Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 24, 1908 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 24, 1908
Page 1
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rive Rm^imier Hmm ihtfj-mrakmi Gtreuimiioa la Mlimn Gouat^ Any Newmpmptfr Putiimh^din%t^^6anty • 1^ '1 - - Mr ' TOLFME X. M'MBER 28C. SIX PAGES. lOLA, KAXSAS, SEPTEMBER i4, 1908.—TilrBSDAT EVEMXfi. SIX FAG^SL 1 MADISON A COMER SOMETHIXfJ ABOIT THE Mii CVS WHOvSPKAKS HKRi: TOVrCMIT. FORGED ' TO ' THE 4 FRONT OXCE A COINTKY LAWjYEK. IS XOW AX Alil.E (•OX(JKF.,SSMAX. Bally to Re Ilfhl in t\w (irdoiinv—T. A. MrXiiil ll«r«' Too—Ufa:.Crowd Ever.\;iliini; iHiints ID an cntlmshi?- tio Renubiii-aii ::i !!y htii- tduisln at wh3ch,^ih»' principal siu'ak.Ms «i>' T. A. McXeail ai'.d (\>aBiossniau Ktl Mailisoi). Reports froni tivor ihi' i-ouiuy atf tj> Jh»> (PJIV H-I tli;;i a ili'l <>t :aiii>it is <-i >iii- iiig toi li. Ml' iJifst- wi'll known spi'll- hlnders. Ai ihi^ iu>'oi:ai: ih<' invliiu- inary st«)is /•.>!• iho (ir.:;ani7.aiiun uf Repuhiiraii ciuiis in invry vnlini; pro- cinoi in ;lio v -<i ;iniy aro lo hf ials<>n. The mi?c;i:;^ is ;<i held in the Air- dome. (V.aiiressnian Madison and llr. McNeal are lo come here from Humboldt where rhey are .•.iieakliis.' tjifs nf- lerhbon. In. spe.-ikiiif; of .Mr. Madisuii. Chanute Tril)une of last evt-nins? s.iy.-. Judge Madison is one of ihe I)e:,t trained orators of Kansas. He is not a nainral oraior. as some men .seem lo be. i Tlml is. wlien he began spfaklni;, it didn't come to liini iiatnrally. lie had lo train himself lo ilie an. Judge .Madison be^an his present career in Ford county wliere lie no\M live.«, twenty years aso. He came to KaJisas from Illinois, and was in "Wichita "for a while. Then he wcnr to Ford City twenty miles from Dodfre City, and tau.?ht school one winler whiie reading law and prejiariii;; himself for the bar. fie took a connny school with little <M' no eiptipment and made it oin- of Ilie best in the i-imiiiy. jle inter- e.sied eveivone in the disiiiei ilt providing a library for th«- sehoo'. asi'- when the ladies of ihe liitle to'.vii •^i- up a social lo raise money fiu',Hur purpose, the .cchool l,i>us.> was erowil- ed, land eveiyboily lion^jit ice cn'aii; and icake to he!|) out the canse Jiidpe .MadiMiii—only tliai iva> l.nis: before Jie liecanie a jii <lj ;i-—buimht ilie iKKiks. He >:ot an Vclopedia am' put 1 what money be had leii in clas- .<!lc,<i AV'liat is more, he eiicoiirasied hiSiStudents lo read them, and many of iheni ibeiebv ai-i|uired the taste for literature, Ctiod books Were few in tlnv prairie lewt..; of \ve>ier!i Ivansa^ tw^inty ye,ii~ ai;o. and ibi- I'oril TII.IO; waii the o:il\ -iluMi; in llie eniiistv liial had such a library .Vftor liein»; admiiteil to ilie bai Judjie .Madi.von praeftced law tn TlieVe was ojie o;lier atloriiev I lien- Jud):f Itiuas. xxlm lu 'en a polii. Jntit',e in liiHliie fn\ Wtlen rio<1'.:<- was in its pa'niy da\s The iwo ba<l hunn lively pas>ia.ces. One trial wa*;: over the herd law Judfte Hums was examinins.a wiiiies} —a you nil fellow t>i,or IT yi'ars old. The witness was .Madison's hiother-in- law, and Hurns went after him ronah The boy testified that certain cows liao trespassed .lon certain premises, and Hiinis was iryin;: to trap him inn; describing the cows, ititendins to badger him and put other witnesses on the stand 10 cloud ihe testimony. "Xow whai kind of cows were ihose that ynn saw?" he demanded. ""They were four-leirKed cows." boy re.siio!ide<l, innocently. Burns (piit ipiiz/.in^ liiiii and .Madi- soir won the case. .Madison si^ke at the nu-eilny; of.the county teacheis so<'iety. on Decoration; day, Foiinh of .Inly and like occasions, and soon had a repiKalioii all over the county a.