Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 24, 1908 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 24, 1908
Page 2
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Mrs. White Here. Sfra. Hope WJilte of Chicago nrrlv today to visit Mr. rind Mrs. William Ckttesv •; * • • Gtletts Leave. 1 Mr. and • Mrs. E. J. Sawyer, of Tul B4; have completed a visit with M aha Mrs. 8. t. Holmes of this olty , Sit. ; Sawyer petumed to Tulsa and J Mi«. Sawyer feat to Nevada to vis felatirea. ;•;.(•: • Petticoats Passe. Thejdreriamalters' congn^ss tl»is year -fB ^.%mslnK forth mnnay startling fash Ions' aihd It's about time for the con Bipmtlvc, women to gasp " ' BUjSti!?; A Cnicago dispatch says: i .'X^ibver e se ,the well drossod \v - ia^ thlb winter do or do not do. J hoy Utiit'iiot t)e jcaugtat with petticoats ; Kot.even t&e bride must wear a pet : tloMt; i.InateaJ there Is a delightful - fcrwiiiitement «if silk or satin caltod I aKeith -Icnickers. "Just like jiants." iSe: viAage seamstress gasped in gtuib at aiiht of' theni this morning at^Uie^fashiot^ exposition now in pro- gr^s at the Auditorium, oonducted in ^connection wthithe National Dress makers': convention, -bubion (tink decreed ihrongh tho UMium. of JEMzabeth A. C. "White maqagei- of ihe show, that with cbr UbL' gowns the sheathrknickers must be.wo^i^nd ilndeed, viewing ;-thc niod- . el^ It .would seem that necessity also demands that they be worn. ; ,—PpM Millinery Onening. ; Friday ftept. 2V,.. all nay and evening.—Miss Doggett's, successor to Miss Prilioth . i • > , ;• I • * + Guikf Meeting. : Miss, Louise' H.vde of North Jeffc son street, w^ hpstess of the Guild of- St^ [Timothy's cjturch yesterday af tftmoon.: Twinty members of tho Ontld were present and the occasion was' a deliglltful reunion after the summer .vacation. Home From Chanute. Mrs. Ben Scrvey has returned from a'brief visit in Chanute. . i • . Unity Club. ,-Tbe Unity- jplub will be entortalned Vw Mondar afternoon at the rosidenci or Mrs. S. A Coffman. This is the - Initial meetitig of the organization tor this year. • • ,\ ^ ^ ^ I ' ; To Montltello. • Misses Addle. Miller and Marjory IiUyon wUI 'Jbave tomorrow for God fWy. IIK. whe^ thoy will enter Mon ' timUo ; Seminary. " They will be aC" MMpanted b.y Mrs. e. V. l^nvon.— mttsfourg Heidltght. r * * * I Jtlrliai 'dtxtn's Oprninir. /-—The Rii(jhirdson Hry Goo<ltc store .fires everr lady of lola a sinvial in vitatlon tt> aiteud their oponl\>c dt F1n« MtlHnerV. Dress CKH^S. Silks. SaUns,; C *<i «ks| and Utdies' Kurnlshlncs FHda :f attemt on and evehinc. and oou tfintng all di ^v Saturday. Road th<>i •finonncMnen •r • • 'Probresslvk Club. TbCj business' mel^ting which \bf -Progressive club of Qas City held last ravening resulted in ibe election of a ttred^^t to take the place of Mrs Ji-.T. iPrice, wto recently resisued be- «attselbf her remoral to lola. Mrs. K. v1 )i^,1.J |rejnBTt ^ho - oci(upied , the presi ' some' months previous election was chosen to etlring officer. Sh<» will. dent'^ cbair . Utcthk sprinj idevlce for the corn- Wearers Ivie obtain. ^^viftittoota'stote will 70U. IWIMffttolt. iiavo thcs<' assistants: .Mrs. W. N. Leepor, vice prosidt-nt; Bila Weith, secretary, and .Mrs. ,1. K. Hunter, troasuior. Tlie first p.osraui meet- lug of the cliih will occur I'arly in October. • • Two Social Events. -Mr.s. 1'. S. .Mitchell and .Mrs. R. C. Champion ari' .siMidlug out invitations today for two afternoon ciit«>rfuin- mcnts to be given early in October. On Wednesday. t>ctober 7ih, there will be a card party and on ili<> suU- sequ«<nt Friday tho hostesses will give a tea. Hoth fu"<"<i"us will bo given at tlio now t'liainplon residence, corner of .lackson and Cottonwood sln -ot. •:• • •:• —I 'all Mi!lii;i<ry Oi-.-niiin. IVlday. Sept. all d:iv and evpnin!:.—.Miss r>tis »n'lt"s, ^•u^<'(>••«ot• to .Mis.< I'rllioth. 