Longview News-Journal from Longview, Texas on February 27, 1999 · Page 11
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Longview News-Journal from Longview, Texas · Page 11

Longview, Texas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 27, 1999
Page 11
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Saturday, February 27, 1999, Longview News-Journal 1 1 A Economy From 1A FromlA growth does notslow on its own, the fed is prepared to start raising rates to make it happen. The Clinton administration, the Fed and many private economists believe economic growth will slow marJeetUy this year as pent-up consigner demand is finally exhausted and as the U.S. trade deficit widens further, reflecting that one-third of th$ globe is in recession. ut recent reports have called thai nsensus view into question. Just his week, data showed that new orders for durable goods shot upjn January at the fastest pace in 14 months and sales of existing hemes and consumer confidence bafh.dimbed into record territory. JEKbee stronger-than-expected rejr56 caused a sell-off on Wall St?$ on Thursday as investors beajpe concerned the Fed will soon revtinfe course and start to raise inigk-ebt rates because of fears the economy is overheating. Sjfebond market recovered some of3j5e losses Friday as investors chde0 'ocus on ne exceptionally loClnflation figure in the GDP report. Stocks, however, gave up fyrther ground, losing more than 40 pbints by late afternoon. f)n Friday, Robert Parry, president of the San Francisco Federal 1 Daughter From It- mg to see your mommy any- nwe,' " Shafaa said, but she proved Him wrong. ! Kow, mother and daughter are sllrting over. They have rented an aiVtment in Longview and bought aj (far with the help of friends. ShWaa will attend Longview High qcjiool, and Salem plans to find a f The funny thing is that I'm not afaid," Shafaa said. "I'm not aftpU ... I was afraid a lot when I vjjjrid. I'm not afraid anymore. 'J my right to be with my raomj find I'm not doing anything albm, who is originally from L&ipSflew, met Shafaa's father at a cCj in El Paso. She said he told depone that he had converted fSwajQie Muslim religion to Christianity-. They married in 1980 and ibived back to Longview, where Sftafaa was born. The family later m6ved back to El Paso. j n 1988, Salem said she and her husband began having problems. IJ4 convinced her to sell her Long-vw home that her father had left Hej. Also, she said they planned to sfeJUJieir home and restaurant they owned in El Paso and move to Cali-fcfiiua, where they were to begin njarriage counseling to save their njarriage for Shafaa's sake. Salem left El Paso for a two-day tnp to Longview to sell her home. Salem" said Shafaa begged to go with her mother, but she said "no" bicause the girl was in school. 5"That haunted me for years," SSdem said, because her husband afcducted Shafaa while Salem was aifray. He left only a tape-recorded message filing Salem that he was tak-hjg Shafaa to Jordan to visit his fjmily and would be back in three 'They never went to Jordan, Sklem said. Instead, the two travel to toe Urritedtfab Emirates a&d then to Pakistan before finally settling in Sweden where Shafaa his spent the past 10 years of her life. J"He told me that he took me aray from my mom because she vjsobad, andshewasaChris-tfin, a bad Christian, and he was a Musljjn, and he didn't want his jl ifi x i m QV,C, II W UC a VIU IBUtui, uuiuaa inton FromlA rfctfiaio iha hotel where Clinton sokeC hundreds of protesters dem onstrated about a variety of causes. vi(Mjtrson carried a sign: uunion 4 Enfe of corruDtion in the reign of riunch." Another sign said: "No NAFTA for Africa." Clinton was heading for Los Angeles later for a $200,000 political fund-raiser. jBerger described Clinton's speech a) tha equivalent of his State of the Imion address. It was intended to rispoi&d to critics who say "there is i big threat out there" and "we obgH to tend to our own knitting," Bjergersaid. Clinton said the fighting in Kos-oo poses "the biggest remaining gor" to peace in the Balkans, ovo "is not an easy problem. But itjWt don't stoP tne conflict now, it clrtlv will snread." he said. ijjtKr Serbs and ethnic Albanians are'fo return to the negotiating table March 15, and Clinton warned Yugoslav President Slobodan Reserve Bank, said, "Frankly, after three years of underestimating the U.S. economy's ability to grow, it wouldn't surprise me to see it exceed expectations for a fourth year." In December, the country's economic expansion became the longest in peacetime history. If growth lasts another year, it