Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 24, 1908 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 24, 1908
Page 4
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roiA*BAn.T»BKgSgBB. THrBSPAr tin lOU Diar lEOSTEp 0HA&F.8C0TT.. ^ ! ntored atiloISi Kaneaa, Poatoffice,/aa Second-Claai Mattei. AdrertJuiog Bates Made Known on ' AppUcattog. i : I SUBSCRIPTION RATES. i /r Curler In loH, Gas City, Laayo*' Tllle or Lallarpep Ine Week. ;10 cenU dna Month .44 cents One Tear. $5.00 ByMalL Om jear Inside conuty tSjOO Sne year ontside connty WOO B%ree Months, in adVance..$1.00 One Month, In adyance 44 9FFIGIAL PAPER,' CITf OF BAS- SBT.i ! Telephdnet Bnslness Office - -i - - - - 18 Bdltorlal Room - r - - - • 22Z REAL DEMOCRATIC SENTIMENT ON THE RACE QUESTION. •\\liile Mr. Bryj ii Is kpopiiiK silent In all thp langiiaSos lio knows on tlm subject of the kniijirossion of tl»> Nogro votf" in tlici i^outli, Iho Urowns- vlll(\ (*^p. tho aiMioiiiiniciit of colop cd,men to x)fllco. oio.; his IK^inociat'ic allies iij. the 'Sov\th Unv<' i\ot U«>(>tj so cautious. The platloi in adoptod lij- the Doiuociatic State Convt'iitlon i>( West Vlrplnia this jsiiimn«'r ooiitiilii.s the i ^ollowinK flat foijii'il <Icclara)inn.s, which wo roinnii'Dili to Iliosi' of one coloi;«'d fvi >n(ls who iiiay have be<'n partly dehnled into tin; notion that the. Denioo-alic Party would treat them bettei than they wonld ".>•• treated by the (lepuhlioan party: '•\Ve,favor the eiiacltuent of a law requiring jcoiximon carriers engaged In passenger traflic to furnish separate coaches or- compartments for white and colored passengers. Believing Iliat the (,'.\tensioii of the elective franchise to a race inferior In inteUigi^nco ".x>A '.vitUout vvj '.'arii- tion for the wise and pmdent exercise of a privilege so vital to tlie maintenance of good doveriiment. Was a mistahc. if not a ciime committ^d by the Republican party, Kiuring the reign of passion and lirejudice following the Civil War. for political ends and purposes, we declar.^ that tlie Democratic party is in fivor of• so amending the Constiiiiiioii as to pre- .serve Hie purity of the ballot, and the electorate of tl;e state from the i' evil results from conferrins; siicii pow- I er and privilege upon those who are unfiited to appreciate its inipoit.ince. , as it affects the stability ami pn-ser- I vatlon of good govermncjit." I The Kansas City Star v .ry patly suggests that an election in Jialne on Monday had about as much national sfgnlflcanci- as an election today In Kansas on the re -submission of the prpbibiii.ry am> intmiiil would have meant. In .Main.- ilx- issii.s were eiitir.Iy |oc !iI ainl national jH )li lllcs recfived ciiiisidt 'niilon wli;ii- iCvor. With thouf.ands of voi'is all ovii America the real Issite In ilils <:ini ipalgn is: UHio will most r.-rialnly icnrr.v firwnrd the Koosi'veli polichs. fTaft or Hryan? Is iheri- anybody bet- or <j«nUned to atiswer that <;ii<stiou han Mr. IJoos .'v .lt hlmsidf? M<' tnotvs both Ta([t anr) Hryan in 'r .sonally and^ well. He has worktHl side by jslde .with Taft for ten years and now ^he publishes a letter in which h(? (!