Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 23, 1908 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 23, 1908
Page 6
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6 •I (• New5 o! thc» ! . •• 1 COlTTvKJE (liROVE Mihew Stpwart nnd ^yire sinjiit ly with ihoir daiiglilfr, Mrs.j K -O Sun- Krnc.t day ! Yoiint. i Velma Hrniidtm is very JDiifji bpttcr at this wrlltnK Llllliiii JohiisoiiV iitid KO.NIO |honiip(( cek'brulPd their birthday t»)H«tl|t'r Saturday. Koss V.iiillimli'i) visit, Siindny iwflii hlw iiiotlu'r III ('b.iiiiilp. Mr. luiil .Mrs. AVIII Sifwjir/, S|H>M( Simday CVOHIHK \\M\ .Mylu-w Stfwait aiu\ WKP. Myril<\ l .muin. IMna :inii; I-'rank .UiliiiHoii xlsliod .Monil.iy •'VI^MIIIK with Mrs. W.-ilslor asslsiinl by lior daHKh tor. MrH. Kd Matslov. liuvo.a i>:i,riy her Suiidiiy sohool cl.i.'^s, Tliii liniq wa.s,"Iili .i;iir'!e.>:Itifr The n.-iroes «>f jltrrerent |<ioiiiie.^ .itiil oMier ;i;iilies. At the close <if ii delii;hll'iil <'\-4 'ii(tifi tlie hostesis tiorved" ice cnMlii iiud i^nke to Misses Cirace P\irkeU. lua I|CviHise. Kiilh. Stjewart. .Mabelle \\'Uii. \ ilazel • and 7.c))c Noyes. KiiMi. Myillo and Kdua .lohiison, Mcssis. (luy ISiuilh Marion Butler, Kranh :iii<l Johnson. Rev. Oechsli i>reaeli'>d h'-re liisj Sunday.. Two weeks frnin last Sunday. Sunday school -ttill l)e ar i' orb); k and preaching a( in order (o en.ibje the prieacher to nieiM his apiininioitint at . Prairie Hall where he will eoinduet a series of metitings. j Prank and Charlie .lolinson arp cutting: corn for Ralph Sfewnrf. j Tomlfopan was an evoniii;; r-alle'r at Myhew Stewart's Moiubiy. Miss Laura I>ay ;ind bov fjiiber called at Vr. .I<'Ii)i.--.,n> .'iuniiay ;ilter- Charley " ivi.'jrt noon. .Mns. Ilelle left .Monday for with her brother in Nebra.-^Ua. Will Stewart is e\iit!ni; corn for bis father today. j Mr, Uuvjihari is buildinc a nieejtiew house on the jihice wliere Karl Ifraii- doti lives. Mr. a1ul Mrs. Haiuiltou of fc^iUer drove, s|ient Saturday .ii Mr. Oiiyi. Miss .\nna llosan's sv 'hool cuni- inenced .Monda.v. "Ktilh and May Ila/.el and Zelle Noyes auit Ina Unll.-r s|i.-nl Sat- unlay paiherliift nui>», . Most everyone in ibir- ii <i !;libi >rl?>>i>d It! idannint; to attend the Unnibiddt - Talr. tills week. ; Uov. Oeelisll was ealiin;; jil -.Mr, Ptickeds and .Ali-, Hones Moml.iy. , r o- nisTKicT \o. :5^; e.isl of the old I'levalor site .Ml who lla\e :;lo<-k. to .>.i-.'l call Iiud llie oiipoi'- luiiiiy ai that place. 'I'be opeeehes will beain at Iwii o'ebiek 'I'hursilay and Kriday att«-r- noon in the ^park. Tom MeNi-al an'<l •'on!;re.-^>niau .Maillsou will sni-ak lor ibe lii'pnbHeans on Tbnr>da> wliili- (t ,1 Sbevldaw !»\d \V. 11. U>aw wiU Vj.- Ibe Deinoeralie speakeis I'Vid.'iy-.-n!••>•- noon. ron!iressn\an Ualney i>f lliih- ols will be present Krida.v and wi!; .-^tu'ak in the <(per.> bousi> I'riilay ''Vi n- iiii; uinb'r I he auspice.^ ef .In l'i',\;in elnl. riie Ted Sparkt Mr. alid Mr?. K. N. Moore. Mr. Mrs. Harry Moore. Mrs. Ira Itoiuaii and. children. Misses Marie ami UiMb . More visited at U. D. Uake':-. Sunday Wru. Kobeits went ••<', Ka:i.'^.'>s ("irj Monday nipht w:ith a\ccr of boi;s. Mr. and Afrs. P_ Wedin and dai'i;:hler Daisy, are visitins at Harris. Kans. Mr. and Mrs. Sam KUioti and Cecil Robert.s %-i.sited at Ed Ellioti"s Sunday, titt-'e Willie Elliott is quiie sick. Marie Moore visited in lola last week. Mrs. F. N. Moorp ha;* lieen qtiiie sick hut is iniprovinR. EL.