Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 25, 1908 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 25, 1908
Page 3
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' \ TUB lOtA PULT jaOIBHtB» FMPAT ETEMyC, 8EPTE»BEB 88, HW. a Aimcql Fall Exhllatioii of j fine HMIincary. Dr^ss Goioite. Sfes. Satins, Cloaks anj LJidies' Fnrhishings in aH the aew fjgstyles Saturday 26 A IS exhibition is looked forward to annually by the l^idies of lola and surrounding towns, as an exampled showing of 'new, correct styles, and this tim- ple announcement will probably bH sufficient to fill this store each day with crowds of: visitors. However, in addition to the style attractions-^ WH ahail offer special price inducements in ev«.ry d,epartmcnt. The store will M proporly dec- nrate<l fur the occasion and every iffjit will be made to c.uuse you to feel wt -l- vX )n)e ai d at home. The ^onor of Yotir Presence is Requested. OPEN OCT. 8 DATK FOR BEG1XM\« TE>MS TOIKNAMENT IS DECIDED UPON. MANY PLAYERS WILL COME IS EXl'ElTEDjTIIAT TOrR>AME>T WILL BE F.isTER THIS YEAR. Prtefs nelii;r Srlectrd—Bowhis May .\ot I 'lar Tills Yiar—I'mctlce Is Xow <»u. 113 East Madison 113 East Madison Aid Societies. t" return here to accept ii position and Tlie: Aifi societies of llu- tliree spent I lie, winter in lola. cliurciies. Christian. Trinity ami I nit- ed Brjetlieren were assembled yesti-r- <la/. TM - ni'eetinn of ihe auxiliary ofl • ;'iTivi was unus.u.-tl in that' II was spent in arrans- ..(•-• i;i ol the church furnishings. The society of the i 'hristian chnreh and of the Trinity church eacii talked over the various departments of wott. V •:• V Mrs. Dewey Home. Mis. \V. h\ IJewey has returned from an extended visit in tht' iCast. V- V- • Hx-Teachers Club. Mrs. Lloyd Coe an.l Mr.-s. II. I.. Dou.clu.- w<>i\> at home with 1... 11, ^Vi.•;harll yesterday to entertain tlie Kx T<>nehets cluh. The afteinooii Mils spent in a social way and the pitesis minded iiifbrmallx. eiijut iiic n-uiiially iiiteifsiitii; talks of the sum- liifi's p|ea.-!iir «'s. Tliei-.' vvji.-; an ylaii- Orate live o"el <|ek lunehmn with p'afes for iJiest' ;; IK'<IS : .Me .Miami S >V. Vi /ie. <ieo. Davis. Sallee. 1.. W. ['•iinean. Knajip. H. I., lleiidersoii. • \ .\. V. I.. niTist'T.-. .lohn l >'vlin. I.. H-i""v 'mrt. r'astaln. Mm. Aleflun-. \V. t. \ Allison. F. S Beattie. Kunl;. H. .\. • -^ Kwinc. St''vei:.^"ii. Ilil -seh".'-. .M;i >i/. r-! rv. C. M. Tlionip'">n. Sadie Tliomp.-on. .foim Koii.'^t. J. T. Prirc. (',. \\\ .\iid<r- siin. Miss Sliiipsou. H. \V. Kwiim. K. U'. .\ryler. M. Wishard. J.Io.v-! fo". ; H. I,. Douslas. .Mrs. Hollenhe^k. .Mis.i Home Tomorrow. .\[r. Ren mzgeijald and the .\ll.s.-<e,s Kilz^eraM will arrjvp herej tomorrow after a delishtliil motor trip. Tliey are ill Ottawa tod iv. • • To Humboldt. .\iroiiB the ladicK wl'.o are in Humboldt today are .^jlrs. Herman Tholen. .Mrs. Seward Blxby. Jlrs. .1. 1). .Arneti. .Mrs. ('. O. hollinper. Mrs. \V. f. T.-ats. .Mrs. H. F. Travis and Mrs. .1. C. Balliet. 1: *• r" ** Little Gleaners. The Utile Cleaners dub of tlio Firsi .M. K. <hii:cb will havr an af- iern«ion party witli; Miss .Myrtle Ally'n on West street loniorrow. , , .:• ji- Dinne ^l Party. ^ .Ml and Mrs. \V. T. Watson had till :;ileS!s ill il|liner last ••veuiui;: ("olt;;ressmn» .Ma.<)i.-<oii. of IJod.ce l'it>. .lidiii Q. Jtoyoc, state hank fxam- iiier. T. .