Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 25, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 25, 1908
Page 5
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When ^ou think of . NATIQNAL BISCUIT COMPANY you ijiaturally think of Biscuit. When you think of Biscuit you i|aturally think of Un^eda Biscuit The only Soda Cracker possessing Sold Only in hoisture 'Proof ^ ^ Tacka^es -Biscuit-Goodness I NEWS of the cbuNTY 1 O- WESLiT CHAPEL. Mrs. John Rogers" sister from Cliili- cotn«, Mo., "Visited lier from Wotluc— day until Monday. * Mr. Ide Helms and son. Kanip.--t. of • I^Karpe visited Franklin Sniiilis on Sunday afternoon. Mrs. .loe Readt- left Satunlay f >ii- OI(laitf>nia for a ihri 'i- rffcks' viVit wltht friends. Mr. Mel Adams atUMnK-d services ai the chapel Sunday. Pranlcliu Smith lost one of his work ni8r<>8 Monday. .Mthoii.;;)) not so valuable, she was very nserul. School bcKan ar Monievale Monday. Go|)liart, ol Yaies tTenier. is ilie teacher. Edna Talley and l.O'a Hiiniini; spenf Sunday with home folks. Mrs. J-. R. Turner called on Mr.s. Smith Saturday •afternoon. Mrs. PlOjCk and Mrs. Smith's incubators hatched this week. .Mrs. Klack had 110 chickens out of 175 es;?;!--. and Mrs. Smith 53 out of Cfl e .i ;srs. The. friends of little ^'eo'a Chit wood gathered at her home to hel]> her cele­ brate her jsixih birthday. Ice cream and cake were served and the children all liaJja .uottd time. The carjienters are at work on Mr. Cio|>ton's ^rn. .Mr. Dewicese i.*! layinp the foiinca- tion for M;|". Young's barn. Wayne WrJiilu was uji looking over his farm Salurday. Itev. .\l()lesw(irlli Kave a splendid lalk (<• (lie Kjiworlli Loamie Sunday. .Mr. and .Mr.s. .\l|<lia .Nel.'loii wore at the ('li;n>el Stinday. 11 P. .). Da Chloaso. t sironji; is Old and so much hj that 1 feel; who need scared their hor.^'e, 1-ackiIy they j;ot the animal under control, and saved a runaway. Tiiey were terribly, .-cared. We lliiuk llie lK »ys sliould be ninre rarofu!. ^ .Miss .\Kne« Addleman returned to her hon.e in Pl«iua last Sunday after HiiendiUK a few day.^ with .Mrs, Wen- zei. Mrs. Knipi) is enteriainitiK lier mother this week. Dr. and .Mrs. I'orier and Vera, and -Miss Elsie Wej:tworrli came our last Sunday from lola and sjient the day at the Weuzel home. .Miss Wtniworth and ye rcrilH* were jfrieiuls in .Viaiilic. Illinoi.s. .sonte twe.n- ty yeais aso. and haven't mi -i sii.ce. y. of KNT W. Congress St, iills of a way to iM 'come e sav.^: "My molher. who MORAX. A MUSCLE DEVELOPER. The Typewriter Offers Good Opportunity for Exercise. , , .sort, comiii.s; I •. Mr. RiMiben ArmstronB of lola, was In Moran Thursday. .Miss Floy .McGIashait returned from ivas verv f'eebleris derivinK <'»s '<''"ii tijji Thursday afternoon, mef.t fropi Klectric Hitter.'^." was accompanied by WiUi- jits my dmv to tell '"''•••' Combs, of .loy. ill., where Miss a fonlc and sTrengtheninu Kloy stopped (o visit on her way medicine iiliout it. In my mothers ^oiw. Rev. Combs was formerly pas- case a marked pain in esh has resiil!-;t0'' of the Presbyterian church here.' ed. insomnLa has been overcome, and • Eimna Orbuni of Effingham, she is stiadllv {rrowinj; stronger." ^s.. and Mrs. Helen Yost, of Birmins- i Klectric Xi5tter.s quickly remedv stom- hani. Ala., who visited with her broach, liver and kidney wimplaint.s. So/d thor, .1. B. Htirlock. in this place Sun- under guabniee at all drug stores, ''ay. Monday and .Saturday night of | extended .^Oc. ' this week, returned to their homes, writer, it ' 'Sunday. ' ) . ..' F. M. Hurlock of lola came dowu to , „ . ., , Moran Saturday night. ret.Muing on j» f^^' " Sunday morning. la little bit. to be sure. Ditt it never A number of .Moran people attend-jn^-cars to him. apparentlv. that \KO. is ed the Wniitlow Pprjury trial in tola a^^^,j, .,„^ „3„,,j, ^^.