Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 23, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 23, 1908
Page 5
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m.lOiat l»AII.T^««gtO,'WBl>KMl»AT «T1 Tail sav It helj^s your credit. It guards you against extravagiance. It will create busineiss habits jthat will increase your (Dgs. •• . I • ; , It makes a clear record of your business, kt^ furnishes tlie best receipt for all money paid out. it will prevent youi from paying the same bills twice. It protects you against loss by robbery aad personal in jury by robbers. ^ It is the best burglar insurance you can carry. ' It enables you to pass over periods of sickness without embarrassment. \ ' It is not only a luxury,"but a necessity Jto a successfil business man. ; WtMrs Players Go. The Aachiaon baaeball club has ilU- Imndcd. All of /the plajcra haro loft town except. Price. Morgan and Cla- bufn. Barnes and Waller went to K^ns -48 City. Muriihy went to St Joe and .McDIII to ^prtngfleld. .Mo. T.orapson lives In Tdpoka and Baird will winter at his home at Salina. Tra'iuor haa returned to his home at Tronton. Claburn lives at Wcsslyn. la.. Price at Ottuuwa. la., ahd Mor- Kan at Sugar City. Colo. Big Karl (Jroen will remain in Atchison.—Atchison Globe. —Inaist on taaTlDir "11. 8." floir. State Savings Bank tolm, Kmummm \ Open from 7 to 8 p. ra. Saturdays and Pay Nights Form Chets Club. A Y. M. C. A. chess tliib was (ir-,;an- IZI.MI last week with O. C. Bi«-tt president, and Or. I>>ninion. siccrctary of the organixatiiiii. Other charter nif-ni- hers are C. .1. Bliss. A. I. I>erker. John Tholon. A. (;. and K. W. Hickinson. Kirk Cleveland. J. E. WaUefleld and (i. R. Gard. The club will 1:oliI tuiir niimeuts. both locally and with neiKh- boring towns. dnriuK tho wiiitpr. Mr, F. .1. .Mitchell, a chess player of in lernational ropiitation. will he invit pil to play simnltanenus chess some tlrtie during, the winter. All wi.«liin? information should see the "secr«»tary Dr. Lcmmon.—Humboldt Herald. Fryer Bros, WHOLESOME QROCERIES Our sinck'of Cnieciles • ;iud Meaii< arc siild nu the luri'il .'i of thrtr hiKh >.t;iijil:ird :<.s lo quality. They HTi" pure. whulo.Stmio uud always can he rolled upon. Try'a sack of No. 7 KUiur. per sack »U0 .lupaii. Iiniicrial or fluiipow- -drr Tea. per pound 4!ic The best in town for the iiiunoy. Frye r Br6s. Fhonrs S08-301. Short Stories II lola Happenings —Dr. R. Pcpiirr. DrntisL Phons 161 Uhcre Is Thai Three ('en(.». ColnueW .ludKe .1 .M. Cullius huy.s tlial he has llie evideiiee llial I'lil. .1. it. .MeliiMiu i» a •Ki'iil'tci'," Yesterday (.'ulouel Aleli isiiu. who Is taking up subserlpliuus til the Kepublican rainimlgu fund In this couuiy. tii .d a Kegititer reporter thai .ludge Cnllin.s. tlie Dennicratir eaudidate lor probate judpe had do- uali'd two cents. .Iiid>:e uow eonies lia<'k and says he Kuve live eeuls anil lMi|iiires. "Whai did the roloiiH ;dii Willi the other Ihree cents?" —R. M. Cnnnlngham, mnnrj. 