The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on October 21, 1964 · Page 5
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 5

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 21, 1964
Page 5
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f Wednesday, Oct. 21,1964 THE TIPTON DAILY TRIBUNE Poge 5 SELt jmm. HIRE HELP CL'A5SI F! ED RATES 1 insertion —— 4c p«r word 2 ihwrtiont —— 7c per word 3 •OMrtions je per word 4 insurtans lie per word 5 insorriens . 13c per word < JiMertiens _J I4c per word Minimum rat* — $1.00 Charges are al .a reduced e*sh rate and apply if the ad is paid within 10 DAYS after the FIRST insertion. SERVICE CHARGE OF 25c WILL BE ADDED AFTER THE 10 DAY PERIOD. Advertisers should check their advertisements in the First issue they appear and report any error at once as no allowance can be made tfter the first incorrect insertion. BLACK FACE LOCAL — 15c per line. MEMORIAM — 10c p*r Tine. CARD OF THANKS — *1J5 Cell OS 5-2115 before 10:00 A. M. for insertion same day, (ixcept Saturday—call before 0:00 A. M. CANCELLATION — UNTIL 10:C3A.M. DEADLINE. DISPLAY RATE Cass, per col. Inch 50c 1 inch per mo. daily — $18.00 t«ch additional inch - $15.00 (RATE QUOTED ARE LOCAL) FOR SALE-REAL ESTATE FOR.SALE—6 room house, gas heat, corner lot, close to schools and churches. Inquire 234 W. Adams. P-17 •FOR SALE—1959 50 x 10 Palace house trailer. Excellent condition. Immediate possession Price reasonable. Phone OS 5-4919. C-17 FOR SALE—3 bedrooms and den, bath and half, gas hot water heat. Many other features. In excellent repair. Available about Dec. 1st. Will require about $3,500 cash. Balance can tie financed. Located on Green street. CONTACT EUGENE RITZ at 115 NORTH MAIN STREET. OS 5-7417. C-18 Wanted for Sale! City, farm and business properties. We have good buyers for .fair priced • properties. Call or see Eugene Ritz at ] RITZ AGENQY 124 N. Main — OS 5-4813 FOR SALE fOE SALE—Spinet organ, excellent condition. Reasonable. OS 5-6263. C-tf FUEL OIL WHITE GAS any amount at station WEBB OIL CO. 215 S. Main Tipton FOR SALE — Apples—Cider- Popcorn. Hainlen Orchard, 2 miles east of Greentown, turn north and follow signs. C-42 FOR SALE—Apples and cider. Smith Orchard. 1 mile north, V* inile east of Sharpsville. C-tf FOR SALE — Awnings, storm - windows and doors. Ornamental iron. A. J. Butz. Phone OS 5-2646. C-tf FOR SALE—Apples — Grimes, Jonathan Turley Delicious. On State Road 28. One mile east of Kempton road. Mitzenberg Orchard. P-23 Singer Six Months Old $39.23 Full Price Walnut cabinet included. Make six payments of $6.54 monthly. Sews backward and forward, over pins, darns and mends, sews on zippers,, monograms, appliques, equipped to zig-zag, warranty included. Call OS 52135. " , C-tf FOR SALE—Set of Britanica Junior. Also Crosley Shelva- dor automatic defrost refrigerator. Kenneth Harrell, Kempton, Indiana. P-17 FOR "SALEr— (Miscellaneous items. Coats, good shoes„and dresses, including 14Vb sizes. New jellies and home made pies. 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Friday and Saturday, October 23 and 24, 620 N. Independence. " P-16 MUSIC IN YOUR HOME. Pianos — organs: Rental plans available. OS 5-6558. P-tf FOR SALE^-Used T Vs. 1 portable. Wiseman Sales and Ser vice, 108 Dearborn Street. C-19 FOR SALE—Used GE>12 cubic foot refrigerator. Excellent condition. $75.00. Service Motor' Co. Inc. OS 5-4549. tf , FOR SALE- Septic Tank. Call King, Windfall LY 5-3385. P-29 FOR SALE—John Deer 200 2- row picker, 2 wagons on rubber, and other implements..LY 5-4252. C-16 FOR SALE—5V4 H.P. Wheel Horse garden tractor. Extra good shape, electric starter, tools and many .other extras. OS 5-4650. C-15 (FOR SALE— Water conditioners and water softeners. Russell's Dairy sales, R. R. 5, Tipton. . Sharpsville phone 963-2550. iC-tf (FOR SALE—Apples