1 ! • • • • Plan Recept^n. The Woman's Christian Temperance Union.will moot on Friday afternoon at their lioadquartersi to arrange numerous details relative to tho visit of Mrs. Winitringpr, who will leclnre here next lUjonlh. It is probable that a reception will bo given in greeting to her. The union will also hear reports of the convention Recently held at Kansas City at thoir mooting on Friday. Needlework While They Dine. The Kansas City Times tells this one about the women of tbe metropolis up Uie line: It is said that some Kansas City womeu now bring thoir fatting with tliem down to dinner and manijnilatt? the shuttle while-the courses are being removed. It is predicted they will soon take their tatting outfits on the street cars and even into the cafes. By means of a bone or ebony .shuttlo and linon thread tlie women weavo or chochet lace-like trimming for summer dro.sses or elaborate designs to use in the yoke of their gowns. At all department stores these shuttles are now for sale. Any woman can teach a friend a liew pattern. "Canf understand it." a man said yesterday. "I supi>oso this tatting has come about just because ifs an almost forgotten art . Perhaps when knitting has been forgotten by the plain people and tho long wire neeti -OS are no longer made a craxc for knitting stockings ui.iy bocomo a so:l- ftv fad as general as bridge whl.-t." •:• '> Selecting Work. J.;»dios of tlie Music club are ra |t- idly selecting the work thoy prefer from tho list of compositions whicli has boon .chosen to constitute the year's work. The club is using an old custom in choosing their work this] year in that each .ictivo member is allowoii to choose tho lino of work tl.»'y feel most able to present. A program committee chooses a certain number of selections, vocal and instru mental, send lists to each woman -who is given a limited time to report her choieo. From the h?tnrned lists the" committee arrang«'s tbe year Inwks. the first study recital of the club will; be an event of Monday. Octot)or i:! ' • * • Sewing Club. Miss Nettie Brig lam gave an in-1 formal afternoon j I'sterday for her' Sewing club. The' guests occupied, the hour previous to these luncheon j with needlework. ^{iS3 Edna McClainl was rei'eived ai a member. -> To Garnett Mrs. EI!a Durtonj state candidate for Suporiiitendeni Of Public Instruc- ion, who was a guest of Mrs. F. J. Oyler for two ila.vs. Jeft yesterday for Ganiett. • • <To Chanute. Mr. and Mrs. Homer Henderson of Chanute returned hnruo today aftor a visit with relatives here. In Emporia. Mrs. William La'njon .Ir. and daughter of Pittsbiirg have been Riiest of EJmporia friends for a week. • <• Mrs. Stewart Here. Mrs. C. O. Bollinger is entertaining her sister. .Mrs. I Stewart of Humboldt. To Fill Office. Members of the W. C. T. U. will be pleased to know that their newly elected president, Mrs. Arnold ex- ivects to preside at the. meeting tomor row for the first time since her elec- lion. Mrs. Arnold' has b^en prevent- GET THE HABIT! Roller IT'S A GOOD HABIT kink open Every Night Except Sunday PICKARD Hand Painted China €1 Nothing could be more appropriate for the wedding gift than a set or piece of this beautiful and artistic hand decorated china, which without question is unequalled fur beauty of coloring and design, or variety ofstylc and decoraj tion, in America or Eurqpe ^ Came in un J n't our full display httXtt't V tit ' BUKKELL'S IIKUG STOKE. The He!iall Store. Went Side Square Klein. C.aios. RllzabeUi Apt I^uth Morion. I.ucilo Copeland and V ola n. iRarno, ,% Visit Mrs. GerblU. Mr. and Mrs. Allio .lackson of Farm City. 111., arrivod today to visit .Mr and .Mrs. Fred (Jerliit/. Mr. and .Mrs Jackson vtslioil in Itda last sprip); and were honor guests at sev<>ral delight fill parties at tl:o homo of their host and liostoss. Thoy aro ennxute t Colo-ado. whoro thoy will resliN. • •:• •> Visit Friends. nr. ittu] Mrs. .1. II. Torrill. of Dal las. Tov:is.. arrivod today for a visit Iwitii F. R. Miinson. Thoy are rot urn ing frnni a visit In Mi.'