The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 22, 1950 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 22, 1950
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS JHB BLYTHEVELLE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO. H. W. HA1NES, Publisher HARRY A. HAINES, Aa&Utant Publisher A. A. FREDRICKSON, Associate Editor PAUL D. HUMAN, Advertising VUnijer Bolt Nttlonal Advertising Representative!: W»ll»c* Wltraer Co, New York, Chicago. Detroit AtUnU, Memphis. ^^ Altered u Kcond class matter at the po«t- efflc« at Blytheville, Arkansas, under, act ol Con- (reai, October 8. »17. Member of The Associated Pres> SUBSCRIPTION RATES: By carrier In the city ol Blythevllle or any mburban town where carrier service Is main- talned, 20c per week, or 85c per month 'By mall, within a radius ol 50 miles I4.0U per year, $2^00 for six months, $1.00 for three months; bj mail outside 50 mile lone, (10.00 per year payable In advance. • Meditations For who hath known the mind of the Lord, that he may Instruct him'.' But we have the mind of Christ.—I Corinthians 2:16. • . » * * The niore accurately we search Into the human mind, the stronger traces .we everywhere find of His wisdom .who made it. • • —Burke. Barbs ', Whoever originated the expression "Honesty is .the best policy" apparently never heard ol lire and theft. . « * * : The tood habits that are taught youngsters nave a nice habit of squeezing out the bad ones (hat (row wild. •=' ' • * '. * ."A real man stands up and takes what's coming to him," says a judge, youngsters, it seems, lean over. ;• - ; * .» * Advance lip: The more you rrow an* can thij summer, the larjcr the jar against hlsh prices. .•';•,'•.'' * * * Worry Is half over when you have someone with whom to talk it over. Outmoded Divorce Laws Need General Overhauling The American Bar Association is trying to whip up a plan aimed at rebuilding marriages that are headed for the rocks. The group already has produced some constructive deas worth general attention. The divorce laws in most U. S. states ' assume that two married people can judge, best for themselves wliat's wrong with their partnership and whether or not it should be dissolved. Judge Paul W. Alexander of Toledo, 0., who heads the ABA's special com mittee on this problem, thinks this ap- . proach is wrong. He says it's like allowing a sick man to diagnose his own illness and prescribe remedies. The committee wants to see a plan adopted which will allow experts to review a couple's marital difficulties before any legal break is decided upon. The proposed model plan would'call for thorough investigation by specialists into all phases of a troubled marriage. There would be frequent conferences with the couple involved. To reduce or eliminate the combative element in these situations, the committee feels divorce applications should not be called "complaints" and that the husband and wife should not be regarded as parties to a knock-down r drag-out fight'. Marriage counsellors, lawyers, psychoanalysis and other experts would approach a case with the overriding purpose of preserving the marriage if at all possible. Kecent studies rof divorced individuals show that many regret their action. In lots of cases they badly underestimate the difficulties of readjusting to single status, and find themselves more unhappy when free than they were when married. Many are driven to di-. v'orce by stubborn pride, though in their hearts they don't want it. But none of the experts believes every shaky marriage can be saved. Deep- seated differences between the partners often make rebuilding hopeless. Under the ABA plan, divorce would be recommended in such instances. But the dissolution would be private, and without accusations. "No lies and smears," says Alexander. To ease the shift to single status, the separating couple would be given advice on the new problems they are about to encounter. Sounder laws are needed at this point, too, to outline the matter of financial support for the wife and any children involved. Sane, uniform, modernized divorce procedure is long overdue in the United • States. Everyone Concerned at the sausage-machine production of divorces in American courts should welcome hopeful plans like the one ABA is now preparing. Too many marriages that could L work sre stamped as failures before they've had a real trial. Two Sides to Pension Fight Last fall the United Steel Workers won company-financed pensions of $100 a month, including federal social security, for the industry. The victory followed a strike which hinged on whether the companies should foot the whole bill or whether workers should contribute part. Only one basic producer, Inland Steel Company, today maintains two plans—• the union arrangement and the firm's own, which calls for contributions from both employer and employe. At a recent meetng of company and union, it was disclosed that 74 per cent of Inland's 11,300 eligible workers chose to participate in Ihe joint-contribution • pension program. ' This doesn't mean the