6 per cent Evans Brbs. OUm Bfmmk Bae*« mmatmmm «a*eW 4 I tWImm Mmmittfm Wtaero quality U main conaM- •niUon we bn? tht baat. Whara demand! will Juetify. carry all grtdaa aad prlcea. •«vtk IMa Iqura. leU, THK Golden Wesi Land Co (Jffpvs viMi boiler oppporliinl- tles tu sell or exchange I your, farm or business through its cooperative agencies. . I OlHre (her Iowa Slore ' lola, Kansas. J, 0. THOm PmhrtBr and Pmpmr Hmmprnt CMmateo cbeernilly KTren on all wo4 COLOMSX KATES Califomia, Arizona. £tc. Dailj nuffi Urtoher 31, 1908. $30.00 from Inia, Kas. Liberal stopover privileges. Personally conducted excurBionsl Tickets acepted' in tourist sleepiers on payment of Pullman rate, and In chair car. No better way of becoming acquainted with the Great Southwest, vherc small farms yield a coinpctence, than by traveling over the Santa Fe. Let-me send you some literature •bont California. Arizona, etc. W. E. RALSTO.S'. . . Agent. lola, Kansas. I 'rcpan- Tor 1'onruuincnl. A iiiteiing iif tennis eiithusiilsts i.s to be held at the rcnnsylvania Unlel lo- liigln where plans will bo made foi the lournaniem. The finest and fresiiesf lino of caa dies in' town is,, at Mundis's. To See Planl.s. liiiiiilioldt is plannin;; l'> take the vIsiliMs to the fair this week thnmgh the cement iilants under constlu.-tion tliere. —.MIS. Tiiriicr's Millinery Opening, l-'riday. September L'.'>th. Frank Tanner Is Kspprlfd: Frank Tanner and family are expected in from Colorado today. They have spent several weeks in the west. —Six per cent money: no commission; no delay.—Smith & Travis. From .Idjolnimr Town-i. A number of colored people fioiu the surrounding towns were here yes lerday to aliend the Kmancipation day (•leliraMiiii. —Always tlnic lo eat at Our Way. Tniner l«rn.»*,s Ftfthcr ill. Frank Gray. .soti -in-lav\ of Krastus lla'l of this eil.x. is l.i inn erlfically 111 at bis home In SedKwlek couniy as a resiill of lnjiirte.>i received iu a storm there last siinituer. .Miss .Maud Gray, his (laughter, is imw at his bedside anil hisMui. Tamer Gia.\. the ball |ila,M r. is e.\i.e <tr !l there" from S|iring t.eld. .Mo, —FIUKemld Stnnncp nnd TranRfer Co. Ilonsfhoid and piano morlnfi Inrg^sl and bMl store room in the city. Phone 3*6. iivts H Sen Atttn. II. H. Ililderbrant has received his line iMauou, automoliile from the east. II'- wi .l have'it s'ei and running In a day or two. —Merchant's Lunch at Our Way. Huts Means Farm. .!< hii T. Woods and thf Mowlus es- r;it<- have purchased the Frank .Means farm near L:i Harpe on which several good gassers have been brought in in rrrciit months. Give .vimr Subscriptions for .MA(.A/I>KS AND i»KBI01M('AL8 TO ; J. K. Hendenoa I » who dr«l» with the pnblls|ier» and fiirnl.«iheg them at the luwc|8t i»rlc* tiosslble. Phone 9S. 411 N. Buelcey* —Dr. P. E. Wanrh. Pentist. Phone 82. Xhit.s I 'aptHin Kwing. I). (). Scott, of niotimingtou. 111., is a giipsi of t'aiitaln H. A. Kwing. They served in the same, 'company during the war and are of course, having a pl!^asant time talking over old times. —Fresh Oysters—Our Way. WanU 3lls BeddlnK. (' \V. Kauffman has brought suit in .Judge Potter's cour against Mrs Mattie .lones to recover some liedding which he says he .<!iored with her but which shP refused to sive up. —.Mrs. Turner's Alllliuery OiM »ning. Friday. September 2 .'.th. Not For Forlorn Hope. .1. T. Botkln. brother of the Democratic nominee for governor, holds tho ofliee of assistant secretary of state, and iie has given It Qttt that ho la opposed to Jerry for Kovernor. Xo one believed that he would throw up his Job and take the stump for the forlorn hope.