Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 23, 1908 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 23, 1908
Page 4
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i- DAIH .BECggTBBtiirMHrBSDAT'EYEyPfC; CSIB1F.8GOTK ikCered at lolo. Kaneaa. Postofflcto. as Secood-Class Matter, ikdrertlalng Rates Mads Knows oa Application. ; 8UBSCBIFTI0N BATES. 1 Jr Carrldr In Iota, Gaa City, Laslroa. TlUe or LaUarpe. f ')ne Week ^10 cents ine Month...« ..44 bents One Year $6.00 ByMaiL On» ynar Inside coanty 9S.00 hwe fear ontside eonnty $4.00 fliree Months, in advance $1.00 One &Ionth. In advance!. ...44 oFFidiAJi. Firm ciTi OF BASSET.- : OF im <!Dndcr tM* beaainie the Reswt«r will bo'Pleased to print tha views ut ita subscribers on Rny subject coricornlnK which they may wish to write. If you wlah to kick about anything, or air your views on any subject. teU It throUKh the Register. Contributors'should give their names and addresses; tbey will not be printed. Ad- dreaa alt communications to the Register.) Teli^lienor Business Office - '- -i - - - GWtorlal Room 18 222 HAVE NO COLOR LINE Judge Tift Says Negroes Will be Consiilered at White House— Addressed Convention. Cincinn ?ia. O.. Sept. 2;{.—'When I Rct inio theAVTiite House, assiirainu f am to be 5 put thero. no iilcji in favor of a negro will liavo any less consld- eraUon because he is a negro rather lhau a white man." This dcrlaration of intention was . made by .ludge Taft toilay in the course of the l)rief. ailtlross he maile to the (leh-Kales to (IK- IK LIO national ; Baptist convention •t)einK held in Lexington. Ky., the menilHTs of which came, to CinciniMiti for lln- imrpose of meotinK .Iiul^e T;ifl. Sir. Taft reuiarkea i!.;it in a letter from Booker T. A \asliiM?!lon lie had been told that wlnjn lie received Hr. Morris's delegation he would be wet- InfT real reiiresenlaiive.-. of the raeis Preceding the talk wliieh Mr. Taft made he was i<r»'senled to eueh dele^^ Kate' and; reeelv<'d frotn SeeretJiry Morris nssnraui'^^ ibjn the m-cni vot<i was KoiiiK for the |.;i:ly v\*.leli he s;ii«l he had nlwajs ; In the past (vroved to be the friend of the bltieU niiiii. "1 Welcome yejifr syni |>;i!liy ami snii- \mr\." WHK the j;iii.>;«-; of Th.> raritli- dale, "aud I to<'^ tb!\l is Yn my Imsoiu a .symi >.'ltliv with yn;ir r.uv Which entitles liie to that sitppof!."' TO HAVE HUGHES ONT-DAY. New York Governor Will Be ijn Kansas Durinn Week of Octobdr 5. Topeka. Sept.. '22.—fiibi^:; ibc ii"o- gram is cban.o'd t" e Rf iiiih!i<i;in n;i tional commifieo wi'l only be tilde to let Kansas hav^ Governor Hughes of New York for one day. riiainnan Dblley received a, t'depram froiu Senator Dixon at Chiraeo. in eliari;)' of • the speaker's bureau today, statins: -that 'Governor Hnhes was in such de! mand thati he could only spend one : day in Kansas: that it would he .some ' time during the weid< of Octolier - Dolley replied that be would like to '{ tave Hu.?hes loi:scr. if possible, but • he w:oiild gladly take liiin for om- day i sure. BKTAMSM A .IfE.VACE. .Mr. Itryan's