The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on April 9, 2001 · Page 5
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 5

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 9, 2001
Page 5
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THE SALINA JOURNAL MONDAY, APRIL 9, 2001 AS By Joyce Jillson Creators Syndicate Inc. • ARIES (March 21-Aprll 19). If reason says one thing and intuition anottier, trust the latter. A member of the opposing team may cross over to your side. Necessity is the mother of your greatest invention, so solve problems without mal<ing purchases. • TAURUS (April 20-May 20). Your energy is terrific. It is no wonder the phone l<eeps ringing. Greater self- esteem, as well as a good dose of healthy competition, boosts your energy on the job. Property sales go through this afternoon. Balance your checkbook. • GEMINI (May 21-June 21). Your judgment is sharp, so be the leader. Do what's good for everyone. If you are the only winner, the pleasure is short-lived. Tonight is perfect for solving romantic problems. Start by simply forgiving yourself. You'll feel better. • CANCER (June 22-July 22). Your social conscience is activated. Join with friends for a good cause. Soul-searching leads to a definitive action. Working late tonight is essential to move ahead. Balance the books tonight. Get a massage to relieve some stress. • LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). if your cell phone cuts out, or if the fax machine jams, it's not you. Don't call for repairs today because the problem will improve by tomorrow. Use complications as an opportunity to focus on something outside your routine. • TODAY'S BIRTHDAY (April 9). There are all kinds of love for you this year. Singles: You will be methodical about dating until a terrific person steals your heart within the next four weeks. Couples: A new addition to the family Is likely in December. A windfall in June or July will be the direct result of an improved marketing technique. Your lucky signs for partnerships are Capricorn and Sagittarius. Your lucky numbers are: 5, 32, 8, 6 ani 22. • VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22). You tempt and are tempted. Remind yourself of goals that would thrill you if they were attained sooner rather than later, and get back on the right path. Twice-told tales will change in the telling. Be skeptical until you hear it from the source. • LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23). Sensational luck must be used now. Contact potential employers. Send out your resume. Financial comebacks are possible in theater, politics or business. Your romantic partner wants to make sure you are in it for the long haul. • SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 21). Money spent taking care of yourself is well-spent. Don't scrimp on clothes. Buyirfg for the sake of quality keeps you looking like the leader you aspire to be. Why do what everyone else is doing? Seek unusual employment. • SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21). It's one of those days when it may be difficult to rectify what your heart needs and what your head accepts. Your financial affairs will be trickier than usual, but you'll handle them beautifully. Travel or relocation is on your mind. • CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19). Imaginative enterprises flourish. Ban impulse-buying for a week, and you'll have enough to splurge on something that means more to you than all that little stuff. Social pitfalls can be avoided by taking a moment to center yourself. • AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18). The direct route is not the fastest today You have luck for pitches and strategies. The unpleasant past will disappear when you immerse yourself in a new relationship. Give young people a chance to impress you. • PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20). Your dashing and daring style will impress many love interests. Regarding the job that has you feeling boxed in, you 'have a multitude of choices. If you can't see them, you need a broader perspective. Reach for a new career level. Salina forecast Today High: 78 Low: 48 Mostly sunny. Tonight, increasing cloudiness witli a 30 percent chance of rain. . 