Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 25, 1908 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 25, 1908
Page 2
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FRIDAY and SATURDAY Just received L complete hue of LuUea If all iSLirts ii liriccs that r4ngrt from $3.50 lo $|2.00[ worth J/". 00 r. flo 01). TuOO yards ol'Stausl-ir.i I'riut. V c-eut Shirting, gni K ai 4000 yaVds of I'\mcy Outiuvi 2000 i.dir <'f I 5c lOc 7 34c 5c Udic*. lull's ;iu I NU ^Ii's iacuy lur.c, Koini? at k-ss than cost i!:auufacturer • f (> handsome Po-;til C.uu- l'.r Clothes pins- j|;uin]^ al per d'»/c» . . cout Coru g^'Muj^ -A 10 cent Corn goiuj; at Ifi ceiU Tomatoes, si. iiidard -s vV -^^ • cent Tosnaloes, .siandanl-", K"'"K • 10 cent Tomaloe", slaiulanls, . .. Meu'rt |l .r »0 t > $1 Pants, going at . . J. fiOO uair Men s Pants, going at |. . .: 50c and Wc Work' Bhirlf, pj>\nv: at i. ..'. :;U0 bio'ceu Hi'-' Dress Shirts, worth up Si.00, on sakvat. Bargains iit ail Dry Goods. ^ h jes. Clothing and Groceries 6c 35i '5c Ic • iOc 8G !2c IOc . 8c $1.00 75c 40c 40c (MME TO .»<EE THE .IHBIV .4L OF THE TOl RIST.S. Tliii- He.-nill*"" < •HiiuilUr*' Uuuv Ui ValiH IVnlir—Vlsnor« to Rfrei*** u Kej to rlt.i. CALL UP 481 H. A. JONfiS, Manager 117-119 West St., lola I", i: Kwin:'. iif Kansas City, who Is i.i III!' (liliit car fur rni- cii:i -chas- f."s.' >ialf(l ill a riiiiwrsalifiii wiili K«l <iw<:i!- i.viT I III- loll); n!.'».-aiicf plioiiK ifniii .Vikaasas t'ilv last u-voiiilis «hai i ihf- pii'it, t-ar would arriw hi-re at tlni ihf aiitiiisis werf i-arinK and not ituT.iy nil a |ilra>uro trip, and asked .•1.- a favor l<i ilir liHrliciiiaiKs that the , t t.viiiiiiu-.' iluit' viTV fow anlos |»:iiiii' III niii-l th«>n a.-- ihi-.v lilr.jk the j :ii:;ii-.vay and ii n-rf'Ti- wiili thi- [••(•ha.>^i:> •" .Mr. Kwiiis .<tati>d i-v- |i:iiaK iliai ow inK to a tiiiinlicr of nia- j<-iiiii«-.-i iK-iii^ dr<it^|H>(i fniiii thv rac«> ;ili«i-f uiiiild !>•• only alioiii 0!i;hiy por- M»ii.s ill till' i-arty when ihey arrived in this city. Thf ciiiiitiiiiti-e li -Ai^ jiianri-d .Mr. Kw- Iiis' r»*i|"ifsi r<'laii>t> to (he niiiiilier of aiitf..-i KO'ii." to Va I'.-i (Vriter and «iniy .two .-ai^ Wfiii to .iiu'f! t!u; "fhaser.^" and pii'M-ni ilu>ni tin- ki-y to ilie ri.y I'n-sidPiit Itfck of tin- i'.oi.i-ler «'li\i>. wa:-. iinaliie lo ;;o and a|i|iiiiiito<I llr. K. t! .Martin as lii.s .'•-iih^^iiiiiii'. .\iiionR ihn i,;lii-r iiifnilif-rH of thf i .arLV werr Mny.'.r koliin.'^oii and Dr. I'. S. .Milchei:', «-!..»irmaii of the eomiiiltie.^ on onter- l.-tiiinifiii. .\iitoiiiol)iU> einlinsiasts Irom a nuin- l)i-i- <>f the siirroiindiuK eities . and triwn.-. l.eeii arrivini; .-iiice early this morninr^ to see the eudiiranco i:in:Kr.s whea they leach the «:iiy. The lUiOilers vvh<i went to iriiiiiboldl this inorniiijr to aiend the fair will return , i:i liJiie to extend ih«? Klad hand of w.ieoniH !o the aiiio party. W.