The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 14, 1971 · Page 44
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 44

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 14, 1971
Page 44
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No Residual Viet Force? SAIGON (AP) - The Nixon administration apparently has shifted its thinking on maintaining a residual force of 20,000 to • 50,000 men in Vietnam after the bulk of American combat troops withdraw. Sources said statements attributed to Gen. Creighton W. Abrams that he does not envisage a residual force of U.S. troops in Vietnam indicated that the Nixon administration is thinking in terms of an advisory mission, rather than support for the Vietnamese troops, and over a period of one to three years, for the U.S. forces that remain behind. The general conception of a residual force has been 20,000 to 50,000 artillery, air logistics and some combat support troops for the security of the U.S. forces themselves, remaining for an indefinite period. Dr. Paul White Into Red China KANSAS CITY (AP) - Two prominent American cardiologists entered The People's Republic of China Monday, officials at the University of Missouri-Kansas City said they learned. Local Markets 'TRUCK WHEAT—1.28. BRAN—2.75. SHORTS— 2.75. WICHITA TRUCK WHEAT-1.28. •Board of Trade quotation, not necessarily elevator price. Weather in the News No major temperature change expected. Kansas Points TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) - High and low temperatures for the 24-hour period ended at 6 a.m.: Goodland K 51 Hill City 9i 58 Russell 93 61 Salina 92 67 Concordia 90 62 Topeka 90 66 Coffeyville 92 65 Wamego 90 66 Garden City 93 t>t Dodge City 94 6B Hutchinson 9H 66 Wichita 97 62 Emporia 90 66 Chanute 91 65 Pittsburg 92 65 Forecasts MISSOURI — Hlgns today 15 to 90 north to low to mid 90s elsewhere. Some Increasing cloudiness tonight with the slight chance of a thundorshow- er east. Lows tonight near 50s extreme north to low 60s south. Mostly clear Wednesday and Wednesday night. Highs Wednesday low to mid 70s north to low to mid 80s south. Lows Wednesday night In 50s. OKLAHOMA—Fair to partly cloudy and turning much cooler tonight and Wednesday. Highs today 80s Panhandle and 90 to 100 elsewhere. Lows tonight mid 40s Panhandle to upper 60s o x t r o m o southeast. Highs Wednesday mid 70s Panhandle to upper 80s southeast. TOILET LEAKING? INSTALL THE ORIGINAL korky THE ONLY ONE-PIECE FLAPPER TANK BALL, Fits oil conventional flush valves. Perfect seal ends drip-drip of water. Over 10 million In use. Get Korky at plumbing and hardware stores. Pat. No. 2,767,406 Maiiufactured by LAVELLE RUBBER CO. Chicago 60622 LOANS Did you know that YOUR HOME has BORROWING POWER 1st and 2nd mortgage loans 5 *5000. If you own, or are buying a home and need a substantial loan, our Home Equity Loan Plan may be the answer. The equity in your home can give you the base for a loan which will give you the money to do all the things you wish — buy a new car, boat, furniture, pay bills, taxes, take a vacation, etc. .. No attorney fees, no closing costs, no. deductions— you get the full amount of your loan. 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Elsewhere By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS High Low Pr Albany, cldy 74 M .19 Albu'quc, clear 91 58 Amarlllo, clear 92 61 Anchorage, rain 55 47 .30 Asheville, cldy 6? 