Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 25, 1908 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 25, 1908
Page 4
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THg IOIA:l>AiDLT JttCagTBB ..Mll»AY ETEyErftigKnopia 88. im. the lOU DULY lEilSTEl CHASi F. SCOTT.; •nUrad tt lola. Kansai. PoatoOce. M SeeoBd-Claat Hatter. Advartialiis Rates Hade Knowa on AppUcatloni. : • i SITBSCBIFTIOV BATES. >y Carrier in loin. Gas Clt7i I<U7M> TlUe or LaHarpe. 'hie Week : 10 eenta tee Hdnth , 44 centa One Tear i 16.00 * ByMaiL Ottf jrear Inside coantr 13.00 •ne year ontslde connty ;..$tOO rhree Months, in advance.......$1.00 One Month. In advance 44 WFiCiAL PAPJEB. CITY OF BASSET. Telephone t \ BuslnesR Office Editorial Room 222 BIDDING FOR THE SALOON VOTE. TKere Is one ininp that inusfj be s.iid to the credit of Thomas R. Marshall, tho. Democratic nominee for Governor of Indiana. He doesn't disguise his anxiety to line np on the side of the liquor interests. First he dictated or at least consented to the fnllnwinK plank in the Democratic platform: i The Democratic party has always advocated the larRcst measure of liberty to thej individual citizen consistent with the public pood. Tt still recognizes that principle, and believes in the old Democratic principle, of local self-government. We recofniize the richt of the people to settle the question as to whether inloxicatlnff liquors shall be sold in their respective ooniminiities. and to that end we favor the enactment of a local option law under which the people of city wards or townships shjvH have the riphf to deferniino whether the sale of s>urh liquors shall be licen.sed in their respective vt'nrds or townships for the two years ensuinK, by vote at a special election: but we declare th.ntl such law- shall bo supplementary to the laws now ii» force. relaliuK to remon­ strances HRalust.the cnintinK of such license. Then he made a speeeh In the course of which he said: "If I lliouiiht county loeal upHon would be a more effective temperance measure llian township local option. 1 would tell the people of Indiana so In pretty quick time, but I would re- slRn niy place on the Democratic ticket. "The Democrat who believes that the- liquor business should be alwlish- cd entirely, should not vote for me: he should vote the Prohibitionist ticket. "I knew what the Denuicratlc ))lat- form contained when I was nominated and if the ideas promulgated had not been such that 1 could conscientiously and fearlessly chan))iion them T would never have consented to make the race." Secretarj- of the Treasiiiy In «a«e of Bryan's election. And,|the tronble about this man Hearst • Is that he backs np his charges with most em barrassing documents. Suppose It bad been ttie Republican Party whldi was in power from 1893 to 1897 and things bad ^ne the way they did in those four years, and suppose it were the Democratic Party /hat tind come into powe^ in 1897 and that things had gone the way they have since.then: WouId|n*t .von, dear Democratic brother, bcj Inclined to doubt the Intelligence of any man who would still Insist on turning the Democratic Party out <and restoring th«> Ilei>uWican Party to power? No matter what a man'is occupation or social positloi;. no mat er what his creed, his color, or the section of the country from which jio codes', if he is an honest, hard-.workingj man who tries' to do his duty towaijd his neighbor and toward the country, he can rosf assured that he will [have in Mr. Taft the most upright ofj representatives and the most fearle:is of champions. ' , —THBODORB R 006 E\'BLT. "Wliat you do makes such a noiss that 1 cannot hear what you say." said Marcus Aurclius. Democratic spellbinders talk continuously and vociferously about the friendship of the. Democratic Party for labor: but all they say is drowned out. or ought . to 1)e 'drowned out. by what that party has NOT done for labor, or rather by "what it has done TO labor. From the very beginning the jwlicies it has advocated have had no other result when put into practise than to reduce the wages of labor and rob it of employment. It has never advocated a single measure! which had in if even the promise of more employment or higher wa?fs. If you think these statements are biased or untrue, read the history of your country and brine in the refutation. We will print jit with profuse apologies. Wllliaiii