and cider Lester Hlges, OS 5-6795. P-21 FOR SALE—' Pure apple cider 80c gallon. Jonathan, Red Delicious, Northern Spies, Black Twig, aH $2.50 bushel. Harry dark, Phone Sheridan PL, 85514. Tues. Wed. Tours. C-22 Repossessed Furniture Take over payments of $2.75 weekly on 4 complete rooms of - furniture and appliance. Full balance only $246. No money down. Just make the November payment. .Consisting of 2 piece Jiving room suite, 3 matching tables and 2 decorator lamps, 4 piece modern ' bedroom including Mr. and Mrs. double dresser with tilting mirror, full size bedstead, and master size chest on chest, 5 piece dinette set including 4 heavy padded chairs. Refrigerator- Freezer combination and range. Ask for group No. ID 463. FURNITURE CITY U. S. A. 2165 N. Sherman Drive, Indianapolis, Indiana. LI 5-5281. Delivery anywhere in Indiana. Open daily 9 to 9. Sunday 12 to 6. NOW IN BULK—Royiter fertilizer from our new overhead bins! No waiting in line! 4-ton spreaders available. For plow- down or wheat fertilizer call Adler's Seeds, Inc. 963-5397. /C-21 LIVESTOCK FOR SALE—S young ewes, one buck. 4 miles South of 28 on 31. Jess Ridge. -P-15 FOR SALE—Poland China boars 3 miles west of 28 and 31 intersection, 3 miles south. Ph. Sheridan PL 8-5720. Don E. Orr. P-20 S.P.F. Hampshire Boars—9 mo. old gilts toy head or by the pound. Bill Findling, Windfall, Ph. LY 5-3273. C-tf USED CARS FOR SALE-T-1955 Ford 2 door. Running fine. Also 1948 Studebaker pick-up, good, $175. Mr. Alexander, Goldsmith, Phone 963-2319. P-15 For Your Car Needs See CSS W THE EMBLEM OF QUALITY ™ .» S. West St. Ph OS 54941 Tipton FOR SALE—New 1965 GMC pick-up, 5 tires, 8 foot body wide side, 127 -inch W/B, 6 cyl. 0 oil filter, air cleaner, fuel filter, air flow heater and defroster. $1,795. Service Motor Company, Inc., 123 S. Independence, Tipton. " C-tf FOR SALE—Quality used cars. THROGMARTIN AUTO SALES, 704 W. Jefferson St. SERVICES SEPTIC TANKS, toilet vaults vacuum cleaned. Sewer and basement drains cleaned with .electric cutting knives. Phone Elwood FE 2-2684. David Sewer Cleaners. . C-tf FOR SALE—Oxford rams, purebred. Reasonable. Gerald Foster. • P-16 KING SEPTIC TANKS and Sewer. Cleaning at,a fair price. Licensed and Bonded- toy Ind. Board of Health. Windfall, LY- 5-3385. P-29 GM( GENERAL MOTORS • • CORPORATION ' flMMJ V» TO «o TONS SERVICE MOTOR COMPANY INfc. FRONT END AUtTNMENT — Wfa?£ baUficia*. EBERT Sinclair Service. Phone OS 5- na..,.... ^ <H» 'NEVER used anything like it," say users, of Blue Lustre for cleaning carpet/ Rent electric shampooer $1. Carney's' Drug Store. C-18 SERVICE CALL: BARNEY GOODNIGHT DAY:, OS 5-4549 NITE: OS 3-6166 SERVICE MOTOR COMPANY INC. FARM. DITCHING, bulldozing, back hoe work, pan work. Black top dirt, 7 yds. $14.00 Phone J & W excavating. Tipton OS 5-6381, Alexandria 7242104. C-tf WANTED — Furniture Upholstering and Repair. Lawrence Pickreil, OS 5-1358. C-tf FEMALE HELP WANTED The Lighter Sidi Precinct Captains Win the Elections HELP WANTED—Baby sitter in my home. Must be willing to work 1 weekend night a week. Iphrase-mongering OS 5-2604 after 5. P-151 then. 18 United Press international WASHINGTON (UPI)—A recent article in the Soviet newspaper Pravda criticized "armchair methods, personal decisions and disregard for the practical experience of the masses." ', It also denounced "harebrained scheming, immature conclusions and hasty decisions and actions divorcecr"from reality." And it condemned "bragging and phrase-mongering, commandism and unwillingness to take into account the achievements of science." No names were mentioned, but it was widely assumed that the article was referring to Nikita Khrushchev, who. had just been purged as Soviet premier. Personally, I'm not too sure about that. I think there is a possibility,. . , - . that. Pravda was referring to?J E * P^ anes > occupy expensive ho- Yogi Berra, who had just been; te j. , su . ltes > receive cheers and purged as. manager of the New!