will be the longest recovery in history, surpassing the 1960s expansion during the Vietnam War. By many measures of growth, unemployment and low inflation, the country is already enjoying its best days since the 1960s, many analysts say. The good economic performance is one of the chief reasons cited for President Clinton's strong approval ratings even during the darkest days of the impeachment battle. A new poll by the Pew Research Center found that Americans' optimism about their nation is higher than it has been since 1964. . ; For all of last year consumer spending which accounts for two-thirds of total economic activity rose 4.8 percent, the fastest increase in 14 years. That offset the widening trade deficit, which subtracted 1.1 percentage points from growth last year. 1 A And Salem said her ex-husband also had told Shafaa that he would "cut her into pieces" if she ever tried to find her mother or return to the United States. Salem employed detectives and agencies to help find her daughter. But many false leads later, Salem went to Jordan for the fourth and what she thought would be the final time searching for her daughter. "The fourth time, I thought I had gone to live there forever," she said. Her ex-husband's family had promised her that if she gave up America and moved to Jordan, they would help her get her daughter back. "They never brought Shafaa to me," Salem said. Meanwhile, Shafaa was in Sweden, and her father was physically and mentally abusing her, Salem said. Shafaa finally went to a social services office in Sweden and told them what her father had been doing to her, and she was placed in a foster home. Then, Shafaa picked the name of an American attorney out of the phone book in Sweden, called him and told him her story and about her search for her mother. The attorney agreed to help Shafaa "money or no money," Salem said. Eventually, officials were able to connect the dots from Shafaa to the woman who was living in Jordan searching for her daughter, and the embassies in Jordan and Sweden were able to arrange for the mother and daughter to be reunited. Shafaa traveled from Sweden, and Salem came from Jordan to meet at the DallasFort Worth Airport and return to Long-view. "I started running for Shafaa and grabbed her; we were crying," Salem said. "I started thanking God. It was God that did it, obviously." . Salem said her 10-year nightmare has made her a better person, and she wants her experience to serve as encouragement for other people who are going through painful times. "There is hope," she said, looking lovingly at her daughter. "Don't give up, because there is hope in the Lord." Milosevic to refrain from violence, saying: "President Milosevic should understand this is. a time for restraint, not repression. And if he does not, NATO is prepared to act." Berger expressed concern about Serb troops massing on the border of Kosovo. He said the United States and most of its allies believe NATO Secretary-General Javier Solana should act if the Serbs engage in widescale repression. Clinton has pledged to contribute 4,000 American ground troops to a NATO peacekeeping force for Kosovo if a peace agreement is reached. The president said he would make a special effort to pursue peace in the Middle East. "I intend to use the time I have remaining in office to push for a comprehensive peace in the Middle East, to encourage Israelis and Palestinians to reach a just and final settlement, and to stand by our friends for peace," he said. was outside taking up tickets, and when he saw the commotion, he came inside and told me to get up, and when I refused, he called the constable. When the constable arrived, I spoke to him, and he spoke to me (we knew each other). He told the bus driver, let this BOY ride, he lives about 5 miles out of town. This bothered me, because I had just returned from serving my country and could not sit at the front of the bus beside a white boy. Dr. Elam's article prompted me to write this. He said wisely, "It takes more than a dream to build a real community." I agree. I have a workable solution to this problem. "An Old Story For This New Day" Once upon a time, two men found themselves under a tree by the roadside. One was lame; the other was blind. Both desired to go to a nearby city. The blind man said to the lame man, "Why don't you go into the city?" The lame man answered, "I cannot walk." The blind man said, "I can walk, but I cannot see." Then the two men made a bargain. The blind man agreed to take the lame man on his back while the lame man promised to see for and direct the II i WLPf .,.'