<• blares that tlje policies which have Mine to i)e known by his name arc •eally as much Taffs policies as they are his own, Uiat iTaft helped him to :'rame them and that Taft above all otber men is the best qualified and most certain to carry them forward. Haven't you confidence enough in Fiticsi This woman says that after months of sufferlner I,ydla £. Pinkham's Vt^etable Compound made her as well as ever. Maude E. Forjpe, of Leesburg,Va, writes to Mrs. Pinkbam: "I want other snfferinf; women to know what Lydia B. I'inkham's Vegetable Compound has done for me. For months 1 suffered from feminine ilia BO that 1, thought I could not live. I wrote you, and after takinfr Lydia E. rinkliiim's Vegetable Compound, and nsini; the treatment you prescribe*! I fell like a new woman. I am now strong, and well as ever, and thank you for the good j-ou have done me." FACTS FOR SICK WOMEN. lM»r thirty .venrs I.vditi K. Pink- lituir.s Vi'Ki^table Cniiiimiiiul, inaiie fWtiH itKrt.s iiijtl herl>s, nsis boon the t;taii(luixl it'iuotly for feiiialo ills, iviidhas itosilively iruml thoii.sandsof women who have Iteeii troubled with di.s])la((>nieiit.s, iiiHaniiiiHtion,idi><>ra- i'mi, libroid tumors, in-effi'larities, jK-'riivlio jtaiiis, baokaoho, that lit-ar- iug-dowii fiH?Uiig, flatuleiit!y, indi^s- ti<iti,«li/./.itiess or nervous prost i-alioiu Why don't you try it? 3Ir.<<. I*inkliuiu invites all sick women to write her for advice. Slie has Kiiide<l thousands to healtli. Address, Lynn, Mass. Roosevelt to believe that he is ex- inessiii;; his honest judgment in this matter? .\nd do you not think that he is in a position to luaUe his judgment more reliable on this question than aiiv other man in the world? Talking about the fitness of Taft. to be President, and nearly everybody is now, which do you suppose is best qualified to |)ass judgment upon him, some • excellent gentleman out here in Kansas who never s.iw him. who l »f riiaps has never read one of his of- fu-ial reports and who has only a ncvvsjiapei- acqiiuintanee with his pub- lie ean-er or Theodore Roosevelt 'who has workej by his side for ten ytar.-^ and knows him as Inlimalely as oiH' iiian can kimw another? The v" ry exiilhni gentli^man out hero in Kansas may declare Uiat Ml'. Taft can- iiol l)f ini .sted to <-airy out the [{oos- cvi.dl imlicifs and tliercl 'ore ought not to 'ill- .'bMii .:. .Mr, H(ii).xcv<li himself s:v. \ thai "lliiTi' eaiiuot !).• fonml In all the ciMinlry a man so wdl fitted to III' I 'p'Siili'lll. II)' WOUhhbe as em- ph. •111. "ally a President of tin- plain (M .ipl"' iis l.incoln. yet Lincoln hliu- (.'•li' would not he mori 'fri 'e from ilii- h -asi laini of di 'magogy. He has hi'lpi'il lo frame the ]n 'Ogressive pro- f^iam which we havf been trying to carry out anil are his policies as much iis they a ;i- mln<'. Nobody is so well (jualilled lo carry forward tie work that has been begun." That Is what Prefiideni Hoo .si -velt says about livilliam H. Taft. . "/ hav-.' li'ver used any (jower thai 1 liiay liavi- had. real or suppo.sed. to force a favorable r^iiort upon any measure out of a Committee or to l<revcnt a Commiiice froiii malting a report ujion any niiasiire," declared Speaker Cannon at his Topeka meeting, -a statemeiif that' doubtless greatly .surprised a gri'at | many people who have been led to |jeli<'ve that the b:iieaUer is -The Wtiole Thinu in thi' Hoiis'f of nepresentaiives. i That the Pianos we sell are the best in the world ^ the and leain our easy terms wi ^sdsiisic Co. 12 N. WaBhiniiton B.-fore you decide to vote against Mr. Taft he belongs to the Unitarian church, suppose you search your memory and recall whether you ever voted for some candidate who did not belong to any church. GOOD; TIMES HURT NAVY. POLITICAL GDI AX EARLT f .4 .\VAS rVDICATEH \ LARGE VOTE FOR JrDGE T.tFT. ALU PEOPLE ARE INTERESTED LARGE AITUKXCES, GREETj BKIS- TOW AND OTHER .SPEAKERS. .Serrftary Berli IM Ti<"|»t Busy. Issu- Inir LHenitun* Iw Kansati Voters. Topeka. Kak. Seji. 2-4.