platform, which he Induced the Denver Convention to endorse, is, in the main, a si >ccimeu of pal ch work. It inserts the old WhlR policy of the internal imjirovement -<if rivers, harbors and good roads, for which Webster, Clay and other eminent Whiji statesmen contended so persistently In their time, and in iwhicli they were vehemently antagonized by the Democratic i >arty. This iMilicy remained (luiesseiit for many years. iimU iPresi- Ident Koosevelt infused new life into it. and made it popular, on his recent e.Kciirsion down the Mis -si.ssiiipi iltiver. .Mr. Hrjan pursuant to his peiichant for purloining other men's policies, and claiming thetn for his own. esteemed it to his advantage 10 include this undemocratic policy in his platr form, because of it .s renewed iiojiulari- t.v. Next we I'nid hUn embracing Seu..- (ur l ..:iKollette"» physical valuation of railroad proiierties. instead of government tiwnership for which he so assertively declared in his .Madison Oar- ilen speech in New York, uiion his ire- turn from his tour of the world, jiuf dropped it like hot cakes, when be discovered that the Uemocrals w<iuld not stand for it. If Mr. Hryan liad been a statesman of established convictions be would have remained linn in his policy of government ownership, if it had landed him in the Socialist Party, but his insatiable craving for jiopularity has driven him from any permanent policy. •Mr. Hiyans vacilating. unstable course bas been couvincingly demonstrated in the past twelve .vears. In tS!«t; bis (laramonnt isstie was free and unlimited coinage of .gold and silver at the ratio of It", to 1. as a panacea for all tinancial ills: in TJUO it was the hideons spectre of imperiali-sin': and now in liiOS. he anncuinces the paramounts: The people shall ruie. tarifl- lor revenue onI>-. and the extermination of monopolies. The most rational exposition of his theory 01 the peopb' ntllng is. he wants the people to give the icins of this big government into the hands of Itiytmism. and b -t the Keiuibllcans rest awhile. This is tins\im lonil »>( ll>e people 's niUua poU- ev. The peo|de «'\etei >e their rule n't tiie baMot box. when they elp 'i >;-c re- pvest'Ulatives Vo tvausaet the itlTuMs ot the ?;.>\criinieiil, and tli.'\ lii :ve been eonlViriit'4 this dut\ on the IJepiildi- eaus Un luaiiv \oars ^la^^ The dl!»a>li-><iis re.-ulls r,| lO" l 'f >r leveniie are still fresh tit. the iiiiiids of i!u' piople. It e,-:!!inand by ti­ nancial experts that the Hilton Tarifl 'or rexTiiee only, cost ibi- c»iintiy at I -»>t tHe l >il !ii>!i doliai:- in t!i' vprink- Hjre of |>roperty values, and loss ^nf lime by working men. wh <i w .-re thus thrown out of einpIo>tnent ha<I tinir wage.-- reduced, or were put <"n pari inie. .\dd fi> lb!.- ihe.appi'xi'ri .Tions defr .iy cuve.-iinient ex |H »:i -e- aad the i:iore than two hundred and sixiv inil- lit'm inierest beariu." Uinds i^^^n•d and ieft for the people to pay. aadiyn will learn that the Cleveland adniini;?