Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 24, 1908 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 24, 1908
Page 6
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e The Fall & Winter Fashions of Correct Clothes for Men 'Made in New York by; are now being exhibited by , us exclusively in this I city Perham & Son Co. Ida, Kansas Outfiit for Mi ers en LONG DISTANCE MEN ATTORXEFS IX THI^ WHITLOW CASE HAKE LENGTHY PLEAS. TO JURY AT FOUR O'CLOCK LAST ATTO?{>EV WAS SPEAKING AT ii'.la THLS AFTERNOOV. SWEPT BY WIND PHIIIPPINE ISLANDS CENTEK OF 'I A DlSASTROrS TYPHOON. DR. SNOW IS BURIED Ex-tiinnrpllor of Kansa!) Vnlversily Laid to Rest in I.awrrnre Broken lyires Prpvout tli»> Soiidtnp I of jReports—.Vniij Won* • Klllwl. , Manila. iSept. 24.—A typhoon of terrific ve;^ocity swept ihrouirh the central portion of tlip Philippine I^twrence. Kas.. Sept. IM.—The fiin- t'.al of K; H. Snow, ex-chancellor of |, I lie rniversity of Kansas was held at o'clock this afternoon from his honie. The services were conducted by the Rev. W. W Bolt, pnstor "-f »''e Congregational church and wero • tended only by relatives and iutimaio friends. From 11 until 3:.' o'clock this morning the home was open to students and others, who may see ilie; .group, sweeping a part of the island j,^^^. p,,^..^, ,^ „.„ j of Saniar,!northern Leytp. southwest-j any Jail In the ('niied States, utid descriptioii.' The det5cripi!t>!i follows: Twont.v-seveii years old: .'> feet 10 or 11 inches tall; I slender build; lipht complexloned and with blue eyes; slim boyish face, sli.s^litly Roman nose: 4'ars lop a little. I I V.lien !;isi sevii Parker was, dros.=ed in a blue suit, flack derby likt. light ^h:ri and tan shoes. He wore rru"d stick ]>in. He robbed a small the wo- ern Luzonj, northern Pana.v. Masbate T^'i rf two diamonds, one about oiie- = . " •[ •'••^ "he other abiut one . r : • likely dispose (f these as he hadj but little inpney. He has traveled t^rotiVl^ Kansas an<il Oklahoma sulioitins fur Chicago and Kansas City .araiii lioiues and is wc-'l known in iiauy tuwnu in both litaM.-." and a part of Romblon. The wires are etery. The active iiallbearers were Prof. Olin.Tenipiin. Prof. C. K. Mc-{ !Chilis;. Prof.; Erasmus ilaworth. Prof i |y 5^ COLD UP NORTH prostrated!and the details are meagre K. ^ '^^^^^ p,.^',. ^ g^^,^.^„^ but u is evident .senoua disaster fol- '^^^ ^, ^ g^jj^,,. lowed in the wake of the rtorni. Undoubtedly many were killed. Rejrlsfer^ Waut Ads. Itring JiesnlU. "THE! persuasive, tempting * aroroaof OLD GOLDEN Coffee is only a forerunner of its real, substantial, sustaining goodness. ' Yoij never hre of its delightful flavor; there is none of the! bitter taste that you often notice in coffee. MILP GOLDEN -i COFFEE is a si^Krior blend of "Old Crop" Coffees, [scientifically , coroijined and roasted to bring --f -^^^out their full strength and flavor. Try a pound; grocers sell it. 25o Poumf. TO^E I BROS.. OasNolnas, la. The ho:iorary pallbearers wore clios en from members of the Old and Xcw club, one of the oldest literary societies of Lawrence, of which ex-Chan- cpjlor Snow was a member. They. were: .1. D.-, Bowersork. Colonel Ijl. i L. Moore. Prof. L. E. Say re. T. H.! Chalkle.v. Colonel O. K. Lenar/ Di: F. H. Morse, R. C. .laekniaii. rof. Secijetary Taft Wears Overcoat—On I Second Day's Trip of Tour Today. Cbicago. Sept. 24.