Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 25, 1908 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 25, 1908
Page 6
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(Contiiiiied frioin page l.i He apok^'al lenph of tlio froe delivery system. He said that had the Republicun party done nothing Itul give the country the freo rnnil systeiu It would have heeii cnoiitth for tne party to go before rhe people, asking for another four years at the head of the governmenl. ' He then diseusspd tlie laws passed for ihe benefit of ilie laboring nian. "The Democrats."; said .ludsre .Madison, "would have yon believe thai my (larty 1^ against labor. WTiy Clod bless you. the Republican parly wa.s born wjth the idea of putting; down slavery and of (liiT '-iifyinR labor." He spuke Mf Mu- employer.s'_ liability law and also of the law which makes it possib'e for a laborer Injured through no fault, of his own while employed on a :.;oveiiinif-iit job to sue and recover. He then took up ilit' (lUt -.-^tion of tariff, showing whiMt'iii' the liepiiblii-an attitude on this (luesiion wa.-; lione- ficial to the eniirt- ooumry. The speaker closed his speeeli. wiih an eloquent, a|)peal lo iiie voters to return into power the party under which the country is makiti.i: sitcli a rapid and; .sulistaniial ;iioi;resv-. .M the pnnclii.'--ioit of .Mr. .Madison's remarks. T. A. .McNeal spoke, .\iiyone who hiiij ever liearii .\Ii. .\l;'\eal talk knows iheleiiiir ol liis <:ivi:m,- He is an artist in relatinv; hiiiiioious sjorle.s and was al bis IMM iii -.;iit. lie opened bis r «'iiiarks liv savin- that he was siteh a Uv ril-iu-'tbe-wiml I{e- publican ibai lie !i:iil i'aiii< siistieion that he was incjmlievil aiiaiiisi Ihe Democrats. He then tool; ilie ei v ni (in- (ii-ti:- ooraoy ilnif the i;e ;mlilieau paity bad stolen "its elmhes • tie liiiii-iiled the idea tliat llii? l{e|)>!liU<;<.!i> A oit'.i! a! the Deinoeratle |iirt>s e.oihes fVi'ii if they desired to. • Tlie l>etuocra ;s 'al- W3 .VS leave tJ«elr ilo;li<> i .n tin- li»' ' of battle. -\\"e|doii"i have tii s'.-n th'vn All we have tiji do its to take :!;eiii. ': m }S96 the Demiicrats eatre out its a sti­ ver panoply-rthe I-" to I ;-ra;:e. Iii ISOO they canie out in divUIvd skirts— imperialism. In 1!<"5 iliey earn-- out wiibonr any clothes at al. It Is wonder they were no: ehaii-'Ui witb indecent exposure." sai:! .'.!i. Alc.Veal. The rally was ;i s;t> ct-.'-s in ev.-ry particular. The apiilaiise which zri->K- ^ the remarks of tlie speakers iticM- cated that the people are wei! .satisfied with the policies of the liresont admlnlstratton;' After T. A. ^fcNeal h4jd closed his remarks and the crowd point of leaving, Judge-litadison step- pcd to the front of the Uatfonu and a.qked the audience for n few; minutes of their time. In a few wonis Mr. Mndlson paid high tribute to the record of Congressman Scott, coniment- Ine especially on his success In handl ing the appropriation bill in. the house last winter.' He also spojke very complimentary of AV. T. Wajson, the Republican candidate for representative from his district. Mr. W.ijtson formerly lived at Dodge City where he was intimately i.son. acquainted wijJi Mr. Mad THE TOWN MOURNED Business Was Suspended in Lawrence While Dr. Snowfs Was Held. Lawrence. Kas.. Se| )«ly of Dr. Francis Hiiutlington Snow IK is at rest in Oak Hill c. During' tile hours of tin vice today, between I! at practically all business wtj in Lawri'nce: tlie university in every (!e|>artn)eiit was cloSei! diprin.i; the on tire ilay: the banks ;ttw| of the business houses doors: the r-otinty ninl Funeral 24.