* an orator. .He •wrote his speeches out and coiiimii- led them 'to memory, so thai they ran smooth and" hnnft loeether well. M. Sittfon took a HkinK to hint, and Madison :was nominated for county attorney. | He made a canvass of the county, speaking in every school house and was dubbed the "Kid Orator from the Sand Hills." He was elected and served two terms. Several important criminal cases came up for trial during his time in office, and the manner in which he conditcied them added io his fame. He was a hard woiker and had developed into a good jury pleader. .The year that Jerry Simpson was elected to congress froin the Bis Seventh, .Madison was nominated for slate seuatoq That was the year when tlie Populisj them, I.,andls s swefii. everytlijnp befoie ud he was der^-ated by Harr.\ .M"terwards \H\ ran for ibr legislatiire and was elected. When the ctmrt business.of the itis- trici Krew so that another district had to l>e iirovided,\Madlson. was appointed judge. He niade Kood. tiiid two years aco was muninaied for congress and elected. He lias taken it prominent pari on the slump during all of the cani- paiKiis and s|H)ke in this county In 18HC. lie is still i yoiin^ man. but little on Ihe other side of A» and is regarded as one pf. the "comers." His talk will be a treat, just for the way he says? things. The Board Adjourns. The county commissioners adjourn ed ilast evening after, transacting such business as was set for consider^loti yesterday. 00000000000000000 O O ADDITIOXAL SHORT STORIES. 0 O 0000000000 00 00000 Pay Day al .^Issonrl Purlfir. The lihosi walked^ at the Jllssoiiri I'aciHc offices yesterday, ii being ihe i.-.:;ular pay da.v. ' roclieriil yXnn Here. ' .\. Ii. .Cockerill. the smelter ban, was In the city yesterday on business i-oii- lected with his interests June. Here on Legal Business. W. W. .Hrowii went to'lola this luoritiu!; on lesjal Inisiness for the Katy. He will be gone (or several lavs. -Pit:sons Sun. Is Growing a Lemon. 11. I.. OKear of this city has a lemon tree about three ^ f^et lii);b which has three lar.;e lemons and a number of blossoms hanging from its branchi's." Should all the blossoms leveloti into letnons Mr. O'Rear will be in a position to hand if number of his friends a lemon. Col. Atchison to Columbus. O. Col. J. H. Atchison exiH'cts to gi> to Coltinuius. O.. the first oi Octtiber i.> attend the national meeting of the A. H. T. .A. He is now ]danning his work in court to that end. On next Saturday the colonel makes the principal address at an .\. H. T. .\. jiicnic at Parker. T<» Save the KSnis. h. I!. I). Smeitzer says lie has a reiiiedv for the dying eiiiis in Kansas. The deatli of ih<> trees Is said lo be Ilie !o works .Mr. .Smelizer say.-; that if 1KI1I-S aie boied in the trees and tilled Willi siiiidiiir the worms will l<ave. Kims ar.- dyin:; all over Kansas .••lid .Mr. Smellzer's retiieily may riie.iii much to the stale. Wooliver Funeral. Tlie funeral of Frank \V. Wooliver wax held at 2 o'clock this afternoon from the residence of Mrs. "VW A. Wooliver. ftll North Webb street, to the Webb City cemeter.v. Wooliver was killeil by a train at Columbus. Kas.i .Monday. His body was brought 'jere last iii-jht. He w;is formi'rly :f Wi':ii." t'i\\ liafl pl.-nec—Joplin Her i!.|..' INVADE HUMBOLDT lOLA BOO.STERS WILL ATTEXD THE FAIR THERE T<».MORROM. LEAVE HERE AT 9 O'CLOCK Al TO.MORILES AM) IH'iailES WILL ' CARRY THE DELEGATIOX. Hurk in Time lo Uitnexs Arrhnl of Kunvas Chy Auto TourUl.i—A Itiir Time. At the Booster meeting last night it was decided to accept the offer of the Roberts band to accomiiany the cliiii to. Humttoldi. The invitation of the ciii/ens of H(in <lM >idt was read and accepted. Secretary Wak ed not only tli. tfiiod •"•iiiii ill Social Vi'i'air'.. .V.iiJiiiii: i> more deliehifiil iliaii lo in \:;'i; 1.1 vi.-.ii a iiiiiuv where aood •Mill pr.^a'!- ill a'! ^iMir^s: where ilolbiu;^ I- Ulldi-^doile 111 liV) I'ttolM': viieie ili.i.