Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 24, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 24, 1908
Page 5
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THS lOLA 0AILT Ten Reasonm Why You Should Curry u Bunk Aooouni Editor Smith Sfck. i < Editor W. R. Smith of the Republican hasn't been fcelins well of late. Mr. Smith some time ago was injured, sustaining a bruise in his side, and the old wound is tiothering him again.—Ft. Scott Tribune. i ^^^^^^ —Our. Oysters. Wnjr. Called to lola. Mrs. James Tefft went to Ida today In response to a telegram telling' of the serious illness of her grand-', daughter, Mrs. Ethel Tbomas-Aman. No further particulars were given — j Oarneti News. It help5! your credit. It guards you against extravagance. It will create business habits that will increase yonr sayings. ' It makes a clear reCQrd of yonr business. It furnishes the best receipt for.all money paid out. It will prevent yon from paying the same bills twice. It protects you against loss by robbery and personal ^•t'"-«.p. Osteopaths; Phone 4«8. injury by robbers. It is the best burglar Insurance yon can carr}'. It enables you to pass over periods of sickness without embarrassment. It 18 not only a luxur}', but a necessity ^to a successful business man. StBte SBvings Bank lola, Kmnmm» Open froiii 7 to 8 p. m. Saturdays and Pay Nights Ash Grove Stock at Par. Althoufih it has the .voungest plant in the fiel.i, stock In the Aeti Grove I.lmf aiiil Portland Cement company, which last month took control of tho'Me plant, built for it just north of this "ily. Is quoted at piirj in the Kansas lie'd. stock In thf. Ash Portland Cement stock ciuotations furnisli.?a dy. the .1. rt. Strean Invest mont conii)any. and published in a Kansas City imper this morning. Ash Grove ."stork heads the list—Chanute Tribune. Fryer Bros. WHOLESOME GROCERIES Our stock of »;rorories and Me.Tts are sold on the merits of their high standard as to quality. They are luiro, wholesome and aSwa.vs can iie relied upon. Trv, a ?3rk >.f No 7 Flour, per sack ilM .lapan, Inipt-rjal or Gunpow­ der.Tea. perpinind 45c The best io town for the money. Fryer Bros. < Phones SOS-SOL Evans Bros. Pmlmtm, Stmllonmfy, Ollm BImnk Bo«*a mndaiMmm Mchooi Mtinpll— fyitmwfltiw SuPfllmm, Otflmm Mttpnilmm Wher« qnallty is main eonal4- •raUoh we bny th« best Where deinahds will Justify, we oarry allgrades and price*. i • • •••tkilMe Iqiare, lalm. liiu. Golden West> Mnd Co Oft 'i -r.^ you lietr'e'r oppportuni- • ties to sell or exchange yonr farm or !nisini;.-:s through its i-o- oiieralive a.cencii-.-;. Office 0\er Iowa Store lola, Kansas. Ji, D. THOM Palntmr and fapmr Hamper irstimaie.- iherrfu!!y aiv.-n on al! work Phone t;it>. Ue>. tdS S. Buckeye. Short Stories ion lola Happenings —six per cent mnney: no commls- ''lon; no delay.^SJmlth « Travis. Dr. Murphy Goes Home. Dr. S. S. Murphy, pa.stnr of tlii' Methodist c-lmrch in Parsons, was In the city this afternoon on bis way home from Baldwin, where he attend cd a meeting of the Baker UniverFity directors.