^^ ^ witnesses. ' ^5 Thlt tiie*Pianos we sell are tbiebeBtiin the world at the (Topeka Capital.) The over.vday actions ought to result in.seusibly in developing the mii.s- cles Wf have,'- sai.'. th<- man. "Tak<> for imftance. working .t typewriter. "if a man w.-ites the word 'then.* fijiiire out how •muth sround lie covens. Takins the four letters in order. hU hand travels aIlo.!?ether a distance of no le.<?s than four and one-half inches. •'Suppose that the word comes at!"' the end of a lino. He raises his haml to shift tlie paper up a notch, and he has covered about five inches rais- iiii^ his hand and a.-^ much back to the space bar. There .nre fourteen and one-half inches tif motion just over the circumferejjce of writing a word of four letters at the endi of a line. 'Studying ti:e amount ,of travel n,ovemeuts done by the hauls in the ffotirse of an.jjjj, nj„s(.j<;f. the typewriter carriage back where it was ill onler to- writi- in the words or letter;; as they should have Imen. Wlien it is all figured uji in the course of a day's work it is an ajipalliiig di:;- lanee of ground traveleij liy the nan is and fingers. 'Nervous per.<;on.=; who are all the time usinL' their haiirls also ilo not realize how much extra work they are puttin.g on their organisms. Take i.'ie case. too. of a persons who sees much in the street cars. .\ woman riding downtown (o (he theater say. and ei>>r- ually fu.ssing with a stray lock of liair or arranging her dress or flicking specks of dust off. She works th,^ fingers of her gloves down a littl'> more snugly, or .something of that but nevertonee in the wl-.ol*- tini" can she lie said to be exir<-m«-ly ipiiet. "The man v. ho strokes liis mustache I or scratches his nose contemplatively or rearranges his tie or moves his haf about doesn't seem to realize how i -.i throwing on that some of the oid ways of spellfpg wen- usi -il by Cromwell when he wruie th.- l»-tt»T, which is as follows: •t;.-nls: ••.My eo.sen Steward, having protection from my Ij ^ird of .Manchester, to s .'Cure him in a!l places from taxes, ;he urgeiii occasion dothe dcBlre mee to rennest you in a line or two, to forl .ere niob -stiug him in any such niaiine:-. "\\'\f- orders hath beene rased l>y mee and >e justice uf it dothe require ri>rl)erenv'^e as also it being recommended liy ye Coiimiiftee of Safty of ye Kingdom to my L .or(l of Maocbes- ifr. whereupon his protection was ^raiii» d. • l>:ifd at Westminister this January it;»-s. • Vt>u friend to serve you,. O. CRO -MAVELL." fJct a Uood Contnicf. Hair & Smith, the Salina architects. ! havi- secured the contract tor drawing the plans and making the specifications for the erection of a new Methodist rhiirch at lJu .s.selJ. The building will be constructed of Russell county rock and while it will not be BO very large, will rank well among the .other eliur'-lie.-; of the towns ihe size of Bus- sell.—Salitie .'ourna:. WERT OF THE HIVEK. and learn our easy terms J Y.RobdrtsHosicCo. 12 N. Warfiington Annlo Pjesion called on .Mrs. Schuster Monday afternoon. Mr. Ixm e Zink takes hi.s famliy riding in a b -an new buggy now. Hecox and Hardesty posted .sale bill.s in Ol [r district Tue.sday. We hop^ Prof. .Hick's (uophocy Villi prove truci. a.s we need stock wattr, but rain would be hard on the late apples. Irwould likely cau.-e them,to crack oiien,- it seemj; };ood to see the Pleasant Valley folks back from California. C.'R. Pfjfk alid wife are having such a good I Hie (hoy are talking of staying two wpeks longer, 'i ne liit;e ones think mammai has been gone, a long time now Opal and Ira Peck liave each had ii toiich of croup. •Mr. Eldiridge got Otto Hilllirant to thresh his timothy and elover. at Ottc was piiilii g him machine home. .Miss Fe|theringi;i is boarding with i.