—.1. ll Brls- tow]. Republican fmmlnee Tor ijl'iiited States senator, is speaking t«l large crowds everywhere. "I never saw the people more interested in piilitical discussion." siiid he. "They seem hungry for it. ] .\t Independeiice the other night while I was talkiiije in a tent to 2.i>nn iicople a bad storhi was threatened and it did rain i|uir<| hard. I expected t«i lose my entire audu>iiee hut U\ my KYfiil surprise laey ai\ .-stayed with me: .Not a dozen people ifU. To my mind that shows that tiie Ite- piibl'leans are talking ilu> things that the people like tt> hear and it |ire- sages a big Kephblicau vieiorv," CI aii'iiian Holley is already begin­ ning'to hear from the preliminary poll of the state now being taken and the report.^ ar.e certainly very gratifying. They show that Taft is going ln> receive not imly the full Uepiiblicait strength bnt that he will gel votes from the couseivative crats. .Many llryan Hemocrats Populists who voied- for U<n sevi-l four years ago will switch li:<ck to Br.van Illis year. It will be. rem mn Display of many >emo- aml in her ed that Roosevelt not mily got all the iiW th< Republican votes in V.m but -AW the Bryan Oemocratie votes beside.! Taft v.-ill get all the Iti<publican vottjs and about all the anti-Uryan nemoeraiic votes. The (Uily reason why his majority i«iil be less thanKoli.'-'evislt's is that there are not as many anti-Bryan Democrats in the state as there tvere Bryan Democrats fou.- years a.go. Chairnian Dolley says is just as certain to go for T.-ift as Peiinsyl- vania' is. Silil he wants the ^{epnblicanj: to keep hustling and pile tip as big a, majorit>- as tio.ssible. Iiur- make tail etui road liclude With Reopening of inductrial Plants Enlistments Decrease. Washington. Sept. 24.-^The return of prosperity and thi consequent reopening of many iiulu (trial platitu dur- i'lL- (he last month at d a half has ro. suited in u marked decrease In the number of enlistments for the navy. I.:ist .luly's eiirultmenis bj-oke all rec- or i.< for the navy lii tithe of peace, b-tt in .XtrgUBt the numljer of applf. cants fell iiway rapidly, aiid the samo i< ndeiicy was noted in the firNt half of Sejitember. In .luly. when (li".> le-j'ruiting stations were crowded with wonM-lie meno'-wurs-men. the deptirtment sent out insiructions to recruiting officers to take advantage of thtt number of applications and make unusually careful selections. It is tho(i(;ht that the number of rejected applications has discoura£:ed applicants. ; The navy department-If Issuini; ^retised edition of tlie Secretary Will T. Beck of! the Re- imblican state committee has' aj large force of clerks now sendiilg out Republican literature. The list of documents include discussions tin every issue of the national campaign. It .„ I )eing distribited chlefiy through the various county committees, jllow- ever, .Mr. Beck fills all individual orders that come direct.. If there Is any particular subje<-( that individual voters of the .slate want specific Infinrma- tlon on and ihe eonnly comhilitee hasn' II, .Mr. Beck will gl.'nl y siippiv it upon application. .ludge Taft will spenil a da\ aiid a half in Kansas. He will lili the stale on October .'t on his way east; trom Colorado. Mis llrst speech will be at Dodge City early that morniiig. Ing the day he will speeches all along the Simla I'V to Topeka. Ills sitips wHI ii Kinsley, Larned. Creat Bend. Sterling Hutchinson. .Vewion, Pi-abody. St long Ciiy, Kmpiirla, Osage Cli.v. Scniiiion and Biirllnganie. Ii may also l^e ar- rati|ged so that he can speuk live mln- ules iti each of the smaller towns along the line. His principal address In Kaiisas will be delivered at the au- ditorluin in Topeka on the night of October 'i. He will spend the next day —Sunday—In Kansas City. On .Monday, October Ti. he will make day speeches at Kansas City, Kas., I^aven- worth and .