—Wichita Eagle. —Paper Hanging. Phone a:8. Fred Rowden. i-.Mrs. Turner's Millinery Opening I'riday, September i.">th. In Humboldt Bank.' Will S. Phillips, of Uoulder. I'oli. has taken the position of l>ook keep er in. the Humboldt .National bank. He takes the place of I-.. K. .Meek, who leaves tomorrow for <'offeyvlIIi where he has been eli 'Cted lo the po slliou of cashier of the IVoples State Bank.—Humboldt Herald. —Sign liaintlng. phone ML'S. Fred Kowdcn. Won $100 Bond. Mrs. II. O. Smith won a hundred dollar IMUIII in a contest for a piano given by .lenkiiis Bros, of Kansas City last week. She will sell the bond to whoever wants it.—Humboldt Herald. -Drs. Lalhrop, Oiiieopalba, Phoni* 468. Goes to Humboldt. .Waller Barnes of lola. will open a shoe repair shop In the riHtm with .1. .\j lleplei- fills week.—Huniboi'lr Her aid. - Our. Oysler.-;. Way. Saw the Circus. I". I. McKniKht t«Kik a partv of twenty-tbri-e lioys to Chaniite Friday veniliu to the circus. They went down on a hay rack and: had a fine liire—lliimlioldt Herald. New post cards. Mundis drug store. Get Cong. Rainey. The Bryan club has obtained' Ton- Rreflsman Henry T. Balney of Illinois to address them at the Opera House Friday evening. B -I. Sheridan will also spealv at that time. This is separate from the afternoon meeting w ich will he held in tlie park. Congressman Rainey is sent here by the national committee and is a speaker of national reputation. .\11 who hear him will And it worth while.—Hum- lio!dt Herald. —Frank S. Beattie. V. S. Phone 139 Another Garnett Well. The drillers for the t:aruetl Gas company iinishcd their work on the .ludy. farm northeast of town thi.- tu'oriunc. and brought in a cnod naa well.; It was trouEht the well would in bi-ouRht in last nisht but they were compelled to slop at midnight How- over, after drilling a short time this morning the well was drilled in at a depth of about K.Vl feel. The well is estimated to be about one and utie- half million «-apaclty.—Garnet i .N'ews. .Miss Ruth Stainbrook returned to lolu today after a visit with her sis ter Mrs. ih'lmar Kelfer.—<,'hnntit«' Tribune, to^m^t 1.4. fl* uaufL liv.HO ..fM. CO. Perhaps Imperial Hat Styles are changed oftener than in any other hat in 'the world Always somethinp^ slrikiagly different than you have ever had before. IMPERIAL quality always remains the same. The jricc is never different— $3.00 Cuba Still Winnina.^—^Three Fornier lola P«ayera May Go Up Next Seaaon. STANDING OF THE TEAMS. American League. W. L. PcU C'Utveland f.<> .r>77 Detroit .: (11 ..56S Chicago StI 61 ..=567 St. I.oiils i 1 t>-2 .551 Bostoii 67 *- .1S2 Philadelphia ... . . —*> I . .474 Washington 7ti . i::7 .Vow York , '.<2 .».»#• .•«•(«» .National League.. W. I. Pit ,\ew York ... . ST • U» .••.:;5 <_'hieago ;iii r • I'iltsbiin: SS r.i .fii:» P.;lladeli,hia ... . .71 r>:: ..-.til Cinciiinaii 1 :7 7.: .i7:» Boston .., .".S .111 Brooklyn ' IS !'I St. I.oiiis .17 ;»'; —It-Our Way Soda Water. Many Came Here. Toda> is the pala dti.v for ilie lol- •red iiupiilatifiii of Kansa.^. 'Ti is is the forl.