The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 16, 1946 · Page 10
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 10

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, December 16, 1946
Page 10
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ftlps^sS^J^^ p|g^f^:'^; ••'; , ' •":' ^",'V- " ; ; ; ^r--^^^^^ |4 T^i*-/": ; _ c "• ' - ^~ ;--^-~~~", -v;r'"- : •'V-VS'^-'-'"' •?> '"".-'-•""-'- : ' : ,'-"r• 1J , ••'> 7'J- "•• '" - " - . ' Y~ ' ' : . ;-."-;".;-' "- -'~':^M^i":*-y'•"''-'- ' "*~- ; "'."" 1 » " :: '~',- '"' ^'-i^'^^C^^'r^^^l^ - v-.AV'.'iV^ t- /;*,,- , , „, . ; ;".,».,'.;, w^lWBI y,December 15, Smart Table Lamps Attractive -Table Lamps . . . An ideal gift . , /Handsome decorated pottery, base and trimmed parchnient shade. Just ' • • * t3SW 48»Pc 0 Set Glass Dinnerwe Serv-eez dinner-ware . . . Serv- . Ice -jfor eight, haa graceful JL S ' - , beauty of design and richness of color and you can heat food ou Serv-eez right in the oven . . . Complete, Just Among Bei"lin WarResiilts Boyle Blueprints Brave New World Mone y Root ofWater Coolers Emitting Martinis of Most , Dec. 16. the rate ot illegitimacy in-Berlin high,.public welfare officials in. the Office of American Military, Government for Berlin said that there arefoar times as many couples, wait, ing to adopt such a child as there are children jready to be placed.",. 'According to statistics of thfr-Ger- man Toutbroffice 16.7 per cent; "of all children born in,-Berlin at,present .are illegitimate. The-average rate last year'was 18.4 per cent. In 1844 23 per cent. Marital Rows -Afbut straws in the wind of chance, - XETV YORK. Dec. 1C. <UE)—Money " beacons to a giddy carefree world of; nl a>" Rt)t °e t' 1 - 6 ''OC' 1 °t a " ev '' Ilut ^ohody yet" has seen the first roWn liye-and-bye. In that world to be Jt is at t!le root of the ^""P^^t P art of spring, but there are other por- maybe they can also fi-ure it to let! of al! fftmilv bickerinc. accordins to terits* that the deep ice of the world's I us enjoy • Dr - f««"i'<l 1: - Adams, director of j< t-_i ._ -t -.. . . • . ( jhe marriage counseling service at ^ -York department store is installing heated sidewalks so_ the customers , ixis operated by cabbies Tvho tirivjg, up to the curb, open the door and' say, "please." In telling "What Makes Married 10 door and say, "please. ' | Folks Fight" in the January Ameri- Regulators .for babies so that in-' fan Magazine, out today, Doctor •won't have to'wade through snow Regulators .for babies so that in-' oan Magazine, out today, Doctor and slush to buy a |2S necktie hand- stea<J of crying- at night they make ', Adams says that along with money painted by an unsung Rembrandt sounds like a Swiss music box, with i the greatest potential troublemaker For UndernrirSW«l KM, ' at least four tunes. !« the husband's mother "A wife For Underprivileged Rich The ' Gran -Casino - Xacional - mv.— / ^-^"" • _ - J.HK \.«<tn -vasino Aacional at The youth office said that 17,2*51 Havana has graciously underwritten Of the children officially under -its > free week end air trips from Miami guardianship were illegitimate, , '.*\tor Americ-a's millionaires While Whenever a "foster home- is -ie--{ en route to shed their sorrows ., _,-_».,,, ^.j. ^4, *.vrs»tjci *iwt*ic— is* xe* , ported or an 'application filed - to | adopt a child, the youtlTbffice first } makes a Careful study. Families j which merely are seeking to supple- j ment their income or take advantage of a child's better food ratipn card are immediately rejected. It has been found most difficult to place boys in their early teens, officials said, because Germans un[ der the present conditions -fear to ' cope with the problems of wear and tear on clothes as well as food consumption. - The youth office reported that the •rate o£ illegitimacy in the American sector was highest, standing a't 19 2 per cent of all births. |n the British sector, the figure, was 17 per cent, in_ the French sector If* per cent and in the Eussian sector: 14.