^ dul f on - ™ elr chief . 0C »»P a " York Yankees jtional hazards are an inability Some of those terms might i|? di - est banquet chicken and not fit, but there is no doubt ever-present possibility of a 'sore throat. 'By HARRY FERGUSON United Press International WASHINGTON- (UPI)—Knute Rockne of Notre Dame,' probably the smartest football coach who ever tempted a high school star with free board, room, tuition and spending money, had vast disdain for flashy hall- backs and their press clippings. But he had vast admiration for the linemen who opened up the holes for the backs and made their dazzling runs possible. "An All-American halfback," he once said in a burst of candor, "is created by a strong line in front of him, a weak defense against him and a • poet in the press box. The guys who deserve the credit are the linemen who are up front where the ball game is won or lost." And so it is with politics. The dazzling runs are made by Barry Goldwater, Lyndon Johnson, William Miller, Hubert Humphrey and the assorted candidates for senator, governor and the House of Representatives. They get their .pictures on television, their names in the headlines and well-paying jobs if their party wins. They travel in that Berra engaged in a bit of now and HELP WANTED WANTED—Baby sitter 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. OS 5-4193. WANTED WANTED—Live poultry. A. L. Show, Greentown, Indiana. Phone 628-3875. C-40 WANTED — Home for terrier pups. Phone 5-7296. WANTED TO RENT WANTED TO RENT-—By responsible couple with two daughters—unfurnished house. Phone OS 5-6703. by the fall of Berra. In order that' there be no stone unturned, or base untouched, I have been exploring this point with some of Washon with precinct captains—m any persons are not voting iFOR anybody in. this election. They are voting AGAINST somebody or some thing. Like flu's: Why. people oppose Johnson- there is a vague feeling that he is a wheeler-dealer although nobody attempts to define the term. If there is something more to the Bobby Baker case that has been made public, why doesn't Johnson come clean? Does-he really mean all the things he promises or is he going to suffer a convenient lapse of memory after Nov. 3? Has he told the whole story about Viet Nam? ; Why people oppose Goldwater — he talks before he thinks. He contradicts himself. Today's clarification of last week's statement more often than not muddies the issue rather than clarifying it.•Whatever he wants to do about giving nuclear weapons to field commanders could star a war. How can he be sympathetic to Negroes and still vote against the civil rights bill? By United Press International Famous o pinions about voters: I always voted at my party's call And I never thought of thinking for myself'at all. —W. S. Gilbert. As long as I count the votes, whal; a re you going to do about it? —Boss. Tweed. People Up 'Front They live in a dream world, : -| Anyway/ what I'm leading up [convinced that their oratory, WANTED-Someone to live with to is an omission that I've no-! the , lr knowledge of the issues lady.. Pay room and hoard. ticed in reading the newspapers , and .their handsome profiles OS 5-6770. C-20 for the past & w days . AU of win elections. What they too of- the pundits, here, there and forget is that their fate is everywhere, have been trying 'P he . hands otf a facele * s > ded " to gauge the impact of Khrush-> lcated S rou P of mefn and worn- chev's downfall on the U.S. | en a . cr ° ss the country who are C-16 nresidential campaign. (Precincts captains There a re '* But as far as I am aware I thousands of them belonging to none has speculated on whether > th , P ar ' les and th / v the , fifth, sixth