— The ne.tery. funeral ser- li 4 o'clock, suspended were closeil atil every f hoisted in the towiisite mast. It was a fitting (<i of a aood m;in. Fifteen hundred utiiveriiity students a majority I 'closed their city otlices ng that w:is jwas at half il to the lifi and towiispeopli- tilled th •I 'ld yard this ttft.jrnoou. iiiiiitte of nsjieet •e'lor. to a iiKin ;t world-wide ri'putation seie'ilist. am!, lastly, lo Th. Snow home f> ptiy a to the Ijate ex-ohan- wt'o l)j:id tichieved lis a natural '\i siiKirf man. sitt!td>> but i:n!)'<>s»jiv.> services were i-tin liicted ^<y tlie ifev. \V, \V Bolt, of tin- First I'J ngretiatiena! ehnroh. of which Or Sno|ji- was a !i!"e time member. Music by Miss I.. Marlel Htibbel u.«ta Flintoin. Prrifessor and .lohn Powers. ?ic wlis rendered Itibbe|l. Au;K Hitl.ach BOYS TOOK ADVANTAGE OF SEC­ RETARY STARKEY'S OFFER. 200 Applications Will be Secured.— Tonight is l^^dies' Night.—Bas­ ket Ball. T^asi evening aU' the Young Men's Christian Association building 2li> boys took tidvantage of Secretary Starkey's offer of a free BWIIII in the big pool. A nuinber of new applications w<'re filotl during tlie day yesterday and a still larger number during the evening. The indication.^ at this tim(? are to the effect t!;at the boys will experience very littU- trouble in securing the 20ii applications, which number they determined to secure (iurinsr this campaign. Tonight is ladles' night at tlie tis- sociation building and all parts of th<building will be open to the public except the swimming iiool and shower baths which have been reserved for the nsp of the "Cup Chasers." There will be a free btisket 'liall game lietween two teams iiicked from the members of the gymnasinni <'lasses. It is estimated Ihat ^aiHiiii :!."o p. r- sons visited the bujtldiitir last eveein--' while Young Americti was takiiiir pinnae in the IKMII. l '»ke2Jc lo-Jjd,^^nUMi^\f^.tau Price ZJc PATTERNS Are so simi)ly constructed that a child could use them. Rach pattern has a simplified gui«l,e with 20 IlluHtralious. A .special help; to beginners. All Bulterick Paltern.s are • lOc and 15c None Higher Special Embroidery Sale Saturday Alloyers, Flouncings, Inseriion Hands and IvJj;es Enihroidenes worth two and three times tlie special Saturday price. See di.sp'ay in north window. I, .5 and (1 yard lengths, pieces cannot be cut. Sale begins at >::!0 a. m. Special price for Saturday, per yard ' * %MMS They Fake the Klnk^ Out, "I have used Dr. Kiiiits New l.!l- Pills fijir many years, with lncr>'asiiu: satisfaction. Th«-y take the kinks out of stomach. liVer ami bowels, without fuss or friction." saxs .\. II. Hmwii. of Pittstleld. Vt CuarauteiHl satislae ;ot\ at till drug stores. iT.e. HAD NARROW ESCAPE. An Employe at tola PoitUmd Burid in Cement. Was Don't Siiv. Ye Si -eieitir .v Colliiirn Is fanners in this section t'ot to Iiei;iti sowing wht ol'i-r and later beeaiist ;!y. lie thinks that the <ir.c if i! does not .«er of wheat to feed <in. |W :irniiii; i!,.- fif til.' Stat- It iiiiMl t)e;- iof a C'Tiain ay will (lie I new stand .