-higan and Chi cago. 111. Committee Meeting. Till' ladies who wero selected to , plan inrnrinal entertainment for the serious illness of , ...... Grace Arnold but ''"J-" '"""v^ntion met this the Improvement the invalid has re- morning in Library Mali. The details cently .made will admit of Mrs. Arnold of the reception which will mal;o th^ appearing in bor old places In a short ,,voiit pleasant and luispifahle won ... talked about. Home From Colorado. , Mr. and Mrs. .1. F. B.assiit return- ^ Social, ed toda.v from a four mopths' trip There will ho a social for the Y so through Colorado. Previous to their d.-tv on Fridav evening at the East visit they wero at home on Routh Walnut street liut :iftor this timo will be af home in (!as City. • • • Qui'Vive Club. Miss Floritie \\niooler had members ed from resuming fail because' of the her daughter. Miss active work this IJofreshinent:' I will he served at tho cUiso of the evening. KRIXCaM.' WELL !> TtMI.W. of her Sunday school class, the Qui'v ,.i n...... L '„n ....i. i_ »j Vive club .IS her guests .vesterday af- *" »^^»'""«' ternoon. The occasion was a i)usi- < a |Mirify. meetins to decide about cluli pins and other matters of interest. The Miss Florino Whool- er, resigned yestenlay and the res- igiiaiion of .Miss KdiUi Klein, the sec -1 rot;iiy was accepted. .\u oloc- A gas well is Iteing drilled in nuIa.' on the Maxon farm three and ono-hal inilo.s south of T.a llai'iic for the How- lus estate and .lohn T. WOIMI. Th drillers h:i«l m.t gone far enough in th.' tion n\sulted In Miss i.ucilo Copoland hoing chosen to succeed Miss Kloiul,., p^oss 1.. ..11 whether or and Miss Iluth Horton was named as; socretar.v. Th«« club niomhers who at- sand at the timo the Kegisier wen: not III I well will tie. tended the mooting yesterday wore: I'•"''^'' Inua Thompson. .Mary Cnmch. Kdnaj-Means farni several weeks ago. a liig one Irilted iu It is near Ihe on tho .Mort lots of cofld Itiokiiix ciolhrs this iail, liul }ott nun't nrt- any that will r«ni|iarc In sljir and linish nilh the **Henle)" riollieM, m.-ide .sin-rially for u«. The >e rlutbes rrrtainlv have every- Ibini:: else -beat a mile.** when Ihey enter a rave. Mi wool fabrics always-- lon'rr not sure of II in any other riolhrs. Correrl style, perfect tailoring, riglil til. Thme Ihinri you arr sure of when it's a "Henley." .Make It a point to .•ire onr :»iS.lNI. $2tl .im. !j;±!.;>0 and fSi.W Snits. I BARCLAY SHIELDS CLOTHING CO. -The Honsr of Quality.'* BIG STICK PREiSipENT ROOSEVELT SCORES GOV. HASKELL IN LETTER. Also Flays Bryan in His Writing.— :—Compares Democrat With Taft. dij , Washington. Sept. 24.—President Roosevelt last night, following a pro- li^ged conference with members ot tl^e cabinet at the 'White j House, prepared and gave out his reply to W. Br>'an, the Democratic candidate, rel ative to W. R. Hearst's charges that GOV. Haskell, treasurer of the Democratic campaign coniniittee, had rep rtisented Standard Oil Interests both Ire Ohio and Oklahoma. ; Mr. Bryan had demanded proof of the charges promising th-it in the event of their substantiation Gov. Haskell would hi eliminated from the campaign. Dis mi-ssing the Ohio case, which involvei an .nllegatlon of nttem.pted bribery with the explanation ttiat he had made no direct charges against Gov Haskell-as regards.that particular In stance. President Roosevelt takes up the matter of the Prairie Oil and Gas company, and argues that Gov. Ha kelPa action in ^stopping legal pro ceeiUngs hepun by the attorney gen eral of Oklahoma, ilemonstrate? con eluslvely that he wa.% controlled the great corporation 10 which the Oklahoma company was subsidiary After contrasting Mr. Bryan's fense of Gov. Haskell as against .ludc Taft's repudiation of Senator Foi akor. In connection with what Hearst charge's against the Ohio senator, thf President proceeds to declare tha Gov. Haskell 's "utter unfitness for as sociation with any man anxious to ap peal to the American people on a mor al Issue h .Ts been abundantly showi^ by other acts of his as Governor "( Oklahoma." The President condemns Governor Haskell's conduct In connection with Ihe varioiiB matters as disgraceful anc^ scandalons. The latter itortlon - of .Mr. Rooso volt's deliverance H t devoted to crili ism ofi Mr. Bryan's plan for regulat Ing the trusts, which he characterize!