The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 16, 1946 · Page 18
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 18

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, December 16, 1946
Page 18
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•r ""> "V'"'<T" -f -«^ : « ? PROGRAMS FROM 4 "•* * ' MONDAY » , „ 6:00 to 6;30 p. ra. ' , KER>T—tnx Radio Theater. KPMO—Sport Shorts: 6:13. Elmer Davis. ICAFY—Gabriel Hpatter; 6:15. The Blue Room, ^v ^ ' KSRO—Candlelight and Stiver. '-^ f a ' ' * 6:80 to 7:00 p. m* "KERN—Lux Radio Theater. KPJfC—-Rumpus Room. KAFY—Guy Lombardo. KBR\O—Candlelight and Silver; 6:56. Cabbasee and Kings. 7:00 to 7:30 p. m. KEBX—Screen Guild Players. KPMC—Lone Ranger. KAFY—Crime Club. KERO—Swoon Boomj 7:15, Treasury Salute. " * 7:30 fo 8:00 p. m.. KERN—Bob Hawk Show. KPJIC—Headlines and Bylinea; 7:45, Jan Kin?. KAFY—Cisco Kid. KERO—Spotlight the Bands. 8:00 to 8:30 p. ro, KERN—NMVS; 8-15. Red Barber. r onmymind? -^X-um and Ab'ner: S;15. Sons o£ ' the Pioneers. -KAFY—Richard Davis, Detective. KERO—Junior Chamber of Commerce: ,8:15, Concert Miniature. 8;30 to flrfW p. in. KERX—Joan Davjs Show; S:5S, Carroll Allcott- KPMC—The Fat Man. 5-lJ?J—CS'se Book of Gregory Hood. KI.RO—News; 8:<5, Unseen Enemy. 9:00 to 8:30 p. m; KERN—The Whlstl»r. KPMC—Doctors Talk It Over; 3-15 Hairy Citron Program. ^fcTo7i?i en Hardy: S ' 1S - il KERO—Telephone 'Hour. 0:30 to 10:00 p. m. KERN"—rimer Sanctum. „ KPilC—Ethel and Albert: S:fS, JEaltz Itme. '^ lfc ' KAFY—Inside of Spoils; 9-45, Henry J. Taylor. KERO—Music in the Morgan Manner- 9:55, Solo Spotlight. • 10:00 to 10:30 D. m. KERN—Ten o'clock Wire; 10 15 Amateur FiBlrts. KPMC—Mclfahan's News; 10-15. Here's to Vets. KAFY—Fulton Lewis, Jr.; 10:15, The Magic Hour. KERO—Bnric Itadneuera; 10:15, Sportscast. 10:80 to 11:00 n. m. KERN—Amateur Fights; 10,45, CBS Orchestra. KPMC—Club Morocco. KAFY—The Magic Hour. KERO—Sir Francis Drake, 10.55, News. 11:00 to 11:30 p. m. KERN^-OrcheEtra. KPMC—News: 11:05. Silver Xocturne. KAFY—Xewb; 11:15, Mutual's Bond Show. KBRO—Orchestra. 11:30 to 12:(Kl|fci?:i!Klit KERN—Organ Interlude; 11:35, News. KPMC—Silver Nocturne. KAFY—Orchestra; 11:45, News. 12:00 to 1:00 a. m. KERO—Night Watchman. You! Joanie thinks you're going to like her hatful of chuckles tonight. Tune in the Queen of Smiles ... Presented by Lever Brothers Compony, makers of Swan Soap KERN—8:30 P. M. Tonight and every Monday nighl! TUESDAY 6:00 to 8:30 a. m. KERN—CBS Momins News; 6:15, Oklahoma Roundup: KPMC—Central Valley armer. KAFY—Kaffy Klub. 6:30 to 7:00 a. m. KERN—Oklahoma Roundup, 6:45, Rural Roundup. KPMC—Centra! Valley Farmer; 6:45. Cowboy Troubatlor. KAFY—News: 8:35.. Kaffy Klub, 7K» to 7:30 p. m. KERN—News; 7.15, Fleeuvood Lawton. KPMC—McJIahan's News; 7:15, Martin Agronflky. KAFY—News: 7:15, Rise and Shine. 