- iiatinn cost the roiintry not tiiiieb?less than a IdlMon and a half for every year of thai Deinoeratic- adininistra- ii <Mi. Talk about extravagance. There is noihing in all the years of Uei>"bli- ean rule to compare with this enor- nuni.-i waste of the people's nioney assets: for Ihis was a <-icar waste, except what was spent tor legitiniate disbiir.senients for governnifnt expens- ,>s. .No thinking mati can be persuaded tiiat I'.ryan with his inexperience <"iii iiiatiage a tariff for r <'venue oniy. That the Pianos we sell are the best in jthe worli at the price. and learn our easy terms J. y. Roberts Mflsic Co. 12 N. Waehington Hoering& Smiley's MUSICAL COMIiDY "A Scotch^rish Yankee" MAJESTIC THEATRE Wednesday Niglit, Sept. 2^! with less di.sasl<M- to the country, than .Mr. Cleveland did. Considering the enorinoiis disasters, every true man and woman is ready to exclaitn. '.May C.od save the (njuntiy front another, expeiience of laritT lor r<'Vfnne «inly' on the IJeniocratie plan." Mr. Ilryan's iioliey of exteinvinating nioMiiliolies Js of levolulionaiy teii- deiiey. The (iest nietiveness of ibis ruiiioii- |«diev is so glaring that even •Mr. |t;.\a!i essajs to exiertninate and sinooth it over l>y saying ibai the liange must be gradual The pith oi tills devastating i>oIiey is a change from present business inelbod.-*. and a leliiiti to- the eoiiipeiitive svsieni that previiibd in the da \s of our fathers, when unskilled workmen received llfix en.ts and less tor a da>'s labor, and skilieil woiKiiieii a d'dbir .\ssiiiiiiiir tli;>! this tevo'itiiotiitr) eban ::e ."hall otne al«'Ut matln.'il.'y. what wise siate.-nian eaii forsie the ruin thai must pivvail whil.- 'his ladu-ai eh:iti:;e i~ in plOi;re.»s. Ti^i^ t.-. one of Mr lit vans bailiieinaiioiis Cb'pox d lo Ibis is the KiM>s <-\eli eoti-orvativ.- |>ot .'• of mist re ::ulalioii. to which the r<>uinr\ is already aeeiistonied. .ii;d wliieh «iil not desttoy e <uitidi <ne<'. or e.iu ^e all- serious dir-Turbanee-. i -f i»ii>iiiess orer:!iions, i .Mr. lliyan has ne\er proved hi)r!>eli :i frii'iid of th»'-laboring ni;:n Wje ai- know a i<op "bir mati can l,;nde: his gooti idliees in lalMii dispati-.-'. aii<l aid in the se»''en:.-ii: <:f strikes, and other labor i-oni' iilious. ofieii niurh to the advai:!;i::e of labor's raii.-<' 'Wiio C/i:- jd.-ice bis lirmer on a .••ins.'I.f r.e; 'hai-..Mr Itivaii ever ix-rfoi iiied iji favor of ialio]-' Mis leeoul in ibii- le- s|>eei ;is a blank. ".\eii ";ns sp.'-ik l"iid- er iha'!: wiirds." and ibe re«-oid -ho -.v.- ilial ttryali bas iiolhiir.: but preieiiiioti- wo:d.- to bis credii eoucerniag liibor. Co:iirast tlii.> blank i-ceoid with the a .'Iidii of .Mr. Koo-evelt in settling the- antlitacite roa! strike, lie had no Aiv.- to iTialde him to act otbciaDy. So he c .-tUt-d. the operators and l:0 >or !ead- pi.-: into Council, ami prevailed iipiui tliem to snbiiiit ilicir iliften-nees to arbitration. He ap;.oinied ibe Im.trd. which adjiisn d tliejr difliciillies. anil work was resinned. This dcsiralde remit was achieved by the use of hi,- iii- (iMeiice as a proniiiieni Imtivirlual eiii- zen liecj.iife his lieaii was in the uoik Hry;i!i r--(ieiiis to di.