The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 20, 1951 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 20, 1951
Page 7
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•ATURPAY, OCTOBER 20, 1951 Our Boo rd Ing House with Moj, Hoople BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS , MCRB'« -VJHAT I CALLSD YOU ABOUT,TOW — X KWOW 1 ITS Ut<6 TRVIWG TO FAM f A DEAO EM3ER WITH A HAT, gOT 14 THEKS AWV if-Lja^i^e op PINDIMSTH& IR A 30S ? ~- H E-§ IMS To Be AM eye-AROUND THE HOO56 ! une 1} XTS A* TOU6H 'A* 8§ 36« AS. TeVllijS T£>^ F1MD A SPARe PART FOR A STANLEY •STEAMER i MARTHA'-"- SL>T I'LL, DIG [AeooND-vx DOfJT SUPPOSE, IH&'D TAKE AKiVTHlNS THAT 6MACKED OF x „ MUSCULAR MoTlQM. LV ^ Political Announcements Subject to Municipal Election November e, 1851 !s for Mayor DAN A. BLODGETT E. R. JACKSON DOYLE HENDERSON For Alderman First Ward ' DR. J. F. BROWNSON HOMER WILSON Third Ward L. O. NASH For Alderman Fourth War* LESLIE MOORE Smart brides choose Meyer'* Bread, For eacn and every meal. It keeps hubby straight, »nd he's never late. Meyer's Bread has bridegroom appeal] Concrete Culvert Tile Sim up to 36 In. Corrugated Metal Culverts Sim op to M In. Aitomatlo Flood G»t« Concrete Septic Tanks Metal Septic* Tanks Sewer Tile B«i Prices We Deliver A. H. WEBB Highway SI at Stile Line Phone 4714 FIRST SEE YOUR DOCTOR Then See Us! Fresh Prescriptions Expertly Prepared ST. FRANCIS DRUG STORE 423 Wfsl Ash Strrrt SHOES Repoired-Rest vied SHOES DYED ond CLEANED H-« LTCRS QUHL'TY SWOC SHOP •41* I W. MAIN ST. -3L OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams TH'APPLE TO LOOK THE PERSON, -THPM IT DRV AND SHRTvt IM TH 1 SLJN ANDSOU CAKI TELL WHAT VOu'LL LOOK. LIKE WHEN VDO'RE OLD.' SO THIS IS.ME-- HA-HAH KJKl'T VDU CARVE ONE OP Mfc—THOSE HOR RIBLE LOOKIWtS THINGS.' SOUR FATHER DOE SWT i LIKE IT EITHER. THAT'S Mar A LAUGH, ITS A CACKLE; IF I CATCH EVEN LODKIKI' AT MS, I'LL — AOKJS THE FUTURE NO SURVIVORS '»» kr Win THE STOKYi CaMC.r.d bj Slum »fl*r the Kettemiau mn»MBcre. John Clitrton, former Indian Heout. hum hff-a pel-mint* tu K o to T!*|I Slar or th« Xorcb, an Indiun holy »nma« who Bur«e.t him I. hrallk. after hit wonnd* Jn l,itttle. stur rfCOKnTzr* ('ln>Mnn, knnivn ax C>- lan.M.inl, Walking llmvk. ,,„ he fttirprU** h« r | H the HUek llm*. * • • XII had not far to go to where Hussein awnited us, small ears up in curiosity, wicked eyes glaring as he saw I came in company with another. All this time my mind raced with my pulse at a hammering gait, but K-ilh a million questions thronging my thoughts, I could not voice so much as a word at one of them. We stood a moment thus, facing each,olher, her upturned child's face coming barely to my chest, my head bent forward and down so that her glorious hair lay just beneath my lips. A vagrant breeze lifted one of the soft curls, Sioux is a Innguoge of reality. The Indian mind and tongue do not concern themselves with refined emotion. "I love you," I said hoarsely, in English. And seized her to smash my mouth against hers. She staggered back from it as though from a blow in the face, her slim hand held with ils back to her bruised lips, nostrils wide, emerald eyes on fire. I was aware then that her features mirrored a look which superseded any possible anger, hurt, incredulity. It .WHS a look of fear, the fear of the unknown. "U'onunrcun," I murmured, employing the sole word in the Sioux vocabulary which may be spoken in apology. Literally it means. "A mistake has been made." "No!" She whispered, her voice thick with emotion. "The thing was not a mistake. But I know not what it was and I am afraid." "It is a kiss," I said, slowly. "It is a sign among my people, sacred to lovers. Its meaning is that I BY WILL HENRY MVrUSVTXC IV NEA Sf.VICt INC would have you dwell in my tlpl forever/ 1 She felt her lips wonderingly with arched fingertips as 1 talked meanwhile shaking her head In disbelieving negation. When a custom is so deeply seated wilhin a race as to be almost an instinct, it is hard to imagine another race being in ignorance of its use and Import. 