^ as a measure that sounds more radical than any advocated by I the Republi cans, but which in practice would not work. Concluding, Mr. Roosevcl leclares that no law defying corpora Ion has anything to fear from Mr Bryan, "save what It would suffe.- from the general paralysis of busi ness," which would follow Democratic success. The President spent almost the en ire day in petting the letter in shap<' An hour was. given yesterday to making a rough draft of it which was submitted to. Secretary Garfield, and Postmaster General Meyer, both of whom made suggestions as to portions of the comniunreatlon. Abimt throe o'clock all of the members of the cal»- iuot now in the city—Secretaries Wil son.'Straus. .Wright, Metcalfe and Garfield and Postmaster General Moy met in the cabinet r€>om at the ex- -cuiive otilees for th«* conference on he subject which laste«| until .". o' lock. Two hours were rtHjulred to make certain minor changes before Secretary .rljoeb gave It to the press. Oeoniing the reply too long to be sent ly wire, the method of communication .Mr. Br.van had employed in his challenge to the President, it was fo.- warde.1 hy mail lo the Deniooratio -andidate at Lincoln. F*art of President Km.sevelt's letter follows: "You say that you have adv.x^ated more radical measures against prl- ate monoiKilies than either I or my narty associates have been willing to indertake. You have, indeed, advocat- d measures thai .«ound more radical. !)ut they have the prime defect that in practice they would not work. 1 shiiuUI not in this letter to you»s our attitude tin this qiie.Mion if you did not you yourself bring it up. hut IS you have hroiicht It up. f answer you that in my judgment the measures you advocate would be wholly ineffective in curing a single evil, and so far as they bad any effect at all. would merely throw the entire the countr.v into hopeless and utter confusion. . I put Mr. Taft'^ deeds igainst your words, f ask that yon pe ;iud.ged both by the words you wl.=;h remembered, and by tbe words that seemingly you a4d .vour party now. lesire have foi^otten. ..I hold it entirely natural: for any great law- jefying corporation to wish to see you placed in the presidency rather than Mr. Taft. Your plans to put a stop to Ihe abuses of ihtse corporations are whoiy chimerical.—Thee'•>•"> Roosevelt." WAXTED—lola property to exchange for vausas and Missouri laud. f;oIden Wes [.and Ctt. Olfice over Iowa Store. lola, Kas. WANTfcJD—Housekeeper for small fan-ily: mid lie aged woman preferred Address H. W., this oHie.'. WAXTI3D—A quick buyer for a bargain, a desirable 8 mom bouse, good location. IBist front, city water. Price $1250 In p lyments. S. Heller, 204 South Sycai lore street. WANTEDf-.Man and rfvife i»r two girls lit cook and wash dishesi and cafe, s Call at Sodih Side Hotel am Iluiulioldt. H WANTED-f-A -..rst class saleshKiii u, sell our leais. i-ollees and speJ -ialii. direct to thd WA.NTKD- Apply at Cl.i WAXTED eady work, good as. Wni. Ilailey. 1^ . hotel wages. rafe. I 'r.-.p. consumer in and iiround Inla. A goo^ paying business t t>arties. Wi^ie or call on the ITnion Tea f'o.. Tu4 Kansn.s Topeka. Ka.* j-DOii g<iod hedge ilKjrnes Mill. 'i'o trade equiiy i four room house for team. Add care Reglsie WANTED lola IJind Ci\ right Grand venue, n new -1 .1 i.ity :t 111- lit PERSO.NS WANTING bov or work for board while attending ippiy at lohij Business College. 195. WA.\TED rrO BUY—Four or| icres. Improved or unlmp/»ved, to good townl Address W. B. I South Washljigton. lola, Kas. ;irl to chooi iHh.ine five close ., V(I2 SALES.ME.S & AGENTS—J $ J S50.00 p<;r week and over can be made s?Ilii.g .