--dain any aeiion. iin- Jess lie call be presidi 'iit .Ml. I'.ryan lr> inciuit.isieiit lie :,ioitii.- vo )rifetou>ly lln- use ot iiiist money, lini be eariles lb'' supliorl of .Miiipliy and llo' Tammnn;- and U'ali Sliei'i liaioiit. relying on iliem as the lilef laKois of <Mi 'iyl !i« Jhe Kiiipire utaie fiir him Now ll l.« ijo !oilou.> iliiit hald (oiiiipt aui^ieutoloiiK deal MOlliewbal III lallited voles lis >fi -l'i IIH tiilnied iii/iinvv .Mr. Hiyiiii appears verj eareiiil to hini- It ninlei ttood ihtit be don 't wiini any lalnied iiiotMA mtetl 'III hl> eaiiipalitli. but be inllltiales fr.i- tejiijiy Willi Taiiimatiy iin'd W'al! .Si. le'.ids i'» ('.u' viinebtsion tb'.'.t b\ \\\\\ macioiisly aeei-pi nil tin- voies Tam- tiiaiiv may offer liiin. >v;ieib''r tbev an- pure or • lipted. It 'he l<epubli<atis win .Sew York it wiH be by tlie votes of the tarmers. wo.kln^ and bu-!iiess men of I he st.ite .Miiipliy aiid the Tauim.-iiiyi'es ueneitilly would put their bandit) the tire before tbey would vote tor a continuation of ilie Roosevelt policies. I.e; men he judged by the company' ;liey kee|> Thes ^e facts and others make if very clear thai .Mryanisin a |ipears as a menace on the )ioliiieal horizon. CY VI:K.\.').\. FOR BAD BLOOD . Wiien bad blood is caused from an infection df the circulation by the virus of Contagious Blood Poison, it usnally sbou 'S in tlie fomi of ulcerated mouth and throat, copper<olored splotches pn the body, swollen glands in the groin, falling hair, sores and ulcers, etc. These general symptoms, affecting all parts of the body, show how deeply poisoned the blood • l>econ!es, and emphasizes the dangerous character of the trouble. If allow* a "to.remain in the system the disease will finally week the health and brea { down the strongest constitution. No uiedici'ne can cure Contagiouti Bloo 1 V Poison which does not rid the circulation of ever>- particle of the virus. S. S; S.. is the one real and certain cure; it goes down to the very bottom of - thetrouble, land by ret |ioving'every trace of the poison, and adding rich, healthful qualities to the blood; forever cures tliis powerful disorder, S." S. H. is the most reliable of all blood purifiers, and its concentrated ingredients c I healthful vegetable extracts and juices; espdciaily adapt it to curing thir r insidious trouble. Writle for our hometreat^nent book, which is a valuable .aid in the [tiittitment of the different stages o£ the diseas:, and ask for an r -special helical advice von wish. No chargejfor either. TBS SWIFT SPECIFIC CO.. ATLAin'i^ Gi t , i • • .... i I , • -5 SEATTLE JGETS ODD FELLOWS. Judge Kuylcendall Elected Deptity Grand Sire at Denver Convention. Denver. Sept. 2'J.—.Inrtgi- WL 1.. Knykendall of Saratoga. Wyo..' wa.j elected ^ei)uty grand sire of the in- dei)endoiJt Onier of Odd Fellows at the sesiiiou of the sovereign grand lodge tollay. This is the only office over wh ch there wa.s any contest. In accordance with costpm. Dijpnt.v Grand Sire .1. Ij. Nolen Of Tennessee was promoted to the office Of grand sire. All the other old Officers were re-elected. Seattle was unaniinonstv chosen as the meeting place next year. Chicago wilhdraWng from the contest Reynolds Got 8choa|l Money. 