\!i etntJoy.-.' of tit.' Io!a- Portlau.l Cement f-onipaay eame near Ix-iti? l>nri>-d alive yest .Tiiay aft.'rtioon while at work at the p'atif. ll>- w;:S staniiing tiear a bank of oi -nien!. win -ti! from som>- caiiS" or :i:iot!;.-r tli'- (••- metlt be^'aii sltilitl.;; and In iliu' llt ;:|iiie to i;i-f out (,f till- <• av was liiiri'li t«> the sluuilileis in (--ail T!i"- tiii;'!:.j :issistatic<- or « T-;IOW wori .ni'-n s;!\' hini ironi stliotll<•ritl^^ Retrisfer Want Ads. Jfrintr Ke..;i!J--. STOCKS UP AGAIli 60,000 TON BURNING LESS COKE MADE. I IniiMi Parilic KJM- I'oinl^ Alter Ilea*J Unjinsr —I'elilics Ki.r- i :ollc:i. 'A Kansas Industry is Said to be Dej " Decreasing. I l -W -i 'l: It taKes an Expert to tell True Carpet Values Richardson's Superlative Carpels have Stood the Te«l of Time. They have given ialis- •Taction where over used for over S2 Year IVEREDFREE AXMINSTER RUGS i 0X12 feet, 521 OUR.' HANOSOMC CATALOCVC CARPETS • Ri^s • LiNokuMS ^oCuirAiNd '^^ENO foR IT Great Ij^eduction in Prices of Carpeti, Rugs and Linoleums 2fix50 ill. Smk'rna KuK.. . Sl(k35 27x54 in- Wfllon Velvet Rug. our price. .$2it5 Larger sizes co ;res- poiidiiigly cheap 56x70 in. Axniinis- tcr K\\%$^SO Aniin.'tlKn^s, ironi Carpc attract the admiration. of the heJ9hborhood iWILfON VELVET RUGS 9x12 ket, ^17.00. $18.75 $20.00, $22.ou', ?.>5.n<'. 9X 12 feel CONGRESS BRUSSELS $14m30 e.xyJeet.. 917.25 We are pared to make ruRS to onler from -aiiv ot our Carpets ajjl Borders, any sixo you want, and offer you a larg:e assortment of patterns to cVioose from. Patterns oapBolaUy deslgnad aud adapted for Rfig purpoat.'s jin our Superlative Tapestry Bruss^els, Regal Brussels genuine Boily .Brussels, Premier, Duchess, Princess a |id Empress Wilton Velvets, in prices ranging from ^So IO $1m60 per yard. This includes sewing and sLzing. Our beautiml new fall Catalogues, just fresh from the press are now h\ our store awaiting your call. They are fHCE for tjlie asking. IJon't pay ,faucy prices for Floor Covering}. We have the lanc|' quality at the lowest price. V.:U ! .-.;<.< k-. v.';it ep ;i- f:i I .1- x.-- i '-ri!.:;. ibiv U'-!:i iji.uii ^ :r'.- i;;-' •i'' ;lu- Mi-t-i.i tli-i-liiie.- _ TlitTr ju .f i -.M'ii,:r. ;li:; i.'I s ;iii :f i.l j ]it.|,Ml;ii ;-.-in~ li;. tie- l >ioI :>-i-. «bo i-.i.i- eii!.s|iieiio,i:, ill !li<- i ij n- 1 1 i !. ei-• :li..: e :iiiinl ilu- iii :irl ;.-i nii ilu; in - iln iiijil -iiiiii;!,-' .-^ill-li..! I tii 'lii Ibis .-oiiiie li.i!< l;* III rC':;.', rvi-i ^inri- III-- !ii :iiKii . .i:.-f cu;-!. i iln- Ill i.oulii-. Iwii V, I-.-':, - ;,i;o •rii" le- Slllli;.ll(itl of llll;. Ili -.Hy lill.vlii^; vv;ls ai ; <'i'|.!i-il ii .s eolilii Jli.itiiili i .r ll;e \ ii u llijif the Hiiri itiitiu-Sliitie'" :! .in ii|ii i .ilui.- have noi uiveii ii|i their Imll ..itiiiiai ^ii. but sitllply ".-looil lliiiil iltlilel" wllell ill'\ Mitt tviiieliee-. of ilieii :i -iti-.- M-I- iiii; |ii oiiijiti il by the |.iili ;ii-.i| iiint -i- lai!itii->. 'I III- liiiuiil.ttioii l>;i.-.i ,1 Mil ih::l iili.Iiv.- luivili;^ ii -.i-ej. lie- liili i-;n-.ii- l:itois a {ii **-;ir lo Ittn i- M-I to \\«irk [iri Ill |it;-, 1.1 i.';i:ii! Ilii- ii,i\..i;;i- ilutu- \.- .1 I. <:i)r i«( ol-i; .f: I tlioii |»;i- (llie -l \-ii .1-. I.l.'- |. lo tiiiil H'-:i>ti-ri-i| ;i ii.-n.ry i.f :• ii i>f.