^tchLson and will head into St. .loseph, -Mo., for a big night meeting. ^ k GOOI) .STOM.Ani Metins Good Healtlu Clieeri'ulness, .Vni- liitioii. Persistency and Success. .Mi-o-na will cure .voiir dyspepsia or any <ither stomach trouble by building up the flabby walls, and making IIK- -;tomach .s<i strong that ii wiil fonfl withoiii pepsin or other arlific!:il aid. In other words. Mi-o-na cures dys- jiepsia by removing the cause. Chas. B, Spencer is the agent fjir Mi-o-na in lc)la and he says to every reader of this whose stomach is weak, who has indigestion or dyjipepsia. lliai .Mi-o-na is guaranteed to fiire or money back. • The jtrice is only .".0, cents a large box. .Mid one box is all yon need to piove that .vou are on the right road to l:o::.'^h and happiness. "I can't .'••ay enough for .Mi-o-na table! s: they hav^ done more for me in one week than all the doctors have for the tw .i vears 1 have been under their care, and 1 will doiall I can to recommend l! lo my friends. You can also usj lay name In .vour ad.- if you like, for .Mi-o-na Is beter than gold to me. I sm like u newman. and am able to work (,rce more for the first tfnie in o\er a year."—W. S. Kiiiils. :!:'.<! (jreeii ii , S.v.f 'UjC. .\. V. • Making of a mn-'o 'WJii is intended to encourage pl^oats. possible ap- CIRCUSES CHEAP IN OKLAHOMA. Sella Floto and Ringllngs do Battle at Oklahoma City. Down In Oklahoma, the big circuses are lighting much the same battle as occurred In this state when the Hag- enbeck-Wullace people were competing with Sells-Ploto.. The Ringllngs and the Sells-Floto people are carrying on a cut-throat flght. Monday night, Sells-Floto showed at Oklahoma City and the price of admission was reduced to twenty-flve cents, ping ssuinR ail^g sho^s at the same place topght. let, ^TiielWd in jeonaeaueiice of the cjot In ii }4de thcSelte-Floto people, have liMn forced to announce ajsim-. Har adiptMioa prlM. ' i I Trimmed naist We extend to you a cordial ijavitation to visit our Millinery on second floor, Friday and Saturday Sept. 85 and 26 and inspect as well as common-sense styles o^ ALL MILLINERY, always popular New York Store JPrices. Department our dashing Smart Hats at the Attention iS called to our except MEW P -ALL 1 SUlt^, GOi(VNS, WAIST ional showii S and i ig of ELS SKIRTS A demonstratjion of this store's i ship, both froin a style and valuer i i The accepiedii auihoriiy an c for women. re-eminent giving stant orrect g leader- Ipoint. armenis News of Ihe County o- MvOSIfO VAM.KV. O The Keniliirrei brothers of Ihim- boldl .'lie assit lint: fli-ei fi tJeej-y hi Ihe reeiiiisi riici iiiii (if .1. W. Bale>" house. Uev. Klamiiet. nf lula. prenelletl at i Ihe chinch .•^ullda>.. j C. Ii. .lacobv who is aeliiig as fiiy | engineer ai Carrolion. Mo., was with • his pan-jits IIITC a fi-w days last wei -k. | The B4din boys rcliirned from .Missouri recently wiiere tliey bad been visit liig. -Mrs. .1. .M. Yoiini; who had been visiting at M. P. .lacnbys. lefi last weeki hei jThursilay morning to visit rel:iij \es, returning Thursday night. The regular monthly social of ili>- npworth league .-(uiety of the .\b lll <i ilisi Kjiiseitpal cliiireli \v :is 'helil last Friday iiig'il. S '-|iienibei' llih. It w;is a surprise th<- lileuibeis meet- in:; at tie' |.arsiiiiu ;:e. .\\ ilie appointed tiiin- they wer«' mari -bei) several block in town ;i:id ihen headed west into llie CubUvell addition. The lea..- eis lili :ill.