union was wrong and that company-paid pensions aren't satisfactory. There were plenty of such programs under private management before the steel workers ever brought up the subject. But it does at least suggest there were two sides to the pension payment issue, even among the steel workers themselves. To listen to union leaders • last fall, one never would have guessed it. Views of Others Cotton Markets After 1952. Read Dunn Jr., foreign trade director of the 'National Cotton Council, has pointed out to gln- ncrs, as well as growers, that the government has spent 51 billion dollars out of taxpayers' pockets to move cotton and other exports, and they are beginning to worry over what will happen when the Marshall Plan program ends two yeart hence. ; Three-fourths of the 5.000,000 bales exported last year were paid for by taxpayers. Mr. Dunn warns that the government can not go on Indefinitely using tax money to finance exports., Eventually there will be loud squawta from those who pay the cost, of this enormous lubsldy. There will be complaints too that the cotton prices are being kept high by federal appropriations that encourage inefficiency. Already there U muttering In Congress. There also Is complaint against other subsidizing of farm products. But cotton is the chief interest of the South, though industry Is cutting into its influence each year. Obviously, there Is no permanent remedy in the current Juggling of economic facts. Increased prices and greater demand for cottonseed oil have helped to offset the. dwindling market for lint. But as Uncle Sam gals out of the cotton export business more growers" will be forced to enter , other fields of ende'ivpr, livestock raising being *mong the proven Industries. That has been said hundreds of times and apparently has been heeded to some extent. But many cotton growers seem to hate lo admit that some day they really will have to "stand on their own two feet." —ARKANSAS DEMOCRAT While We Democratize Germany There must be some red faces in the Department of Justice and particularly in the Immigration Service now that the House Judiciary Com- mlttce has voted unanimously to approve the Walter bill to admit Mrs. Ellen Knauff to the United States. For it is hard to believe that a committee of congress would vote without dissent to set aside the exclusion order for any war britlc. if a single member felt there was cvcri some reason to believe she was a "security risk." Sooner or later the facts about Ihe case ot this wife of an American combat veteran will find their way to the German newspapers. What will the Germans we arc attempting to democratize think of this as a demonstration of democracy at work? And since we can be sure that the Soviet's eriitors will not miss its u:c as propaganda against the United States, what especially will the Germans in the Communist zono llli:!k? —ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH So They Say The best umpire I ever saw was laid out in a box.—Jack Onslow, manager of the Chicago White Sox baseball club. * * * We arc only 316.000 (unemployed) away from the danger mark of 5.000,000 The machine is displacing the man.—CIO President Philip Murray. * » « it may tnkc twenty years to win the peace.... It may take a hundred.—Carlos P. Romulo, president. UN General Assembly, t » * I shall present my views to Ihe administra- llon as objectively and Independently as 1 can, and in the spirit of what 1 shall conceive to be the sole Interest of this country.—Former Senator John Sherman Cooper, R., Ky., recently appointed U. S. ambassador-at-large. * * » N'o person can be harmed in any way by furnishing the information required.—President Truman,,on 18M oemu*. How Not to Solve the Farm Problem Hainan Island Fight Is Important to Reds DOCTOR SAYS I can't understand why some people do some or the things that they do. . - My two-year-old son likes beer and wine very much. All my friends give It to him because It won't hurt him and If we give It to him now he won't drink when he erovs, up, but I don't know. R.A.H. A — lice rand wine contain alcohol anil a small child is susceptible to even small quantities of alcohol. Instead of discouraging him from drinking when he grows up. flic chances are thai the opposite will be true. Don't do U. • * • Q _ What is malignant hyper- and what are the symp- A!W.R, A — Malignant hypertension Is a term used to describe a serious and rapidly progressive form of blood pressure. The cause Is ot yet known. The symptoms vary jut sevcrr headache Is one of the common early signs. ¥ * Q — Docs the change of life have start at., 40? Could it begin in woman who has had an operation Peter Edsoh's Washington Column — Atom Bomb Controls, Red China Top Security Council Agenda WASHINGTON (NEA1 — United outside the United Nations Nations Security Council meets again at Lake Success, Y., in mlci-Mny, with Red China and control of the atomic bomb os the principal subjects of frustration. Feelers for a new conference between Russia and the United Stales to discuss these and other