Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 25, 1908 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 25, 1908
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CIreuMioii la AUmm Omusty of Any Hmwmpmpmr PuhUmhmil la Otm Oouaty, -TOIDXE X. NDMBER S87. EIGHT lOlA, KANSAS, SEPTEMBER 2S, IWS^PRIDAY EVEXIXO. EIGHT PAGES. PKICB IfO cram ELOQUENT MADISON rONGRESSMAJN nisri'SSKS (AM pkinx issriiM TD I.UIM> PKOIM.E. TAH'S 'MAME WAS CHEERED 3r £NT|0N OF REIM Ili.H VN NOM l\EE ARUrSES KXTllisiASM. T. A. XrNeal "Pobps Fun" nt llir Drin ocruls—Pntji on Conii'dy Worth flip .««npj. Fully-pne thousand people gathered at the Alrdotne iast niKl:^ to hear ilie addresses of Congre.ssniatrEd .Madf.snn and T. A. Mc^ieal. For thirty iiiiiiiites before the sp<>aking lH>;|>an the W. O W. band jilayed on lbv(strpi>i.; :iiul an the platform of ihe ibeatPi-, entenalii- ing the enlbiisJastic crowd. ShortIv after eight o'clock Col. J. H. Atchi.son stepped .to the rrnni of the platform and called the niePtiiiK to order, . A:ter commentInR on ihe large niinibor jof peoplfi who had oonio oin lo attend ! the first Republican raliy of this cnni- palgn here, ho introduced .liidRc Madison who spoke on ihf Issues of Ihrf present campaign. f For an hour and a hair the cniiKress '•man ifrdm western Kansas was clven rapt attention, bis ploouent and con- vlnclns cIlt»a.Nefl bclnfi; inJI/mcd \i\ great upplnuse. Mr. Madisun has a youthful iiippenrnnco, a trank. open »iyl« ot 'speech and afier his imro- duclory tcmarkH made :ils hearor.< feel that bi* wn.'« one ainonK iheni. lie opened his addves.s li.v siailiiK thai it \va.< Ihe proud bmis! of this cnuulry that the yrople were supi^nie. Tins aiil^rnmacy Is due in the fact ihrough'inffhiRp'the people d.Mermlnr the; policy* of their Kovernincni. The llro« id' at hand, he Kold. when ihe American people will asaln dcteriuiij what the policy of tlie enuiitry shai! •. for a period of four years. He i ferrod to the lotiK period the peoj had placed their govornmeiii in il hands of the RejiiibJicai'S. Pnrter ihji.- party'. the blessinRs of liberty hd been secure, laws InokinR lo ihe IK( termerit of the masses bad hem paired," and general ^prosppriiy bad been enjoyed. CeriaJal.v. )ie saiil. ibe memory of Lincoln, Grant. Cartield and McKinley was revered today in ibis country. In this connection he referred to Uncoil) and Roo.spve!! a • two greatest moral cnisaclers in tiie bisiory of this countr.v. The sreiii question then is: Will the people place In power at thi.^ vampnii;n a party that Is untried and unknown, or will they vote to continue the .policies of Roosevelt and the Republican party. He cen .surcd the Democratic party for the insinuation in the' slo.c^an "Shall the People RuleV" thai free Bovern- ment in this country was a falhire. The Republican ii.iriy has poJJcie.s that arc for the Rood of the country, and it Is pledged to carry out these policies, said Mr. Madison. The Re- piibllcan party is a doer of d>-eds, not a maker of It Klves the people better laws, it does noi merel.v frame InJcn .sounding phrases, ii i:not a paniifutrtiircr of hoiibies. M Ibis point he took up the Uepulilleaii nominee for iiresldeni plriuriiiK hlni • an a "greal Jurist learned In the law. bl6 offhod.v and heart. .