—^Wearing a slrnw jhat iind an overcoat. .Tudge Taft U-ft F:phriain Miller, T. K. Rinery, Irviiig Hill. Prof. A. M. Wilcox. Prof. W. H. Carv\uh Prof. K. O. .Marvin and Colonel W. A. Harris.. .Many of the Kansas City Alumni of s;ts I'niversiiy went to Lawrence today to attend ex-Chancellor Snow's funeral. • day Chidaso at midnight ^j^*^" of the expeoTfion. Thi trail! stopped at. P.eloil, Wis., e.irly anil Mr, Taft addressed students of Heloli eolle.qe. and arrived at Madison, Wis., at elcveii o'clock. He will reach .MilijvaiiUep this afteriiooii in Itinw to ii'St before theiii.gnt addn-ss. PARKER'S PICTURE litJa Police Iterelvc T)esrrlption. Also Picture, of Alle{;ed Slayer of Pearl Mann-Pearson. IIAia .E.SS INOI KST TO.MORIJOW. .\ photo of Harry Park.-r. the alleged murderer of Mrs. Pfarl Pearson of Oklahoma Cii.v: formerly Miss Poarl Mann. cY this city, was received al imlice headtiuaners liiis iiiorniu^. It was published aloiip with a reward ••f Jjiiiiifor his arrest and deteinimi in Coroner's .Iiiry WUI Investiiriite Ui -.nh I of t hilrt. The inqujest called in the death of little .Vliiiaj Uarless. the .")-ycar-oId daughter or Mr. and .Mrs. O. Uarless. <>f Concreto. wh" was ruri down and killed by ail lola Kiectric Street Railway car oiie week ago last Tuesday, '^.wil! be he|d tomorrow at 2 o'clock The jury which was Qalleiloiie week auo yesterday viewed the place of the accident and then adjourned until to- morriiw ai wbich liine evidence will he taken. It wjis intended for a time ihi.- afieriKioii to postpone the inipiesi uii- ti! iiexr .Monday, lnii iaier decided iioi III ••banpe the date. ' Wliitlon Seems Conlident of A <M|Uittul —Stale Tlitnlis It .Made a f;«iod Case. .After listening for more than a day to rhe pleas of ihe itiiorneys in the WTiitlow perjury j o.-ise. the jury will probably retire ajiont four o'clock to reach a verdict. 'Frank Forrest, who is the last attorney to address the jury, was still s|»eaking at :!:I."i. He began his remarks at two o'clock at the conclusion of Mr. Oyler's speech. During Ihe aJdress of .Mr. Forrest. Mrs. Sapp came very nearly breaking down and left the nxjm. j The lawyers proved to he very "long winded." It was thought yesterday afternoon that the caise would go to the jury by six o'clock In the evening ir .shortly after, if a night session | was hold. Whe« six o'clock came j only two attorneys? hart made their j pleas. Chris Kilter and G. K. Card." for the defendant. No night .session was held. County Attorney Peterson, Captain Ewing and Mr. Oyler consumed the morning hours today, the latter not having finished his talk when the noon hour camo. The attorneys wero at their best while addressitig the jury, all makius forceful and convincing arguments. The p'eas to the jury have drawn larger crowds than did the takiUK of the evidence. During the hearing of testimony but few were in attendniire. WTiitlow is confident of an ticqnit- tal. having expressed himself to this effect several times during the jiro- gress of the case. The state, on the j other hand, feels tJitit it has made a good case. Price 25c UiiiJ^oE ««» iMnct ruuts |>ricc 2Sc Pi^TTERNS Are so .simply thtini. Kich illustrations. Butterick Pat constructed that a ctiild cotild nee pattern lia.s a .simplified gnid^' with 20 A .special lielp to licginners. All erns are I ' lOc dnd 15c None Higher Special Embroider^ir Sale SatuNay Allovers, FJouncings, Insertion Bands and Edges, Embroideries worth two and ]-three times the special t?aturday price. See display in north windtW. 