unfinished tasks have die ddown here f late. This fol- ows pretty direct tatementa from ^resident Truman that the United . S t a t cs was not Interest- EDSON d In talking about such things Police Sergeant Jim Maylard should have played Samson nstcad of Vic Mature. Jim Is a combination Samson. Timing on the coming Security Council session is important. The Big Three western Foreign Ministers— Achcson of the United States. Bevin of United Kingdom and Schuman of France—will meet in Paris and London the second week in May. Following these sessions, Foreign Ministers of all the Atlantic Pact countries will meet in London May 15-17. If there are any new Allied positions to be taken, they will be announced after these sessions. If there are no new declarations, then old policy statements will be rcaf- as the Security Council firmed meets. As for the Russian position, It doesn't take much research or savvy to know what H will be. The IN HOLLYWOOD By Ercklne Jonnson NBA Staff Correspondent PALM SPRINGS-(NEA1- This but the speeding car didn't stop. has absolutely nothing to do with "He hit the business district at Hoi ywood except maybe that Palm 72 miles *n hour. I was right bc- Ight behind him. Pedestrians were flying' like pigeons. How we go through town without killing anyone was a miracle. Several times we went be- 'aul Bunyan. ace movie stunt man I twcen cars parked on the left side ind all those heroes E. Pl.vnn plavs' of "' in the screen. Jim. T daresay, would ind a movie hero useful only on .he end of si string as a yo-yo. . Jim towers six feel five inches slrcet and oncoming traffic. Taj at 90 M.P.H. "I noticed the driver was -a boy about 14 and I didn't want to shoot him. Outside of town he started nto the clear desert air and hits hitting 30. I fired a warning shot he Jackpot every time he steps on ' over nis hcntl but he didn't stop. I a scale with his 335 pounds. Next I kllew he would be killed If I shot o Jim. Maturc's Snmson would look I B tlre - So * started nudging his car ike a juvenile with Singer's mid?. I a couple of times with my bumper. ets, I gave him a good nudge when he Even Snimon hhwlf irouirt blink! took » curve. I scared him. He pull- at the stories of J'm ., strength, mprmiilv and rcsonrc"flll- ncss, which have become Icgcntlarv. They Include: Grabbing a 33-pound wildcal by ed over and stopped and got ont and sqid: " 'What are you Irylng lo do, copper, kill me?'" Tlie boy was Just a car thief. Russians have consistently boycotted every session of a United Nations organization at which representatives of Nationalist China have been present. Whether the Russians will now boycott the Security Council itself is all that remains to be seen. Looking After their Friends The Russians definitely wan' Nationalist China kicked out o( the United Nations, and the new Red China government substituted. I would be naive to Imagine thai the Russians Iwll now settle for less. On atomic bomb control, the Russian position has been made equally clear, through declarations of the World Peace^. Congress held In Stockholm March 15-19. An effort was made to have this meeting held See EDSON on Page 8 n the middle 30's? Doubtful A — The change of life is not considered to be a sudden process but ratlicr a gradual one extending many years. Evidences may at 40 or several years earlier later. An artificial menopause can be produced by removing both ovaries and when this happens, changes begin at the age when the operation is performed. • * • Q — What causes the feet and always so. Your goal is to get to the best contract. If you can get there vithout showing the opponents the best opening lead, so much the better. When this hand was played In a recent team-of-four match, 'one of the North players bid it as shown. He did not try to exchange information. He knew the best contract — six hearts— and bid it without further ado. legs lo swell? J.B A — The most common causes are heart disease and diseases of the kidneys. Certainly both of these organs should be investigated In the presence of swollen feet and ankles. Obstruction to the flow , or blood away from the legs such as occurs in (he presence of varicose veins may also cause swelling. There are several less common causes such as a disease running In families known as Mllroy'.s disease. • * • Q — What causes extra systoles and what can be done for It? D.L. A — Most people have extra systoles at one time or another. In most cases they are not considered to represent any disease of the heart but are merely extra heals which do not Interfere with the proper functioning of that organ. Sometimes reducing the *mount of smoking or taking other measures to Improve the general health seems to do away with the extra systoles. • + • Q — Is It necessary to have an operation for a hydrocele which does not produce any pain or other symptoms? E.C.L. A — Each condition of this sort has to be judged individually. There The battle for possession of Halnan Island, between the defending Chinese Nationalists and the Invading Chinese Communists