and seventh races, the campaign would be affected f^° P l e ' vbo are . U P front wherfe the ball game is won or lost. There is no more thankless job in politics than being a precinct captain. He gets no salary and, in fact, usually loses C-16 ingtoA 's" leading authorities on "J 00 ^ durln 2 a Presidential Yankee affairs election year because he must These experts conceded that ? e *kct his business. He is not no outsider knows for certain l mvlted to a PP ear on television FOR RENT FOR RENT—5 room semi-modern. Call OS 5-4779 after '5: , YOU'MAY RENT^aj Diano^as low as $5 per month. Mrs. Ted Sharp. OS 5-6263. Riddick Piano Co. C-tf FOR RENT—3 room furnished apartment. Heat, water and sewage furnished. Located near Jr. High School. OS 56812. "" C-tf FOR RENT—6 rooms semi modern house in country. Phone Atlanta 10 on 138. P-16 FOR RENT—6 room apartment. CaU OS 5-2459. P-16 FOR RENT—Small country house. P.O. Box 144, Goldsmith, Indiana. . P-16 FOR RENT—Lower floor apartment, 3 rooms and bath,.gas heat, elderly persons preferred. Elsie Horton. Phone OS 5-6612. " . C-16 FOR RENT—Vi double, 4 rooms and bath, gas heat, unfurnished. OS 5-4243. C-15 what is happening behind the walls of the Yankee front office. As one of them put it, P-20 j "the Yankee front office is a riddle wrapped in A mystery inside an enigma." I regard that as an ambiguous comment. The same thing might be said of a cheese blintz. • , Nevertheless, for what it may' be worth, here is a consensus of their views in simple ques,- tion-and-answer form: Q — In your opinion, will Berra ouster produce any important changes in Yankee relations with the rest of the American League? A — No. The Yankees will continue to- pursue their basic policy, which is complete domination of the rest of the league. Q — Do you foresee a return to "Stengelism" — that is, to the polities of former manager Casey Stengel? A —No. Stengel's reputation for phrase-mongering was even more notorious than Berra's. Q — Do you think either presidential candidate will-benefit from the shakeup? A — It henefitted both temporarily by drawing attention away, from the campaign. LOST AND FOUND LOST—A tan billfold with ma­ sonic emblem. Reward. OS 5-2559. C-15 LOST— White orlon crochet scarf, Thursday. Reward. OS 5-6095. lance photographer who snapped a picture showing Gonzales scooping up the loot. FIRST AND SIXTH NEW YORK (UPI) — Harness racing driver Bob Farrington hasarleady won an American record of 266 races in 1,105 starts this season, but he is ,only sixth in money earned by P-16jhis mounts with $405,058. Stanley Dancer tops the money winning list with $868,180. '• 4 (Reg. U.S. Pat. Off.) TOO TIRED LONDON (UPI) — The Old Bailey heard a new excuse from a prospective juror Tues•By United Press International da y_ A night club owner said COURT IS CASTLE he wouldn't be able to keep his FORT WORTH (UPI)—Judge eyes open in court after work- R. Wright Armstrong plans a ing from seven p.m. to five court fight to uphold the legal | a.m. in the club. He was ex- maxim, to wit: "A judge's courtroom is his castle." Tarrant County wants Judge Armstrong to move to another courtroom so a visiting district judge can use his.- Judge Armstrong refuses because, he cused. OBITUARIES By United Press International BRIDGETON, N.J. (UPI) — Charles F. Seabrook, 83, founder and chairman of Sea- said, the other courtroom is j brook Farms, Inc., one of the too small. largest food processing compa- Armstrong said if the county jnies in the country, died at his goes through with a threat to ,home near here Tuesday. start legal action against him if he does not move out by Friday, he will go to court himself—and demand a jury trial. ODESSA, N.Y. (UPI) — Funeral services will be held Friday for state Sen. Dutton S. Peterson who died in nearby Montour Falls Tuesday of