57 Atlanta, clear 76 57 Birmingham, clear 82 57 Bismarck, clear 86 45 Boise, clear 83 49 Boston, rain 71 63 .87 Buffalo, cldy 73 65 .41 Charleston, clear 83 65 Charlotte, clear 79 58 Chicago, clear 78 60 Cincinnati, clear 73 57 Cleveland, cldy 67 62 1.54 Denver, clear 93 46 Dos Moines, clear 84 58 Detroit, clear 75 49 Duluth, cldy 74 55 Fairbanks, cldy 57 3*3 Fort Worth, clear 94 66 Green Bay, M MM Helena, clear 72 44 Honolulu, clear 87 72 Houston, clear 88 72 Ind'aplls, clear 77 54 Jacks'vlllc, clear 88 62 Juneau, rain 51 45 Kansas City, clear 106 77 Little Rock, clear 95 64 Los Angeles, clear 76 57 Marquette, M MM Memphis, clear 88 67 Miami, cldy 89 75 Milwaukee, clear 76 53 Mpls-St.P., clear 79 58 New Orleans, clear 86 61 New York, rain 75 68 2.18 Okla. City, clear 97 61 Omaha, clear 87 60 Phllad'phla, cldy 76 65 .94 Phoenix, clear 108 80 Pittsburgh, rain 73 63 .33 Plland, Me., rain 69 58 1.10 Ptland, Ore., clear 70 46 Rapid City, cldy 90 40 .. Richmond, cldy 77 61 St. Louis, clear 92 58 Salt Lake, clear 88 52 San Diego, clear 92 68 San Fran., clear 79 72 Seattle, clear 64 49 Spokane, clear 70 42 Tampa, cldy 87 57 .20 Washington, cldy 81 64 CANADIAN CITIES Edmonton, cldy 59 42 Montreal, rain 63 61 Toronto, cldy 66 62 Winnipeg, clear 76 43 (M—Missing, T—Trace) M ,13 M .85 .33 .27 Precipitation Probabilities Zones 4, 5 nnd 6 — Highs today In 70s. Clear and cooler tonight with northerly winds 10 to 15 mph. Low In mid 40s. Sunny and mild Wednesday. Highs In 70s. Zones 9 and 10 (Hutchinson) — Generally lair through Wednesday. Highs today 87 to 92. Lows tonight around 60. Highs Wednesday around 80. Hourly Temp, Hutchinson Temps. Tuesday Monday Time Temp. Tlmo Tomp. 1 a.m. . 76 1 p.m . 88 2 74 7 93 96 97 V7 3 73 3 93 96 97 V7 4 72 4 93 96 97 V7 5 .. . 72 5 93 96 97 V7 6 70 6 97 96 / . . . 69 / 97 96 8 68 8 95 9 ... 77 9 93 10 10 92 90 . 88 11 72 11 92 90 . 88 12 noon 73 12 midnight . 92 90 . 88 Daily Transcript 9 % , ANNUAL INTEREST i * j HE IMisMES lit | 1 «\3 JUNIOR SUBORDINATED r^V NOTES A M,s, ISSUED FOR S '^PSJ YEARS...maturity60 #fl months from date ljM| of issue. jp^| • 9% INTEREST pay- . • 1 able quarterly. j * -| • $500, OR ANY • \ AMOUNT ABOVE... , in multiples of $100. OWNERSH I TRANSFERABLE at any time without service charge. 7hls announcement Is neither an oiler to sell, nor a solicitation ^ol an oiler to buy these securities. 7he oiler Is made only , by the prospectus. A [W Obtain a ^\ Prospeclus from our n ! REGISTERED SECURITIES P J >j REPRESENTATIVES I (LICENSED BY THE STATE) j IN CARE OF 'fP$ i 'fl INTERSTATE SECURITIES ;»J| M ' COMPANY ttWi at the address .Jlllt ¥dUM^\ Itsloil below W. C. White Bronch Manogor 29 SOUTH MAIN 662-0263 Hospitals NORTH HOSPITAL BIRTHS Boys — Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Montandon, 727 West 6th, Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Wayne L. Fenwlck, 1003 North Jackson, Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Harold A. Day, 1419 North Main, Tuesday. The Courts Municipal Traffic — Pamela Jo Smith, 1119 West 15th, ignoring street barricade, S10. Richard S. Gagnebin, 1524 Brookwood, speeding, SI0. Nadinc G. Smith. 300 West 12th, speeding, $7. Mary E. Long. 25 5unset, disobeying red traffic light, S10. Wendell H. Morgan, 1028 East 8th, speeding $8. Leroy R. Bartlett, 1717 East 2nd, speeding, $11. Nancy J. Foster, 905 East 31st Terrace, speeding, $14. Bob L. Renncr, 1500 West 4th, no driver's license, dismissed. Russell R. Moorman, Wlndom, careless driving, $10. William C. Horton, 429 West 15th, passing left of double yellow line, $10. William U. Meyer III, 617 East 4th, no approved helmet, $10. Barbara A. Massey, 108 West 7lh, speeding, $10. Nancy L. Mlnear, 17 North Poplar, speeding, $10. Betty C. Smith, 24 Faircrest, speeding, $6. Cynthia S. Rayl, 49 Rambler, no driver's license, dismissed; speeding, $11. Lela M. Hufford, 111 East Carpenter, tailing to display current license plate, $5. Albert J. Antolne, 1811 North Walnut, disobeying red traffic light, $10. Bradley Zimmerman, 1625 East 26th, speeding, $10. Wilmetta J. Moore, 1109 North Hendricks, speeding, $7. Leslie D Fehr, 908 East 17lh, speeding, S12. Dorothy M. Sumpter, speeding, $8. Pauline Nowlnsky, 411 East 16th, disobeying red traffic light, $10. Carolyn J. Unruh, 323 East 17th, speeding, $7. Davlda A. Hedger, 1607 Dixie, speeding, $10. Jay L. Carter, 1703 North Van Burcn, Improper left