R. Hearst declares that the prosecution of the Standard Oil company by President Roosevelt has driven that company out of the Repuli- lican and into the Democ-atlc Part.v: that it was Standard Oil which dictated the trust [dank in the National Democratic Platform: that | it wis SUndard Oil which dicUted the a|)- pointment of 6qvornor Haskell of Oklahoma as Chairman of (he Platforili Committee and Treasurer of; the Campaign Committee, and that it would' dictate his appointment There Was a time whejn it looked as if the result in Indiana mjght be doubtful. But we noticf^ that the other day Mr. Marshall. ' Democratic nominee for Governor, denounced, the preachers of that State ' for having abandoned the service of!<;od to go into that of the Republican Party. Tf that is the way he feels aboiit it we guess it is all right. 'I am land huncry." a big fanner out in central Kansas is quoted recently as saying, "but the prices are so high now that I can't afford to buy any more. I am going |to vote for Bryan in the hope that history will repeat Itself and I can get what I want at a bargain." And they .say he was serious, too. Mr. Cannon nlade one statt'menl at his Topeka m«^cting which brought down the house. "1 rtiat the lal>oring men of this country.", he said, "are not so much concerned about the guarantee of their bank dt?- posits as they are about a guarantee that they will have something to deposit," and there is a lot of sense in that. A Yajlntc Inrestmeni. Mr. .lohn \\TiUe. of 38 Highland .Ave.. Houlton. Maine, savs: "Have been trolbled with a cough icvery winter and spring. Last wjnier I tried many advertised remedies.! but the cough continued until f bought a T,\}c bottle of Dr. King's New Discovery: before that was half gone, jthe cough was all gone. This winter the same happy results has followel: a few (loses once more banished the annual eougta. I am now convinced that Dr.; King's New Discovery is tlie best of all cough and lung remedies." Sold under guarantee at all di^ug stores. 50c and $1.00. Trial bottle free. BASEBALL GOSSIP >ew lorJi T«ok Yesterday's .Game from the I'obti—C'loelan^ Lost. Today's ('amPK. NATIONAL LEAGlii:. Chicago at Brooklyn. Pittsburg at Boston. ^ St. Uniis at Philadelphia. Cincinnati at New Yoric. A.MER1CAN LHAGlt;. Philadelphia at Detroit, j • .Washington at Cleveland. | ' Boston at St. Louis. ( , .".'-'{'W-r^-v. • . t Life \ '.^|ji?'-."--HvT- .**t -jnd {nL' of the 'rcaiji.o. NATIO.VAL LEAGUE. w. New York S.>; Chicago Pittsburg Wi Philadelphia ... 73 Cincinnati 6S Boston 6i> Brooklyn 4S St. iMiiia 47 L. ."0 t,i .".I 61 74 8-.: AMERICAN LEAGUE. \V. I U Cleveland So Chicago SI Detroit 79 St. Liouis ... 7:i Boston 08 Philadelphia 65 Washington .'.60 New York .47 161 61' 61 62 73 78 77 S>8 Pet .«3Sl .625 .625 .r.3It .479 .J'-'3 .340 .',531 Pet. .576 .56) .56< .569 .482 .471 .438 :m BlBe!< Vfen DefeatedJ , Scammonj Kas., Sept. 25—^T le Sc^m mon team deefated the Kansas City Blues here yesterday afternom In a fast contest by the score of 4 t > 2. One thousand persons witnessed ttie game. The score by innings: it. H. E. Kans City 00110000 0—2 7 1 Scammon 3 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 x-^ 8 0 ^teries—Swan and £killivaa. ClU aJkReed. 1, • I \ ^ I RegiiUr Want Ada. Br^ ^fi^ : Copyright t tof ••y Hart SclufTnn & Mirx The ONLY Store in| tola selling the celebrated Hart, Sc^haffiier Marx Clothes Our ^reat line of Hart, Schaffner& Marx, Stein-Blochi Society Brand and AIco System New Fall Suits is ready. A dozen new modejs and as many new shades are to be seen here. New browns, tans, green, olive, elephant ^ays and slate colors. Prices. $15.00, $i6.i0, $18,00, $20.00, $22.50 and op to $30.00. iMOe ACLOTfUffO co^ NewNettleton and Flor- iheim Shoes for fall are here New Fall Half, both slifr and soft—^John B. Stefson' aind Imperial nukes. POLITICAL GOSSIP stinK itu; ui >s < OMIX^ KIMKM tllK K.\ST THIS F.VI.I., STUBBS IN GREAT r .l.MUI ».\TK FOR GtlVKKXIK IS WAMEM ALL OVER STATK. were the fallowing I Williuni II. Taft. candidate for presr iicleni. .lames S. Sherman, candidate fur vice-president. »;«»vern«»r lluM\es of New Y^ork. <;<ivernt>r C'uuiinins of loua. Sen:iti«r l)«illiver nf Iowa. Sen.ntor Itt-veridKC of Indiana. The cunmiitte also promised simic npi|. |L|I« iothei' I I IK (ines. hut couldn't say exact- DCmAnUiiy who ihey woiiid be at that time. j KaiK-as is more fortunate than ni^st (stales in ihf calil)er of its .speakers ihis full. Clrtirniun Dolley is well plt'ii .'ii 'd wiii] the success he had at Chic-;i:;o. l |f says the Taft meeting wi'! lie iD '.ule "the" Republican cain- j i;allirr;nK ffsr Kansas this fall. nr.,i..