- i- that iiMi-b (it ni «^et\ :id r>-liiim!eni ;it one-' n fre^tiina to Me mall i .r woman w'lo is ioii>'ant!y ••iilibiii'^ elb.iws vxiib I In- world. Ill • ueli a lnuiie ••tr.i \\'.\ jiivariaMv noie •bat .\alii-c«> Siicar W'afeis are served II luiicleoii .ir dinner or on the shsd.v 'iW!! .\abise.> ,>J III;:M VVaf <'i ^ ;'i<- iruU j hi- iiiiivt di lij;lll1'ili eiii 't. -iMi!' ev% v 1 •niH-. IVi-t|--e\<M dain'x a;;! t|e>,eii.ii; itid a!w;'\ v i.ood f<'i in Wesley b«erritt Was Here. W. vl. \ .Meniti. industrial coinmis- ioiier of t'<' Santa Fe wbli h <'adi|itar> "IS at Chicago, passed throu ^h ln >re • >> to Chatiute He is on his ,«;i\' to .MbiiipierqiH'. .\' M.. to at•••;•'} the National Irricai'on Conuress ttid sioiULi-d off at Clianiite to visit,Dr. iltarker and be presiMil at the testing if the Fuller L 'rinding mil's at the ,"en >eii> plant torlav. P.e.sident ilill ;=s there from Kansas Pity with a par- 'v iticlinlii|« Mr. F'lller to make a final, Inspeci'lon of Hhe crjishers. Mr. Merrill lias ciiarpe of the exhibits in i>c exiiotition. and says those from Ibis seeiion were ^iren an excelletit •ilfice and showed up nicely. }Jo .collected five car'oads of agricultural, horticultural and manufactured pro ducts from along the lines of lite Santa Fe. Want a Job? Do voii want an appointment'.' M.Tyor Ijarker will give you one if -O'l are of cood moral character and have I'lioii.uli money to tiay your own expenses. The ;rans-.Mi.ssissiiip! con- iress convenes iii San Francisco. Oc- ober and .Mayor Barker has the an- nointing of several delegates. He is in sympathy with the work of the con- gre.-s and will be jjlad to appoint any •'iti/.en of Lawrence who can attend 'he ipeetln.iis. The delegates appoint- Cil will have to pay their owii expenses. OS that only those intending to go jieed apply for this anpolntnient. Tlie city has no funds available for the'ex- iienses of this trip. •tlovernor Hoch has appointed thir- *v delegates. .Mayor Rarkt'r and/Sir. Br.tdy of Lawrence being two of them, t.awreiice .loiimal. field said they want- i club but everyone in lola who could- jKissibly come. Rveryboily seems lo be delishted to get a chance to go in the liis jiro- cession. The pommitiee has made ar- ran.^ements for a large .supply of good .Mien county prairie, so that none may fear a repetition of the .ser- 'ice funiished on the trips to Neosho Falls anil .Moran.. There is jnsi a little strip of tlie t'nited States that isn't fenced in "hose tight.•• .-Vnd'ihe Roosters foi(ti.l it. Von don't have lo give''a mortgage on voiir life. Ill secure the priv- ilefre of beiiif; snioiliered lo death in a iliiikey old car that came west wli<:'n the millionaire's do-; '.;ol loo aristocratic to ride in it. Join the bip )>rocession in the morning at .'• o 'clock .and .voii can be .sure of a gooil time. The signs. "Don'*; rtand on the idatform," "No smoking in this car."- have been torn up. Yon cati smoke lola m.ade cigars and if .vour gii;l is a Rooster she .von'i object. The lick.-ts to lltimbolilt and re- iirn are .".n cents each and ihe.e's no Uioiv; printe^t on the back of them ii<>iifvini; yon lha'. by acceplaiice you have foifeiieil every rislit li.-loi)giiig to an. .•\nierie.oi cliizen. On the eon- trary the Boost-^r railroad Is the old fashioiieil pike ;,ii,i (.very man. woman •illd ehihl who gets abroad tomorrow if<ir"ii;i; is in for a LMMHI tliii.'. .•\ll prixate nwii'tl riss and aul«..s as w.-Il as individuals who want .seats . nlivcrx riiis will assemble ai the New Vork store «-<iriler an I uet t!i"ie earlv .iiough so that th.' sta:t ai o'clock will iii.i lind VOII riinniii!; lo caicli a rble Tlie t.-i'ini trip will !-e mat!- In time to nie<*l the aiitoiiKdiib' ctuli tin l !i "ir way to Kansas «'in Tlf> will stay In lota tolnorrow niuht aifl we will |>e back In time ti> gix' ilieiii a ItoosN r Welcome. < HII.'iFS IttUtV IN F\t;|.K'S NEST. Caithaue. .