an apparent coronary attack. He was 69. CAUGHT RED-HANDED SAN, ANTONIO (UPI) — An -i dres Gonzales Tuesday chose not to fight the charges he I —; snatched a handful of watches JOB AND RAISE' from a jewelry store window] GOSPORT, England (UPI) — and was sentenced to - three William Kirby quit his 1 $4,046-a- years uvprison.: year-Job ; as assistant town soli- #Ds decision to. enter, a plea citor and moved to London, of no-contest was understand-j but he wasn't happy, able. He broke out the fetore) After seven- weeks, he, spot- window In broad daylight with ted his old job bejng adver- this picture is what interests at least a dozen witnesses on Used, applied and was rehired ; the precinct'captain. One fact hand. One of them was a freev 1 —at a salary of $5,236. emerges from conversations very often, newspapers have little interest in interviewing him and he cannot look forward to being invited to a White House reception if his candidate wins. There are precinct captains here in Washington who. have never seen the president of the United States in the flesh. • Cite Two Captajns.y- Later we are going to exam., ine the daily routine of two precinct captains in an attempt to explain their small triumphs, their frustrations and how they learn the hard way to handle voters. One is a woman in a high-income precinct which the Republicans have a chance to carry. The other is a Negro man whose precinct is expected to return a heavy majority for Johnson and Humphrey. These- two precinct captains are worlds apart in their environment, their techniques and their political philosophy. But they have one thing in common with each other and with most precinct captains across the nation—they didn't ask for the job. They were drafted and to some extent they' resisted and finally took the job reluctantly. They went in with their eyes wide open, knowing they had signed up for hours of grubby work, loss of sleep and small, if any, rewards for a job well done. • A presidential campaign looks entirely different when you view it from the rarefied atmosphere in which the candidates move and from the sidewalks on which a precinct captain operates.' Johnson and Goldwater deliver high-f 1 o w n speeches filled with . such phrases as the gffeat society, freedom and communism, thd destiny of America, the right of the individual to lead his own life and a basket of prosperity on every door step. Don't Make> Speeches A precinct captain who tried to make a flowery speech would be laughed out of the living rooms of the voters. Most of them don't make speeches at all, but spend hours in the give and take of friendly conversation. Nor do they discuss issues in detail because one of the first things they learn is that most voters don't understand the issues. They-are vague on nuclear testing, South Viet Nam, tax reduction, civil rights, the Tennessee Valley Authority, the threat of world communism, medicare. If their lives depended on it, they could not tell in accurate detail how either Johnson or Goldwater stands on those matters. . But out of bits and pieces of information, gossip over the back fence, a newspaper headline, a stray quotation uttered by a television reporter, something in a letter written by a relative living in another state, they decide how they are going to vote.'All these things merge Into a mental picture of'thfe presidential candidates, a n d r Goldsmith W. S. C. S. smorgasbord and bazaar at the church, Wednesday, October 28th. Serving to start at 5:00 p.m. C-19 DOUBLE BETTING CHERRY HILL, N.J. (UPI)— The Garden State ; Park race track will install twin double wagering starting Thursday and running through the end of the meeting Nov. 22 on the fourth, PIRATES SIGN COACH PITTSBURGH {UPI) — Hal R. Smith, former -St. Louis catcher and minor league instructor, came out of retirement Tuesday to sign as a coach for the Pittsburgh Pirates. ON PARADE NEW YORK (UPI) — Northern Dancer, winner of the Kentucky Derby and Preakness, will be shipped to the new Woodbine track-in Canada on Saturday to parade around the track before the Canadian championship. ON THE FARM FRONT (Reg. U.S. Pat. Off.) fly GAYLORD P. GODWIN United Press International WASHINGTON (UPI) .