7:30 to 8:00 a. m. KERN—News;, 7:45. Old Chisholm-Trail. KPMC—James Abbe; .7:45. Waltz. Time. KAFY—Morning Melodies; 7:45. News. 'KERO—Alarm Clock Club; 7:45, News. 8:00 to 8:30 a. m. KERN—Arthur Godfrey; 8:15, Dick and Jeanne: S:20, Local News; S:25, Keepsake Songs. KPMC—Breakfast Club. KAFY—Cecil .Brown; 8:15, Frazler Hunt Legal Notices VVWVWWVWWWSrwt^vW State, of California Division of Fish and Game Notice Is hereby given that the Fish and Game Commission shall meet on January 3 and 4. 1947, In Room 1008. State Build- Ing, Los Angeles, California, to receive recommendations from Its own officers and employees, from public agencies, from organizations of private citizens, and from any Interested party as to what, if any, orders should be mada relating to fish, mollufeks, crustaceans, amphibia and reptiles, or any specie's or variety thereof except no recommendations shall he jecelved relating to the commercial taklnir of fish, mollusks, crustaceans, amphibia nnd reptiles or any species or variety thereof. EMIL J. N. OTT. JR.. "Executive Secretary. Filed -with tha Secretary of Stats on ths 30th day of December, 1946. Dec. 19. with GAIL PATRICK JIMMY GLEASON DASHIEU Man " Suave, sophisticated intrigue and • " adventure with fiction's newest— • JDashiell Hsriimett's smoothest. 1 operator, SiSO P, M. Monday 1560 _ , KPMC DAILLAK RADIO Sales and Service TUBES and PARTS .Expert Guaranteed Radio Work 2500 Chester Avenue Phone 5-5147 •1700 K Street, Bakersfield Phone 9-9401 Established 1892 : 8:30 to fl:W) a. m. ' ' '. ' KERN—Front Paee<Headlines;" S:«, Musical Mag*ic. " * KP11C—Breakfast dab. '•>' ,t ~ KAPT—Bill Harrington Sines;- 8:45, Victor H, Lindlgbr. KERO—Lyrics s for tie ladles. 9:00 to 9-SO a. jn. KERX—Kate Smith) 9:16, Sing, America. Sine. , KPMC—Glamour JIanor. KAFY—Xot€F at ~K:Ae: 5:15. Music Without TVords. KERO-JRope Linda; 9.15. 'a*: Too Tunes. 9:30 to 10:00 n. m. KERN*—Romance of Helen Trent- 9:45, Our Gal Sunday, » > ~ KPMC—Breakfast In'Hollywood . KAFT—Grace Watfcins; 9:55, Hollywood News. KEHO—Tin Pan- Alley: 9:43,' Kew«. 10:00 to 10:30 a. m. KPRX—News; 1<J:15. Trio Time. KP1IC—Home Edition; 10J.5, Wilham Lang., KAPY—Glen Hardy; 10:15, Editor's Diarj. KERO—Navy Band. -n 10:30 to 11 KM) a. m, KERN—Recoid Sej-sion'. KPMC—Uy True Story; 10:55, Hvmns of All Churches. KAFT—Jackie Hill Show; 10:45. Bill Gwinn Show. KERO—Echoes of the Tropics; 10:45, Robert McCormlck. 