«o unHelrish that he gilive hln liosi enernles in he};, nn uncivilized- people to srcuip the hleKSii ^HJ of ChrK-Jilun clvill/nilon: a man who; Is in accord with llonsevcit: aii 'ldeal man tu carry out ihe policies of the present ndntiulstiaiion and ii Is wflh pride and confidence that the Republicans tender to the peoiile «il this country as its candidate i<ir president— Wm. H. Taft." The audience cheered Die closing of this passage to' the echo. Congresi'man Madison at ihi:- point said be would discuss the things that the Republican party bad given the people. • He sa^d it bad given the na' tlon'a ,sound currency ft It had iiassed lavs f6r the control of he trusts, and the great transportaiio I h'nas by the appointment of - the Ii terstaie Commerce Commission. It gave us the biiivau of corporaiiot law which make :it possible for i he officials to eumfoe the boolcs of t le corporation. Atr^dB juncture be r ^erred to the Ue^bani btll, and the anti -pass law. .^lioKtBiiMiiciag of the ai ^tl -pass evK he :Mli >|i(^ Stubbs for his efforts In ;#^rfn^ ^ aoti-paas law. tomttnuetl o|n page 6.) THE m Foi-ecast for kausas; .Show tonight with miliar in west iijorlion: Sfldinia} min uad rolrfer. BOOSTERS NEARLY 300 WENT HARGE ON HUMBOLDT CELEBRATION TODAY. Long Line of Automobiles and Carriages Carry the Crowd.—Band Is There. The iola Boosters. 2iii> strong, ahd accompanied \A lifty or seveiiiy-live ladies, went to HuinboMt today, tu help the n<'ighb)rinK city celebraio lis ulst birthday. ^e crovvil :)J<nrre.i fiy Roberts band started from TIhe Keglster curncr at .o'clock. In the Ions yatice.s were Hinniiio- wasoneites'. stan- promptly !t;i,-, train of coun[ biles, carry.nlljji SEC.WILSONTO COME I nl .PIXITi: ARRAXIJEMEXTS FOR I'.'MIINETOFFH'ERTO .SPKAK HERE CONGRESSMAN POLURD, TOO IOWA'S RRII.I.IAXT REPRESENTA Tivi: wii.i, ACfOMPA.w sm\ iint- of the RigersI .Mcrlln {!<i Krer Held Hrre—Torch I.iglit Proce^sliin V —Rarliecue. hopes, bricks. piible and single seat«d covered l>iigfl;ir'.< and riinnboiils. Loiij; before |!ib<> tluie sol for the Rathi'ring of the eniwd ibi' streets were throngr>il 1 with people and buggies were waiting to fall In the long procession. Ilijfow starling lloberis' liaiid wbieli - Is'i composed of ^twenty of the iicst mns^iclnns In the efiy. jilay- |>s which were heart My <'d two Si'lectiol iipplauded by the waiting throng. The biili<'s Wyrt* out In large nuin hers tbi.s mnriiiug. At the time It wal| annnuneed that the nnnsiers had aw cepted HiiniboliltV {iivitatioii to help them ei'!eliiali-J; Ilif ladles of the city were also exii-'nded an invitation to are<ini|»;tiiv thrUi. .\iu\ IlifV rfspothhJ c,l loyally. I / On the lai>el of every noo.<;t«'r'R ro.if and on ihi* froi)' of evi>ry l.ndys dres* was a noosti'r iplii which has inscrihl ed on it: 'Tnili Boost ins for Iola! .\r\ Vo.i?" . . (i I ^ Maii.v of thej: merehants are taking •Ivai .M .s.' of ine large crowds wliieh will he iireseiitjiat this big celel ration and are ilistrihnting eaids advetising iheir stores. Ij ' ! This is the i^econd day of the big celebration. Vesterd.iy was iRepubll- can day at tlji« fair and today the Democrats are) having their inning. R. .7. J^heridan. canrtidate 'for congress will spe^k ami AV. H. Ryan Is on the pr()?ram. In the evening ron!;jti Ritiney of Illinois will sjieak at tjic opera house, "^his Is ei>arate from>'| the repiilar program and is iiiidev ihe nimiiices of.the Bryan club. |{ The hah' Knacker builii' Secretary .lames Wilson, of t!i • De partment of .Agriculture, will be In Jctla October 1:UU. I.. I.. .Vorthnip. chairman of the Republican county central coaimlttee, today reeelved vori] from f'ongressman t'lias. F. Scott who is in Miami county, to the effect ibai definite .frrnngemeniK had been made , for Mr.' Wilson tii eoiiie her«' on that date. With Secretary Wilson will be Congressman Krnest -M. Pollard, of Iowa, who is one "of the strongest members of ibi' lower bouse. Secretary