. : fegjto;.j&- 1 : l A) 43' Duk 515-338 99.99 (After Instant Rebate) ' I : II i fiWllliMIII""" r I B) 43' Hutch 515-346 .59 99 , I II I 'I -' I C-DrMwrra,aK (not shown) 164-145 149.99 -, '. I 11 : tl iiJ'W!fc 9fcaL 1 '.;..--:-.'?H p)60'Dtk 160-606 159.99 ! Irlhim f 1 J4i . Ojr-iK- V 60' Hutch 515-353 .v...:.9.99 809 9? - 50 00 : OmA .-JTv j . 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One was eyes for the other, the other was feet for the one who could not walk. Thus both men got into the city. This is a simple but wonderful story, and it contains a workable philosophy of life for this day, whether that life be individual, national or international. These two men found themselves in ; the same location and were wise enough not to lose a lot of time in speculating concern where each had come from, as we often do about the different nations and people of the earth. These two men differ in points of strength and weakness. One saw but walked not; the other walked but saw not They did not criticize adversely the weak point of the other, but saw the good in each other and utilized the same. "What a wise example." All men and nations have some : good characteristics. As to the Negro, there is much to his favor. He has the ability to adapt himself to the environment and to assimilate the American civilization. To talk about the builders of America and to leave the Negro Out is to talk incompletely. The labor of the . Negro was an early investment which this country made, from which invest i f . .. .... LPQDOffl Offki Dtoot h n local (ompttthon. that wt both our prias with a 1 55 MoronlM K vou find on idtnnul rtam oWte! louHv for Ita, now or within 1 doyi tl vow purctaa, itt know. Wt'l gm vou thi kmr pnet, plus S5 of tfw difftrtnu toward your punho al Ofki Dpot. (Maxmum S55 . croon. Wo rowvo thi nght to lint ouanfrtws. Ad orron, caHular sonnet, dosoouts and doaramos do not qualify. liKtock norm only.) I t&ZiZVd da nut quolitr liKtotk Mms aaty ) I Task Chaii Chmrry Arm 382-009 lfrt"l l O'suluvan A CkT "v-""" Chair 409-631 49.99 652 - 941 matin a 409-615 m.M 'Before Rebate) : , 11. - 7KN-f0nninttxitRabali I rOKIirXl KIDMS 647-495 19 99(2SMv) ment it is still drawing dividends. The Negro is patient, forgiving, long-suffering and kind. He is a living example of those passive Christian virtues of which Christ spoke in his sermon on the mount These two men desired the.same thing: to go to the same nearby city. All men desire the same thing, fundamentally. They desire "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." The Negro is not an exception. He desires economic freedom to work on any job for wages according to services rendered; political freedom to choose by ballot the one that shall direct government under which he must live; civic freedom to choose the higher institutions of learning which he may attend, and elect the course of study which he may pursue therein. These two men manifested a spirit of goodwill, cooperation and fair play. They did not exploit each other, but assisted and balanced each other with their strong points. This was the only way both could have reached the city.. :' May we leam and follow these lessons from this grand old story, in our new day. Then shall there be glory to God in the highest, and on earth PEACE among men of goodwill. . , LJ (onfibtnt that m btat ttw fjQjftf Contempo D I III .MHSSK! j JWH) W IBefort Rebate) ! f.? j 18" 2-Orower File Cabinets By Steehvorki ! 4'(WtyTtMa,24'i4l'rop 471-391 i Ortpnlf & r- H MIOVVNt LOO" 1 flOUtrWON Mm ) tOGVtW Wttd i ' ooooaowAfi 8 : am OAILY:7am-9pm SAT.: 9am - WE ACCEPT: Discover, Visa, Mastercard, American Express I The construction project will cost $5.5 million, Lehmann said. Madden, based in Minden, La., began the work several weeks ago, he said. "We hope to finish it by this fall. They have until next year to finish it. but thev're on the fast track." Lehmann said. TxDOT's Longview office is responsible for 1-20 in Gregg County, while the Tyler office is responsible for the portion of the interstate that crosses Smith County, he said. .;.: But because the TxDOT office in Tyler is overloaded with work, the Longview office is coordinating this project, Lehmann said. "We're helping out the Tyler office," he said. Executive Modular Workstation i Oak Files By 882-748 ! i-Dntm 838 243 i 4-Drtwtr 838 227 Source Code 99240 fl www.news-journal.com ' " nn 1 hi North Longview Judson Rd. N. Loop Plaza Shopping Center (903)234-0704 id 9pm SUN.: 10am-6pm The Office Depot Credit Card S Technology Card

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