\ Me.N'vall randidate for stale ptiiit'-r auil A. IV Harris, of this city. .\. v. Lodge and .Mis. O. I-. Carlinu- htni:?''. • Lee Parke Coming. I.e.^ I'arke. who r"?eiiiiy wiii' Alta Seta Club. For th'^ first linie since their teacher. .Mrs. S. S. Ililscher. returned from • "I vacaiii>n th<> Alta Seta sirls in'-t last »^vi-iiiim. The ••lection of ofBcersj was oiii- of fhe <fv <'nfs of the meet iiig and thes<- .nou ^i-.- ladi<'s were chos- '11 to direct ihi' viork of the year': siil-iit —V<lina Sleeper. Vice J'resident • .Vinv Massengale. I ii'-ir'iar. —Alfa Duncan. • Trfasiir<'r— rtf-sMe Beck. / ^ J The >oeial houij Was made plea .saiil jwiih m <i.--ic and Sirs. Hilncher served Ottawa with his parent;^, is .-xpecti-B ,.^f,..,„„„.„„. .^,„„„jj „,o«p who were present w.-n?: Misses Alfa Dun •'can. I.oii Duncan. Bess Beck. Velnia Sleeprr. iKIeanor jBo.'^d. .Mary ('aiiiioii. Kvelyli Howland.j >lald.- B «'Htly." Belle Held. Kiinice .laiikson. I.iilii Ciilbert- son. Kva .\rnistroflig. .\my .Mahseiigale. GET THE HABIT! Roller IT'S A GOOD HABIT I! a ..a—u -I ^ i _a33 =;^«r Kink open Every NJght Except Siindny Cina Kakin .Mrs. Bovd and Miss l^ena Mi*<iopary Society. S A. r.a .Mrs. ton avenue, wmsj ionarv society i jesli'iday afleri frtMii City where they spent the day. i •:- •:• • Mrs. BecK Home. .Mrs. .\. W. Beck returned last night from a visit in Argonia. • • • To Maryland. Frof. and .Mrs. I..«dter who" came to lola early last spring have returned to .Maryland wheri- they will make their home. •> •> / Visit Relatives. .Mr.s. W. K. Chattam of nresel. .Mo., arrived this morning for a visit with I e;- motlier. -Mrs. A. I. Beam and her sisters. .Mrs. .\. F. Florence and .Mrs. K. N'. .lones. • •'• Home From Colorado. .Mr. and .Mrs. Frank Tanner have relurneil from Colorado where they spent the summer. J. To Iowa. Dr. R. (.). Christian has .;.diie to Iowa for a vi.sii with relatives. -:• •> • Miss Thayer Coming. .Miss .lennie Thaver. who orsnni/cil thi- lola . Yoiin-.; Woni'-irs Clirlstian Association in .lnii>- .arrives in the ciiv tonig. !. to be the guest of .Mis. C. .\. Burek on South Colliorn street. .Miss Thayer i.-; State Secrelai.\ f<ir, Kansas and Oklahoma and those who: knew her iluring her successful work! of planting the .\sso<-Jatioti here {ire ::lad to know liiat s!ie is to visit Inl;< again. the sctiool year. The Chl's and Betfc's have a membership -of pupils wnosQ talents are displayefl in inter- ?slljig meei:n;;s ami there is just i^noiigli friendly rivalry between lh<i two societies to make the program work interesting. It is iirobabic that the annual parii <'s. will Ije given thii ..lar to entertain the seniors aiiil lo Celebrate other occasions. The Chi 's are electing offlcers today. .f Entertainment. The entertainment siven by the young people of the Christian church last evening was especially successful. Uev. R. H. Ellett gave a dcscri]*- tion of incidents, among them many humorous ones which had occurred during his; life in the south, and the audience was appreciative. .Mr. .\. I<. Boatright itang a solo as the mu^-ical part of the evening. Siilmrltau Ilonii- for Sale. This is a fine 5 acres situated at the junction of two of the luosi puldic roads in .\llen coiinty: only biock.- Irom the busines.s center of .\loran mil onU -I IdotSxs from the public sch .