\>S AKE rtKMPLETElK HomHiOldt Beadr for HIP Bic rele- brntion, 4 (Humboldt. Herald.1 The committee in cbarpc of the tv)- radg has decided to forni the parade ^on Osage street in front of the opera 'honso. It will then nnnrh east to Eleventh street, south (o Hridse street, west on Bridge street to L;inder"s ,shoi» north one block, east one block, south to Bridge .street and <'asi to startin.i; point. The fruit, bread and "arm products •will be taken to the Knacker building on the east side of the square by Thursday noon. The stock will he taken to ihe barn ! j . riie Ted Spaiks ~0|\vi.l be beve Vvmn \\'ednesda.> liudi"'-'^ will) its entire r<nnpan.\. lo(n\ a;-i'ensioii will . b.- i^Ain each d.iv. ' • ip.iin 'al nr- .\ bal- twiec HAD A GOOD CROWD When be an.:w<-r j '"l am lonkiiiK for; Opniiiit; «>f .VudKitrluui «»« Eu-nt m" i .Much I'leuMtre. TO EIJIUD ROCK ROADS. Abrams Conn act to be the First of Many. T'lC lownship board of Huinbobit townshil> let the contract Saturday lo Al .\brams of. Inla to build a stohr road from the .toal Creek bri .Ise west over the bill to the pasture aate or H. A. Church who lives on the old Porter farm. The road will be similar to the one built west of lola and w^ill be a .!-'f)od solid road. Mr. Abrams t;ot the contract for $1.S.". a ,v(ird and will do the neerssary f;ratl- iiig. The bill will bi» bviptl-ened an.i made easier and the road will be iiinde one of the best iti the country. Kred Visher received the rontra.ct for Imildins a stone arch over the run on the ro.-'d just this side of the Heal farm. ' The ro.-»<I is part of the plan tha* Nvas started several years a.qn by the towns'lup .boards |o build as much permanent voad as possible oach year from the fnudf on hand. They have built a nice piece of road sonth of Humboldt and another in front of the Martin Sours farm. The plan Is to be enlarged each year until Humboldt has a system of roads (Mpial 1" aiiy in the county. .\ I 'lnwd W lu« li I 'xcerded lb>' ''V- |n'<-MiiiMi--.<if llie lit.'ili;(t;enietil atlnid- ijd Ibe eiii-niiti: >«f Tin- .\ndit<'rinni ia^t :ii:!il. .\nd I 'Vt-; > .uii' sienieiLto enjoy ii<-;n;*i-ives. TUi> skaters nrvt-r iei a ironiriil I" wavt,!' .im! ibe .-^pei-ta ii .'i - M';.i''d t.i .'iii.A ibiv.i III" I'l w .M! < :ir;illif "f tli,- l.:;;;.!,-.»'.;ed i\uieii ra\•'•ab'.r < ii;n- n<-;i:. The sni.u wlii;.- w.i is wiih tin- aUn<i>.( iierftet ii -;!i :ini; sy.-iem i<re- -ciind .T ver" I. Miltli':! .ipix aianei- liid many piM.ipli- i<!.>k d-e:.'ion ic e-.n- irr.ii:i)a"e n:'-ml"i.- ni riw if>i'ip,.;>v c»" •ii-ir e.Tnrts ti> Inl.i a ni<'< :'iii>i-<' ijt'iit idace. The band nfusie was u|) •.u p;\v in every wny. Not a sin:Ji'e ^^e• I 'tion lived l.i.-i year was idi '.M '! '.i^I iKL :lr. 'Ibe ban'tl iousir:!e(l il e;.'Vi';i pit'ces and ii vvil! In- kept ni> to fb :it niini'ier the pre.u.-r pari of the lime. The (Inor maiia.cer. Roy IJvin.i;si«)n. and his four assisianis. arc uniform- il will] nice red coats as are al.-o the skat"' room men, Kver .vihin .c moved aioii:; smoothly diirini: the entire evening and .Mau- Tger Vi'barton de,-erves con^ralnla- tioiiK. |it wi'l be bis aim to conduct the rink in the be.i;! potislhle manner it 'd .tinu:; strict motal lines Th'' rink will be open every exepjnf; now except Sunday freni ~ o'.