\NTED—Fiirnl.shed roomsi for liKht huiisekeepiug. Addres.s Ikix 1:;.'.. W.^.N'TED—Girl for general housework in the Country, '.\ddress .A. T.. TnwnKend R. K. :{, I'hone WZ~iZ. \V.\.NTKiJ—lola property to ex- ehanse for Kansas and .Missouri land, (luideu West l..aiid (>» Ollire over lowa Store, lola. Kas. WANTKtl—Unusekeeiier for stnall fair«:iy: middle ai?ed woman preferred. .Address 11. \V.. this olliii-. WANTED—.\ (juick buyer for a bargain, a desirable S room house, good location. iEast front, city wati-r. Price $1230 In payments. S. lieiler. 204 South Sycamore street. Bffsiness Difectdry, DK. MILDBED CURTIS • Tb/sleiaii and Snrgeen. • OfficiB over Bu'rell's .Drng Store * Office Phone 554 .T « Resilience 214 E. Jacksoii • Pho^e r ,69. J * • ••••••••••••••a DR.S. REID & BEID, • Ijbjriiiriana and SnrgeoBS. • • X-RaV and Electrical lApjAIIancM. • Eyk Ear. Kose anil lliroat. • Ojffice Phoni? 357; Rea.lS9«. * WA.NTED—.Man and wife or two Kirls to cook and wash di.'-he'. lioiil ! and cafe. st«-a<ly work, K"od waKes. ' Call at S<iutK Side Hotel and t'afe. j Ifiinilioldt. Has. Win. Ifailey, I'roji. W.\.\TKU—A iirst class salesman to .Kell on.- tejis. coffees and s^ieeialfies dire.-t to tli<.> consumer in and around lola. .\ i:iK>d payInK business to ri.i;ht jiarties. Writr or call on the tlrand i;iiion Tea Co, T(H Kansas .Aveune. T'lpeka. Kas. WA.NTEli—:.»•> j;ood liedee posi-v .Apply at Claiborne's .Mill. I ••••••• DR. MeMILLEX. • Spetjlal attention > given to- tha * trealtpent of all Chronic Dlaea** * ea and Diseases of Children. * Telephones: Office 32, Rea. 238. • Officb over Burrell's Drug Stor« • West Madison. • WAXTEl>—To trade r<iiiity in new four room hoiiye for leriin.' .Address G. care Register. • W.VNTKD—To buy a liKht surrey.— lola Ijtnd Co. PERSONS WA.NTIXO boy or Rirl to work for board while attending school apply at lola Business College. Phone 495. Arkaiita.^ City. Sept. i;.'..—Its the .-,1 ..^^..l ><i« t%%f III a*liafftf\n ^'"'il'"" verdicts, alihoush the Hay FUNSTOH IS HERE GEMS BY HAYWOOD - - ,»„ WANTED TO BUY—Poor ^r five iacres, lii:proved or unlinp/oved. close to Bood town. Address W. E. K., 702 South WashinKton, lola, Kas. SALES.MEX & AGENTS—? $ % $50 00 end of the slxtli day and four cars in -The Star reliability cup run still have " ev w«re credited with allelltioii of tlie world. TMIMCIUI h)iu>as llerji Visilim; I'aic.lls lit Toilii). \ i\r\\ ie His Socialist Lea'Icr "jrellr Where He Thinks Injunctions Ci;!!! '.il l"ii'il I'-iiMMo;!. i'i::iini:i:idl!i;! i.fTlci r .'Il I"! l.iMVeiiwiu i-- ioil:i.\ vi-'illtr.; :ii Ihc lumie of his ii;iieiit:J, H 111 !ii:(l Ml-. !•: |i. l'ui;Moii. o;i llu',' l.nii iiiMi '.'ail.v !•, Kii>. Ill' l.lliil' III I'W.ivIl' III! llle MlllllllllMllllI S;!lil;' I 'l' vliicli iiHJu'H here ill r »';.'i .'i ^|'^:(ll •l^ 111 killdli;; iiVer llii' |ilioiii' villi 11 l !i ';;i '-tiT lf|iiuli'| (li'llillll l''llll- •Mi-.i N .i.l U\;il lie 1 \ineli 'i| lo ii'tliiu S:iiiil .i.