^frs. .Joneji now. T. L. iiawsjon went to Burlington Friday, to | Ottawa Saturday, to Hartford Sun lay 1 afternoon and arrived back hom|> Mbuda.v. '.There v ill be,a Presbyterian evan- belist imtichj at the Presbyterian church in Pitijiia Sunday. October 4th. at 11 o'cl ick.' .Mr. and'.Mr.-). Beatty called on Frank Fiake Mriiiday. Frank and his befit girl (his inother) started to New Mexico Tuesdi.v. Alta Utjg has gone to Coffey^'ille. and will Skely stay all winter and go to school there, i Our far ngrs are beginnig to have to .ook out for stock water. Guy Tui^ney is sj/yllng up him business and eetting^eady to go on the road In the interesl of an insurance company, j; itis wife will go with him. He will l^iivo his silc soou. I- i> Oiifar*! CoBtzaetor. »;i|^d Cenjcnt sidewalks and 'C ^Mrbtog a Bpedaltjr, SILVER LEAF. .Mr. Erijmer is hauling his sugarcane to Claiborne's mill. Mrs. Ki Spp has Jieen on tbe sick list. As Misi Gertm^e and Fannie Voorhees wer earoute taome from Gaa last Tbui iday aftemoiDn. some; boys came pasi them and gave a relt that extended article written by the type runs up into large fractions of miles in the course of a (lay. If a Some of the local tennis enliiusl ast.*; expect to take part in the proposed tournament to be held soon in lola. Work on the new Katy de|)ot is jii'o- gressing rapidly and barring ar-ci- dents the building sbo.uld be completed in schedule time. A. J. Stephenson is agent for the Al. K. & T. at this place, relieving C. Cook, who is taking a vacation. The Katy put on a day operator here the first of th*' week. They ad one formerly but he was taken off some time ago wheu a slump in business began. Mrs. Ferris, of Bronson. was a Moran visitor between trains Tuesday and 'Wednesday. Harold konantz of Uniontown. is attending High School hey this winter. Earnest Paugh came down from St. I^uis -Monday night for a short visit with friends and relatives. lK ?fore starting to attend a medical school in St. Louis. IIAn .HO.\Y. School opened Monday with \'.> rolied. There wi!l tie several more enter later on. Miss Flossie Cornell returned Sunday from Yates Center, where she has been visiting her sifter and family the past week. Mrs. 1-. J. lUioe Is bnariling some of the boy.s that are workin;; un tlie pipe line. Nearly every one in this vicinity at- teudwl the circus at Channle Friday. Zola and Virgie Cloud visited at Mr. S. 11. Run.van's Suiiirday night and Sunday. Some of Mr. Trusters children have the whooping cough. Mrs. XlcCaliion is \^l3itiag her daugh ter, Mrs. Turner. . ^>ans}- Oaris is able to sK «p. long course durin.g the week if he floes much work by m.achine, 'The forearms are kept always at right angles to the upper arm and that throws a certain strain on the biceps muscles. They and the muscles of th^ forearms oiigU* 'o be strengthened preatly by a course fypowritlng. but this is the sort of eTtercise that Is too. near home, like housework, sweeping and the like, to be attractive. ' of the motion that is started when an <'rror is made on the tvpe.wrifer. ff the key is struck only- light !y. then the carriage may be run back and the letter struck over again. That involves a moi-ement of the hands over a considerable distance. "If. however, the mistake has to lie erased, the operator ha.s lx% en'ist a new .series of niovemeui^s. Reaching, perhaps into a drawer for an i»ra.ser. showing aside .some papers to g«-t at I ••Getting on or off a ear. walking in tbe street, even silting idly and •reading .t newspaper sheets neei! occasionally to be rearrange!, all these charge the muscles with somethinjj to do. When it comes down to talking of exorcise it appears that every'person is raking involuntary e.vercise all the time. If is ju.