from the neighboring mainland, Is raging at furious and bloody pitch. Probably as you look at your maps you wonder, why either side should be Impelled to expend so mu life nnd effort for this fabled gon's tall." What strength would it add to the Reds, who already hold the vast continental area? What good Is it to Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek's Nationalists when they lack the strength to invade the mainland? Well, those are legitimate questions, and the answers to both are that In considerable degree the Immediate gains sought are psychological. Loss a Blow The loss of this great Island, with Its rich natural resources, would he a heavy 'blow to Nationalist prestige, and it would give a corresponding boost to Red stock, especially abroad. However, that's not the whole story. Prom the Communist standpoint their also Is a definite military objective. For one thing the Communists are working the old strategy of "divide and conquer" against the Nationalist forces as » whole. Chiang Kai-shek's main strongholds, since his withdrawal from the continent, have been the big island of Formosa (his headquarters and the seat of government), Hainan, and the Island of Chusan which dominates the huge Bay of Hangchow and the sea route to Shanghai on the north. \ Defense Must Weaken In order to defend any one; cf these Island strongholds, the jfL eralisslmo must weaken the Defenses of one of the other two. The defense of Hainan entails exactly that sacrifice, When this scheme of divide-and- cbnquer has been carried far enough by the Reds, we shall see them launch lightning blows at- Formosa and Chusan. Formosa, of course. Is the main objective, since that Is both military and governmental base for the Nationalists. The assault on Hainan is a dress rehearsal for the invasion of Formosa. Then there would ne a further has he en some work done the treatment of hydroceles means of Injecting scle rosing solutions which cause an Inflammation in the sac and the development of scar tissue. As a rule, operation fs the treatment of choice. . • * • Q — Some time ago I read an article describing a new cure for ulcers of the stomnch culled Duodenum. What has happened to this cure? H.O.W. A — So far as I know the dru? At that table West opened the has not received general acceptance queen of diamonds, perhaps this the stub of its tall with his bate frightened by the road block set up lands. A 90-mlle-an-honr highway by the Border Patrol, which was chase during which he "nurtced" a looking for a dope smuggler." fleeing automobile with the bumper of his police car. "But weren't you scared, too?' Jim was asked when the chase Saving a knife battle victim from ended, bleeding to death by stlckl"? his i "Ho." said Jim. who never tMnks list into (he throat wound nnd hold- of himself. "I was worried about East 1 » Pass 4.94 V AQ 10953 »732 + J5 Both vul. South West 1 ¥ Pass Pass Pass North 6V and Is rarely if ever prescribed by p eel allsts stomach. ire a tin g ul cer of the was an unimaginative lead. Pering for 20 minutes a severed vein.] that young kid getting killed and i haps West should have known Packinu dynamite on his back into- about all those pedestrians I'm sor- the wilds of Mt. Pan Jaclnt" (o] ry i hud to risk so many lives." start a landslide and enlnmh for- I Risking his own life nudqtng an- evcr t.t-e wreckage of a fnur-motnr- ' other r«r at 90 miles an hour? Snvs ed airliner—the airline wanted "no .rim: "You have to HFC snap'judg- "Mtycnirs." j nrait in police work. It was my job Little wonder Police Chief August to stno him" K>'tmann savs: [ Trcre arc other stories about I m very hmipy Jim likes police; Jim: work, tie's i'"iisn n "snble." Fur Flew Ills ahl'llv as a "powder monkry" ' —he's a policeman by night and a (TynamHc contractor h ilay. His rescue of countless hikers in the treacherous canyons of Ml. San .la. clnlo—lie's roamed t^cm since he ' «ns a T>ov of five. Lifting wheels of . aulpmib'lcs stuck In sand willi his own sliccr strength and his reluc- i lance lo harm anyone nr anything, ! inrTiidinc; ralllosnakcs. I "People and animals," .says Jim, "were not put on earth to be killed. T have a healthy respect for a rattlesnake but there are so many we don't sec I don't think we accomp- _ "sh anything by killing the ones slipped anollirr ropr around ifs hlmi; wc rto Kcc '"' quarter*, enabling tl'cm lo cvtcnd I Ycs ' l think Jim Maynard should Jim Mnvnard found himself attached to the end of a afirr the cat hart bitlcn a J-l-ycar-nld pirl and had been trapped In a Palm Snrings tool shed hv a gardener. Jim nnd two other officers der.idrd lo take the withoiil damaging its brain so it could be tested for rabies. Jim snnrcd the antmil around the neck with a rnpc at (he enil of a rake handle sluck through a small opening In the shed. \VhiIe llic other officers hold the rope taut. Tim went Into the cljIil-hy-lO-foot slieil, Krahticd the cat by its sltili till anil the and choke, it to death. Jim like, all heroes, h modest, i In a voice which Chief Keltmami pays never goes above a whisper, Jim told me: "I don't know why people pot 51 excited about It. To me it w;vs just an ordinary Job." About the highway chase: Jim was alone In his police car when he received a radio call that a convertible had gone through a Border Patrol road b'^ck seven miles on the out-skirls of town, Jim spotted the car Just as It entered the i Palm Spring, 1 ; city limits. He gave (the driver his alren and red light have played Samson, © JACOBY ON ERIDGE By Oswald .lacohy Written for NBA Service Jump fo Slam Can Prevent Disastrous Lead Some players think the object of bidding Is to exchange as much Information as possible. This is not ...