turn, $10. Elizabeth A. Sum mers, 1319 East 6th, disobeying stop sign, $10 and 10 days, paroled to attend traffic school. Orlando J. Wagoner, 101 Kansas, disobeying red traffic light, found Innocent. Pamela J. Carlthers, 116 Downing, falling to yield right of way to a vehicle lawfully within an Intersection, found Innocent. Leroy Davis Jr., 520 East Camp boll, speeding, $45. Michael L. Wiens, 1227 East 3rd, speeding, $24; no driver's II censo, dismissed. Barbara J. Kennedy, 909 Bloomvllle, following too closely, $10 and 10 days, paroled to attend traffic school. Cynhla A. Putz, 308 East 10th. speeding, $17 and 10 days. Harlan E. Foskett, 213 West 9lh, reckless driving, dismissed. Myrlo E. Waldcn, 423 East Carpenter, muffler making excessive noise, $10 remitted. Robert C. Inghram, 104 East G, driving with suspended It cense, contlnuod to Sept. 21. James W, Ivey Jr., 422 East C, driving while Intoxicated, careless driving, continued to Sept 28. Clarence R. Edwards, 112 South Adams, driving left of center, driving without headlights, no driver's license, trail sot for Oct. 5. Criminal — Wanelta P. Eckstein, 1107 East 6th, Illegal possession of liquor in tavern, trial set for Nov. 4. MAGISTRATE Traffic — William F. Wlochen, Ellsworth, speeding, $10. Noel F. Morgan, Kansas City, speeding, $13. Lavorne R. Frleson, Buhler, speeding/ $21. Kenneth R. Relchuber, Wichita, disobeying a stop sign, 65. Gerald L. Steele, 1314 East 7th, no driver's license, $5. Michael D. Galloway, 3118 North Hendricks, speeding, $16. Francis W. Ludlow, Sterling, speeding, $23. William R. Moore, Lyons, unsafe equipment on vehicle, $5, Illegal use and display of license plate, $5. William N. Bowles, Nlckerson, no red lights on load extending more than four feet to the rear, $5. William F. Harper, 1010 North Main, legal display of tag, $5. Shirley S. Hall, Ml. Hope, speeding, $11. Harry E. Jones, 102 East 5th, disobeying a stop sign, $5. Charles A. Reltborgcr, RFD 4, no red flag on load extending more than four feet to the rear, $5. Louis R. Patrick, Nlckerson, speeding, $12. Clyde Martin, 705 West 5th, Illegal u-turn on curve, $5, no driver's license, $5. Gory D. Vlttotoc, 409 Roberts, no driver's license, $5. Robert O'Neal, 317 East D, South Hutchinson, speeding, $16. Charles M. Graham, 230 Forest, South Hutchinson, speeding, $10. Earl J. Gcddcs, 318 William, no safely equipment, $5. William C. Groham, 1203 West 31st, failure to display current tag, $5. Richard W. Manwarren, Sylvia, no driver's license, $5. Larry C. Marcum, 725 Duffy, parking on roadway without lights, $5. Felix Vlck, 29 East F, no driver's license, $5. Criminal — Ricky Blackburn, 1612 West 4th, arraigned on grand larceny. Ho Is accused of stealing a tool box and tools from Complon J. Complon. Preliminary hearing scheduled Sept. 24. Other — Jack E. Henry, Wichita, hunting doves with on unplugged gun, $5. Richard D. Sinclair, Wichita, operating a molor boat In a non-boating area, $5. Civil — L. J. Beuller vs. Clark Hether- Ington Sr., suit for $15,000 actual damages and $15,000 punitive damages, dlmlssod. Plaintiff alleged ho purchased stock from Iho defendant In Seven Knights International, and the defendant failed to transfer securities to him. DIVORCES Granted — Ann Loo Davis from Dennis Leroy Davis. Robert J. Windsor from Sally H. Windsor. Traffic Accidents Sept. 13 — 7:51 a.m. East exit of South Main Bridge. Steven R.,Woodson, 20, 207 East 2nd, and Elolso A. Allsup, 21, 103 East 7lh, South Hutchinson. Woodson charged with careless driving. 9:49 a.m. — 17th and Adams. Doborah K. Graham, 18, 650O East 30lh, and Esther R. Floroz, 47, 1017 East 13lh. Graham charged with disobeying rod traffic light. 10;09 a.m. — First Block East 1st. Leroy' O. Ilordman, 28, 100 West 6th, South Hutchinson, and Robert M. Wilson, 18, 3006 Northwestern. Wilson charged with falling to yield right of way when emerging from alley. Where's the lire? Sept. 11 — 2:02 p.m. Sherman and Madison. Car fire. Sept. 12 — 8:32 p.m. — 205 North Elm. Illegal trash burning. 