—Chanute Tribune. —Dr. J. IL Pepper. Dentist, Phone 1«8. He Saw Snakes. •"Mike.'" tl.e umbrella mender whose lieiiorticfll visits has maie him a fam- ilar ligure in Southeni Kansas towns, drifted into Chanute yesterday, after ;in ah.s.'iice of several month?. "Jllke" celehratort his return to Chantue by acqniring n delirium tretnens-produc- ine, i which required the services of the county physician to quell. •Mike" |was placed in jail about 10 odock last evening and wt|hin a few ininutf.s Iwas liolding clo.<;c communion with all the, big reptiles of; the Rlng- lina ineiiaRcrie. He was released tliis morning without arraijiiinnMit in policf court.—Chanute Sun. —.\lways time to eat at Our Way. Left Auto Here. P .E. Bodky. president of the People's Home State Bank returned this afternoon from a trip to I^Roy. He went to the roffey «ounty town in his automobile, but was compelled to leave the machine in lola on account of the rain.. He says that a good showpr fell in AUf^n rounty this mom- inp The rain extended as far .=puih as and as far north as; Ottawa, according to the report made by p.asseng*»rs on the. south bound Santa train , this aftpmoon.—Chanute Tribune. ' — SlRn paintinp. r.hone H2^. —11. M. Cnnnlngham. monej. (I per cent River Is Not Low. .1. .1. Hurt, who has taken suflicient interest in the discussion rep.arding the low water mark of the Xeosho riv.i- to make a special trip to Ditmar'.-" ford to investigate, says that till' water is not nearly so low as he has seen it in former years. Years during the drouthy seasons.. Mr. M'lrf has crossed the Neosho at Dlt- niars ford., by stepping from stone to stone in the river bed. This year thor- is still a foot of wat^'r running av .M- til.' shadows at. the ford. The Nensho has not reached its shallow t St stace. by any nj'Miis. and no fear iit'i'.i |i(> aroused over an impend'ng faihiro in the city water supply. Tl^ere is .•nouch water in the eh3nn«>l to .<'!'>]>!> Chanuio if it does not rain .til fali hi-- a?sertion.—(^haiuitf» Sun. • MIt Wilhite Honored. O. M. Wilhitt' p^ceived a letter from E. W. Tierney. of New York, president of the Hotel Men's Mutual Bcn«'- fit association, informing him that hf had In^cn mado vice-president of th<' association for Kansas. The H. M. M. n. .\., as it is callei!. is at the head of thi.' hotel bnsi''ef3 In the United States. • It is composed of the propri elors of the bigg.'st hotels la the country, and Is for the jiurpose of proinotiui: its Inferpj^fJ. T.icre is a vic- I'H'siil'^nt for ••.Till .'tale. HP att'Midr. the national nie.Mlnps and goi 's on tli.- trips taken by tlip ofllccrs. The !i <'si- tion of vice-president carries com 'd- erable prestige and honor with it.— Kmporia Gazette. Mundir, now has tin I.own»'.\'s chocolates. ai;>-ncy for •• Came to lola. Mrs Kali.- HodR.-s l.'ft this afternoon for a short visit in lola. * • • Mr. and Mrs. .1. H. Edwards r.-turned to lola at noon, after a visit with G. \. K.lftards.—Channt.' Sun. —:Oy?ters any ctvip at Our-Way. Lodoe Meeting. Tip- .-'rris nv. \ Daurhiv-rs of .Tustice ar.- lo tonie.lit in the Masonic hall. Rpirular Imsin.-ss will be before t:.e ordpr. —Fr.'jril'. .'^ He.'ittle. V. S. Phone J33 Quail Crop Good. Th'- quail crop ij uncommonly large Isis ?''a.