„ I u i'C'iv litv!!i;ir;iis liud their inning with Bishop Abraham f.rant ol ( oh.nd j,;,>«.•. M.^lley predicts that ther.- will E. Cbnrch TelN «f Duty of the >otrro in ranipuicii. Topeka. funis nejit 25.--.More de- nia::ds are niadt- npon the Repiiltlir.-in Slate coniMiiite for W. II. Stubbs. Republican nominee for governor, than for any oilitr speaker. Stubbs is wanted everywhere in the state. Inj his caniiialgn for the nomination hf lif ii riMoril lin-aking crowd at the loppk;) .XiiditiTi 'iui t «i hear Taft. He lii-Iicvcs tli:it iliiTe wiil be Repiibli «;in 'l.-It'i;aiiiiiis in from every section of the stale. "Von can s;iy for me." said Chair man l )<illey aTter his retiirii. "that the spirit of utmost conndeiice prevailed at the Chicami laeeting. The country L-enerally i .s in splendid shape for a Ilpp'i''iiean victory ahmg decisive 'ine.-^. HoV .i 'vor. nothini; will lie left spoke in ovi-r coiintifv* and hp ha;; l""*!'"^'" victory." thought fhiit hi., .arlv vi.sii to man. of Spf^akin;; of the work done at the lho.«e count;, s w.-.iild be a I the peopl.-,'"'>''">"" ^"'•'•')"~. Chairman DoIIcy would reqnii.-. liiit he i-. mi>-iaken. " ^'-"-^ important and Everv town he vi^ir-^rl wants him lo• •""''"'•^f'"*-' "'ec'in.c for all of ii.s. We come hack. Tliev like tUe things '.worko.l »:i night arranging a schi^d- stand.s for and the wav he lalk.'^. .\..w:"''' f'"" speakers and di-scussing that all the.<-c places are clatnoring fori""' issne>: and conditions ol! the cani- him and the additional dcmsnd nia<l#-f decided that the slo- by other towns where he has „ev"r^*^»" of R't»«bHcans this fall would spokea. Chairman iJoIIey has a Imrd Taft. rutinint; on his record.' That task on his hands mappinj: on: .Mr.!''••''*"•'' "'""^^ during twenty year? Stnbbs itinerary. "If we rould divide;'"f I"''''»<' -'=crvice and everything well Sttibbs up into alH.nt in pans and sp,;,t jaccomplii'hpd that his hand was turn- each part out we mijjht be ao;.- to ""lf>.'vhilp Br>an is running away supply a small i-er rent of the d.-iTftn his i.-rord of the past fifteen tnatidsfor hiiii." -said IJoIIey. . ypars. I .\ttiiMig the liM <if "bi;;; Kuns" i--?-' i*.ishoii,.M.r:im C.rant of ihp colored cured for the Kansas ranipaiKti by t Methodist ohf'-'' has Kiven out Chairman Molpy of thp Republican! st.iteuient mzardinn the duty of. the state coinmittpe (luring his recenl vi.sii j nruroe.-; in this campaign in which he to national head<iuarters at Chicago j .-ays: We can hard'.y l)clieve that Furniture Polish YOUR MONEY BACK IF NOT SATISFIED 15c and 35c a Bottle The loia Famitore Store any number of -our pe<iple will siip- IHirl the liatinnal Democratic ticket. .\nd should we do so. it wi.l be one of the arguments that can lie produced against us—that we do not rise to the di.gniiy of .\nierican citizenship: that we do not attach the proper importance to the ballot, which is the only weapon of warfare that the poor man has to jirotect his political and civil rights; that we do not appreciate ^the untirinK effuris and secriHtcs ot some of the best men the world has ejver produced: that we are not worthy; of the many advantages secured to ^ur people in (he last forty-two yrar* by the Republican party. In fact, it lis unreasonable to leave the true atid the tried and to force ourse'ves upon those who are giv- in .K out statenicnt.s from time to time that thev favor disfranchisement of the colored rare, and wh»> have, not expressed a desire to have our support and co-oiiprati<in. "I -am |cr.-on:ilIy ar-rjiiainted with Taft. I have the honor to be assuriatcd with him one the trustee board of the .\nna T. .)e;>ne.-= fund whif h is $1.0')u.<»im ^iven iiy Ihis Rood woman for the edii'-ati'in of eohired children in the rtira. distrir: of ex- slave states. While secretary of war, he found ^uflicient time to meet with ii.-j and pivp roiin.'-el and advice as to :Jie distri*i"io :i of ib!.'^ fund, lie spenis to be perfectly honip with any dnty nssi;;npd hiini grezft or .small, f look upon .ludse Taft as one of the greatest men in .