'Commissioner Geo"^ Reynolds Art"^ some ihoney today from fie |ioottnty'treastirer for-school district nifmber 73. , "YANKEE" TONIGHT Hoering and Smiley's Musical Com-|| edy to Be Given Initial Production at the MajMtle. Tonight at the Majestic theater.f| lolans will be given the opportunity! of witnessing the initial production of the mnslcal comedy. "A Scotch-Irish Yankee," the work of two local writers. W. T. Smiley and R J. Hoerinp. The Ijook and lyrics are by Mr. ^5mlley{ and,the music by .Mr. Hoering." Many; competent critics^w'o have lieard<the[ m'uslcf and-witnessed a rehearsal of? the • play. • pronounce the iHwk ; and^ music' splendid jwork. . Inasmuch ^a.s- the comedy is the work of well known lo«'al iwople UKich 'i] interest' is manifeste<| and tie ad -j vanc«» sale has lHH>n brisk with gooil indications of a packed house .tonight. Affong the song numbers •".\raaz-; ing Mazie." "A Song From the' Heart." "Wl^en Cupid Sniiie?;." "In al Dirigible Baloon." '".My Tele (ihonef Girl." and a half dozen others, are distinct hits. The play is a clean, keen c<imedy .j snap|)y with )augfaiiig climaxes and; the lines bristling With satire. 5 1 From t'he number of theatre part-; ies already announced for' the prf >-J duction. .".V iS«-otch-Iri.<b Yankee" w ill ^ make bis initial boA' t<» i>tie of I he I largest audi<r*ncos of rei>r«>sentative,- people ever Witnessing a play iti lola. New Side Band Calicoes, so much in demand, per yard ..61-'So The Cheapest Fat lledurer Is the Iti-st.J The attention of all who are balfi elioked and generally bedeviled hy aii! exci-ss of fai which, by the way. al-j ways seems imire ex<-essively c\ees- sive during the sultry sea.son than iny. other, is called to tlii- .Maitiifda Prescriiition Tablets. Sevtiily-live cents yeciiies ,-iio'imli of these remarkable fat reducers from j itiy druggist to last you a goiMl while. J 11 buys an extra large case.' This is eiKiitgh to niake a very di-sir- ableichance in almost anyjuie's w<i^ht. rak<5ii one afier each me:il and at lied- inie the loss id as tnueh as a pound d fai .1 day has been attaitied innnni- •i-able times. This is a royal resiill thai .-.eems all the more remarkable wln-ii one r>al- zes these (ablets are clieaper by a hair hiin aiiMliitit; el^e your druggist has. Hut ibe ii-i !o:-s \\\\< brinu about i- 'not III,' ohiy .;^ood I -.inife ot" iti. at>'ei.- rii,'> an- ptj-a.-.aiu lo i .ik,-. Ion I di-Mirti the sioiii,o-|i; doul re- |Uire one lo ici>e a p.irtieJe or dH-i I nioirbtu^ .iliil !.i>t. bill >.o; li-.i^r. i|o 4iot i-a'i--e w-'iik',--- Till \ i,-,lini- mil- tuiekly I'lil'ti.»i !,^ . Tl.' >nid<i .i-. ill stio; I. ibi" idenneril i< -nits i>l ilie l.iitioM- Mariiiola I'l 4 '-er III. with wbiih tiny are identic. i! in composn'oii Try a ••;<>•• It yon; Irnuti^.i i> -old out ih' 11 w rite ilie .ii.