\ IHKI IIIMI 111 illil liol klliivv .vlli'.lii 'l 111 nut lie woulll \ I'II lola j.i'liilr |i '-illllilll'. hi' vtiiik. CALLS IT A FAD fandlilale for in ihi- Third Should Go. iColT.'Vvlllel.Iminial.i •To hell Willi injiitu'tions. • •Von li.'ive a rl«li:jto lii«. borrow or siisil lull no ii'.;hi ii<i starvi'." •'Iiijiimlloii Mill aii!(l .Sihii Mill, iiii.l .ci-iins checked CanipalL ui.tll election. Sells to Stores, Ccun- j:it the start. Tho of the six that left ,j. pajra. Picnici and Private Kamilies. Beiijaniin K. Wilson. Uie Soi-iulist , ^ ^j^.^ I'hosie t;s7. Rea. 701. • I DB.O. L.COX, • Kie, Ear; Nose and Throat. • Spectacles Properly Pitted. • btHce A. O. U. W. BIdg. \ • • • « OfA6?. Tel. 1083. Night Tel. 4M DR. B. 0. CHRISTIAN rtajsfcian and Snrgeoa Rooina 7 and' 8. Evans Bldg. F. U. MARTDT, • Surgery and Dlseaaea of * Women. • Officle and Residence Phone 57C * Office 7 North JetTeraon. • JEWELRS. B. F. Pancoast, old rellabll Jeweler, no East Street. norniuK with clean Cbmidete line ot samples, charges pre- i. «, 1'... Mi-ins-as W'd for r.Oo. Order today. CHICAGO u, at t... J^V/ELTY CO.. «0 Wabash Ave., was jsreeied with fri'i-at applnuse and \\\ ose spi-ei-h was freiiuently cheer ei!. What Shall Starving Man Do7 .Mr lliiywood proved to be a very eiilertuilliliK tulk-r and llelit Ills HUdl- ince will. This was diiO lo liilerent In the iiiiiii llavwooil liliiiHel( on iioi'oiliil lioily polllle." [,,|- |,i,< .,,„, ,„ ,|„. ,i,.llli,.r.ii,. •tint ICI.lili. 11 lliiiii'ij^liil mill.IN have IHILII-OK I'liriii'sl niiimiei in «liiili he lic.l iliilr liM.i ttlljlln llle pa.-^l' (ell J,<|,„Ji,.. illsiriet. inlroduced .Mr Haywood., who |;..^^. ^^^^^^^^^^ ^^.^^ a,„i„,„ ^^JJ^'^^ I them. K. II. .lones's Maxftell and^ lIiilli :iii' ( •oilllliHell lilll;i" • ,\ s.illiif II- a libll and a police ir'.i'u :i plnipt'' on I '111 of llii f jit all- I years, iiiid id per li.s Wile due to ^(laclnn property above liiiinan Iif'—<liie mine owiu-rs carliiK Iiion their men." Me lii^aii by lellini: of a speech di llv.'ieii by .linli:"' Taft In New York. I A man .•iski'il Taft what a slarviim Ihiil's Uliiil I'liif. Lauithlin tif Chiciiu'o S!i>s MIOHI Itank Ciiuriiiil} ScUeme. . I.ilieoiii. N.'l.r.. Sei)l. — A eoiil iiiiiiiicalioii lioiii .litmes .1. Hill and an I'.i.;: ! at Tack.n's ai ;'ss la l-n.t '.la s I;.iwren<e ,,..,1 „(• ,j„. TIe 'se and many similar siat«'iiieiiis I w. n- luiil.' by Wil'iaiti O. Haywood, at .'i Soi-ialisr' rally.-ij^eld Wedn.-wday - • •'doin.'. The cen- oll'e i-rmvd- levatioii. 11 was rallv over Ill-Id l.iimli'ifl of Ilie <'!i;c:i!.:o riiiversity. ! i , „ , v.ere f.-attn'-., .,r ,1,.. .Xebia.-ka bank-|^'"'Dc'W to Ilnd 1 r- i(i:ive;ii!i.!i loday. |llill declared . «>:"i!^ the e ilie bank iriianiii;y s.lionie is llie laie.-i the |arf:est Socialist l.i:;iiiei:,l -I ^ as:-.|ried that V'>v ! j,, Montiiome-v couniiv. Mr. Havwood i.vil"!! M'ars llie i.ulritid liiisiiie.<s . " : i' , • , :,•..<! li.eii Uie ol.-ec: ofj an in..-s.