|iit> fi. Ill till- l .oineii |iii(-e -ie;i(!i''il oil!) f.V'i il.iys :mo The 11 o ;i . in fti- .1(11. I'.i. i'ie e\r. . (i.-il 'i Iii ,..l'.ii »-li.-irey' ii:i; i >r :i iot :ii m'a IIM ;.- nii.;.- liian ;i tiiiliioit '^iitii'-''. 'I'iiv:.' tt.!:- ;i Iii'.; Irail. in !;i -:iillii4 ami Sitiiih.-rn I 'tn-ilie. i-;i (-l of wliiili lo.-'- ilir. e |ji)i:.i.-^ St. I'aiii (•o;i|n'r. S'tiieltitm ami l.i -ad •li.iili- jlioiit tl).-. ^;l:ll•• vtiiii ati .l liiii .-t otbi -r ;i <:;vi- .-^I.icks t'.-e Wwnix two. Iioitlls. - Tbi- !ii:i:l-.'-l HIIOV . i-il MI ;, - irie-.^'i- ;;i;H> '-.Il :- \ IM -:;'.. .-. ;'i;ii; liiflil. earn.-1 lin-at .\.>i :berii. .\ortli- ern I'jiciiii-. St I'aul ami Iteailin -J (loiv'i sli :iK,i!>. biit the i -lTeil was only teiiiiii.rari on the of the iiiaiket. 1 (1 tl'.- la .'-f iKiii tlie trad'- li '-<anif- fiirionsfy :jtetiv.- titiil ilie ili -iiian <l fioni a lai :;e :;!:ort iiiii-r .-^i --av.- :iil'liti .iii :il j i !lii .«-!ils to the ii|itt .il .l jt ::iiv .-tiienl. j .\ sai.- of III iiiillioii iloUiTs of .\'>-« jVi'tk city lliii -e iiionili^' warraiit.- was ^ni .i 'ie yl •^rf -r (la'. mi :i !i:i-js l'", iier , e. lit |ier aniriiiii. Colli eoiii to till- atiioiint of Coal Pile in Pittsburg on Fire.—The' • Flames Cannot be Quenched by j The coklns IinJnstry of Kansas is of Workmen in Charqe. ; eotni.arativ.-ly small importance, ae- conlini,' to K, W". Parker, chief stat^s- Viiisiiiii:;. Kas.. S '-|it ;:.'> Ti:- .-^ixiy llioiisaii'i 'I'll eiial |iil'- of ti '• Kansas (•|!> So. nil. Ill siioiis iit-ar I'-e- luiiiiil h'litsi- is afif.' am! t!i --'fiirci- of XM.II.- tt'i-ti i-iii;iloyei| s.i-iii iiiJaiil'- to i|ii.irli til.- flail" s. Til.- (il-- st:|il.-'l b. .-.|iiiii- taiii-oiis •'.•iiibiistioii T!tis |ii!.- is one nf ilios.- stof. .1 at I til'' slio |iS in atilieli-atioll of. a |io'>s- j ii'l.- sirikt- .•iniotm ib.- niin :ie;;ii of tin- I 'tiitel States };»"oloKtcaI siirvoy. Its .-xisL-nc- jUiiends. upon the liniiteil (l.-niaiiils of i.lie 7 .in(: suielt- whieli lie not r<i|iiire a high grnile eoke atlil all III.- coke proilnciMl In the I stilt.- is nia>I.- at ovens operated In I loiiiie^tloii with 111,- zinc work.s. The ptoiliK tioii of till- slate, which had ile- leien.sed si.-tulilv fioin L'ti.'.MiL' tons In ami !i:is ||.,„M j,, |,„„; |, :,,„ntint<jil to only 11... Il bi-l.l ill i .-s .-rv- fi.r 1.- eon-jj,;.,^ ii,.-i-, I,M-I1 in i;.il7 to Ki.X'A tin;:etiei.s. j ,„„^ ^..,| ,r Uie nutpnt also Th- work .in thi- biirninit pil.- --O.-J slimved a .l.-eble.| Ineretise. fn.m.|IIO| on iiim-asinKly nlKlit ami ila>. but lli.-ji,, i:„„; ,„ $i;,..s.:7 in i:>it7. the av- li-.' lias gained .stich a foothold thai It i .-n.Ke prU-.- at th.- «veii« haVlnR in- i-r.-ased fidtii vi to $;:.i:;." Of th.' siv •stablishinnntH is I vi .!'.-nt tliilt iho eiitir.- pi'.- will li.iVf to be iiiovv'l befori' llie flames •ire HH'iicheil. This will b.- a very i;ii':it ta.-;k .•iiid wiJI eoiisiiiu.- .i.-ns. sttif.', w ith a foi .il oil.? J. H. FILE fjlUMBOLDT: ADOITION. til.- j.I.itit at 1 loi.j' ill i:i"r At tiiii i III iivitis rok.' ttiis In the of s:: uvons. nil- hut Cokedalo—-iua«l»- estabUnhment of made duriiig the Gardner Plats Land the Cement Plant. wirn <;ai .liL -c. of lliiliiii.. a II. w .-elilitioii to I' VNIII II'- know I! a-- part of the year, btit the ov«?ns wiT'- iilianiioned in .Vovember. The fii--r tised for Kansas coke Is j. ., sliek <oal obtain'eil frnnt the nilnoR In H ,,,i ,j„,j,l,' tho vieinity of-Pittsbiir.;.'