Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 25, 1908 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 25, 1908
Page 7
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Garry kttitua^ It helps your credit It guards you against extravaga; I QCe. : lat will increase your It will create business habits t savii^s. ^ . ' : It makes a clear record' of yoor it furnisheB the best receipt for f /• It:-will prevent you from payin ^l •It protects you against loss hy injury by robbers. I J It is the best burglar insurance jyon can carry. It enables ;ou to paas over periqlds of sickness \rithoa etnbarrassment^ i| It is not only a luxury, but a necessity [to a successful business man. " bnsmess. all money paid put the same bills twice, robbery and personal In a good game iresterday the loU Business College base ball, nine defeated the high school team by a score of 7 to 8. John Holmes pitched (or the college team wUIe Mike Fulton did tha bulk of the pitching for .tne high school. Another game may be lilayed later on. —Be a Boosterr-Home tndoatnr— Neosho River Cat at Onr Way. StatB Savings Bank Mm, Kmnmrnm Open from 7 to 8 p. m. Saturda^^sand Pay Nights Fryer Bros. %' WHOLESOME GROCERIES Our stock of Groceries and . Meats are sold on the merits of i their high standard as to qual-: -Ity. They are pure, vhotesome 'r~ and alwkys can be relied upon. S y a sack of .No. 7 Flour, per • «1J0 . Japan. Imperial or Gunpowder Tea. per pound 4 «e The best in town tor the money. fryer Bros. Evans Bros. Vten qnallty la mala tooalt* •ration wa bny tha hMt Wtm ««Buuidt vUl Jaatltr. wa carry »U cndaa and pilcM. ^ THE C^IdenWest Land Co Offers you hftter .oppportuni- tles to sell or. exchange yonr. - farm or business thmugh its cooperative agencies. ^ , Office OTer loWa Store lola, KaD .«as. J. 0. THOm Hamger lort Staries a tor; -Dr. J. R. Pepper. Dwitlat l >koM MS. John Ayling Married. Licenj^e issued September 2lBt to Fred sjilomon and Bdiia Brown, both of Ridke: September 15lh to Chas. Wilbur |bf Middleton' and Eiilab Puck- <>tt of Belmont: September 22 to John .Ayling and Estella Currie, both of To­ ronto.—jVates Center News. —R. CnBBlagkaBi, • per cent money 400 Here From Center. JBsUmated that over four hundred p^oplei'frob Yates Center and vicinity —Soda Water, the Our Way kind, PaTlnir .Hooo Done. The paving of the al.'ey in the rear of \V. H. Root's place of business, is new" Hearing completion. The improve ment helps the api»earance of the alley. at iola last Thurday.—News. Mund I^wney Miss attended the Rlngling show u now has the agency for 11 chocolates. Is Anotiier lola. pla. Palmer, of lola. Idaho, is boro viiiting Mrs. Rachel Bdrington and fat|ily.—Yatea Oenter News, —Drs. Lathrop, Osteopaths. Fboae 499. Twit at GIrard. Charle.s and .Miss M.ibel William- drove down from Inla Monday to visit their uncle. J. .M.'Bruce, and wife; for about a week.—Oirard note in Pittsburg Headlight —Insist aa haTlnv *F. S." floar. { Here to Q«t Auto. P. K .nodI<\v, president of the Peo-'s iimxo State Bank, went to lola tills afl'ernoun to bring his- automo- bilo »ioiii»\ n»« had io leave it there y.