4, 5 and 'yard lengths, pieces cannot be cut Sale begins at ^:''>0 a. m. Special price for Saturda}', per yard ...... T **#€r Y.'ird. wide I'ubleer-hfd .Miisim extra <iualii.v. special price per .vatd TiO Hlea<-lied .\lll^•Iit!. alul o'le yanl wide.'j.i ice [..-r \ ::rd ..."»<* .Npn-.u f'lei -k t;;a.:;!!a!ns ill hiiiwn ard blue, prii-e per yaid TiC or J o ® >-I CriliUached Sheetin:r. Ira liuaiity. per yardJ '.•-t riilileadieil sli t! a ijiialil;.. |>i i -.-e pe .".1, :.>; .-liid iurii • II. Ii!> :ifb'd ai;d I" r ya:U •>."> Kaiii Ciiilii eil :is .'Iiecia; value-, .-r J, !iim. e>.yard 'I'it- Tab.e l.ii!- un'»i» :i <!i!ed. • and ;;."><• •I-iuea lop. [if and SI I'errjiles ft^r School Dresses ill : I'll and biiie. '.'.i' and Sr. inch- e> wide, per vjard . l'alic\ I'len;,-,! Ka.-^ I 'loth I'T and inels.-; in wliit^-grouiiil wi'li ciilini.-d led and blue priiiieil |:i;;erii- per xanl IHf WILL BE ON MONROE. City Decides on Placi: for Testing Oil ; on Roads. t Smoke lOLABOOSTER The street and alley committee of j the city council in whose charge tiie oiling of the streets has been plac ed. has decided to make tlie experi i nient on the two blocks between Cot I tonwood anil .leffersou streets t <ii i Monroe, Street (^oninii.wioner .f. ."^ Walker said that as soon a:; pp;"..sil.i'- the work of graiiinr: thes.-> two l)lo.•l,^; woulil be started. TO PAY FOR TRIP I 1 . kansus ite|iuiiii<-uus \\ ill '\t\ (<• Uii!<e I .Sjiicial I'IUMI IO l 'i:.v i'"r 'Ijit'-^ i \ isil. A New Voice Heard. A new voice was heard in district court Ibis afternoon. Frank Foiie .st who receiiily fiiriued a partnershij with Mr. Uiner. in the law business, iddressed the jury for the state in the Wliitlow ea .-e. This i.-^ Ihe lirst l.iir case in wiiicli .Mr. i-'oi resi lias a|>- peared. CiUARANTEED 'lopeka. Stpt. -.\li elli.i; i I .I !•• made i.i raise a special fciud li.r il;. j p.-iyui.-nr of ilie e\iie;i.-es i.f ib.- Taft i ' sp.-cial ! Dioioixioioioioioioioioia iVlrs. E. Ref ly Millinery Opipning At loa U2 Emmt M^flion. Old Oourt HousB Blook To you. everv trailer of tin's announcement— and your pe -sji ;..l fr: rl — ^f*" Ppfl^' ex;- a ami WiiKi ''i'.. ri'- •"• Mrs. E. .lury for Cox Case. .•\s so .iu as 'ihc Wbiilnv,- cas** •4<..'— The jury this afiernoou. the ta-^k securing a jury for the case of \V. P Cox & S<ui. of KIsiiiore. vs. llie Katy. will begin. Mr. Cox is suing for dam- i till !liii..i:;li lvaii.--.i>. It uiji > CD-I aliout luii ilioii.^iiiiil il'iliars in have Taft in Kaii.-as one day bii; as ii :e pr.--iili-i)lia! c.iiiilida!'- "• ii'^'ki- fiiiiilt-.-!! .-|.-.-clie.-;. ii j.-i priii.abiy -.vorili j:'. A^ ill"- cai.ipaimi li.-adi|ii :tr !er.^ i- j.iiiv of ready (•a>i! atui lu'.'ds a'l "i i;.-., •ii;iids for oilier work, it is plai:iiei| in ; ir .:i>e .1 .-p. ei.-.'! I.'itid I 'lr ihe 'I';!)' <;.i> [ ^j-'. !:' tour liiiiidri-.l pairiois will cmiirili-j • 11.• I I'iie liv.' dol'ars each, ibis would pa> ! liil!. S -ver;il Uepublicaiss nutsidej Jill- li.aiUf'jai'ers starred iIs'- ii!<'ve-| J,.... ... V .. ... l,..e );/1iiid M .\. I>i;!lfy did ii..' know aaes to;- the alleged failure of tiie ; / . !.. , , ;«*i4hu:-.: aiiit)! i; "iiitu tli. v ai'le'.'""