-lnrk. the '•and music beginnii?g at ^•. LEQALS' ^'My Young Sister'' writes Mrs. iMaiy Hudson, of ;Eastman, Miss., "tooK my advice, which was, to take Cardui. She was stajing with me and was iu terriblo misery, but Cardui helped her at once. It Will Help You J30 "Last spring," Mrs. Hudi^on continues,;"! was in a rack of pain. The doctor did no good, so I began to take Cardm. • The first dose helped me. Now I am in better, health than 'li threfe years." Eveiy girl and woman needs C^dui, to" cure irregularity, falling feelings, headache, backache and similar femkle troubles. Cardui ds safe, reliable, sdentific TryCarduL . AT ALL DSXra STORES ^ • h\>S\S I'UOIH lis lO llE SHOWN, lion Army hall." ed iio. sh'" said: (.ardni 111) Will H«ti'jin EshMiit at j ,„y hu.sband wlr.> is up town .sone- till- IrrlunHiiii ronerrs^ ;, ,,,ae,. ..„„, ir i ,-„,,, |,i,„ , „ju ,,..„j,| i jlbis lantern over his • Caiden City. Kas , Sept. dfb- I,.It ion of iwriity-(lve ,irom here l^ p'anneil lo all.-lid Ihe forthcoiniu): .\ll'Ui|Ui'ri|ue iiaiiouat Irrigalioii eon- !-.r.'s.>,- and industrial e\posiilon in .•( piivaif riillman ear The Santa l-'r M'lii a ii.ivi'liiii; pa>.-i turer .-ir-'fiit In ri- from Ii'tivi-r to li::nii' on ibe job ami vooii bad »-tlorl;;b to Jill III'" <Mr. Cirdtn City will have Hisp'ayed a niiMlrl .-itiuar faim of the I'nited Siate.- Snirar and Umil company, a !i>i of flue ;;<viar t>i<i^ and allaUa sei-d. logetber with th.' (jarden City reclamalinti pro- ijecl. w<iieh will be shown off by the .u'oyernmeiit in, connection with its .;>iber projects Sprriii! >i»lif»'. On acconui of the Hebrew holiday. New Year. Saturday. September "tl. my place fif Inisiness will, be cio.-'.ed. \\'ish- ing all my friends and patrons a most happy and prbs|>erous new year. I am respectfully your, ' H s. r\HNARn. i:j !.:_'•; .North Hu'keyc, Tt) HI : >«» OEI.VV. rniMTiilitiiiN riider I'lire Food l4 «w !<• roiillniie. Tlie Topeka Capital .says: Prof. K H, S. Itii'ey, Prof U. K Sayre and Hr S .1 Crnmbiiie, M -eretary of ihc Kansas board of health.,bad a bnig coherence yesterday relative to the work to be takeji up by the pure food an<^ drugs departmen/ this winter. Sonn special lines of jwork were outlined Amonc -these will be a rlose esamin- aiton of iiqiiors. .\s is well known liquors can be sold l<«?ally only as a dm-,; in Kans ;iR an<l wbvn a i5v«si-.;ist keeps iitjiiors in.siock the pure food "aw lecinires tliat i: must comply with the pure fofid and health )an>:, the same as any othrr drug. There are "re |Kiris fif misbranding and intpiin- tics in liiinors and the department Is going to look these up and see ahfuit it, .At this conference it was derided that hereafter as soon as any ;iriic'e of feed or drugs is f<«nnd to be adulterated or inifcbranded thai prorecii- tlons will begin ai once. .As sonn as a chemist makes an analysis of tii^ article and fie.d that it is not pnre. ,nn iffidavit w-i;! be mr.iie aud thi.-; will he forwarded ii> the ciwmy In which the sample was secured and prosecutions will be dcroiHided. The pure food and drugs law has. been in operation eighteen months aid it is considered that If a dealer o- m^nO- factnrer Is not now comp ^yiag with the law he dees not intend to do so and there will be troable whenever he Is <aa ^t CAN GET GEIBS t ;«b <«r I nioii OilicliiN Sti> OMtl «i«k l"«r Wurkinir IVt >ple H Itapitlf.t Ini|>r»t!ii4> Looking for "Dear Hubby." .A large elderly woman carrying a. lanierii and talking in an aniniatei! way to herself, caused some cninment on the street last night, tioiiig pas; the Uryan headquarters where Mrs, Ella Burton wa.s speakin.g slf askeii of a bystander; "Is that the S.iha (I'ir.