\lo . Si pt. —The St. I.<iiiis a!id .*^aii i'r.mciscti passenger train number three hundred and four, bound for St. Louis, was derailed a mi.e ;HII1 a half wrst of Carthage at N:"" iKis niorniiiK at a curvt. rUise to Sprin:: i iv.-r. The engine and a bag- gag-'car. went imo Ihe river anil all Ihe other cars left ihe track and were • ui-n.-.l ..ver. Lew i'.lood. the engineer, and liarry llerroiise. ih- firenian. were [liriiieil under tin- wreeked eiicin- and instaiitly killed. The train .1 hx-al passenser niaib- i:|i at Call liinciion. .Mo., b-av- int: ilieie :it •;this morning, and due S I l.oiiis ai S :i:, tonight. The train was eniuiiig into Carlhase al a high rale of il and ran <.fl" at ihe .-.iiarp ctirv.-. Tlie <-iigin»- anil baggage car Weil! iiiio the ri\er and the other cars were ib-raile>l. iln- pullniaii going on i;s side. Tbiriy-six pa.^^seimers were injiir'-d, one it belii-ved will die. makint; the loia! ilead. three. Iliinilinldt (•cttinir Dolliirs. Mis? Rouck. the "K-C" cirl who has I KC'I disiribiitinc doHar bi'Is in Cha- •»tite for lh:ree ibivs to users of a cert«"i notiulai- brand of breakfast food, left this tiflerno'on for Hijmboldt to •oiitinue (Ir »novel advrrtiiintt meth- .(I there. ; Only one da.v will he spent 'u Hiimb/ildt Ntiss lloiick stated this uiornftig 'hat she had left several scores of new tlollar bills in town and had been instruijteiilal in causing a -ale of nearly I'.Oui' packages of the food by !oc;«l merchants. Chanute was a good town, she said, and ••"•" where no attempt was made to In bl her up. .\i lola every house wifp in several blocks boiichi a package of the food ant tacked the box lo their front norch In another adjoining town the housekeepers each tucked a nackage of the breakfast food under their ami and followed Miss Bouck for blocks, Surrounding her carriage at 'eYer.v stc^ and clamoring for cash prizes.—Chanute Son. Found Three Wieks Vfler threat Mini lurried Her A«M}. Seallle, Wash., Sept. U-J— The little datmhierof David Cliisholm of i:a::lo's .Nest. Alaska, wa.-^- carried away byia big .\tiiefican eagle the middle of l;is:t .liily aii 'i -tbrei' xveeks later iis lorn and ntaiigled body was found in the •agies tiesi and the ItinI was ca|ii:iied. .ir.liii ICalein of Sealile binitihl lh< bird .-iii.-^ recently sbipp<-il it to ibis ;iy. wlii 'rt- il I ...1 bee.'i on ev |.ir,i:;(,tl in bis store. Todav Siai- 'l.-iiiie War- ileii I lea I > llief ordered ilie release .if the cajiiivc bird. \S FtMtVKKK mil. Thai Is Coiirvi- uf Action Recnniniend' ed fur llavkeli If .New Vork. S.-pl. u'-l—('buiriuan .Mack of the Detiioeraiic nalioiiai coniiiiiit<-e said hiday if the same ev;-!i -:ife was proiliKre^l again.-l tiovernor Haskell as iiliiced agaiiiFt Senator For- woiild expect the treasurer to act as Foraker did. but thai no evidence of such character had 1 11 ail- diiced up lo the present time. was pri! akes he ROYtEWASIKTOWN state Bank Examiner Passed Through lola Today.—Was Called to FL Scott. John Q- Ro.vce, state bank examiner, was in town today. In company with W. T. Watson of this city, deputy state bank examiner, he came in tills morning from Fort Scott, where he Txas called on business connected with ! is official duties. .Mr. Iloyce sahl the result of his business at. Ft. Scott was not-ready for publication. Between the lines of a short story In the F\. Scott Tribune of last evening one coiihl reail that something of im- l>ortance had calletl him to that city. Sir. itoyce loft town today noon. Both Polilirian and Boozier. F. L. Travis. Republican candidate fi>r slate senator, t .says he is experiencing some of the joys of being a candidate. Today he goes to Humboldt as a politician 10; attend the Republican day festivities of the IJiiih- boldt