-^ant ;secretary of the iWrstern 1-edera- ;!!l;:!k. I'liii llll-•i':^.•^l ie :•. iiplanse ^ri elod j 'ion of .Miners and viitli C. 11. .MoyiT Die ai-; I .Taiire i.f I'li.I. i.iiirjliliji who and t^'Oiye A relliliniie wa;;tried on di.-i IUM-. v:.ri.,iis piiaMM of 111,. iKink- „,^. ,..,.„.„,. ..j ,„„^„,.ri„^. Governor .^leiiiii-iilierM -of Idahi) a few years i:i:: • ;i.iia!ity i|iic'->i:'<n, ItXIM -rr T >vo WKI.I.S TOOIY. (ill IN Walchtii'J \)r\lUr< mi the Scr- j \v\ Farm. e\i.iets to liirii: in two '••r^ '.Ins :il;eriiooii*'ou the C:i',il. HiiAi'v faiMi. Iliree and i)lie-li:ilf miles Wfiil of llie .ily. ll 1 ! expiHed ihal ibe.-e will iiie;!Mii.- aliiiill '.r 4 niil- l.'nii eilliie fe.I a> Tin- other Wills in • ill- ^allle lielil i.-i about iliat mea .s- Jili'M.-MI.: The city TO HE HKIM{I:NE\TI:». \llcn («uiil« Alhlelic IssKciallun Meets'Here Toinornnw . 'riie prr'Niileiit ef Uie ,\;lr'i Coiuiiy ;.\t]ilelie .Vssociatioii received word Mil.Ml the dlllereii! Iii;4li i.i'bools 111 the e to the etTei-I !li;'t they will be M.-im'I'lileil at tin.' ineelliii: of lh«' as: II. i.'iiliiii wliieli is called for leu ii'i'oil; S.iiiinlny niun.iiip In llie lola I.i'.ll ?i'liiiiil Al llii>i mei'llim business lii'iiiu l;uu'e will be cou.-ddered. deed. Haywood i was aciiuitted. The other for th^ilr ore than for;,,,.,^ j,,,^,,,,^, ^.^^ the reply Hal Haywood .'icr-redited to the Uepiibllcan caniUdate. The same question, he said, had been put to Bryan, who had doili:e,| it completely, but had fiiiaUy hamb-d out .•v copy of the Democratic platform. ••And that lit just like a-nuilher-hniH bard." said Haywood. It went all •irotiiid i( and touched no where." The speaker then took a rap at the Proiiibitionis!.-. i^ayinj; that they liad paused H'ore saloons in Kaii?as than in SOU!!' "wef sl.aios. He said So- ••ialijii' would wipe out the saloon evil 'ly .•iliolisbiiiii llie prollls of (he business, ', He sai'l .••v.'iy slarvint: man was i-ntitlei] lo jiistiee and that they wanted not charity but plain, simple iiistici' and th.' chance to work. He said both old partiis are c'oii>tantly becomiie^ luo •.- aliki- aii;l predicti'd r:at in a few years thf Ui'piibllcan:: :ind Hen'oci-ais would hav.- to unite as aMainsi lh«- f«ocialist party. a^o. The criiue il^!^•lf wa..; committed by Harry Orchard .a nilnij -r. bin when he confessed to the intiider he claimed that Htiywood. .Moyeiiand I'ettihone. acliliK a!! oirii'ers of t"ie Western Fed- leralkm. had hired hiitl to coniuiit the tried finst and Ktses ended in IN EYE GLASSES We are constantly | adding new goods in our optical department. Just now we.a.