-Mil biiildin:; There is a new 7- rooni cii|tiii;e dwelling wish ••i -iset. pantry ami three porclie.'. a :;yj)d -iinal! li.irii. smoke house and chicken hoii-e. iThe hiiildings are .-iM new. Iie- iim linTt l.i.^^t .-prins; fiie tlweMiiig i.s biii!' i-f the best of material and is we'l lini-heil There i.s fine shaite by l;irt:i' 'iee.^ and l.iys smooth. Is Weil leiii -ed and i> a Mood ciuality of soil. Addrr<> .1. O. SMITH. .^loran. K:in.-. K. S. A. C. MAKES PROTEST. .At a recentvmeeting of the tennis pla'yi'rs in this county. October .Sth was the date decided n)>on 'for the OiieiiiuR of the annual .Mien County Tenni.s Tournament. At this tournament players from alii over the county will contest for the loving cups offered for best players in singles and the best pla.vers in' doubles. If was albo decided at this inf'ctlng to give prizes, perhaps high class racquets, for the winners in consolation doubles and singles. The committee on arningiments already beiun work and are making elaborate . preparations for tie eiiter- taininenl of the large nunilxr of players who will contest in the tonr- nument this fall. Colony. Mo~an. I.a Harpe. Hunilioldt. Basset t. and lola will be represented in the tourna- menf, Juilgiiig from the class of tennis that Is being played in ever* town in the county the tournament will be much faster this year than ever before and the present holders of th nips win have to work hard if they ^expect to win the cups again this year. lust year Stover and Bowlus of rthis cily won the loving cup for the ,Wst In doubles. It is not likely that .Mr. Bowlus will pla'y this year and .Mr. Stover will have to hunt a new I>artner to l:elp defend his title this fall. "Dickie" Peet of l.anyonville won the cup offered for the best in single.«. He is here now workin-jr out preparatory to entering the tournament asain this lear. If ih" p'ayers succeed in winnin? the cups three times It will be given to them and new cujm offered. In N'etidesha the merchants and business men contributed tiiward paying for the prizes offered for the winners of i': f consolation doubles and sincles. It is likely that a committee will call on the merchants here to ask them to contribute toward the i)rlzef!. The Hum Engineering Compan.v courts at the corner of Broadwaiy liave- been tendered anil will be jised to play the games durin.g the totirn -i ment. .\s soon as the schejult- wliii-:; is now bein.i; arranged is completed, ii ni': be piildished. The di-awujg for n'atcVes will be made Oitober Kih . the day befoie the oix-nins of the tournament. The execmive eoinmillee is COUUMIK- ollowinc local players: K. Brewster. Rex lJ..-.v Iiis. and .Max Ross. NEWS OF GAS GITY THE BAKMITER OF .UR. A.\U HRS IIKNUY REI'ORTED .ML( H BETTER, ' L. si |K WITH TYPHOID FEVER FOtn BALI, TEA.M ISSIES A.\ IX- QUALIFIED CH.VLLE.MJE FOR GAME Word Mas RcceiTOiI Here Yesterday Tellhitf of Death of 3lrs<. E. T. WII- >iti\\ Father in Clrartirld, la. Gives Pointed Reasons Against Removal oF Ensineering Course. .Manhattan. K.--.. Sept. Covernor j 'llnch some time ago called a inee;- . _ " I'" _ . : inc of the recents nf the uidversitv First Religious Service. , „„^,„^„ „„Hc „l,„rHl rol- The Relijiious Committei" of the V i..^^ ,,^1,,^ ,,,^,„ ^„ agreement that W. C. \. met ill the .