9:59 p.m. — 2015 North Van Buren. Trash fire. Sept. 13 — 7:57 p.m. — St. Teresa's Catholic Church. 211 East 5th. Took youth from roof. Sept. 14 — 8:49 a.m. 5 Moadowlark. Water healer malfunctioning. No fire. Ambulance Call Sept. 11 — 9:50 a.m. 2800 Block North Hendricks to South Hospital. Transfer. 3:25 p.m. — Main and Sherman. Aulo accident. 5 p.m. — North Hospital to McConncll AFB. Transfer. 7:13 p.m. — First Block East 20th. Sick call. 8:15 p.m. — AAcConnell AFB to North Hospital. Transfer. Sept. 12 — 3:10 a.m. 1400 Block North Main. Fall. 9 p.m. — Clown Town. Sick call. 10 p.m. — Four miles north on Lorraine. Sick call. Sept. 13 — 3:31 a.m. First Block Sunsel Drive. Sick call. 11:41 a.m. — Five miles west and one- quarter south of US50. Sick call. 2:55 p.m. — 1300 Block North Landon to Wichita Veterans Administration Center. Transfer. Marriage Licenses Gilbert L. Hutchinson, 35, Cherokee, Okla., and Virginia Lee Stubby, 30, 621 North Carey. John Caster, 60, Wichita, and Lucille B. Cox, 61, Wichita. Kenneth W. Wood, 34, Inman, and Barbara L. Valentine, 24, 207 West 11th. Deeds Recorded Edward and Mary Barker to Selma E. Pohlman. a tract about one-half mile east and 5Vj miles north of central Hutchinson. Norval E. and Ruby Cooper ct al., lo Glen W. and Esther Dickinson, part of a tract about 3Vj miles west and V .i miles north of central Hutchinson. John A. and Phyllis J. Del Vecchio to S. Eugene and Carol J. Schrock, a tract In Partridge. Collsta Irene Sage et at., to Mary D. Goertzen, one lot and part of another on south side of 8th between Ford and Cleveland. Wayne P. Marilyn J. Wlllard to Velma J. Polk, part of four lots on southwest corner of 16th and Tyler. A. C. and Mariorle J. Syler to O. G. and Evelyn Harper, one lot about three miles east and H'j miles north of central Hutchinson. Mark and Verna Cain to Richard L. and Shirley A. Clements, part of three lots on south side of 27th between Main and Washington^ Glenn B. and Faye C. Van Riper to Elmer E. Smith et al., one lot on south side of Tracy Lane and north of 17th. Coming and Going Arriving — Agnes Hlntz from Nlckerson to 213 Kansas. Larry D. Wlttorff from Inman to 2727 North Adams. Norman B. Scharlz from Great Bend to 1419 East 30th. George Sanders from Excelsior Springs, Mo., to 901 East 12th. Richard L. Young from Haven to 924 East 10th. Glenn E. Showers from Dallas, Tex., to 2214 East 4th. Joan Thleme from Emporia to 414 East A. John G. Rodriguez from Fredericksburg, Tex., to 12 North Maple. Jim A. Coady from Freeport to 14 South Pershing. Douglas D. Graebner from Garden City to 1707 Blanchard. Michael Bora from Wichita to 300 East A. Danny Southard from Enid, Okla., to 222 Chemical. Steve R. Helm from Attica to 224V 2 East 3rd. Leo A. Davis from Elk hart to 713 15th Circle. Frank Walker from Inman to 818 West 19th. Leaving — Robert Duseease from 3007 Sierra to Bartlesvlile, Okla. Allen Wedel from 1409 Huxman to Federal Heights. Colo. Phyllis Ragland from 1519. East 26th to Buhler. Deaths Michelle Kay Burgan Michelle Kay Burgan, 8, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Burgan, 2804 East 21st, was pronounced dead on arrival at South Hospital Tuesday morning after she was hit by a car as she was walking to school. She was born July 22, 1963, at Moundridge and the family moved to Hutchinson four years ago from Moundridge. She was a third grader at Union Valley School and attended Sunday School at the First Mennonite Church. Survivors include her parents; brother, Michael, and sister, Sandra, all of the home; grandparents: Mr. and Mrs. Frank Burgan, Moundridge; Mr. and Mrs. Ted Krehbiel, McPherson; maternal great - grandmother: Mrs. John J. Goering, Moundridge. Mrs. John F. Penner NEWTON - Mrs. Laura A. Penner, 52, sister of Eldo Nachtigal, Buhler, died