^l Published Sept "I. rC'I»I.I<'ATI«>\ NtlTH'F. State f>f I\aiisa.«. .Mien County, s-;. In the l)i-:lriet Court for Ptiid «"oi|!'ty. Nelli«> (laiii'-y. PluiulilT, vs. I'h.irlf:- M. tUiiney. l'et"nda,nt. Said defendant, t/har.'is .M ilaimy. will take notice that he has bee^i sued in the above mimed Court for divorce and in her peiiiion, plainiifT ;illei;. as c;iii;-e for divorce, gro.^s in ^i<-ei of duly, extreme cruelty. I',.il>itnal ilrnnk- eiiness and abandoiiiiifiit for more than one yr-Ar. and must annwer the I>etil}on filed therein by said plaintiff on or before the -8lh day of October. A. n. ino.*{. or said peiiiion wi!l be taken as true, and judgment for plaintiff in said action for divorco will be rendered accordingij'. KwiNc.. OAun & CAitn. .Mti >Tneys for I'lainiitf. Attest: C. K. ADAMS. :t-li'>--.:'.'.-:*fr Clerk, of Said Court, N'>-.v YiMk, S. pt. Z. - The r. pm- A dansliier was born 'n:-t ''v«-nin!;| to .Mr. and .Mrs. rvim;. of .':':' North; Kim slr .-1 -t. s.<;iiiiiivis of M -irr.iI linions-iii this city affiliated with tli.- American I'ed- erat'oti I 'f l.alior sa\s iliai ili<'v b.ive r.« <iv .'d • c opir,- of :• ri-ln'r! i.a.-'d on ilispatehrs .--I at by oMii'is i-f unions tlinuiuhtiut the '•oiintry is in the g>'ii- eral ;-t:i;e of tr;ii|e. Th« reporti; were ill tiiojt ease's i-in mira^'d Iif .--orjie • as.-, wa-.:i-.-. bad l>i-en sli-j,btty increased and in a larm- nunsber of cities, especially in tbe we.-it. it was ir»'poriffI that there were indicat!t;ns (if an increasitii; demand for workers. ,\!a!>r,'n;\ ^'cnds word that building :ind outihxir trades have I I <T-II improv- ii!g steadily, and Arkasa.- tind-Oeorgia r'-;i"'t f itr conditii'iis wii|li a.niainien- .-lai-'- rif Kood sta'iid.-ird. filiiiois report,- that tbi- biiildinp trades are w-.irfciiic under enion .-di' |i 'oiidition.--. with an eitibt hour day and peasant relations with employ-r In s-everal trades, in that :-l:ite t -'iiefe been iiierra .se .s in vvai ;e,<. Krotii Indiana the me.-sac. is that ori;;iTii<ed lul 'or is in fair .'-bape with iie.iily all union nnii in emtdoyment. Ill .Ma.-.-acbnst If- tin le li;i,>< been an improvement for or !:ani .',ed labor in the la.-t two nioniiis. anil, it is announced that thlrA will be plenty, of Work for unskilled lalinr'-rs during ttie next month "r two. .Mii-bi.san and .^l ;^^i:-Mppi ^ay that union n;en have no dilbiulty in linding »nip.'oymeiii and ibaf the railroad shops are workiiic full time, .Missouri \.< |iarti<iil;iny optimistic. Cnion men there are workitiq fit" slioile.-;! work that there will be pit aty of work for- men, Seberai trades have lately ro- ceived wage increases without strikes. Virtually the same reports with a- few changes as to separate ir.diistrfes come from'Iowa. Kan.siis. Ki-ntnck.v, Ixitiisiana, .Maine. North Carolina, Ohio. Oklahtmia and fumi the larger part of .New York state and Pennsyl- viuiiii. Bible Class Tonight. The .M. C A. Bible class will meet at 7 oclo<^!v this evening. 'Bjea.i BegtBter want ads. • 1""! I ' 1„ Are This Ati^ Jiial ••-'> trill tbe thousands of other clally readers ol THE Ri;<;isTEK read your advcrtiaemctits—eithl-r Want or Display—if placed within its columns.' TuE REGI-STER goes into luore' hoiiics in AiJtin County tkan any other paper i .D the county. Hence, if you want ;to Rent. Sell, Buy, Exchatige, or waot Help, a small capital invested in the Register's Wa^t Column:; will bring liasty returns. Pbonc 'H. T i

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