Wilson, in addition''to occii(iyliig an Im ptirtant enbiut'l cifllci', is aii eloquent orator and Allen county is indeed, ^or luiiat"' in having liim here. It l;a^ li'-eii known (hat an effort was being made in secure Mr. Wilson for a speaking dale here bin it was not known deiinitejy until today that he would come. He will be here for holh till' afternoon and night. Sever al of the state candidates will be her<' at that time. This rally will tie one of Ihe biKRest and most enthi; (;ta*iic i>ver held In .Mien county. The county central eoniniliiee )•> nlrcdv making plans for it. It is likely that a barbecui' will lie lidil that >!ny and a inreh lU'hl procession at night. The ce4iiral cnmmlii<<> will bf. ghnd to receive suggestions as to llii' character of liie receiiihiM or any O^atnro of the big meeting. The coming of .Mr. Wilson mraiis that Tola wl'l .see an ltnni>'n;:e f-rowd IK re on the iriih. wr .iL .vi -A.sruK.s :j.iiiio,(!oo. (iasscr on Muxon Farm Is Fn-i' WBIIT. Ilwwcver. oi V>w was givHU ;in the ing this mornins nt o'clock. Thjjs ;s done in order to givi' th".liabie; from the eouiltry an equal show wi: h the town babies, and to have all cjf tltem at fhe/r best. Three eiceedijiigly handsome judges will be tin dntK-. but it Is not thought wlfrff to give i^elr natnes. The sioek farm-jirodiicis and poiil- ry will be judged inimeilluiely after be .'.jriTililii;; ibis afterMonfl. NO CO^IAIM: I'OIM). It MIS I'nrc Foliid ruinniKsioniT Find* I IH-H I 'olu \ll Itlgilt. .\nsiin S.-inlj L'S.—Dr. .!. iS. .\blioil, itiite pure rood and dairy ciiiumls>f|on- i-r. said loda.NJi thai be had fiiU.v In- vi'siluaird CocS <"ola and iliat be had failed to lliid [iaiiy luorphliie. cotaliie or like .>-iilisiajiice theroln. The only 'iiiniufaiil lie n |iiiiid. he said, was caf- fein. Ibe siilisiijnce lhal gives to eoITee ibiil silniiilati |g rffeci. Five i^ilier soff drink.': t/iaf were In vest i.^a led hii.w;'d ira.-es <ir cocaine. The tte.II which was drilled hi last 'evening on the Maxoii larni line" u'iles soiiib of Ui Ilarpe for .Iob:i T. Wood ;iad Ihe lUiwliis estate tesied tills niorning X.iinO.tMlu .cubic feci. Mow ever il is> free of water which makes il v.ortli twice as niiicb to the owner.^. HARLE$S INQUEST AT 4:30. An Adjournment Was Taken as Witnesses Were Absent. The inquest called in the death of little Alma Harless. the ,")-year-old daughter of Mr. and .Mrs. 0. Harless. who was run down and killed one week ago last Tucsiiay afternoon by an Iola Electric street car. convened this aftomoon at 2 o'clock, only to adjourn again until -IroO o'clock. The adjournment was taken because some of the witnesses could not be present at 2 o'clock. Kvldence will bo taken this evening. GOING TO SEE BRYAN flOTERXOR HASKEI.I. KX ROITE TO (HU'AOtl XOW. HE SAYS HE WONT RESIGN ALSO DENIES HK KVER n.APPF.n t IVHEV TllfjV SCOHF .n IJRVtV >Vnether Oklabimia ti'otcrnor Remains in OMrt- or Not Is to lt«' llerlded by tile t 'Mniniouer. Kans3:J City. Sent. L'."..—fjovernor Clias. .N. Haskell, treasurer of the Pemocraile nailonul conimiiiee. ed tbroiigli Kansas City this morning enruute Irotii liis home al ('iiitbrie to Chii^go, where be goes to confer with \V. .l.'Mryan and leailers of the Democratic iiatluiial organization regarding charges recently made jis^aiust the i;ov( riiiir by Roosevelt and llearsf. Haskell, during the brief stop in Kansas, repeaieil many siatemeiiis made yesterday at (I'lithrie in hi." open letter, but declined to reply at his time to he additional acciisailiins pm out in .Vew,Vork la.sf night by >Ii-ai-st. lUif kell denied be iuiended lo resign the position as ireasurer. of the Uenin- .