^-sixth anniversary of the lay wlien Presiil«>tit I.iiif-oln issued the doeiiment which liberat'-d froiii slaver.v the American nation. \'o i-eR- uliir celebration will In- had iii (lia nute liiii sevi-ral of the loi-al liKlits. IneluiiiiiK ttev. Kwlii=. .I<-iiiiy Hale and .M. Gaston, left toda> for lola, al which pl.'ice tb <Ti' will be a srand eel braiioii ,IiiilBe Foiist and ("ouniv toriiey Apt of lola. will ip-livi--- ad- Ire,.,ses at t;;e celebration'.—I'liaiiutc Sim. —Sfwla Water, the fJur Way kind. Attended Rebekah Meeting, .Mis. Hulburt of this city was at t;ariiett .Miuiday IIIKII' to attend the second anniversary i »f the ••stablish- meni of th- .Mjinhattan Itebekali Mime. --Kans;is City resitleiiee for (da pippf'ity. fJood house with Irnrn li enl, on paveil s;ire«'t Four rooiit "lou .se for sale, for ll .'.n, Wht'.ikir R- Dounel!. - —Oyslerwi any style at Oiir-Way, Fitzgerald.<« at Lawrence Bert. (;race and Gertrude KitzsT aid. of lola, are here vilstinp friends. They came here in their tourinK car. — Lawrence .loiimal. Mundis now has the Lowney's chocolates. auency for Attends School Here. Master Homer Beach, who had been •butcher" on the Southern Kansas express train through here, has returned and will attend school at lola this winter.—Ottawa Republic. TDiCllnsSriu • CANNON BRAND " Full flavor and itrength are essential virtues in pepper: we test our» for both. For example, manjr pep~ pen you buy give off an offensive odor when scalded; that of Tone pepper is pungent and invitiog. Tone Bros. Spices—all kinds— possess those fine seasoni;ig properties which-are found only in spices of high quality. Sealed •ir.^ght, n-ith no weakening, no exposure to impurities, no loss of Nature's goodness. C-aoen—f O Cmitm Th»»9 ar« two k|na» of aploea- :TONK '« •ml "oitmm.- Mill'^r"; to jMcet. The OUIahoma an! Kansas ^Illlers' it .sMoeiatioii will tii>'ei in Wichita on Thursda .i tiio iiini; for the iiurpo.M- ot rtdjiisiitii.' some ttade relations, Thr meeting is a siieetal one and has JM.<t been call'd Wii-.ila Kagle. —BP a Itoosler—Home Industry— Xcosho River Cat at Our Way. Green Buns Again. Th'' gr..'<-n buss invaileil lola asaln last nichl. uiaking thinss unpleasant for ever* one uiio was on the streef,<; The reslanratits tnrneil off their Ii:^.t.s heeaiise th>y attra'-t"d tesions of the little iiestf. ' —.Mrs. Turner's Millinery Opening Friday. Septi nilier '.'.'•lb. The Automobile Cocktail. Ray West, of th'> flnr Way. says he h.Ts a new 'Irilik h<- wi:i put '»n the market wh»-n tli.- Kansas r'ity anlo- ists arrive here. He calls it the "aiitmw'hiU: cocktail." and it consists Jarp-Iy 'of ga.soline with a nut in it. If y.-ju want the latest and nicest p<isi cards on the market, get them at .Mnndis drug store. Parsons Wants OI|ed Roads. Taking the hint from lola. Par-soiia is now asitatint oil.-d, roads. The city eouncil ther" is goiiiB to consider the matter at a near SPSi >ion. Rev. Pulliam Gone.: R-v. I B. Pulliam b-ft this morn: inc with bis family for Boulder. Colo., whcnj he be<.omes pastor of the .Methodist church thcrw. Mrs. Pulliam. 2e |la and Helen went thj.<! innrning Miss Corrine. who is a member of the high jsi '.ool faciilt>. preferrinK to r«- tain her position, will remain herft iliirln): ibe wintei. .\ large niinilier of Rev. |•I|MIan^^ i I'tiKrcfiation was st the siittfon this morning to give the. family Go<l-speed --Ohannte Sun. Beffbter IVaat JLiM, Brias Bcsalta. RESULTS YESTERDAY, An^erican League. .'^1 Louis-Washington. iaii> Cbliazo-Philndelpbia. »et iiioiiiult:. (•Iev.