\s>->>ciatioii roonis would stop dii|dication work. It was alteru'-on ami planneil f„r nndersioo.I that the meet, . , _. iiig was cal'ed at t'e instance of tbe of that departtnent. Ti.e „„. ,.„j.j„„,,i„g initial service will be on Sunday af- work awav from the Agricultural col- »ernc«>n. Octolier lih. The rooms are lege. .\t the second meetini; -ludge to be open ••ver> a part of the afternoon there will be ,.„„„r^, ,.„„^„,. ,,r..s,.nteij a very a .service which will be eitiially inter- :,i,ie brief defending the holding of esting to church goers and those hav- this course at the .\gricultnral col- Inc no church aftiliation. . Se^le. »i'd insisted that the nniversjt.r had no right whatever to have coiirs- vesterday t' e work , , . . \ .M. Storv. pn.'sident of the board Sunday, and d-trins S,^,,. ^^^^ the general secn-tary will preside at these ••Op4;u house atiernoons" aid wlM gi>.e an a^ldress on Octolier 11 h, bfKinnin:; at " p. ni. Kv «T.i Iwu'ly will be most. <-ordialIy weliomed. • • • In Auto Race. .Mr. IMniiey who will Iw'- among the n-otorlsts who will be here tonight In in engineering. He cited the land crani of I.Sfi.-; in wMcIi it stated that these asriciiltiiral colleges were ^to offer courses of luKtruction In acri culture and n'echanir arts for the training of the indinstrlal classes; that if was not the Intent of congress to make these schools only agrirultiiral nchools, but that thev were also In tended to fejich mechanic arts and that this ter.n would indiidi.-. iiot nierelv shop work, trades, hut everV' the Clip race will be entertained by I 'd of South Washing- .Miss I .ee and her gmsts .Miss thine that pertained to machinery, ma- loKless of the Miss- .\|„„re and Miss of Kansas '•h'n- <-onstriictlon. electricity. Irrlga- r the Baptist church c|tv. There will be a small flintier Hon. .surveying. ilralnaRe, Ko<»d roads.' ooil. The study for party for the i ;iie..>T of honor the nieetlim;wa!^ on .lapaii and In lue absence of^lrs.' Cowan, who was to • have dlreited the program. .Mrs. C .1.' etc. .J. J. .J. I Johnson Stopped Them. Here From Ottawa. ' Clevelands upward march toward .\rr. an.l Mrs l\. I.. ColKiove the pennant waa checked yesterday daughter of Ottawa, are guestK of Mr when Waller Jn^^l^on. pltcnln.- for ; Dfixsee, president of the Koc^'ty. pro. iiii^j Frank (iariett. Mrn Col- WaahlnKton. defeated them, allowing VKlded. Mrs. Arthuv WilllamHon gave grove an.l .Mrs C.iirrett are sl.siers. , but three hits. III Ik aiMl llliiHt rated her re + • + i Dr. S'**" Will T»Ik. ) H map marks with phcftos of part of fhi count i\ under i isciis.-^lon. The. usual nmiitii r III luemliers were present. <•> A- Hom«| Prom City. I . .Mrs. A. E. Balllet. Mrs. w] E. Red- 'feani. .Mrs. A. I. Moorehoad and Mips Rhoda East retlimed. last Returned Home. • Or. Swan of fJas City will talk to .\Krs Morgan, of HHnolH. has r- ^ „, ,„eal Y. M. C. A. Sun- iMrnnd home after a visit with .Mrs I • , ....... H. U-masteis. ; day afternoon at to oclock. <. <. 4. i Wa* Known Here. Chi Omefla Meeting. • I r». c. Zercher. or Olathe. was ono A ideasant part of the hlsh s<^|.ool{„, ,„j„-ert in the Carthace wre.