-ratic national committee. Regarding Hearst'.s charge cijuijlliig him wiili the steel tntsi. Haskell i-:iid be felt liighly honored at being ria.ssed with Schwab, ("ariii'gie and .1. I'. .Morgan, itnd ilenied that he jiad in .\'ew York City in Ism;. at the Democratic nieei- Ing in .>iadisoi^ Scj-.tare Cardeii. afi- p.aiided allaehS teade upon Mrysiii: He deilariil KsiiisevI'll "I.-* iiie iiiggisl four llitt-her in the po'lrical business today." Hiid added: "You ouulii to hear, wba'i they tbiiik of the rascal l(iv.-ii 111 Ohlahopia." Il\ l ^p In lirjun. .\'ew York. Si'pt. .'."i.—While there wc."e no dcvejopnii'Ms ai DiMHXM'atlc ".aiional coiijiniliee beadi|iiariers yesterday with regard to ihe charges ibat have been made against (Uivernor Charles .X. Haskell. Measurer of that eommitiee. it was .<aiei| by national crininiliieer.irn Insi niitbt thai some detlnlie word would be received from Oovernor Haskell within the next for- ly-i-lgbl hours whether he would re- .!iign, or ivmai.'i on ibe coniinillee and perniii ihi' charge.-' agaiii.'^t him to )ie- mie an issue tbroiigboui the ri'st of be canipaigii. Naiion.-il eommilteeni<-n here declare iha' il is not solely ii niiestion of be .verity cf ;b* cbaijip.-i against '.(.vernot Haskell but «;f;ihe political t-ffeci of having a man on; the commli- tii- agaii' whom charges of such '• have bpeii made. 11 I.s leariieil. bowi-ver. thai nol- w:ili^'ta:idiiiR the attitude of many nii- -loiiai commiitepnien. the whole question of (iovernor Haskill remaining on Ihe committee rects primarily with Mr. i;r.van and .Vaiional Cliairman .\ljck. and that nothing will be'done until Mr. Bryan has made a careful e.xaminniion ot" the Haske.I charges and given the fiille.«t he facts. .Mr. .Mack said yesterday that he had received no ciminntnica- tiou from either .Mr. Bryan or Cov- ernnr H:i>Ue:i. VOX vxsK IS xon ox. A Suit Against Kat.v Ruad to Re foirr $MN> DanutKcs guestiwu. f llellrate The action of W |>. Cfjs Sons c,f Kismiire. vs. the Katy. : suit ro re- c<iver approximalely I under the demurrage law. Is iiiakiu; rapid progress In 'iisirir! coiirt. It was lakeii up Immedlatelv after the jury In the \\1iit!uw case retired lasj night. 1'lie jury was'seriired in a sburt tine- and half the evidenci' wa.s in tiy today noon. .\lr. (\t\ alleges that th > railroad did not furnish him cars f<ir the delivery of grain within the time specified by law after notice bad be|«ii given the road and as a result he was a heav.v loher. Mr. t.'ox has anoihijr suit, growing out of the same trouble with the road, pending in the siiiireme court. The case involves soni'e delicate legal poliits and is Iteing patched care- fiiliy over the coiiniry. IT WAS A BLUNDER THAT ATTACK OF HRYAV.S PRESIDENT ROOJ J KVEF.T. Hl» Al|jick ou Rrpubliian E?:crnlivr OX Will llutf Kfiert of »V«-.feiH Voles ui Taff. Turn ing Cbicaso. .Sept. l'.">.—Bfyau; has done jiisi what the Republica i It-aders hoped woiiliL do and what the flemocratic man.tgers fenreil he wot Id do. Undi-r instructions frbm Mr. Bryan hiii'self the order was lent out from the Democratic headquarters thai no Democratic speaker sl|iouId permit IS FREE JIRY FIXDS HIM XOT ftrilTY OF PERJIKY (HARGE. WERE OUT TWELVE HOURS TIJK tjlESTlOX OF SFiriDE WAS VERY DIFFHTLT TO SOLYE. Arcnsed Man Tlianked .Attorneys and .Inrorm—The ! End'of Two loBir Trials. himself to t>e nagged President Roosevelt. West saw more clearly nto attacking Bryan In the than dbl the MET IN THE SNOW Twcntv-li^e Passengers Killed flud a Larec Xninlier Injured—("nrs Telescoped. Real ^•.f*l«' Traiisfen*. ' Rosa 1!. Sigler et :il to Clara Buris, conimeiieing I:M feet north of oijfhwesi c-oriier of northwest qiiar- ler of noiihvjje.