^t like thinking. It is impossible to stop thinking ar will and just ia the same way Ir is impassible to stop ^exercising the' miiKclr -s." H.\s RARi: <n,n I.KTTKK. JudtM- Ma!!>fat" "as One from from, ivell's Vi'iu if. replacing the eraser- and V.'bal \f i.robabiy tbe o ;de ?i letter in Salina i> in the nossessibn or .'ndse Wagst.-».fr. of flat city, which wa.« v.rlt- ten by Oliver t'romwell. ruler of the commonwealth of Kngland in the -.ear I64S. The 'etter if ori '.;ina! ami wa.< pce- fenlcrf to .lii(';p V.'agsf .ifr about ten tlaie a resident of Salina. MT. Simcock time a n'sidon: of Salina, .Mr. Sin -fiok came into :.i !<.--,-:'.-siiui of tbe let .rr from an undo, who •.v.-i.< .-i British runtj/ijiid- er <iu (he warf'iiii. ••Warsprite^ at the battle of •l'rafa,''.:ar. When he gave it > "et nr"^ Simcock Stated that {the li't-r had t'cn in his family fur running. y.-iir.?. If will he iiottcc! HEAT-DANGERS FOR CHILDREN The little folks do not stand the be&t as well as their e Iders, and special care should be taken to keep them in. good phy^calconditio n. Oneof the things to be especially w« tchful of is the condition of tbe bowel i, which presents many dangershnrdlydieaiaedof by parents. When the IID AAI niim I re <^b>'(l shows any t^dency to constipation, if it ^nii£rM ?£^h* l«»ses appetite, complains of headache, itch, or « • •lUr rSr9m . fails to sleep well and awake refreshed, the mother may be certain that the child needs a tonic^Iaxative with ingredients such as are contained in Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin, of vhich most mothers have heard aiU whica thoasuids o! mothers an osin? for U «eauelves imd their cbijdren. lodieestioais(Wfr of tlieworat trool>>es «f ckfld-Ufe ia tbe siuiMi:er time, acd it manifests i«»ell in manr direrent wajrs. In »c me it prodoces coostipatioi'. -a oibers diatrfaea. accoaj- panied by s mCd form tti piles, by wonns. dixsioess. etc W oatetier tbe cause and -mhaX' ever tbe msnitest atioa tbemotbertaay basoieotmooidastlw tremble witii a iew doses of Dr. CaUwen's Srrvp t'eTria. wbidi sbonld alwars be krpf iti :be bouse for emefseoer. It Is .sold ia two sixas. SD ceots aad VLSA. and caa be obrabaetl of aer drascist. Get a bottle today aad watcb lesshs. It nO^, pleasaat and promp>:ir eff »:t {ve. It is acood borne core, abaohcely vmt»X frco ixom-mrcotics^Tbosa vAo bave never ased h. and w.-.u .«k ...eM .fk^.g^^ogg .™t«J«gmEh^ I6th National IRRIGATION CONGRESS Interstate Industrial Expofltloa and Xeir .Ifcvico Territorial P*lr ALL AT Albuquerque. N. M. SEP. 29 to OtT. 10 Come and see the prospsroas Santa Fe Southwest— where all the way! from Colorado to CaH- foriiia water is king. The IT- S- Government la now spending millions of dollarc to get a permanent water :aap9l7 for the semi-arid lands. It means millions of acres made til.'able and fit for homes. A national event, worth croiB- ing a contiiieul to see. Foretga diplomais. «;overnment officials, irri^aiion experts and Captains of indii.stry wifl attend. .\ .::reai e.\posttion of 3oqth» we.'!! farms, ranches, mines BOd industries. Indians, too, and cowboys—U. S- Cavalry. Tickets on sale Sept. 25 to Oct. 5; final returii limit Oct- SI, 1908. If desired an applicttjpa to agent .Albuquerque, tickflfs will be honored for ratUrd via Clovis. X. M. and AmlrlUo. Tex. Attractive side-trips t* U. B. Be> clamation' Projects aod firuid CanyoB of Arlsoajb Scinia }-t Agent. lol^ liWW. Ask for Irrigation Boofp, •Mil

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