. and alt of It. till- Hard-! ""V"'"""~ -il-''!'- to"s in Is u.-r a.Mitioi, and ii iuel.i.l .'s J.-v lots.-">^'H The ail 'iitioii is ii.-ar t!i.- .Moiiapch! /^'r. Parkers renort on the coke in- Portlaml aii.l wh. ii lb.- plant is riiti-|'l"--"r>' the fnited States has jiist nint; a snbit-b may lie built up there.!'":"'' pnhlished as an advtince chap- str.-.ts ar- Ki-iil itfky. j fi'^'a -'.Mineral K.siirces of tlie Un- ii :i .-iii 'l I., av.-nworih. II li.-r .if to-!.iv Th. llttMI IM.IMMS i\ AITO. ited Stat.s. Cal.ii'Iar Year 19i17." Copies of this eltii|.ter may I K ? obtained by iipplyin:; to the .lirccjtor of th^ geo- ... ,. logical siirv.-y af Waaliington.'D. C. In« ^..nnir M. n l.oeaje a. (^annr.-! -r s t:.-..lo.ieal shrXy. Press Bul- l.-Mti. i . lion dollais ua~ eii '.;;i!r«><i at tin- I S :.iit -s snlitrea-nry yesti-rd.iy lot iMi ni to I'anti.i.i. •1 mil- Here. |r l-'..rd rini-aliont. diiv- riK men <-;itiii- in this »e.--i. The niaeliitie a!iii...-t i-i .ii.-tantly Xiit .\ t\vi)-i \ limb en by two > "I m.iriiiti;^ froiii tin has II.-. 11 iii.'ini/i for th.- pa.-t i:iiit> day: liii-ii left . K!;.'ii!. Illinoi.- Sepleliili.-r to liailtTip a loeation foi an anil) ^ar:m.'. They have been as tar west as Ketiver and an- now on tlie way hijiiie. Iiila is oii'- of foiir,towns 11 Willi a yoiitis j" Ilie first ofi fUFKAlO P.V.STIirE .SELECTED., Inrlndes I2,MM) .Vw-s au<| | M LO- lafed in .Uwntana. which they Iiave (-IriiM liilitv- of liH -atin-.;. Iliteil lii|i- I Ewing & Kurdick Center Tod.iy. meeiinir will. TELEPHONE 39 11W. MADISON Hjlschcr in j «"oii:4re};iitional meeiinir will In hel.l at the Prisbyii-rlan ehiirrh on ^'rilIay . evoniti-. Sept.-mber L'.'.Ki. at 7::;n oVlot^k for the purpose of ralllnr H pastor and for the traniiaction of other bnsiiiess that may come brfore the ConcregutinnHl int'eting. l>r. HII- scher of lula will niodorato the nieet- I'mj.— Yfltos Cenler Nowa. iMiiiroiihir ihe TraeSi. Tlie .Missouri Pacilii- Uaiiwav litis /l.-r eoi^plcti -d lavillJ the lieav\ lieW -teel mils in III.' track be 'we.'ii Yiiles • •(-titer and Diiraiid. -Ttii -s(> rails have li .-.-n l :i> iim bt-iid.- ilie tracU sitice i:i"'i> in the spiitiK. and wt- liad aliuo-t iirrivt -d at the roncliislou that ihey would rust out insi(>ad of but they are tinaily in pla ^e. ami a ride over the road last Friday, demonstrated the dirterene.' made. In the xniootline.HK uf tlu; riittniiu:. --Vaten iVniei" Advocaftf. Washintiton. Sept. J .'.i;— The bison raii ;;e in t 'lie KItithead Indian res-erva- tiiin in Mliniiiiia. to 'establish which jmssi- jconiiress :i| ji.-, i:,.~t" session appropri- :it .-d $11.1.1)1111. lias' been se'.ected. It lies ditecll\ iioitb <>f the Jocko river, near tin- town of ICavaili and Pocko. einbracitiL' :i |iprii \iiiiately I2,S00 acres which will be feiic .'d in a substantial iiiann.-l Only SIo.ii'in will he available t (/r f.-ticitiK the ranp^e; and con- stnniin^ the shelter sheds and other iinildiiiit- The rtinainiug i $ )ll i* to be j>aid to the ownem ofi the. land. oni. (iiiiiiiy (if whom aro Indiiins. iFwuds for tho piirchnsc of bL-ion ar« beliiK raiiod undi r the anspires ot the iXm ^can Hiion Jiocioty. Register Want Ads. Bring Ritulti. I .

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