-on. remarked a local sports- n-an this morning. The Increase Is :irovint hv the frequency with which II.' fliisli.'S coveys of the birds, in Irivinp along the—Chanute •^•.:n. Tilt- tiiM-"! and fr.'srest line of can ics in t.-.wn is at Mundis's. COLONIST R.iTES Caiifonila, Arizona, Dallj until' October .11. ISXIS. ifSO.tH) from lola. Kas. ] Liberal stoi>over iirivilests. Per- f .inai '.v .•oi:.iiii -!.^a excnr.-^.ions. Tick.•t^ 1. i^,^ rink, had leased tho popular acei .i .d in t.junsi sit-ejiers on pay- ruPin if I'lillmaii rate, and in chair .ar. .\., hetti-r ua.\ uf liecoiiiiiii; a<- yuaint .,n wiiu the Cire.Hi Souihwesl. wber.- ^:^u'l farms >i.ld a ouupetence. tb.Hn I > traveling ovt-r ih.- Saiita P.-. l.f\ ne M>nd yon some llieruinre •bom f^aforliia. Ari7o'na, i -tc. , \V. K RAI.SIDN, . ' Ai;ent. : • lola. Kansas. fli.v voiir Snli'scriptions f>>r .>I\I;V/IM:S AMI PKKIOUK .U.S TO .1. K. llendersoB who d.ii'.s wiih the publishers anfl tiirnlsti'.s iheni at the lowest price possU)ie. • Phone J^S. 414 N. Buckeye annis.-n'.-ni r.-.sort to C. liaiiuh for six months. The attractions MTiin (I .-arlier in the st'a.Kon will be li;-iiiii:lii here by the' n.'w management. () C R-i.! will probably be placed In i -hart.' of 111.- rink. Cbarlps RIckel will i-.or>:niii>.- th.- Star band and fur nis'i hiiKic for tbi- st-ason—Chanute i^un. Mr< Turners Millinery Opening.\. Septeinlier l .'r .th. Thorpe & Bough C«>jtractor8, Eugineers, SorTeyors, Fully equipped for all kinds of surreying, estimating, patent driw- Ing, blue prints, maps, sidewa curbiUg. and fanh drainage. lOffite Orer •Tamoiu.'' Iks, A Plague of Our Own. lola. not to bo outdone by St. Pet .-'-•-liur^'. has u plaptie of Its own. The Ilia plattiio is a crop of red ants which liav.'' suddenly ov.>rrun the town.—Ottawa ^Jg^-ald. NPW post cards. Mundis drug store where most There was bottom Ft. Scott Tribune. Perhaps Imperial Hat Styles are chauged oftencr than iu any Other hat ia the woihl. AI- wa5'S something strikingly different than 5 'ou have ever had before. IMPERIAL rjualiiy always remains tlie same. The price is never different— $3.00 FiPil IMwden. —Mrs Turner's .Milllnerv Opening. Friday. September -•'•th. Lanvon at Emporia. Mrs. Will Lan.von jr.. and;hter Miss I.vnett.'. of Pittsburg, are t^e eiiests .if Mrs. C. W. Hurst. They ar.; on their wav homo from a few days' ?tav in Kan':js rity—'Emporia Gazette. « I ftlV* —Merchant's- l.unch at Our Way: At Church Anniversary. H. Helmbr.cht of lola. ba.s been .isiting th.- past week with friepds and att.mding the fiftieth anniversary of the M. E. church.—Burlington R*^publican. ^ —Anto Oarage and Repair Shop for all kind* of repairlnv'. Anlomoblle llrerr. Phone SS3. LlUlt ti> L»t'ture. Rev. R. , U. Elletl. pa^I.•.r ..f ih-' Chri;:ifan church, i.'- to ileliver a i.'c- ture tonight in the churf-h on tt'<> snl.- jpci. (ii.o.l Ol.t Tim.-.f Sftuth. ' it'.-i.i. inu-ic !;i IO be rendere.l The Pirn- Is Coniljit!. .\ part r,i the pife whivh llie ritv recently Imnsht in imiiana .