-i quarier 2t;-34-l8. hence rtinniff east ]:!i| feet, ihence lorib Inn feet .thence west 1"0 feet ihence south 100 feej to ida.^o of beginning. Consiatiraiion S1.'>0. Mary Richjirdson, .tacKson county. Mo., to Ivpwjs W, Harkins, Carroll ?ounty. Mf».. jlot 7 block 3. Palmer's second additi(>^i to Iji Harpe. Petrolfa To«»-n.iL,at and I.,and com- nany to W. IM.' Rees*, P^trolla. lot block .=>, Pe|rolia. Goshorn to Speak Next Week. There will jbe no speaking in the Bryan club boadquarters tomorrow evening, but a jbustness meeting of the club will be Held to tak^ up matters which require', attention. John Goshorn of Iola, vho was to have spoken here tomomw will not con^ i until next week: ^He will speak a wcjel; from tomornnir evening. Mr. Goabom iB a good tall<er.~Cbanute: Tribune.; Livingston, .\ioiii.. Kept. 2.">.—I'.is- sciiger train nuinliev n;. i--isi bound, on the .Northern l'a<-i'f|e Raf.tway, which left lleli'iia ;>i iiiidniglit lasr night collided wiiji ;. irelgbt iiain at Young's /'<diit. Tttcniy-live jier.soiis In«- iidliig the freiulii oiigiiieer. the lire man and brakemaii were killed, and as nian.r oibers were seriously hnrt. Snow was falling, and Ilie ire'.gbt Masman could not inuke bis presence Unitwn to the passenger engineer. The PAjires'^ car iele;;co|iPd the smoker and most (if the i-asiialiies cK-iiirred in Hit- laiKr car. The P.e^i-eng.-r Ilreman. Ora Ifcihcock. wa.-; kllle<l <iiifrlght. Kn- einepr Mesinger of the pas-eiigi-r; was slighliy Injured. TO SENTENCE MARTHA. Slayer of Bod Scipio to Receive Sentence Today. Martha William.<. the colored woman who was recently convicted of stabbing Bud Scipio to death, will !>•* se^itenced . .some time this afternoon. She was brnusht into court early this afternoon but Judge-Foust was busy with the Cox-Katy suit and I had not passed sentence at three-flf-' hti»en. The- woman was found guilty of mnn.slatighter In the fourth degree. NEW TRIAL DENIED Jllr .-i. I.HCinda Baker Who t.'cis ifliOfl llumaues Is Lying at Ihe Point of Draih. Hardly bad Hie coiirt denied the ap- pl'iallon «:f the loIaKleciric'Railway ri>d:>y I'or :i new trial in the action In which .Mr.-. I.itclnda ll-iker was nward- ••d 5l.:.'nii for personal ihjiirle.^. than wor.l va.H ripeivid ibat Mr-=. Baker v.a;< lying at the point of deaib at Soitthport. .Mo., and, in'.gni not live thrniigb the day. She Is subject to liearl iroiilile and suffered an attack recentl.v. which li Is feared may r«.-:iilt fatally. Foar years .•|gi) .Mr.>--. Maker tell from a siivei car near the Cwiiiant store ami n ri-!vid s-prions injuries. She br(iii.:;lii suii f'.ir damagiand the case dragged along in the conns unill several nionth.-^ ago when i^hf was award ed The defindaiit then asked for a re-hearing in ihe siipretnc coiirr, i: w::.- tienied. ibf mandaie being rii-cei\t(i today. File Abstract of .Judgment. An abstract of judgment in the case of the Wener company vs. W. L. Snodgrass which was tried, recently in Judge Mercer's court at jI.aHa'-pe. was filed In district court today. The amount of the jndgment was (58. Oyler to Columbus. P. J. iOyler went to Columbus this afternoon where he will add.-ess a Democratic rally at that place. QriT -I'LAI.M THEIR BABY. Xcw Voik. f lilSd's Piircnf Ghc Traii-ifrnliig Ownership. .Vew \'(irk. Sept. i.";.—.'•'or the fir.