\ew Campai ;n Novelties from now until election Sells to Stores, i,'oun- ty Fairs, Picnics and Private Famille.s. Complete lineiot samples, cbargei prepaid for 50c. Order tr«lay. CHKUGO N07ELTY Cp., Co Wabash Ave.. Chii^go. Chicago. i FOR SAJ^^mu VOM RENlj. SALE mimomMmmmktuB Btfsiness Diteckmji ni, MILDRED CURTIS • Physician and Snrgeon. • Office over Bu-reirg Drug Store • Office Phone 554. • Residence 214 E. Jackson ' I'hone 569. • • DR.S.^EID & BEID, • Physicians and Sargeom. " X-Ray and Electrical Appliance!. • F^ye, Ear, Nose and Throat. -• Office Phone 357; Raa. 396. • • • • DR. McMILLEN, Special attention giv^n to tha * treatment of all Chronic Dlaeaa- • es and Diseases of Children. * Telephones: Office 32, Res. 232. • Office over Burreil's Drug Stor* • West Madison. * ••••••«•••••••••••• Phone C87. Rea. 701. DR. 0. L. COX, Eye. Ear. Nose; and ThroaL Bp.ectactea Properly Fitted, Office A. O. 11. W. Bldg. • • • • • a • • • Offlca TeL 1083. Night Tel. 40« • DR. B. U. CHRISTUM • Physician and Snrgeoa • Rooms 7 and S.i Evans Bids. * 4 • • m,m • • • • • I-OR RENt. SALE OK THADB— Eighty acres improved. T, miles west of ioia. Will th-ado for rental pn)|)erty. Address or call at Cataract hotel.^ Ioia KOn TKAUjE- good milk vav. h\)U SALE house, for ho ing implemt North Third. FOU 3rds for sale i wood. FOR *SALE at T.OC North -A delivery for Main 1040. ]OR TRADE—Four room .-;es or cattle and farni- intn. E. S. Baker. Ill* Phonograph and rec- heap; ::1S .N 'ortlr Cottoii- lood horse, i-'irsu Inquire F.,H. MARTUr, • Surgery and DlEeaaea of • I Women. ' • Office and Residence Phone 576 * Office 7 North Jetfersoa. • I JEWELRS. iB. F. Pancoast, old reliable Jeweler, no East StreeL Lodge Difectory OIGJITS OF PTTHIAf Lodge No. 43 meets every night at K. of P. Hall. VlaiUng hr6- thers invited. W. S. Thompson, B. C Chris Rltter. K. of R. and S. K.MGHTS OK MACCABEE8«- Knlghts of Maccabees of the World meets in K. P. Hall, second and fourth Saturday nights ot each month. J. W. Postwait. commander; R. B. Porter, record keeper. W: O. IV^Camp No. 101 meets IB K. ot K Hall every Friday nlghL T. Steele. C. C, A. IL Davis, Clerk Visitors cordially invited. FOR RENT-j-Three room house 212 South Third. Smith on premises. Inquire of .Mrs. John FOR rnXOHAROE WKLL IMPItOVED SIXTY near good town in ^ernon Co. .\Io.. for exchange for lola property. Grace E. Arnold, old outurl house. TO LO.\N— K..rt«Ht private money on farm laud at OUR M. TV. A.—The M. W. A- Lodge meets every Friday night in IX. W. A. Hall. Visiting brothers! invited. F. C Coffleld. V. C. W. A. Ct ^wan. Cleric. ROTAL irEIGHB0BS.j -^6la Caabp No. 3Gb. Royal Neighbors. meeU SM- ond and fourth Tuesdays ot. HA month. Mrs. F. A. Walgner, orael4 Mrs. Mary llutton. 4131 West Strecl; Recorder. i FRATERNAL BROipiSBHOOIli-. Fraternal Brotherhood No. 3S0 OMM* second and fourth Thurisday ot e«^ month In A. O. ir. W. llalL yiitttai members cordially invilM. W. H. A||> ,'derson, president; Goldaj EliuD. tanr. >er cent.—lola l.iiud di TELEPHONE constantly ringing these days September, you kn )w. is the time to have he summer di^jt cleaue»l ml of carpets. We are busvi. receive prompt Phone us today . but yt.ur order wt!l and oafeful atteniiou. lOLA RUG FACTORY PfeeM 61t. OOOOOO Wirhi ^OOOOOOOOO O |r. WEAR, o W Kansas. O WESTER.N L[\>DS .A RANCHES O For s4le or Trade. O $:i.0(> Acre. L'p. O , O loooooooooo ooooooo ANTIES TO State Delegates ELECT OFFICERS At a meeting last night it wa: delegates to tJ which is held at Saturday nightl pectcd. Ility take steps Will Also be Chosen Saturday Night. LOW COLONIST RATES TO CALIFORNIA OLD MEXICO i, THE NORTHWEST AND BRITISH COLUMBIA VIA of the A. IL T. A. decided to select the e state convention, Salina in October, on Saturday iiight is the time for trie annual election of officqrs and a gbod attencance is ex- Tbe order will in all probab- to sfcure the next stale meeting ijnd will ipstriict the delegates to woik to that end. ON SALE Sept. 1st to Oct Ask fur Fall Infornitloa. C. P. Hale. 31st

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