Monday at Bethel Deaconess Hospital, Newton, after a long illness. Born Aug. 21, 1919, in Buhler, she was married to John F. Penner March 28, 1942, in Newton. She lived in Newton since 1936. She was a member of the First Mennonite Church, Newton. Funeral will be 2 p.m. Wednesday at the church; Rev. Albert Epp. Burial will be in Greenwood Cemetery. Friends may call until service time at the Petersen Funeral Home The family suggests memorials to the American Cancer Society. William H. Ricksecker NICKERSON — William H. Ricksecker, 82, died Monday at South Hospital after a heart attack. Born Sept. 28, 1888, in Reno County, he married Ruby Eisiminger June 18, 1913, in rural Nickerson. She died Jan. 15, 1964. He was a farmer in rural Nickerson and lived in Nickerson all of his life. Survivors include a son: Jack, 1913 East 30th, Hutchinson daughters: Mrs. June Spaniol, Casper, Wyo.; Mrs. Virginia Innes, Topeka; sister: Mrs. Harold Powell, Nickerson; 11 grandchildren; 13 great - grandchildren. •i This Ad Must Accompany Your Orders m k in 9 Slacks, Skirts, or Sweaters Superbly Dry Cleaned. Markets Futures on | Wheat Higher CHICAGO (AP) - A late surge of buying power and short-covering sent wheat and soybeans futures from 1 to 2 cents higher on the Chicago Board of Trade Tuesday. The strength in wheat and soybeans tended to influence late buying of corn and oats futures. At the close, wheat was up around 2 cents a bushel, September 1.47%; corn was a small fraction higher, September 1.16%; oats were a small fraction higher, September 65% cents and soybeans gained around \ x k cents, September 3.11%. Kansas City Wheat Sept. Dec. Mar. May P.C M7Va 1.42% J.43Vi 1.41% Open 1.47% 1.42V4 1.43% 1.42V4 High :.. 1.49V4 1.43'A 1.44 '/4 1.42 Low 1.47Va 1.42V4 1.43'/ 2 1.42 Close 1.48% 1.42 VB 1.43% 1.42 Chicago Oats Sept. Dec. Mar. P.C 65 .66% .66% Close 65% .67Vi .67>A Page 2 The Hutchinson News j Tuesday, September 14,1971 Stock Market Down Again NEW YORK (AP) - Stock market prices were modestly lower in late trading today, continuing the slight downward drift of the previous three sessions. Volume was very light, with most traders apparently sitting on the sidelines. ews Chicago Soybeans Hutchinson x One HOUR THE MOST IN DRY CLEANING ODCctlilication Mark, Reg. U.S. 525 E. 30th Enjoy the World's Most Popular Dry Cleaning at a thrifty price. Our professional service returns your clothes .clean, carefully pressed, looking like new again. Don't miss this special on slacks and trousers. Wednesday, Sept. 15 Thursday, Sept. 16 each MO 2-9101 Mrs. Charles Hemry DODGE CITY - Mrs. Es- tachia (Sue) Hemry, 62, died Monday at St. Anthony Hospital Dodge City, after a short ill ness. Born tfov. 22, 1908, in McComb, Mo., she was married to Charles Hemry Sept. 21, 1934, at Lyons. She lived i n Dodge City sinoe 1962. She was a member of the Southwest Art Association. Survivors include the widow er; brothers: Elbert and Dewey Durham, Wichita; Owen Durham, Haven; Max Durham, 1112 East 9th, Hutchinson; Frank Durham, California; sister: Mrs 5 . Leona Clary, Wichita. Funeral will be 2 p.m. Thursday at the Crawford - Miller Mortuary, Lyons. Burial will be in Lyons Cemetery. Friends may call from 7 to 9 p.m. Wednesday at the mortuary. Rev. Cautious A. Choate Rev. Cautious A. Choate, 73, Wichita, a former Hutchinson area minister, died Monday at Wesley Hospital, Wichita. Bom Jan. 30, 1898 at St. Joseph, 111., he moved to Kansas in 1918 from Illinois. A retired Methodist minister, he was graduated from Friends University and was a member of the College Hill United Methodist Church, Wichita. Area churches in which he served include Halstead, Mt. Hope and Stafford. He was past executive secretary for religious education of the Kansas Central Conference of United Methodist Churches. Survivors include the widow, Ruth; son: C. Arthur Jr., Santa Rosa, Calif.; daughter: Mrs. Phyllis Southard, Overland