«st»>rd.'Lv while on his way home from a trip i|> LeRoy because of the rain whioii f»fji fti Allen county yesterday mornins|—Chanute Tribune. Elstimates cheerfuliy given on all work Phone 610. Ites. 409 S. Bnckeye. — Oarage un4 Repair Shop for al] kinds of repalrlaf. Aatomabne livery.- Ifhoae 8M. At Humboldt Celebration. .Xmotip those who went from here to attend the anniversary celebration now bejn; held there were Miss EJva WTlliamS. Mrs. Virgil Smith, Mrs. ita - celal Brown. Harry Klein, and thp nit^mljf'jk of the Chanute ball team. Th»» nine has two games there, one this aftlimooii and another tomorro r aftemoan. Willis will pitch today, ar d it is ejltiected that Renfro will pitt* tomorni|W. Wallace McCrory. who is here frpin Superior. Nebr., on a vi.-ilt went mth the team and will play.— Chanutji Tribune. COLONIST RATES CaUfonIa, Arbona, £tc Daily antll Ortahfr II. IMts ISO.UO from lola« Kas. Ubariil itopover prtviregeii, I 'er- •oaally l>onducted excurslonit. Tlcki<ta acaptM) iu iMurliit >ilnfp«rs nu pay- m«nt uf Pulliuan rat^. and in chair Oian abnul J fN«> Mler way of l><<i-nnilnit ac M with Dih i}rc>ni Oimthweiti, , fariitit y|p|it a rnntpcieiiCK. jiyjlravaltiiK ovrr Hnitta hV. m* *«hd yon iuiiH« llteraitiro California. Arlxonn, pIc. >V. K. «AI.8T0N, Ageni, roll, Knnial ftlve your Subucrlpfions for MAOAZINES AND PEHIQDICALS TO J. E. Headarsoa wJHo deal* with the publishers and fumiahes. them at the lowest price nphaa* 88. N, Buckeye : Thorpe & floogh Cvatracton, EaglBeers, Sarreyors. Fnlly equipped tor all kinda of narreylng. estimating, patent draar- li>C> bine prints, maps, sidewalks, jqtiWnjg. and Utra drainage. Ofice: Shet ^Ehmu." —Merchant'? T.nnck at Our Way. h —— B^uaht Ralaton Property. f',. \V ^ij TripU'it. of Galesburff. 111.-, has purfjhased the W E. Ralston property at'j|!17 West Third, con.siderailon $2(»ii(». I jThls is a handsome residence lirop.Tt|| and: Mr. Trlpl»«ti ex|M»cta to occupy {It - as a home. Mr. Ralaton will tK 'i n'«ien»»»'rtnl a* form«'rly ihe Santa J> a>j««ni htTv. lit- In now a» lolu tfil>«'rryv«|i« l)i«puti|lran. phiinp I Iialiithitf. IVed ItoKden, Ttin fiinttly. lean II iHpiter ij ilihald Palleala BeUer. Wit nifutlicrK iif thi« Ovprmntt iviUK iiniith nf tiiwii, who hnvo wlih typhoid re \-er. aro much lud thrir recnvpry Is nsyurMl. —Mrr|. Turner's Millinery Opening, Friday, September SSlb. in Center on Land Deal. . TomlKelley and W. F. Kraiise are in Yat(|H Center today looking at some ri?.t! ertiaie Mr. jKelley contemplates trading for. —Frink S. BexitUe. V. B. Pboaa J» -—• Change Laeatloas. C. O. .Woods, the ice cream manufacturer, will sQon move his pliant to the building reteaitiy vAited by the Hastings garage on West Madison. —Kansas City .residence to tra^de for lola property. G«qd house with bam to rent, on paved street. Four room house for sale, for |4R0. Whitaker ft Oonnelt. PreiMire for roaferenre. The members of the I'. B. church are getting ready for the t'. B. conference which convenes here October lath. I'nited Brethren from all over sotithea.'itern Kansas will be here. New post cards. Mundis drug store. Patient Goe* Hane. • Elmer Oahl. the young man who has been suffering with typhoid fever at the ho.spiral. returned to his home at Elstnore last evening. —FltsfaraM Storage ami Transfer Co. HoBsehold aad piano nWTlDfct tentest mi beat stare room la the eliy. Phoae SM. FInLob This Week. R. S. Gilfillan. the contractor, expects to fltiish the paving on South Sycamore thi.s we*^k. He is taking advantage of the fine weather and is pushing the work rapidly. —Six per cent money: no commission : no delay.