11:00 to 11:30 a. m. KERN—Fred Beck; 11:15, Three-Quarter Time. KPMC—Hymns of All Churches; 11:15, Baukhage: KAFT—Bill Gwinn Show; 11:15. Melodies That Endure. KERO—Honeymoon in New York. 11:30 to 12:00 Xoon KERN—Lone Journej; 11:45, Rose of My Droama. KP11C— Listening Post; ll-:4a, Show Tune Time. KAFY—Queen for a Day. KERO—MUBic Box. . , IS .-00 fo 13:0 n. m. * KERN—Dick rlaymes Records; 12:15, Local and "Western New.,, - KPMU— McMahan's-Neiys; 3*5:15, Farm News; i:-25. Listen to Liebert. KAFy—News: 12:15, General Bandwagon. i KERO—Rendezvous With. Kichardson; 12:15, News. , , 1)J:30 to 1:00 p. m. KERN—Knox Manning; 12:45. Henort to the R. F. D. KPMC—Country' Commentator; 12.45, Jumping Jacks. i KAPT—Melody Album; 12:45, Smile Time., KEKO—Farm. Reporter; 12-45, Sagebrush. Serenade.: STATIONS >tH)0 to 1:30 p. m. ' KJSRN — 3Iouse Party; 1.25, Curley Bradley Show. KRMC— The Man' VriQL a Band: 1:16. Edwin (j. Hiti. KAFY— Cetlric Foster; 1:15. Johnson Family. KERO — Kits for the Mrs. 1:30 to 2. -00 p. ro. KERN— Money on the Line; 1*45, Thought for Today. JvPMO— Walter Kiernan. KAi'r — Shady Valley Folks. KEHO — Hits for .the Mrs. 2:00 lo 2:30 p. m. KERN — American School of the Air. KPMC— What's Dviing. Ladles? 2125,. Doings in the Xewp. KAFT— Tell Your Neighbor; 2:15, Joha J- Anthony. KERO — Hits for the Mrs. 3:30 to 3:00 p. m. KERN — Meet the Missus. "KPMC— Bride and Groom. KAFY — Heart's Deeire.— KERO — Hits (or the Mrs. 3:00 fo 3:30 p. m. KERX — News: 3J5, Yoiu.sind Alcohol. KPMC— Ladies, Be SeateS KAFY. — Say It With Music. KERO — Literary Hostess, 3.15. Serenade to America. 3:30 to 4:00 p. m. KERN — Charlie SpivaJc Serenades, 3:45, Lean Back and Listen. KPMC — Allen Both, 3.45. Sometluns Old, Something Xew. KAFY — The Music Shop: 3:55. Name In the News. KERO — Here's New* and Music. 4:00 to 4:30 p. m. KEBN — Music Your Way. KPMC — Headline Edmon; 4 15, Booth's Record Booth. , KAFY — Fulton Lewis. Jr."; 4:15, Rei Miller KERO — Weekday Pulpit: 4.13, News of the World. 4:30 t« 5:00 p.m. KERX — American Melody Hour. KPMC — Social Security: 4.35. Easy -Rhythm; 4:45. Tennessee Jed. • KA.FY — Erskine Johnson: 4.45, Buck Hoeers. KERO — Think of a Number. 5:00 to 5:30 p. ro. KERN' — Front Page Features; 5.15, Local News. KPMC— Terry and the Pirates; 5.15, Sky Kinsr, KAFY — News; 5.15. Superman. KIIRO — Ok.iy lor Release; 5:13. Tea and Crumpet?. 