^k life began today when the Chi Oni^ga.i . , , . ... of tie literarv so^bties of ^he'>-'*''"-''»> '^-"'""^ eveninc institution held the first meeting of «" the insurance men of this city. •••I of the Jollowi A. Owen. F. W. Insurance Man Here. ."has. W»Ish. of Kansas Citj. rei>- resentaiive of the Westchester Fire Insurance company, of New Yorl.. is In the city today on business. Is Much Better. T\\f little itaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry of North Daly street, who Is suffering from an attack of scarlet fever, is today re|iorted as being much belter. She has been quite seriously -.Jiirf Father is Dead. WonI i was received here yesterday telling of the death of Mis. E.:T. Wilson's father in ClcarHcld. la. He has been sick for the past several wcekt«. Mrs. Wilson was at his side when the end came.. Challenges the World. The footliall team that' was organiz- eil here last week wishes the Register to s?fat^- thai they challenge the world. figuratively speaking, for games. The team is willlns to compote with any team. This year Gas City has* together an aggregation of players which is expected to,.make a sood sliowin.g against any team in the state. Hurt In the Barn. .\ horse belonging to "Chief" Si -ruRgs was killed yesterday by .\s- slstant Chief of Police Brown. The horse was hurt Wednesday night and it was thought necessary to kill tho animal in order to end Its suffering. Personals. Clem Obrian went to .Mildred Ihis morning to l)egin work in the store that is l »einE opened there. Mrs. Nannie Smith left yesterday for her home In Richards. .Mo., after a few days' visit with relatives. Mrs. Elizabeth Clay of Berlin. Kas., is here visiting her daughter. .Mrs. Chas. f;rcgg left yesferdav for Blue Mound. 'Kas.. where she will be the guest of relatives for the next few <lays. .T. .v. Adams has retiinied to his work in the mill after several da>s' illness. .1. C. Porter of Ottawa. Has. j was here yesterday- on a business vLsit. illiss Ida Kinman went to Humboldt yesterday, where she will be the guest of relatives. If y.->u want tho latest and nicest post earrts on the market, get them at Mundls drug store. j When Children Love. John Robinson, the circus proprietor, was married yesterday at Clarks- viiie. Tenn.. to .Miss .Maud IvOgan.a ."rained niir.'^e. who is -1,%. years bis iunior. WTien his children heard of his intentions they chartered a specj iai train in order t<i reach CJarksviJle before the ceremony and .-top it. iiut thev were ti«) late. (Char:: Robinson is a miilti-mil- loiuiire. •—.\tchison Clobe. Files the Krplles. In the rase of Northrup.-" Bank v.-; the Webster Refining Company. Baxter D. .McClain. attorney for the receiver and for the l>ank. has Bled his replie.-- to a mimher of interpleas. fo and From itnrliaeton. H R Vea<h has returned from a trip t..: tola. .lupin. .Mo. and other point,-. - • ^ W. i; Seath. district uianager for the Bell Telephone Com- panj was in Burlington Tuesday. Far lie>t and iioickKt results n^e ihe Register Want Colnnns. to CALIFORN^ Arizona and, New Mexico Every day iuring September and Oc obcr you can buy one-way Col- * tickets to California and intermediate points at about half liic , usual fares. Proportionally low . tates to the North West and Mexico THROUGH tOURIST St^EEP^ to San Prai:cisco via San Antonio and BI Paso leaves St. Louis on I Tuesdays of each wet k on the i "Katy Fl)et" Set Ktty Ageat. or Write Me for ParticoUrs W. S. ST. C£ORC£ CeAerdl Patsengur Agent* M.K.(fcT.RY. WdinwrisKt Udg.. St LoaU. Mo.

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