hold any other olDce of profit or iriiKt under the authority of the stare, or the United States, except the oRlce of judge of any federal court or justice or judge of a court of this state, during the term of ofllce for which such injustices and judges shall ; bA elected, nor practiced law in any of : the courts iu the state during their continuance in office. Sec 2. This proposition shall be submitted to the electors of the state at the general election of represenu- tlves irt the year 1908 for thplr approval or rejection. The amendment hereby proposed shall !t>e desigsaied on the official Imllot by^ the followlns title: "The judicial amendment to tlM constitution."' and shi^l be voted for or against as provided by law ander such title. 1 Passed the Senate January 29. 1907. Passed the House March 9. 1907. Approved! March 12, 1907. I hereby certify that ^the foregotas is a true and correct, copy of orlgteal senate concurrent resolution No.^ 11. now on file In my office.') .0. EL DEajWW. .jSecrekarT'of Stats. 7-3l-7-l4-21-?8.4-n-18.2W-9*l«-25 ,

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