^Ianil 7. New Yo K Hi>st|in I. I>;lri»ii I. National League. I'llleaco I :;. New York •. I rittsliiiri: Krnokl.Mi ? I'hil:idel|>hia I". Ciiiriiiii.ii r :; Itostiiii 7. St l.oiiis 11 These Mav Go H-v in a review of the iia...t r.-.i-iia it lb<' Westarn .NssoolHlion. lb- K:iiisas ritv Times says that KnnUie.' Grady •lud Brennan are capaliN- of noliir to faster i-onipaiiy The Times alsr refer... lo l.arry Milton a:, one of thi best |i|leb>-rs in llif b-.-mie an-' s|>faks fiivt>ralil.v f>f Wil-on. Sprinqfield Lost. Knid s lit out .Springfii-M xsterdav nreniiiin flnislied the s;aiii<- afte- ranMdi<>'l had lu-en hit baril Klli:' Kiinkl'". and Gradv ea-h cot' one hi* Tamer Grav played riehl fi-M Siiriiig lelil played errorless ball O. K. Graduates Two. .^Iiortj'-top t'idliiis and fiti'ji r Kieb •irdsoii of til" ill lepeiidenie () K b-a s:iie leajm. have been tlraft<-"l. tin- for mer enm~ lo lM<-vi-Iand aii-l thi- l:ii»«'i to Pitt.^liiiri;. •V Foij Relieving Siich Sy^iptpms as DebiJity/Bacl^aclie and Headache. Un,\ Tr «Mie Zfelaon. 60B !7orti 6th AJve., NashTiUo, TeiiB .»wrlte8: «AaPeranahaa<IoiiemeaworIdiorgoo(l I feel l|a doty bound to teU at it, in hopt-^ that it may inset the eye o( some who ban suffer j ^d as I did. xFoit flTB years I nally did not know ;what a perfecily weU day waa» ud'U I did iv>t bmn m ^ mm: MRS. TRESSie NELSON. headache, I had backache or a palji\ aomekAcrrand really life wai> not wortlj the ejfurl I mnde lo keep going. ; ' ".\ good friend advis'-d me 1<» n:»e Pe- rnn. pnd I w». u-lnil to try any.bitjp .i,d j ,^ . sm v.ry pl..».«l .« .ay th»t .is tv-ttl .-s Ontario. Canada, wrtto.: m^y. i,e«- «' of me and I have ,,0 ,„„^,..^Vith backache mad head. M,|,.sins snd iif- bn.ks br^b ^n.n:' f,., an'lBotffit TlHire ar- a great many phn-e-t nf »oiTifn'.««//incfif.'« that rer,ulre ibo n»- ••Utaiiceof llieMirK'on. I(u( t>y.fnr the cr«'.ile«t number of %uch\ canes are amenable to correct medfclnal treatment. A vfasl niiiliituib* of women bare lieen ! relieved nio nniil I took PeranC. Thia medielne Is by far better than any other medicine for Ihese trnublrsi. ' A f«w bo*- tlr< relieved mo of niy miserable, halt- '-, hsir-alivc condition. -l am now ta good health, hav*.' neith<^r aeb'- nor psiu, nor have I had r..|ieTed from the ailn-.fnis ^x-'ulinr it"| a„y fp, the past year. If every rafTer- Ih .-lr ;snx tbr..ii::b the n^.> of lVrunaas|in„ .icoman wonid take.Peruna, they f.res .-,rlt..Hl l .v I >r. Ilnrtnrin. j ^,,,,1^ know Its value and nevet ll<»lreeeiv>'i» ninny letters from all purl.* I,p.\yjt]„,m of tlie ciinlry relalinu lo subjiet^. of Mrs. .M. Kllncr, »i? K. 36th St., 8. E., Tilal intere.^i to Womankind. Cleveland, Ohio, writes: Of the vast multitude of wotnen Or. '* I am enjoying good health alncfl tak- llartman trenti* anTiiially, only n .-mall ing your medicine. T had suffered for a P"r rj<>ni. of them consider it iii .»-ess .-i.ry ^<KXI many years previous to' taking lo w^tlie to the ii.«-tc.r at all. : . ; l>eruna. and ever sinee I-can say that f do not know whatheaUacheortiettrmtghi >••> not .ttlirniwl ihaf IVruna will relieve everv ease of tbi.« kinil, it. is pertsjinly the part of wisdom for every i%. 1 can most a.'