—Smith A Trarls. >ew Pastor Arrived. Rev. Chaffee, who fills Rev. Pulliam".< iiulpii In the Fir.<t .M. K. church here, arrived this aftorn<v>n from IVn- ^vcr. Colo. He was ^la ^tnr <if' Christ'.> church there. Mrs. fhn(f«^». whom the local ctingregation t'spect^Hi in on the &ame train, did not arrivf. hut will follow Rpv Chaffe.^ he:.» in n f^w wp<»ks. .Mrs. Chaffee vUitinp in .Ww York, and expects to rmain u'ntll cold wfather.—Chanute Sun. —Paper Hanging. Phone H28. Fred Rowden. Hnnt at Chanute. W. n. Hill, of Kansas City: J. W. Fuller and R. S. Weaver, of Cata.<;an- qua. Pa., and I^jgh Hunt and W. H. Barton, of lola. are in Chanute today inspiCling tho Grovp cement plant. .Xccur.ling to quotations published in a Kan^a.« City pap»»r. the stock of the .A.-h Grove is quoted at iV» bid and a.'iked.—Chanut.- Sun. SFECIAI. liATUROAT S A£.E Tomorrow you wilj find many extra special lots of new merchandise on sale here at prices yon'JI not find equalled again this seeison. Read every item and and examine the goods that are advertised New Panama Skirts Worth $5. choice $3.50 Tomorrow j-oa will find on sale here 35 new black, btown aad blue panama skirts, with buttons all the way down Iront, lateht styles, price.. sciris, wita $3.50 $7.50 aiid $8.50 Skirts at $5.98 Here are values that yoo will be more than pleased with. They will appeal to yonr every requisite of style and for Saturday only, the special price ,wlll be for yonr choice ^ 01 these $7.50 to f.S 50 values, only..( I price will $5.98 The new lall CoiLs and Tail- oied Suits are. now ready tor your inspection. A'on'll find th«nj nndeipriced fur to-mof- row's trade. $29.50 and $32.50 Ladies' I aiiored Suits At $25.00. We are raakiii^ a .*;pecial ef- fott lo show the best, the most haitdsotne and largest line of Lsdies" Suif: ti ^e found in lola al$2S^o Thf » modete, most desired, .ill liaviny guaranteed '^i'.k :ind .sitiii lining. Every wpmau rhoiiM ^ee this charming lot. while the price is only. tUi^V^ for Tomorrow Only S 1 -3C light and daik Outings at.. .....Sc Sc bleached Mu-lin, yd. wide i^ic fasti colored scbool Ging- haiEs, in plain Jm: 1 ftnry pU- tem«, for Salurddv •jnly, per yard. J •V unly, ^ Remefflber these Prices for Saturday Wy To ^»ee the Car. .\s an indication of the interest iu the iont; distance auto run ii newi on- be nipntioneti that wlu-n th»- neivi si)rt»ad atiruad i>f"ihe arrival of a car h 'Te last t-venins which had (in-jipeii out of th«* ncf. a large .tiuiniier of pcu- pli- ut^nt dowu to ih.» Riiinr i;arai:«- tli^ ni.ichiiie which h.iJ n ili>> fainnii^ trip Mri. Ca-lej- is the Jaughfer of WiKium M. Akf r.s.—Ottawa Repu jlic. to —Fresh Oysters—Our Way. VMt Chief (.'ales. .Mrs. Hop*" \\Tilt«\ rf Chio:ss<>. Ji"'l .Mrs. Rosalia .i»-Mkius, «if iji:.