fair. Tomorrow lie will go as a member of the Booster club and forget that he ever claimed the title of'poll- tician. TRAIN LEFT TRACK EXCIXEER AXD FIREWAX KILLED - EXGIXE \Xr> CAR IV RIVER. THIRTYSIX SERIOUSLY HURT SO.MK OF VI(TI.yS OF WRECK WILL XOT RECOVER. ARSENIC IN WATER FOSTER B.iLL CHAROES STEP- .WOTHER WITH ATTE.1IPT .MCRDEK POISONS ! DRINKING WATER 00000000 000000000 s O AIJDITIOXAL SHORT .STORIES. O O 0000000 OOPo o 00 O O c Forecast for Kansas: Partly cloudy tonight and Friday: cooler in west Iportioin Friday. THIS IS (RIME MH.S. ISA\C HALL j IS A( CI SEI> OF. .i Daueliter Btihi. A daushter wasi bora ibis morning to .Mr. and .Mr.s. I.. V. Reel,.- of .".04 .W.rih Buckeye sti^eei. CHFie in Tra«-k Was Close lo SprinK RluT Xear CarthaCT—.Several Cars Tnrneil Oier. The preliniinary. heating of Mrs. I.sjiac flail, nt KIsniore, Kas.. who is now tindt'r .-jrrest. charged with attempting to iJMiison her'stepson. Forrest Rail, andj his family, will be held in Blue Mound. Kan .s.. on the 2,Sth of this month- Because of the prominence of ihejB;il| family in iKifh this and Linn coiinty the case is attract- BDYSDAYATY.M.C.A. THE CAMPAIGN FOR MEIMtBER- SHIP OPENED THIS MORNING. A Free Swim at the Y. M. C. A. Pool Tins Evening.—Berry In Charge. Tiela\ is Riiivs Oav a: Ihe Young .Vli-n's ('liristiaii .\SS >K iation. The two days nienibership caiuimigu for litivs betwtM- mile ages «if !•» and l."« [years was foriiiallv divlaresl open Ibis mortiing The InlliaHoii fe.- has been 'r.>duced fiiuii $:;..'ii» to ami iV>i>lications will I H ' aco'pted with payuieiit of '<>' cents down iind .*><) cents per niont:> nut 11 paid in full. The loeal asM »eiallnll is better eiplipiieil lid has mor«- privile than any nihil association in towns of this si/..- ill the stale, wiiile the initiaiion fee is from «»iie to three dollars less ban other cities of this size. Kvery !>oy in the city between the a"-"-s of I" and I-", y.-ar^ will be L 'iveii a free swill in the V. .M. C. A. swim- iiiins jiooi this ••v-nin;.'. Ti "".e pool is not large enough lo accomodate .ill at the same lime and those who ar«^ compelled to wait will be eniertaiu- i -.l in tlie fiym nKim. I'rof. Rerry will be in charge 01, the piMil wliib- the boys are swimming. ' .\ gyuiiiasiiiin suit iiicliidini; one id Ilie. I .i -st makes of cym shoes will be given as a prize to the boy bringing ill till larg>'>t iiiimbi-r of apiilicalion:<. \ iara*' number of applications i.ave .•ilr<-ad\ bei -n iiirn .-ii in anil It is i -x- pecli-d that'by tmiiorrow eveiiinjr the iiuiiilier w i-II rea<-h lh»- L''iii marl,. BIG PLAY HOUSE BURNS. Defendanl W'^ll Knunn in This Conn- li -On :fil.a4>«t Ran—Hriirini; . the iMh. W. B. kob\e Here. \V. B. Noble, the gas man. was in the oit.v yesterda.y.-• Mr. Xolde i.s .^o- ing to drill a deeb well at.Alva, Ok. 1 * < ;— ^ Bollinger i 1 Humboldt. Sheriff C. O. Ballipger is in Humboldt: today on buiiiness.'^. WTiHe there he will take In thje celebration. BE HERETOMQRRIM STAR CUP ArrO TOURISTS TO RIVE HERE ABOUT FODB WCWC^ BOOSTERS WELCOME THElk CO.MPLETE PLAXS LAST NIfiHT T(> I TAKE CARE OF THE TIStTOBS, Oonlon. pastor of church, has l)een twelve days, proved today. B. F. Robinson R. F. Robinson Coliseum, a Land Mark of Denver, Desrroyed Today. ' . Ilenver. Sept. 21 —The Coliseum on Champa street between Kigbieeiiih and Nineteenth in this city, was coiii- pb-tely destroy«-d by Ore tills morii- ing. It was one of the city's landmarks and Until the completion of the aiiditoi'iii'ii was the l:irt;est public ha'! in the city. ing tmich attention. Forrest Ral|. the step son. in swear- in.n to the con)|>laini chatising the de- fend.nnt. .Mrs. Isaac Ball, with attempt- in? to take his life and the Jives of hi,"? family, says that on or about August nth last, when his step-mother was vlsitins at his home in Linn coun- t.v. near