8:01 p.m. 7:02 a.m. Today's Sunset Tomon-ow's Sunrise Tuesday High: 75 Low: 58 Mostly cloudy. A 40 percent chance of rain increasing to a 50 percent chance of rain in the evening. Wednesday High: 76 Low: 57 Mostly cloudy and windy with a chance of showers and thunderstorms. Kansas today NEB. MO. Colby COLO. 70°/34° 7 Kansas Clty|76°/50° •1 Sallna 78°/48° • Topeka |74°/48 Liberal |73°/40° | Wichita 77753° Pittsburg 82758" OKLA. © 2001 AccuWeather, Inc, Sunny Pt. Cloudy Cloudy Showers T-storms Rain Flurries Snow People By The Associated Press MYERS U.S. today Thursday High: 68 Low: 48 Partly cloudy. Friday High: 67 Low: 45 Partly cloudy with a slight chance of showers and thunderstorms. 50s sfH.. WARM STATIONARY @ 2001 AccuWeather, Inc. ® ® High Low Showers Rain T-storms Flurries Snow o Sunny Pt. Cloudy Cloudy Salina data * Source: Salina Journal Weather Station TEMPERATURES Yesterday Normal Record/Year High 85 64 91/1905 Low 54 40 20/1909 • High and low to 9 p.m. PRECIPITATION Sunday (to 9 p.m.) 0.00 Saturday (24 hours) 0.00 April to date 0.00 Average April 2.76 Year to date 5.65 Average year through April 6.68 Average year 30.43 Kansas data U.S. forecasts HI LO PREC HI LO OTLK HI LO OTLK Chanute 84 56 Albuquerque 70 39 Clr Miami Beach 83 71 Clr CoffByvllle 84 57 Anchoraqe 40 27 CIdy Mpls-St Paul 50 37 CIdy Concordia 84 44 Atlanta 83 61 PCIdy New Orleans 85 71 PCIdy Dodqe City 82 46 Baltimore 78 54 PCIdy New Yorli City 70 47 CIdy Emporia 84 53 Boston 63 40 Clr Oklahoma City 82 66 CIdy Garden City 80 41 Charlotte.N.C. 88 62 Clr Omaha 67 48 Cir Goodland 70 40 Chicago 65 52 PCIdy Orlando 88 62 PCIdy Hill City 82 37 Dallas-Ft Worth 84 69 PCIdy Philadelphia 70 45 PCIdy Hutchinson 84 54 Denver 60 33 PCIdy Phoenix 74 49 Clr Lawrence 84 49 Houston 85 71 CIdy St Louis 87 67 PCIdy Manhattan 85 47 Honolulu 81 70 Clr San Dieqo 59 51 Rain Parsons 85 59 Kansas City 79 61 Clr San Francisco 58 44 PCIdy Topeka 84 50 Las Veqas 61 41 PCIdy Seattle 52 38 PCIdy Wichita 81 53 Los Anqeles 58 45 Rain Vyashinqton.D.C 80 56 PCIdy KANSAS ROAD CONDITIONS HOTLINE 1-800-585-7623 Provided by the Kansas Highway Patrol NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE WEB SITE weather warnings, forecasts, radar Myers plays Dr. Insult at Oscars LOS ANGELES — The president of the Acade- . my of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has ofr • fered a written apology to the group's sound branch over comments by actor . Mike Myers during last month's ,; Oscars ceremony, the Los Angeles Times reported. During the March 25 telecast, Myers presented the winners for best sound and sound editing while belittling the importance , of the two categories. The next day, one of the gover- • nors of the academy's sound branch wrote pres- . ident Robert Rehme to complain, calling Myers'-,, comments an insult, according to the newspaper. Academy guidelines prohibit presenters from being dismissive of any of the categories fop, which Oscars are presented. Dear Diary: I can act, I can act! NEW YORK — Actress Renee Zellweger kept' an eye on her day job until recently. The star of "Bridget Jones' Diary" says that even after a string of movies including "Jerry Maguire," "Me, Myself & Irene" and "The Bachelor," she lacked confidence in her acting ability. Zellweger says she wasn't sure she was going to be able to make a living as an actress until she won a Golden Globes ^ci i wcrcD " award in January for her role ZELLWEGER as a deluded soap-opera fan in "Nurse Betty" .. • "It was a very profound moment," she tells;! Newsweek in its April 16 issue. "It made rrt&;" realize that I had a reason to be there that- night, that I wasn't crashing the party and ! about to be found out and shown the door." "Bridget Jones' Diary," adapted from the best-selling comic novel, opens this week. B&B owners mum on occupants COLUMBUS, Ga. — The bad news for Mamie and Garry Pound: They had to say goodbye to their house guests — Mel Gibson, Greg Kinnear, Keri Russell, Chris Klein and Madeleine Stowe. The good news: For the first time in a month, the Pounds can take showers in their own home. The Pounds and their two children moved out while the cast of "We Were Soldiers Once... And Young" filmed in Columbus and stayed in the family's bed and breakfast. "We bathed the kids in a sink and showered at the Y," Garry Pound said. "But we'd do it all over again. Every one of our rooms was booked for a month. That doesn't happen very often." Rumors flew during the shooting that the stars were in town, but the Pounds' lips were sealed. "We had to