^t time in the memory of ihe oldest searcher r.f the court records of Xew York county a deed that transferred the OAvnershIp of a baby from lis own parents to another couple was recorded by Rpglsitr Frank Cass In the hall of records today, a Imy' 2\ months old Ijeing the subject of the transfer. He does no: become the adopted child of his new guardians, but Instead, he is their absolute pro|ier:y during his nii- nority. This course was taken to obviate long and tedious adoption proceedings. The Indenture Is dated September 16 and is between Eu.eene Lebeuf and .Marie Cecile .Lebeuf. his wife, and Sylvia Ricard and Grizella Ricard. The child's name is Harry Sylvia Eugene Lebeuf, Gaalerii leaders of his liarty that the Rooisevell policies were stronger with thi- peojili- than any oib<'r l.vsiies which could be Injected in the ram- pnlgn. ,\Ir. Brjan had bis own way In Denver, and his domliiatlon of the Democratic situation was continued when his cuinpnign cijimmiitee was selected. r In effect .Mr. Bryon informeii bi^ campaign promoters (in no sense aief they campaign manageril that he pm-' poseil to go before tile country as the man best qualified ID ca'ry on the Roosevelt policies. I 'For this reason be frtrbade anv attacks being made on he president and demanded that th<] fight be fofc- ed' asalnst the Republican organization in the senate and liouse. Republican managers saw and "viewed with alarm" this plan of Democratic campaign. It was apparent that the battleground was in the states of the central west, where the JRopublican br- ranlzntlnn was most unpopular and ibe Roosevelt policies • were held in the e.steem. So long as Air. Br.van remained in the West he followed the original plahs of his campaign. I When he forsook the; west for a tem porary sojourn in the iSast. he lost his perstiective. "You mujst attack Rons- evelt." was the daily jdemand of the Eastern leaders. Democrats of every Eastern .school and every faction united In this demand oil the national leaders and Bryan sncciimbed to the Irapnt'""'''*''' t*"* Imen he found about him In the statj- of New York. The controversy betjween Mr. Roosevelt and Mr. Brvan csin have, in the opinion of Renublicaii's. only one <»f- fect Ur the \Vestern states. It era- nhnsizes- fne fact th.T,t Tafi and not Bryan is the man on |Whom the cou'n- fr.v must depend if jthe progressive policies of the Roose|Velt administration .ire to be combined. Up to the time Mir. Bryan saw fit to attempt ';an answejr to the President which was in eff«»ct a personal attack on hliu. .Mr. Bfynn had played After deliberating about twelve hours, the jnry| which heard the evidence in ihe NVhitlow perjury! case brought in a verdict this morning of no; guilty. The-jury retired about l:2it \aif.i evening and dlscii.ssed the evidence untii early this moruing. The voie on the first ballot was C to 4. .^fipr thai he vble changed to acqiilt- lal rapidly. The information charged !Jve coiiiiis and! the jury voied on ihe •oiiiiis .separatei.v. It is said thaf Whitlow's alleged at- iemiii ai suicide was one of ihe points ilie evidence that, delayed an early arrival at a verdict. The state maintained that WTiillow jook wood alcohol fin- the purp6se|of self destruction and i|oi as a medicine for rheumatism as Ije tcstied and was therefore guilty of perjury. i Quite a number of people were in Ibe court room! when the verdict was read. When thj- jurors were called In ami took their; seats Whitlow gaieil Int>-ntly ai all ;of them .is If to read his fate. WhMn the clerk read the Verdict .Mr. Whitlow .smiled a llttie bui otherwise 'maintained his usual' composure. .Vfj er Ihe juror.i were ex- his car<is well. Hi.