Park; brother: Calvin, Clio, Mich.; sisters: Mrs. Juanita Passon, Sarwell, Mich.; Mrs. Ruth Campbell, Oxford, Mich. Funeral will be at C o 11 e g e Hill United Methodist Church, Wichita, at 1:30 p.m. Wednesday. Burial will be at 3:30 p.m. in Halstead. The family suggests memorials to the Rev. Cautious A. Choate memorial fund for reconciliation,, in care of the United Methodist Conference Office, 151 North Volut- sia, Wichita. Deaths Elsewhere E. Harry Vann, 78, Meado; tuneral 10 a.m. Wednesday at United Methodist Church. Jesse B. Blackburn, 83, Ashland. Cyrl Emery Crlssman, 76, Goodland. Harlan E. Huber, 40, McPherson; funeral 2 p.m. Wednesday at Ball and Son Chapel. Mrs. Elza M. Combs, 95, Garden City. Melinda Mayhew, 20, Syracuse; funeral 10 a.m. Tuesday at Reslhaven Chapel, Wichita; graveside services 2 p.m. Tuesday at Fellsburg Cemetery, Fellsburg. Arch C. Sever, 86, Dodge City; funeral 2 p.m. Wednesday at Hulpleu - Swalm Chapel. Mrs. Bert Williams, 81, Geneseo; funeral 10:30 a.m. Wednesday at United Methodist Church. P.C Close Chicago Wheat P.C Open High Low Close Chicago Corn P.C. Open High High Low Close Chicago Eggs Sept. 1.45% 1.4S'A 1.47% 1.45% 1.47% Sept. 1.16% 1.16% 1.17V4 1.17V4 1.16% 1.16% P.C. Close Sept. Nov. Jan. 3.10 3.14 3.17% 3.11'/ B 3.15 3.19'A , Dec. Mar. May 1.46 1.47 1.45Va 1.455* 1.46% 1.443 /4 1.473 /4 1.497 /8 1.47V4 1.45'/i 1.463 /4 1.44% 1.47% 1.48% 1.47V4 Dec. Mar. May 1.1 6M1 1.20% 1.23% 1.157/a 1.20'A 1.23% 1.15 '/8 1.20V* 1.23% 1.16 1.21 Vs 1.24Va 1.15% 1.20% 1.23% 1.1 6V4 1.21 1.24Vo Sept. Oct. 37.50 34.90 36.80 33.25 HsIBBUBl LP or Gas Mark III Multi-room Heating System beautiful wood-grain efficient filtered heating. DEATZ SONS Dial MO 2-2951 209 E. 3rd Grain Receipt WHEAT — Hutchinson, today 99; week ago 289; year ago 125. K.C. 64; Salina 21; Ft. Worth 1. CORN—K.C. 29. KAFIR—Hutchinson 1; K.C. 39. Hutchinson Wheat Hutchinson Board of Trade Closing wheat price 1 higher. Basis 1 higher. Demand good. Cash Sales KC Basis) Volume 4 cars. No. 2 hd and dk hd 4. KANSAS CITY (AP) — Wheat 64 cars, unch-up Vh, No 2 hard 1.51%, No 3 1.48%-1.61'A, No 2 red 1.47%-1.50%, No 3 1.45%-1.49%. Corn 29 cars, unch-down 7, No 2 white 1.21-1.30, No 3 1.101.29, No 2 yellow 1.20Va-1.22, No 3 I .I8V2. Oats none, nom unch. No. 2 white 66-75, No 3 61-74. No 2 milo 1.81,1.93 • . No 2 rye 96-1.04 No 2 barley 1.19-1.18 No 1 soybeans 2.96-3.09Vi Sacked bran 42.00-75 Sacked shorts 42.00-75 Board of Trade CHICAGO (AP) — Tuesday: High Low Close WHEAT Sep 1.47% 1.45% 1 .47% Dec 1 .47% 1 .45V2 1.47 '/3 Mar 1.49 1.46% 1.48% May I .471 /4 1 .44% 1 .47 'A Jul 1.39V4 1.37'A 1.38% CORN Sep 1.17 '/4 1.16% 11.16% Dec 1.16 '/4 1.15% 1.1 6V4 Mar 1.21% 1.20% 1.20% OATS Sept .65% ,65V« .65% Dec .67'A .66% .67 VB Mar .67Vj .66 '/2 .67 '/4 May .66% .66 .66% Jul .66V4 .66 .66V4 SOYBEANS Sep 3.11V2 3.08V? 3.11 Se| 3.IIV2 3.O8V2 3.11% Jan 3.19V* 3.16V4 3.19V4 Mar 3.24'A 3.21 3.23% May 3.27V* 3.24V2 3.27% Jul 3.28% 3.26 3.28% Aug 3.24V4 3.21% 3.24'A Livestock Markets KANSAS CITY (AP) — Cattle 800; calves 100; steers and heifers scrace; all classes fully steady; utility and commercial cows 21.00-50; high dressing to 22.00; feeder steers and steer calves high good and choice 250-325 lb 42.00-45.00; choice fleshy 650-900 lb 32.;,-33.80; good fleshy 600-900 lb 29.50-32.00; feeder heifers and heifer calves choice 200-300 lb 35.00-37.50; 300-400 lb 33.00-36.00; choice fleshy 475-750 lb 30.50-32.5 ; 75985 lb 30.00-31.0. Hogs 3.500; barrows and gills steady to strong; Instances 25 ' higher; 1-3 210-260 lb 18.50-75; 12 210-230 lb 18.85-19.00; sows over 500 lb 25 higher, Instances 50 higher; other weights steady; 1-3 290-400 lb 15.5016.25; 2-3 400-600 lb 15.00-16.00. Sheep 3O0; spring lambs strong to 50 higher; ewes steady; feeders scrace; spring lambs choice some with prkme end 26.00-27.50; mixed good and choice 25.00-26.00; ewes cull to good 3.50-6.00. WICHITA, Kan. (AP) — Cattle 