lie," said Mary Dana Knight, who helps Mamie Pound prepare meals. "We'd re-- ceive telephone calls all the time asking if Mel was staying here. We'd have to say no." The movie is currently filming in California. ADVICE Wife thinks life witli fisherman husband is crappie Dear Ann Landers: I desperately need your help. My husband retired after a 21- year, highly successful military career. He is 43 years old. He has since ^ made bass-fishing tournaments his new "profession." He is gone seven days out of every month fishing at these events. When not fishing, he works a small part-time job, takes our child to school and, on most nights, prepares dinner I work full time and pay aU the bills, except the insurance policies on my husband's "fishing toys." I feel a tremendous amount of pressure to keep ^ up with a lifestyle that we've grown accustomed to the past 19 years. Our child attends private school, we own a motor home, a new bass boat and two houses. The problem is my husband won't ANN LANDERS Creators Syndicate Inc. talk about going back to work full time and refuses to discuss our financial future. I find this very depressing and want to end our marriage. You once suggested asking yourself, "Am I better off with or without him?" Well, I did that and decided I was better off without him. My parents are both dead, and I have no one to talk to. We tried counseling a year ago. The counselor did not take me seriously He just laughed when I said, "I can't stand his fishing." Ann, this fishing thing is an addiction, like gambling. What can I do about it? — Military Retiree's Wife Dear Wife: I suggest that you see another counselor and discuss your marital dissatisfaction at length. Your husband could be doing a great many things that are a lot worse than bass fishing. A man who works part time, takes his child to school every day and prepares dinner sounds like a pretty decent guy to me. Dear Ann Landers: I was quite upset after reading the letter from the family law attorney who said DNA tests should not be done on children over the age of 2. Many men are being forced to pay child support for children who are not theirs and with whom they have no relationship. Such men are not "fathers." They are the victims of con artists with sharp attorneys. I can understand a man remaining a father to a child he has helped raise and love, but that's not always the case. Some women have sex with several men, become pregnant and then nail one of those saps to pay child support for 18 years. Sometimes the poor guy doesn't find out he's not the father for a long time. Unless DNA testing becomes mandatory at birth, a father should be entitled to find out if a child is his at any age. — The Man's Wife in Minnesota Dear Wife in Minnesota: I do not agree that DNA testing should be mandatory at birth, unless there is some serious doubt about paternity I do agree, however, if a man has no relationship with the child and questions the paternity, a DNA test can be • very valuable because it removes all doubt. Dear Ann Landers: This is for "Up ; Against It in Palatine, 111.," whose father ac- '• cused her mother of having affairs during '. their 50 years of marriage. He now has a new young girlfriend and wants to bring her to his daughter's house. Ann, the man is exhibiting classic symp- ; toms of Alzheimer's disease. My 75-year-old father accused my mother of having affairs, stealing money threatening to kiU him — ; you name it. We have since learned his be-l; havior is common in the early stages of Alzheimer's. -The man needs compassion and a doctor's ; evaluation.. — Sue in Seattle ' - •."" Dear Sue: Thanks for doing my job today You're right on. I couldn't have said it better,; Write to Ann Landers at P.O. Box 11562, Chicago, IL 60611. l TV TONIGHT 4/9/01 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 QPBS, B.H.-Hays Antiques Roadshow 57267 American Experience 57915 Season 85625 Served 46248 Red Green B)TNN Miami Vice 948731 WWFRaw(CC 924151 • WWF War Zone (CO) 8305422 Bull Riding 196 8660 B NBC, Wichita Dateline 2080 Law & Order 6828 Third Watch 6064 News 3402828 Tonight Show @Com. Central Whose Line? Whose Line? Whose Line? jWhose Line? TV Funhouse Com.-Presents Daily 6195441 Stein's Money aFOX,Wlc.-Sal. Boston Public 71441 Ally McBeal 97489 Star Trek: Voyager 77625 StarTrek: Next Gener. 