-e showlnci solne very neat new styles^of rimleis eye glass mount- Ingt, made of solid gold, elegant but not expensive. r BUtHsals To Och^lata. ^Ir.'i. H. H. Hi'iiiielt with her aunt. Mrs. l.a.sliell ail 1 the small son of t!e' latter, have gone to Ochelata. Ok., to ' be Ilie jiinsls of Mr. and Mrs. I-.'i Sloiie' I : Remley Case Continiied. The case of the State vs. Homle:' wJiicli ^aiue up for hearing in .Justice Hough's court this inoruing. was continued ii"ttl October 2nd. J Madison at Chanute. Congressman kd. Aiadisun. •who spoke at 4he rally last night left thi; afternoon where ie speaks toniglic. or double glasiies eiiabJe the wearer to use one pair of glasses for bo'.li near and far vision. l.[»t our graduate optician examine your eyes today. Uo. Pac, Sanja Fc:aiid Jl. K. it T. Watch Inspectora. OK TKADB— (^harles M. .Vorrls's runabout, the last of the pvlvilti'lv OWlte,! cats, we;'.- the, ——————— , , ' . I FOR RENT. S.M.i: ""f""""""-^ , , i -:ti;hty .ures Improved. .-. mile. West This leaves the t;haliii.'is 11. troll. .1. „f ,„|„ ^y,„ ,,.,„|,. f,„. ,„.„,„.riv. F. .Moriarlly; il>e Ranibli r, 1' ,1 An- .Xildrev-or call ai Cai.iraci Imiel. lola .\ d.'livii.v liiir .e (or .Miilu mill I'l iir rootii and farm- liakei. Il!i d.iMin. the Maxwell. «'arl .^l'"*"'"'^ " ,.X)R TRAHK and the Corbiii. Fbieh.r Co*li..rd. Jr.. , ill till' I.iiMo r'ass. Tl .' .loiH's and -• • Norrls cars w.-ve noi th.' only oni<H Ihtll .sllfferi'd. Penalties wer.' iiunter- iiii.x becniise of roiish roads ami soiui' ibep mudholes between C.iiihrie and North T Mr\\. th.. I.M ranch, jibe luncheon control.' t^.j SALE-PhouoKraph and At thi 101 Ranch. ords for sale cheap; :iix North C I'HJU SAI.K OK TIlAltK lioa;.'. for hor.-ies or cai'I Itiipletneiils. K. S. Lodge Dftectory and rec- olloit- KMCHTS OF fYTHUS^Neaaht lAM\g» No. 43 racets every Monday niKht at K. of P. Hall, yialting bro* thers Invited. W. S. Thompaon. B. 0. (:hrls RItter. K. of R. and 9. KTMUHTS UP MACCA1IB£S«^ KniKht.>t of MacrahoM of; the Wotli mrelii in K. I*. Hall, aecoud and fourth flatiirdiiy nlKhiM of each month'. J. \V. I 'oHiwalt. cumwander; R, B. Per* (or, record keeper. V. t». nV- Camp No. 101 ineete to K. of P. Iltitl every Friday ntitbt. W. T. .Steele, C. C. A. H. Davli, Clerk visitor* roi^dlnlly tnvlled. | _ .M. «i A.-flte M. W.| A. Lods* meeti' every Friday night in M. W. A. Hall. Visiting brothers loTlted. F*. a I FOR SALE4 -Good horse, at 606 North Klrst. FOR Rem I MlmomUm»«au» Tl 11)1 cha-ser-s found t tday tho wootL irost InterestinK one of the journey. Ti.ey took off their pogt^les and saw thinus. The li.ispiialiiy of th.' Miller brothers and the I.oii;; Horn club at the bin ranohs- summer eami. was the' p^jj nENT4Three ^ooui house distinctive feature. 'souih Third, ilniiujre .if Mrs. i The motorists who had .-iee- ha-.,'«ed Smith on prenliscs. spi-cimens of Hit- .American bi.ioii in j i——— - •—- znolo.uical gardens, learned today that FOR §XOHAHG£ Cotlleld, V C. W. A. Cowan. Clertc 1 HOY.IL XEIOriBORS .r-Iola Camp l,„,mre No. 3C». Royal Neighbors, meeU aejo- ond and fourth Tuesdays of MCll month. Mrs. F. A. Wagner, ora<^I« Mrs. Mary Ilutton. 