600; steers and heifers scarce, steady; cows steady; steers choice, few high good 32.40-70; choice end of good 31.90-32.35; heifers mixed good and low choice 29.40-30.40; good 28.00-30.00; cows utility and commercial 20.50-23.00; high dressing to 24.70. Hogs 1,500; barrows and gilts steady to strong; 1-2 210-230 lb 18.50; 1-3 200-240 lb 18.25-50; 1-3 240-260 lb 17.25-18 .25; 2-3 250-270 lb 17.2575; sows steady; 1-3 300-400 lb 15.00-16.25; 2 -3 4OO.550 lb 14.25-15.50. Sheep 400; all classes steady; few feeders steady; spring lambs choice and prime 26.50; . ewes cull to good 3.00-5.00; spring feeder lambs choice and fancy 24.50-25.50. Cattle-Ifog Markets Chicago Cattle Oct. Dec. Feb. PX 32.35 32.32 31.95 Close 32.00 31.77 31.67 Chicago Hog Futures Oct. Dec. P'C. 18.50 19.70 Close 18,65 19.67 Pork Bellies Feb. Mar. P'C 29.17 29.40 Cl0 »e 30.02 30.35 NEW YORK (AP) — Latest stock prices: Last Net Chg Admiral 17Va Allied Ch 33V2 D VB Allis Ch 13% Alcoa 51% Am Airline 35V4 Am Cyan 34% Am Motors 7% AM T—T 43 Anaconda 15% D Va Atl Rich 72 VB Avco Cp .: 16% D % Beat Fds 41'/» U "a Bet Stl 25% D % Boeing 15% U Vs Celanese 77% U V, Cessna 22% Chrysler ..... 30% D Va Cities Svc 44% U V* C B S 44% D Vj Com Sat 64 D % Cont Can 36% Cont Oil 31% Cor GW ........245V2 D r'-i Curtiss Wr IIV2 D % Dow Chm 73 'A D Hi du Pont 155% D Vi Fast Kod 85 D 1% Emer El 74% Gen Dynam 20V2 D % Gen Elec 62% D "1 Gen Mot 83V. D % G Tel El 30% D V4 Goodyear 33% D V2 Grace 31% U V< Gulf Oil 28% U Va Halllburt 66% D % Hercules 50% D Vt 1 B M 300 Int Harv 28% U Va Int Pap 34% D % Kan GE 24 D 'A Kan P8.L 25 U v, Katy Ind IIV2 D VA Kerr Mc 44% D Va Kroger 30% U VA Litton 26% Marcor 33% U Va Martin M 20% U % McDonn D 27V2 D Vs Mid S Utll 23 U VA Minn MM 120V2 D % Mobil Oil 49% D Va Monsan ... 49% D VB Nabisco 50% ' U % Nat Gyp 22% No N Gas 48 Nort Simon 54% D % Okla N Gas 20% U Va Pan Am A 11% U VB Panh EP 32Vj D VB Penn Cen 6% Penney JC 72V2 D V? Phlll Pet 30% D V2 Proc G 73% U VA R C A 32% D V» Safeway 35% U VB St Joe M 23 D Va St Reg P 33% D % Sa Fe Ind 31% D % Sears R 92% D % S O Cal 55% U % S O Ind 65'A U Va S O NJ 72Va DA% Texaco 32% D VA Tlmken .......41% D Vs Trans W A 32 '/4 D % Un Elec 18% D Va Unlroyal • .... ..2IV4 U VA • US Steel 30% D ?/s Wn Union 43% D % Westg El 93% D VB Woolworth 51% D Ve Local Stocks Bid Asked Drummer Boy % % Hesston 16% 17Vj Medlca lodges 1% 2V2 Nat'l Inv. Co., Inc 3 3% Amer. Inv. Life Ins 7'A 7% Open High-Low 1 p.m. Cessna 22% 22% 22% 22% W. R. Grace 31% 32 31^ 32 Frontier 5'A 5% 5VA P/A Dillons 22 22 22 22 Interpaca 27% 27% 26% 26% Morion-Norwich .. 25% 25% 25% 25% Produce Markets KANSAS CITY (AP) — Wholesale eggs: large, 80 per cent A 30-38; medium, 80 per cent A 20 -30. CHICAGO (AP) — (USDA) — Butter: wholesale selling prices Tuesday unchanged; 93 score AA 67.784; 92 A 67.784 ; 90 B unquoted. Eggs: Issued only on Wednesday and Friday. Lacks the Funds TOPEKA, Kam. (AP) - Gov Robert Docking said the emphasis during his administration in the field of penal reform has been on rehabilitating the offender so he can rejoin society. That effort, the governor noted, has been hampered by a lack of funds, like many other state programs. Briefs Five Problems SAIGON (AP) — Sen. George S. McGovern said Gen. Creighton W r . Abrams told him today his five problems among U.S. forces in Vietnam axe drugs, racism, antiwar feeling, morale and tension between GIs and the South Vietnamese. "These are the five things he worries about," the South Dakota Democrat said after emerging from a 45-minute meeting with Abrams, commander of U.S. forces in Vietnam, at the general's headquarters on Tan Son Nhut Air Base. Airport Gets Grant WASHINGTON (AP)-Wichita, Kan.,. Municipal Airport was among six air terminals for which the Federal Aviation Administration authorized planning grants Monday. The FAA said it was awarding $56,000 to the Wichita airport, approximately two thirds of