70712 Nickelodeon Thornberrys Brady 205557 Diff. Strokes Facts of Life 3sCo 440539 3sCo 252625 All in Family Ail in Family BWB, Wichita 7lh Heaven 26915 Gilmore Girls 89035 Blind Date Change 97712 MASH 50793 Married 69441 BDESPN Dick Schaap186083 NFL's Greatest 195731 BaseballTonight(N) 182267 Sportscenter(CC) 185354.;; B Access 6, Sal. Victory Hour 17625 Special Programming 26373 Special Programming 13609 Coyote 30064 Coyote 49712 Extreme 1978538 High School Basketball: Roundball Classic 1981002 Extreme 1977809 BWGN Movie **« "Baby, It's You" (1983) (CC) 540373 News 643809 Heat of Night 646996 EE) Family Chan. Movie ** "Bushwhacked" (1995) Daniel Stern. 973731 Providence 220257 700 Club 846444 BPBS,Wlc.-Hut. Antiques Roadshow 65903 American Experience 21511 Season 71809 Mental 58460 News 34880 EDTNT Movie **« "Last Stand at Saber River" (1997) 900731 Movie **ii"R ders of the Pur| }le Sage" (1996) QABC, Kan. City Movie "Final Jeopardy" (2001) Dana Delany. (CC) 26199 Gideon's Crossing 53083 News 9917719 Seinfeld EBcart. Network Johnny Bravo Dexter's Lab Bugs 6241847 Tom and Jerry Flintstones Scooby Doo Johnny Bravo Dexter's Lab.; fQ ABC, Wichita Movie "Final Jeopardy" (2001) Dana Delany. (CC) 65847 Gideon's Crossing 44793 News 1808118 NIghtllne EBsci Fl Crusade 1675422 Movie • "Interceptor Force" (1999), Brad Dourit 1695286 Crossing Over Crossing Over fS CBS, Wichita King 1828 Yes Dear 6625 Raymond 7248 Becker 9083 Family Uw 79489 News 1893286 Late Show EQAP Breed 14644 Breed 39441 Dog Show "Tournament of Champions" (N) 61183 Breed 61847 Breed 47267 fBCBS,Topel<a King 3064 Yes Dear 8489 Raymond 2712 Becker 1847 Family Law 84335 News 8759335 Late Show ES Lifetime Unsolved Mysteries 591557 Movie ** "Love Can Be Murder" (1992) (CC) 696101 Golden Girls Golden Girls' fQ Encore Movie ***"^ ladonna: Truth or Dare" (1991) 56629118 Movie *** "Purple Rain" (1984) Prince. (CC) 52118712 GBUSA Movie *** "Clear and Present Danger" (1994) Harrison Ford, Willem Dafoe.(CC) 224199 Martin 179828 Martin 155248 fS Showtime Movie * * * "Dirty Dancing" (1987) Jennifer Grey. 340489 Chris Isaak 360083 Playboy 2000 7390248 QDCNBC Hardball 1976170 Rivera Live 1992118 Brian Williams 1972354 Hardball 1975441 1 fQHBO Movie"Wit" (2001) (CC) 4115257 Movie * *« "Light It Up" (1999) (CC) 39480915 Taxicab 7 Ql Encore Plus Mdvle"Fulflllment"(CC) Con- Movie ** "Nobody's Fool" (1! 86), Eric Roberts 6755538 "Love Is Silent" 72131 373. fQcinemax Movie * * * "Gremlins" (1984) Zach Galligan. 955335 Movie "Certain Guys" (1999) Diedrich Bader. (CC) 2317422 SSTLC Junkyard Wars 940199 Police, Camera 959847 Supersieuths 939083 Junkyard Wars 932170 fEIStarz! Movie *** "Man on the Moon" (1999) (CC) 1241118 Movie * *» "Lovers of the Arctic Circle" (1998) 1982731 ^Fox Sports Major League Baseball New Yor k Yankees at Kansas City Royals. (Live) 413977 Sports 368606 Sports 377354 ® Discovery LIrards-Snaltes 726625 Walklng-Dlnos 735373 Making-Dinosaurs 722809 Justice Files 725996 @A&E Biography 711793 100 Centre Street 720441 Investigative Reports 717977 Law & Order 71 0064 @CNN Blitzer 287286 Point 902083 Larry King Live 388489 CNN Tonight Spin Room Sports 177460 Moneyline SBET Movie "For Us the Living; The Medgar Evers Story" 160151 Comicview 296915 BET News BET Tonight. @WTBS Movie ***"( I League of Their Own" (1992) Geena Davis, Tom Hanks. 15419151 "Sixteen Candles" 4424373 SDUnlvlslon Abrazame Muy Fuerte 95083 Mi Destine Eres Tu 61101 Cristina:Edi.E 91267 P. Impacto Noticlero Univ. M*A*S*H M'A'S'H Movie "Predator" (1987), Carl Weathers 3167644 Shocking Moments 3146151 SIAMC Movie ** "Do Not Disturb" (1965) Doris Day. 12162064 Backstory "When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth" 298903 HI Odyssey Medicine WomE m8737101 Christy 8632557 Rescue 911 Rescue 911 ^Disney Movie Cont'd Movie **"Th 9 Next Karate Kid" (1994) (CC) 2393286 Movie ** "Noah" (1998) (CC) 16547460 - @IVITV TRL 760354 Cribs 803248 Video 615083 Teen People's 591737 Celebrity Undr True Life GSEI Scandals Scandals True Hollywood Story 836557 Stern 612064 Stern 621712 CHANNELS NOT EVH-1, CSFitT LISTED: fDPrevue, fQEducatlon Access, iQGovernment Access, B] GQ Court TV, SB) MSNBC, Eg Home & Garden, S) Knowledge TV, Q| Weather Channel, SJ Headline News, ^Home Shopping Network, fflQVC, BJTCI FYI, HflCSTONZ, H3Country Music Television, Fox News, ODThe Food Network, GSAmerica's Jewelry Store, EJCSPAN, ffl-fflPay Per View, fflPlayboy

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