-irrived •e.'iterday. Ii is to lie used in iayjn;: the line lo the west fields. —Insist on haTlnir "^^ S." flour. Cement Men Enroute. W. J r.rov.' Cement company, at Chanute. w and other officials of the plant, pass•d throuch lola last night on the plug Star Rink Sold. It was aiMumnced this afteriioonI '^^^^^^ i , .1. M Uickel. owner of the Star ' ^^nta Fe. who i£ . risr acenl of tne Santa Fe. who i& Hajjituol Con^ipaiion May(>cponnancn|l)- oicrcomeliyproiwr pcntoiwl c0oi4s LitK^Kc assistance of tne on;: Iruly oenclici^l \«aali»e wKicK enables pncio |9rr,t rcgJar Kabits claily 5o that assistance & nature mav be gra ^uiM|^ clispense^^iMi *«K«n no lon^r nee<lec| as tfte best«f (remeclic^wKen retired, ore to asfxA noture Hni. not to itup)>)ont tke ti«tur. o)-[uiicftionS ,vK (cli inust <)epeni)uUi* nate|y upon pr<H>e^ noutiisKme*it. : Mrs. Burton at GarnetL •Mrs. if:ila C. Burton, candidate for state . superintendent of instruction, who spok.- h-re night before last. a<l- dn-.ssod a Carnett audience last night. Jerry Hoikin also s:pok.^ there —Dr. P. E. ITaotrb. Dentftt, Phone 32. i To and From Chanute. Ciiris I'orier returu.'d to lola a* noon, afi'-r a visit with his niece. .\!r.s. II. rl. Wyrkoff • • • Mr. an.l W. C. Cornell returne..! to lola. aft.-r a visii with their fath.-r. Dan CoriK'II^—t.'hanute Sun. -. Fre-h Ov-,ters—Our \V:i\ Woodmen Picnic, rii.- .M W .\. loise of Iilla. IS p!anniri: to luiv.- a Kran.l plcnie and log rolling at lola Fri>!ay. It is [wssib!.^ •hat so:i!-' of th-' ("hanute Woodmen will i:.". alfiio'iu-li l.'iose wl.o cannot atten.l both will prefer to r.^main .M hoii-.> an-l .iiiend the l>a!iqu>-t of th.- lf.c.-,l I. d-'.- .M..iiilay —Ch-antue Sun 8BFTBMBEB 84, 1908. ARE WITH THE CUBS .Sentiment in lots Seem.n to Be fur rtaAncKs Team—.\en- York Won Yesterday. lola fans arp hecoralng so Interested in the pennant rac^-s in the nia- jor leagues that they are telephoning to Kansas City in the evening to get the returns. Last night a bunch of bugs were talking of the race and finally became to entbuslasfic that they telephoned foiq the resuji-. There is :il:?o some litti' betting on th.- pres.-nt serie;. between tne Cubs and Giants and in the out ome .n the .ea?on rare -AmoiiiT th.: I fans the Ciib= seem be the more popular while the senti ...pnt netween Detroit and Cleveland in the .American league race is aboiit eveniv dividedi Pet :.:ci r.tit .".:>; j .171 .434 Pet. .r .;'.K fi-.T. '.?<: ') |0 \:.\ AMKRI.'A.X i.ilMVii: n.i tf.n 4. Petioif I. i'!.v.-land I 'liiiadeiphia :' -V AT ION A L LEAi :i K I'lHr -biire J. Hroi,kl \i: I .N'^.v V.>rk J. Chicas;.. i --jTame pr [.-ted. f'inrinnaii 1 I'! j » Rosion 7 1. St. Loui.-; '.' I Where They l'la» I.Jiinv. A.MK.RiCA.\ r-t:A.:rf. Nevv York -ai Chicafro i;. at f.t i.o'..i^ riiilad .-lphi-) .-.t Detn.ii V.'a; h!:.:;ti ;i ai l"|t.-v.-,an"i. .\ATfONAI, LK.\<;rF Chican.) .It N. w York l'i;r b-irg^ai HrfM .ki>n Si I.nuTs at I '.oston iMiirinnali at Ph'iad.-'i'''i;>. At i;.. oonclusioti of ysierday's AMKRh'.V>: LF.ACJ"r: W 1.. rieT.-l;.i..| . r.» rhicnso . .:i Lietioit . . .... 7?» ••.1 St. lyiui- . . .. , R.>!:t<in . . . .ON «» Philadelphia . . . . Wa-hn'Ct-.u * 1 N.-.-.- V.-irU . «•'. :. ATIOX.AL W U. .Vew Ynifk flit Chi .'fiKO . 'ei •1 PittFliurn . . •74 Phiiadelpitia 74 r.« Cincintiat: . 71 Boston y * Brooklyn! . 4> •» * i i.ui.^ . . 