\ loni; iheni lo the liiinie ot .Mrs. I,. C. I 'aMwell wlore Ihey Wirre lobl the social was to be held. .\ prouram was remler. d. .-i surprise as all tie numbers w. re impronipiii. the nienibers beini: reipiireil ti> ri :s- pond when rei|iiesiei| to pertorm .som<> stunt. Clyde iliiriock \isited relatives hi>re Sunday. The Christ lap Kndeavorers had a picnic at the home of .1. C. Strong on home in W.ishing- j K: iday night in lieu of the regular social. .\s i>n a return to , ion suite. ; monthly .social. .\s we saw several Lnccock of bda pulled ilie casing] large, fine wau-rmelons being taken in two abambuied gas wells <m .Mrs. j out there, we presume a thoroughly Piirdoms home, place ibe lir.-:t of tlr ' good time was .iijoyed l>y ail pres- week. This i-rminaies ilie lease llia; ••nt. was held by tlie city xn mis piece of. The carpeiiTi ^rs started putliiiir the land. Inn liiey have taken a lease nri j roof on th|e new Katy depot this v .eek. her eighty one half mile west j Khner Cooper came down from It is said that .1. 1.. Brown is noi as well as he was wI|l^ll lie leiiiriied fniui Kansas City. .\llierl and Willie .Teiisen who weni ID California wilb die Ple:isaiii Yalh-y <-rowd nearly a ye;ir •,mi>. • relumed wijli a part of the same «'r<iwd on Kn- day of last week. Capl. Serviv was oiii to his day last wi -ek. It. V. Bali' is building a barn on hot lorn farm. Bert Cleaver .'ind family .^pent Siin- •iay jn town. MOKAN. Clianute Friday moniiiig. returned the same aftdrnoon. tjuite a' number atiende,! Ringlinii's eirciis at^lol.-i the iTtb. Mrs. It. 11. Kliersiil.' and cliiMieu left Thursday iiioriiinir for California where tliey will make their future home. .Mr. l-:iiers <de has been there for somi- iim<' now. N. W. Barnard and family b-ft for Colorado points this Ave -i;. beins compelled to se.'K- a more salubrious climate on account of .Mr. Barnard's he.-.Ith. 1>I.VM0M>. ^ Mrs. Kiiima Osbiirn of Btriiigbain. Kans., and .Mrs. Helen Yost of Birm inghain. .\la.. arrived Siinday night for a visit with her br<itlie(-. .1. B. Hur-', lock. They Went to lola ;Monday af- ternotin where ibt-y visiied relatives, returning to Moran Sanirday. They leave for Kthngham Sunday mornlni:. .Mrs. .1. B. Iluilock went to lola with l'o:i!t' School ennimenced .Monday about thirty seholais eiirol!e<l. (Iraiidiiia. Yickeis leiiiiiiei; Saturday ha\ing spent a wet k <«r nioie visitini: her son', .1 .\ Vicke;-. Mr and .Mrv Win Kll^^eil lue the proud parents of a 'iiie I".v. .Mrs. Wni .loiie>. of .Modoc. Ka> . and Mr and >Irs, .\ beti Stout of .\ewion. K;is . v.« re tli.- uii.'-is of .Mis. Caijii iKi I and laiiiil> l:e.i w eik \ .\Miiilt' .-^eo! I Jia.s IM-»-II 111 |i»i.i I 'll ire- JM; . dili ilii; ill' i >;•:.' '..< ik ill lilt:. .l.ieUji.ll w;!> ealle.l !>• li.;- old lloliie ill lliiliol..- I.i:.l wei-K I,II aeeouiil of !li<- deiiih >>) iii.. r.itlf'l . .\ ;:ood niaii.\ froni litis iii'ii:lili<ii- hood almiiicd liie Ciimiiiii.' Iimih-".-: show last Tliiiisila.v .Mr.- .shares, ot Ol-a«:i. K.i.-.. lia- liei-li vl.^niu;-. her ;-ist« i . .\! i.\iriiin Scoii. !eliirsiiiii; home :sai iiiday. .Mrs. .Mary l•.ll•^hn.•lI and ili- elnl.i- reii ate here from Coneeiiriii vl.-ititi.i at the home of .Mrs. Hii--iineir.-, inoiher. .Mrs. I.:iiira Uiihani. .\mong till- yo:iir.r folks who aie away to school .•ne .Misses .\>-Kie I'.i- lieiis. .Mary Wyiin. .Iiilia Cox and .Mr. Dave Bjliens. Clitmn Oiiart. Karl Sniilh and Karl Kerens. .\ .voiin,:; folks party was i;iven Kri- d;iy eveniii;; at ilie home oi' .Mrs. Klixiu .\;i(il( 1. .\ gieat m.-iiiy yoiiiii; p.-oi.!e Were present, liatiies and iiiusie made tlie eveniiii: pieasaiit. Kefreshineiir.