5:30 to tiiOO p. m. KERX — Lane's Sport Page, 5.45, News; 5'iS. Bill Henri, KPMC — Jack Armstrong; 5:43, Dick . KAVY — Captain Midnight; 5.45, Tom Mix. KERO— Xews: 5-45. Behind the aBton. UN Official HORIZONTAL 1,5,9 Pictured UN official 12 Curved molding 13 Hebrew measure 14 Notion 15 Kentucky . (ab.) 16 Appendages 19 Mixed type 20 Self 22 Italian mountain, 23 gelongs- to him 24 Tears - 26 Rattan 27 Holy person 29 Orifices 30 Born 31 Also ' 32 Stay 34 Noxious *- *" plants 87 Love god 38 Cut 39 Operate 40He is——^ • 46 Observe 17 Near 48 Condiment 50 Tantalum (symbol) , 61 Rend 53 English queen 54 German river ,56 Worm 57 Nip 58 Espouses VERTICAL 1 Playing cards 2 Calypso island (myth.) 3 Him 4 Seine 5 Male hog 6 Leave out 7 Scream 8 Suffer (Scot.) 9 Hypothetical 'force 10 Mourn 11 Elevates 14 Exists 17 Artfficial language Ig Railroad (ab.) 21 Conclusion -. 23 Sets 25 Cuts (Prov. Eng.) 26 Pine fruits 28 Golf term 29 Animal foot 32 Ventilate 33 Beasts 35 Ate sparingly 36 Lances 40 Susan Tab.) 41 Crustacean 42 All (comb, form) 43 Canvas shelter 44 Indian 45 Exclamation 48 Transpose . (ab.) 49 Intimidate 52 While 55 Down OUT OUR WAY By J. K. WILLIAMS OCR BOARDING HOUSE With MAJOR HOOPLE BED K1DEB Building It Up By FRED BARMAN OU CAMT KEEP PEOPLE Off AW OPEN 1RA11.J JES WE LO51 THIS ROUMD, 10ER HAfTEO &r DAVE MD R1L&? MANX, M-SLElO ID Ml A\r\ TO f\IX VTHATS K'MI UP. IN A NE6TER VJAR.J XERE, C ••I'njUST HUNTING RUSTLED COWS' IHE6E THiEVlM' TESTERS AlSVt SATISFIED WltH 1AK!N' R\v!3£ LAND FOR THEf WASiT OUR. &:EF BESIDES WHAT ARE \ DOSMG \ UP 5M THAT ) FILTHY RAT / HOLE? if vJIS 32OINT A. LITTLE / CHECKIW UP TO.-SEE 1 AKIY OF YOU PEOPLE \ HAVE BEEN SWOOPIM* ^ JWTQ MV CHRISTMAS -V NO8L5 ,„,._, EGAD/ONieOFlTS AhSCESTORS CONSOLED tH£ SCOTS QUEEM MftRGARET FOUR A6O WWLE SMB VJA\TED VAINLY FOR KiNS 3AMES IV /-«i-POO^ JAM.eS/ 6LA!r4 \N3 TUE BLOODY BATTLE OF f-LODDEN/-<~ I'D A.<~> SOOM EA-T A DESCEMDAr^T OF PAUL REVERE'S HORSE / HQW A8OUT \NEB- Foreo THAT BIRO LOOKS TttJGrt VIEAR A MfXM'S CHINA. RIGUT SR1K1O OUR teeTH OM FDK. AMILV BLOOHS BARNVARD \WHY MOTHERS 6ET GRAY LI'L ABNER The Silver Lining— By AT; CArP '-MO SENSE ' THIS HORRIBLE- AN'THEN *TH'BOYS" KNOCKS ME OFF.V *TH' BOYS" CLAIMS AH KNOWS TH' REPOO-TAY- SHUN O' TH 1 "SOUTH CHICAGO PINE-BO* CONSTRUCTION COMPAKV" TOO BUT, SHECKS. r - 1T DON'T COME UP FD'TWO WEEKS." MEANWHILE, ALL AH GOTTA DO IS INtJOY MAH- SELF-'TH'BOYS" SAlD. r . DON'T HAFTA DO NOTHIN' BUT HAVE A GOOD TIME FCC TWO SOLID WEEKS THAT'S TH' "BUSINESS FRONT" OF AMERICA'S -AND THEN WHAT, LOUT? MOST RUTHL£SS KILLERS.