Rliie Mound, arsenic put in the barrel wiiich contained the water the familt drank and used for cooking F^irlv that morning when Mrs. Forrest Rail went out to get the water which she expected to make coff»>e with for the family she noticed that the dipper was gone and that there was a white scum over the water. Iti is alleged that because of the appearance of the water and because on' the night iirevions at the FUiiper table Mrs. Isaac Ball, the accused woman, had stated that aij en- emv of fi.e family t»-as in the country and that they had better be careful, she did not use the water from the barrel but wfmt elsewhere to get it. The suspicion of the entire family was art^useil .and a sample of the water found in tlit^ barrel was sent to the chemist at the State L'nlversitv who made an analysis and found that It contained a large quantity of Jirsenic. ji„ia last fall. T'.e evidence connecting Mrs. Isaac' Rail with the ulai^ini: of the itoisoning is circumstantial. It is aUc ted that on I I K - nUbt ! |iivvli>u.-i she \as seen about the bnildinil nea"r wlier>i the barrel containing ' till' iMiisoned wtiler .sto«»!. Tracks which aPiM-ar to I H» those of a woman were foniul in the Wet Kroiind n<>ar the liavrel. I Tl (> state alien, s tint the motive on the part <>i" Mrs Rail to coiniuii such •« crime would be to secure the luoiiey and farm which her husband left iiiMiii his di-aih .Xiuic^t J>i. I« this will, it Is said, he save ihe farm lo hi'* wife. t,h«» ;iceu.>5ed vvonian. the ^•n'aiieler of her lif--. .\t Icr death ievi>rythinc was to go to the son. Isaac Rail had lif.> hisuiance. $l.niio of that went lo his son. Forrest Rail, and %'iM<»> to his wife. It is char-ed that she wishiSl this |iroperty to go to her children. It is claimed that .soon after the di.s- covry of t';e poison Mrs. Ball returii- • d to her home in Klsmore where sin- says she found arsenic poisoning in til" water which she used for cookliii: and drinking purposes. On thiij morning afu-r: returning to her home about i o'clock she went to a iihysic- iait. coiiiplaiiiitig ilial she iiati been lioisoii.^d. The stale iilsists that iliis is a well lai>i plan on the part of the defendant :ri lay the blame of thi> imisoiiinji; on an •tieiiiy of the family, by making appear that she was to be poisoned. Atrs. Rail is Jiow out on $1000 hood, which she gave as .soon as arrested. Mrs. Isaac Rail is the sister of Columbus Carter who was killed near his home in Klsmore, in IS.S.K by parties in a-.j'biish. Several arrests were made. Three men were finally convicted of the i-harge of killing Carter after long litigations. R. M. (*unniilsbain°:« Fair. R. .M. Cnnninghlai.'i went down to HiimlHildi this morning on a business visit antl-to aitemi the Humboldt fair. With Coacflrl Conifian.i. Mrs. Chiiin^y L. Kvans of l.,a Harpe. is arraQ.ginjsi to leave ua a tour over the stat»»? with a coiH -ert company to lie knowji as the •".Musical Trio." Mrs. J. W. Gordon is III. Airs. Gordon, vjife of Rev. J. W. the Second Baptist ill for the past Sh\- is somewhat im- Still Improving. is still improving. The fever is broi:en and li.e jihysi- ciail stated this iiijorniiig that he was entirely out of danger uiib-ss some liinu tinfor'seeii happens. I )«wf »r «i Were Tint Busy. The .A!le;i Couiity .Medical society met iast evening in the farmer's room at the court house. .\ number of the members were unable to attend and the meeting was adjourned until the latter iiari of the month.'' John Robinson Marries, .lohn Robinson, jthe veteran circus owner, was married recently In his private car at ^Clarksv'rile. Tenn.. to .Mis.s AIninl Locaii. a professional nurse who has lijeeii traveliii<r with hint for sometime.! His circus vtsiint for the defendant in th.' casse of vs." .lennie .VUeti to ged forfeited bond bv the attorneys for the county that depositions would! be taken' in the cas.