-;k,T.«. itie .yiii.inioI.-i foti:['aiiy ro;:. in ~<^^\l\ yoi; or;e by mail. MACK SPEAKS UP Sajs llciiiwcmlic ( aiiiitaimi I'jind lias j:e» n Ci>ntri)*iiled to U) Standard or filher ('^>rp»rali<>n>. New Yoik. Si >pi. jl';'.—Norman V. .Mack, chairiiiat! <if ilie I •etiioerMie 'la- tional ' oMiiniiii e. addif-.--i tl a lei,:ram to I'lesideni Koo^eveil loday in •.vhich he deiii-.i i|;,rly i|,e At.-iienie!i: i-oniaiiieil ill a rej.oried iuterviv.v l.e- weea T'liioii,;. 1. Woodruff, ebairmaii if the lt<<|iiiiflic,iii -;aie eoniniiiiie a:id 'he piisidelil wlitcli were piliit*-d \<\ I iiajier today, 'I'IK- eo:o i<i\ei related to I'le.-ideir Uoor, v<-ir.-..-t;!l,.- 'n(•nl i<i;ardiii»' three iiiindied ilmiu,- aiid dollars alb-.'ed lo have been lllltn^d over to llie I )emo< l .-|l l>- e;iTii Itaiun iiiiid li>.m ibv e;impai;.'ii oi rm) .Mier dUpaleblli',; U le(e^ialii. Ma< I: Milil: "I M .inl lo .-a> ilijii ilie Demo- iralic lialloniil eomiiiitlee (ia-» not le- elVeil thiee liiitidied lli<<a.-<lilld dollaM lieloie or alter I iimli i!ie ti'.Vii'- ol hall mail, or ha>. |i ;;iven llrukeil o(in> llieliiliei <i( the mi'lom..' eoiiillill.'ei' any KUCII HIIIII. .'>;elther this .'^laiidatd Oil eomiialiy imr Its ,.llll^ldiuly loin- paiiie- or oirieial.4 hate eoiii i iliiil,'d iiiu' < (III i)t<i Ii;ive tli.y lii-li .i^kiil lo Fill tlierilioie. the lillli'ilial eolillliillee Will not aei-,-(il oi;e fell! troili till- Staiidaid l)ll ('iim|i.iii\ or any oilu-r corporalioii seekiim ^p.-.-ial • eyes." 50c New Fa!J Dress Wool Suitings, 36 inch. Thursday, per yard SSG SI inch wool Taffeta, regular SIJOO value, Thursday, per yard New Side Band Percales. Thursday, per yard . .. .12 1-2c, 13o Dark and light Outings, worth 7\c, Thursday, per yard.. 36 inch black Taffeta Siik, $1.00 lvalue. Thursday, per yard 25 New Pall Jackets, regular ?5.98 Values, Thursday • S3,98 60 inch Turkey Red Table Linen, good quality*'. Thursday, per yard ZCtc lOc yard wide Bleached Muslin, quality. Thursday, jijer yard 7 #-J?c • i " . 5-5.00 all wool line Panama Skirrsj blue, black, brown. Thursday, per yard S3,98 October Home Journal Style Book, Free for the Asking TAKE MORE LEASES ( haniile ra |MT .Sai- I '.irlbind ri|i »-Iilie • I 'rople t>'rl I.etlM-^ ot. ISit" ; Sr»U: \ d '-.i! ot" (-on,>i(i'-:. v\a ijiade !;i t haiiii..- 'hi., vie* k. bill ; ohj. re i ^i .iTud- . pioU-, :ai:-. !•!, le:. .1: ll." : ::'i-.;'-lioIi ai'- .>;ill iie'idilu. 111 ' p'lb |e.iIiIio" I., '.rneii i;;.ii.-'>i ..'I India! W I . Il'-.-o!i.;i. d !• '•. loi a I'li.iiii'e iiiiiii u lio 11.1- 'loidiii;;.. iii-:il <lili ii-e. ' ii i-i-i are iiiide|>toiiil to l> I'l'i I l.iud I'M"- line |.> mil. 'Ilie , ll lse> ..old eiiiii|.| I :i:cieaue, ii|>on whlili si I oiuv lnodiKin;; ya^ vw-il;. l|lt.-»ei.- I. iVe .1 pM"' i.Ile ill e\l.' II,. r.e ll,. i> III'!' I-.' , I oll| ali-r ant iwo Till pill • 1,1 :d \0,ie|l .-Xteiiil'-d- to ll'eli new \ ainuiieil li,iiliii:-~ .iiid liii,J.>r lb •. elopliiilil t^iliil.c in-i i) .ll iii,( 1 I: I. lepoi'ted lb" iiiliii- ti-tilliiM Wiil 111- diMleil iitil uiili a,, li.'l.i- |li!;i. pii!.