*? 1 — WHY ARE'THE BOYS' GOING TO DO THIS TO VOU, LOUT ? AH IS BAD FO' THAR BUSINESS BE: SOME. \^AV T MAKE A SOFT DOLLAH THE GUMPS Violet Changes Mill's Eyes to Green! By GU.S EDSON , I'LL BE THE NATION'S 6REATES.T BENEFACTOR.— WITH A iHWs! OF CUPID'S SERVICE STATIONS.' HOMELINESS WILL PISAPPEA.R FROM THE FACE OF WOMANHOOD/ NNHY, I THOUGHT YOU SriE'S THE HI6H PRIESTESS OF PULCHRITUDE —CLEOPATRA IM MOPERK PRESS——AND. MY, HOW <3RBEN YOUR EYES ARE TOPAY.&EARlE^ OUR FORTUNE? ARE dOlrte UP LIKE A SKYROCKET/ WHATEVER CiOES UP, ' PCANM- JUST IS VIOLET RAVE TURN OFF THAT OtP GASOLENE ALLEY Truth Will Out ACCORDING TO RUMOR, WHEN SANNA \ CHIPPER, HE IS V CLAUS COME? J SLATED TO SHOW UP IN ABOUT ONE WEEK. WE CERTAINLY PUT THE REVERSE ENGLISH ON THAT ONE! THAT'S A GOOD ONE! \ ANP NOT HAS FOUND OUT THERE IS A SANTA CLAUS! WE WERE GOING TO .BE TRUTHFUL AND REALISTIC / ABOUT WITH CHIPPER/ / SANTA CLAUS. BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Ready, for a Look By KDGAK MARTIN SUT.CV.RRfl, WHO <5\R\. TO HU^rt HER UP, SOOTS, ©UT Sttt'S sti.w ROD TOX.O DUD TttftT Trtt (SPi\- «t WS PLftHT 1 IN To TWNK tARS>. VOOUUO «A\»UTt NOVJ '. VOfiU. %t UWKIN6 Vi\TH ROD ABOUT COURftt FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Fed It? --By JIKRRITJj BLOSSKU UMVEILING- j THE WHOLE 1 ITS TME PICTURE OF / STUDENT • / All PRISOU-A ALDEM ,/ BODY IS - REAL, TOWK5HT, MR-FfaDST/y AWX1OUS ', Boys.' / ToSEtrir/jlHOpe SO AM I.' y VOU'u. LIKE IT' JUST A FEW EXPERIMENTS IN ABSTRACT , PAINTING, LARD/ SOMETIMES I V.TME SLANT/ WHAT ARE THESEi ME.. THIS is CALLED SUMMER, BREEZE-1 COMSIDER, IT My BEST ABSTRACT WASH TUBES The Seed Takes GOOD (AORNINS ! WE'RE CONDUCTING A SURVEV HOUSEWIVES ON THE SUBJECT OF NWWS PLftCE IN . THE KITCHEN, 1 SEE. WON'T NOU COWE IN ? VOUR NAIAE^ X rw WRS ' WASHINGTON TUSBS] PL5A.SE'. rSND \NWHU58NNP1SWITHMCKEE THE MATURE OF ) INDUSTRIES, IN THE OFFICE VOUR HUSBAND'S/OF NW FATHER. 3.R NWKEE By L-ESIB TURNER BLCK ROGERJ. TiVENTX-FIFTH CENTURX. A.D.' CAVING NO WORD QF BUCK" ROGERS J=OP? VONTJ^,WMADEEf?ING\ MERCURY TO FIND HIM* GETTING- HER COURSE SO A<5 TO tNTERSErcT THE: ORBIT or MgRCURY, WfLMA BEND'S HER ROCKET SHIR ROARING TOWARD THE MILKY WAY! WELL, WELL 1 . TK 1 Pr\U&HTER.Y HMM'.SOSHE IS OF N«,(A«KEE! FUNNV THINS...\ IN TOWN! DftDDY , WAS WENTiONINS- HOTEL ttMAMON-ER- DISCUSSING HIM^ THIS MORNiNG- fx COUNTESS DIGANZIMf! HUS WCSHIUL PLANTS STOP INFORMATIONS. By DICK CALKINS SUDDENLY IN THIS AREA £Xf?L05IVEUGHT ATTACK

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