-i campaicn had been the admiration of political experts who marveled n,t t'ne manner In which he had loaded! the real issues of t lo campaign. iKvery day the e Democrats pick up the jnewspapers in feajr iiud tramhilng. Forik'-r has been openly rejnidlatcd by Taff white nr>an hpa taken Haskell! to his bosom. \b longer are there the slightest misgivings about "Tafi's speaklns tonr. Hlsispeech last nigbi to the Taft Railroad ;.Men's club proved he intended to ^uier the campnicn with nothing in hit? record to apblogize for. He will nttafk the enemy ami not permit himself jo be placed pn the defensive. It is an| aggre.'islve tlghting machine that the! Republican have won their vlctoriesk and Tafi has shown himself lo be an. aggressive leader. (LEO REXXETT HA.S REFORMED. Toprka Poller Character Will Beghi Sating Waywab-d Women. Topeka. Kas.. Sepi. 2.-..—Cleo Bennet, a Woman who was the terror of the Topeka police for years, has been released from the penitentiary and is doing evangelical wojrk here. She says Ihe has reformed and ihat hereafter she will devofe her time to saving wayward women. | File Suit in Fort Scott In district court jjesterday the foreclosure Buit of Charles B. Eastwood vs. Jamea T. Gordon and wife, was tiled by Attorneys Ritter and Forrest of Iola. Tte BUlt Is for the foreclosure of a mortgage o r iZ^n on a farm —Ft. Scott RepabU- - eused .Mr. Whitlow ihanse<t F. J. Oyler. C. n. Card! and II. A. Ewing. his niioriie.vs, and then went Into the hall and thanked the juror.s. shaking ihf hand of all he jcuutd find. In Ibe May term of court Wlililow was triet! and acquitted of the murdei: r.f .Miss .May Sapp who-;e dead bod.v was found in the rear of her father's yard in Moran on the evening of Sep-^^ temher 27ih last,'or a year ago nest Sunday night. In the murder trial Whitlow took the stand in his own defense. The slate claimed he had perjured himself in five counts and caused hiV arrest this summer. The perjury trial l.'isted aboiif a week. HEAfiST OUT IJF IT? Rumor Says That New Ypric Politician Will Abandon the National Campaign.' New York, Sept. 25.—^Tliai surprises would lie sprung tonight at the state convention of the Independence party in this city when W. R. Hearst Is xpected to deliver tiie "keynote speech" of the campaign from that party's point of; view, was generally believed by (he leaders who di.scufi.'J- ed the matter today. It is understood that In his addr€-ss before tho convention Mr. Hearst wilt present another installment of letters dealing with the Hasicell-Monnett controversy. Clarence |J. Sheam appears to leail the candtddates for the nomination for governor. Mr. Hearst has also been talked of in connection with (the head of the ticket/ but it was learned from supposedly ofliclal sources that he would not accept the nomlhatiun were it tendered to him. The only two other names so far mentioned fo.- gubematoria! honors are tjhose of Reuben R. Lyon, of Bath, X. Yi. and Henry A. Powell of Broolf- lyn. The .latter has given out a state- mem to t^e effect that he would de- dino any place on the ticket. It was mint rid today; that Mr. Hearst will abandon his speaking campaign for the national ticket and concentrate his efforts in i this sUte ;wbere he will conduct a vigorous dgtit especially for the stsite ticket. Last year the Independciice candidates for the court of appeals polled about 120^000 vbteis. ' :^ Peerr at 014 Hf Jiraes Peery was in bi^ old borne at .ilcCune Saturday and Sunday. He located, there forty years fgd and tta^e far^ ha- started is still there with verv few -Changes e .x.cept ttie btiilding of :L ne«( bousc). He found jnany of bis old friends tliere.—HiimbQldt Herald.

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