- at Hutchinson September .24th. Talk About the South., This evening jat the Chri.stian chiircii Rev. R. HJ KUett will lecture on "Cood Times pown Sonth." Rev. Hear Con^resaman Madl&on at ihe AIRDOME Tonight SLEUTHS GET SCENT Warts Hel- Sentence. .Martha Wiliiaiiijs. the colore.J wo man who was fojiiid gnilty of man slaughter in thel fourth degree in connection with tfie stabbing- of Rud Sclpi". is an\i«iu^^ that sentence be IMissed on he.' She is bopiiu'. for jail setiti-n.'e, j Ritchie piroflressinq. .. i.»tal of llv.^ Mocks of iiavine havt> be.n eono .brted and bv Satur (lav night Contritvjt' Ritchie sabl this afierno.m. h- exp.icted to hav.< N'^rih Sevenlii str»>et ctitnpleted. ThI* will niaki' seven block;^ pave Notice was servei the commissioners recover <iii an alb of the eighteen to cmpleied -S(<alina .lonrnal To Take O* .ivions. on Mr.Rliter. aitor Ellett is an excell doubtless l)e greet ence. ings entertainment) •nt thlker and will •d by a large audi- ,\nother feature of the even- will be the repr«>- iliiciion of selections from C.rand r)peras tiv Carnstj and other noted opera sing*-rs. These reproductions will be fiirnisia'd IfV Roberts -Mu sic company. door. Looking u>) In the direction o.|j,3 colors. Band IVIII Meet. Them fhne XOel;' West of Towo—City Oflielib t»' • , ;• Va^^^Cejijter. At a called - meet :,inK- of the IOII^'K lUioster club •astjev .^UjE.ihe final arf- ^"i rangements were maQelXora roytd W come for the Star cup^chasers noow -heir arrival in the city tomorrbw^rrp v eniag. Mayor Robinson «ad PresK^' Jent Reck of the Better club toe^t£->". sr with a number of the membws will form an auto party which will go ri| ;o Vates Center and will at thiifcr"*" present the visitors with tharll key to the city. The best of 'U.-™..:^ icconimodations have been secnrecTDD ihe visitors and the Y. M. C. A. 'swUn ' y'^ .•ning pool and shower baths will^'bn?'/ It the disposal of the "Chasers-Tl' In addition to the free "Water j and 1 wsoline which was arranged fot thir-:;|§ irst of the week, the city w 11 place 1 lumber of arc lights aloi g :SJB(it]^:*^ vVa.shington avenue at the cbewKi;.^^ •oint for the convenience olf the ^1^;.^ toi-s. The runners who ate imfor^;'.^ iinaie in having broken raacpines wilir ind u complete line of supplies, a experienced men to do the repair jWC jt any of the local garages. ' ' 1- j .\11 kinds of welcoming banners wit: -M be afloat in the city and [the largi 1 Booster banner bearing the wor^' , 'Welcome" will be placed ajcross :th< t -4 .Neosho river west of the city.' A nwa• ?T. 'ler of the merchants are maUngiap ^-.f'^' oropriate decorations. City ElectM rian Stone is today working on ai' ^ »ectric star, emblematic of'the Starifc| cup. This star will be placed upbl ? .he dome of the coutr house bqildlns ^M., The first car which is scheduled'U^^'^i irrive in the city at 4:i« o'clock WU le luet aliont three; utiles west of tlw •itv bv the luind and etscorted to tll< •hecki'nfr p«dnt where |lhey wlU rfr " nain and coniiniie'lo play until tl|».«] rival of aiTihe cars.. Aa an eapada favor to the luiostt-r chib alt r<»aId««U • >t the cliy who<; friends In fltu \ lariy ate rwiuestetC to loolt.thMn ttj 5 u:d belli make the visilora fe*) a! iioiiie in lola Yeattrdayjl Penal- • ' .>Co Name tl*f. Scotf Stevens. .1 F. Morlarty.. ! 0 M|( ;;-_IVerte .s.s, Hndley .Muniwr ft MH. 1;- >vatu>ual. A. c. .Mtirmaer ,5 W ; -Ptipc-llarttoid.C, .MviChN .i bach ." «f ;i—Studelmker. \V, I. Walla A; -Overland. .Mrs. II. CJ. KIrklantI ' ft i;>—^^nvw••>ll. K. 11. JOIICS.. 0 i:;-Coriut., F. Cowherd, jr... 0 U_Ma\well. C. J: Simons 0 I.-.—Packard. K. P. .Moriarty 0 1«;—Cadillac R. C. Greenlease 0 ]7_Maxwell. W.S.Hathaway ft 'JO— Chalmers, E. P. Moriarty 0 il*—.Moon. C. R. Merrill ..800 i'::— Chalmers, .1. R. Porter... 