$ per cent. ' ' ; -' CHILD'S ROCKER Upholstered rocker for the kiddies^ . . . Large, comfortable and smart looking . . .'Fun for i -. ^_-x your children,, for ^ Jrfc i "5 t only... ' V • V PBilcoV" new Twelve-6-One radio-phonograph^ 'plays record- automatically'-." . . Just insert record,-close the-door and it'pkys . . v No" needles or tone arms to fool with .,. -Any child '. ^ - v ' _ can play it: * Sf-flrTj . Only ; \ •O ; 3! •. . *. BOUDOIR LAMPS Handsome Boudoir Lamps with smart glass bases and decorated parchment ^ shades. - Only the Cuban gaming tables this underprivileged class will be stuffed with champagne and caviar on the Casino's cuff. And whether the gentrv of the gouty wallets win. lose or draw the grateful Casino will ferry them back come morning to their 50-room on the Florida coast. And if the gray-black tires on yous battered four-wheel family chariot depresses your good woman, tell her at least four tunes. - — Silencers.for fat sopranos that w51! ' c ' an llsu ut them 6ff-or even t-hoke t '< motller . shut them off-or even choke them to death noiselessly when they get j " ot llie casf within shouting distance of * high j mc )ther, e *O". * ",~«*«— PC with J-6 ci , up slippers. - •an. usually get on with her own explains, but such is with the husband's ally when "the two :wo'men.are cooped up all day to- XT. . -. p-wi.uiieu. «ie coupetl up i'.n UH.) u.'» Puppies honse-lwoken at birth and £ cther in the house." nth Hat teeth so they will learn ' The basic element ; usually found d crack walnuts instead of chewing i 1>( 5 hi " 15 .-' 111 serious feuding is a feel- ip slippers.-"" i Jug: of frustration, according- to slippers.-"" i ug o frustration, accordin Bsrkless dogs, clawless cats pud 1 Bo( ' tor " Adams, who writes: canaries that hum instead of going 1 '^"J^ 1 " frustration arises, fnr ex "press, pree, pre-e-e-e-p. pree pree"' ' an) P le - wllc ' n fitlier :nate feels l,p o Also ' ™°tionless goldfish. ' I sil ° does not llave enough money t Office water CQolers «»at give out I do a11 thc th! »» s desired. Quarrel' ex- r to Tom Collinses in summer and' '"*• Martinis in winter. A • self-reversing income 's« procedure, is simply — ~s..» j. *.v^ «-i«-,i^i»i.ioL;j keep fires burning under their test tubes day and night so that progress shall not fail have come up with something really new "white carbon black." This charming ingredient soon-will enable you to bounce happily over the landscape on rubber tires colored baby 'blue pure white, or a breathtaking'orchid. -These pleasant developments are COLD? «'--- ~ ^-f'l 'i, '- *-,, • ,Jv«f ' . • * **rw CLOTHES HAMPER Woven^enamle'd Clothes'Haihpers :in heautiful,' clean colors. Smartly . - ^designed, and " - • s"tudily built. Now USE McMAHAN'S LIBERAL-TERMS Decorative Plate Mirrors "Smart'framed and Venetian plate -mirrors in 23x30-inch and 24x36- inch sizes, Choice only . . . ^Fluprescjent Desk Lamp ^ = Improve-the light at your desk with ,, HuVattractrve fluorescent desk lamp., - ; Al^o r a'fine giftiteiii. Oust.i.. THERMADOR ElECTRIC LONGFEIU' It's tall to warm you ALL-over...from head to-heels. It's slender to conserve space. Un, lilt ordinary portableslhatbeam their hgat in a restricted direction, the revolutionary Longfella'diffusesits clean, electric warmth over a high, wide area.