> .N'aiiou. low;i. an- in !l»»* city thi> su»'-ts of l.eir iiui'!'". t;at«'*. chti -f of iiolu-'' —Dr. I*. E. tVanirb. Dentist, Phone 33. Humlmldt Bojr Married. ii L itailey oaxn«' «er<» IC;tn- sa.-s Cif} ui.feht. tt>-lr<.mr.l hi> mother from HuniboUlt on a tuoniiug rain, wa.s married to .Mii's Aii»-laidf Aker.s at .". r>. m. and with his bride. :v»fr for Kansa.^ fiiy at i:l'> o'cloclt. The marriage c.erpmony was i>erforiii- ed by Kev. \V. A. Klliott at thi- home of the hride. Su. iJ'T Tremont aveuue. Opening, —.Mrs. Turners Milliner.v Frjda.v, September 25th. HlUeher >iiU .Speak. A Uroiherhood is to be organized at the I'reshyi«>rian church at fhanut.' The Sun sa.vs. The urbanization will be perfect Octoiicr •>. and will start with a cha^rit-r nieml>er.-ship of i>os.<Ihlt fifty. I 'rt 'cedinK Its fornial orRaiitza- tlon u liani |Uri will be M>rvo<l by the ladleH of the church, at which severa! um*{» will be t:i»°eo b}' vixliini: (Kiiitorii and UMal tuetubert of the cnmcrei:.!- II ..II i :<i .S. S. HlUrher. of t.ila, will rrxpoud li> the Inpic. "A llroiherlv Mroihfrhmnl.' Ilev A R YanOrden, id Fort ScoH. ha« alfo ncorpled nii !«• xliNilon to aittwid and upenk. but hao not ulunlrtrtt tlip itniitre of hU xitbiect Itev Miitbtx will net ni* ioAKtln .i«tcr Thl" will be the Hr^i church oritani* /,:i,llon nf lUc Itlnd in Ihe cil) colifinttiK ItM tiiembcrKhIp exchmlvjOy to nten The nneat and freiiti»i«t Unc of can- liiea ill town la. at Mundia'a. With Mrs. Waktfleld. Mrs. James Mclntyre went to Hum- twldt this afternoon to attend the anniversary celebration and visit h>>r sister, Mrs. Elben Wakefleld—Cha­ nute Tribune. ted Spartii at HasiMdt. Ted Imparks of Kansas CSty who ran the Btii'cbelor thiater for a time last fall hiia a carnival at thie Humboldt ceiebritlon this week. 'I Tnmer'a unilaery Opening, September 2 «h. ^ | Mix Tone Bros. Cicnamon in equal larn nith Hour; suhjeri it to any mtyou please; you'll tinj ft eveii tlien as strong u orJiitar}- k.ind]. Strength and «juaiit»—always < oiiipicuous rhai3ctcriitit.<> uf Tone JBroi. Spicw—re-ull from unexce|leJ (aciUiics for wlw-iing, haodUaK ud tcrinding. Alt of 4IO caiImI »i |.|i )>l>t i %h« purr, lU-it MiMiniuK |iro|>«<||i«« «)l lh« k|>Uo ai« in (Ite |<M.'ji;ii;« tfthm it m*lm) uu SMMMa-fOa. TtM«*r«l»uliiiiili Ti >>t'!> ami ••4*«r<' TONK BltOS.. Om Malnaa. lewft. —Our. Oysters. Way. (in Real E'^tate OeaL V. A. STfwjn and .V i: E.-tep vi.rr' iu lola Tue:^day on :i .-Cul e.-iale Y.t:e.-- Cv-iiier .^ilvoiji:.- —Always t:nje to eat at Our Way. i Hack lo ukbib»ma rit>. i" it. Funk. *..{ ti;.;itliiinia \.'ity, wijit tbonmh Ottaw;' '.k- »!r.-;ik of meteoric du.-*i alMiii: : \> 111, toibiy. on :he re;iir:i trip r! .m aii;omoi)U.- Urive buiu.-.'il bi-i I., .uiil IC ...V:..- I 'ity -Mr. Funk i:' ilriviiis; ;i <ix-e> linder j i'ord raor lie ivirrtfi! :hi- n.iiaal • \V-:c.>r.i>-• from ;.»ie ni.r;oro':s oi! to th- Ka.-i;,i- City o-iitt-si-' aij:s for uie .^tar cup. pa^-ir.g throuiih Ottuv^a a: a whirlvvin<] .i Uvr iii\y? ago .Oil that occa.'-iou i.e mude th.^ run betwpfn the termiaal cities i:: Is hours of runnlb? time, .riidsin?: by his almost shadoW.rss ilighr throush; Ottawa this afternoon i.