^ w-re .-ierveil. Ai! rejioii a fine lime. STONV POINT. Sioi'k Waler'is geitii!'.; scarce arniiml hele. Soni*- are Jiyiiitr lo sow v .Iieat and some liave '.iiv '-ii it up mi aeioiilit of the ili .y vvealliei. .Mrs. S. I). Hi'iiudeiilmrg was on the sick !a .-.l la-i \4eek. .\:lieri I'.iirns and nioibi-r and tleo. l.owry was th- uiiesis of .Mr. aiid'.Mrs. S. I). P.raiMi.islniii: Sunday. .Miss Ceoritia Brotmhion .-onimeiiced her srliuol at Oiiv-- Branch .Monday. Tlie Helm.-, in this country had an inviiaiion to a Helms reunion u' .lack son Park. Cenierville. Indiana. Friday. Sepienilier i.'>;h. Charlie Heckenliable and family. Carl Heckenliable and family. Kmery Itroiighton anil family. Clarence nriiugtiion and f.iiuily. S D. itran'leu- liarg and wife and James .Ion. s al! at- TVlARIOED feWOMEN Ever}' \vom:in covets a shapely tiguic. and u\p\y of them ileplore the loss ot' ihcir girlish fonn.s alicr inarriaKc. Tlie iK -uring of childrtii is often destructive tu the inolhtr's shapeliness. All of this can be avoided by the use of Mother 's Friond before baby comes, as this Hnimem prepares the body for the strain upon it, and preser\'es the symmiStry of her form. Mother's Friend makes the danger of child-binh less, and carries her safely through this critical " " period. Thousands gratefully tell of the benefit and relief derived from the use of this remedy. ^,U^S^ Boofc mdted froetoall aim turn taoOtm. THB aKAPTOgUtt l^pI^TOR CO. tended the Thursday. Bingling .show It •:a SIMPLER MENU FOR ARMY. to Is- at War Department is Preparinq sue a New Cook Book. \Vas!uni"ton. Sept. LM —.Marmeii the Sybaritic tendencies <if the army on l»ost and in the Held, the war department is prepariui; to i.^siie :i new army cook biMik with simplifleil im-nu. Such a work was issued by the ilepar.'iiienf in Ivln;. but its meat popularity in the army and the" increas in:; deniaiid for it from civi|liiii soarc- es has r.'i'enfl.v .itfracled Ih.- siispic- iojis of til'- dieieiie j'xperl.^ of army. In the new edition, rhoush changes will be imnle adapted' to the improved Held kitchen equipment of the arm.v. .stres.<» will be laid pariiciilarly on simplifying the receipts of favorite di .shes. AVhefher these changes are - an interest in the digestion of the «ct<IierB or to the fact that, the pate.<l4^roie-f;raa does not grow plen wear the ordinary firing line madti clear. tt.e tifallT is not 16th National IRRIGATiq CONGRES Intcr-tiile liiihislrial Kx^t anil .New .'dcxico Terrilinjia .\1.L AT Albujqucrque. N Sl|:i'. 2» to OCT. 10^ Conie and see the jirosf Santa Ife—whe the frtim Colorado tt| foruia water is king.. The If. S. fJovernnieiU spendinir iniilions of doll get a !jeriiian(nt. •water: for The .iMiii -arid lands, .i It nie ins niiHioii.s of made ti :ali!e and lit for •A nat onal event, worth ing a c( diploma [iitiiienr to see., 1' s. Government o irrigatiihi e.xpens and C of indii A grfl indiisiri COM boys Ticke Oct UHIS; to au.'will hi Clovis. .V try will attend. It e.v posit ion, of west fasins, raiieiies. mil Indians, tm \—V. S. Cavalry, on .=a 'e Sept ; fin.'il reiiini lirnit desired an cpi .\ib :ii|iier .iue. horiof'^l I 'l '.r re:j .M. and .Xii'.iril AttractiV' side-trips lo I.' rlaniatlon Projects and Canyon of Arizou; Santa 1 W. E. KALSTO .Vgent. i» .Ask for Ifrigalion 1 Oeierai Contrac ' Flagstone aind Cement S Cujrbing a Sjieel 02BM East Jarl i Phone S»L The constant dropping- away the harjest i The coiistait gnaw of ' cates the toughest ' The constant' wooing '• away tlie blushing And the Cbnstant AOs man who GETS th V

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