<suredly say that any- woman ao afflicted to give Peruaa a . tKxly afflicted with catarrh in any tona faiciriaL | eaa lie ciued by taking Peniaa." i THOS. H. BOWLUS. President. J. F. SCOTT, Cashier. LoyaUy To Testify at Chanutc. | I'tidersheriff A. L. Boatrichf fit.-; aftertiooii served a summons nn Win. K; Kelgo to appear as witness in a rusf at Chanute tomorrow. i A Light Rain. i Only tw»'nty-two one hundredths of. an inch of rain fell this inoniing. Mr • Schoppe says fair weather tonight anl tomorrow. Boatright is Unlucky. i "That is always my luck." saiii Fn-J •lersheriff .\. I.. Boatright today when* 'e saw that the t\Tiitlow.perjury case' would go to the jury about six o'-l clock. "If is usually mv misfortune to have charge of every jury which l^, likely to be out a part or all of th- ; nishf." coniinueii Mr. Boatricht. j • Married Kincald CouDle. j .litilce J. R. Smith today married .\r j ihiir Rndisil .and Miss Mary Irwin i both of Kincaid. Real Estate Transfer. .1. S. Stachawaik has de«'d<-ri to E • Ka -Ie of Reno..lot ir. in Ke>j ..T 's ad dition in lola. The consideraiion aa .=i Biven as $i:!00. Don't Hang up Lights. .\ii inforinal cbmpldini was made* to the commissioners today tnat tbos-^' who are bnildint; culverts over fh<' eotiniy do not hang up red lichts -i" nicht as a protection for nkht travelers. ^ j . fronds al Rarlirrnr. j r .rook. luil. Sept. i:.''.,—Alj Ihr f-.-.r ' \ :ii >on from miles around the rouiiM- ; |~' . . " <ide. IiiJKL -ie .s. family ear:.•.me.-. li<-| I Only a Shower. j raek.-i and farm vehicles of fvery ' TJve farin«'r:- -.vho w. r-- in lown, m-; -cription crowded the roads !<• . liii:; il;>>;' were w,-»rin:;• smil '-s b.-caii.^'f ofj ro Hazeiton. the country li >ii.e «..' tie i prnnii.-f ot a sbi>w r. Tiiis morn- 'leorjie .Ade where .liid^e Taf' d '-li' i 'lgj .a uond rain s.-i.:!!efl assured i.iir ed an address this afternoon. .Mr .\'!e,it i ;iir:u-d out to !•< a light shower. r'jrni,«hed lunches for all in iiiti din-} Vi^iled l.nnir .SrhLtnsrr. ner pails." .Mr. Taft addressed ibe: R'otiert- Hifc. raana^er of Th»> fllobe ALLEN COUNTY STATE BANK Capital $30,000.00 OiRECTORS lA. W. Beck, L. C. Beatty. A. J. Fulton. W. J. Evana. J. o. Rodgere,V V/. L. BartlcB, Tbos. H. Bowlus. WE ISSUE OUR OWM DRAFTS OR MIL tUROPEARPOnm SAFETY DEPOSIT BOXES FOR RENT FROM $2 TO $5 PER YEAR. INTEREST PAID ON TIME DEPOSITS. Iir ^et^ loval;-, »i"|i ul; fair iniiided people, \\> >.:ive ;i!-Aays s! liven 'o I,- |.iy;i;'to the Iiest interests, of ip 'ir jia 'ron,-;. aixl w«. are reccivitit; fresh evi- dfiw"' diiily. of the imMii-s apprrciation ot our poiii-y Yon should join ihe iiinieiited throne, if you have not already done .-o. ;ind rn'i up ilio lola Laundry MtomoIOZ throne froiii the grand stand eiefi <>-l a to Kive a .sweepint view ^lf .\'U'< (orti crop, blooded catie .T:id ari.-:orr.i-ir of 1 doRS. >- t ii berryvaie. was in the cii> last [it and spent the evening the aiiest [.I 'liie Schlanc<'i of The Globe Sho*.; iotbing •>>. Expect Bi^ Crowd. , .1 .\ Spoiieiii>arser of .Mumboldt la ja lown :oda.\ on business. He says. T 'lat whcti h- left,this morning many . farmers were coming to attend jtte l fiar there and the indications were tiiat there would be a. Wg crowd, librarian's assi.'^tant. For heKt and qoickest resnlU fwa the Kegister Want Colnnniw "I. ft

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