-! road to furnish cars lor sraiii within : . .. , , ,, „. . :ii Ji.:li!i|iiat:e:-: wr'ii check--. It was liie iinie desisnaied by law afn r r--- , , . , .1 -tiililated inai 'b;- iiii>!!e> w.-i.- m l..- (iiiesi lor cars has been made. I ' . •,. ii.-eij eiiri:-. Iv III pav tli- expense., m t:.c Jailor in the Ituii. "Wliai is new ai ihe jail"'" was asked <.r .lalior Hoover Kerr tlii.-; afi.-i- nooii. "I don't kiiriw. I haven't been there in a week " was the answer. .Mr. Kerr has been so busy serving notice.-; and summons for district cimri ibi.- week that he has spent but 'it'le lini.- at the jail. i.-eij euriri Iv III iiav tli- expense., ui l'.,f<;al ai !d m-t f<'f aiiV olh-r •raf. Tlte Modesty or Women JTaturally makes luein shrink from th« Jiideiii-ato lp•ie^lion.s, the oi/iioxjuus i -x- n.'nlijalioiis, and local Ireat.- meiits. which somo physicians consiili -r •-•'ential in the treatment of di.«ea>es of Moiiien. 'i'et, if help c;:ii In- had, it is . l.etJtr to submit to this t .nii .•;! than h.-t "—' ' I the di.-^ease grow and spread. The trouble Writes Big Letter. • J .s that so often the woman undergoes all Guthrie. Sept. 24. (Jov. Cliarlr-s .V. ' *be annoyance and shame for nothing. ' " , , T -v I Thotisandsxif women who have l)een Haskell, treasurer of the Democratic \ curedlx Dr /Wrce 's Favorite Prescrlp- national committee here today i;;sii<d ' iloa wriai In ^Sj ^reclaiion of the cure through the .Associated an op.n ; which dis^»j*5>Hh the examinations «nd local m-atment3saTliere Is nt^ nrher VPUR x 'VlONEY BACK IP NOT S.ATISFIliD 15c and 25c a Botile The lola Faraiture Store M letter of about a thou.sand words, to 1 Tn,Hii,.ine ^ oirp and <tafp for/lpiii-.^^g W. R. Hearst, taking the .New York, •i^omen. as ^ F^vorlte_ Prescription.' It editor to task for bis altitude as ai c-irwdt-l>ilii^iingdrains.irreguianiyand IS NO OUSTER YET faiiip.-iii:n wiuk. K.itisas Kepiibiicatis hav.-. i .i ibe expeii .-i 's of the iraiu frmii rhe iiiin-] ate it eniet>; iiiilil Ir leaves tin-' state. The Kansans have to pay a Deiiiornitic National (ommiltee Wait- projtortion <>f the cost of l.-.isins the j imr in See What Bryan .Sars four c.-:rs in the train, the e.vpeiises ! Ahont Ila>ikelL of haitlin.!,' it five hundred miles aeros.-: \ —: the state, ihe wases of diiiini; car and • Xew Yerk. Set.:. :;i.—No action will sleppiui; employee,'; and tile e.\- be taken by the Ijf jr .ocratic national peiises iif the iiiea's on the nip. ; comiiii:i.-e wirii reference to charges Two hiindred thonsynd phototsrav- "iade a-'ainst Governor C .\.- Haskell. ures of Taft are bein.i; print<-d and will Jenuin-^ an investigation ..f ihe mat- b.- place.l on the train when it tirsr ! " ' MUK made by ISryan. .Mean- i -uters Kansas. These photo:.-i-.r .i !n- «hi.'" Ilie national (Oiiitnitteemen here , „ , , . . ft male weakness.' It alwavs helps. It former Democrat in the pre.seiit cam- ^^^^^^ ^^^^^^ jg^tji^^ly non- palKn. But he made no reference to al:obolic, non • secret, all Its Ingredients the Hearst statement given out on t* ing prlnt<.-d on Itt bollle-wrappCT; con.„ , , .1, . taiu-S no deMterloua or hablt-formlng .Monday night with reference to the ^^^^^^^ ^^.