- roini: to! r.reakthat record on the Vf-.-.i-u tr:;)—-; Ottawa Republic. ' Tide iQLA icJLdm COLD STORAGE OO. . WJlMfiRiala ' aad RetdO Dcolfrs CRYSTAL ICE And IHstilled Watsr Heir CaM SUrafa ,Ba4r f*^ •aalBCM, Fkaaa 114 FRANK EIDDLE, Mgr. r ..\CII.\M.E OR ST.LL. List your iiropejiy with ' I have a larse list to ma:ch from. No expense unless a deal is found for you. r hare .acres in Neo-' sho county. Ka.*. to exchange for Rood iola property. J. T. XILES. Itoem 10. Old Court Hoosfli. me. Henry Boyer Injured. i son of Henry Boyer. who lives i wesi of town, met with a serious and! almosit fatal accident w*iii;» on hi.; road home from lola la.*t Friday mom < Ins oil a west bound .Mis.souri Pacific; passenger train. Mr. Boyer was standing on the steps of ihe coach. lookinK toward tte forward part of' the train near the watering .station- at Diirand. when a projf-..:in.:; bar or. something struck him. cutiine a severe gash on his throat ami severu; cashes on bis head. Drs. I\eUenber4- lOur Store Department now con ' ~ tains the finest line of CookSiowBm ever exhibited in .sontheastern Kansas. Von arc invited to^t^ in and look them over. It's a treat to the ey^, to say the least. A fine line of heaters, too, in a few days.- .Special Notice. . ; On account of the Hebrew holiday, er and Browuins dre.^e.l h.« head and ^^^^ Sj^uuA^y. September 26. my pl:u'e of buslbe:ft will be closed. Wish- linK ail my friends and jiatriius a most jhuppy auit prosperoii.-i new .\ear.,I am sewed News ui. th.- r-.-alp—Yates Center. Ilnmliuldl .Vi'ler *Km Too. .Moiidai -Mar hjil i ;i -.i-.;;i wem j {•Mroutid lo i,li.- vJrf .iii^ tno !..r .-enr j JOtlll.o III town ,tlli| liil .l tilt 111 It W.tii lieeiiiHi* f.ii- ilnin I .I luiVi- It f .ifr.-.| »iite tif lt .|i |i«l r .-fr «>.>lll||«-t<l» iJie* liilKhl li.iVi. ..11 lililtil ii« lIlK.v Wi'illil tliil be iill'Wid 1 .1 II itU> more Mn > i|illetl» obeXinl b|. II" i|iiV*l nil. I tliitnl.oiiti I.- >lr\-cr thnti i( ha» pier iM .eii iieforc-^Mernld re-.pectfully >OUr it S nAK.SARl), .North Buck^y*. ('Iliit<« Nhree^e*. n«!l SbireVr-. ».>il .if J T Shri >iiV«>« iiiid wife Iff Dxi ^e ii)\\tir>hip, ,^il•n koiiiii), ntidj .MU> Dilirl I'.iiir*. of UU Wiibavh ttv^n'io. WU'bita, were uivlied In iniirrtHg^ *< *be botne of ihi' brtd^ on 8epteniHer| SIh -KluraUl t>l-liftt«Sh. a" —It—Oar Way Soda Water. Talk ta Shippers. A. T. Silver and H. B. Benedict, representatives of the Waba&fa road, were In the city yesterday conferinR with >hlppera. —Mrp. ToTBer'a Millinery Opening, Friday, SepCenber 26th. L. E. BOBTILLB, Presldiant A. W. BECK. Vlce-PresIdenL Directors I L. E. Horvllle. A. W. Beck. J. A. Roblnsop. Geo. E. NIeboIion. H. L.. Henderson, Frank RMdle, J. H. Campbell. UTEBEST PAID OX XIXB DEPOSITS - SafMy DcpMit Bakes far teat. i. H. CAMPBELL, Cathler. L. C. EOBIXSUX. Ass'i fCashler. StoekkaMers. L. E. Horvila. A. W Beck. Frank Riddle,' H. L. Henderson. J. A. Robinson, L. L. Ponsler, Geo. E. Nicholson, ' L. C. Robinson. JU A. Robinson. hL T . Evans. ! John T . Watkina. Frank Wood.' i J. H . Campbeil.

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