17 <1 , Grows Hair ' and we caa ITI The Great DANDEREVE Never Failii to frcdnce the Desired Results. I iF end ir.vijorates the half ; glands ma tissues ol the icalp. resultinjt in a continuons and increasing growth of the hair. 1 ?-.t--r^ f-f pT ^Np ore routlnaallf ..•n:L -c- In in.M lu-ari.v mJ! p»rt» of luuc;.-/ t'.silM tb« l>«nderlQe ti..< t -.-H'-».?'l 111.' i;'Owtli of hair tn ,• i.-j thai -iret-.- considered atnO- ijt.-iv ' .'• • ' \ tr«:r. r .roctija CTltM: - \:--T K -ti.-rt tr !-.i n.j halr«opp«d I. - -.k-i 1 i.'-n & lovely bemU t;;:r r; 1 ..\v .jvei one and Daiiderine «ii;r.Llsles the acmlp, .t hc-l:Ky .-.tid kre (i* it lo. It ij li.i e.restcsi scalp invigorator l^nown. It ic a wholesonie rnedicioe lor boih ihe hair and scalp. EVCO a small bottle of it will put more genuine life In your liair than a gallon of any other hair tonic ever made. It shows results from the very start. Ncvv on sfiir at cver>- drug and I .,)rl !;lo,'r tn the land; 3sizes. 25c. 50c and 91 .OO MUST DRAW Inspectors Warn Comply I rrVV i >:iiiilerineacta.«e I'lill I-:.!J > iTK^'amplenca I i./refuramalltoanroneirlio TtllS 'i-sJi frrff ffoiipootothe O'Jl \ kiunltor. DandiriitCa.. CMon, 'r name and addrcM vrr ur atamp* :)'jt \ kiunltor. DandiriM / ^-.ih th.-:rname / .uT .i! •.•«: Ill I to pBjr [»o*tige. THE POULTRY. Kansas Dealers IWith Law. to No undrawn pfj.iltry. {jsh or game can hf .sol.I in Kansa.'J. D: S. J. Critrobine, s.-c-retiiry f«f th.- Kansas ^1,. nf v...5terriav s I board of health l.ri.s just issued nn or to .sej-ond from fir..«t on a hii which brought .McCorriiick in from the third sark with what would have been the wlnuInR run had Jlerkle played baseball. It was announced in t'Tis mom- ine's Kansas City papers that the came would likely be forfelt.'d to .New York. Th.' St. Ixmis Post Dispatch, how.'v.'r. contains a dispatch to the .ff.Tt that the gaiue was de- clar.'.l a draw and w"ill be played off today. The di.<ipatch follows: .\.-w York. S.>pt. —As a result of a riot at the end of tli»^ came Presl- d. nt Pnriain and the two managers agreed to call It a tie an.l play It off tomorrow. -.Mr Fri.l.iy. ia :ii .-r'-; Milliiu-r.k 0;..'n;n'.; , ;.; L'.'.th. For the Visitors. Tl'..' Santa Fe announce." today that the mornine passenger train will be held in Kansas City until 12:1.=; a. m, on tho niiihi of tl.e Priests of Pallas parade. Ociob.-r f.. to allow vl?llors from th.' Southern Kansas branch to. see the entire parade and then return home. :er Hr.iif!iil?. t'red i'hxine l!^'^. Rfiu.b-n To Medical Colleee. Hurry t7l•av.•^ and it. 0- ili .war .l have left ii.r ciiicairo where they \\U\ fteiiil IlerrincF M.-dical College. liirv fini-(i tile .•..ii;--e ihif. year —Soda Water, the Our «'a.T kind. Visited Mrs. Kollinirer. .Mr.- .1 U S'ewan. of Humboldf .i-it.-d «;:li h-r .-i.-ler. .Mr.* C. O. ft..!- iii^er .^e ^Ie^.Ia.^. -Mr.-:. Stewart wa? i^^^-jrSr^'-the Ash j^-ir' her Kan-^ri: Ciry r-\<:idencc to trade f.^^ ola p.-fi-riv C .i .id hr.iire with barn tr. ent. I 'll |M\.-.t ftreet. F.air room iiiii--e fi.r .-ale. for $t.".ii. Whitaker & Donnell. tUtl .Soldiern for Tafl. •|ii.-re i> e..ti.-i<lerable intere.-^J in t|j.' C. .\. It li.-re in Ihe propos,?d or.aani- zat-on of (l;.i Sodier for Taft club' ' .\n old r' in .-very po^t in the .•;tate is t.i li.