- that, North was ready for n diamond lead when he leaped Inlo Ihe slam. Even if West had thought of this he might still have led a spade— which would have been just as bad for his side. The actual diamond lead gave South no trouble at all. He ruffed in dummy, drew two rounds of trumps, and then took the spade finesse. East got his king of spades, but then the party was over. Dummy's spades gave declarer all the discards he needed. When the hand was bid and played In the other room of the team match. North was a "scientific" soul. He bid diamonds to show that he could control the suit, and he bid spades to show how strong a suit he had. Finally he got to six hearts, aflcr having given his partner loads of information. The trouble was that he had also given the information to his opponents. H did South no good but it told West that he'd be craz; to lead a diamond or a spade. West was practically coinpellec to lead a club — which was ex aclly what North should have wor ricd .-bout. The clu'j opening wa the only one lhat could defca Ihe slam contract. The declarer In the second roor won the first trick with dummy' ace of clubs, drew two rounds o trumps, and hopefully took th spade finesse. East pounced o that trick with his king of spade and promtply cashed a high club setting Ihe contract. Too much "science. 1 Is just as 75 Years Ago Today A new bridge club to be known s the "Contract Eight" has been ormed with these members: Mmes. ames Hill. Jr., Lloyd V. Wise. uthrie King. L. S. Briscoe, K. D. Carpenter, Edwin Robinson, Meyer Graber and George Pollock. The roup will meet Thursday afternoon. 'he first meeting was this week gain for the Communists in possessing Hainan. The Island lies close to French Indo-Chlnn, which the Communists aim lo control, and It will also be essential that the Reds control It as their offensive expands in southeast Asia. Hainan lies only 12 miles from the Chinese mainland. It Is in the same lattltude" as "Hawaii and has a climate and soil similar to that of the "Paradise of the Pacific." Halnan is about twice the size Hawaiian Islands and has a p tlon of some 3.000,000. This big Island has been a Chinese possession since they took It by conquest In 111 B.C. Despite the many centuries which have ensued the Island Is largely undeveloped and • there are aborigines among the natives. However, Hainan Is potentially a treasure house. One of Its chief assets Is high grade ore, and there are other minerals as well as timber. There is good agricultural land, • and the Island produces coconuts, coffee, rubber, fruits, jute, hemp, sugar and rice. Still, this potential wealth has nothing to do with the fierce strug-. gle' now being waged between the defending Nationalist troops under Gen. Hsueh Yueh. the "Little Tiger," and the attacking Reds under Gen. Lin Riao, the "Manchurlau Hammer." It is, as already slated, partly psychological and partly strategic. Great things are at stake in this battle of Hainan. when Mrs. Guthrle King was hostess. Mrs. B. A. Lynch,, active club leader of the city, was elected president of the Arkansas P.E.O. in the annual convention at DeQueen which was concluded Saturday. Mrs. Don Sammons returned night from Russcllville, Little and Conway where she spent tnc* past five weeks with relatives. Canine Breed •Answer to Previous PuzzTT HORIZONTAL VERTICAL 1 Head covering 2 Correlative of either 3 Scottish sheepfold 4 Microbe 5 Taverns 6 Dower property 1,6 Depicted animal 9 Tip 10 Smell 12 Light touc>i 13 Sea eagles 15 Fly ing night animal 17 Railroad Cab.) 7 Alleged"force 22 Idolizes bad not enough. 16 Manuscripts (ab.) 19 Italian river, II Swift 20 River in " 12 Snare Switzerland 22 Small island In a river 23 Chief god ol Memphis 25 Chances 26 Symbol for tellurium 27 Accomplish 2& Within 29 Symbol for indium 30 Son of Seth (Bib.) 32 Bird's home 35 Eternity 36PIgp*n 37Lord (ab.) . 38 Annex 41 Comparative suffix 42 Dry, as wine 44 U is a ot canine 46 Recent (comb, form) 47 Rail bird 49 Fastened with brads 51 Scatter V2 SI umber 8 Sailor (slang) 24 Chickens 9 Gem weight 25 Chief god ol the Eddas 30 Lampreys 14 Electrical unit 31 Swellings 16 Small children 33 Horse 21 Allotted 34 Beginner portion 38-Area measure » 35 57 u 39Lairsof animals 40 Transaction 43 Folding bed 44 Wicked 45 Expire 46 Fiber knots 48 Musical note 50 French article 9

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