'When you have touched me now, with your mouth." pausing here to lay a tapering forefinger upon my lips, "1 k : now that no other man may stand before you outside my tipi door. But neither may you stand there. For I am Wiynn Wakan and no man may wait oulside my lodge." J KNEW we had come upon dangerous ground so, like the good military man 1 assumed myself to be, my next move was to evacuate the position with the least possible delay and ioss. "This 1 have known and have wrestled with it in my Heart, bringing therefrom a vision, a dream, which bade me come to you." 1 shot her a quick glance wondering how I was getting across No whit reassured. I stumbled on. "This I have told Crazy Horse, and he has brought rnc here to council with you. His heart is bad within him also, but he knows not what to do." "Nor do I," she announced, simply. "Though my heart is good and speaks to m« with a straight tongue." By this I took she meant she gnve full cognizance to the feeling between us. but dared not question her further on it. "We shall council then," I suggested, trying to sound casual, "with Crazy Horse, upon our return?" 'So be ft. Hut my spirit lies quietly, breathing not of hope." Thinking to retrieve our former. lighter mood, before her spirit be- I Ban to lie any more quietly ur breathe any less vigorously, I suggested a race to the foot of (he mesa Incline. This seemed to strike the proper note, for she was at once all smiles I was later 10 find the paRan priestess and Die delighted child never far separated in this strange girl. At Ihe moment my proposal was a lucky shot, serving to stave off a rctreatless impasse. As we spoke, we stood about ten feet from Hussein, who all the .ime had been conducting himself peculiarly; poking his head out in our direction, snuffling and flaring his nostrils to sample our scent nicking'his cars to catalogue our voices, in general acling more like an inquisitive weanling than the yellow T toothed old killer he was. "And what will the wager be?" Star laughed, excitedly. Then, before I could answer, "I know You shall bring me the heart of a great enemy of our people. And you shall lay it before my lipi. that 1 may know you are truly flic warrior they say you are." ' "The wager is fair," I laughed, in turn. "But what if you lose?" I had in mind, of course, a footrace. "1 shall not lose!" she shouted, wheeling suddenly. "For even the Hawk is not so swift as the Horse!" With thai she leaped for Hussein with the speed of a darling hare. I had no chance to stop her. only being able to cry out in terror. "No. Star! Keep away from him! He'll kill—" • • • -AS. what fools we males are. And that goes for you. too. Hussein, you traitorous dog! Yes, I was left standing there, all fat and stupid, my terrified warning still resting peacefully in my strictured larynx, while Star, swinging gracefully to the willing back of my erstwhile warhorse. galloped off. Hussein had the temerity to look back and fling me a whinnying horselaugh before settling into his stride and skimming off over the valley floor, sailing over frozen creek and bush alike, as smooth and easy as any bird, quite obviously as happy. (To Be Continued) Rent a Camera Take Hie pictures yourself with a camera from Barney's . flash, box or movie cameras BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 200fi West Main Phone 3G47 CHRISTMAS CARDS The same special prices advertised in Memphis stores. Priced 25 for $1.00 Including your name printed. Gift Wrappings — Unusual Gifts Samuel F. Norris Stationers — Print ers Office Outfitters FOR SALE Concrete cnlvcrli. 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ON fTME WAY HOME FROM THE STORE I TRIPPED MICUAKI. O'MALLRY and RALPH I.ANE VEHV IMPR5£ilVEj ALL BRAND MB\V ' •"- ' LIBBY. AMD , suavsvi^a THE .sg&ve THEY T6LL ME ~* SPORT PEEDER THE WNER, If, SO.V\ETHISJG HOW DO VOU LIKE THE JOiMT BY LESI.IR TURNER IM * FEW WEEKS VOU'lL HWE NOTHING WE'S DISGUSTED WIDDAVJHOLE SETUP. M<\C, AIWT flMKIN' OF 'SEtUM'OUT YET! fME OUTRAGEOUS T VOU WEAK) '• V "U C»N'T PAV/ME88E ME ORTER £55 I ADVANCE f SWAUEROURTOC '- OW CONDITION THAT CHISELER VERWAW Mil WTEEEST HE'S \ HE'Ll FORE- CH&RG1WS OM YOUR 1 CLOSE OH DA TKW VOJ REDEEWIHE SK&K&S AMOIJWr TO MORE /WE S1UE 'IM THftN THE STOCK ^ AM WIPE UZ IS WORTH BUGS BUNNY Change Your Mint)? THI5 WEIGHT LIFTIN' GIMMICK YA SOLP AAE PON'T WOKK RiSHT.' ATHLETIC SUPPLIES Vwav Up There' BY V. T HAMI.IN OH.WELL.YOU'LL NOT BE ON . VOUR FEE r/WELL ELCOMETOTHE M. ACE...THIS WAY O THE EMPERCWS GENTLEMEN! FOOZV.THATI t'MTELLlN'YOU^OW.IT AtXJR OUTRTOF \ WEGHfM THINK, CttMfi/O««or CM ONE DEAD CLAM. BOOTS AND HER BUDDIKS BY EDGAR MARTIN WWVvt ,Mf,P»M f

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