4J3 West Street Recorder. M- FRAiJER-NAL BROTH£BHOOP<^ iFmternal Brotherhood No, 380 meeta f Second and fourth Thursday ot they I ad never met a real buffalo. The j wELl. I.MI'ROVED SIX TV tsear nil cowboys ronndeil up th«- henl ^^^j town in Vernon Co. .Mo., f.r ex- fhat the ranch boasts <if and the four- ci,a„j;e for tola property. Grace E. ists saw them graziii}? by ih.' ro,ad- Arnold, old court house. .At the summer camp the vi.'dt-' ~—— ; ; ~~ TO l.O.\.V—$...'»Mi privale m.iiiev on farm land at C i-. r ctiit.- i.i'a Land Co. i month in O. U. W. Hall. Vialttng 'memberB cordially invited. W. H..Mr iderson. president; Golda Elam. scicM* "tary. side. ors received and enjoyed th.' iirortuct of hours of labor by everybody con- aecie.i with the raiicfc. .\ loiiL' table built for the occa.'dori stood in the camp street and the huii- ,irry toii-ists didn't wait lonR after th. y .'Jaw il. Souvenir menu cards were at each plate. The coniinltteo set th.- lime .<;chednle ahead an hour. That >rave the visitors tl ree hours at til.' ranch and Oeorfic Miller put on a Wild West show for them. The cow boys roped .tteers. rode bii.'klii}; bron­ chos aii.I >;ave fancy stunts in hor.ti>- maiiship. Lined up alonu th«- fenced lot where the exhibition was plver. the moiorists applauded with their horns, and whoii "Slim" ro^ed aiid ti-d a kleer In twenty-sevt»n and one- half seconds the chorus of *"linuk- honks". was long and loyd. TIIKV SHAIMItTEI) (iOMI'EKS. \. K. «f f.. I >n>sidml SiiTs VHU Clevi-N Man WHO Offrrrd Rrilir. Wa.shinKton. Sejit ".'.—Samuel 'Jmnpers. president <if the AiiieHcuti '"'ederation of I.alior In the "labor contempt hearini; here todav. lesiifled he ind other labor lea'der.- iiad Veen fre- •iienily followed by detectives em- ihiyed by .lames .V.' VanCleve. of St. '.ouls. (iresident of the Nationn' Maitu 'acturer's .Association. He aUo said in emissary ot Van Cleve named 'Iroiienburt; had olfered him a bribe •» a nitetiPir in New York .m desert •he caiis-e of labor and put ih.'> niann- ficturer'* asscciation in posseasion of its secrets. OUR TELEPHONE is couflantly rinKing tiiese days. Sep- ieniber. you know, is the time to have the summer dust cleaned ->u( of carpets. We are busy, but your order will receive prompt and careful attention. Phone us today. - lOU RUG FACTORY ooooooooooooooooo o o O 11. C. WEAR, O O Wichita. Kansas. O O WESTERA' O For LAXBS * RA.\(IIES O Sale or Traile. O O %ZS» an Acre, Up. O o o 'ooooooooooooooooo A Band Concert. The W. O. Band will give the tisikal weekly concert on the square tonight. -A fiue prograni has been arranged. For Annual Banquet. A committetj of the bar. will meet |u- night to consider some matters pertaining to (he annual banque( to be held October 5th. For Log Rolling. ^ A committee of the .M. W. \. is tb bold a meetiiig tonight to consider plans for the annual log rolling' program; j LOW COLONIST RATES TO CALIFORNIA OLD MEXICO THE NORTHWEST AND BRITISH CpLUMBIA VIA OS SALE Sept. 1st to Oct. 3*it A.ib for FnU inforiaatkiK, C. P. Hato /Ag!i^; If ^

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