^^ ^^^^^ .... coatroversy over Hearst's charges entering into lu composition has the full 'j'' •''•-5tn'<ii'cd at all of the i.)wiis •'^l'-'"'-- '"e hope that^ the treasurer that Haskell had coiiKht to influence aBulorsemeai of those most eminent In iha wh-re stops are made. \\ has l>e.n '=-'^" the cuniinittee imless M.-v.'ral schools of medical practice. Soma ,ieci.!ed that Lamed. Great Rend and he can c:e;.r h:m.-^e!i in every partic- concern- Ati;orney General Monnett of Ohio to numerous and siron^estof pro- ,. ,„ . , ,„.., .j,,. ., le -ati -ns m ,de < dismias certain suits pending against fe,slonal endorsements of Its lngr*<lients.| ^^'"l ''"^ presiden-;.< i-^ati -.n. m.,ae < will be found In a pamphlet wrapiied j tial candi'late. Instead of taki:ii; tbe;'"'^ , , ! the Sttindard Oil company. Employee Badl yBurneC uround the bottle, alaoInu booklet mailed route the irain will run direct from Jiec on reqiie.'ft, by Dr. K. V. Pierre, of ... , ., • • Jjuffalo. ^': Y, These professional en- Huichinson. , sioppiii« at ^ ^ .1 ,1 I - t ..,.-:..v.. c, ,.r.i ti.r .. .:,.i^^..i. Shortly before press time the com- *orsemdnt.s should have far mora weight' St. .lohti .ir .^lafford f.;>r a speei! r ^.v t .V pany physician was called to the lola Portland by word that an emp'.Oyee had Iwen burned. As to the serhnis ness of .the burns, the iihyslcian not advised. The coiupany office wa'^ called up but the officials had not ' learned the coniMllon of the Injured man. I Hobart Goes After Madison. }{armon Hobart went down to Humboldt this afternoon in his auto to bring bacic Congressman E^d. Madis<in who- speaks at the Republican rally here tonight than any amount of the ordinary lay. or I ati,! will sio|. at tJarden City f..r lion-prole.sjiiiual tesllmoniali. The juiist intelligent wiuneii now-ailay* UviUt on knowing' what they lake as ni«l speech and that P-abodv, instea.l of ru .r.-nee will i .-.-f aimther sp «-i 'cii TIK- Iciiie ia.Ntea<l of op. niug their m.iiiih.s likd j iiain will lively run iiboiit an b .i if whatever I*uli.-retl them. *!• averite Pre. 1 seilpilon" is of k .sow.v WMfosni..."*. it! -^:"ll.lav. .-».; it is practically ceiJamj tijat the iruiii will leav,' l>.-uv.r at' I" ::>> o'i -liwk Fri.lav iiii ;!.t instead >if • (Tunston Comes to lola. tiriKadier "General Fnnston, who is now ill Command of Fort Leaven* worth, will arrive in the city tomor« \ row fi .r a lew da.v.s' vl.sit with hU par- His many trieiul.s will be glad . e lillil. makes wiNik women strong and sick viiBien xvell. I i >r. i'ierce's Medical Advlstjr U sent Jre* ; on ivceipt of stami)s 10 ;iav exiien.— <if '.it II o'«; mailing "«'•/. S.;nd to Dr. K. \. I'lcn.-, | i Uiillalo, N. v., 21 one-cent stami« lor pa- ' "'^ 1 iicr-covered, or 31 stamps for cloth-Louiid. \ If flck consult the Doctor, fr«« of ohurge ' btf letter. All «nch oomoiubicatiOUa are |i«fld sacredly confidenUaL Dr. Pienso'a Pleasant Pellets invigorata aaA ngvUM ttonueta. Ilvtr ud bowilfc lock and Koiiiu: o \er liie citt- cui down three <iiiarters of iiii hour here. Thl.s will aive lime for an aditiiionni speech west of Kinsley. ReQitter Want Ads. Bring Results. KirsI t ar .»rri »es. On.- i.f Ibe cars which wa.-s entered in the ehd .iraiice run for the Star cup. ami which dropped out of the race at I 'liid. Okla.. arrived in the city aiKuit :'.V:to o'clock this afternoon, on way iio Kansas City. Regiater'Want Alia. Bring Results.

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