- Exclusivesafetybaseautomaticallypoints heater.ceilingward if accidentally tipped over. Height is 36^"; diameter of base, 10"; weight, approx/4 Ibs.; 1320 watts, 120 volts A.C. Price, incl. Gov't Excise Tax, $13.75, SPECIAL G as Genuine SIMMONS Electronic Blankets •'--, Give this revoliitipnars' new Simmons Blanket'. '." . Sleep under just one.cdyer_fop perfect comfort, and-rest Ask to see it ... . Jusft.. Just Received The "Hot Boy" a 55,000 B. T. U. Natural Gas Cabinet Heater with Forced-Air Circulation for Winter Heating or Summer Cooling. Including Eicise Tax RADIOS ~~ThVn,e^ ,!>hflco 350 Portable ^Badio^ . J 4"A11 new and twice as ( -sharp 'ais any other portable , . .,' "Enjoy, fine .reception anywhere,. ; Priced at only..; at $ 154 95 NOW AT Including Battery ^Ij^Mju^ «««. '^fib^fe*^' Bakersfieldl, Plion^ 8-8541 1208 Baker Street, East Bakersfield, Phone 4.4981 i ; S18 Center; Street, Taft p Phone 98;, " .'RADIO, CO. one way of do.tlln;: wifli a .situation. The yelling-and abuse" do not .'•oht an>tbinjT. the wuereoy tne government tells everv- V ^"'^ *ui.\iinn^. tne sen^it-Me body on March 15: "You overpaid H Pr»' 1VK -h - s to face the. problem 300 per cent last year." * I frankly and talk it out." thick' ~ —«';:;! Three Homeless Vets Finance Big House 'Apartments' with walls so thick that when you sneeze you can't he your neighbor say, "Ge.sundheit."' ; Drama houses with 8000 front row ' seats at $1.10. j , Movie theaters that give away I bottles of Scotch whisky instead of table ci-ockery. i Radar-equipped radios that auto- AMES. Towa, Dec. Ifi. (UP.)—Three maticalJy select good musical pro- r Iowa veterans who wouldn't let t!ie grams and filter nut boogie-woogie j housing shortage keep them from at- and all human-voices except Fred i tending- Iowa Stale College have • " en s - ' solved, the problem for themselves !'Havana cigars that cost less than of tlipir friends by buyyijf a a box at the opera. 12-room house and furnishing-" it ' Hotel rooms : like an accordion, j Tile .house is operated by Stanley You just unfold them to auy «izc ' ^midase, 'J2, and his brother Duane 1'ou want, o ho, and Ilandalt Johnson. _>::. l Two garages for every car—at $5 j • The trio pooled their funds to the a month. A windshield wiper that 1 extent of J4."iOO, made a down p;iy- works on rainy days, too. | mom on thV house and went on "a search of the st:ite to furnish it. , . A self-shaving- razor. A pearl in every oyster. Quick, Hoe, pass the pipe. J'm coming to: Chicago-Man Adopts Share-Horn^ Policy ' CHICAGO, Dec. Ifi. (UP.)—•'William P. Heyn practices what he preaches on the Chicago staff of the National Housing Agency in its "Share-Tour- Home" program for veterans. He induced a v half doyen friends and neighbors to take in veterans' families without homes, and then •shared, the six-room house of his family of three with Mr. and Mrs. George Cruden, whose baby was born there. Cruden, who served in Germany, had been living with his wife in a tent. „. What they couldn't buy.-thev built. They had no trouble fintlitiF is boys to .share the house with them. ADVERTISEMENT DUE TO COLDS Prescribed by thousands of Doctors! PERTUSSIH is scientifically prepared to act at once —not only to relieva such coughing but also to loosen tickling phlegm and make it easier to raise. Safe and mighty effective for both old and young. Pleasant tasting! Inexpensive. QtfUjofa:.. wu t BADJOS - RECORDS 2020 H Street .Phone 4-4055 F ox Theater Building These are the coats that in-the- know juniors love. They shrug over the shoulders of your bulk- .iest suit, do double-duly ou dates. They're trimly tailored •without a trace of clutter ... in pure wools, and smo-ooth colors! From JI4.5/O Upward 19th Street %S^%£'S!g^*f*yx&!^f3£s3s&f^^

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