0 ., 27—.Maxwell. C. .1. Simons..- 0 l.iHK 2S—Bnick, H. F. Worth 0 «» T^, 211— Jtrush. II. C. Kirkland.. 4' ^ ;'.!—Rambler. E. J. Anderson ,0-;l|JHKU:; '- Ford. Charles ALNorris..O iljOiWi 1.001 .'!:. _ .::—Franklin,. 11. A. Rohert-son .-...^^..'.S ::s—K. C. Wonder. C; F. Ettwein . J. .49 !9—Knox. F. L. Woodward.. ;0 t;utbrie. Okla.. SepL 24.—Tile fiffljiai •Jay of it was "bumpety -bnmp^', in^tbi f0Si tot)-miie chase for The KansasK(^^ , A „ . : 'Star trophy. Il was^ only halCa dajCs l| r. I »Juryr run and forty xnifeg. But that-fertj r,?^ Col. 1. B. .Vfchi .spn wa.s parsing the „,i,^^ Oklahoma road preaentedVti court house yesterday afternoon and ,he tourists. "Thank you. ma'anis !7 >-1i noticed a nither uncouth individual bunches. The hills and valleysnS -tlu, , who micht have ;pent some of his highway subceeded in makingom '4% life ,n the OzarksJ .standing near the ...^^^ the perfect score cafe^tairei^3 •llOOr. l.tJlliviiif:^ .i -ri the court room tl^e Colonel inquired of the stranger. "^Tiar are rhev doing up there nowl" in the Whitlow'*" "The jedge i.s jes construct-- ing the jury." watf the answer. Col. .-\tchison says he las known lawyers who spend considii-rable time in constructing juries that would meet their^j approbation, but tliis is the nr .=it time' he had heard of it being dwie by the court. Kansas City Detectiv^ Round Up a Woman Here on a Blackmailing Case. It developed today that three Kansas detectives have been In lola for [Several days working on a very in> portant case. It seems that there Is a case of blackmailing in Kansas City in w-hich an "effort was made to get J.'iO.nfift from the victim. .\ woman came to lola a few^ days ai:o. who. it is said, knows about the scheme or is connected with it. One of the detectives was with the woman here and was trying to secure evidence on which to convicti It is said that his efforts were successful. The officers here are reliictant to give the de- ts|Us to the public. Rode Bike on Walk. F. H. Rniwn was arraigned in police court ihi^ tuorning on the charge of riding a bicycle or the sidewalk. He pleaded giiiliy ant was fined ?l and costs all amounting to Few Cajes Filed. This has been a dull weak in dls- ij'ict court so far concerned. But ont^ or two cases nave been filed during t he entire week. Harlan Taylor, brat ion at Iliimhtl as filing cases is Taylor MLsslt^l Ills Train of Moran. was in town today. He ktarted to the cele- ddt but missetl his connections here, his train being a little too. late. He this afternoon ant^ tomorrow. |wni go back home get an early start The .Moon, carrying the cap bopes^oA^ Charles B. Merrill, was the irletim;-:}Ii % struck hard, against a- soft "bog back' in the middle of the road-and'stuck #''^' 'The Ettwein Wonder paused'.tau.h«Ip L but only succejeded In makins Its own f score suffer 1^ a lata arrival rat tlM ^ Guthrie ceiitr^K Every >ope oC-^;i$ awenty-thi:ee contesting cars tliat. Jfl£ v Oklahoma City reached here on tlm^Vi^ except-those two. Thus the end of. the fifth day's 'cn» : ning leaves si.x cars in the 1.000 elus: -..^ E P. Mortarty -8 Chalmera-Oetwat .No. 30. ' ' The E. H. Jones. Maxwell, Fletcher Cowherd's Cotbin.NoC^. IS The Carl Simons MaxvaU. Ka $7. ' E. J. Anderson's Ramblt^r. No. 3U- C. M. Xorrls's Ford. NitL'M. Thf> Day's FewiltlM. . None of the cars in th«': pe:i^i^ score class is a high priced maciiUM rhe cars fared better th m th^-liQi sengers An the "biokpetj^lMQiikB' stretch. Penalties were flev; fovrdil aged parts. Tills is thailiatr^yW terday's penalUes: . J No;; tetiWiijaaJ engine stopped. 3 v^t»sifo^JIS late, motor stopped. dinMiga^-pi assistance, estimated.804^ Urush. broken fender. 4:^No!v^ iin. damaged steeriJog vh«e)v'Si Kansas City Wonder, titii'"— aged part, 49. Bead Register wfpt .^fl^i

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