- appointed lo take ehari-'e of th.' pbltis, —Be H B.viJ-ter-Home Industry— '>>iHishrt Rlv.T fat n« Our War. liosliorn Al riianole. Attorney i.'.i^horn, of lola..will prob alilv addres.-i' th.- lirvan elub l'rid:iy iiiiriit at its iiie..tinK.—(hanuie Tribune. —Mrs. Turner's Millinery Opening. Friday. September 25th. PULL OUT A HAIR Ihe Waj to Teir If Ynnr Hair IM>ea«ed. Is i;>eii it ynii have a luxiiriani head of liiir >.ii may want f.i knoiv whether ;i i-. ii; a !i.-ai'li> or not. p.-r cent of the people need a hair toaje Yon can make a y(^nr.-;elf that y.iii can see and i.inder-^tandi vvhi.-h \yill tell whether .vijiir hair ii5 heaiihy or not. Pii;i a hair out of y«.iir hi-ad. if :h ih.^ root is whiii- and .shrunken, it proves that the hail Is diseased, and i -e;jnir.T; pr.impt treatment if its w .tnlii I.e avoided If the bulb is Jiink and f.ili. the hair is health.'-. We want every one in Ro.-'he.-;ter uiio .e hair rf-.iuire.;; treatment to try Mir I;."f'^" Hair Tonie. We prom- thar it fhail not cost anytbinK if •i ihjrv not give .satisfactory re.'-iilt.*. lie>:a!l • f'"." Hair Tonic is designed to .iv.^i-cf.nie dandriiff. relieve .^calp irrl- 'jiiif.n. to .stimulate the hair root?, to ilanien the hsir already in the head, •\rrfK hair .ind nire haldne^j. :i >iit f.f loo where it was giv- Ai a lhori.Ui:b. .con.sclentioii .s teit. i{ .Czr-x hair on f>.1 head:<. which should .-unitlent proof that Rexall "S::" li.'itr Tonic fonrain'; extraordi.'iary ciirative and hair prowins: qua'ities. It IS becaui^e of our^knowledee of this preparaiion and our sincere faith in its s.iodne .sii that we want, yon to try ;r, at our risk. Re\all Hair Tonic i.= a clem. .•!.'-ir preparation which does not r.reas.i. pum or thicken the hair, and it has a very plea.^inp f-.b.r. We h'aie rt in two size.s pri .e.^ and $l..>0. S H lliirreil. the Hexall Store department and the attorney -.-ncral that the .sal.' of tindrawn ni.-;its is illegal. , I Kansas has law prohibitin;r. th.- sale of undrawn jiiouliry, fish, -uame that has been k'lpt in coM ."torape but this new ..hler prohibits th.- sales of fresh hut nn.Irawn stocks I Speeijii Xotlce. On account of th.". H.-lirew holid.'iy. New Year. Satiirilay. i*eiit.-iiiber L">;. my of business -Xill I-..- ei..>.-(!. Wl^b- Ins all my friends and patrons a most happy and prosiieijous ntwyear. I am re.^pecifully voiir. ' It S. P.ARNARI). :;-jj-' ri>'. North llii.-keve GOODBYE TO SUMMER. i • • ' Fall Season Beginis Today as the Sun Goes! South. «..- iti'l .''iiiiiia! .•.(liliio.x. Th.' siin was tli.-li din-ctly i -iY <r the ef|Uafnr on its w!a.\ south, which i.-^ the natiiral sis.ii f )r ai-proaelihiir winter for till- north It will r.-main south of the .-(Vtatiir until .March 21, when it wi'l rrosi i; ..-online back to the north, which will re\,-rs.- the wea- hiilli at th.- end ofjther season. j Rains aecouipan^—1 with bii-'ii winds are usually prevalent at this time of the year. Not onlk- durine the autumnal equinox, hut also at the time of the vernal eqiiinojic on .Ma.'ch 21, do sncli storm.s occn^r The change In the earth's positiop cans-? th.-- chane»i in winds which iir' storqis. ^ These storms ut;iia !l:. uallv brine on the .ice !;r -f.or.