— The Foreign Agricultural Service said today higher incomes in various parts' of the world had caused a material increase in meat consumption during the past six or seven years. FAS said meat;consumption per person had increased in the United States, in the deficit meat producing countries of Western Europe,- and in Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, .East Germany, Russia, Japan, and Canada. ' FAS said b e 11 e r pay for breadwinners in these countries had resulted in higher consumption, particularly beef and veal. As meat-eating went up in some countries, it failed to increase—or was held down—in Australia, Ireland, Uruguay, and .Argentina. These exporting countries have been able to ship large amounts of meat at favorable prices, leaving less for home consumption. FAS said New Zealand increased meat consumption despite strong export demand. The Agriculture 'Department has amassed a series of statistics showing the importance and abundance of food in the United States:. The department said t h at since 1947-49 retail prices of all foods (including imports and seafoods) have increased 26 per cent, whereas' non-food living costs have risen 35 per cent. The agency ; said that while retail prices of U.S.. farm-grown food have risen only 15 per cent, rent has increased 47 per cent, medical care 69 per cent, transportation 52 per cent, and personal care 38 per cent. The department said U.S. citizens spend-less than 19 per cent of take-home pay for food, Britishers spend 29 per cent, and- Russians 50. per cent and O. M. Hinesley, with Sales .Tax Division of Indiana State Revenue i Department, "will be in office of planning commission first floor of Tipton Countj^ourt House on Fridays to assist with SALES TAX PROBLEMS. ' G-4 more. In 1947-49, it took 60 hours to buy a month's farm food supply for the average family; now it takes only 37 hours. BUYS TV RIGHTS NEW YORK (UPI) — The American Broadcasting Company (ABC) has purchased the rights to televise the next three Professional Golf Association (PGA) championships for $606,000. The network will pay $182,000 to televise the 1965 PGA championship at Ligonier, Pa., Aug. 12-15. Court Action' In the matter of Barbara Ann Parrish vs. Robert Dale Parrish: Complaint for divorce. Defendant's oral motion to withdraw cross complaint granted. Plaintiff granted an absolute divorce. Oral L. Grissqm vs. Inez Grissom: Complaint for divorce. Plaintiff granted an absolute divorce. Mary Ragan vs. Jack Ragan: Complaint for divorce. Plaintiff granted an absolute divorce. Patricia Ann Logan vs. John Franklin Logan: Complaint for divorce. Plaintiff granted an absolute divorce. RE-ELECT OLIVER D. WHEATLEY Judge Tipton Circuit Court Vote November 3. Your support appreciated. Paid Pol-7-9-11-13-15-17-19 21-23 •£ttt- (Satisfaction Guaranteed) Make Septic Tanks Work Like New ASK YOUR DEALER FOR TIPTON COUNTY FARM BUREAU CO-OP 25% of the Post Offices m the 5th District i have been modernized-replaced by new buildings or await construction AMB0Y ANDERSON ANDREWS BUNKER HILL CONVERSE FAIRM0UNT FRANKFORT J0NESB0R0 K0K0M0 LAGR0 LAPEL MACY MARION PERU SUMMITVILLE UPLAND VAN BUREN WABASH WARREN this is only one part of the record compiled by your man in Wellington RE-ELECT J. EDWARD ROUSH P»Id tor by Roush for Congrtu Committee, Huntinjton, Ind. John Ferguson, Chrm.; Diana Bottson, Sec.i •Arthlir i*afMtr, Treee. ' •

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