the projected cost, with local authorities providing the rest of the funds. Vote Teacher Hike WELLINGTON, Kan. (AP).The Board of Education of Wellington Unified School District 353 voted Monday night to grant a pay raise to teachers despite the wage-price freeze. Supt. Dick Wain said the increase would be between $50 and $75 monthly, depending on length of service in the district:' Additional increases will be. granted any teachers who acquired higher degrees in summer school. Dies from Burns SAN ANTONIO, Tex. (AP) A 7-year-old Kansas City, Kan. girl who suffered burns over 75 per cent of her body Sept.4, died yesterday at the Brooks Army Medical Center in San' Antonio, Texas. Sha was Cecilia Townsend, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Willie Townsend Jr. The girl was burned when her nightgown burst into flames while she was watching television at home. Her father said it was believed she was playing with matches. Vote, Don't Drink COLLEGE STATION, Tex. (AP) — Old enough to vote for or against it, but not old enough to buy it legally. That's the situation confronting 260 College Station persons under 21 who are eligible to vote in the Oct. 9 local option election on the sale of liquor by the drink. Brazos County Tax Assessor- Collector Raymond Buchanan said persons in College Station under 21 who have registered may vote in the election. The voting is in precincts 8, 9 and 10 in this home town of Texas A&M. " The Hutchinson. News MO 2-3311 The Associated Press is entitled to the use by reproduction of all local news, printed In the newspaper as well at all ftp News dispatches. Published dally and Sunday at 300 West Second Hutchinson, Kansas 67501 Stuart Awbrey ' Editor and Publisher Richard D. Popp John G. Harris Advertising Director Production Manager Department Heads News: R. E. Coldren, managing editor. Wayne Lee, associate editor. James Hitch, news editor. Rich Lovett, night editor. Millie Hurlahe, weekend editor. Circulation: Dennis Smith, manager. Clarence Eales, mailing room foreman. Advertising: Louise Fooshee, classified manager. Business: James Drake, manager. Art Fabrlilus, office manager. Production: Robert Nlqklln, Ray Gordon, composing room foremen. R. C. Robinson, D. E. Mangels, press room foremen. N 2)1 MEMSER OF THE ASSOCIATED PRESS TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION Single copy 10c, Sunday 20c. Rural Mall In state of Kansas, one year S27.81; tlx months $14.94; one month $2,58. Elsewhere by mall, one year $30.00) tlx months $16.00; one month $3.00. ' Price Includes postage and applicable tales tax. Second class postage paid at Hutchinson. Kansas 67S01. Uprising at Jail BALTIMORE, Md. (AP) About 200 inmates barricaded themselves in the City Jail cafeteria today and police forced them out with tear gas. The men were returned to their cells. No injuries were reported. Dole Is Speaker TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) - State Republican headquarters announced today that U.S. Sen. Bob Dole of Kansas — the national GOP chairman — will be the featured speaker at a $100- a plate fund-raising dinner here Oct. 14. Proceeds will go into the Republicans' 1972 campaign coffer in Kansas. Criticize Freeze SAN JUAN, P.R. (AP) Democratic governors, criticizing President Nixon's new economic policy as inequitable, have declared that future wage- price restraints should be accompanied by restrictions on profits, dividends and interest. Offer Scholarships TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) -Scholarships of $500 each will be awarded two Kansas students by the News Election Service in recognition of voluntary assistance from county election officers in reporting 1970 election results. COME IN CALL OR WRITE s/AidrP l bi±riA FINANCE CO., INC. 14 West 1st * Hutchinson, Kansas MO 2-6679 '! Other Mid-Plains offices in Kansas

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