- and after the equinox, but very seldom occur on that |day. Records .'ihow t'-al more of tbe.-ii come diirinLC th.:f week foHowin?. which in usiia'ly fh<i in Kansa.s. .»inv tiir.e thir- week ihese storm.s can be exp---cted. / Records .-rI.«o show tbar if storms fail to ronie the weather iisii- THE lOLA ICE AND COLD STORAGE CO. NimaCactnrers. WhelMalo and Retail Dedlart CitYSTAL ICE Andl Distilled Water Heir jCoM Stoinge Bwiy far . MnsiaesB. Phone llC FRAjNK RIDDLE, Mgr. .SIlE 'si AFTER ALL OF THEM. Mrs. .tfcHenrr's Mrath Falls on Be. publicans and Vt. C. T. U. Topekti. Sept. 21.—Jlrs. Myra Mc- Ilenry. chief disciple of Mrs. Carrie .Nation, is on the war path again. Sh» says sh^i has be^n arrested thirty- three times by Republican o£Bclals in the last Inlne years because she has dared to Ifight the joints. Tm after .loe BrI.stow and Stubbs and Fred .lackson and the whole Re- {uihiicani ticket, from top to bottom." raid Mr^. McHenry. •Bri.stiiw is the man T am after In' t!ie maiti I know him. I*re had ex-; perienre' with him. Ihold f.ponsibifl for Ihe acts of the Kansas postniastiers that persecuted me. I'm au.-r .lolin Mar.shail and the W. C. T.' i; . too. j They re not working for the temperaiice" . To Cure DIARRHOEA Drwnteor, Cholera Motboa pr CMifn Infantum taks WAKEnElD'S Blaci(berry Balsam V/hi1o it is a quick and positive cure for Diarrhoea^ Dyse.--t.ery and Ch -Dlera Infan- fj.Ti. it cces rot constipate. In 62 years it his saved the li-/es of thouszmds of men, •.vomeh and babies. Accept only Waka- fifeld s. Fu!l size bottle^ 5Sc everywhaia^ allv remains dry „., „.„ for a long perioil.; People are hopin-r that the eqiiiii..efial storms, will come: if only enoiich to' settle the dust Wants an Appropriation Chri.; Ritter sii s he is i^oincr before the commi.^sjoners an I aslv for an appropriation t (|i buy cloth h.-its for the straw hat brl " •• • - Ine has volunte^^r. ter. Both Mr F In-? are still wean tpemCttf Annual stMndane* Iflfc son. arrivea IU iu»u auu A-Muiri^ the county attorney's office. g«|J'*W\ . most of the day was spent. S|/rJin«K6c»^*1^hyir77tottVa vas no way of getting at the "y«^**Pl]2g.^tX of the men's mission here.- J^TtiiSLmU • CALIFORNIA _Flt«reniH 8tor.« and IPn^. FiG SvBW Co. ONLY DioioioiDioioioioioioiaa Black Diamonds Beaten. The Chanute HIack Diamonds, who went to lola yesterday to play the lola Go-Devils as a pan of the Emancipation day program, jcame back with a bird luck tale. They were beaten by a score of 14 to 2. The lola pitcher. Pomp Reaper, formerly of Chanute, was too much for the Chantue boys. Washington, who pitched for Chantae, played a good game, a]lo«i tag bat few hits. ' _i. ' —It-Our Way Soda Water. :ade. <*apt-tiii F.w- d to i.-lp .Mr. Rit j ter and ("apt. F>V " aj,' the braid liat. i . vTincban. Stiutaiin tnaa -ijority of •ta(M ..^iDea^ •Ipned. ud^eqaippAl wBtWar. pies its own atataemMlcs. Wr:t« fnr par tratadcM JT'IDIC (aU into iKUtAKsPt , emng SEPTEMBER,' 25 MISS CAKRIE DOC^ETT Successor to Miss Priboth Iny^ites the pnblioj to call ond see the Beaiitifal|IMspiiy bf ^ALL and WINTER MIIJUNERY A VEkY SWELL L^JE PATTERN HATS | SEPTEMBER 25

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