«lb'.i-|le Sim I-' .1 . Ml.I ton ol i:.i- I'.e i:.i'i.; p p- lil-e. -Jlld lod-iv 111 ll lel. in-r I . almve <!"vy. that he roirul le-:'bi-i'add III or suiitraei fioiii il a:- he knew iioihiii:: of il . He .vaid. Imwever. I'la;. he had <Ie:ils on tor i.-a.-.e . <'lia- niiiiv TOE lOLA IC£ AND COLD STORAGE CO. Manufactnrers. Wholesale and Retail Dealers CRYSTAL ICE Anld Distilled Water Keirj Cold Storage Uesij far HaslnrsB. Fhoae 111. FRANK RIDDLE. Mgr. t —T"— I Tllorpe & Hoogh Colliniflori*. J'lutliM-er'i, .Surti .'tirs. Kuliyi ei |iiippei| for all klnd;t of .iiirvey i(iK. esliiiiatrii;. pa'etit dritw- In-.;. b'ii;e priii!:;, map*. hidewaiJis, curi)lit!4. .and farm drainage. Oflirp Orer "Famoas." The real test is in the baking. Other Baking Powders may make broaif rUinu, ' hai when it comes lo the pnxluction of rc,*l ' delicious biscuit, cakes and pastry CALUMET BAKING POWDER KX< JI.\>«;K OK I .i -i' .••i!;r pioperty with le.- I b;\->'e :i lar/ ' ii .-^t I'; m:-lr|i from. No I ^p••'::.-;l- ii:ii di :o i.-i fnmid for M<f. I !la\e Jpi :K-re.-i in .\eo- .-lio cfiiinty. Kas. to eNf -baii-;--.- lor ^ood loja property. ; J. T. MII.KS. Kooni 10, UM C'ottrl House. provev itj real worth. This is because of |jJ !?»MAkwTi«t^ Its much greater leaveninj: power and the ftrict purity of its ingredients. It costi oiJy a trifle more than the cheap and bie cap brands and much less than the Trust Baking Powders. R«c «tTed Higbeat Award WorkTa Pare Food E»po.irioo Chicago, 1907. Our Slo'.jc Dcpartiiicrit now cou- taibs the 6nvst line of Ga{ok Stows \ ever exhibited in southeastetn Kan-'; sas. You are invited to step in andj look them over. It's a treit to the' eve. to say the least. A fine line of heaters, too, in a few days. S6th National IRRiOATid CONORE Iiil<'rvt:t(e liidii-friul IvpiU iiiiil .%<-« Mevb'o 'lerritdrlalf ' .\i.i, .\'r Albuquerque. N. ' >\:\'. i'.) i« «M 1. il) <'onii- and M--- Ibe pio | S'liila l*'e Koiiilr .%i- I wln- tlie way fri .ai t'ulni .iiio lo forniu n.iK'i' I. lull-,',. The r .S lii.v-; iiiiiel.t 1 .'ipeiidliiu lii'il.'ioi,, lit IIM!!. ,"el a pe|li'a|-'!i< •-• .1-!,!! ^ lor Ibe : . M!, -11 id |;-Mdi. It iM ui • m ;.'tii'i- "I Ui.i.l,- • I' .-ll.!-- :i! 1 til I'll .\ ;;.i. Niva! »•. • ui, vv iir; 5 .-i (-• 'li; i.ii.'Df :,i .-^ee. • I-' (ii;'"'.-. iMiVi-riunetir :rr!L-a!ii'n i\]:v.- a:'d C.i of iuibi:-: ry v, jil re .\ ;:r> a: exiui~:-.1; of ; V, e.-' t irn.:;. !'aat-?,er.. iiiit.i iridiisrries. Iiidi in.--. ti);i covvimy. — r. S C-ivajry. • T;--:.' '•••i >• ;>'••(,t f)< 1, .' . 1' icri'i-;! i;;pii' !':"i'i. If desi.'ed .-in ;o ::-.r ':it .\Uii:'iii--'''M;*'. ll - lionorf-d to- r. ("lovis. N. M. aiid .Viuir'M .\ltr.irti»e >iile '}riiis lo 1 eliitnatiau rroJeeN and ( ( utiyon iif .\rizi>a;i .\!:e«f. .\.sk for K. K.VLSTO .10 Irrisulion The Al\<>n County .Medical aociety wJU hoW i|u regular meeting this ev- eniug- K. JS. 0-11 f funeral Contra^ Flagstone and Cement Si Curbing a Specii Office 115 East Ja4^ Fhoae SH.

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