\incrica. and hpartily believe that he will be the next president of the I'nited St^.tr.s." SPRINGS BATH HOUSE BURNS. Two Kansas City 'Women Among Those Rescued from Flames. tmn* IMEKK.ST f» I»EPO.SIT.S. .Stale of KnnMis Krrehed <I9.6I{« from Dr|>osi(orirN Last Year. Tivppk.i. Has.. Sept. -T..—The annual reptirt of Stat.- Trp.i.-iirer Tu'ley. iuade public yp.;t.>rd.ty. shows that the state receive<l Sl'.i.tMS as interest on i;s dPiKjsits in ^thp state dp|KjKlt<»rieo last year. This is double the amount it received for the year previous. The in.rreased amount is due to two reasons: iKIrst. the stale had more money iii the banks!: .second., it got a bicser interest rate. The reiMirt als<» sjiowS that all of tUe western Kansas coj inties bavn settled their seed wheat accounts but three— GarBeld. Seward aijd Haskell. In 1.^91 and in lS:»r. the .state bought seed wheal for mani- western counties that had had crop failures. The counties agreed to return the loan. About ha:f of them did it promptly. Others delayed, The attorney general's department Kot after theni ana it hi's succeeded in getting settlements in full from all but the three counties named above. Garfield county is now a part of Finney county. The total amount due from these three counties aggregates 11.790. and the treasurer believes thiit it wjll be paid this year. A Mnrc'enoni^ta Knocker. J. C. Goodwin, of Keldsvllle, N. C, nys; "Bucklen's Arnica Salve is a anre -enough knocker for ulcers. A l>ad one came on my leg last summer, bnt that wonderful satre knockea u out in a few rounda. Not even a scar remained." Guaranteed for piles,.sores burns, etc. ZSc at jiU drn^fgins. ' ^ BaiUJBc linr HMSC - Xolm..Bd^ Js bntHUBC a new boose <m.-hI«.ti(i«-aoHtawitat;of Homlioidt ^2 ' '^•^rA^^^^^'-'J' Excelsior Springs. Mff.. Sept. 25.— The building of th.; Excelsior Sanitarium company. formei;ly known as the Music Hall bathhouse, was destroyed by a fire which started shortly^ before ;!:30 o'-clock this morning. Practically nothing of the contents was saved. The cause of the fire is unknown. When the fire broke out there were nine patients.' four nurses and two bathing attendants in the upper Poors of the building. Miss Nora Vat.e.s, head nurse, heard the cracking flames on the first floor and quickly' tomed in an alarm. Then! with th<> assistance of the other nurses and a few neighbors, the guests, nearly all of whom were helpless, were carried out of the building. Amons them we're Miss .Mary Hayes and a Mrs. Mackney. both of Kansas City. In the anxiety to rescue their charges the nurses lost »»verytHhig the> had in the house. X SrpPBI.SED MJSISTER. 'For many years i have been a sufferer from bronchial catarrh, and had despaired of anything-, like a cure, .fudge of iny pleasant surprise when I first used Hyomel. which brought complete relief. Hyomel has been a veritable godsend."—Bev. Charles Hartley. Sardinia. Ohio.- Thousands of catarrh sufferers have siren up in despair. They have tried stomach dosing, snuff.' sprays and douches without success, and now believe catarr'h to be insurable. Bur Chas. R Spencer & C<i,. tne druggist, holds out hope to all distressed. He sells a remply called Hy­ omel which is guarante.ed for catarrn. colds, coughs, bronchitis, asthma and croup. Hyomei 1 pronounced HiBh-p-me» is medicated air. full of the healthy virtues of the mountain pines.' You breathe in the delightful antiseptic air. and as it 'passes over the inflamed and germ ridden membrane, it allays the inflammation, kills the germs, and drives out the disease.: A complete Hyomei outfit, including 1 hard rubber inhaler, costs but $1.00. and an extra bottle, of Hyomei. if af- tciiwardb needed, costs but 50 cents. See Chas. B. Spencer & Co. about It today. DE.M KEBEKAHS* REQl'EST. Odd Fellows RofuiMr to GlTe Them Sefarate Legblallve Bodj. 4B .-MHope& of the Uie wooBjui'isiixil- Denver. Order of iary of the l' Fellows, for obtaining a Mim^s^jla^ riohal legislativje body, were 'i^ii^tnA by the unfavorable action y^terday of the committee to.which their petition was assigned by the sovereign grand lodge of the Odd Fellows. The sovereign grand lodge yesterday designated the Missouri grand provide a commemorative, tab let of the present session to be placed on Pike's P«*. The tablet will be installed next week, jwtth oereraoBias '•in- cfiarge of Gniid BeprasentaUre O. tHx'PJ^ Grander q^^aimwUL . '-^^^ • :

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